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How to Study the Bible, Part 1

Andre Waller


Andre Waller
Co-Director, Tekoa Missions




  • December 18, 2011
    9:00 AM
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in my family and I were going to be doing a lot of of reading and is going to learn how to study I don't assume that I have newsletters and this is how is my I subject my intellect to my wisdom reminds me reinstitute the inspiration is that all right so as we began to study the asked you to pray with me and mascots be with us even in the simple but sometimes a simple music is going to solid ask God to help us in the simple point handle right my clear thought and millions and having commune is in his final hours registry was pretty a good father in heaven and that is grateful for the privilege of being here with you and learning how to understand what I asked father you like the thought is a reflection words to me and is a leader gathered in your name phone values into the neighbors recently and is wholly most as light and are normally aware of this as I don't like to talk the whole time so your mother read movable back-and-forth learn discuss what we're reading a lot where understanding as we discuss with each other God is going to help us understand more clearly how to apply these principles of Bible study the first page their elephant is the kind of grass this one has laundry for me I Wednesday near you so the microphone can pick you up are so my brothers you can start reading for us were really from education educations will now give us some principles in regards to the study of the Scriptures Ellis read that first paragraph there were since the creative energies than read and energy call world is in work 's word on how you get my every command is a trauma center with you to the soul it brings with it the life of the infinite one interest of the nature and we created the soul in the image of God are so that to me that is a mind blowing the Bible or the spread of trust brings out the creative energy and about that Psalms thirty three and verse six oh one open a bottle of the Psalm thirty three verse six and verse nine saw thirty three were six and nine think about the creative energy that called the worlds into existence it is the word of God so unethical and read from your brother they were six and nine I work for me all my and me he is nothing about that if God spoke he said let there be lights and this power in that word and life this comes that same principle were reading here is simply invisible energy power is in the word of God not also something some all of what how we approach is is aware into this would've caused power in the gas life every command is a one in an interesting every command is every command you really think amendments about the nesting bassinet with adult results not their fault all these things that got so do not do is really saying and what to do or everything he's saying every instruction that is giving you notice given a deeper information helped a lot that it got not given us information in this book just for that knowledge is power it is fair to change us from being what we are to be something completely different as the locals it was read the you Deborah you give brightness she should reinforce out they sold the life doesn't part in other words the energy that comes with the reading and the creation of life that same life is sustained by the same work okay to our comedy works everywhere is there any insignificant word in Scripture according to what we read here and I believe what I read here that there is no insignificant word inscription not one that lovely in the and whatever the word is that if it is no insignificance in those words every word has is when everyone has their folio proscription we must approach another mindset that this is energy this is life this is our every word is necessary for me to live everywhere but was a little further my brother reader there my soul below and a MS is an online so that is a is a you okay yes the question my sister what is your name Kristie Kristie Lynn to question Christie if you eat mingle what happens you don't remain with all market is a weird okay for Fatah interviewee mangles what happens to mangoes when you need it what what happens to exist on you chill it in a guy test drive it's a wonderful taste in the mouth and goes into the system legal love the guy faster than the vitamins at all days ago the black guy a lot of manuals your skin from the title glory be like here everything about characters Gary I'm having a lot of carriages once on my skin charting in different color your mind changes based upon what he feeds what you sure what you think about what you meditate on you actually become what you think about it you think about money I memorized in on-call ports it was about knocked on doors met many people you voted oh I see you have money here I feel the people concede about building on legacy that they can see that your console at the thought of making money versus loving that they can see people can sing reality of what you think about what you behold I possess your question again I'm challenging without all Bibles that it may not be goes on about all Bible study what you think about what you're beholding that which you become I asked another question was that you had to dogs were one dollar the black dog is not in the size of ground on the back you feed every day with nice hefty research good meets this problem you don't need it all was gone