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  • July 7, 2012
    9:30 AM
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him him him him him and now I had to leave and we are here together on this Saturday and as many of you attend an all night affair meeting last night wasn't that sense of lasting name that is all effects are lasting to train together like our early pioneers again pray and study the Bible is wrong then uses that this lie I know that you will not ever forget this status quo it's going to be so exciting you're going to love it but before we began with you Steve Geyer had to be forwarded prayer heavenly father Lord we just thank you so much for another Sabbath day we thank you for bringing all the next year and the things that we have learned in the experiences that we have had thus far but we know that you are still going to continue to bless us and the blessings are coming so we can praise your name for all that you've done and what you will continue to do be with us now during the Sabbath school time his name amen not for consideration at benefits I'm happy that my mom is here in the audience this morning I was all raised in a Adventist home I went from first grade all the way through our schools and you know what I still didn't know or understand completely our message out how to defend it from the Bible and the one Wednesday evening with our family went to prayer meeting and we decided my husband decided that we would be reading from blasting event he was leading out and that night the chapter was on the devotional life of the remnant can be viewed ever read that chapter before the very powerful chapter is chapter it's hot him I forgot people at the end of time when we don't have our Bibles right in front of us she actually says died will bring back to our remembrance those things that we has studied so that we can defend ourselves in trial as you know some of us will be called in front of judging and have to defend our state can we do that without a Bible after that prayer meeting for answers really hit me I think I can do that without my Bible or at least without him being by my side you know it's like being married that Pastor Myers you become very maybe sometime retired at the question I have to search deep for myself I had become very maybe in that way but so got convicted me that I needed to study even more for myself and not depend upon him or anyone out and then as were driving home we thought would be wonderful while the Army because before that we used to do it for status of time you would have the speakers lined up like they just day and then somebody would come up and ask them these deep Bible questions and they would show off what they now that I really am in a helpless a little bit fact that not everything that we needed so we decided you know what's even better we need to show the people that they think you have some knowledge they may need some more that we need to ask them the questions and fill in your program you see this is called a mock trial so the gentleman that you just have seen come on stage they are not you think they are they are prosecutor and dare not Seventh-day Adventist either a you are all set him and you believe in what you then hot but what we're going to do this morning is were going to see if you can do and what you believe from the Bible so this is actually no longer a character of things where you are in a courtroom and it is the end of time and you have to defend your faith what we're going to do now is the prosecutors asked a question and a doctrinal questions and you if you think you have the answer from the Bible and the Bible only that you raise your hand and will call upon you and you will come up here to defend your faith now in a courtroom you all you have to have a Giants that this time we want to call the Honorable Dave Stewart out at second they look at that extract a Catholic time and benefit down and Dale Taylor is going to take over all rise Superior Court of the state of California County of memo is now incessant the Honorable David Stewart judgments on the movie on my deputy follow these easy to morning everybody describes a little small I think it will do for God understand that a file on the docket this morning we have a group of Christians on trial who claim to believe what the Bible teaches the Bible will be our legal authority today only viable we have an esteemed group of intimidating prosecutors we're just fishing to ask questions to see if you really defend your faith is so I like to call our first prosecutor out of Iver Myers are you ready to question the audience so the way this works is the last question and if you think you can answer it and we like to have you quickly but not as no running in the courtroom we like to have you come forward quickly to the witness stand and we have very limited time and lots of prosecutors lots of questions so we need to keep this moving if I find that you're not really answer the question on how to cut you off to get to the point very quickly and so while for each question will have up to two witnesses that can answer and then it is not answered to the satisfaction the prosecutor they can get what they think would be a more full and rich answer be read as the first question is rather odd and religions I have five studied off into some quite a bit and I have to share with you that the attitude of Seventh-day Adventists is very exclusive don't like it at all