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It's Time... To Overcome

Chad Kreuzer
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Chad Kreuzer

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  • August 10, 2012
    6:30 PM
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him that I can tell you this I personally believe in be used for Jesus program I was twelve years ago these this summer and I had never heard of the Seventh-day Adventists in my entire life never have I heard of them and I was invited by someone who wasn't in the church would be somebody in the charismatic church got a flyer in the mail and they'd got my brother churches at all is a seminar on the book of Revelation coming Italiano check it out and so my friend was in a church he caught me talking the ponies that are going to come in I had no interest whatsoever in going but I had nothing to do that night so that night I ended up saying okay I guess although I went to the meetings is young man by the name of David speaking I had never in my entire life heard the Bible open so clearly and when I saw that message it was just revolutionary to me I saw that the Bible could be trusted again I take aim at every single might except for one or two nice as I could make it after work and I I I decided your sobbing things I thought that this is what the Bible says I believe in God this was what the Bible actually revealed that I have no choice to me there was no option is this is what the Bible says I have to follow and so at the end of that series I was baptized my eye I made a decision baby told me that you'd all the people worked anything to go to the school called the mission goes the Black Hills missing ballots they said are you are going to school Robinson are you going to the Black Hills and I do have a clue what that was and it sounded scary and my my family recently I ended up I said God if you want to go all golf in the door open I just started my second year of college in mice I thought on the north out I would go and I got a phone call thing also taken care of you can golf and I said non- ago he was the hardest decision my like I knew my family would not be happy my family played with me they cry and I ended up going anyway I learned left the college I was going to win it was the best decision I've ever made in my life and is a hardest decision I've ever made my life a long story short I went to the school there I was asked to become an evangelist I've been traveling the world for the last twelve years doing evangelistic meetings and seen scores of people give their life to the Lord and come to the truth as a result of the work that we have been doing as I believe in this message and as as a result we were doing as is we're working we work in Europe for working with atheists agnostics just nonbelievers we were working after that import minority and meeting a lot of skeptics as we are meeting them out one of the things that we as I was studying the Bible with them and I was a atheist who is a videogame designer he made me a 3-D sanctuary of sitting down reading Leviticus within an single gets two cubits and so you try to make this thing and the Lord is blessing us we are working with the skeptics one of the things we noticed was that they would say over and over is a site I saw something about that on Discovery Channel was not met with some but you need something that looks like Discovery Channel but instead of being skeptical shares our message and so house as we were thinking about that the Lord opened the doors and we began a ministry called anchor point films and what we do is we do exactly that we born archaeologist to go around scholars theologians and so forth and we make documentaries that look like Discovery Channel or history channel but instead of being skeptical they give a reason to believe in the Bible or reason to believe in Jesus and the Adventists message and they are going all over the world people are using them in your secular areas are using them in United States gold vortices and across the United States out we have doctors in a month their patients dentist of their patients and it has been weak this wasn't our purpose my purpose was I wanted something that I was happy to give out door-to-door we decide this was for me my friends going door-to-door but the Lord and a blessing so we are my wife and I actually also ended up meeting my wife and the missing college that is another perk of going to school payment and so I am just so happy now my wife and I are both members of ASI in saltiness my first length insight the day after I was baptized after a monotonous I went to ASI and I got to say I thought it was totally strange we see my concoctions that could cure every disease known to man and it was such a strange thing for me but you know actually honestly all the Bible workers were very strange to me also but I've never seen people love the word of God like this and people who even though they were so strange to me actually Nathan Renner work that nobody was a strange guy but you know I didn't care if I want to become just like this guy you know the Lord uses strange people like us trying but before we going to messages seeking out home one more thing on the thing the message on to share tonight is a little bit on overcoming my wife and I do seminars are traveling to seminars on overcoming habits and addictions not only drugs alcohol tobacco and so forth but just general habits everybody is trouble of habits in their life and our purpose is to give