leaving a strong one evening very simple may basic idea if you want a researcher needs a feature spirituality is Iraq need to feed it with that which is good because you can't be a Christian by feeding upon television the rest you can be a Christian listen in your diet consists of leaving Christian television only you have a problem because of creative energy to call the world into existence and then where in the word of God is not simply based on what they're saying on television you must show your in the medical Outlook reach I love the preaching when I hear to preach I love that you know that regurgitated from Jimmy I chew my food I digested my phone I'm given back to you what I have for myself but that's not good enough for you you must show your own food if you want to receive life from now of course if you ate my food I might give you a little bit of sustenance for a time let's say what it'll taste as good was learned that you don't as a limited mature wrongful giving force number of all in my child is now wonderful and is calling me I will show you I will talk to you personally in regard to the wonderful things that are found in his work my sister are ISO no matter what his life is even however companionship you can choose to watch what the companionship consists of an existing synthesis but it whose convention the commission what of Angels I have that I'm a man after I was over there what over there with mission trip to preach jetlagged I was completely busted how will I didn't know if I wake up and remember laying in my bed and a voice speaking to me in on you here was outside itself and he said we cut jump to some initial rising I got up I started studying God 's given me new information not prepare all my sermons before I went I had diagrams and charts ready to roll next morning saying voice same instruction wake up with their star study Angels began instructing the information Angels will instruct you personally is less than my bondage were reading it right now without you understand the weight of what were about the study this is not a intellectual exercise this is not only give you some tools you secretly get no this is a relationship this is something person are listless dull this for the next lengthy meeting with the plates could view it at this we hope in the Bible we began to study you can actually be in the atmosphere at you when you could have happened here on earth that the privilege now we have available within the work is instantly all the lighting on the cartilage and only open a book and likened them Saturday your opener will get a sacred Angels about the coming minister to you about the hear the words the master the creative energy that called the world into existence is in this book this is how we approach as our approach was he really is more I was will a you will you and she do that a study north of the edger coming closer and closer your relationship will the when you get that is no lack in California and Osborne Riverside California been here that you know Disneyland I went to Disneyland when I was in eighth grade not Maywood California is not a strange place is a similarity there but do you understand what I just said is says that as you study the word of God it will lead you closer to the gates of heaven so actually when you get their blood is not a been here before this something familiar while how because there's something in the study of Scripture that allows you to have this experience all the understandable with saying here are a few going message of an hygienic so now I hear the voice of an angel you know you used to hear your voices of English Latvian was a range of other signs are canvassing canvassing such a intense experience where you have to know God 's leading and talking to the minds of lay within nothing may actually be little metal no these sitting in human form but on the whole it is obviously hearing the voice and use the hearing instruction I'm just hoping the word of God and finding points here and there when I get to heaven I can't wait to see you we have the privilege as were studying today for angels of the companions now let us begin the principles that in a space to say systematic study have to make a correction on this cyber casino and systematic study I you look up the words that were synonyms that were systematic and study after study and sometimes position of them but nonetheless you see their systematic methodical orderly regular organized efficient nest those are synonyms of the word systematic seahorse study under a study learn revision and study again that in granting and reading I think that those words you crossed the lines differently safe orderly cramming efficient revision regular study methodical learning of these altogether these are different ways in which you can study and allow the work to commence analysis of the principles for number one even if the plaintiff first point not necessarily the most important but the first one I want to emphasize is appreciate the teachings of classwork that's the first point the vessel to the book of Job twenty three verse twelve Job twenty three and verse twelve I'll take a volunteer to read that first for us the approach to the study of Venezuelan reform you are back in my necessary I was really more time and this is a technique that I want to share with you is called mastication is more or less the case in this shoe your forward I was even faster slow all right so in real life in the invisible world you'd shown your work slowly so when you read