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He Shall Reign Forever

Steven Grabiner
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Steven Grabiner

President, Outpost Centers International



  • August 11, 2012
    8:00 PM
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him if I family I trust that you had a blessed week on her last meeting from the opening night where brother Frank shared with us that it's time to be about our father 's business taking us into the heavenly sanctuary throughout all the meetings this week I think we had a rich blessing amen I know that I've been richly blessed by hearing the variety of speakers for the some of the seminars of been great so it's a rich blessing for us to be together tonight like to invite you that claiming the promise of God as he has blessed us throughout the entire convention is going to bless us again I'm budgeted value had with me as we pray we and my father as the Sabbath draws to close as we begin to enter into another week as this and site convention draws to a close we once again come before you realizing in a small measure are great meaning and yet confident that you will supply that need as we open your Scriptures one more time tonight we invite your spirit to speak to our hearts and again we claim the promise that because you blessed us in the past we know that so give us a rich blessing now in the precious name of Jesus and all week long again are seen as being it's time to watch the about our father 's business that's right and what I like to study with you this evening is from my perspective the conclusion of God 's business in this universe and from the inception of sin into this universe it's been done business to clarify the issues in the great controversy when the origination of sin in the divine councils in heaven however long that was half before the creation of this world Satan has been trying to skew our and misrepresent who God is Satan has laid charges before the heavenly universe before the Council that meets in heaven over God 's rule over God 's justice over God 's mercy over food gone in and from the time it is then the father 's business to clarify the issues in the great controversy is uncharted like this study with you the conclusion of those issues and many of the tax will look at I believe will be familiar to many in this crowd and yet they are full of importance for us so I'd like to invite you tonight 's turn with me to the book of Revelation in the special place in my experience and interest in the book of Revelation I grew up in a Jewish home not grow up as a Christian really didn't know very much about Christianity growing up when I was around seventeen years of age I guess it was just seventeen I decided I was getting hitchhike across the United States I went with two friends of mine and somehow in my backpack was a Bible and it wasn't liable that in the back of the Bible had an adaptation on the different books in the Bible and self-described the Hebrew Scriptures which I was acquainted with but in our little summaries of the New Testament books of which I was not acquainted I remember thumbing through that annotation in the back and reading what you said about the book of Revelation they said no mysterious book very hard to be understood right frontal me if I thought to myself in my young seventeen years of age arrogance I read the book of Revelation understand and so I proceeded to open the book of Revelation I was hitchhiking from New York to California and somewhere else I started out doing that I turned to the first page the revelation of Jesus Christ not sure if that means talking up the things that much to it must take place must shortly come to pass and then I started moving in and there were beasts and dragons and way down and a long way in and it was really way perplexing and so I closed the book of Revelation I decided I'd start reading the Gospels which was probably a good decision for me at to begin at the beginning but since that time and since my conversion I've had an interest in the book of Revelation and those of you that studied the book of revelation and an audience like this I'm sure that many who have it we realize it's full of symbols and allusions but I'd like to look at a verse with you this evening that Sydney is one of the most perplexing versus in the book it's one of the most thought provoking verses in the book of Revelation one of the most enigmatic verses in the book of Revelation is found in Revelation chapter twenty the symbolism is not so perplexing but the meaning certainly draws our attention that you have your Bibles whether paper or electronic treatment me to Revelation chapter twenty the end of the book of Revelation is your churning like to share a concern that I have that as we read Revelation sometimes we become so focused in trying to discern the meaning behind every all that we assess the meaning of the book mother and sometimes we don't see the forest for the trees and the purpose of the book of Revelation is to give off a deeper religious experience as we read in Revelation and it's important for us to certainly understand the historicists context in the interpretation that makes us of the Baptist Church when it is but beyond that or full or than that or in harmony with better however the right way to say that is the book of Revelation needs to transform our experience needs to reach our hearts to Revelation chapter twenty before we reach chapter twenty three perhaps it set the CNBC 's media contacts the setting of Revelation twenty the end of the book and it's the final climax Revelation nineteen describes the return of Jesus Christ let's look