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Christ Our Righteousness in the Last Crisis

Steve Wohlberg
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Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker



  • August 10, 2012
    9:00 AM
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good morning everyone God is so good and I'm so thrilled to be here I have had a dream for a long time to share what I'm going to share with this group this morning and today my dream has come true so if you have a Bible I budget open up to the book of Revelation chapter eighteen I will confess I've had a cold for three or four days and so my voice is not as strong as it often is but I read a promise just about twenty minutes ago that God 's power is made perfect in weakness and I love that that promise to lift our heads let's just pray dear father in heaven God thank you so much for this grouping for your power and especially above all things for Jesus Christ and for the cross and we pray that as we get into this topic of the message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ during Earth 's last crisis that the Holy Spirit will be here mightily please father work through me and speak to all of our hearts into people around the world in Jesus name we pray on the all right well I've got a lot to share in a short time with Simon to get right in Revelation chapter eighteen verse one is one of my favorite verses in the Bible and the book of Revelation it's a it's a dream it's a vision of what God wants to do through his people and what he will do someday soon around the world verse one after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was lightened with his glory but you want to see that happen the earthing line with God 's glory I'll tell little story about five years ago my family was living in Auburn California north of free no and my son was about three years old and we were up in our house looking out through the living room window often at a distance we were living up the hills and we signed with about a thirty night it was dark but we saw on the horizon lightning flashing a storm was approaching and we just sat there in the living room watching the lightning in closer and closer and closer and finally why am a big bolt hit our hippie area at least to get the power somewhere and we were in pitch black pitch darkness and my little boy he was quite frightened so we all got together on our couch we grabbed our flashlights and little Sathya was three years old and he said daddy we need to pray we need to pray so we knelt down and he prayed this prayer little three -year-old prayer he said I was very short he said here Jesus he said please turn the lights on now with this prayer dear Jesus please turn the lights on and then I'm still remember he opened his eyes and it was still dark and he looked at me he said that he still dark and I said I said Seth just give the Lord a little time to answer your prayer well that night we all slept in our our bed in the bedroom three of us and we were there and we went to sleep and at about one o'clock in the morning I could hear the heater up on the roof kicking so I knew the power was back on and at about six o'clock set gets out of bed he's feeling around the bedroom and he whispers to me he says to me is that I want to play with Mike White's outburst the flashlight and I knew that the heater was on the electricity was on so I sent him I just whispered I said such a scope to school flick on the length click on the switch and so he got out of bed went around he flicked the switch and the light went on in the bedroom and I looked at him and he looked at me and his kids mouths dropped open and he said adding wall he said Jesus answered my prayer the lights are on and that that's a little scene just impressed me so much and I've shared this many times as I think about that little family experience I think about the darkness of this world I think about the storm that is on the horizon I think about the on the pitch blackness that is all around us morally I think about Revelation eighteen first one that says an angel to come down from heaven and lightning Earth with its glory and I strongly believe that one of these days coast-to-coast people are getting be saying while we had never seen light like that power like that and that's what we need that's the power that we need a natural revelation eighteen one cents after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven and he had great power and the earth was lightened with his glory couple pages to chapter fourteen evolution fourteen if you have studied revelation I carefully which I know many of you have you know that the angel that comes down in Revelation eighteen one is often referred to as the fourth angel and he comes down to basically join the three Angels messages especially the third Angels message during the time of Earth 's last crisis and that's what the three Angels messages are all about pointing us to a final revelation fourteen verse nine warns about the beast it warns about the image of the beast verse nine and ten warns about the Mark of the beast and in verse twelve talks about the people who don't get the Mark and who are ready or the second coming Revelation fourteen twelve let's read of the three together fourteen twelve the Bible says here is the patients of the same here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of rights I strongly believe that just like John three sixteen unit is the most famous verse in the by by I believe that this verse is