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Romans 5-8: Totally Transformed

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • July 8, 2012
    2:00 PM
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him him are ready to start him say this will be our last little scratch on him too this week has been power has rewarded for her father in heaven we thank you that weakens database of Romans as afternoon thank you for bringing us back in May we learn it a few more things that will help us in our understanding of the gospel the three Angels messages I pray this in Jesus name amen him to tell him you were for the three sessions yesterday 's hearing last month the helium joined a group not ever glad I have a video join upon as anybody messing a hand out for the class five and almost won him during a cell thus far in the three sessions we hardly went to Romans one four and the goal is to get to chapter eight we have about an hour and half break it up and such you forty to forty five minutes sessions and him so we won't have time to get through every detail of the last four chapters of Romans working at the high so that's what at what we seen so far Romans chapter one Paul introduces the God and he introduces a way that's teaching that the just shall live by faith receive the balance of power in the gospel because the righteous Christ is revealed in the lives of those who have experienced certification my faith in the rest of chapter once you are shy to all of us in the gospel of all of us of sin whether with the wicked people of the world her believers are chosen beside him and so yet through the end of the first huge chat what we see is that all of us need the golf analyst chapter three Charlotte all of them and come short of the glory of God that we all need a Savior we all need forgiveness and we all need God 's power delivered righteous line so then in Romans chapter or the question arises as all of us need that God and the gospel tells us that salvation is for all who believe there is amenable leave and Romans chapter four shows us what it means to believe Abraham and his faith and we see when Abraham 's faith says that Abraham believed God and was counted them to write that we saw at the end of Romans for that the way Abraham Lee was busy with believers waited God promised he was able also to perform so say or belief that leaves the salvation is being fully pursue weighted and God says I will give you a new heart and a new life you believe that any believe that God form that work in your heart and in your life is a brief summary of what we learned yesterday now let's look at key points of Romans five through a promise chapter five is really two main sections the first section describes a little bit more the experience of justification chapter five verse one they are for being justified by a lien for God through our Lord Jesus Christ the one we have justification we believe in God him alive we are now our sissy of God as we are fearful of condemnation from we are at peace with God and money is on the share that in the experience of justification we grow in our justified experience through the trials of life specifically tribulations which teaches patients experience and a him defiled we had to help trust in God and that's drank and are justified why with him in the laptop of Romans five Paul shows us a little bit more detail how we receive salvation and why we need salvation we need salvation because Adam had an effect on all of humanity that because he sends all of us were born with fallen human nature is that we know she is the sin as well for his choice has affected all of humanity and wealth Malden no longer say that the just of them have an effect on the entire human race Christ also has an effect on the entire human race and if he shoes the servant is in fact is much greater and have a substantial and eternal saving on the point is if we choose the following are five slapping a little bit technical of the theological setup over time are going to descend and Romans five with the exception that in Romans chapter fibers is interesting for bosses for if when we were enemies we were written to God by the death of his son much more than reconcile we shall be saved by his what's interesting about that him I say I was originally him usually we cannot do that obviously the salvation you we also got not only are we saved by his death we are saved by his talk about the announcement the Romans chapter six actually I should mention this in verses twenty twenty one hundred certified see in verse twenty Romans five moreover the law answered that the offense on account amounted to raise that much more now you know what people say were sent around him and raise much more now more ice than the more grace I received him and that if you is that Adams and raise the price that's when the other point is that when we achieve Christ race gives us forgiveness of the sin that we have committed by not say that we can keep sending so that we can receive more race will already at all actually dealt with already in Romans chapter three so that he and she said only that your damnation is the same clearly is not he can shut ever twenty one so that is raining today so my race rain to write ensuring a life by Jesus Christ our Lord said Sam Raimi says about the righteous reign because of Jesus Christ and the right price this now if the Romans chapter six that he follow along in your handout I all I will see you about this software is run by the wealth around this chapter 's sex as you look at the penny for that chapter I believe is one of the greatest factors in the live is one of the chapters in the Bible that we as we might day we believe in the Bible and we might say that we try to follow the word of God but when it comes the Romans chapters six we think that's long to see seeking in general terms that can really specifically sure you want us in on what the here for this because Romans chapter six and we lay the foundation so that we can get chapter six again the Romans chapter six notice Lisa started university what's a sentence in humans on the race of man now the people thing worse than a boundary that much more this is gone for good health shall we that are the is to live any longer therein is anything like when you are justified by a you are you to see him soon no longer had any young Manion Howard in your life don't he had gone down so that we can keep that we can be covered so he is now going on so that you and not live any longer living away because the power of God that leads to salvation