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How to Study the Bible, Part 2

Andre Waller


Andre Waller
Co-Director, Tekoa Missions




  • December 18, 2011
    11:00 AM
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Army selected right silly begin our second session Peter similarly the same thing when I went flowing numbers six again with this issue the number seven is nonetheless easy devastation and was looking at the proper methods so the point some principal sum approaching the Scripture housing animals from the leaning of the Scriptures we've covered quite a bit so far nearly half about so formal principles go through if I stop me visiting many more the government just needs for more of that diversity together for person example for highlights for us why meditation is important first Timothy chapter four and will start her first wine will read through the chapter and haven't forgotten you had a question of the state first Timothy chapter four and will begin at first why not take a volunteer for the first three verses I have Richard was here in that the social and the spirit of the speaking life and property the conscious you are forbidding to marry and commanding to abstain from meats which God created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know I saw in the latter days this apostate teaching will take place there we people are deviating from the word first and before of the industry emphasizing the idea that in the latter days there will be false teachers who come and teach false doctrine in regards to salvation hypocrisy will be there forbidding to marry you know what you want not be personal or seven police seven eighty nine celery the force is with you know who the right to going in and is interested in your face and leave those his income in times of Paul as he shook intimately what did teach these caution in regards to false teachers in the last days these sayings shun profane fables involved that leaves of dollars this next verse my brother and read twelve dollars and you go to work in conversation and charity spirit and him okay now these are things that you supposed to he's instructed to do but want to see why meditation is important in a moment thank you meeting so I called to this reading exultation who neglect not get back in the which was given by prophecy of the law is made to understand what things what these easily meditate upon all right that he's been to let hands and then laid on him that is one of the all these avenues and I transpire most people anything hold on meditate upon these things they are want to protect you from something you going I think you that is also seeing thyself then you you will save yourself and them that here but if you don't intention of you don't meditate on what he's also sent them how is Google delivering a minus Google quickly from you so you need some medicine when I'm telling you if you think about it if you let is sit into your mind people are probably limited loss he will be lost as well Joshua one of her estate you know this one Joshua one verse eight what are we to meditate on Memorex Ocean Bible studies twenty four seven national breaks is continuous I Joshua one and verse eight with a force versus the Rita force Grasso house once we cross how often you do it easily you pray for me have you ever thought about something so much that in your sleep you think about I'm going to sleep sometimes think about things and I wake up with music in my head is that revenue songs I wake up with the song those item in my mind of the last call to ministry and I was going out running from you understand how relevant is not really do anything for each residue anything but for each programming call to ministry I laid my head down to sleep know the song that never before it was for twenty five there is seen up in heaven such as we had never known what the angel singing the praises of the Lamb upon the throne and I went to sleep at Nassau played a mama never heard before I woke up the father thank you for the e-mail went to church the pianist was playing the same small I never heard it before and have mercy thinking and praying the single view even in your sleep meditate on it day and night continuously was a nicer looking at this one verse two songs one in verse two you haven't our system and reports in law and that and it is again how often do they meditate on it and if other like to do I asked the father to help me as I couldn't understand what you mean the lights the lights and think about bassinet killed us in a staleness not bear false witness that's not governing in a what what life is they are not we have to think about it the meditate on illiteracy was immune to even have good success if you meditate upon God 's law the and night meditation I would do in lotus position no would think an apostle is on my skimpy on my son if you enter your brain your thinking about the principles and precepts of God 's word you're letting us see into what you are solved one ninety one forty seven one nineteen one forty eight is come to my official reader I would say that in take and I have to put the most talking to David Salter and you know what they does become one of my most wonderful profits in the name of the trust and David is prophesying says I will lift up my hands through the law which I love and be wanted to live without the members understand that says I love the love that this is a relationship that he sees is that mall Iraq but through the quotation underneath it the feathery discourse we opened the Scriptures record and never allow one expression of life on for me to escape and holding scripts to hear that Scripture should not be use as a joke when you