soon going to become of the most quoted verse all over the planet fourteen twelve people were to be saying this verse on the radio on television it's good to be quoted on the Internet it's good to be all over the planet people are escaping to be sharing a bargain to be reading it on their cell phones on their apps on their Bible programs here is the patients of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus during the final crisis no one to share with you right now as we did in I'm going to try in a very simple way to show you how during the final crisis the burst that you just read Revelation fourteen twelve is going to have a pulsating heart and that heart is going to be the message of Jesus Christ our righteousness and him and to make the plane to I've got a quotation here it's on a little brochure that we have at our booth this is from and inspired hand I believe volume six of the testimonies page nineteen right on the cover of our little brochure here this is what it says in the days ahead the law of God is to be magnified its claims must be presented in their true and sacred character that the people may be brought to decide for or against the truth yet the work will be cut short in righteousness to listen to this the message of Christ's righteousness is to sound from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth to prepare the way of the Lord this is the glory of God which closes the work of the third Angels message does that speak to your heart it speaks to my heart that one of these days the message of Christ's righteousness is the sound that that paragraph is really a comment upon this verse verse twelve here's the patients of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus now let me explain this to you I want to take your mind back to a faithful day September eleven two thousand one that we all remember that day is over ten years ago when the twin towers came down in New York City there's a lot of different ideas speculation opinions interpretations about the significance of nine one one eleven a share with you my take on what I see as the biggest significance of that day and if that week and some of the area very powerful lessons that we can learn today here's a quiz question for you I often do this in front of audiences from if you remember what day of the week September eleven fell on okay Tuesday that's right it was a Tuesday morning that's correct Tuesday morning the crisis hit Tuesday morning the stock market plummeted Tuesday morning here rippled out across the world because people were very concerned that what happens to the financial center of the most powerful nation upon the earth could affect the global economy and so it was a big dad whenever thinking of myself when I watched on live television the first tower go down the second tower go down I thought to myself wow this is definitely an apocalyptic moment so that was on a Tuesday three days later was what day three days later was a Friday night or not any of you watched on television but that Friday him inside the national Cathedral in Washington DC there was a major you could call it sure servicing gathering a prayer service that took place in the national Cathedral it was televised live there were every living president with their senators congressmen politicians religious leaders from around the world on the platform with Billy Graham representing the Protestant world there was a Rabbi representing Judaism there was in him on representing Islam it was either nor the Pope was that there was a Catholic cardinal representing the Roman Catholic religion and there were and all of these different leaders addressed the crowd and basically what they said was we need to pray we need to come together and pray for unity and pray that God will do something to help America and the world in this crisis somebody watch that that church service okay quite a few of you did well I watched that with great interest and and I'm certainly in favor of prayer people need to pray during a crisis but as I watch that I thought to myself okay this is very significant Tuesday the crisis hit and now Friday three days later is a very strong movement for unity now two days later would be what day two days later was a Sunday can any of you think of anything significant highly significant that happened on the Sunday following the Tuesday when the towers came down okay I heard somebody say it don't miss this church attendance in America and around the world went through the roof people there were more people in church the Sunday following September eleven that had been to church in a long long time and it wasn't just in America it was in Australia it was in Europe because people knew people sensed something is going on that could affect the global economy and people were quite frightened you and I watched this with great interest I'm a student of the Bible I'm looking at events taking place in the world and I and I saw something that Sydney was just as clear as a bell and that was this there was a crisis on Tuesday that was followed by a movement toward unity on Friday and that was followed by Sunday church attendance going through the roof around the world and I thought about that in the words just kept ringing in my ears crisis unity Sunday crisis unity Sunday to me that's very significant whenever a major crisis yet the result is people are going to be going to church heard the expression there's no atheists in fox holes and heard that expression well the same thing happened during the week of 911 now it's no secret