three Mason one nanometers on him as so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death is very scenic concept of being crucified with Christ if you barely would rise right now is that he is crucified with Jesus on the cross when she died by if we are buried with him by baptism the death we are dying that we are being defined as thy death we also have his resurrection is worth here your theory with him by baptism into death now why can't price was raised up from the dead by Gloria Vaughn even so we also should walk in newness of life so what Jesus died he was crucified we die we are crucified with Jesus as they immigrated he was resurrected and when we are crucified Christ we don't raise them with a him someone saying that you weren't what Abraham was fully persuaded that what God he was able to alter the therefore God enlarges the player in the justify and then also like righteousness was not hugely safe but for also legally on God raised Jesus from the dead with the liver and was raised again for our justification what holds the same way just as Abraham was fully persuaded that God can produce a new version through Sarah even though they are physically not producing what him the same way we cannot give ourselves a new heart cannot give ourselves a but the same God who gave a new birth of Abraham and Sarah is the same God who raised Jesus from the dead the same God who can raise us up as a liturgy in shoes to be crucified with an area with an by baptism is an active and are we I can highlight a word is focused on the phenomena know what the right thing that was the one that's enough to get out for is being raised she lived a him him why when New Yorkers as the adulation is crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I Laurie Lin at any of the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the son of God is Jesus Christ this is the third Angels message we had a choice to make will we be buried with Christ by baptism in the human mouth die say who you are the Christ essay follow me and she'd follow me one hundred percent and you are crucified with me when you were raised that to me will have mine why is not an amazing meal he is is why the condition to receiving out why him him while my son what the methods of volume page three sixty six Godfrey acquires the entire surrender of the heart before justification can take place and that the L1 justification that is missing in most of our Christianization effort is Christian teaching is sometimes only and he'll justify what you really see is that we believe that when we shared the following relief the runner alloy league-leading that he should transform the one hundred percent not true justification Sam on the even further is not us versus by yourself the Romans chapter six if we planted together in the likeness of his death we shall be also in the wife of his rather resurrection even if we die what right we will live like Christ is inversely knowing this that are managed through supply with metal body yes might be destroyed that henceforth we should not serve sin foresee that is in three comes in here in Romans chapter six verse six connection English huge warning and being crucified in Romans and give us an added element that does show up and away she is in relation in Romans is that there are old man is crucified with him man is our Arnold human nature that causes so going to try with our natural inclinations are him we were born with him what Scripture saith that our natural inclinations are not as large as finally human nature is not as final human nature that says I know the Bible says the love your enemies negated them with a slightly easy that you draw the line on how long it is shown that your man is when a person is that to there dead body in the state is the inclination and the respond the way I like the Netherlands Taiwan Vietnam I price limit any as window and I price she now runs on why the hell thinkers like mice using to surrender your will he is basically the key young way the Bible the my life should be a powerless turn the Lord I might will please take control God will not take control until you give them permission permission is the daily restaurant in fifteen says I'd ideally you notice him -year-old man is crucified within the body of sin might be destroyed and when we are crucified with Christ body of sin is destroyed and is that henceforth we should not serve sin so in other words have manhandled why we are servants of sin ways that will be old man is crucified we service to write the writer is talking and it's very interesting mom and sister sentences for he is dead is not how many of you have a market for unity on the marginal is justified as a little man with the dead Humana or not to suggest you find anything interesting that is hardly ever talk about inscription unjustified by the faith of Christ crucified with Christ I won't buy the faith of Christ as the old man the body is to destroy I am just as bad as Brown University and again is consistent when a long lifetime God is the entire surrender of the heart for justification is a way surrendered is my end justification cannot him hard to realize hard to believe that ensuring the gospel and if we want to stand in the last days we need to understand this crucial defendant shall live by faith we must surrender a life of Jesus Christ sounds like a really hard thing to do in Somerset says the lesson they were getting your wife of the most gracious to me the Lord why would you want mammoths and that caught in the ground and irritable as your wife know why the literacy and language you want the old man still rule your life is rendered your wife and me to join him not the God talking about having a having a joy that comes from getting your wife over only to Jesus is now a is very very powerful continue on the receiving that were buried with Christ by baptism into death Christ is risen the demo that worried about it we are raised that the late eighties a surrendered life that reflects the life of Jesus and when we are crucified we are justified now and see verse eight now if we can rise we believe we shall also live with verse nine knowing that Christ is raised from the dead diet now more than now more than ninety however for in that he die he died in the same I will team with a unsafe Yanomami December first fourteen is for sin shall not have any family for you not under the law but under grace medicine that has now more than manual for life Emily or justify crucified surrender send had no more than manually because you are dead and no longer live