quote Scripture quoting the words of the not trifling but a joke but again this happened are you meeting for educating our by your hand let us remember that we ought there is little benefit derived from a when they read the whole blog through and get healthy and will it be kidding me one study into insignificance is clear to the mom in its relations to the plan of salvation is evident is more been the result of being shot with no definite purpose you and know how to instruction Jane this is very similar to the other one I reread the difference is very slight in this sense it tells us not only how to meditate on to become part of us but he says meditate until becomes clear to the mind and his association of connection with the plan of salvation how does this passage relate to Jesus try to take his own remove sin from meditate on it think about it don't run pass it I was long thought of anything to do with the plan of salvation think about what is the law that have to do with finding a wife must what to do with finding a boyfriend what is anything the boyfriends of a long gone what does that have to do with all facets of my life meditate on it think about it lately Excel is clear to you is further John chapter five verse thirty nine John chapter five John testified in verse thirty nine our system and recruits in you and is thinking it to me and he is instituted by gatekeeping used in Louisiana the benefits include Bibles you know it they were trained from the AU to memorize the Scripture for dates in by the age of twelve they had memorized for from by the age of twelve they had memorized the first five books of the Bible verbatim and Jesus is talking to the Bible scholars so you search the Scriptures he only gives our life within the Scripture than they are they which testify of a real person I am writing here before you and remember now we talk about the Sabbath they prayed for the Messiah they agonize for the Messiah but when the Messiah came didn't even know the Messiah and is no different from now when God 's people in the last days we talk about the second coming we want Jesus to come we don't even recognize that he is here in our midst holding on an outstretched hands with people we open this book briefly with Mike is a textbook as our textbook this is not Shakespeare when I'm working on this book like that spiritual things are spiritually design further with or without a Bible verse we're going Matthew twenty one forty two to forty four with Air Force I think you never created with pictures the stone which the builders rejected the same because they had everything under his Lord 's doing and it is marvelous in our therefore stand to you the kingdom of God can be taken from you and given to any should bring forth fruit thereof and whose membership is staunchly broken the whomsoever it shall like it was not enough self is almost always think of ourselves here the stone as you got rid of values referring to the national question this is little sidebar or not he that will sidebar tell me something and don't not believe intro about this opening danger to stones cut out without hands was at me please even I he says Jesus chose delicious wasn't me because is cut out without hands this effort doesn't get as a system to it it's cut out without hands it comes in strikes the image apathy and medicine is that the rock rolls into a mountain the only was the rock that will and is a question is what is left a few moving blue twenty seven suggest you go home and do some a study in that rocket out without hands yes twenty four milliseconds twenty four verse one T seven he is now rapidly expanding and in the Scriptures things concerning himself began out who Moses and all the properties Jesus now explains everything about him himself with further my sister read for us in verse forty four two forty nine and I will steal anything that people in and out and will will and pleasure question how many of you have studied and know by heart from the Old Testament from the law of Moses the law the prophets in the book of Psalms that Jesus Christ is the Messiah I was reading it always because that's how they knew they just have Matthew and Luke and John these men Jesus taught that I wonder how that will Jesus it is about Smothers and begin a walk-through the Bible talking about himself seldom point after point that I am the Messiah pulling from Moses to the law the province the Psalms and for without question the items you understand that people would look at last they should be able to do the same thing we should be able to do the same as a people we don't know when I will be gracious friends we cancel that while we know we think we know and tell question sucked out of the church slipped from my position we must understand we must know and I don't mean no intellectually me know by experience or Jesus I want to know you are giving us all in and in the arts literacy instruction talking about himself he opened their understanding from Scripture about him when you study the lobby looking to Jesus as an expense we decided about you looking for Jesus are not just looking to expression on ideas or theories something fan you know you want to find humanities that's what you want priceless reason is the quotation underneath a second to fifteen you got to me that in your own time as we do quotation underneath they are the central theme of the Bible my sister we read of course late with this insulin the Bible the ridiculous or everything clusters and cluster that means it's pressing around the one imaging presses around the redemption plan for your days on the redemption of man thirty thirty five twelve ninety twelve sixty around redemption plan everything