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Andre Waller
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  • December 17, 2011
    11:00 AM
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I have assured him it seems like the right side is a little unit assignment to design will begin you need help with Iraq this has got to hope was as we study his word is father in heaven we thank you so much for you great seats in the mercy of extended against was what his status is drawn you are here daily father to open on the doors open please come in the we pray this in the name of Jesus name last night we began the subject matter the judgment is set and we looked at a interesting quotation that I want to present you this morning as and when we asked the people understand what this book means to us there will be seen among us a great mom I we do not understand fully the lessons that it teaches notwithstanding the injunction given us to search and to studying last night we saw that this reference book of Daniel is in the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believers will have an entirely different religious experience notice that I like the idea entirely different entirely different doesn't mean the same way you are presently is ironic entirely different means complete radical change they will be given such glimpses of the open gates of evidence that a heart and mind will be impressed with the character but all must develop in order to realize the blessedness which is Laura but if you are in and that this quotation not to reiterate these principles it will begin a study we look at this list is the theme of greatest importance is the third Angels message and raising the messages of the first and second Angels also understand the truths contained in these messages and demonstrate them in daily law for this is the essential to salvation what is essential to salvation the demonstration of these principles and a lot identical lots of saying we shall have to study honestly prayerfully in order to understand the branch rules and all power to learn and comprehend will be taxed to the Ottomans so again promote the study again familiar truth things you already know you should know as Bible believing Seventh-day Adventist but after looking at these principles I want to ask you to question how is Christ demonstrating this a lot we look at Revelation twelve the Dragon that old serpent called the Devil and Satan and he was in the very presence of God he was the anointed covering chair no one else had access like Lucifer had access the Bible says that he uses tail to deceive one third of the angels and one third of those angels were cast out we get a little mathematics he said at least one third of the angels was about fifty one million while angels please let me any of these minimum vanities it can be more in these fallen angels come down to this world to cause chaos and corruption and gay friends I tell you the truth Satan says I am going to attack the very foundation of classroom we look at several verses in writing on the board we look at the book of Proverbs Proverbs chapter for the University for an lease off robbers for the University for the righteousness of what donation it exalts a nation righteousness exalts a nation we saw Isaiah chapter fourteen verse twelve that Lucifer weakens the nation 's only nonhormonal with psychologically put this together in those four weakens the nations and righteousness exalted nations that we know the rules of her is a acting righteousness is ironic that we look a little farther we said it wasn't worth attacking righteousness will install chapter ninety seven in verse two and his songs ninety seven bursting with says righteousness and judgment on the foundation of Israel we settle is an rock moves that were attacked the foundation of God 's throne see attached righteousness enabled to the book of Psalms one nineteen one seventy two and Psalms one nineteen one seventy two it says invalid without littering this Atlanta Bible in a wireless opening of violence I'm really not that good-looking amen we want to make sure you open your Bibles we can study the word of God together Psalms one nineteen one seventy two nova creative energies that call the worlds into existence is in this book there is no creative energy inside of me friends you need to open your Bibles to look carefully at what the word of God says Psalms one nineteen one seventy two says my home show speak of thy word for all thy commandments are one so God 's commandments are righteousness so we see at the foundation of the government of God on the Commandments the reflection of God himself animals within eyes will destroy this foundation I will set up all another paragraph we looking at more closely at creation design creation on the first day there was one secondly there was lot of the second difference the farm was another day we doesn't even creation yeah I know you guys have some teeth easily rule schools that's all that creation was longer lab another difference the birds system doesn't trees there is a France but on the fourth day I sure are suddenly stopped laughing on the fifth day sunless size versus visualization and mapping man very good he does it with glass door make sure you have those question amen what happened on the seventh day everyone should be happy about this what happened on the seventh day God rested on the seventh day from all that he created and may somehow speak about this for a few