at Revelation nineteen eleven first revelation nineteen in verse eleven etc. and I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse and he who sat on it as a special name what is that name everyone faithful and true with that that is Jesus Christ is the faithful and true witness he's the one who weakened a plan on what he says a man he is a faithful representation of who God is in great controversy time to be about her father 's business time to bring the great controversy to a close by the revelation of who God is Jesus is the faithful and true witness he is faithful and true and it goes on to say continuing in verse eleven and in righteousness he judges and more wars and major theme in the book of Revelation there is a conflict in Revelation from the beginning of the book to the end of the book there's a controversy over who will rule that evidence by one of the major ones they propped one of the major objects in the book of Revelation which is thrown it towers all throughout the entire book of Revelation and the throne hasn't thrown twenty four elders have a throne you mind if we are faithful will sit on his throne the redeemed sit on the throne but who else has a throne in the book of Revelation Satan to chapter two in King James is called Satan seats revelation thirteen the Dragon gives his seat in the King James it's the same word throne visit to the beast Satan has a thorough and the throne in the book of Revelation is contested territory Satan is buying for the rulership of this world and he does it through deception but how does Jesus wage war as a tech that place in nineteen eleven the range is more how in righteousness he wages war in righteousness but not a blessings AJ Dean Ellen White tells us that righteousness is love them very light and life of God everything that Jesus died is a manifestation of God 's law and he wages war in righteousness on the sixties and seventies when I grew up there was a slogan that said don't make war make a familiar old enough to remember don't make or make love with Jesus wages of war in law how can that be and Satan is trying to deceive us Satan is trying to paint the character of God with his own the strength of his own characters trying to misrepresent who God is and no more Israeli over the concept of who is worthy to rule the universe is not really trustworthy can we really depend on easy really she wore unblemished law is that everything that God dies his every action of God is it really she wore unadulterated law is a man it is any time for us to be about her father 's business and run feel that love to the world the power of deception is very strong recently I came across a book that you might have heard about this and there in the news recently it's called escape from Sam fourteen and it's a story of a young man who was raised in a prison camp in North Korea his name is Shannon don't you hope I'm pronouncing that correctly his parents were thrown into this prison camp before they met one another for some political crimes against the state of North Korea and on for good behavior they were allowed to marry in the prison camp that marriage entailed spending five days a year together one of those five day his older brother and himself were conceived and the deception in the prison camp was so strong that the force on the totalitarian state just drilled into everybody's mind don't trust anyone don't try to escape we are your protectors and the deception was so powerful that if you were to hear anyone talking about escape from this prison camp you were to turn them in wall as she grew older I named his mother and his older brother and his mother and older brother were talking about escape dutifully he turned them in he had been so deceived about what was right and what was wrong Eddie went to the authorities and said my mother and my brother are planning to escape the authorities then took him and tortured him for four more days to make sure that he had no more hidden secrets after that his mother and his brother were taken and they were shot to death and as she stood there and watched his mother and his brother being put to death whom he had betrayed the only thing he felt in his heart was anger against them the state had so perpetuated a deception that even the closest bond on the mother and her son were completely torn upside down for the sisters this world is a camp fourteen and Satan is doing everything he can to totally turn upside down our perceptions of right and wrong goodness and truth I'm thankful that Jesus judges and makes war in March and righteousness or revelation nineteen continues there's this battle that comes and the beast and the false prophet are taken the other two on Satan 's emissaries in this world that captured their destroyed as Revelation nineteen unfolds let's turn to Revelation chapter twenty Revelation twenty starting in verse one that I saw an angel come down from heaven holding the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand and he laid hold of the dragon that serpent of old who is the devil and Satan and he bound him for a thousand years verse three notice of verbs in the verse noticed burbs of universe he threw him into the best at his shot it will be sealed it over him so that he would not deceive the nations any longer somebody pseudoephedrine Satan is thrown into the fact he is shot in and see if field we would say in our English vocabulary signed sealed and delivered he is locked down he has done and if you are I work some corner we could watch this off to one side there were a lot of great charismatic hollowly or from us as Satan was bound through the book of Revelation he's been the antagonist