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Christ's Authority

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician




  • July 20, 2012
    7:30 PM
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from a good evening church is gladly review here as we bring in the Sabbath hours were instructed in the spirit of prophecy the Bardwell the edges of the Sabbath everyone was out about a coming on later coming on now next half hour early morning we'd be interested in a place where we are ready to receive God were beginning to turn off the secular game minimum looking to buy a house in Pasadena and the realtor was commonly underway here in Waterloo that is you know I the phone cut out and didn't call maximize livable would a voicemail because it's time now to think about God of his and what he wants for us on the Sabbath day to really just think about our created we several wonderful God sometimes we think about a liaison someone looking until they don't punish us if we do wrong the matter that we serve the God actually looking to empower us to do right to reward us even when we mess up his his grace and mercy still looked like to understand how the coming unit it's a time for us to really fully devoted to the God we serve out of love now actually ion ion changed one of them speak on because of what happened last night I went to read the book of Mark the book of Mark first chapter was our verse twenty one Mark one twenty one and they went to Capernaum and straightway on the seventh day he entered into the synagogue and taught and they were astonished at his doctrine for he taught them as one that had authority and not as the Ron is tonight is entitled Christ's authority let us pray father God we thank you bring us into this place tonight we thank you Lord for all that you have done for us I asked mortgages MVB himself to move your Holy Spirit Lord we would hear more about word from the federal drinks is our prayer Jesus is precious and holy name amen the Bible in Mark one twenty one talks about the fact that Jesus he will visit Capernaum went into the synagogue anyone in the synagogue on the Sabbath day not as important as seventy minutes we watched it in this pattern not just in Christ but also in Paul that regularly they visit the synagogue on the Sabbath the people argue that quality of the mind Commandments can be found in the New Testament except the Sabbath when that's because the Sabbath is not like the other nine commandments amen to the south of the commemorative beginning of the word remember and what that means is that it is an active commandment is what it is the commandment that we are told to do now you can argue honoring your mother and father that would really decremented value not to designing your mother and father this is a commandment attempted to do so when I make that commitment life in the New Testament is yes Jesus regularly seen in the synagogue on the Sabbath yet Paul regularly seen in the synagogue on the Sabbath was fun but God expects us to worship and to serve him in one way we do that is by resting and keeping the seventies why is that so important and what is important because any relationship must be built on time with it again any relationship is built on time when demand falls about a woman anything so this is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with the first thing that comes where is time the rest of your life but wanted to get to know this person male or female and to build a relationship that would lead to what I healthy marriage is one of the things you do is spend time together and it's not just any kind of time you spend time together communicating speaking talking interesting getting to know one another and guess what you may find out if you spend enough time that is not the right person for my own statement right so time is critical in any relationship you want to form God in the Commandments and even before sin entered a world in the garden of Eden established the Sabbath because what God wants most with you is a relationship a real relationship one has built in communication reading his word and prayer everyone has everything to do with the fact that you have committed a certain amount of time that God that's critical and is guaranteed to spend that time in fact the Sabbath should not be burdensome in unallotted with them as too hard it happens because of the Sabbath alone the rest of your weekly because for me I worked so hard multiple jobs the patient run a health department would all the things that I do working on another degree to understand what you do all we decided it to Jim West and Duane is a terrible in fact what that says to me is that the state of your relationship with God is in trouble because you rather spend your spirit is out of power in earthly recreation and entertainment than with the God of the universe the statement about relationship I spent my time in God 's word in a God house and in a movie theater the moderately or at a ballgame all watching a ballgame because this is about the relationship social Jesus example he told the synagogue on the Sabbath and when he teaches and preaches the Bible said that they are astonished at his doctrine is talking like the scribes and Pharisees did the bylaws of the top ten as well that authority is not as the scribes in Jesus allegory absolutely in fact Jesus is one hundred percent God way one hundred percent man he came to earth when Jesus opened his mouth to