moments which one of these which one of these works on his own which one of these is isolated to himself none of them were prevailed all of them are interdependent on each other 's Iraq visual selflessness at least in the initial creation of a local world to England and in the creation of the world there was no all selfishness everything share could you say that it could safely say that creation was the perfect reflection of the reader know what is going to get I don't know who they were with a life around this season that they lie around is easy to window the window he urges around this is in someone's mind and disappear like that you understand it's a reflection of someone's mind when you look at creation creation is simply a reflection at least in the initial stages of the perfection of the mind of God notice what the Bible says in Psalm nineteen they with me Psalms nineteen will solve nineteen beginning in verse one Psalm nineteen of the universe one notice of the Bible says you have the same access that have a flair the Gloria who so when the heavens were put in place the farmer was ablaze it was the clarion mother Lori the person the character of God who thence it was introduced in within was introduced beloved it was isolated rightly edits remember we talked about yesterday it was here a quick googling or else without actually one adamant he was even some bathroom and see Betty and then he began to walk around she herself became a tree of the knowledge of good and evil thank you she herself became assuring a conduit by which they could communicate his deceptions that our national question you don't have asked me right now what country are you what country are you are you partaking of good and evil immigration should not be taking partaken of in evil you understand is the immigration face of good and evil you are the reason why sin is stealing your planner cinnamon what about your new notice soon as isolated method is isolated and begins to take over the whole world and national place on planet Earth yet even in this building this morning there is no place on earth where sin has not made any fact you can fill in your own body some of you have tasers you have when you are twenty or thirty years old you can feel that you can feel the effects of sin in your physical plane yet you can fill in your mental evening your spiritual life sin is no longer relegated to which refrained it seems to me that many have become trees of the knowledge of Brittany should listen to me because unless there's a change amongst the people of God were lost in the great majority of twenty five dollars versus three goals and call themselves a remnant will make because were comfortably understand we have easily have comforts we have nice homes and fancy cars we have that child goes down to last much longer Sunni friends the question will be what country are you liking demonstrating in your everyday life I get demonstrating the third Angels message didn't even understand what that means know this man his name is Abraham Abraham was a man of God the Bible says and we would look in Abraham and God made a covenant with Abraham what I think with Abraham a covenant out what you look carefully within the book of Genesis let me know the book of Genesis God makes a covenant with Abraham and everything is why share with you this morning that are linking to another study in afternoon consolidated the attention to some of the things that I have in Genesis chapter seventeen and beginning in verse number ten this is vastly Abraham listened carefully since this is my company in which he silty between mean you and I see that the every man child among you shall be circumcised and he shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin and it shall be a cult in the covenant betwixt me and the what is the token of the covenant outside what is according to numbers what is the token of the company between Abraham and God 's circumcision circumcision forgive me if I spell wrong circumcision is a token with another worker token Finnegan Amar Hussein is ironic Mark assigned no we're ready yesterday in the book of Galatians multimethod relations Galatians chapter three God told Abraham to make this cutaway van told Abraham that he would be a great imagination that his seed would be of great benefit to all who were Galatians chapter three look at verse number six again in reviewing friends it is important as we begin our study Galatians three and verse six the Bible says even as Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for a while so Abraham believing God was accounted as righteousness was the Tolkien considered righteousness no the Tolkien was a symbol of Abraham 's belief I do the seasoning the call was a symbol is signified I believe God I am demonstrating my commandments of God by his act of a which is an illustration or a sign that I am in a covenant with God listen to me was not one of saintly this out were at the outward demonstration that God used as a symbol was a token or assign of use faith links with further I was revisiting the screen member all nations will be blessed Abraham and assist society is composed of families and is what has a family making out of the heart are the issues of life in the heart of the community of the church and of the nation is the household the well-being of society the success of the church the prosperity of the nation depend upon home influencing memory read about Abraham Abraham the Bible says I can trust a man with