is waging wars doing everything we can to disrupt the place his throne above not to overthrow who God is and God 's business is going to unfold his character now Satan is taken these in any of this metaphorically speaking these ballot there's nothing Satan can do pretty strong I want that take place don't you now this is where for me the most flexing part of the Revelation is the first continuous revelation twenty after these things twenty verse three last part of verse after these things what happens relation twenty three after these things he lasts D released from his prison notice it does not say Phyllis K or he shall be released to find a way out the word ESC must be set free and for little two zero four letter English word translate the three letter Greek word which indicates undermine necessity is an bandanna 's Bible commentary says that this represents a moral and asked uncle necessity as I was reading to the book of Revelation and were coming to the end and things bound and thrown into the pit and the wicked are destroyed all of a sudden he must be set free in the question arises why must you get visa free and scholars have struggled with this Rh Charles a well known revelations dollar from the early nineteen hundreds he is an answer to this was while John just got tired at this point and so he wanted and the bookings we did it on a floppy way I think that's true I think don't know exactly what he was intending to write that is your moving through the story of the unfolding of the great controversy the father 's business clearing himself would come almost to the myriad it's not quite over something else must be shown shaking must be set free the moral and ethical imperative are the issues in the great controversy and you would think by this time that the entire universe would be very clear as to what's going on but my brothers and sisters that's not yet so some things must still be demonstrated as revelation continues we know that at this time Jesus is common in Revelation nineteen the wicked been destroyed at the end of Revelation nineteen other Bible verses tell us that God 's people have been offended raised with Christ and for a thousand years God 's people are in heaven judging and ruling revelation twenty verses three and four tell us that but at the end of thousand years there is still a fun issues there are serious still some issues in the great controversy that need to be clear not the father 's business has not yet come to a full completion relation twenty five films at the end of the thousand years the wicked will be brought back to life the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished let's turn to Revelation chapter twenty and look in verse seven thousand years are finished or completed date and will be released from his prison birthday and will come out to deceive the nations that's those within resurrected in the second resurrection which are in the four corners of the earth God can make on notice of what his purpose is Revelation twenty verse tells us what is his intention to gather them together for what battle the war is continuing incident meeting James and most translation say to gather them together for battle the Greek actually has the definite article before the word battle indicating this is the battle this is the climactic battle in the war in a moment heaven and hell will come face to face you've gathered them together for the battle the final struggle in the great controversy the final culmination of God 's business in this world a number of them is like the sand of the seashore and they came up on the broad claim of the earth and they surround the camp of the saints the holy city of John trade of collapses and then telescopes at certain images in this portion of Revelation he kind of gives us an overview and revelation a skinny revolution twenty versus seven through ten the holy city being surrounded by the wicked in the fire coming down and then he goes back and it gives us more detail in verse eleven I want to just imagine if you will with the settings can be like replacing twenty Satan bound for a thousand years finally the holy city comes down to people did with him for a thousand years in that city comes down in college people watched Jesus resurrect the wicked on amazing scene that's good individuals from KLA on down to the last individual and I raised back up not an beautiful form like they were raised back up again Erik Aaron the city and Satan is now free to continue his work of deception adding us to gather everyone together for this final battle and God 's people are in the city Jesus brings them back into the city closing the gates of the city and UN liability question is where we can be imagined being in the city when I be excited I mean ready to be hugging and embracing and yet dancing they say that and I is now enthusiastic and just three all to be insane not to be outside the city Satan goes out in a final attempt and he stirs up the wicked he says no we can take the city and you're familiar with this passage of Scripture and the entire host of Satan Angels and Satan and generals throughout history they marshal up against the city coming up at the Kansas City men Revelation twenty first lap Revelation twenty verse eleven and then I saw a great white throne him and him who sat upon it from whose presence earth and heaven fled away and there was no more place for them I saw this great white throne interestingly sat on a skillet place in the book of Revelation the throne is called great and white great in its intensity and magnitude why in its purity and holiness and hop up on the city is raised up that throne on which the final