the word you want to read the word slowly our more than my necessary what I wonder the only Sunday uveitis today like California I don't know how easily those among us that a meeting representative the hungry but use IE three one eight three times a day but when you you make sure you eat if you don't eat you make sure that you get double the next amount also you do that it doesn't work that way rest but it is no you make sure that if you listen mail that you compensate yourself of them eventually if you eat twice a day a while when you read the word as often or even more than him access device and Eileen available forty five minutes thirty minutes advising the words of his mouth more than my necessary food that is often taken more time in the word and I do of my own physicals for his Iraq I was a better look at another example this is one to be the antithesis of appreciation Jeremiah chapter thirty six verses one through five he had our economy standbys of the microphone picks you up Jeremiah thirty six verses one through five hundred reports in a safe escrow and will you are a real quickly who is speaking the Jeremiah listlessly in Jeremiah RN the Lord is speaking the Jeremiah and what is Jeremiah shopping to do to get us grow and write down what the Lord says all right you going to a sixties style people hi here punishable sci-fi in all his ways a video out to get his people so I sent for the group so there I will write all of the words from the Lord from them as long as I is also home cool holes words of the original escrow the Lords are in the Lord requires of the written escrow closely say then so is the word of the Lord in this world that are weakest in the word of the Lord is on the scroll nihilism down in the same chapter chapter thirty six when I jump down to verse number reverse six I want us to see what happens with this word of the Lord how it is appreciated or six is therefore called out and read in the role which thou has risen from my mouth the words of the Lord in the areas of the people in the Lords house upon the passing day and also DOS arena the mini is up on Judah out of the city was the instruction that is given to Jeremiah universe to read people reading the word to the people I jump down the verse number sixty Nokia my goal 's agreement for the people and noticed a response noticed the response of the people when they begin to get this letter he does for my brother for sixteen and one in her words and your system we wish you all the arsenal until the king of all the worse was what the Lord sake going and the sin villa I need to write how you through the Ukraine with his mouth all the world knew him to be in the home the end of the visit to go and I you and them I then know when the you are there in that interesting while you have Jeremiah he's instructing Baroque to write the words that he used on this role will rule goals and recently for the leadership the leadership says a with a seventeen Gbyte ago hi all these words are not necessarily good kind words etc. physical high need to hide out because we were both other cablers see what he has to say all right lucky me from an eight thing is meaning and will work in the hearing the wrestler to do with the scroll what to do with the scroll right included in the chamber they hit it and they left the scroll they are enemy with its opportunity I now watch what happens after this building was written in four four seven twenty one and maybe there is monster and you are in your team and you will is sought against with as in the low that it was on fire the hall bringing in the Juventus with you and I have read slowly and then you are the ones on the liver until all was consumed in the fire that was yet there were no regional and it will be litigating the being of service and all his works to the lists no as the Gallardo and through her at the digitization to the team is not provable but not your question is very simple and also most simple idea here does the king appreciate the work what was what showed he did not appreciate the work he cut it with a pen knife anything were no fine or why water leaking appreciate the work what was it about the work and appreciated because it was calling him a center it was calling Israel ace outline ways like this cut is a thin line but wouldn't a fire if we don't appreciate the word of God we cannot benefit from the word about the understand is that the point if you can appreciate the work you can benefit from the work notice the quotation we put on an economic Prozac principle from the Bible was written quotation on our paper that you see their point number one the volunteers read a force that means me to understand it if you like or what is the Bible contain all the principles not just a few principles it contains all the principles probably principles all that everything always always Iraq I like a simple definition that had old West was all was that he does that means you can understand animation what about you little sissy begins in principle absolutely this is all that means all that is my little brother own assignments in the principles with Iraq that's right everybody all to understand the principles in God 's word if you don't appreciate it is a consequently greeted in all when a second Jeana no one what is no one me I like identifying a letter same works that I know what none if you have a spirit to appreciate the teachings of God 's word you can read the word no matter how nice it was outrageous to show you what I'm talking ice to reduce both should