people hope that we can see there is victory in Jesus Christ and so it are events listing meetings afterward realize the five day seminar on overcoming habits and addictions on your share with you some principles that year will be more spiritual in our seminar we do that you know the Bible science and health disability more biblical tonight but before we begin as far as forward prayer heavenly father we are so excited that you have brought these young people here that you use them to change lives of people in the group that they'd met that I'm sure in years to come will be doing powerful work for you Lord I thank you that you use anyone who is willing to be use father I pray right now that you would annoy Melissa to give me the should you need to speak anything that you have me to say give that to me and anything else help me to avoid a father may your spirit rained down in a powerful way in the name of Jesus and Howard Rutledge was an executive officer on eighty battleship in the golf of Konkan getting ready to go into Vietnam now Howard Rutledge took a plane and he sort up over North Vietnam as he was he was going up over North Vietnam he was struck his plane was struck by a missile and as just before it exploded ejected and came sailing down severe but as he did he was immediately captured and thrown into what would later be known as the Hanoi Hilton or heartbreak Hotel he was put into this situation he was he was thrown in situations where he was literally face found in human feces living without food being beaten going through an absolute living hell seven years he was in this place five years he was in solitary confinement in a situation he wrote these words are either later said about his experience he said it is hard it is hard to describe what solitary confinement can do to unnerve and defeat a man you quickly tire of standing or sitting down sleeping or being awake there are no books no paper or pencils no magazines or newspaper the only colors you see are drab gray and dirty brown months or years may go by when you do not see the sunrise the moon the green grass or flowers you are locked in alone in silent in your filthy little cell breathing stale rocking chair and trying to keep your sanity he talks about what it's like for people in this situation to try to just be saying when there's nothing do four years on and illegals on a sadist he says now the sights and sounds and smell of death were all around me my hunger for spiritual food soon outdated my hunger for a state I tried desperately to recall snatches of Scripture sermons the gospel choruses from childhood and hymns we sing in church how I struggled to recall those scriptures and hands I spent my first eighteen years in a Baptist Sunday school and I was amazed at how much I can recall regrettably I had not seen the importance of memorizing verses from the Bible and learning gospel songs now when I needed them it was too late I never dreamed I would I would spend almost seven years five of them in solitary confinement in a prison in North Vietnam or that thinking about one memorized verse could have made a whole day bearable here is a man who sat alone for five years and as he looked back on as he looked back on the child and yet gone through anything he thought about the fact that he sitting in there any stinking if only I could remember some of those texts of Scripture if only I had taken more seriously storing of God 's word in my mind and storing up the songs from church in my mind out of something to the feel my mind with any system I learned in there that one verse could make a day of hell bearable read story about another man who was thrown in the Hanoi Hilton in this situation the phenol many verses in one day he was listening he was also solitary confinement and as he was in there he began listening and he began to hear you begin to hear someone pounding out in Morse code and what he heard was Psalms twenty one verse one and two I will lift up mine eyes the hills from whence cometh my help my help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth in his heart thrilled within him and he began to listen to somebody else typed out another person somebody else I got another and to begin to have their collective Bible all the taxi could remember from their childhood and this man Captain James E Ray said these words he said Scriptures on paper are not one iota as useful as scriptures that are burned into the mine where we can call on them for comfort in a time of need you see James Ray never thought he would be in the Hanoi Hilton Howard Rutledge never imagined he was spent five years in solitary confinement he had no clue as a young Baptist she didn't know what the future in this world would hold for him you see she wouldn't know but the reality is we know the future right we know what's coming and we all have to be confused as to what is coming upon us while we know for a fact we have the proper seats we have the book of Daniel in the book of Revelation we have to leave our guilt book the great controversy we have last day events that just spells out real simple for us we know what the future holds these young men did not know and did not prepare for what was coming but God has given us very clear messages so that we wouldn't be confused as to what would come in the future he is calling us to be ready for the last days he has a people is going to have a people organist spread his message to the entire planet we see the signs fulfilling all around us it's no question I think even