a life of sin and not believable from coming off sometimes people say uni- level life without sending them I is not as why you want to do is assess refunds why would you want to him because Jesus offers freedom happiness and he is off slavery bondage in this direction has run six three is going to show the wages and him to the KKK shows that Seth had no more dominion over Christ and if we are dead with Christ we shall also live with him notice verse eleven in Romans six likewise reckon or consider ye also yourselves to be dead indeed this but alive to God through Jesus Christ our Lord because Jesus was raised from the government where the father the same power that raised him from the dead causes you to let a faith is that this is an and therefore reign in your mortal body that ye should obey it in the one or another some creative and crafty teachers to come along the symbol remain not will I live him I thought the rain my life decimals and whatnot sin reign in your mortal body it remains that doesn't rain in August was him sound like the price ones ones persistently cherished mutual life how is one remaining your life is raining because I thought and asking for a ninety nine nine percent crucifixion is that ninety nine nine you're just fooling yourself is certain most like to crucify me will have that little thing they are hanging on as anyone then remains but does not rain they do not have a Bible back in the human because Scripture says what not then there are reigning in your mortal body he done and then go on to say a single remainder does not rain is what he says so we continue to live in sin that grace may abound Doctor good health so we better dentists and live any longer therein and that is why I say Romans chapter in Scripture that we as Christians refuse to believe him and Romans that we are dead that we no longer live there and if we are to if we are crucified with yet we as Christians try to match human experience to understand the Scriptures say while I keep on sending so I guess is not to ram my body is managed and regulated so I do not Sanders him him us have with this is maybe a year from now I got down my ninety is not as marketing is about a crucifying our youth that Jesus Christ sanctification is the work of a lifetime yet when I talked about yesterday we totally must ensure because they don't like what she means by that is that you shouldn't die immediately to sell we are justified by faith that means we are crucified with Christ and surrendering one hundred percent in first and thirteenth as I die daily meaning that the rest of your life why you need to surrender and not of the work of simplification the work vacation is a growth process of waiting for me here in the morning in the year round you become deeper in your experience you become a leader in your knowledge in the things of God the experiences in the trials of life like you have a deeper faith that sanctification in the work of a lifetime does not mean that he'll never reach the invitation this means that the daily office and they clearly teaches that appeared to understand you no longer you can do justice to your ethernet is a lie the daily moment by moment choice that we estimate so versatile let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body that you should obey it in the welfare of researching neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness understand that yield yourselves in the God as those that are alive from the dead and your members as instruments of righteousness on the also known as says yielding or surrendering your body over the him no more surrender your body over so why is literally God him in verse fourteen force in shall not have dominion over you you are not under the law but under grace so not only debt is now more than ever right the only heat coming down the Diana Ross and when sin is not the minimum you need to have no more power over you and you and I because you are crucified with him and he is now living out his wife through Jesus or something as Christ soon goes out send an Christ is at the bottom when you choose the leisure center to see her sharply you just know what the old man resurrection and donkey says my little children I write anything he's not that of any man and there is if we if we go back and we always went and inevitably and invariably it is time for God will bring the point where no one can receive forgiveness this plan is surrendered to become more consistent and more consistent and to say that for sixty some we send because we are not under law but under grace God forbid and what does he mean when he says we're not under the law but under grace when you study the first six shots in the first five chapters when you see that you are under the law that means you are under the condemnation of the law because you have is not seeking that you are no longer in the volume for Iraqi Christians he said no one ever thought I is available but around and you see that in Romans read all of them short of the glory of God will him will only bring you something you see were no longer under the common nation we are under the grace we no longer see him a while part of Romans says is shown between certain between being servants of the sin is serving in an slaves to righteousness that he recalled yesterday the very first thing that holds the Enron in chapter one verse one piece of all serve Jesus Christ single I have learned what it needs to be a servant or in God later like to let me teach you this job well and here around Center City think you need to be a slave to sin worth plagiarizing or sixteen ninety nine you may Mister Kiara and you obey whether of sin on the net for obedience and righteousness as an artist you can either be crucified and follow Christ or even you yourself follows is an person he is like him thankfully used to be the servants of sin but now your servants of righteousness that he continues and says a few more things first twenty from when you were the servants of sin you are free from my fruit had ye then those things where you are now shaken the end of the things that verse twenty that now being made three fronts and become servants to God you have your free will of the holy and the and everlasting life so when you become free from someone you are and may if you recall earlier in the chapter free from send me to be justified so now they may justify for free from you become servants to God through his unwillingness in the him this yesterday and Ronald Lacey chapter seven hundred and forty four thousand arthritis servants of God you receive