you guys teach that I think this are the only ones that are the and I will find that in the word of God in fact I find that attitude very offensive there are many Christians of other denominations and love the Lord and I don't know where you get is not absent from sidelights and youth you could to answer that question concerning the attitude of Adventists and if you have any scripture to back that up in advance of the unwanted movies Dave I would like you should I need you to raise your hand if you want to answer yes yes ma'am come forward please quickly we are very limited time to will him and him whom him and minus of the understanding question is are I please talk to us as audience here okay I'm the prosecutor visited he was very familiar with the administration so he knows me and I think and we take our believes from the word of God and I had here and then we actually didn't use in John ten sixteen and at this season I have which are not of this fold them also I must train and they shall hear my voice in here shall be one fold and one shepherd we are not exclusive I knew that she was astronomy so that you thank you very much that's a good sign when the prosecutor immediately sits down our next prosecutor Mister Coppola morning on good morning these evil years of indebtedness here is how they can and often about what happens when a person dies in their understanding is that when a person dies during the probation closes and that additional consciousness and that in those who died out no hope of a second chess for the multidisciplinary differences the devil is using these people 's overall divorce of the whole of the second chance after that the Bible says in first Peter chapter three verses eighteen to twenty first Peter chapter three verses eighteen to twenty him Christ's die but there is a consciousness in the and he went within reach of the spirit is there were also cautious notice with the Bible says first Peter three eighteen two twenty four Christ also has suffered has once suffered for sins the just for the unjust that he might bring us to God being put to death in the flesh but quickened by the Spirit is by whom also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison which sometime were disobedient when once the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah while the ark was preparing to bring you that is eight souls were saved by water saw my understanding of this passage is that Jesus God in the flesh was quickened by the Spirit but I said I is spirit is not even dawning consciousness and after he died he went this frees the spirit is nowhere in prison during the those who lived during the time of Noah and the question is why would he preached to the spirits in prison Noah if the probation had already closed when they die is obvious that there is consciousness in that and that is when a person dies we still have a whole of another opportunity to someone like innocence question please come to the microphone and ours are certain you have a criminal record will only run okay most of them right here in England and I'm reading Ecclesiastes nine five two six true the living know that they will die but the dead know nothing there are no more rewards for them they are utterly forgotten him a mission are now over never again will I have any part in what is done here in the sun and Solomon concludes in this book an ecclesiastical with this is the end of the matter you have heard it all fear God and obey his commands there is no more command in this for God brings everything we do to judgment and every secret whether good or bad giving follow us to follow that's your verse this verse seems to be clearing the Christ God is quickened by the Spirit is as is you went to preach this reason prison those in and in the nominal I would want to ask somebody who is well-versed in breaking you brood to interpret for us what is meant by spirits self-assembly audience but for the putting arc thank you sir is if someone else would like to have some question about this specific passage that Mister popovers raise yesterday in his venues and I would like to answer the question posed throughout Scripture we understand Isaiah twenty eight verses nine and ten that is not the biblical method of study is here little and a little line upon line respond precepts so we take the weight of evidence and understand Scripture by the weight of evidence do not take one verse and build an optional Isaiah thirty eight and I understand that method we could probably spent all day with other techs answer the question but can you talk to Jessica specifically with this passage how should be interpreted specifically on the cost should be interpreted I would be giving a different not so much specific to consider the Scripture misgivings the Scriptures concerning the state of the dead I thank you sir that the data cannot praise sinking that's okay thank you very much I think he really wants some underground with this facet so what would ask you looking for yes if we have your Bibles there you notice that the subject of this passage when the top of verses nineteen and twenty about he went inside I wish he went and preached industries imprisoned the last part of verse eighteen makes it clear that Christ saw died in the flash was quick and lively spirit the subject is not so much the death of Christ the subject or what happened in the death of Christ but rather the spirit by which it was the same spirit the resurrected