secular people noticed the world is changing something is not the gift but the reality is we know that all the signs are signs of the times but we know that one has to be fulfilled and that is that God 's people will free nation and tongue and people spreading the three angels message and the everlasting gospel to the world and God is calling us to be a part of this group sharing his message of love and hope but you know we also know that inmates these message of hope that there are trials that are coming up in the future there are severe difficulties that are coming we think we have something we know about the Jacobs time of trouble we are going to be in troublous times and honest calling his people to be ready he is calling his people to seek his word to get to know the Savior and many times when we look at Jesus when we look at Jesus and we think will okay Jesus went through a time of trouble he actually went through a time of trouble such as never was since the beginning of the world until this time nor never will be Jesus actually went through a greater trial than we will ever be called upon to bear and so we think about okay how did Jesus overcome and so what we look at me look at Matthew chapter four we see Jesus was led up into the sin of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil and when he fasted forty days and forty nights he was afterward and hung in hunger and the devil sentence him command that these stones be made bread and you remember what Jesus said in Matthew chapter four verse four what he said it's ease mixing man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God now we know that we know that anytime a child in a time of temptation our Savior Jesus in these difficulties he knew he had a word in season to combat the temptations that of the devil and so we we know that we know the second temptation came in the habit of Scripture third temptation came he had a scripture the always had a Scripture we notice that no less than forty three times in Jesus ministry the either clothes specifically or allude to specific passages of Scripture no less than forty three times so it's clear that Jesus knew the Bible very well and we several why would you know the Bible obviously knew the Bible because he happened to be told God I make sense iPod you know the Bible right to season one who inspired the Bible but if you have your Bibles look at Luke chapter two Whitney from him Luke chapter two yes Jesus was God there's no question with a new look at the Duke Jesus was God we concede the Bible is very clear Isaiah chapter nine verse six simply says that he was the mighty God relationship the plaintiff that he was the elf and the Omega the beginning and the ending but then we see in Revelation chapter one the Bible tells us that Jesus was not only the mighty God of Isaiah nine sixty six he was he all mighty the Bible is very clear but a little chapter two speaking of Jesus in Luke chapter to you the context is very simple the beginning of the birth of Jesus toward the end of the chapter you see Jesus in the Temple with the doctors of the law and sees with the doctors of the law what happened he was talking with them and he knew the Bible better than they did in directly after that we see in verse fifty two chapter two verse fifty two the Bible says and Jesus increased in what way does some and stature and in favor with God and man so the first assist Jesus increased in what ways them know how much wisdom does not have always the right so it would make sense that God would know the Bible since he was the one who inspired right since God inspired it yet he would not but notice that the text sets it says and he increased in wisdom but I can't not do everything that does not Jesus was God as he became a human meat being he actually bought became a human being he had to learn in the same length noticed there was a time where he didn't have as much wisdom so that means as much he really was a child he had to go through life just as we would be had to learn the Scriptures in the same way we would were actually told the Jesus learned the Scriptures at the knee of his mother from the openings role of Scripture Jesus knew the Bible not because he was not now because you Robert I run a time back in the desert you know when I was LL.B. is now wasn't like that right he actually was leaving as a human being and had to read the Scriptures had to learn them just like you have to see in these situations in these times of trial and temptation as he went through he has great time of trouble it was not that he just all he had no he had some extra side that we went we were blessed to have known yes we know that he was divine I'm not getting into the whole nature of prices you have someone talking up the blessing as he had to learn just like we have to see how that serves the scripters get a store the monthly new member when he was twelve years old when he discovered he went to the feast in the ended up finding all that land that that's me that's that's me and he discovered that he was going to be sealed in the interest of the prophecy of Daniel chapter eight Daniel chapter nine he understood these RPCs on the end of chapter nine he knew exactly a yes I came I was baptized on twenty seven eighty prophecy fulfilled I'm going to be crucified in thirty one A.D. Jesus knew the exact time of his death he knew there was a time of trouble coming Jesus knew that and he prepared his life for the future that was coming he took seriously the fact that he knew that prophecy