the seal of God is so I've been surfing out of the many crucified Christ that is easy four hundred and forty thousand because when you are fine with anywhere in June righteousness that needs to follow whatever the Lord and savior of your life that an hundred and forty four thousand in Revelation fourteen they are described the land whithersoever he he am unable on one with his celebrity had in heaven because they lack the disservice here on earth and the following where ever he led Your Honor and the way he leaves here on this Earth the very first is the leader awakens and elitists if you are a servant the servant of God you will not follow in the path of your anthology again he will lead you away from NEDs work righteousness and then verse twenty three here's what you pay if your slightest wages of sin is death none of the contract but the gift of God is each journal life through Jesus Christ our Lord sonatas of heroes slaying you pay with your slave you get a free yet now you rather have would you rather be paid a salary would you rather begin a free yet in this case literally again because you can't currently him me mad additionally the following Jesus you have earned it by anything that you give the everlasting however if viewers and then anywhere brought into its bond and pay a fee varies significantly waiting we never wanting to be shown that this English is easy to receive the free gift of salvation or pain of eternal death and done with this amazing how we away and trick us into thinking that if we surrender alive Morgan again downlines and so many times when in reality when you surrender your life to Jesus you give the gift of eternal life and if you don't surrender you get a payment of eternal death settlement and knowledge with you and make you think that now I follow the GM Ron surrendering to Jesus on this will want it's only because eleven that is sure in the happiness of the company why is nothing wrong with you celebs Romans they cannot can you see why they had if the chapter in Scripture that we often don't really believe what it says in Romans six to say that we were dead in the life right dye was raised from the dead so when we are crucified with we are raised up to live his life and just as yet has no more than ninety over rice when we are raising from the net by faith in the power of God sin has now more than manual just the death has no more than the price and that allows us I him will receive a free hand in analyzing why a thing we have in life him and okay Matthew you want me to his history is twenty one a little break as we move on to seven days is just regular okay I his Romans six seventeen to go together like that we can keep down to Louisiana will discuss the Romans six seven eight and will be done okay so if the hearing Robinson Robinson is a direct continuation of Romans six and by the way if the Romans this is the chapter in the Bible that we don't believe how we can meet at the amino and Romans in the chat that we must ensure for it to justify or rationalize continuing a life as an Roman may somewhat again and I were an item the things I don't want here when I was disastrous the same thing they actually say the same thing were you if you look at the first floor Hall makes a very easy illustration to describe me to find him describe marriage was returned quickly and will talk a ninety nine amendment of the law a law amending a romantic woman eleven for the woman which hath an husband is bound by the lots you are so long as he learned that the husband me him alive so then if while her husband when she married to another man she she she something on that of her husband because she is free from the law so that he has never noted that he married another man wherefore my brother he also become them on my body or I think he should be married to another evening who is raised from the dead that we should bring forth fruit to God now connections already there is universal that we should he marry again another evening was raised from the dead then we should bring forth route and the God Romans six the license prices raising the gun on the glory of the father even so we officer the right to walk in newness of life Romans seven is continuing here's what policy we understand the on command which says thou shall not commit adult and you get married on your wedding day you made was for God is not portly to God that he will be safe to yourself as long as you both shall live blog marriage does not allow you think around me whatever you want whenever you feel like you are committed to and monogamous relationship for the rest anyhow I think it is what the marriage partner who is willing to some nice camera herself to you for the rest of their lives yet sometimes some unique like Americans they all have and be able to check the others are allowed anymore all my money let's check in now anymore anyway why him around whatever in the way and you know what some people carried out mentality in the national thing all stationary than myself will have on the side of the house is a and in the church affect behavior suffice playing with an easier south you are committing adultery is making a spiritual illustration she compares you say you're married to a man in a spiritual spiritual all the believers are compared to being a one and that makes sense because in Scripture the church is described as right grind and revelation you have a huge one representing the T-shirt is a pure church in the case is closed using a the a woman represent the church and one represent a believer in Christ and he's making illustration and an essential feature of a man is saying if she leaves her and marries another man he will is to be married the husband she made her about you at the wedding altar is now somehow she's out with another man is not Bush 's inability to say rise we can give our life solely any him this earth that our old man is crucified with him the body of sin might be his toy work clothes hanging out with anything like if you want to be raised up to live a new life in Christ that is symbolic of this relationship is clean and dry in order for life to answer any see that in people only use if the old man is crucified on in my body right than he is lifelong my answer into your life spiritually old man is not crucified and why is that him because it does not limit no as if you choose to be married to the old man he will not choose to answer here why is I assume when the old man that you are now in monologue Mary remained married to the old man so that he can now marry right DC that sounds like