Jesus on the great in the same spirit as they went and preached unto the other spirits in prison which sometime were disobedient when once the long second God waited in the days of Noah and his the question when was it that that Jesus through the Holy Spirit preached to the people or that the individuals that lived in the time of Noah dances the verse while the ark was a preparing Solano was building the Ark the Bible says in Genesis six three that the Spirit of God was striding the hearts of individuals as members is not saying that when Jesus died he went to preacher says the Saints for the resurrected Jesus is the same strata preached through the foods you know the individual while he was preparing the art inviting them to come out of the prison house of sin and into the salvation how some of the are and you know sometimes that would spirit of the model can trip us up you know we understand the spirit as breath of the life-giving force or energy of God the Spirit can also mean a person 's understanding a person 's feelings and from as the spirits in prison is not among the spirit of God reasoning with the minds and understanding of people when they were in the prison house of sin as are in the universe itself we find the answer the key is while the ark was a preparing that the Spirit of God was speaking to individuals when the wind is his first each that there is consciousness and that the verse I think this was what she had every nails it is Isaiah thirty eight and verse eighteen the Bible says that the dead don't praise the Lord and they that go down into the pit you cannot hope for my truth and supervision closes and we did what we do we need to do it now we still have my regular much time Mister Bradshaw for your anonymous unless we can understand why was helpful you can be baptized for the inevitability of prosecuting judge this economy for the confusion I would I would very much like to take the opportunity to address a passage of Scripture that the Seventh-day Adventists hold the button which may contain a rather dramatic contradiction in terms of the safe I am told that Seventh-day Adventists hold precious a passage that they referred to as the three Angels messages found in my Bible in the fourteenth chapter of the book of Revelation begins in the six I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven you will be familiar with the passage now Seventh-day Adventists teach in contradistinction to the she will be the entire body of Christians for that oh lost in the hell to enter into ashes in an him very oh three angels message and then Verizon 's Angels message and sends and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the land and small albeit will maintain a standard for a lot and that was and had no rest day nor night and so on now I'll confess that I am on the X good in one language and that is the English language Facebook New Zealand without the English language all I am less excellent but still conversant in American and to a degree and Canadian and to a lesser extent in Australia but New Zealand English is the language I speak and this language seems to say plainly and simply let go with you on floor at the end ever I wonder if it's even possible that a Seventh-day Adventist good unrivaled call me this obvious contradiction the new thing I do know monster I see him as me do it quickly good luck buddy name is Joshua first off I was like to mention the Bible Scripture to back but the smoke the smoke and you say rises forever never on this from the bachelor a match to the mind authority in this courtroom is not a man it's the Bible what about you making a little nervous when you start off saying I don't have a Scripture was I have will give you your gases amounts when him this is yet do you distinguish a master 's burns all the way the smoke my maps can arise forever never never was and never did you ever think yet there is nothing left to burn the smoke can rise forever and ever but does that mean that people are burning forever and ever if it's never extinguished a faultless silhouette that is to have a Bible to address the question I know there is one more personal like that just over while sciatica impersonating logic for handling logic morning meetings Timothy Taylor said it might not be the right one but I do have a Bible verse Malachi chapter four verse one for behold the day that shall burn as a number and all the proud and all that do wickedly shall be stubble and the day that cometh shall burn them up to the Lord of hosts that it shall leave them neither root nor branch okay any follow-up questions conceived specifically was referring to Revelation fourteen is anyone a Bible verse that says that you know I think you ever never missing is that Burnett know he wanted you to I drama so that's okay what answer what you looking for well the problem isn't with Malachi chapter four nor is the problem with the nature of smoke the problem we have is with the phrase in the three Angels messages which say is forever and ever one thing we cannot afford to do a Seventh-day Adventist Christians will Wallace and cannot afford to buy the system I've say similarly the many very nervous these minimums of evidence well all right one thing we want to do is is not is not not be afraid of what the Bible 's seniors and ending not lead to another boost to take cover behind another's we can abort the run up to the booze and what the procedures of the sins for ever and