actually was talking about him prophecy was not just a nebulous and singing about some people but it's actually talking about him and he needs to be ready he was ready we went to his baptism he had text from Scripture and the Scriptures that he quoted were all from Deuteronomy all the running meaning than most of those words the Israelites could use the very same promises in the temptations in the wilderness and decoder use them to find victory Jesus walked over the same ground found big three from the same text descriptor that they could have used to find victory when they were in the wilderness he was in the wilderness being tempted he found victory because he clung to his father through trusting in the work the Israelites had not trusted as it says in the receptor for verse two for unto us was the gospel preached as well as unto them specifically referring to the Israelites one for us was the gospel preached as well as unto them but the word preached did not profit them you can talk to me Israel is why this is because it was not mixed with faith in them that heard it so they had the word of God they had a seemingly as it were on their shelves of their ten they had right there they knew they had the testimonies that they can even tell you things about big E writing to do all these things but they were not trusting in the word of God the rest storing up in your heart and actually having faith when the times of trials and temptations came Jesus in his trial in the wilderness three times he is claiming victory from the word of God you know when we look at Jesus life in every trial in every temptation we see him turning to God we see him in a bear in the wilderness in any time of trial his time of trauma wilderness he was ready he had the word of God to cling to so it was therefore Jesus temptation instead of leading them away from what actually led him to God as it says in Hebrews chapter five that he was a son yet he learned obedience through the things he walk software Jesus actually learn famille be in the trials of life he would cling to the word of God with prayer and supplication in fastening the was actually clinging to botch trusting in his work in the times of temptation and saw what it was is that Jesus was so united for the word her life was just a outflowing of the word of God to John in the book of John chapter one just simply calls Jesus more because in the word of God Jesus is the living Word of God he was so united to his word God 's word in every trial is mine instead of turning to the temptation would turn to his heavenly father into his work scientists have done a study with monkeys and I'm not I'm not saying it's a good study and they come up with crazy things and I understand it tell you about how nothing I can donate that they did it and not to tell you about they just study what they did was they took a monkey maybe several of them and what they did was save the map out their brain meeting with their imaging machines whatever they are there are sitting there and I looking at them and they began to discover okay we can see the monkey monster makeup areas of the brain but right here okay that's the index finger and right next to it is the middle finger and so they can actually tell okay right now he's moving his index finger right now he's moving his middle finger in there right next to each other and so what they did last I don't know where they came up with this basalt his two fingers together a very nice of them but they sell his two fingers together and so what happened is those two parts of the brain right next to each other the pointer finger the middle finger they were right next to each other anywhere to different parts is not some kind of made sonic symbol just in case your wondering but nevertheless so they were right next to each other I am as they are right there off biggest the opening middle finger indexing or middle finger indexing or the sea was mooted when they saw them together those two portions of the brain map in time actually fused together and became just one part of the brain and so scientists have discovered that our brains I lasted there changeable they used to think they were change last now discovering they can be changed and so they saw these two parts become one is scientist coined the term things that fire together why your together things that fire together wire together so what would happen because they couldn't do anything but move those two fingers together what are they don't update and enough wiring together in the brain of that month very interesting now we also see I think back on my life used to be I have I have an addictive personality when I did I didn't know them you might identify for the drinker my mom smokes incisor teeth on the other always doing those things in the house I like to smell smoke in any length taste of alcohol the higher member and I never wanted to smoke but one day my dad decided to give me a cigar that you all the guys were oversized smoke my first got in very rapidly I became hooked on Saddam 's and are not to avoid overtime work now before that time I never associated stress with smoking or tobacco I never associated the two they were two different mouths they do nothing to each other but over time with this with this addiction when an event happening with everyone or anytime a stressor came immediately my brain went a lot tobacco so when ended up having those things that began to fire together began to walk it in a wired city become your just a straight shot from one of the