I to a lot of people in the world even secular people and especially those of us that are studying our Bibles that we are on the edge of a much bigger crisis then what happened during the week of September eleven is not right the book of Daniel tells us in chapter twelve verse one that sometime in the future there will be a time of trouble such as never was never was ever since there's been a nation there are many verses in Matthew twenty four and Luke twenty one lots of verses that tell us that we are on the edge of an overwhelming crisis and infinity much bigger than the one that happened during the week of 911 we know that those of us were studying our Bibles we know that know what is going to be the spark of that final global crisis that has been predicted in Bible prophecy I don't know I'm not a prophet it could be a series of disasters of natural disasters it could be a gigantic solar storm people are talking a lot about the our aside any storms that could knock out the power grid I'm not sure it could be an economic meltdown the collapse of the dollar I don't know things I do know that things are being held together by a thread how God is holding this world together is is amazing how he can get it could be a well a well-placed terrorist attack on the on the computer on the computer system the computer grid I just don't know but I do know that it's coming and I also know that September eleven hit on a clear blue sky out of a clear blue sky people just weren't expecting this and all the sudden land there was we walk up the next day or that and all of a sudden we were in the midst of this and something settlers could happen again the final end when the final crisis hits and I do know that just like what happened during the week of September eleven the same dynamics are good to be at work there's no question about it and to me that's the big significance of what happened September eleven that working to see once again that was just like a little a little window it was that it was an example of what's coming in the future that we will see again crisis followed by unity or a move toward unity and that will be followed by Sunday attendance around the world it's just it's not a mystery it's it's it's a no-brainer it's easy to figure out it's easy to look at that and realize that that's going to happen now if we get into another crisis a big crisis of final crisis that gets this world really hard eye during the wake of September eleven the market went down they stop trading but as time went on the trading continued and the market came back right we got out of that crisis didn't we but what happens if another crisis hits and we don't get out of it what happens if things get things start to spiral out of control and the crisis get deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and bear it there just seems to be no way out what happened then when that time comes which it will what will happen then I can I don't know how much money you have it's a phrase you can bet your bottom dollar you may not have great many dollars but if you did have a you get my point you can bet your bottom dollar that this is what will happen that if we don't get out of this crisis that eventually Sunday attendance which will see you again is going to shift it's been a shift in a crisis it's been a shift in the midst of an hour of desperation and it's going to shift to Sunday legislation there are Sunday laws that are on the books now if you do your homework in history on Sunday legislation has taken place in Europe taken place in England it's taken place in colonial America there were strict blue laws during the time of the early colonies and there is a movement today I think about the European Sunday alliance I think about the efforts of Pope Benedict the sixteenth Derek there are a lot of people today that would like to see Sunday once again become legislated by law and if we come into a final crisis that's what's going to happen we believe that's what Bible prophecy predicts that that will happen and it will happen as a result of people trying to come to God in a crisis and say Lord you got to help us because if you don't do something the planet is in peril we got to get out of the somehow and only you can do and so Sunday attendance will shift the Sunday legislation and it will be done as an effort to try to bring America and the world back to God in in time of crisis in an emergency measure when you're in an emergency force force must be used and that relief that's what they think that's what's going to happen and those that don't go along with it those that don't a lot to church on the first day of the week they're going to stick out like Shadrach me Jack and Abednego on the plains Babylon when everybody found down and they were bowing down to the image of King Nebuchadnezzar there were three people that set our conscience tells us we can't do this our conscience tells us we can't do this now what I'm share with you may be a new idea to many of you I'm not sure I don't imagine that all of you here are completely familiar with this scenario this may be a new idea to you for those that watch this on television the same thing I'd like to share with you what Seventh-day Adventists believe is on the horizon and I ask that you think about it ponder it pray about it and take a look at it from the Bible what's wrong with Sunday legislation anyway it happened in Europe Constantine did it it's happen any British history colonial American history I'd happened it's happened many times what's wrong with Sunday