ever know we need to understand something about forever and ever was idiom in the language of the day he didn't have to literally mean forever and ever like my blood we understand what you wanted when you come to the Bible is not is not tell the world what you think the Bible says but explain to the world will people righteous point was when he wrote what he wrote know what you could do to address forever and ever is in the first Samuel Sheffield one and in first Samuel chapter one and you get down to those twenty two Hannah this is godly woman who was desperate for a child did not go to the Temple she said to a husband for Samuel one twenty two I will not go up until the child between and then I will bring him that he may appear before the Lord and hair up by how long forever but we notice in verse twenty eight and also I have linked him to the Lord as long as he lived with me shall be linked to the Lord and he worshiped the Lord so for means cleanly for as long as he lives or as long as the time of the event lasts over in the book of Jonah at the time 's sake on what benefit of this is because I have another question everyone was an edit says that Jonah was in the belly of the fish pieces in the woods and mountains and the fossils about the forever but in the same boat we read that John was in the value of official three days and three nights if you're in the belly of the fish for three days and three logical become like forever for I would've thought all multiple shooting this at times it is used in conjunction or to explain it in conjunction with Goldman explain anything that has happened and has been in gone I once made a mistake I wrote nautical and I said in the article got fifty six times the Bible uses with them forever to mean something that don't haven't already and someone wrote to me to community can you furnish me with a list of fifty six is a was silly enough to say yes but then that's when I discovered my mistake I got to about eighty three or eighty five list of these loses and I concluded by saying there on more you find so you will discover that would've gone it many many times forever is using plainly and simply but it doesn't use me for wrath in the way we talk about everything time without in it means as long as an event shall last and when you explain like that you are using the Bible who was the Bible passage very same Bible words to explain biblically the truth the glorious truth that sin is not good health river but indeed they are reduced to ashes pricing is very little creature I don't accuse you taking forever but I have a very important speaker at eleven o'clock we don't want to take away from his cell we need to move onto the next speaker my life as the next figure comes up I apologize for the acoustics in this courtroom it was probably built by the lowest bidder by Mister Graham you have a question yes amount of the sudden death of the settlers along all three documents but for many of you will find on this unsolicited one who thought that the seven or eight of the dead but if one particular thoughtfully arranged an unbeliever that I believe that no on a Christian all applied at the ever accepted this if you want to be investigated adjustments him one of anyone feel relieves in an essay investigator Simon forty four okay the resizing the result dissemination I follow up with an amazing believing that you are a first for me is the cornerstone of their theology Ottawa if we can solve the fantasy author in a few document and then a forty the company theology of the Seventh-day Adventists will cross but we have to understand that this document is by certain men like William Minter 's cause in Mister Graham what you question my question you have to understand that when we admit on a look at this verse defaulting is what connected the thank those of you that and having nothing strange in Hebrew and having on it not in default on its next individuals sixteen centuries of defense is concluded that he doesn't think municipalities than a forty and basically most of all of the event of the episodes will take the proof but unfortunately on and alternate denomination including the Seventh-day Adventists I follow the people who are convincing your and if you want but cleansing individuals sixty are completely different well not having anything in common so I wanted someone you consider proved to me that this verse is the most investigative documents seeing that ethnolinguistic parallel between the sixty attended a first point which person the Leviticus sixty one eleven versus is all about is a kind of secular but it seems to need on office and that another meeting is important if this works is Monday and offending but more justifying the price him all right this is someone you'd like to take a shot at this question has been the core point of the theology of the runaway unit attorney or lawyer those are two different words anyway we have someone if you come into this question we have what brave soul normally we have too many volunteers why hasn't won him a bigger courtroom we have less people interested in coming to answer to anyone so again I want you to continue the authorities in thirty words or less raises the question of the sites if you get a fourteen speaking of investigative documents he is noting with the clinically living with the white say that this is not benefited can you just as well what are the different words used in Leviticus sixteen versus Daniel eight