next so anytime stress and stress immediately goes to tobacco or for others it may be stress goes to anger whatever those things that begin to fire together end up wiring together with a scientist later came in what they did was they took that same monkey and they took the two fingers ache of a scalpel and as they took the scalpel will be ended up doing was the scalpel in and ended up cutting the two fingers apart and then over time that member one portion at one brain map area once again went back to two error yes so scientists I have coined the term things that fire apart what wider apart very simple so now think about this from him so what happened was I is in the beginnings you don't stress again in smoking had nothing to do each other but they began to wire together because that action knowledge that it became a habit and we know we been told what thoughts work out what actions repeated actions form habits and habits formed character so our thoughts that we think about something up to become an action once we done that several times it becomes a habit in that habit becomes our character and become so hard to break our character or our comments we try to change them but we always end up stumbling back into the same actions gone actually wants to change our minds the Bible says in Ephesians chapter four beginning at verse twenty two through verse twenty four the Bible says that you put all this is where to put off the former conversation or the former lifestyle with its deceitful lots and in the next verse inversely to resist and be renewed in the spirit of your mind and an essayist and that you put on the new man which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness the text basically say that it starts up I think you need to be changed you need to put off the old areas of life and then assess how even to be changed is this will be changed by the renewing of your mind and then it says simply now you need to put on the new man which is renewed into his image into the image of our Savior so basically what happens many times I have as we try to avoid the old ways that are not adequate doing this I have quit looking at thirty seven and quit listening to this reason I have quit doing these things in the win of falling back into even worse because what we end up doing is we don't end up changing or actually feeling ourselves with something better argument for the old parable of the house that is swept and cleaned in the demon leaves what is the inability because the house is not filled seven demons even worsen himself come back and fill that place what happens is we need to yes we need to put off the old ways the old lifestyle when he says we need to be renewed in our mind we need to put on the new man you see Jesus when he was on earth when his plantation scheme is set up just you know are just going on the life he always formed the clone for the word of God we can have the very same experience just witnessed now think about this for me stress used to continually bring me back to smoking I would quit for a while I would throw the pack of cigarettes away a few days in a stressful event with him he was trusting my brain went back to sentiment Byron together wire together as I would go back to imagine this what happens then when that temptation comes again and I went to the scene Angela Sidney and David shares about this text to text and first print issue of reimbursement in chapter six that tell us they say simply that your body is the lot temple of the Holy Spirit and it goes on to say if you destroy God 's temple he is going through destroy Iraq Ellsbury and so seen although actually cares about my body yes he wants to take care of me and take care of my body I don't it's not just me that I'm sick of coughing all the time signal having a sore throat or whatever but that God actually wants me to change and so what ended up having I saw God 's work is of several different things in my life I began to realize while you still would face a struggle with absolutist and so what happens is what temptation comes in as a temptation comes now typically have low back to the cigarettes are typically out would get angrier typically I would do whatever and so in this situation now I realize nobody is no plan for my life and so once God 's guilt bargaining is the flash in my mind in the beginning was hard to memorize I got right I have to happen always in my pocket or whatever insults as a temptation would come I was a father you told me you you told me father that you know my body is the temple the Holy Spirit you mean a victory so now when the temptation comes slowly instead of my mind going to the things of this world like cigarettes the mind begins to go to God for Jesus and finds a problem every found in temptation instead of going to the wealthy would always go to Baltimore as the temptations are coming those things that once were finally together again example we in overcoming center we talked to be without the homosexuals we talk to people who went the abuse we talked to people who haven't been through all those things but I know that some young ladies are young men who have been abused physically or sexually by their uncle if they just hear the word uncle just this negative feeling comes over the why when I think of uncle I honestly have these terrible painful box but because of their memory those things the winning your uncle the sometimes associated with the pain and suffering a uncle has brought upon himself as their life goes on it's because you're such a