give you an example and Adam live nine hundred and thirty years and he died SF lived a hundred and five years and begat Enos assessment that the United States hundred and seven years and begat sons and daughters and all the business ever nine and ended a young look at what the worldwide e-mail as all these names in all these numbers I can understand that in that passage of names is a prophecy I didn't know that NFS and then you will love the look of all those mainline him up in a row you'll see in those names is a prophecy about the plan of salvation you will back you look at Genesis chapter four look at those names under our verse nineteen was off by making classic starting chamber sixteen Kane and Enoch in error azimuthal jail and would Muslims ELN that I met and Zilog and I got a job well you know that the prophecy regards to what happens in the fall system of religious no one would dispute to appreciate the changes of God 's word can reason the fastest without getting something from the question I would be in my daughter read quick and I'm in regard to whether the end okay realize that you can appreciate it but if you masticate each of the other prisoners women interviewed you can gain from the Scriptures which are never could get before little further researched diligently sensitivity to verse fifteen of sixteen second Timothy two versus fifteen and sixteen researched diligently you guys know this verse very very very well I think volunteer reader second seventy two fifteen and sixty I play my brother study to show show thyself approved unto God a workman that needed not to be seen rightly dividing the word of truth bastion refrain in being battening for they will increase and tomorrow not been high grade that I was studying a split was asked by those who needs to dingy what is the workman amend now works I like Rufus B but a new roofing and gardening you those people work ever seen those people delete everybody in my final carnival I made my heart was this year is that this year I mean it was one of the lowly arduous task I've ever done in my life and I appreciated every muscle that was written in the day if it's a setup or to put in the garden while the exhibits of what didn't work study dig deep incident things research diligently help you sir for study notice of laundry said that this was such a search well that's stupid if you disbelieve us it is if that would accept seventeen verse eleven F seventeen verse eleven even Paul was questioning policy good job brother at seventeen in verse eleven are a you a reforming brother Henry the fourth of my service is the way things were so all right so Paul says that he does more noble than the Thessalonica and you know why Maria said all we like it everything but we don't check it out and this is a check it out how often daily daily so what I appreciate his leakage and leaving the asset not a single solitary thing is to go back and research and see them diligently said father is one essential after studying daily not skipping days you'll skip you don't get that unless you're fasting also manuscript Mills if you're fasting maybe working on for most of us the last of the males well I kept saying I surface give his name you know this is a sad thought when you start to feel that you know everything you been assured for long time I heard a sermon before a line that it disqualifies you from being able to be taught of the written quotations as the reader quotation underneath both claim one and two one and to read but the most viable way to force uptake of Andrea 's most valuable pictures of my ignorance again back is disconnected during that year that was occasional Western Alaska read about you know every Sunday I'll get in a word with no rest the week I woke that study the most valuable teaching of the Bible is not to be gained by vocational or disconnect the study of Iraqi rings is its great truth is not so presented as stupid discerned by T or curious reader if you are that I like the worst evil stare is great the what is a system is in order what is a procedure is a way to go about this it is a lot I is a order so there's a order of system in Scripture I tell you say what if you can figure out the system it will lead you on a journey that you will never results once you find the good the great the issue is to find it I did meet in this paragraph menu I believe that there and can be obtained original research and continuous effort what is the difference in continual and continuous nothing sitting at outdated processes is a continual is like to outdo it and I'll stop and then I'll take a break now come back in and do it now stopped as continual continuous is nonstop and I think it Bible study is nonstop his wife was a well-developed in the earlier Bibles that he is twenty four seven opting out doing a few moments but there is never a time when you're not studying the Bible and unless you did your research diligently and you exert continuous effort your mind is to be taxed and pushed and prodded because I this is the vanity would alright this will further Isaiah twenty eight compared to get your prescription twenty eight birthday Isaiah twenty eight and bursting and my sister we redouble me I arrived free supplementary centerline of the line here let so they are look so you are comparing Scripture with Scripture now in our next session not this present session but in our next session we're going to do a study to get a beginner talk about a little bit last night when I was with my friends were going to a study