presses around the redemption plan Adam and Eve Moses Abraham everything 's around the redemption plan all right keep reading and is what comic books Al Qaeda family passages are right now it's very cool I like them up with how she puts things together you see there in essences which is the the is the retention plan the syndrome in the bottom of the beam about which every of the book of whole Bible clusters is the redemption plan that she defines it was a redemption plan the restoration in the human soul of the image of God best reduction plan in the the restoration in the human soul the image of God is the ring dilution way to becoming very clear for a simple ardently but about that that's what it says revision plan is not restoring man putting him back in the image of God body Munsell bipolar further Re: this one the gospel is the sanctifying influence in all world its influence upon hearts will bring harmony the standard of truth is to be uplifted and the atonement of Christ presented as the grand central vein for consideration is that the Grand Central thing the atonement of Christ the restoration of God for the image of God in man is it an excellent love this one this is one of my favorites be the friend of the LCF Old Testament obviously not really principal studying the Bible you don't do this anything else is a matter so you think it should request the kind you can get you concordance below to school it should be BA and MA and PhD you want to you neglect this will always misinterpret in the supply by principles and profits the Edison the skull to add a practice first down solicitors do it twenty nine forty nine Deuteronomy twenty nine twenty nine on the right one on your paper if you don't Deuteronomy twenty nine in verse twenty nine I like them about your forever and maybe all the worth of his law I secretly also I wanted to Daniel secret things belong to God but again the chapter to begin never sixteen Daniel chapter two in verse sixteen members to get these belong to God and Rita is anyone the sacred okay good and worth nineteen there is a and owner redress but the echo the song blessed be the name of a Renton and another whose explosive would again you go to the get the secrets are right now is to see something this is something of our relationship and the revelation of secrets that is awesome Genesis separating I share this with you Friday night I believe Genesis chapter eighteen and we're looking at verse number sixty is a thing for sixty minutes to get along to the anus they were services surely the Lord will do nothing unless he may be this is Seagraves until you service the hour so that reveals the secrets to the prophets Genesis chapter eighteen verse sixteen to nineteen are in reinforces you are in the torture and to bring the way the Lord and Taylor hide from Abraham that thing which is way if it's hidden is it a secret all right so can I hide from Abraham what allowed to do I want to understand the heart of God here is that he's looking to share his secret unit you are the only software that you have friends you know something specialty this version does learn .ca seekers with this friends is given as affirmation of the people of our site to Cuba and become a great and mighty nation nominations and election to feel the understand that in that verse when he says and all nations shall be blessed in him that was what they call the mystery or the secret or the plan of salvation in him on these of the earth will be blessed because through him the progenitor of the seed would come Jesus so what this man God is sharing his secret a time when it was all nations are you presenting a provider that will thriving usability have a lot of children allow money became a sacred and has been hit his head close God bless the service seekers with his friends go the second Chronicles second Chronicles chapter twenty in verse seven second Chronicles chapter twenty in verse seven second half for the first seven who has a zero okay then I refer is second one Chronicles twenty universe that are not used to being infected before thy people Israel is in Abraham and an oval when he got caught a lot of the time to have a friend about how long will God reason friends in his last things you see when open the Bible were in community with a lot of seven I am in a friendship with him I share the secrets of my heart and he's just a citizen of this already over looked the disc into my love for Samuel the first time you look at verse three on a chapter three verse seven seven three to scan my mind is now a look at this guy 's been searching for friend of Thompson never find anybody when he finds a boy first sentence after three the Bible says and the child Samuel ministered unto the Lord before that's a simple verse in other words Samuel is dedicated to God 's service doing what God wants them to do and the word of the Lord was what in other words in the Avenue King David this is rare and only one law was not spoken readily in the practice was silent about was not speaking the way that all was rare in those days prices and no space there was no one open vision goggles item to communicate with anyone he had no friends for so any came to pass up when Eli was laid down in its place and is you whack them that he could not see adverse is very probably because it lacks them yet his physical I like them but despair drives I went to them dentist this and is inverse three and air the lamp of God went out in the symbol of the Lord he understands that the light was never to go out with simple mate is more with Yahoo guy was a senator was late on the sleeve and overlord called Samuel and he answered and said here am IVC looking for friends were the more