legislation if Sunday if people are going to church where the crisis there praying and the government says you've got to go to church for an emergency churches and governments unite around the world and in a time of crisis and so Sunday is enforced by law what's wrong with that isn't that a good thing there's two major things that are wrong with Sunday legislation number one is it's the wrong day if you look at the ten Commandments the Big Ten and if you go down one two three four look at the fourth commandment the fork in them it tells us that they as the Sabbath day it's the seventh day not the first day of the week that's right and so first of all what's wrong with it as it is the wrong day being enforced by law not the day of the ten Commandments think anybody with an open heart looks at the law God will recognize second problem with Sunday legislation and seventy just tell me what it is it's pretty obvious for those of us that at least thought about it okay that's right that's right it's the use of force it's the use of force in religion it's got its government and churches trying to force people to be religious and to go to church Jesus Christ never used force to compel obedience the only use the power block he doesn't do that so that's it and when the time finally comes and wherein a big crisis and there is unity and their Sunday attendance and then Sunday legislation and it's happening around the world and there's a whole lot of us have a problem with this and think there's something wrong it's the wrong day force and especially if we know our Bibles if we know what Revelation fourteen says we know what the third Angels message says it were to be in the time of the final crisis and we have a message to give to the world we when that time comes we need to be able to explain to our friends to our families to our neighbors to reporters to the media what this crisis is all about right we need to be able to explain what's going on I fully believe by the grace of God that white horse media is going to be operating at that time this is the goal of our ministry this is our dream to be a part of God 's last message to the world and I can guarantee you that if we are a functioning organization when the final crisis hits around the world were to send out press releases which we've been doing in the past we've learn how to engage the media I've learned how to get on television shows and radio shows as a guest on the home if you are local but how could you have listened to Billy Cunningham on the big one seven hundred a.m. W L W from a viewer from Cincinnati ever listen to Billy Cunningham anybody that you must all be from out of town anybody that lives in Cincinnati is well aware of the radio station W L W seven hundred AM it's the biggest one in Cincinnati and one of the biggest talkshow hosts out there is a man named Billy Cunningham he's recently gone with Fox news he's not a national television show as well I've been billing just at least five times discussing different things I just about a week ago I was a guest on the Rob Pratt show the weekend magazine with Rob Pratt said CBS affiliate Katie K a station in Pittsburgh that's a large station on the East Coast I've been all kinds shows hundreds and hundreds of shows and when we talk about all kinds of media issues we talked about the Colorado murder massacre them massacre that was the last program I was on with with Rob Pratt and when the crisis hits were innocent at a press release and try to engage the media hope to get on Fox news I'd like to have the producer of the Bill O'Reilly show contact namesake Steve Walberg will would like to interview you about Sunday legislation in your views on Bible prophecy I'd love to be on the no spin zone without and to discuss this anyway when this time finally comes God is good to have a people around the world that are to be getting on the radio getting on television talking to the reporters talking to the newspapers and the ability explaining what the Bible says about this final crisis are you ready for that time do you know what to say when the crisis hits well work in a open Bibles and we all need to do this back to Revelation fourteen and we need to explain in a simple way verse nine who the beast is we got to do it were to say what the image of the beast as were to talk about the mark of the beast organ explained that in a simple way and I were to go down the verse twelve fourteen twelve and were going to say this verse and let's say it together here is the patience of the same here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus right and as the quote that I read earlier from six volume of the testimonies page nineteen it says that the law of God is to be magnified its claims must be presented in their true and sacred character that the people may be brought to decide for or against the truth when the final crisis hits when we get on the radio and television were interviewed by these people we need to open our Bibles we need to reverse twelve that talks about those who keep the commandments of God but just say that again keep the commandments of God now that opportunity was when open up our Bibles to Exodus twenty one to go down through the ten Commandments one by one and this is what could be happening all over the world people are to be opening their Bibles and telling people let's look at the law God let's look at the Big Ten that God wrote his own finger on stone the first commandment you shall have no other gods before me that verses could be shared around the world the second