coronation of Jesus Christ takes place and is the weekend are marching up against the city with the Internet inspiring them with all his deception that throne is lifted and thrown the book of Revelation I would argue is synonymous with PR and that are at a mercy seat the place of justice and mercy another way to justice and mercy meet in Earth 's history and at the cross that's why all my tells of the great controversy and eight six six six and above the throne was lifted up the cross and all that vast house as they are marking up to the city may save across they see the crucifixion they see that he fallen Adam they see the history of sympathy primary thing they see is the cross of Jesus Christ and having our meeting face-to-face because outside the city you have full unbridled deception and self interest and self-motivation and in the city you have full and unbridled and hell has no chance not that the powers and kingdoms of this world don't stand a chance before the self sacrificial love of Jesus and you and I need to understand and realize in our dealings with one another that power and manipulation and control that's not the way the cross but humility self-sacrifice that is where real power is that is Google really is most powerful being in the University of his skin he displays his or you being willing to be crucified to take our suffering are our curse our separation I just breach one of us but for every person that will be there on that day the wicked are raised up from their first data show that really they didn't have to die a second data Christ died for every person could have been in the city if they only responded to the law displayed health is our biggest page fifty eight tells us that in the judgment a very small will realize how may have rejected truth on the cross in all its bearings will be soon powerful for God 's business it's time to be in our father 's business which is bringing the great controversy to a close it's understanding how God rules in this world God conquers through self-sacrifice nuts are you and I conquer as well the willingness to give all to Jesus Christ to allow that love displayed across the unparalleled love which overthrows all power in this world to allow it to transform our line my point this evening is this everyone Abbas will be there on that day we will remember this ninth we will remember this convention and whether the things that have been spoken to us this week have put us in the path of righteousness or we've turned away and moved to the path of destruction but not only will everyone dear everyone who hears this message at some time not only will everyone it must be there by a real person you have ever been that in your life will be first and cleans your hotel room the person that you cut off in mind when you're driving the person that you haven't forgiven the person that you have a grudge against the person that believes differently than you do on women's ordination will be there where will they it's our duty brothers and sisters to make sure they are in the city review and Herald June six two thousand and two thousand June fifth nineteen hundred online rights this also all hertz is often a soul destroying let those who have light and friendly is remembered that their position of trust makes them responsible for souls they will have to meet again around the great white throne the souls whom they have driven from Christ bruised and wounded to death a silver is often the sole law we need to be about our father 's business and clarifying Don's name and God 's character in the great controversy by the revelation of who God CS Lewis writes in his book the weight of glory that we never meet a common person every person we meet destiny and eternal destiny are we helping them along the way or do time seemed to them in their path when King was in a concentration camp the prison camp in Korea one day a man was riding a middle-aged man who had more experience with the outside world he knew about China will you house and chickens things that you need never seen and he approached and they started talking about a state this time sinless and he thought moment we should escape it so one day they are on the northern part of the concentration camp the prison camp and they decided now was their time to escape and as they were trying to make their way through the wires the man that was going first the elderly older man he had some electrified wires and he was electrocuted down and she thought to himself I've got to escape and so over the body on this man would just die she crawled his dead body insulating him from the electricity made his way out into the big North Korean countryside eventually made his way to China finally to South Korea and now he works with an organization trying to raise awareness of conditions and I understand he's become a Christian as well his estate was facilitated from camp fourteen over the body of a dead man our escape from Camp fourteen in this world comes to the cross of Jesus Christ through the love of our Savior and Redeemer who gave himself for us who revealed what God is like brothers and sisters it's not just imaginary story one day earth and heaven are going to pass away and the one total object of affection and attention throughout eternity is going to be the cross of Christ should we be about her father 's business I said that from the terrapins late and the object of our mailings and a lesson here is my audience Chris is having this maintenance if you would like to learn more read him throughout a assignment is not a word a free online service please visit www. my neighbor is not


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