speak you need to simply speak with the authority of a great preacher he spoke with the authority of the God of the universe of your class when he walked into the synagogue and he speaks now watch this it is the same Jesus speaking loose ball and said that there be light argument that the when he's speaking in the same creative power that was that enabled with volatile than nothing was created that was not created by Christ right so Jesus created everything and when the same being that all the universe into existence spoke to the synagogue and automatically transform lives by him to be able to not only speak to what the reason of people read your mind he spoke with authority and obligation he still speaks with authority the problem for a lot of us is that we are not allowing him to speak in our lives worth noting three guesses where authorities are vital to one of their synagogue a man is with an unclean spirit and he cried out now in his time in Israel what I think you finally read not just the gospel to Google maps as well a lot of people were even possessed itself isn't what happened how is somewhat allow themselves on how someone becomes even possessed what related the list do not have the right to simply take a perseverance is a they can take a person that needs somehow that even have to be given permission by chance authority to get into that person believe that a way in they have to open up that individual for the demons are coming your fan scary thought that even the devil work feverishly with him to feel awake to get into people because he loved to control people so he can be strolling the number of living fast-forward to monitor will talk about this tomorrow but I thought so then what happens is this man has about seven or been involved with something that allow himself to be taken this sort of that right here but I'll say this and I also saw lots of sorcery and magic in him in Israel there's a lot of people were playing with the dark arts are not applicable to back into time but you know what he was doing but I can tell you that the way with the dark arts and and black magic of voodoo works out that he worked on together named sword you open up a portal and allow the enemy in a manner is what Bible forbids these practices my favorite being it is forbidden no watch this other zodiac sign are you a form of witchcraft you know people get up in the morning and check lollies in the newspaper not exact online while there is only access of them so that they are legitimate about it for second and just as we got happened to meet somebody somebody said to me no a Sagittarius always been the dizziness and you looking at me another example is that I probably than foolishness when you board of the determine your personality how you live your life the terms of personality and how you were trained I raised to determine your personality and all the people of the world the twelve categories doesn't make sense think about it for second loan he relates well every day when you would of course the mentality that everybody will those a lot of ultimately happen as long as he will be leaving at least five in fact you listen to radio in Southern California wants a lot of late-night TV are plenty people market of a sore arm our general card reader is now in psychics of day and that someone are going okay tell you what to do tomorrow and tell you I was delighted to turn out an opportunity to point to what happened is you open yourself up in a lot of time it's not just the Google witchcraft I can do this I want to speak to what happened in our Colorado got away the disconnected are being taught is that you can expose yourself to secular entertainment and secular entertainment can introduce you to the colt is a lot of interesting the gentleman who did this or that way too done listening and having custody is one of these when you give them a polygon mirror whole movie beautiful witnesses he probably didn't even only said he was dissenting with the children provided a deluge I welcome the physician diversity of the money probably should've been fifty one fifty which is a medical term for he should've been forcibly taken to the psychiatric unit with a romantic walk around rethinking children will problem there ladies if you have her out to dinner what amenities as the Joker agency check please or to slip out of the building of the way you figure out things that you shall want to get the license of the eye watched Tom Digby got it moving documentary on superheroes done by a little light on ministries is a great guy the vitamins you I see in Baltimore who do amazing work and I was I was surprised when I watched it the basis of indemnity we also figured out just brought up watching Batman arenas comic book from the comfort of the kin one and maybe throw them away with the backing preached against the province visiting in hindsight but not probably was a good thing in hindsight alliances in centimeters it is the just and cold the Joker is view as Christ and in the superhero world it's all flip-flopped it's almost as very an argument of really making because of those ovarian teachings the bad guys that the data did not have the mathematical tools were elected the good guy so for example in the story of four making a documentary for the one who rebelled in heaven right it was passed out of heaven demands on earth any become the hero that Lucifer says that his followers I was red I rebelled in heaven I was cast out of heaven