together and you will learn something new what should you have you know what already is that one of my something there's always a study that the Bible unlocks its self parentheses above the book education way to go on this that redistribute one ninety education one ninety and I didn't put dissonant in the paper but you will you want to make sure you look at this quotation I usually use this quotation when I do this study on the glorious holy mountain and but this user right now education one ninety is to be some additional costly you are right now and when Rita slowly as I can and do a compare Scripture with Scripture the Bible is its own expositor wasn't what is an expositor and is self-explanatory it explains itself the Bible is his own expositor Scripture is to be compared with Scripture the students to learn to view the word as a whole everyone okay with them about the throne the story of Samson is not disconnected from the store of Revelation chapter thirteen okay give another example the story of Joan of is not separate from the story of Calvary in another example of creation is not separate from revelation chapter one or two everything is connected everything is interdependent on each other awesome the Switzerland of the Lord as a whole and see the relation of its parts you should gain the knowledge of his grandson jumping one thousand original purpose for the world is number two on the rise of the great controversy does number three in the work of redemption is for topics she says that we should be studying eligibility does the education one ninety eight cents going further he should understand the nature of the two principles that are contending for supremacy and shellac to trace their working to the records of history and prophecy to the great consummation he just see how is how this controversy ensues into every phase of human experience how in every afterlife on the afterlife how in every act of life he himself reveals the one or the other of the two antagonistic motives and how whether he will or not he is even now deciding upon which side of the controversy he will be back after the Army really need to memorize out not how it tells you to memorize that because it gives such a complete package to how to study the Bible what to look for in Scripture and understanding yes that's right to say this is from me and moment will try and I is you gone and gone and you want online and as you say in the Stratton and the strength to strength and is and is in the price and you and will send out Heisman basketball I mean a lot I can drool a left-hand and right-hand I do love you back in Ramallah monthly is not issue my eyes close it in I spent hours and hours in the gym I played saxophone hours practice saxophone hours on the guitar I just started to get that it is done her fingers clasping howlers plaintively and I thought brother said we leave the job to the pastor the study for us began to carry the draft of the elder Gary and anyone else that can't even see him on the back you yourself young and old must spend time in the word of God is on Mrs. Irvine I discussed on this point someone read that quotation underneath it says the same idea but has necessary to force the Bible as his own father or other way to go and he or my computer is training training on the same subject we are very on every side true meaning of Scripture the made and I so like invariants S dealing with the same subject matter then the more crystal idea in regards to the teaching of Scripture will be made evident of STD 's work it never to the word glory that wording you look up on the words will glory me with all the words from law they look all the words for family or whatever back takes time and takes time and if you know if you have the appreciation for the word that but it had taken this as it okay this is just a mental exercise I'm doing this approval everything that is of selfishness were not beneficial even in Bible study however my position is seventy seven is a approach the Bible that's a selfish motive in of itself to study the word of God you want the Bible because you want Jesus and as you find Jesus you'll find these other wonderful teachings because these teachings reflect the it changes the whole motor that runs out how your proscription hour further next there you have a quotation of In re networks and what kind of study and we processed on the Bible right I went in a note that her faith in you and Gina Salinas is my boy if there is one passage the study only fastest and enables that involve a lot of pros it is a comedy versus one verse it is okay I will read the Bible to any year mark said that's not what is sensitive thus not what we doing here out of eighty one marks and same for God so love the world wholesalers versus elaborately calls a part of me the understandable I'm taking whatever's inside verses apply to me is not a intellectual argument is not anything to do with the computer to try to teach somebody something I want that verse to be a part of me remember now we read already education one twenty six the creative energy that call the world into existence is in love when of the even the word of God and recommends a promise except the father we'll received into the soul it brings with it the life of me so I think that one person I'm thinking meditating on receiving the line item receiving power I mean change from a wicked man will benefit methodology greatness in the study of Scripture in a study of his Word was Colin Firth Frank all right let's go pray for