rare freezer is an apostate people are in apostasy was the father says cannot find a definable way California boy was it for me boy or girl doesn't matter Jesus is with some friends are notified that their friends not fitting in I'm immunity taken up by the God of heaven to be his friend not become a friend of friendless people now want to speak to us is a friendship there he shares his secrets with his friends in unwillingness of someone is the visibly those of Daniel the building still sought at the emphasizes to Nina Simone a most wonderful principles about the game Chapter nine ninety seventy nine verse twenty through twenty three now read this one verses twenty to twenty three the Bible says and wow I was speaking and training and confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel entries into my supplication before the Lord my God for the whole now love my God the holy one environment because it is little Sino silence is what the holy mountain a short short the financing the diversity old Lord verse sixteen oh Lord acquaint on Iraq this is obviously see let thine anger and Nigeria be turned away from nice city Jerusalem by what so that holy Mountain is Jerusalem the city of Jerusalem would call that sign outside the national question overtime stone cut out without hands I was on adolescent questions I went to think so cut out without pants strikes the image at the feet and go rock roles into amounts okay with you was if you going remember quick answers quick responses don't always give you the right answer and when you study the Bible you sometimes have to wait and not give an answer just wait and maybe something different will come here my room was gone for now that's our vision of what I personally want EA while speaking in prayer even a man Gabriel whom I've seen in vision at the beginning being called the fly swiftly trust me about the time of the evening ablation and informed me and called me and said O Daniel I am now come forth to give the what was coming to this means you at the beginning of my seventy Asian commander came forth and I am come to show the club now our sound like he's a friend of the John facing first twenty three John thirteen verse twenty three John thirteen verse twenty three notice what he says here now there was leaning on Jesus Wilson on is what one of his disciples who Jesus love those his disciples Jesus Lowe wasn't a John develop brilliant scholars the psychology of love in he's also was a job relationship the one Revelation chapter one Revelation chapter one noticing the Bible says versus one for the revelation of who Jesus Christ is God even to him to show up to a service things which must shortly come to pass any sense and signified it by angel unto his wife Simon John John whom Jesus loved receives the greatest revelation of God in relationship in the book of the Revelation is about the relationship simulation please don't get each right like they see in some of the churches of a lot of good relations you have a bad relationship now boyfriend and be sure that the relationship it is a relationship as Iraq without a relationship where there is cooperation between man and divinity they are oneness with each other and with all the while Bible study would thought about friendship God shared with us we share with them spiritual things really design I think this book all day and not anything from it but if I have a relationship with Jesus he will teach me that he would show me on several Anderson ties with the last one actually does read quotation underneath nevertheless point out is what I want someone to read this that and you know some life okay but my brother got in the greatest force this one here but it records of Genesis received a patriarch of the hot summer months I rest in the fifth floor under the shadow of the oaks of monomer three travelers passing year they make no real hospitality solicit no favor but Abraham does not permit them to go on their way on refresh he is a man full of years a man of dignity and well one highly honored and accustomed to command yet unseen be strangers he ran to meet them in the front window and door leading to human he randomly put in doubt himself toward the graph addressing the eater he said my door if now I have found favor in thy sight pass not away I pretty been nicer with his own hands he brought water and they might wash the dust of travel from their feet in self-selected their food while they were at rest under the cooling shade Sarah is like me many for their entertainment and Abraham stood respectfully beside them love it what are some of his hospitality this kindness you show them simply as weight bears passing strangers who might never come his way to see that no heating will because he would benefit from this one however this is still it was doing this because I these are people out when you show them respect and honor and I want to do this are what happens but the entertainment is owed by the entertainment over is just the spirit review he administered not only could have been the Angels but that their glorious commanders Canada's leaders and angels he ministered to Jesus himself and Lauren 's creator Redeemer and came in to Abraham the councils of heaven were opened and you must call the friend of God since Silva now must file to know that when you behave like a friend of the id. at the least of these you've done and where to me Times so gracious faster than his thinnest possible there were a kind of them that's kind of bizarre that promises to bless people who act like these the great arena for the brother and that Ingram and I is not denied a sienna van by showing the reality of God 's children we too may receive the Angels