a secret because I know he will command his household after me I know that he will teach his family the Commandments and the virtues and the righteousness of God therefore I can trust Abraham with my secrets I'm a positive reward of your forty no the worker secret I refer the work of only one person at another one for sacred history listening to remember when gossip Abraham look at verse of a sixteen objective relations labor sixteen Genesis a delicious dreamer sixteen it says now to Abraham and his seed were the this is amazing he said not indices as many but as someone and to thy seed which is a it seems to me that when God made that covenant with Abraham and said that through you we shall all nations be blessed that you see what this secret on this mystery of how this would take place was sad when Christ met him privately now little further you see this is little diagrams you can understand the principle of competency was here what what his essay family out of family on the issues of life at the family have the church that's what this place is supposed to be his Iraq the church body of believers people commonly believe in the same God and it had been his only believe in him that's coming soon who was standing in the most holy faith in the sanctuary above that run us over farther after church we then have community community and at the community will be what even with all right we have nation Natalie had a nation leaving with the world was very sorry to see I find this quite fascinating as I was studying the book education this wonderful book it I read the chapter called the in-home government that before the disc will actually the last paragraph in the book since these were so much of its interest in these works education page twenty two in the middle of the paragraph last paragraph it says that the vegan was a representation of what God desires all whole earth to become this is the utility representation of what God is like the whole earth to become and it was his purpose that the human family increased in numbers they should establish although Holmes and schools like the one yet giving with what consisted of the first family was looking for moment was look at the first educational system are you ready with my recent e-mail a bit more space because do you understand what I'm thinking right now is going to solve all our problems I don't know if you notice what is at the heart of the last message of God to the world and if we hear Idaho's phrases world will soon be warned and we can go home very soon only excited about that look at his locals in the Garden of Eden we had a feature we asked students at classroom in the textbook teacher students classroom and textbook I wonder who was the teacher in the Garden of Eden not in the Angels are done in Angels or the students in the Barnaby when he doesn't really have any what was the classroom that God himself you know what they called it is the in-home I wonder what the textbook what nature want to make sure why that needs to be the textbook because it was a perfect reflection of the character of the one who created someone they love that nature knows then you can look at nature and single crystal bowls of God in nature notify him it was absolutely perfect this was the original classroom now remember God said he wanted to establish their schools and holes like this all around the world this was God 's plan from the beginning with the second question is rating is the sex the garden of Eden was a representation of what God is not a holder to become and it was his purpose in asking human family increased in numbers they should establish on the Holmes and schools like the one you have given us in course of time the whole earth might be occupied with homes and schools were the words and works of God should be studying and whether students shall also be fitted more locally to reflect throughout endless ages the life of the knowledge of his glory so when the Eden school in the in-home the focus of their education was to observe God in his character in nature we establish that in nature nothing serves itself everything serves something else but after seeing this all changed in Iraq I thought this was interesting because of me were these images are easily evangelistic meetings you able to tell me that they had a vote is Babylon a question based on what we studied always the enemy several basal basalt we studied why did Babylon fall when was his first day right this is exhausted nation so why would Babylon 's fall because itself exalted unanimously Renard Babylon falls friends because itself exalted righteousness exalts a nation that was if I was listening to Daniel for five pride is the main point of both those chapters I will as soon Lucifer weakens the nation 's next connecting with adenosine immunostaining of what he loses live writer what an universal call talking to friends what a new version for sending friends the rise and fall of nations is perfectly illustrated that man without God will not stand to you here me the nations will not stand unless there is a God and that judgment is based on his law it was interesting God is every race the opportunity to rule his everyman comes as world leader rule your home we understand that you have the chance in the privileged to live and reflect the character of God and if you want to belittle your own gossip probably give you a chance to do it on your own how many tried on your own I found the youngest manager falling flat on your face