burden of the past the things that happen up and because those and an inspiring in their mind is wired together uncle in pain are now part of our life God doesn't want us to have to live with this burden is pain all throughout our lives he wants to give us victory he wants to help us to truly forgive and move on in life and actually actually get to the point where we can somehow love a person who has abused us could that be possible Jesus as he went to the cross as he was being abused not our typical nature would want to bring us up already hate the abuser but Jesus said some simple words he's a father why for the example they don't know what they're doing God can actually bring us to the point where we we forgive we find victory through our Lord Jesus Christ actually we can care and love for the person who is hurt us in the past Jesus was so tight with the word of God he was connected in his brain it was a part of who we let the Word of God was feeling him I will send Boston chapter three verse sixteen let the word of Christ dwell in you richly but the word of Christ when you richly Jesus the Word was dwelling in him so he was so close to the father he was clinging to the father in times of temptation things that were firing together any time of trial it says that Jesus learned obedience through the things he suffered in announcing the action temptations brought them closer to God his brain was actually changed we don't think about the fact are seems change our brain they actually affect us but also when we begin to come to Christ in the case of notification comes up I want a cigarette right so I don't really struggling anymore it's been years when winter when I want to see her soon I don't honestly think you will you say that no temptation taken you but such as is common to man up about a staple school must suffer you to be tempted above that you are able but will with the temptation also make a way to escape that you might be able to Barrett first refused and thirteen funny you told me that you will make away from even before you told me that you will give me the victory of this is the first review fifty seven thanks be to God which gives us the victory father I trust in you that you will actually give the victory is another temptation comes we can get to the point where instead of stress leading us to cigarettes are stressing us to anger or stress leading up to sadness or whatever we can get to the point where stress actually turns us to the Savior in both things that begins in no fire together wire together which means like the Bible says is an grid each of the five or seventy it tells us that we can become new creatures new creatures in Jesus Christ points victory for our Savior Jesus Christ now Jesus had to learn obedience to think the something suffered Jesus had to learn the Scriptures in order to find victory in what many people don't know that yes three times three times in the desert Jesus quoted Scripture to find victory in his time of trial but the Bible also reveals that Jesus Lehman across when Jesus went to the cross there were seven statements that he made theologians called in the seven words of Jesus on the cross while he's making oh seven words the seven statements three of them were quotations from the Old Testament Jesus in his great time of trial he knew the future is a future prophesy that he was but an alternate time attracting new he was going to thought you knew this would come in that he had prepared as he was upon the cross three times he's quoting the word of God Psalms chapter twenty two the Colts from Psalms chapter thirty one verse five and as he's quoting the word about these even finding comfort in the Scriptures that were meeting to prepare him for the last few days the Bible says these things were written for ox for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world .com this book has been written for us now you think of this sort of preparing for the last day for maybe storing up some verses that I had for the last phase the reality is if the trials today prepare us for the trials tomorrow that this struggles you you you dealer today it if you are having the word about your snoring up in your mind it is becoming a part of your brain a part of who you are these are preparing you for tomorrow the preferred treatment over the next day and are preparing you for the very unifying God is calling us to be clinging to his knees calling us to cling to his work to have it there in the times of trial you know some of things you struggle with your tempted with as a lot of singles that I have verses for you I have things to prepare you I have the preparation for tomorrow for these outnumbered and I'm not significantly provided on a visit in your pocket anytime you can pull it out you can have it there with you and the summary money single to left good Jesus I know that's good for someone to be less than for real spiritual people are bundled for me and I decided something that's my thing nothing when I'm just talking about our promise personality very clear promise versus the Bible says in second Peter chapter one whereby are given to a summer sport where my are given to us exceeding great and precious promises that by these you might need partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lots the Bible says were given promises to escape the corruption of the world through lust and it helps us to partake of God 's divine nature it helps us overcome our skin if these promises he has given us these things the totally changeups