commandment no idols the third commandment don't take God 's name in vain the fourth commandment remember don't forget the seventh day Sabbath and keep it to keep it holy the fifth commandment honor your father and mother number six don't murder number seven don't altering number eight don't steal number nine don't lie number ten don't cut it and I strongly believe that when that time finally comes the crisis hits God can have people around the world that are directing people to his law when that time finally comes it will not be a time for marshmallow Christianity it will not be a time for fluff it will not be a time for site issues it will not be a time for all kinds of different interpretations about strange things that are blowing around the world it's good to be a time when the fourth angel comes down from heaven uniting with it third Angel to direct people all over the planet should be holiness of the Big Ten the ten Commandments not the ten suggestions but the ten Commandments that God wrote with his own finger on stone that are summarized into two big commandments to love God with all your heart soul mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself and I want to be part of that and I and I'm I'm deeply convict convicted that God can't use me to lift up his law to magnify his lot if I'm breaking his lot myself another way God can use me to really communicate the importance of the ten Commandments is if I am a command keeper and so that's what it happened and were to be lifting up the law around the world now follow this spot don't miss this point when we are in the midst of the final crisis which we will be soon and the Mark of the beast is enforced by law around the world which will happen and God has a people that are lifting up the ten Commandments and showing people number one number two number three number four all ten of them especially the fourth one and the Holy Spirit is speaking with great power and people 's lives are being opened and are going well I've never seen that before and the finger that wrote the law is speaking to people 's hearts commanded by Commander think this is my law this is nonnegotiable God wrote it with his own finger on stone when that time comes in the world at least those that are open are convicted that they broken the ten Commandments then what then what happens here's a here's a few Bible verses first John three four says Sandy is breaking the law we know that Romans three twenty three says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God Romans six twenty three says the wages of sin is death Romans three nineteen and twenty says the whole world will become guilty before God fourteen twelve says here are they that keep here's a very important point don't miss this point before anyone becomes a commandment keeper they first must realize that they are they are what their commandment breaker that's right if God has people around the world are lifting up his long showing people that they broken all the different commandments in the fourth commitments being broken and the Holy Spirit speaking with power to human hearts impressing people people realize that their guilty that they're sinners that they broken God 's law 's moral law then what then what do we just help people do I don't go to Bill O'Reilly or Billy Cunningham and say Billy or Bill or Rob or whatever show I'm on really the fourth commandment points to the seventeen of the first day of the week if you want your shift days from the first day the week of the seventh day everything is fine you'll go to heaven that way is that what were supposed to say during the final crisis now don't miss this when the law of God is lifted up as this quote cents magnifying and its claims are presented in their truly sacred character that the people may be brought to decide for or against the truth when that time comes all around the world and the spirit of God is trying to convict people one last time and the world feels it's need at least those that are open that they are guilty of breaking the law God don't miss the that moment is going to become heaven 's finest hour that moment is going to be the moment when the greatest length that has ever burst upon this world is in a flash and see the seed from shore to shore all around the world it is in the midst of that final crisis our that drives people through the power of the Holy Spirit are going to lift up lift up higher and higher and higher one man and all eyes are going to be directed to one day to one man and it's not to be Steve Walberg I'm not trying to offend anybody but is not to be done bachelors not to be marked that way it's not to be any one of those that the Lord is using it's not good to you not to be Danny or Jim or any of us because as Danny Shelton so often correctly says it's not about right it's not about me who's in about it's about Jesus that's right final crisis listen to what she says the same quote after the law God 's magnified it says the message of Christ's righteousness is to sound from one end of the earth to the other to prepare the way of the Lord this is the glory of God which closes the work of the third Angels when the ten Commandments are lifted up and people realize that they are sinners just the first half of verse twelve the Commandments of God then the next half of verse twelve is to be lifted up higher and higher and higher and higher and people are going to look at Jesus and the ability to hold John three sixteen that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that two thousand years ago a baby