busted nose and all and I find it amazing that the nation on a log scale you only look at prophecy look at her own friend right now you know we looking at currently with all this Bill of Rights is not to be moved on with all the national Sunday welcoming what why why the company was transpiring you understand that the reactions on planet Earth are simply seeking reacting to the University to me this morning so you can no suspect was about something special the Bill of Rights or any other right that is being taken away from mankind if only Satan 's reaction to stop people from getting ready to species and must be something happening in order for him to say hey hey let's are snatching the star snatching romance of this question A340 for a Margulies will most definitely is there some kind be unreasonably visible I'm confident most avenues believe eighteen forty four run tell me something you tell me you have to take you explain this to me if Jesus goes into the most holy Place in eighteen forty four white in the coming three years later four years later five years later money from four years later fifty years later some ice of all we don't know linking is that a cuff is testing his own sweet time I series you believe that I believe that all Nottingham laid my heart is not down on my knees when I was a when I first started to understand how that is different from other churches and I got on my knees asked Don Lord why are you taking so long to come if you have issues you should ask that question why are you taking so long to come what are you waiting for someone told me what you waiting for the gospel to the world marimba classes with us with the world already look at me strange this is a documentary for every creature on a widely waiting so long what is he waiting for noticeable positive relationships that will be there is little deviation for what I was going to talk about this all right in Revelation chapter set Revelation chapter seven notice of the Bible said he and Revelation chapter seven when you see all these events taking place in a well falling apart it is as it seems financial crisis all over the world the lobby manipulate and control wife is taking place what is guy waiting for no the Bible says in verse one of two Revelation chapter seven and after these things I saw four angels on the Angels I saw four angels standing on the four corners of your holding the four winds of the year that the Windsor knot Europe no unless the north and each tree hold the wings while I saw another angel ascending from these having thus sealed and the one having the seal of the living God any crime a low voice to the four angels to whom it was given to hurt your fantasy saying hurts not be your need of it SC know about trees telling him what young I was listening to say is don't hurt your knee lessee nor the trees do not let chaos corruption and so what happens until we have sealed them all it seems to me then that is ideal of seal marks sign is a token of a company in the it seems to me that God is not waiting on more financial crisis evaluate one of the hurricane or earthquake in California is always one of the tsunami now we bring you that you stand whole relations Intel they are it seems to me then that the winds are being moves near the ceiling singlet and my question you listen immediately carefully if there is a ceiling taking place are you being sealed in IVR is letting loose the wind all of creation has created an out-of-control Catholic land I'm asking you a question friends are concealed I compared to be filled even know what it means to be sealed alike and I know I know that no classic answer and feel because I go to church on Saturday that way I have unsealed because I'm a vegan veganism is a religion anyway I'm still economic total experience that it is still about what is the seal was the civil over further meet a person full of the same graceful of the scene nation one after the other falling off the scene because these nations are seeking to live without God one after the other kinematic kingdom of course you know this one Rome a enrolled I will read a quotation to using the computer screen a moment when life as a formal injury this was a think about where you are in relation to this quotation welcome to the low listen to this for more than a thousand years how many years now how many years of evidence relating for Jesus without not having him in the ring for hundred and six avenues I like this a thousand years for more thousand years the Jewish people had awaited decision is coming what about you up on this event they had arrested the right assaults in Psalm United is a little wait on the Lord in song and song and prophecy in Temple right as a household where they had enshrined in his name and yet at his coming they were scared me I read somewhere that there is no Louvre units and leaders came to church today and were preaching endorsing him or prophesied how we doing that I recently got a diseases convincing the strange love of analyst of them as a root out of dry ground he had no formal communism they saw him no beauty that they should desire him he came unto his own and his own received him not this passage struggled me as it should trouble you to wait for diseases of the four thousand years the free can prophesy about it to come every Sabbath they were Sabbath keepers and here they are and they're not ready to receive that troubles me it appears to me that they lost their focus further to this when the fullness