now is not as if we just claim the promise right we just say some simple problems like you know we see a woman who scantily clad wearing very little clothing and man's carnal heart immediately makes London to look where they should be looking right but an example you said improper chapter four verse twenty five let thine eyes look right on inlet Sinai leaves look straightforward look we ought to love number he ought not to write mouse we can do that sometimes you may even thought of arsenic in your outline victory what happened it's not a magic trick is not as if you just quote the birth and temptation disappeared the reality is we see the Israelites remember onto boss was the gospel preached as well as under the Israelites but the word preached in front with them why so they are the work we have the word of the bargain confidence because it was not mixed with faith in them that heard they were clinging to the promises of God by faith they had him down the promises and even had probably many of them memorized many more than we do probably but they were clinging to the promises might be coming to the policy but I trust you I don't trust myself I don't trust my feelings father I trust that you promised to give me victory and I know that you can give me big and has the more we do this what ends up happening you are firing to God 's word in a temptation God 's word in the trials will begin to wire together before God 's word in the trials were two separate things the digging soul be brought together that through communion with Christ we are told CNN will become hateful two months he can give us the ultimate victory noticed this quote in our distant one of my favorite quotes we are told we are fully docile workers page one oh nine and about this for yourself be not want to pray lest they enter into temptation yes they would want to pray they would become acquainted with their weak points where they are most likely to be assailed by temptation with watchfulness in prayer their weakest points can be so guarded as to become their strongest points and making counter temptation without being overcome imagine I know the worst part of your character the worst part of who you are imagine what it is any images that you don't need to shout it out but just think what is the worst part about what you are if you can't think of anything it's time I bought nothing about it they were saying I'm guessing most of us are living several things to think of the worst thing we are told that you want to listen prayer conclusions and walked down weakest points not only can the overcoming and you don't find victory this is your weakest point can become your strongest points is an ongoing unit news yes or no that is good news God says he will give the victory Jesus three times on the cross he's quoting Scripture the Scripture is just part of who we is is living and active in his white and it is meant to be living and active in God 's people at the end of time we are told this in the review and Herald from eighteen ninety gone will slash the knowledge obtained by diligent searching the Scriptures into our memory theory time when it is needed for EF unit black to feel your minds with the jams of true if you do not acquaint yourself with the words of Christ if you have never tasted the power of his grace in trial then they cannot expect the Holy Spirit will bring his words to their remembrance you see with assets we can hope that in the last phase a miraculous thing will happen and overcome all I wish I would've done these men do not know as a one-off award this is what the future had insulted me know what the future has in store we know for a fact if we are people and spread the message to the entire world we are generally appropriate time of trial and God is telling us we need to be ready we need to prepare we need to prepare today we need to be storing up the work on in our minds in our heart David himself said what he said I've learned how my feet in my heart that I might not what sin against you these that wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way by taking heed thereto according to your word is the word that will give victory trusting in the one who gave the work God is calling us to be faithful at the end of time is calling us to cling to his work Corrie ten boom she was a a young lady in the Netherlands during the second world war as the Nazi Gestapo came in and as late as they working on making when she was a child she had a terrible fear she thought what if one of God calls me to be a martyr out on a faith as you and your father to Savannah and unafraid to be a martyr for Jesus and are a wise thoughts father said her Cori when we go into Amsterdam when when do I give you the money to get on the train magnitude of three days before she said no you give it to me right before and as she heard that stories about how companies can you give me if if he calls me to you need a victory and we need to be preparing Corrie ten boom is over in Africa in a country that had me that government had just been shifted to another government and three days before they had called off a sect of Christians into the government office to be registered when they got there they were executing the next day another group called the government office and same thing happened they also were executed third-base saving for debate they were systematically executing the Christians of this African country as his was happen happening Corrie ten boom came to a church there and she began to speak in this