fourteen I'm a scholar of the twenty I was reading the personal and ended as it is accepted even by every even run on our Oracle of the domicile does not thought about but what Hebrew or when English word are you focusing in on everything I can cleansing and he is saying that the Hebrew word for cleansing in January fourteen of the is not found in Leviticus six to see if questioning whether this is kind to him and sojourning woodwinds this is a former prosecutor of the gotten this far but now he's back in your go-ahead 's username I bond on Macintosh you have a criminal record him at maximum point is and you brought that up actually the last time we talked anyone it seems like you're trying to raise trouble around the world the word Hebrew word and manually for the is news news .biz can be translated different ways in the RSV is translated and made right are restored to its rightful place and that is actually instead of limiting yourself to sixteen and also the intent of about seven twenty three throughout the Bible answer while you know Hebrew culture each year everything was made right and restart both rightful order on the day of atonement which is what it's referring to and so in Daniel eight fourteen hundred two thousand three hundred days then sell the sanctuary be cleansed or made right fits perfectly with that in intent it not only was a picture of the Hebrew yearly cycle but was also a picture of the entire plan of salvation and that is why the New Testament multiple times but especially in the book of Hebrews it really is it refers back to this time of cleansing and links it in Hebrews chapter nine for instance with the day of the Tallman Hebrews chapter ten verse twenty five also I accept the seventeen it talks about a day when the will of the Lord will judge the world in righteousness by the man which he ordained and that day of judgment was seen as future and the only way to look at that day of judgment is to search back in the Old Testament and guess what you come back to both the day of judgment in the sixteenth and that what is which is alluded to in Daniel eight and verse fourteen so is my answer and I could go on set as a question I'm a pretty satisfied honest with him and then far I know I know that the needs of the documents but I couldn't see how the New Testament is rejuvenated to the birth and then a fourth because it fit only for two thousand minute gift benefits of subject that's okay two thousand three hundred evenings and mornings after literally in the translations I'm sure you're aware although you don't know Hebrew so when it says under two thousand three hundred days then so the sanctuary be cleansed there was only one day hear the same three was cleansed of two thousand three hundred would refer to three two thousand three hundred days of analyzing which means that would be once a year would be twenty three centuries that was written in the fifth century before Christ take five away from twenty three and brings it down to the eighteen hundreds sometime in the eighteen hundreds then the sanctuary was going to be cleansed and that the only way we can understand that sex is the only way Daniel wonders that the tax was her sanctuary declines in Daniel 's day now and been cast down so we were looking forward he was looking forward to when that size would be written that restore and God said after seventy years we go back but still wasn't restored and so you have to follow out all the way through Scripture and the link to me to the New Testament is Daniel chapter twelve which links with Revelation chapter ten I can go on thank you that's okay thank you Fred Esser is unfounded you have a closing thought get weather quickly very quick very quickly first of all I think for the first and second I would very credit tools different bus can be useless one constant source into by the applicant dictated by God 's but everyone that uses old but it's very common that one working at different concepts and one what were you referring to the twenty North Silver unified authority empty you can be the same thing although these words are not in the related whenever someone also this question often with a release that the Bible is verbal and survives even deny it and then you have one document but disappoint Daniel said in a two minute seven and an ace refer to the same event and it too has out on the measure Greece Rome and then pick Mozart's and then something happening in heaven and that if any of the problem is that Greece rolled paper socks pants adjustments and then Denise and this I am this pattern is repeated in the infant 's life with that for the people served and the documents they put such document people just doesn't and then recounted in a loving of me to visit Greece Rome in its Empire ruled the paper itself and then becomes at eight forty two by the law parallelism it is clear that in a fourteen must be the investigative substance will be opened and seven using it in the sequence of these disgruntled reletting downs after the papal power always in one its president Pittsburgh judgment and one is the cleansing and send on an inadequate our sequence of thought thank you grandmother listener make you very much Mister Becker you answer question or ask question so my question this morning is is there any evidence that Daniel nine is the key starting point for the prophecy son of Daniel eight in other words what evidence is there if any that Daniel nine should be connected