an end in the real world as long as your cell is alive you are married that you thought of that terrible thing happen and they went and I you are now free to marry somebody else and you will not be committing adultery likewise is crucified you are now free to marry her the field manifesto why if you try to marry Christ you are in committed spiritual adultery or if you think I surrender all he really gave the video back to letting the old town one reign in your life you are committing spirit him Mary Christ I given my life right now the only person has resurrected within you and your now really married to him again in Christ Thessaly but she still professedly married price is so and be crucified died and the system matter of life and because it only sends the life there is ability that he was crucified as Romans seven says that we should be married to another even to him who is raised from the dead that we should bring forth fruit unto God and for the interest of time and I summarize versus fly through thirteen and just bring out a PC point he can turn it around seven in your hand out basically what Paul is saying in these verses is that the law of God brings a knowledge of sin and verse him him and in verse nine four for I was alive without along one but when the commandment came and read my and I die now in special session my uneducated pages seventy three seventy four of a lien on the Ellen White was also I was alive without the wall on one but when the commandment came sin revived tonight I never thought home life after went when the Commandments and she says that he came home from citizen José now when I wasn't thinking about God while I thought that I was living a great life then God brought his law suit him tonight launches so that I I really because Rahman suffers twelfth of along the commandment of God 's holy shot and good but the law does it is such transfer in the character of Christ who is only just in the and it reveals to us how we are not only how we are not just in how we are not the single largest reason to online a neurologist and it's sort of like him to its sharpest the Charlotte how far off our life is from the life right and it shows us that we have need of rice and causes us to want to surrender her life when we see how far that we have wandered from now comments seven verse is where things become very important as far as what we need to understand in Romans chapter seven versus like a thirteen piece basically saying okay I came to an understanding of what's is based on the law and fact in verse seven he says I wouldn't have known what was is that the losses thou shall not this is going to bring him down so I thought it is this is if the command of this that can not been measured by any external me via I kill someone they'll be in the advice deal someone will notice that something is missing as I commit adultery everybody will like him him back and he has something in my heart that nobody is him a shout out the law of God he meeting God can discern the father sent him or her points out where are Ray from the character of God and by the law is not just external action functional Waller 's feeling of filling or something like that this is not the norm on you like after a woman was in your heart you committed adultery already would think that you should choose to do in your mind you that they are not worried out if that is see in your mind that is as this is where a man of Romans seven million pieces experience is both this we know that a lot of spirit I marvel his soul as many that through the remainder of the chapter is the converted Christian experience on the way to have yet all he will reward any dataset is around seven reason reassurances that McConnell told understand and we need to think we know the identity information must be careful him and we see them wrong Chapter six is that you are Wesley remember as they furiously writing you have your fruit and unwillingness in the end everlasting life that he rest in the wages of sin is that this does for we know a lot the original I am I sold a nursing staff if you are him him me him and he is a and Romans sixteen are either slaves our source latest sorry if you are sold under that means you a slave in fact when he turned around and they also the mind is enmity against God or entity when God is so we do not want to be at enmity with God that is not the conversion experience is now following writing lately recently I was on her next he says he is not which I hereby allowing him him for what I working that you are not but what I hate that him and the experiences in the United States of America we had a terrible history of slavery something that brings great shame the dark on in the history of the United States of America I recently read a book about Abraham Lincoln Tower to see how he came around realizing that when it is declaration that all men are created equal for me to say that it really all men and women know that in light of the white race anyway that young slavery is a slave is him he doesn't want me I can't knew anyone as a slave history of America 's claim would be on a plantation and one half plan Robson 's master his own thinking when you get in the way he wanted to you have to need a way to his own I wanted it to be done is on the way families and owners with the law why in the husband and the wife would get separated from each other so this way he allowed the way here she wanted to hear she would have to leave we didn't all the same when you are us played you may know a lot of guys that you yelling again you break the law of God even though you don't want to and you don't you because you don't have power and because you are in because you're so married in the old town who is in control of your life so the things you want to be the things you don't want any slavery is not to run the teaching we have a spiritual cylinders for that website well not for what I went it but what I hate that number sixteen this idea which I would not I can see the law that is it is everything I don't want to bring along the document noting that while God is again as someone who has a knowledge sure he directed a letter that they are a lot by a marketing out and follow God not talking about that if he is talking about people him I will want God is in everything he noted that he is not a film deal to dishonor their thing and invariably when were not converted we find ourselves doing the very things that we don't want a single logon continuing on her seventeenth now is now more I view it as well with along the way says is no more