church you had people sitting on wooden benches wooden walls to naked lightbulb sitting there with the bugs flying around them and as she speaking she notices nobody's paying attention nobody cares about what he thought he welcomes all looking around to see with their eyes as they look around there there thinking eating is he next be seen next in either be the next one to die and now she's thinking these things as Hesiod going as they are thinking these things you look for them and she tells him the story that her father told her when she was a child they gone calls you to be a martyr he will give you the strength when the time comes and when they began here that's for their eyes lit up they began to smile they begins looking around at each other as they began to look around smiles became came across their faces and they began to sing sing that old song in the suites by-and-by we shall meet on that beautiful shore Corey discovered she discovered that later that week half of that congregation was killed she discovered that shortly after the rest of the congregation was killed she said these words but I must tell you something in the context of August nineteen seventy four she said but I must tell you something I was soul have you will need to encourage these people for unlike many of their leaders I have the word of God I have been in the Bible and discovered that Jesus said he had not only overcome the world but to all those who remain faithful to the end viewed a crown of life how can we get ready for the persecution Corrie ten boom says who had been in a concentration camp herself Jesus how can we get ready for the persecution first we need to beef we need to be on the word of God I just make it a part of our be be a small mean disciplined Bible study each day as we not only memorize long passages of Scripture but put the principles to work in our lives for a woman who had gone through great time of trouble she knew the necessity in the trials of having God 's word strength and would strengthen us in times of temptation Prince God is calling us to find victory base is the time when we meet we don't want to wait for another generation we don't want to wait another few years and we can not have the next I know business boom whatever it may be or what things her company economy what are we waiting for God is calling us to overcome now to be a part of the people to share this message to the entire world to be over cumbersome he's he needs us to be clinging to the world letting all the things of this earth think Jesus whatever you want from them that's what I want for myself Jesus is calling us to be victorious and him maybe there's someone here who has been struggling with a scene maybe there's someone who's been struggling with anger lack of forgiveness for what someone is thank you and your pass may be that someone here was struggling with pornography and lots somebody else may be struggling with green giving him a business all the time of crowding on your relationship with Jesus Christ somebody else maybe you're struggling with you just don't care anymore you don't have all spiritual things anymore God is calling us to be victorious these calling us to be a part of his last three people he's calling us to find victory on the challenge I would challenge you to say gone whatever it is whatever is on the Lego today right here right now this Friday evening this salmon I found Alma Lego initiative RSS maybe there's someone here right now some temptations on scene has been ruining your life ruling your life nobody knows maybe but you know God is calling you think this is the date this is the time to let go if there's someone here this evening was a father I want to find victory in one find a deceiving would you just raise your hand just now all had surmounted all eyes are closed someone here wants to raise their hand on the challenge as a heads up on all eyes are closed is if someone here wants to take the challenge to say the next two months I want to memorize one text of Scripture per week and I want to allow women to be practical so that in times of trial times enjoy whatever situation I have attached both for my health got my ammunition meaning for the blessing of others is if someone says for the next two months I want to memorize eight versus one per week in the next two months anybody don't like to make that commitment as far as her work heavenly father we all have things in our lives we have things that fire together wire together in scene is just a part of who we are is a part of the very core of our brains the father were asking we are asking that you break these things if you come in with your heavenly scalpel with the sword of the spirit Ephesians chapter six verse seventeen says is the word of God you would bring that word and not December apart those fingers as it were that you would separate these things and you would unite our mind unitizing traumatize in temptation instead of fleeing to the same that we would be so connected to our Savior through prayer Bible study into your promises in our minds they said we would lead to you and find victory father we want to be a people that are victorious Savior Christ taught I printed to Hellmuth Sonora Jim Simpson 's last name and we will overcome as RC or overly rename is a a is you might not ever you are having this maintenance you like to learn more and I find things that are analyzed as a whore as a online service please visit www. nonbelievers .org


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