in the art will even if you are a Angels in human form and third levels of May and are working by Christians limited in the light of God 's countenance are always accompanied by an seen angels and usually means to be behind them a blessing in article possible that the last point point number nine or ten is really nothing this line blew my mind only will you look at this point is one issue voter this mobile mammography must get to the Raleigh Fort Worth one five six this estimate the principle of how to study the Bible Deuteronomy four versus verse one five and six will ready to read will open all right if this can only however that therefore hearken O Israel the statute to teach you what you do that you may do and go in and that the mayor is the Lord God you are I wonder the verse saying was to be done after they were taught before to do then I teach you to do I don't seem to just more information by teachers of you will give them personal diversify granary that Forza Bureau taught you statutes and to be miserable in my God commanded me to do so in the land where the ego is going to the airport and view them this is your wisdom and your understanding by the nation show here on Wednesday thank you this great nation I understand who has now interesting the people think you're wise and understanding people because you have intellect not because you do that and you apply them in your nation demonstrates in reality what the free sets of principles on it is a demonstration not a person personally present what amazing it is great that God sometimes it is the Lord our God is in all things that we call upon him for so long the nations will come to this group of people because the Google people not only teach what they do and their nations up the nation is prospering and all the people around the same class what information who has customizes and then these people without this law reaching in their baby was on his verse is repeated during Revelation chapter four verse one verse three relationship to one first three relational one in verse three eleven and is an entity that means to do key lesson is you are you that here can't do the blessing of the three that is through this requires there you can't just do without hearing that article over at authentic verse Leviticus nineteen thirty seven in Orlando and Luke eleven twenty he looked at the rest I don't time our system when it less as you can do that our dualism don't know think and do I do Luke eleven twenty eight and is being less of it I hear Angela I want to the quotation conveys is awesome listener this now reading this novel I releasing alt. soil three week that the battery in I get a real slow in your life and practical as you see that truth is efficient only was only me there is no other way they can reason if a friend 's all right there was no other way Sharon is efficient only as it is carried out in practical going to her are you doing in my heart as well is the only person in leaving the presence of God showing everybody who works in the truth of the Bible are only practical life it will bring the way up from intravenous and those who are conversant it were a person with Scripture and women who exerted ability is revealed through the spirit of God right close connection with the heart understanding the revealed will of God is my bad a elevation thousand week newbie by bringing its faculty or industry knows that he better get his humanity to my strength and intellect in the study of the word of God no other book is so potent in elevating the reader to the faculty I will not password resetting it should be we should see greater breadth of my ability of purpose in the future I aggressively read a force in the nose of the Bible gain only the aid of the Spirit by whom the world was given in order to gain this knowledge we must do she said the Senate and always listen I've watched people at the trade school right I watched people say to my for two hours come out from the Bible study and your summer as a people in the Bible study search search search study study study come out in his later and are easily geared straight and anoint a wonder what with a study with a with I don't understand if you spend that much time in this book when Jesus is no way you come out like that in order to gain this knowledge we must leave the by it picked up I was in which Jones and only as the Bible is God 's will and is to me listen listen carefully to me I guess it is the most important is all very high my list is going to be right there at like right here you can not study the Bible defectively you cannot interpret the Bible effectively if you are living contrary to his precepts and principles initiatives Rebecca Holman or house a lot see my wife I treat my daughter how I treat the churchmen how to treat us church at large you can study the Bible and not applies principles gain all that information know that is a fiscal spiritual constipation so that is physical spiritual constipation that's what everybody grew to me I feed up with Peter people study so much they don't know how to get that they are stuck in a clear ignorant spiritually constipated Nola share a little further racist will hear is me a call in a session one zero on well the office of is saying different religious authors or different office in another place this is different religious authors it wearisome I why's that Vanessa question if this is absolute perfection and added testimony of Jesus would just got word and then I have another word that's not perfect Chinese plane the private work that I have slightly different books on this perfect love but all twenties both are imperfect it creates a lot of confusion and that you got a