to Daniel chapter eight so what you're saying is how do some dampness use four fifty seven the sizes I got us regular at the starting point of the twenty three hundred euros of it ending point of the twenty three hundred days given the dates what he referring to the okay so the question is when we when we went that if they had us talk about twenty three hundred days they always use Daniel nine as the explanation prophecy for the starting point but what evidence is there that Daniel nine is connected to Daniel a which is the chapter in which the processing of the twenty three hundred days is found yes another words how do you use during the night as the starting point for the gangly fourteen what evidence is there that Daniel nine should be connected to Daniel eight and used in reference to the prophecy of the twenty to twenty one fig we have Mister Beale 's work did you do so there are three elements that think are important to consider in this draft your question was how do we know that anyway and vision again and Daniel eight and so there there are three things are back to point out one is when the angel comes he says Jennifer and praying and asking for God 's mercy on his people the angel says Daniel we like you and I've got come give you wisdom is that all this and he says consider the vision so he's twenty he says consider the vision so he's saying what Facebook yet had efficient except the one before that he was confused about the end of January fifty confusing to know school is not enough number one immediate after it says seventy weeks are cut off and the best fit best we can take out of that word it's a unique word in the Bible but the best we can tell that needs cutoff so thick cut off from what that would be from twenty three hundred or before number three as you look at the structure every prophecy of Daniel Derrida there's a similar structure and Daniel Q you have four kingdoms and then this don't come to the object the seven broader you have done that before beasts and it just happens on them and Daniel said hey I don't get it the angel says okay here's a tip be games and I still don't get it and the nasal sophomore right so then you see the same thing happens when you put Daniel eight and nine together they identify the vision he sees four segments he doesn't get it at the end of January becomes and he asked for healthcare gets the help and then see if there's a similar structure like that in Daniel ten to twelve effort to the also frequent is a sufficient I want to thank his ad-libbing hear both the opener models in chapter eight there is some linguistic evidence here found in the original Hebrew that I believe really cements this gang of chapter eight versus wanting to the Bible uses the word vision there and if you look carefully in the Hebrew dictionary the word vision here is a Hebrew word has long so just keep that in mind because what it's using the vision it's really encompassing the entire vision that's found in Daniel chapter eight which has elements of the RAM and a goat the little horn and of course this twenty three hundred days alone come down to Daniel chapter eight six the Bible says and the vision on the evening and the morning which was hold is true now what's interesting is that we understand the word days in the Bible can also be rendered evenings and mornings at creation the first day was called the first evening in the morning right so when it says adversely six the vision of the evening and the morning with this holds true this is actually a reference to the first fourteen which if you have a Bible with a marginal reading it will say that the twenty three hundred evenings and mornings but the word used for vision and persuasive him Hebrew word is actually not aware how dishonest the Hebrew word Monica thinks differently not other words the Lord Mondesi specifically in reference decision of the twenty three hundred and eighty and I went to Daniel nine versus twenty one the Bible says that while I was speaking in prayer even the man he really might see in the vision at the beginning the Hebrew word here provision is the Hebrew word hustle on meeting Daniel think this is Angel that I had seen from the vision of Daniel chapter eight but if you come down to verse twenty three now in its fifth at the beginning of my supplication for dynamically four nine cohort this was even our greatly beloved therefore understand the matter and consider the lot is a vision the Lord here is not how soft modded to only use in connection with the vision of the evenings in the morning which makes reference to the twenty three hundred days that's a kind of in a nutshell some concrete evidence that these two things are connected thanks so much my bailiff and announcement please wait to be gone on longer true reactions to Mister Meyer 's human question no something strange is happening to me as I sit and listen to you and please don't member you're just asking a question archdiocese Mister McIntosh son finances have a few questions for you afterward and we can talk about back to my prosecution duties on what I've been told that you administer believe that when you die you are you sleazy no goal astray say I had been like the rest of the Christian one thousand and in the book of second Corinthians chapter five him us see this the Bible is what I think clearly says is and therefore we are always confident knowing that while we are at home in the body we are absent from the Lord