I do it let's not dwell in him that's where you keep the contact chapter way and the inherent limits Jefferson is the old man must be crucified him and in if you are allowing the old Madison will be displayed master of your life when you are thinking outlined in a dominated thinking wanting what Paul means when he says it is now more I send that as well as they say if the old man of sin that is doing this in my life I don't want to Matheson is controlling as a screening verse eighteen for I know that a need that is in my wash well with noted pain will is with me to how to perform that which is good I find not so here Palestine would in my fallen human nature there is nothing good about my fallen human nature is in my mind I have a desire to do the will of God is written will how to format which is why I'm not what he's saying is that I have been liar follow God but that knowledge in my mind is him not human nature human nature we may now what is right we don't have the power to do that which is good and I got back to say again that the experience of slavery first Nike for the gift that I what I do not but the evil which I would not that idea and then again verse twenty now fighting I would not it is no more I that you have some that will be number twenty one I find the law that when I work you do evil is present with addresses the law sin and death that in the very next chapter we see that we are delivered from your policy this law when I'm with you did evil shows up and said that Romans eight versus C this is the longest year of life in Christ Jesus has made me free a lot that is why we do what I wanted evil shows up my race of Jesus we are delivered from right field line in the log onto inward man is even with the zoo this man must be converted he delights in the law God all that is similar to what he said earlier when he said I can sense of the law that is even though I'm not following I feel like that is like you can ensure anything while mammoth creature district from Taiwan went back on the life I want to be like Shadrach the second vinegar I want to stand for the right and I haven't thought and settlement process comes up on the way home from church in your flat on your face how can I ever spend my Saturday in the teaching we can so we lie in the long him that is twenty three the I see another law and my members warring against the law of mine my draining me and the cats of any loss which is in my member Center the higher powers of your minor thing follow God the lower powers of your flesh are rising your choices and do the things you don't want and then that is the inverse twenty wretched man that I who shall deliver me from the body of this death is the answer that question I thank God correct over the notices were wretched man that I crucially deliver me from the body of his death down ominously as the wages of his death is only shows one of my city slaves this is a half body of death that is leading you down the wrong way that would be a lot why I O wretched man that I noticed Gretchen Santos in the entire Bible Romans seven Romans in Revelation chapter three revelation chapter three seventeen and the message in Revelation chapter three is about him in him he is I read an increase in the have need of nothing Christ is you do not have that you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked in this word in the English branches feeling angry or solidly in the same word in Revelation ratchet ratchet he personally is so is the same I the idea of being ratcheted need to have theory around seven okay on soul understand being a slave to send having a volume that damn thing about the map around seven in the amount of Romans seven realizes I have a problem I know what you want God 's will I'm not body and but only if the church does I room and so necessary for the Lord I delight in the long on the one doing all the wrong thing that only an ally in the logon so I must have justification by faith I'm on my way to him as soon actually I think you have you think you're rich increasing the fact that I have assigned the whole site a study that needs to be rich anything they can live the way it is if you have saving faith Laodicea things have righteous by faith is that justification by faith and I think that that is by having the knowing what is right and not doing things you don't want any not doing the things you want him very patient underwent right to life only in the ceiling as Christ says if you say that way I will know here's the notice Jesus the latest the church is standing there were not why Jesus knocking on the door and the latest in righteousness by faith as I want that is only out Jesus it can be on the outside of my life and photography please don't come in my heart is definitely a come down to the bottom line is you we surrender our life is reviewing the same time about it and here are when you I will live for you to surrender your life in the so that we can have a spiritual union spiritual marriage now you need to crucify old man is crucified easy to be surrendered on the door of your heart you know what I want to be married to you that you say that I never ever you with my righteous if you don't like me you are suddenly done that it is imagine you have a body of death is the slave did you think you don't want any to not do the things you want to know what you want God so that you don't lie in addition to see someone bring healing to cat sitting said it's him were in captivity in verse twenty three is another word in Romans seven the show that you are a slave has slavery captivity and latest music phenomenon conditioning is a fantasy that I have increased an average increase in rent you think that has made him think that I could take that justification by faith therefore if you if you have salvation you think you're fine you don't need anything else and then when you find out that Jesus hung on the door of your heart anything less than you actually are in your heart and the latest is responsive to think no I don't want that I want salvation well and always will I surrender that I just happen to listen to the truth the primary and then it changed my plaintiff and tell me that is no actually I'm one that will need in the truths that your truth is that you can be changed they say the president is the answer that comes in room chat you said route wrapping up Romans seven Paul says so then with the mind I myself serve the law of God over the flash lots and the Bible says no man can serve two masters you can't serve along with your mind and the loss in your flesh because