and on earth while I have the hero so that he is actually the devil on Mister Dudley of newborns with labels like he looks this way the dark Knight on you missed it writing the dark Knight now I want to get even even adopt the city is from topic which of them formally on a topic movement mounted even of the medals along with that it's all in there I saw it he's the devil right can you tell to that is that before the minute on on on who's to joke with it if that is the devil of the Joker must be a fact of making a documentary the Joker in when you look at the Carroll heart and are the joker card the joke artist like because what they say that the joke mocking that's what difficult does not biggest true story Alvin in Haiti and also baby our problems is a country that is literally ninety eight percent ninety seven percent literally in fact on plane going down estimates were very affluent patient and I said that I turned the notes of who lives on the rain on the island is that what is what is the predominant religion of one hundred and three to the medical missionary work were the predominant religion and eighty is that Haiti is ninety percent Catholic opinion OKs economic juvenile it's a hundred percent food wedding and currently working on weapons Mister Shaw and a half or so Wednesday night at the church birthday eighty seven administered on Wednesday night it was standing room only was there to get on a Wednesday night the church was standing room only which is the cut in the developing countries of the world they seem to take our word a lot more serious than we do they walked the road to get to that at church at the jersey building our previous one of my own my one of my wife's friends from Miami actually her mother with her narration she translated awful orphanage eardrums and fourteen the call wrong rubber bands and they surrounded the church at exit so we couldn't get hold of the church so they came in with approval was normal in any try to get us to follow them the elevation at themselves it was a no-no you can follow them don't follow them that's what we do know what's going on when I was going to follow them amen even month and I thought about shaggy from Scooby Doo I will follow the white jagged I don't follow people like that child is able to some of the others Melinda will follow the oppositional UK no UK and any any other solicitor going to the cemetery to raise the dead the zombies they want to raise the dead forty the reason of their once hot because they got even begin to explain to me what was wrong meaning that this is coming up with the Easter watershed event in the movies celebrate the fact that Christ died on the cross so when we used her services the blue people are having their own services and they are celebrating as if the devil one at Calvary and we show how Christ Roger read a bit of poetry for the supernatural tales of that money went into the demon would get rid of the problem with you should be in his arms were supposedly really and he says in the book that they would take a hymnal and it what is really singing out of the Christian hymnal crazy when we begin our Christian hymnals in the deep example is within a session at a putting a curse words against crime so they were singing is everything holy they wouldn't it off for an word against Christ organs God will try to tell you that what happened at Columbine is as simple as we think it is what is going dwelling might as well because one of the same exact thing there was a big fan as well as Aurora Colorado we want to the children selectively etching through canisters of dad into moving there any actually imitated a scene out of one of Batman movie as he began to shoot the people tried to get away I want you to understand that in fact they were probably not dealing with a psychiatrically ill individual in fact they may have been dealing with someone possessed by Oracle someone with the control of the enemy would have to do something like that you get where I'm going and how to open his mind to talk about it doubled the in the story it probably was the fact that he got so busy into the fictitious world other of the superhero and of the comic book and him the movie next questionnaire he opened himself up any enemy with a publicity none of them in the wrong humanity real Christian background many other things admittedly at the end of the day you would get if they were the enemy could control him and it's a little frightening when you here because you start to realize that in a world with the Devils is that it is Israel in many ways he gave been given a some amount of authority over seventy handed over the Scripture talks about the fact that he's the prince of this on the share him power over the rough and if you're not careful you can live your life is now afraid of what happened last night with it within him a good know that the right you'll don't understand how people are afraid he of what happened because people become afraid of them was rid of them once you want to a free but God second twenty one number seven has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love sound mind so what would Jesus do not want to see you really have authority this payment cried out in verse twenty four is a this is now in the synagogue was the woodland for other interesting that inside the church the demon possessed person was that tells you when you come to church it doesn't mean that the devil doesn't show up as well in fact the