understanding the gift of the Holy Spirit first Corinthians chapter two verses ten through sixteen for three hands chapter two verses ten through sixteen first printing as soon versus ten percent safe and this is a very very pertinent point in essence everything am giving you you cannot disclose if you don't know meeting of Rome but you can disposal when getting ready okay someone read a passage force was reduced after you have assistant I understand by OEF you should rejoice in from a nearby that ten through sixteenth who understands the things of God the Spirit glad I set is not clear spiritual things are spiritually desire and the spirit is the one that teaches us was enough faults of the this is the autograph this is the mind of the limited thereby article twenty firsts Daniel chapter nine Daniel nine in verse three million nine anniversary now understanding alumina content and ninety nine Daniel is good news prophecy has been presented to him he does not understand prophecy is confusing rack so what's with any of those he and Daniel nine University and going to the Lord 's prayer to you before and he prayed to the Lord my God and made me question their Lord Reagan keeping the covenant and mercy can to gaming he is now positive for now so now we see a man who will see a few moments is actually an awesome awesome is a man I wouldn't mind being in this man doesn't understand what God has given him so God seeks he sets his face to seek the Lord but was it important is that he sets his face and say that that question right now why wasn't he set his face physical all right what if I say I set my best disabilities and events I set my face what where my focus I focus on God I'm connecting with the divine when I opened my face this is I set my face undetermined the CIGA in any open orders before you'll was ordered that when we are at on the property of the women reason passages reveal the word about operators problems and issues they will give if you're just sharing a thought human brain before you I'll be wasting elsewhere before you open aware that the quotation right underneath that was in the Bible should never be studied without three brother when he relentlessly I should never be statement periodically question what is never me and I love the Civil War it sometimes sometimes simple things are forgotten as all right the fourth amendment remember remember me remember don't you simple words simple instructions so never I read this recently I was never explaining for Holy Spirit alone can cause us to feel the import of those days need to be understood when a second the Holy Spirit alone can cause us to understand things that are easy to understand the host alone can do this there something that you resemble a new one right by them visually on the Holy Spirit in impression this is important I give an example during an example of leadership over the book of Matthew twenty four are you an example of this this idea in Matthew twenty four hundred and seven immediately nails I was snappy of this couple years now massively for and verse one to watch Matthew twenty four and verse one I read it I didn't understand until it always been impressed my mind in fact the forty first one but Matthew twenty three were thirty seven in the context before you converse one I this is verse thirty seven on Jerusalem Jerusalem thou that it was the prophets and so is the what are symptoms of the how often what I have gathered thy children together even as a hand gathered her chickens under her wings and he would you will what you would not be a hold of your house is left unto you what okay try send to you ye shall not see me henceforth till you still say Blessed is he that cometh in the name of what our iPhone now this is Jesus in the Temple speaking to the people and he says all euros alumni would welcome gathering when he would not be houses left desolate read that's okay verse one chapter four twenty four look at this and Jesus went out and departed from the tomb holds recent stop stopped reading again and Jesus went out and departed from the Temple the house is left for what make a house keys and left it now we apply to eighty seventy and destruction of the Temple maybe seventy was this that our manifestation of something 's management and artifice by Jesus went out and departed from the Temple animal reminded me of a previous study had done what easy he'll watch Sally Ezekiel you noisy get chapter eight nine with the destroying Angel Sissel for the sole and but a subchapter a four moment is a huge update for the start adverse to and is given an example the Holy Spirit will will impress you upon the things easy to be understood Ezekiel eight verse start a verse to it so that I be on a low a likeness as the appearance of fire from the appears of his loins even download fire from his loins even awkward as the appearance of brightness is the color member and he put forth the form of a notice another one assist any platform the form of a hand and set me by the law of mind to end us and the one in the Spirit lifted me up between what our than what is what does the Bible call easy he'll in you look at how the Son of Man so easy you'll is the Son of Man the Son of Man is lifted up between Earth and who else is been found wanting us I saw another angel fly in the myths of the gospel that symbol that little symbol idea net worth would bypass it was always have an omnipotent God has put insignificant words and by putting the burden of another's analysis is is is not my main point at this point