of time was come God sent forth his son Providence at direct in this analysis probably send irregular movements of nations and the tide of human and wealth and influence and tell the world right before the coming of the deliver the what was right for one one and the nation as a nation must not control his ironic list the nations were united under the latest in France the nations will unite under one government what is our global situation in his world there is a one government being developed in a listening one language is widely spoken whatever recognizes the language of literature national question what is the one language widely spoken around the world today English is the language of money is not good at things like just perfect it is not instantly because there's money involved in this language was over from long land of the Jews of this version got to Jerusalem to the annual face as they return to the place of their sojourn they could spread throughout the world the tidings of the Messiah 's coming so the one world government was partly what the spreading of the gospel normality that it is more than you know some of its alleles at all if the global economy globalization brave God is on a behavior for the gospel to use the notice of the six before the time had come humanity becoming more integrated to the ages of transgression call for the coming of the Redeemer Satan had been working some may not call Dee and impassable between the earth and have asked if it is a little differently say neither working to make it off the path of the routine that family of work and the family at that he wanted to be completely impossible for God to save me awake by his falsehoods he had emboldened Ms. Cindy it was his purpose and with what to wear out the forbearance of God and to Alyssa Milano man so that he would abandon the world 's Satanic jurisdiction this is when I want I get so frustrated when mankind that he has nothing to do with them thousands goal weights is more safe it was seeking to shut out from me and a knowledge of what God we decided to education when it was first initially done it brought about the knowledge of God God wanted Holmes to be established that reflect the admitting women who knew God but Saint now and attacking the very center of the land attacks bone I can't tell you how many cabinet design Council not just the young thirty seven euro boy last town Council old and young Seventh-day Adventist who don't like each other we live in the same house the husband is an just bought a house and a life lived on this on house children disrespect their marriage why is this because thinking is affecting the whole notice is try for supremacy like to turn their difference and will not establish the kingdom 's drive for civility has seem to be almost wholly successful it is true that in every generation God had his agencies evenly even they were manageable prices went up with the people from their sin and degradation but these men were despised and hated many of those suffered a violent death that docs shadowless statement cast over the world grew deeper and deeper knowledge of the resort reading so much of this was to see the times in which when Christ came to the world what they were locked in the condition of mankind noticed this the session the deception of sin a recent time all the agencies with afraid in the souls of men have been put in operation the sudden goblet of hello world e-mail suffering and misery with Jenny Islam in have become victims of Satanic cruelty the little compassion on those who are being corrupted murdered and lost they had chosen a rumor that tells a lot national level saying the band soon that he is car as 's Romans six sixteen you know it know ye not that the ruling new usual sales service to obey his service Yahoo yielding whether of sin unto death of obedience unto righteousness you can say you love Jesus all you want but if you go out and you'd be July fourth lie and cheat and steal cheat on your taxes you don't love Jesus you love yourself you can so you love Jesus all you want when it seems as if I household that don't only will you please go share in his aptly titled to our working hard as we got to sit back and watch the video whatever you don't love Jesus you love yourself let's just be honest the work of God he's going for the possibilities of a frisson world money is needed any vandalism is that investments in stocks and bonds in larger houses a more fancy cars don't tell me you love Jesus you love yourself I speak plainly to you so this is the core walleye issues in the worst selfish person is a seven there is a worse we are the words over further watch this now my time is fleeting bewildered and to see they were moving on in a gloomy procession towards eternal rule of law mankind to death in which there is no hope for night which comes no morning satanic agencies will incorporate what are the main the bodies of human beings made for the dwelling places of God have become the habitation of being with executives in Christ they when he came up letter these bodies nobody is not simple of all the goals that run God Navy 's body so that is Holy Ghost indwelling side of humanity have sold resisting God that demons look into my wife know what to do with the flu plans out there New Hampshire was one of our days would inevitably work that they were walking through my house my memories now walking out of class and I saw all these papers on this table and I began to look as if they were