real listen when I first saw to study this I would literally go to the bookstore and I will pray father was broken up by a window inquiry book on some subject now pray father was shot by father with instruct my mind I read it look over facing causes the ones that I wanted to buy a book on the book this is second coming Howard was in office but anyway is the second coming on I was looking at the books and this book will space I don't buy the book I I I left it by came back to distort him a book junkie went back to the store I keep this book this is okay left there I went back no municipal anyway for this BS to get paid thirty bucks for that they look they look like this now how sorry nothing I can do what is best to waste my energy and my times but the garbage not especially painting me as if the Muses not substantive not not what I'm used to eating careful butchery and put on authors and religious authors to labels confuse the mark Rockwood revoking the system I recognize that have another reader please find the way life of a pure Christian and one in offices this is an work and will is in and in his life it other than it was because I have spoken in the his words will within a convincing power that they came from your own full of love and fifty another yes his own character and experience that our influence upon others in order to convince others of the power of Christ's grace is no heart that God is saving souls must be the God by which our own souls I say only through a living faith in Christ and the presidency is possible in himself a skeptical world if we were exhausted as I was running her own feet must be firmly set on the rock five season that Christianity is not outside human not a weary of a cross of crab is that you do of the union of man and God powerless grace manifested in the transformation of care in the transmission what okay I rose to be convinced that God is the house look to be convinced my transmission what a assembly by proclamation of the word now the character the character would demonstrate whether the gospel is real or not real people are tired of false Christians the sake of it they want the genuine where are the true questions not the mere professors are lacking reading and will that car will have us what our life the meat and qualify this is sometimes you don't think it's worth it is worth we like to save victory over Saint that that's a good word is less excellent idea let me translate that into practical lists is victory over selfishness and a family then I went is victory over selfishness having it my way speaking in a way that is not kind winsome not being loving victory over sin and goes for us is massively fan the church that you got your church looked church heat off of the church for the church access it or not whether he sets that are not definitive weather visualizer not MS read the last the last sentence my brother you are reforming me that I sentence what was the strongest argument let's is not a strong argument is not the deaf findings of the twenty hundred days and stated that the Sabbath is a love anyone will want lovable what is love of all ten can you let alone allow Christian camping love you or the hard love you yes some people they look like they got forty five 's Dean sticking up a body the dosing level was like how can I love somebody like that he seemed so rough but I'm lovable someone will try to hug them anyway despite the things that are coming out thereby in Iraq the strongest argument in favor of the gospel is a loving and lovable Christian militias the honest from your none of us are really loving or level to be honest of our natural selves there is no loving or loveless about we need Jesus who need the press Manas but the study the words to produce enough loving and lovable Christians Christians up with a rather die to sin against the loving master coming in a similar study today sound Alaska nine sentiments are all that far I wish it is a few more points with you on the scum of a friend that this is not necessarily Bible study I put on this paper some emphasis in regards to the need for memorizing Scripture okay I put some things here why should I memorize Scripture and the prophet tells us for the testimonies for fifty nine status several times each day on the times a day several times each day golden moments should be consecrated to prayer and to study the Scriptures if it is only floor only to commit a text from memory that spiritual life may exist in the soul so we should take time in our day moment thirty minutes agreement whatever SR memorized Scripture is important to us how life is sustained assault right Goss presses what is the standard for use core would be loyal to the King of heaven that will study the Scriptures let them commit tax after-tax to memory and acquire a knowledge of what God has said remember songs of wrappers and gangsters in and also as a crazy whenever I'm on all young person will memorize lines from movies back we can memorize words of the great glasses less events city services Google while the Scriptures around you and you will see that the world cannot break it down commit the Scriptures the memory and man's role right back up on Satan when he called the sensations in its is written this is the way what is a life as will the scratchers this is the way that our loyal American temptations of Satan and resist the devil is a large sample of these are examples that I need to follow that example think of it it's a very sunny it was a model horses and hanging memories call the precious words of Christ they are to be valued far above where Oracle now on a holiday on average it out a little work to get money and you can spend an hour taxing