in verse four says I and behold the glory of the God of Israel was the air I think backup verse three eight before this one hand and took me by the lack of money hand in his ability up between Earth and having them brought me in the visions of God to Jerusalem to the door of the inner case that looking for the North where was the scene of the image of jealousy which is the home of the study which provoked a jealousy verse four and behold the glory of the God of Israel was the air according to the vision and then I saw it in the claim furthermore the God of Israel is the year now I want you to notice here easy fuel Ezekiel eleven verse twenty one twenty two verse twenty two giving an example now verse twenty two says Ezekiel eleven twenty two then did the cherubim lift up their wings and the wheels beside them and the glory of the God of Israel was over them above watch and the glory of the Lord went up from the midst of the city and stood on the mild sandwiches on the east side of the city would wear the logo to an amount of any side of the city that left twenty four verse one again Matthew twenty four numbers one again to watch the verbal and leaves the city goals this is on the inside the last verse one and Jesus went out to the glory of the father full of grace and truth and Jesus went out and apart from the Temple and his disciples came to him show him the buildings of the temple and Jesus said to them seeing all these things they are they are saying to you there cannot be left here one stone upon another should not be thrown down and as he sat upon the mount of what knowledge we have to question where is the Mount of olives situated with regard to the Temple from the ESA these event Ezekiel eleven Matthew twenty four now will impress your modified beings that are easy to understand our metaphors and Jesus went out and bought any just click missing me in hopes they would do it after studying what being noon and again noise that you understand you understand I was finished quotation of your meeting on from last week for different applications it is the often at least eight in the heart and soul to comprehend God 's word that we shall be on his youth I admonished you have immediate and striking five promises we should make the following suggestions are all full and my that I may be old one with the times off the essay that we should make a summons petition or whenever the propaganda suggestion I make it my own amendment although that idea I think no I'm making up my own prayer father open thou my eyes that I may behold the wonders things out of thy law now there's one other thing that I found very interesting and maybe another time the future processes based on the love God to know that they wore prophecy is based on God 's law how known abilities devoted press voting the member properties this will allow that the next one oh six avoid large vocab outcomes but give me for that type of their outgoing to put away large amounts of reading but I could avoid false teachers yet the liberals to what I want to use cross of our large leaves a man and avoid false teachers theories and bitterness are annuity wider moldings there are there are supposed reform movements based on bitterness meeting here in a tent out how they speak and how they teach their angry about something right and are angry at sin bearing that people in this problem and it distorts them to read about it in a few moments but is open our Bibles first M.D. six in verse twenty avoid false teachers and theories first Timothy six verse twenty yes and are you interested in you turn away from that area and holding ideas of what is false because I so turn away from false ideas turn away from the mimosas avoid profane and vain babbling dumb thoughts okay dumb idea it was a dumb idea to think of the world created in millions of years it is absolutely un- biblical I think screws not on science so-called I miss you based on what the Scripture says Iraq new candidates for the licensing of Iraq's is a sign is only what you can see with your eyes and he was New Year's and Taser gets off then the science is false because what happened to Jesus have you think is the physical person of them know what size engine disqualifies you from the ability to know that what about the planets far far out there you don't you don't trust until you see it on a big startles Quasar start him a single start and reliable in releasing the pseudo- animation releasing scientists seen it maybe you can trust what you see would drive what happens in the different thoughts of the Roman nine they walk-in I am Paul from you see with your eyes that make it true avoid false main teachers profaned babblings next verse with electricity sensitivity to verse sixteen remitted already but second seventy two in verse sixteen same things as the same thing as Iraq reinforces the extent and it will increase more and so there's a danger they are thus veined babblings will increase unto more godliness more wickedness this works second Peter two verse one second Peter two verse one my long-lost friend you read of course there's way to bring okay it is utterly false teachers even among you are going to churches have told to see people essays ninety six revival began as a plays no safe is not far behind the causal survival beware avoiding false teachers behind what the true false to the law into the what if they speak not according to Ms. where there is no alive in them Isaiah twenty along and to the testimony expects sensitivity for verse three through the