flyers but a lot of the flyer and a central Colts won massively interesting and as I'm looking this another man comes rapidly towards my direction I think it has to size there and begin to walk away an analog delay safety when you normally walking away now my natural self my natural self what is a man who is talking to the lawsuit no don't do that and as I walked away my wife says she noticed a man as if he wanted to attack us but with your strength and only look at what I saw in a paper and I saw that that was witchcraft he was a practicing witchcraft he was demonically possessed you think that this is only for the design of the new law around them the game is on your TV game is all around you brother eleven there are many women who subject themselves only to influenced by Satan and we walked out as if we have all of our sales are set and under free check standing in the pool for some advantages and this man preaching Hell is idea that any life it was still on his way to an Universalist looseness this is what heaven will be sitting until Jesus come to listen to understand the idea of Satan is thrown out of them within what we make it back in with unanimous notice the senses the nerve the past is the organ of the men were worth by supernatural agencies in the influence of the vilest lots the very span of demons was impressed upon the countenance of men cumulative faces reflected the expression of the lesions of evil with which they will possess such was the prospect of language the world 's Redeemer looked what a spectacle for infinite purity to the whole evening that children have assisted sisters two sisters were both raised seven evidence both in these message both my sisters and are leaving the church had a best friend went to a training school at the training school I went to preach with power to give reach better than me anything and everything the church I wonder with my little heart that I had on last night 's training crime of my sister I wonder what the heartache of God is watching his children were male and being misused and mistreated by Saint I wonder what he thinks about every day when he wakes up another window when I wake up I think the body stays awake I can imagine think about the trials and the frustrations of the children of men all of them everyday sometimes because isolated we think about ourselves only got this about every practically people in the world billions and concern about every person every trial at the situation I cannot imagine how he deals with it braces for was the season was a little book of Matthew almost shut down your the book of Matthew chapter twenty three Matthew chapter twenty three I want to eavesdrop on a conversation that Jesus is having with the Pharisees was the universe number thirty three notice the words that Jesus is speaking you service in generation of vipers whole Ken how can ye escape the damnation of you wherefore behold acid value prop is alive we describe some of the lease shall kill and crucify and some of them you shall show you scorching his synagogue and persecute them from city to city that upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the air from the bottom right is able to the blood of Zechariah 's of buckeyes Police Lieutenant some colonial barely I sent to you all these things shall come upon this generation was these words alter rules allow Jerusalem valve that kills the process is Phyllis Phyllis our sense of the how I'll do what I have gathered thy children together even if they can gather their chicken then there are ways when he was not behold your house is not ready now to your question here is not a sin in the human clone this man Jesus and he says the rules love my children I would've loved again he underwent wanted to say under his wings was therefore protection guardianship out of luck the vanity on my wings when he would not behold your house is left unto you now why because there's no salvation outside of Jesus your home will not have happiness if Jesus is not the center of Apple Yunnan animal and even emotionally to family happy because I'm getting a man you look at my wife my Fowler happy and I'm not just writing what I'm saying is where happy because they are principles that God has put in place that maintain happiness in the home Jesus is the center of that these are the center of your home your home is miserable and don't care how much you make how much money you have how big your house is a humpback your car is your home is a miserable without Jesus sometimes you know we just knew the country last year up on the mountain first time in the country the first time I went to sleep there are slip lifetime never slept in my thirty some years of those amazing I mean there was absolutely no noise no Siamese nobody arguing it was it was absolutely piece I didn't know how stressed out I wasn't went to sleep in the country some of you think you're having a relationship with you don't even know what happiness really is yet dear Jesus comes out of love again anomalies when you would not only nineteen nineteen nineteen look at verse twenty one nineteen or twenty one listen to me carefully nineteen the first forty one when you have to say a man knows the Bible says here the Bible says and when he was come near he beheld the city and wept over it insane if thou hast known the even now at least in this thy day that these which belong to like these but now they are viewed from thine eyes for the day so come upon the organizational test age range