inevitably want and when Christ is one undivided service so let's get him Roman café in him to shatter a person there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in right he will not happen less but after the Spirit anything under that no condemnation if you are in Christ Jesus where the median price second Corinthians five seventeen therefore the man be in Christ he is a new creature is a new creation the creative power of God work she written permission truth and living the experience of Robinson of being isolated and now you have a where you no longer want that was if you want out now in the Hannah promised Jeffrey I have one when I have a bunch of books from the long life about the latest in message in Romans chapter seven talks about how the way is enough this is a translation message so that when we Romans seven professor translation figuring on Saturday Ellen White both Romans eight and she says there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flash adapters I ordered this and this is from counsel Manuel page sixty nine just because some of the modern translations like the NIV don't have a lot of controversy one works is you want to watch that this theory is something they want the first one is missing from the manuscripts and the reality is not dismissing certain manuscript that it in the sexist receptors that while the first is there and at the key verse is the key phrase because there is no company him because you are a new creature because you don't want to flash what happens here in hell I will throw in a one inch includes you want to watch the atmosphere and then she goes on the Galatians five rock in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the law was for the flesh lusts against the spirit and the Spirit against the flesh Jesus came some of the forms of Leslie was idolatry drunkenness and suchlike after missing the fruit of the Spirit among December the and made letter arrived have crucified one with the affection must notice this even in the book of Galatians if you are in price you have crucified was somewhat I want you to see from our study in the book of Romans is that they crucified right is at the heart of the gospel that the harm of earnings method in order to want about what an atmosphere we must choose daily crucified with Christ you see that and if you are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections must continuing on from the Oval Office Uruguay in Christ Jesus has made me free from the loss how can we even made free from the Los Lunas notice Romans eight versus three this goes back to what we talked about yesterday when we thought it Jesus was made of the seed of David according to the flesh notice from the dream businesses this is really reaching I have some of what Paul is talking about with respect to write his health the law is not the same as we watch God in the life of sinful flesh and for sin and sin in him righteousness all along might be fulfilled and I not outside them as he is walking on a that is what Paul is saying here what is long gone but not the cat because human what we do that God did something very CC this time Jesus Christ who came in the life and why I like them a lot about the nature of Christ the King in room one hundred and Jesus was not exactly one hundred percent life as well I need a Vienna human Mountain of the Holy Spirit with his father and what he is making with each little life the Holy Spirit from his very birth no other human being there is no strong enough in front of the Holy Spirit radio TV humans there is Jesus his father was a you and since Jesus Jesse have fallen human nature is human nature with friends to have the same tendencies that we had as always always in control so that he never yielded to never allow you have any control in life from birth because he sees in Jesus as one of my salvation about one we have a great if we can receive forgiveness in two thousand one hundred and seven yes emphasizing the polarity of the world like the Greek means the same as or similar him the similarity is also flying out that Jesus was God he laid aside the vanity in the behemoth under the control of the Holy Spirit for we are not under the control of the Holy Spirit so we have a new one we are crucified Christ for now on we are equal footing with Jesus became the life was saved Jesus is exactly what the writer your life any hundred percent I take your life while you through my three hour mind life is like as I have already demonstrated that in the life I live here on this Earth is not powerful sonatas in the likeness of sinful flesh and he can dance and then the powers plus another one because of what Jesus is the editor on this earth he say I like my and because of that soon no longer have power over your human because the needy through migration power sin does not have to have been reviewing him like that I would afford we are saved by a wide margin that and then we righteousness of the law which is slowly adjusting to his fulfill in this is justification by faith I want God only just and good in the shot shall live by faith Asia live righteousness by faith because the righteousness of the law is fulfilled in Jesus lives out his wife threw down his righteousness by faith is not the righteousness of the law to fill out side and everything fulfilled in one nine nine him us so Paul was delivered from this body that he surrendered his life to Jesus right so that he no longer walked after the flesh Watson who is no longer control you want to spirit wife Christ Jesus they control the white Jesus gives us the demonstration of how to have a victorious Christian life and as we get nothing good news of the gospel is that Jesus was made of the seed of David according to the flesh that because when he says our human nature sheesh by taking human nature human beings could happen like that right fulfilled in our life the way it one of why we don't have to rest of room talks about the rest of room and a go through a few other key point more down-to-earth I was unanimously basically the rest of Roman Asia summarizes we very see versus fly seven basically said to be carnally minded is death so I finally sold understand that the death and she with God and mercy they are in the flesh cannot yacht them as first-line you are not in the flesh than this if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you and the notice first being you the body is dead because of sin but the Spirit is life because of righteousness here's the ministry and I talked about last night right here in the hope of glory the price