fourth of second Timothy four and verse three when I take a break here in a moment second Timothy four anniversary Wednesday the do so without the only lots and you themselves teachers and the juniors I watched is now out there unless there was a bring in a teacher that won't preach against sin bring in a teacher that has the same bitterness that I have no birds of a feather flock together I'm is not difficult thing about all of them will say that the people live in a novelty but I like them or subject themselves under them Lesotho Ephesians four of us anyone wants the instruction you Ephesians four verse thirty one off the instruction here Ephesians four and verse thirty one I was yes right click bitterness what put away what a way that the reason for that was on his verse Hebrews twelve fifty West to see Bruce twelve adversity with bitterness away all wrapped off grandma put that away why one affect how you understand Scripture who has ever fought for the role our system and I how the person the file my bitterness springing up among the desire you defile yourself you're monumentally by allowing bitterness to be there it affects Bible study that watched watched this statement is education alone read this right it says let no man's assertions be considered as truth when they are contrary to the work of God the Lord God the Creator of the heavens in Europe the source of all wisdom is second to none but those so-called great authors who can't draw schools their textbooks for study are received and glorified even though they have no vital connection with God by such study man has been led away from God into forbidden that Mayans have been wearied to death through unnecessary work in trying to obtain that which used to them as the knowledge which Adam and Eve disobeyed God in obtaining Diana looking reading it Adam and Eve had never accessed the tree of knowledge they would have been aware of the Lord Clwyd in part to their knowledge from his work knowledge which would not have had to be left behind the things of this world but wish they could carry with them to the paradise of God but today young and old young men and women spend years and years and a client and education which is one word and stockholders to be disowned in the last great company when you space in the life in the study of books and an education that will die with them upon such a medication that places no value this opposed wisdom gained from the study of different authors has excluded and lessened the brightness and value of the word of God many studies have less school unable to receive the word of God with the reverence and respect that they gave it before they entered their faith eclipse in the effort to excel in various studies the Bible has not been made a standard matter in their education but books next with fidelity and propagating on sound bearings have been placed before them tell me something our education the way we go about education I say plainly I want to stop I'm not been the school set on the professors were in my classroom taught me that there's no century to my face I been his goal in a game you textbook and the textbook was clearly from an infidel and I was relieving this for my education the understand no benefit for what you need upon the loss of yet I haven't had it out as also we have an idea that has corrupted how we see God and I'm begging I'm sending you love examining your line examine where you been what you've put into your mind there's so much more about that we don't know and understand the local data most than the VA is nothing so nobly and invigorating as a study of the great things was concern are to I let students see the graphs these God-given truth let them sink to measure these precious things and their minds will expand and grow strong in the effort but a mind beside but a mind crowded with a mass of matter it will never be able to use is a mind dwarf any feet and feeble because only put to the task of dealing with commonplace material and not been put to the task of considering the high elevated discourses coming from the life alert on music of the Bible contact and a half of a Muslim in California and he said also human about California comeback in Texas and about you know what route am taking it likewise assemblage useless information in an is anything random does random information I just want to use the information you want to stuff that has nothing to do anything but have no knowledge of God one last location of Olympic break guys has illuminated every paying on the basis and every phase of holy men but there are those among me it makes little impressions because it is a what an perfectly understand when this shaking by the introduction of false theories these are these readers in a no-win year I like shifting sand baseline needs in any position so soon the tenor of their feelings of one less afternoon FF in amongst the people now we are bitter and well as I waiting rental organization when you really don't like other than one open a Bible is a went on autopilot change when out of I was new at the thought of having us one out for a while I want to limit away safely that are not only out one inside out so I want to become warm LOL not written about school was a break in evidently based on what the question was reckless or lesser degree I finally bring over some fresh air repeatedly I need some inspiration and come back to bring us a him a a a a a a news a a a him wrong him him him a food I will


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