for we walk by faith not by sight person presently we are confident I say and willing rather to be absent from the body and to be present with you the Lord and so it seems to me on the next turn by refusing and when you die you are absent from the body but present with the Lord how do you administer explained this and if you explain this outcome the Seventh-day Adventists 's razor hand by cancer or him back here when injured when Your Honor I'd like to insert for the record exhibit a which is King James version Bible probably the same one you prosecuting attorney has been uneven as I said it is the rulebook here I think this is an exhibit is in the legal authority to go ahead amen prosecutor in your journey of or the breakpoint him I believe that his argument is flawed is very foundation because he says to be absent when the body the present with the Lord means that when we die we go to heaven but if you look at first Corinthians also written by Paul in chapter five in verse one he says is reporting commonly that there is fornication among you and such fornication as is not and is so much as named among the Gentiles that one should have his father 's wife and young and have not rather mourned that he that had done rather this deed might be taken away from among you and in verse three Your Honor for a very absent in body but present in spirit have judged already as though I were present concerning him that hath done this deed need us anymore yes him and your argument your honor his argument is that be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord but here Paul is saying that she is absent in body but present and he was alive at this time any follow-up questions while you follow question never see my remarks speechless for him and remember I'm not itemize him and him very striking resemblance to that well in you guys are wrong because most people that I talk to told me that when you die you go to have him down when you think they give him an all right next question is we have ten minutes left so let's make it use the time please please raise your hand the lives of the mother is losing on-site if you live in the context of our first Corinthians I think we need just thought I'd is very quickly policy speaking about his longing to be for this tabernacle deal of time at the close with immortality please is anything instantly says when he talks about the time that he will be absent from the body present with the Lord he is talking about a transition from this birth to heaven but he's not giving the timing he simply said I can't wait to be out of this body and to be present with the Lord when you go to first Corinthians chapter fifteen verse fifty one the same author now you see the time that it is the last straw when that's from blow that this immortal south on immortality and this will not send shop become incorruptible so the same author actually explains this is what he does what he means it is not the second coming of Christ that we become absent from this old body and present with the Lord in a new and incorruptible body I thank you Your Honor would live in a very nice as ours at this moment in time economic instability moral corruption terrorism wars and rumors of wars we has a country need to get him him not only think and we have been pushing for a national Sunday law this seven dataset people have been born in the flesh of the Christian world but not gone along with the majority the error insisted in keeping the Jewish Sabbath Saturday the seventieth week even though the Bible clearly teaches that Sunday is the Lord say and furthermore an acceptance what do we find even other resurrection we find a biblical example of God 's people the disciples were shipping on the first day in the week these are travelers of the people these are the reason why they're so much chaos and I want to meet with these join with the majority in bringing this country back to God you have a question why do you keep the Jewish Sabbath and have not gone along with the majority of guys peopling in seeking for the chew unity of the Spirit in these last days and how do you explain accepted twenty when the disciples kept the first either we need a hand in your mouth Reeves risen high in a handover here please is through his resistance I met him Tacoma Washington without money is on the time my name is on on on Johnson and are people going to learn you know it says in the price words in the Gospels him whose middleman and man is a really funny weight is going to God commanded it before ever there was a Geo born dots the first one who kept the Sabbath in Genesis chapter two it says that the heavens and earth were finished and a host of them and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made any rest on the seventh day from all his work which he had me and God blessed the seventh day and sanctified because not in he rested from all his work which God created and means that we see God resting and after he rested he blessed the day and he sanctifying and even says what you have sanctified Lord is blessed forever and so we actually in the book of acts we see Jean receive Hall following the example of Jesus whose custom it was to synagogue goes to kind of worship at the temple error free Sabbath thing we see over and seventy six other stuff Paul tapped and in and at twenty to address your questions as the meeting that happened just as Paul was about to set sail and it was not very much time until they