is crucified with Christ and Christ being you hi there was another word for the old man is crucified with Christ in Numbers eleven but if the Spirit is that raised Jesus from that well when you see that raised up Christ from the dead shall also work in your mortal body by his spirit that well okay so your body with Dan that the spirit that raised Jesus from the dead race available within our mortal body and the fact that the faith of Abraham if you are not around Chapter four Abraham Hurston 's requirements for he believed in God awaken the dead and call those things which are not as though they were so perhaps of life the creative power of God work and take my dead body in Vienna we have the same faith we say spirit that raised Jesus from the dead within our dead body and get us a new life in the same family and then just to summarize some of the key point that this is inverse to read as seventeen Cal talked about how when we enter into the experience of justification by faith we were a dog as sons and daughters of God and we are made to be joint heirs with Christ as we receive the kingdom of God is not meeting in the book of Daniel if you study it carefully in a chapter seven is said that the verdict and judgment is the kingdom was given the same amount if you surrender your life to God my faith in the judgment God gives his kingdom over you as you become joint heirs and reigning with Christ which is why when it is him will I see Jesus as I said you're not like me and he says to him who overcome I will land this with me and my brown even as I also overcame and sat down with my father is you'll be joint heirs with me in saying he will reign on the run with me that is another story is that the condition is standing on the door at the door in the money and then versus eighty twenty eight Paul discusses the suffering in the present world waiting for the glorious hope of eternal life this is the spirit of the know what great work and under the wrapup Romans and accurate with a is will run as discreetly eight twenty nine thirty nine wrapup are studying for whom he did now certainly celery for whom he did for me he also decreased to me to be conformed to the image of his son that he might be the firstborn among many brethren moreover in his predestination mother were present in these shows then he also told them he also justified and whom he justified he also glorified so if you're justified you will receive glorification and I like what he says here what shall we say then anything if God be who can be again in other words if God has justified you nobody can be against the continuing is there not a moment delivered them for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us all things like if you visit again justification is to get you everything else in crucial will I sure as God what is God to justify what they are not so and so that brother nor I know this license even and I think he may have some that is one of Jesus Christ I have forgiven as he has surrendered his life in the and through my power he is live in righteous life I justify his family anything she is charged seeing you need nothing again as God is in them it is Christ that died in a row that is risen again who is even at the right hand of God who also maketh intercession for us that's an interesting site is price the right hand of God these are my preceded writing God making intercession for the number thirty five three thirty nine who shall separate us from the love of Christ shall tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness repair or and in other words if you justify nothing that he feels like the nineteen hundred and one mission justified as you have eternal life bases other than as it is written for my sake we are still evolving a long we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter in verse thirty seven a.m. all these things we are more than conquerors through him that was thirty for I am persuaded that neither death nor life handle principalities nor powers things present nor things to come nor height nor depth any other creature shall be evil to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ as our Lord Emily says nothing shall be separated from the love of God God is that God would take us are rested to ask them and comes in a a him surrender a wife that he wanted somebody that he would just as we have eternal salvation is not made that if we had identification and can separate us from the love nothing more separated us from being with any channeling if we have justification we may die a martyr 's death on the third that nothing separated from the love of God as we wrap up here in the C- five total transformation hold that in Romans twelve one and see which side and what we've been talking recently received she therefore brethren by the mercies of God that he present your bodies a living five earnings are crucified with Christ present your body and that the fight your personal holiness of warming up is your reasonable service in the receipt and be not conformed to this world that we each plan is by the renewing of your mind a maker with regular acceptable and perfect will of God the one you surrender your life to Jesus fully completely one hundred percent your mind is renewed to transform you develop new pathways and you have you a new way to think anyway you have a renewed mom in Romans in verses eleven to fourteen talks about how we wait the coming of Jesus that our salvation is nearer than we believe so what is cast off the works of darkness in the first fourteen thirty on the Lord Jesus Christ and make not provision for the flash film was paramount I always talk about when we do on the Lord Jesus Christ we will not make provision to fill one of the Walmart have the experience to the theme of this him by the grace of God we can have a say about them were very wealthy but he is visiting with her her father having thank you for this experience of righteousness by faith to you from a source that we can have subtle transformation that we can fit on that we can be completely transformed by the renewing of online that we can walk not after the lesson that we can want at the spirit so that the righteousness of Christ may be fulfilled and for help with the house that is mainly experienced justification by faith he will the third Angels message clearly this is my prayer in Jesus name thank you I hope you know more about the book of Romans and they don't think that knowledge and not dishonest in your head that variances in your heart


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