around about the accomplice Lee Brown and keep you never saw as shown lazy even to the ground and by children with indeed and they shall not leave the one stone upon another while is the question why the answer because they knew not the time of their visitation they didn't know what I am a bypass this quotation anything into my mice my chart for you they do not know the time is seated as out-of-court the resume that it out of court the time for the timeframe for the out-of-court beginning of times eighty thirty one hour output experience of the people now clinically later on this afternoon I will replace the beginning with the year four fifty seven is that if that's okay for the D7 Italiana court experience the people of God four fifty seven thirty one eighty one you thirty one eighty friends and tell me laugh he is a lady Jesus was crucified in your thirty one eighty a lot to take a look at this this is the seventy weeks prophecy to meet is the most important prophecy of all prophecy the Bible the most important time prophecy of all the prophecies remember because they did not know that time a month of their visitation the house was left was because I didn't know the time over the time of the visitation when pulling out the time of the visitation is this timely what is the what is that it that the Aeros going to what is that this is the time to visitation twenty seven eighty thirty four eighty this is when God in flesh came amongst his people and his people say I will not do which all out of love to get you under my wings out of again gather her chickens but you have with you the only means of salvation your review the only means of the covenant that I made with Abraham in the midst of this week the Bible says that he come for the covenant for how do you come from a company you must shed blood and I listen anyway in the midst of his ways God shed his blood come far as the covenant that with this shed blood I will bless all the families of the art but the family came to say the family rejected you know we don't visit all those horrible Jews those those knuckleheads use all they should at better old minimum revelation book of Revelation you know this has to so very well but I want to the list and I would listen to me good relationship with three goals in notice of the Bible says here Revelation chapter three beginning at verse fourteen you know that you don't well Bible said unto the angel of the church were fourteen dreamers fourteen Revolution three hundred fourteen into the angel of the church of Laodicea rights these things saith the amen the faithful and true what witness was a witness talk about what he see 's is that right a witness saw the police easily means the beginning of the creation of vinyl my work that thou art neither cold nor hot I wonder how workload are hot so then because our warmth neither cold nor hot I will skew me out of my mouth because thou saith I am rich increased votes and have need of nothing and no one is not that thou art wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked question if I were recognizable when buying a gift of giving a window in the end of everything I'm what they did was they got men's crazy in the Patty went when you the Bible says the condition of the church in these final hours that were wretched miserable poor blind making way I think this knows what the Bible says continuing on I counsel the AC gentlemen is that command the is my counseling I counsel thee the Bible me gold tried in the fire thou Ms. be rich and white name of the dummies the globe and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear and I found the family is see as many as I love I rebuke you Satan be zealous therefore and repent behold I stand at the door and Matthew question you knock at your own door I look my house I looking out the door the people walk in I will not listen to get Mike to your bubble normally not set a door of visitor 's enemy of visitor knocks at the door apparently as God sees us as a people he's still outside the why of it she was a visual left desolate because they did not know the time I wonder when the time of our visitation beginning at anchor prophecy that illegals to guess about that behavior prophecy takes us from four fifty seven all the way to the year eighteen forty four this year we had a movement crisis said the Jewish nation thirty one units then fully seven to thirty four the Jewish nation the visitation for the Jewish nation here for making forty four so now he's been like this for one hundred sixty seven years he imagined not alert or four one six then you how long you been alive is waiting for church people easily for you I would say something friends I am sick and tired of this world is a sampling I don't like it down here you know personally I will give away all my clothes in all my money today if I knew that I just go home whatever God wants me I want to give them I want to give them everything that I have an today is young outside Jewish nation loss script file that he was on the outside they did not know the time of the much I was even recent or not it is none the design you have been putting in times Jesus will come into your heart you want to stop working out your own salvation of your own abilities and let him work in connection with you so that we can get off this planet was coming so close the signs tell us that the ceiling is already in place when you limited number of enzymes are a


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