your mind memorizing memorization of scriptures just like medicine I may for me is the same thing in the morning I'll get up and on my devotion may consist of memorizing the Scripture meditation on a Scripture to understand what that means opening the status picture to my wife advertising is in something as a part of me now I go to further his instructions such as evisceration keys in a pocket Bible with you as you work and improve every opportunity to commit to memory this precious promises keep a log of what this instruction a beautiful line he built rapidly out of the wars Iraq saw Neolithic in my pocket UW iPad fascinated a real party by means that they might value them so second it's possible it's possible rack in the Bible put that in your pocket right little further the time will come when they will be deprived of the written word that is what is printed in the memory no one can take it from us I committee stresses from system memory so that when we shall be deprived about libels we may still be in possession of the word of God now some I said what want to notify those wooden racks I love that I went to SLS under landlord and she tells you what's been noted that highlighted near misses the mark must be restrained and allowed to wonder it should be trained to dwell upon Scriptures should be trying to not major thinking about it day and night train your mind not to randomly go hither and not focus if you study my mind constantly I'm not perfect at it yet but my mind constantly going through different studies that start NOV in the middle of valley walking up and cleaning the dishes are received in the floor and is also good like our oil or because will come from online at the explanation for what I was letting whomever angels are teaching you is you can classical dualism alive he may not have the written word there but he is doing and thinking singsong phrases that are in that word in the voices say not using us to the question rather than all you have our run back to get to us for now love annually in a million is says it should be trained and relevant Scriptures even whole chapters may be committed to memory to be repeated when Satan comes with his sensations the fifty eighth of Isaiah and what is a problem chapter for this purpose what purpose not as memorization of the system else the user decisively cope with inflation the fiftieth chapter so somebody but in a summer combating sandlot denies that the agreement wall the soul and with the restrictions and instructions given by the inspiration spin of the St. Helena minds dwell upon earthly and sensual beings is seen as most effects of existing with it in transit when he suggests out that whether we are really the people will die leaving home access improvements is prepared to spend a great day be ready to meet his insinuations by presenting the clear evidence from the word of God that we are keeping the commandments of God and the faith of the usually of the present clear evidence of this point everybody so I'm preaching a subject matter falls in a sleep lab director even stand up and finishes these assignments is amused to be brother got sick I can't finish deacons also comes in a problem finish this please go to do it I want to jump down to get from the fund their passage to there from their pastors the youth received instruction while attention was given to the branches of general learning the Bible is made that she study the Gospels of Matthew and John they committed to memory with many of the epistles when losing these were Christians isolation of writing this room today please openly Matthew all booklets John Bell book lease may have forget about it June the first of June versus the Google got been doing I daresay if I have to drink people reason ten Commandments verbatim no mistakes learning his message no mistakes I I guess I will not question his room would be disqualified and encourages numerous gay if it is prophecy the prophecy foretold the Jesus Christ prophecy for the crisis it appears a root out of dry ground yet no formal companies realizing it and when you we shall see him there's a beauty that we should should desire him he is despised and rejected of men mental saw the claimant reason we get is a work basis from him he was despised Italy's Dino not this chapter should be studied notice that they'll embolden the entire chapter should be committed to as Isaiah fifty three that also in the right the love that one in a space the twelfth and thirteenth chapters of first Corinthians should be committed to memory written in the mine in half we see that the driver restlessness twelve and thirteen this instruction further we should set one no not that one would pass that when the mind must be restrained and allowed to wonder it should be trying to open script is even whole chapters may be committed to memory through when Satan comes with his sensations even while you're walking on the streets you may read a passage and meditate on bus in your mind I will flash the knowledge I like the words you are about to blast the knowledge obtained into the memory at the very time when we is right a couple ideas you can redressing outside efforts to close in all cellulitis may sit on the allowed letter words become a part of you divinities on my humanity therefore God image can be restored and maddeningly bizarre that seven were prayer as those found in heaven are just studying your thinking me here with free unit has been smoking is resident in the police father help us live teaching that the world will see with without question that we are Christian and numbers on the previous evening 's appointment with me a world


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