actually managed on the Jewish first day which was Saturday night him me us in other words they had meetings all day but because Paul was leaving they wanted to have more time with the year and more precious gems out of worship service one from seasoning that I Saturday night as we enter a unattached thinks no one else speak sense is that just a good rule to remember ever in court Ellison how do we know it's a Saturday night when it taxes the first day of the week is Sunday yes the first aliens that a night out at her steadily excellent question Your Honor thought so myself him tightly the creation we see each other the Jewish people recommending as an evening and morning and that's why Moses wrote the evening and the morning were at was the first day was a second the and so on and so forth and also we know that the first thing was accounted from the evening of the seventh day to the evening of the first day and because he is not a tax cut he is there in the text this is just the first day of the week will be being Jewish all use the first day as inner in Jewish reckoning evening of the something for the evening and evening sunsets are from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday is the fact and that is those are the hours that God rested and invite us to rest on the same day as a memorial of his creation and inventory Jesus even in this document him they are thank you are you trying to fit in one more question thank you very much and you have anything that is very quickly yes versus that of the news is that okay how dangerous right in the verse is is there many lights in the upper chambers like yarn amount of whining as is the present film midnight not maybe but United were sentences the dog park Kristie Louise Luke on that Saturday night is as he mentioned Leviticus twenty three thirty two system even easy even usually celebrate your sabbath and Marquette the one verse thirty two this is even when the sun it said so nothing even is a sunset to sunset so that worship also long Saturday night we had a Vespers service a Wenzel midnight on the next morning Sunday morning Thursday Luigi and was in a special day thank you for the record are many lights in the summer chamber but were not planning on going to midnight Mister Bradshaw figure honor and respect of your last statement of privilege and fourteen one one six one six one seconds it is relationship to fourteen euros favorite chapter of the Bible of the twelve C is theoretically become him it's going to think of Jesus among the deepest that's why you're here you and get on it the more the beach or someplace however I read in my Bible a very good evangelical booths and I have never heard even administer the night Ephesians chapter two and the site with wood rots is for Mike Grace I use a site and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God it seems that business completely wipes out any needle keeping because we are saved by grace through faith why should you people who believe in being saved by grace through faith also double up on yourselves and carry food keeping the commandments it seems that these two intervals do not go together hard I'm an affected person asked us questions and I talked him him dear you come he really has a human eye is going up one minute I didn't raise my hand is okay for you Whitney and dresser here again okay so yelling on saved by works of the law were saved by grace through faith but those of you on my line contradiction to each other on in Matthew where Jonathan Ewart John chapter anyway somewhere in the New Testament him in the Gospels Jesus says if you love me keep my commandments and so John fourteen fifteen thank you and so communicating is definitely an aspect of the religion of the Bible teaches that were not seen by something that we do naturally is now flowing and I was in the back this up by the raise my hand and how much it is lots of them just get a moment to think about it no writing lunch act on it in Matthew five half favored by him and he thought that fragile and on the visit down our rights imagine being called without raising your hand and how when and how would that feel how did that feel measures but with you by way was always easier asking questions and answering them angry controversies page five ninety three it says those who endeavor to obey all the commands of God will be enclosed and arriving they can stand only in God in order to endure the trial before him famous understand the will of God as revealed in his Word they can honor him only as they have a right conception of this character government and purposes and acts in accordance with them none but those who fortify them I choose the Bible will stand to the last great conflict to every soul on the searching test should I obey God rather than men the decisive hours even now it happens are our feet planted on the rock God 's immutable Word are we prepared to stand firm in defense of the commands of God and the faith of Jesus with our hands to heavenly father we thank you Lord that this is just a mock trial the Lord one day and we will have to stand for faith when it actually counts receiving counts now Lord that were not under persecution of getting drawn into jail or even being killed Lord help us all the ready always to give an answer for the reason for the hope that is within us help us in our Bibles look so we can defend our faith in Jesus name and


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