was born in Bethlehem two two thousand years ago he came down the one whose finger wrote the law came down and became a baby and became a man and during thirty three years of letting blocking the dusty roads of Galilee the shores of Judea for thirty three years a man named Jesus Christ God man kept every single one of those commandments perfectly he kept the Sabbath as Luke four sixteen says he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day stood up to read the kept the fifth commandment onto your father and mother when he was subject to Joseph and Mary looked to when he resisted the devil in the wilderness and said it is written worship the Lord your God and serve him only he kept the first minute when his father first when he said I tell you the truth he never lie he kept the night command he didn't bear false witness Jesus Christ kept every single one of the ten Commandments perfectly from birth to great and good he do it for the data for you and for me that's right I've Jeremiah twenty three verse five and six says that Jesus is good have a special name and the name is the Lord our righteousness if you read your Bibles you'll you'll discover Romans nine thirty one Romans eight four that God 's law his ten Commandments is about righteousness it tells us what's right and what's wrong it tells us it's wrong to live strongest fields wrong to commit adultery it's wrong not to honor our parents it's wrong not to keep the Sabbath it's wrong to bow down to idols God has a law he has a standard of right and wrong it's nonnegotiable it doesn't change no matter what the world says God 's Big Ten stand today it's a law of righteousness showing us what's right and what's wrong and the good news is that Jesus Christ came down here as a man and he kept every single one of those commandments he loved his father with all his heart soul mind and strength he left his neighbor as himself he kept the law got perfectly and he earned the right to become the Lord our righteousness and then at the end of thirty three years of holy living in the Garden of Gethsemane he suffered and he agonized and he drank a cup I don't have time to develop this right now but the third Angels message says that those that get the Mark of the beast will eventually drink the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out into a cup that's what Revelation fourteen cents ten cents in your Bible and items deeply convicted that in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus Christ drank that come he trembled with backup and the destiny of the human race trembled and not trying our and Jesus drank a copy said father if you're willing to take this cup from me nevertheless not my will but your will be done he took our justice so they could give us his mercy he took the wrath of the third Angels message the just wrath of God he took it in his own mind and in his own heart he loves us more than it will know that during the final crisis we left up the ten Commandments in a reluctant Jesus he is our righteousness at the end of his life he took the gather to himself the sins of the whole world all the commandment breaking that you never done that I've never done that every religion has done whether it's Catholic or Baptist or within or Muslim or Jewish whatever it is all the ten Commandments and Ben broken all over the world all the sand was gathered and placed in the mind and in the heart of Jesus Christ and he paid he suffered and he agonized and he drank that copping Gethsemane on the cross and he'd die he died for you and for me and for the whole world and during the final crisis that needs to be that rival loud fry needs to be lifted up Jesus needs to be lifted up higher and higher and higher the finger that broke the law was on a hand that was nailed to a cross to mountainous Mount Sinai where he gave his law not Calgary where he paid the price the heart of the third Angels message the Commandments of God the faith of Jesus the law and gospel these truths come together in the final crisis the laws lifted up and the cross is lifted up and Jesus Christ is lifted up he's my righteousness he's my Savior he loves me he suffered for me he took all my sins he died for me and he rose from the dead and he offers me any offers you a pure white robe a perfect righteousness to cover all of our sins and that message must be preached during the final crisis with tremendous power with latter rain the Holy Ghost have I never seen because that's their name that's the bottom line people have broken God 's law and they need a Savior they need Jesus this is not a side message this is not a rabbit trail this is not a apt one of the Devils diversions it's the final message of God to the world as described in the Bible it's the third Angels message it's right there in Scripture and those that hear the message during a final title have to make a final choice and I'll have to respond all know they're guilty they broken the law there's a lot enforcing the wrong day now they see the right law making the right day and they see the right man at the right savior who is their righteousness could left them who paid the price whose arms are open and he says come to me right now it's your last chance this is your last chance if is it and those that make the right choice and yield to Jesus as their Savior trust him as their righteousness they will be forgiven that they'll be clothed with a white robe don't have the Holy Spirit coming into their hearts with power and he will write them on their hearts the finger the rope the law was nailed