devil sends his people to church because many times he's trying to mess up certainly not be prayed up on you doing .org in your working is sure to the breakup of the individuals why hear anything that has been causing problems when we stopped down was going on at the local churches but what I want to make a point verse twenty four it is a thing let us alone what we can do with the Jesus I surrender all come to destroy us I know the will of Allah or the what the holy one of God is the jewel in the synagogue didn't really want to believe Jesus out to get you but when the runs of the Christ he even has to recognize who Christ is so beautiful they denied Jesus 's divinity the time it was the highest of them I tried to not be in the living God even we have to recognize who he really is how I come to destroy us to demonize ideologies of this given the power to wipe them out verse twenty five that Jesus would be the demon saying whole life peace and what come out of him hold eyepiece and come out of him not want to understand when Jesus speaks it happens you get that right but like in the story of Lazarus you have to call call by me Lazarus come forth and users that come forth everybody in the whole entire grade items out of his voice all would've gotten up I wanted to get this thing about Jesus 's authority the fact that he speaks because unless I living some tough lives right now you may be going through a lot you don't understand why you may not be able to answer to your problem I like to tell you that right speak in your life because he has authority and he was speaking life back into your Mac into your child into your poverty is young lonely that is yesterday a dysfunction in the family is challenged telling you the answer allow flights that authority in your old ability was we get to the family speaking out without me you either have nightly family work your hours up in the morning before you leave the house the word of God audibly spoken in your house that authority vested in this work will be in your house and he will have to be hold like please even the agreement compound Bement is like going to slowly roll become out of control and get out of him holiday price in the last as you spread toward the window believe that if I and all the memory of the knowledge of the human person avoiding him a friend you got it right you know your own life tried to raise himself up and here you you meeting is devoted in my clothing is the drink and some of these are coming to Christ that lifestyles will try and write up in you again that's normal you just keep coming to Christ amen as is as you as you draw close the price of the hymns that the things of this world will grow strangely the molasses and thought I caught a lot of as he came out of him now the demons out of the van ran normally in verse twenty seven the response of people in the synagogue and they were all amazed and so much that they questioned among themselves they want to what the doctrine is this is called from seeing anything like everything for what authority for the what authority the man he even the unclean spirits and they do all we can Christ's authority you see Jesus have the power becomes eclectic power to speak in your life and where there was once chaos in the order where there was once so I rolled there can be joy where there was once he can now be satisfaction and peace that does the authority of Christ at a problem many of us who call ourselves Christians as we have enough into his authority I've already bought authority NPV of authority in our house we watched that be easy our house the balance amount of movies easily on a desolate BTU was not my kind in the way own crazy fools run around will follow the minimum demon possessed people do I don't lastly the Black Hawk is some BCP stands for blacks embarrassing themselves a method inside joke with you I would tell them about the night are well positioned to give you authority to hold a week of your life all the things of this world I have authority over you like you get that the fault lies in our sleep but also a movie theater and see Spiderman will go to church to be and be explosive the only real superhero that of the moment your results in all of concrete slat could be the first one is the movie that an indefatigable will be free on TV one day the gravy be relatively much I want to be free account to the authority has been given to be difficult fictional creatures and people give it authority back to Christ reported that immediately his fame spread abroad throughout all the region round about Galilee out of data night as we close at your position is Christian the one with this person in addition or even just give crisis authority his fame will be noised abroad you will see how different we are than we used it was our Christian characteristics that we live for Christ and now call the gospel to be spread not just violently say I cannot try because I lies are living serving the tonight when I want to challenge you to become it in the testimony a living sermon because I have authority over your life father got me thinking for bringing us together will as we are going to the Sabbath hours Melbourne I simply ask that you bless the rest of this with your Holy Spirit all you would know that I didn't come tomorrow morning tonight talk about is that every time you give us a word with room rates suffering Jesus is precious and holy e-mail


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