to a cross and in that same single right along their hearts and in their minds and done by the grace of God they wanted to come command keepers like this verse says here are they that keep first they know they've broken and then they know they need Jesus and then they become those that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus to the power of the Holy Spirit dramatic keepers will be born during the final crisis and I want to be one of those people I want to be a commandment keeper don't you okay a quick story actually let me show you most of you know that a few months from now the very fateful day is coming December twenty one two thousand twelve I've written a book about this two thousand twelve the the world if you watch this program on television after that date is passed on to have to find another book to share as a missionary book but I bring a little book on this regard that are good and it talks about December twenty one they were calendar comes to an end and on speculation about this and I and it's got the third Angels message writing it it's got the ten commitments and got Jesus in the Gospel and his law and his love is in an anyway I bring out in my book and I've done this on the radio many times they'll do it again as we get closer to December twenty one then I personally believe that December twenty one two thousand twelve is going to be a very significant day something big is going to happen on that day and you're on your wondering what are you talking about latte December twenty one two thousand twelve my little girl dreams at the Abigail Rose Walberg she will turn five on that day December twenty one two thousand twelve is her birthday to me that's your significance of the day anyway last December right around December twenty one we had a birthday for Abby and she when she turned for we had some church friends in our home grandma and grandpa were there and I and he had little stack of presents and grandma grandpa had bought her this big president was gigantic bigger than my dog it was a dollhouse and I'll confess to you that I do play with dolls sometimes when my little progress my handset yet able to play with me and my dog she's hard to resist well she didn't know she had I a dollhouse in this big box so we all got around the time to open the presents and she pulled off she pulled off the wrapper and she looked and she saw this big image of a gigantic dollhouse in this box and she was so shocked and she looked and she let the grandma and grandpa and this is what she said it was so moving to me she looked up at them and she said she said grandpa is this really for me if this really for me and of course they look at her and said yes honey this is this is all for you this is all for you all I want to tell you and we need to be saying this with a loud voice all around the world especially during the final crisis that two thousand years ago God came down and became a man was that all for you it once two thousand years ago for thirty three years Jesus Christ kept the ten Commandments perfectly with love in his heart unselfish love to become the Lord our righteousness your righteousness in mind because we haven't done it did you do that all just for you at the end of his life in Gethsemane he wrestled father is an event possible take this cup from me but it was impossible if we were to be seen so Jesus chose to drink that cup to take the justice so we could receive his mercy did he do all of that was he separated on his father in Gethsemane and on the cross all for you yes and then he finally stretched out his arms and he said it is finished any time with battle for you and that he rose from the dead he rose from the dead it was all for you and it was all for me and that's what we need to pray each the message of Christ our righteousness during Earth 's final crisis with a loud voice through the power the Holy Spirit so that this person is fulfilled and God has the people all around the world who are among the things here are they that keep because they love him for what he's done for them here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and when that people as fully formidable and makes their choice then the door in heaven will close the plates will fall those that make the right choice who are on Jesus side will be protected during the final crisis the final time up legs and then the sky will crack open and the son of God will come down to get his people who are his saints who love him who wants him and given him their whole lives and they large get me out here and it'll be the greatest airlift in the history of humanity and will be going up to glory hallelujah and we won't have any more ASI conventions may not hasten that day let's bow our heads your father holy father in heaven thank you for the message of the third angel message of Jesus Christ and his righteousness how much Jesus loves us how much he's done for us oh Lord thank you so much please be with all of us write your log in our hearts put your love inside of us and help us to love you to love our neighbor as ourselves to be commandment keepers in the midst of a lost world so that light that gray light that people will go well look at that light I've never seen it like that before shining around her name we can bring in a in a message here is my audio address him in payment services and industry you would like to learn more and I find that you are not a assignment is the word this is a free online service please visit www. money is not


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