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Witnessing in the Marketplace - Without Burning Bridges

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training



  • August 10, 2012
    3:30 PM
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the Leavenworth thankful today that we can spend some time together studying and start thinking about what you have something about more I ask that you would bring what is needed in each of our lives in my life included as we consider the subject of witnessing in the marketplace in Christ name amen while since we have just not so many here I can this was great because then we can figure out exactly what you do I know you work an Academy setting a new work on the farm and so you interact with people in the public and that way and people there on your staff right and anything else I'm missing from that affirmative and what what led you here to the sonar death okay you're the director of the church outreach which is a childcare center and how many kids are coming to that child's a counter two hundred kids that's great so you're interacting than with the call their parents some of them are probably church members some of them are not okay on your staff except one with that view I'm not adverse and and how many at least after you have yes so that's a pretty good ratio for the kids excellent so you have a prime all two hundred kids another's antivirus you would be having some counseling as we can yourself a lot of work it and then what's your context nurse at a certain center and are you are who were managing some other folks one among several and they mostly believers or nonbelievers mostly nonbelievers okay get what your situation OKC are working with a bunch of physical therapists that don't have the full spiritual range of motion okay get and where is that in Maryland we need physical therapy there in Maryland and then what led you here a nice title yet but I know Presser with that one of the literal title in and what about you folks opportunities always witnessing okay and what led you here ways of witnessing and methodology are good what about yourself while the good news is that I worked with a bunch of engineers in Wichita there exists a whole city of engineers have now switched jobs from words at the Raytheon to Boeing and so they I've talked to many engineers over the years and had many in my church and so within that context Hopewell remember a few stories from that tell about how we we reached down actually as I recall we had a number of engineers one two about for engineers to join the church when I was there one other was an engineering student that actually that was the founder of audio verse was taping yesterday and now he has mastermind audio verse which is regional whole world that he came in through witnessing to through engineers so great in this love about me hello Neil know me what's probably all of you I I'm not done different things in life was on the third-generation Seventh-day Adventist pastor was always in the church left the church for a while came back and I worked in healthcare as a registered nurse or about eight years and in that capacity you know had some once a major management responsibility of minor ones and in so that was a great blessing then went into pastoring and working with you know within a community that had a lot of various professionals love legal professionals as a professionals medical professionals and they were all wanting to reach out to their third single but people within their circle of influence and cited that and then the last financiers worked with the organization call amazing facts their evangelism school and then just this January switched over to work with Doctor Neil medley at Weimar Center of health education where were attempting to use the health message to regions all these various areas where sunlight is available that some of you are and health areas will be childcare whether it be physical therapy and actually interesting of the engineers at my church for very much into health as well my prime mode people on the primary witnessing folks in my church was an engineer and had brain cancer and then through raw foods had hi and thrive in this all kinds of conversations with many many different engineers than I had another engineer for Boeing that the same thing happened with him not brain cancer but as a result of what happened to his health it opened up all kinds of evidence okay will get good to get to know a little bit about you folks and were you look at a chapter today the Bible is our framework and that's Luke chapter fifteen Luke chapter proactively check to twenty four Luke fifteen the great chapter to bypass our looking at Luke chapter twenty four etc. see to me that evil is all kinds of books that are coming out as a couple of their own on the idea that price was an excellent CEO or CFO were whatever they call him or a coach and it is true that you know he took a group of untrained men and that he change the world in one generation with those the only person I was trained was Judas and get the most problem will have of and he is going to volunteer his services through scanners that look alike to work with you and he was I try to change price way of doing things and in other key story Ms. John chapter five and six for Judas were capable borderlands on chapter five what it happened Jesus had fed the five thousand they wanted making Kings of Manas is great and then he refused to be made Cheney and it said that Tyler Judas was refracted to so has mine this switch is of the something wrong with this guy it is not taken advantage take taken advantage of the situation and he says that he from that time on he had great and growing doubts and questions so interesting to study Christ is a is a leader of ministry so we're looking at Luke chapter twenty four and as we look at just twenty four I think you can find some principles here that we can apply to various contexts I might be helpful if you don't have the Scriptures there the just read them on all allowed with me so we can all keep our focus now behold two of them were traveling that same day to a village called Emmaus which was seven miles from Jerusalem and they talked together of all these things which have happened and so was while they conversed in reasoned that Jesus himself drew near and went with the solid is see the principle that already what's the principle the number one principle for any kind of broke management that has the objective of spiritual influence comes down to something fairly basic it's drawing near the people and sometimes people are very nervous about you drawing near to them and sometimes you have to be very careful about how you draw near to them but in this particular situation he comes and draws near to them and this a couple quotes from the Civil War by personal labor reach the people where they are become acquainted with them this work cannot be done by proxy and what the proxy so else do it for you in the higher someone else to come in all labs is the evangelist command will have this and that is simply not work in your workplace and I can iron evangelist to come to the physical therapist top us or to the engineering office probably like an apt Scooby Doo if it's anybody come close to those for whom you labor that they may not only hear your voice by shake your hand learn your principles and feel your sympathy I think about that that's not rocket science visit hear your voice shaking your hand now what he them is learning your principles so what are your values what drives you what's your work ethic what my wife is an architect she worked with engineers and architects for years and the interesting thing about human needs to see my daughter with me this week and she looks exactly mother anyway interesting about Lisa was that she is an excellent architect and her attention to detail was amazing in her ability to spatially figure out buildings was something that they didn't really understand in this particular companies he is working for its fascinates you got this job flying out of the job I got or three jobs in a row I would pill and I talk about her like I'm talking about her dear lives when we need to meet the first and the higher one-way in this particular jobs he was working for Candlewood hotel company controversy Kamala Hotel as he designed a lot of those hotels and then there would be these project coordinators who will go out billable hotels all they had something that they decided they wanted downsized their team and so they told her that they were not never positioning more she was no she took it personally Kristi came home and she was not she was not so happy about that and I told us as you you don't realize that they made a huge mistake because you're so good to go so I know you have to say that because you live with me and synonymous say that it is unlimited because you know that I also can be brutally honest and so can you but as it is very desolate it is something to happen here God wants you to do something either something else which is getting ripe for or this way what happens three weeks later her Boston the company calls up and says you know what we made a huge mistake we now have gone through three different architecture firms and we are not fighting anybody they can do what you've been doing luck we are very sorry about what we've done and you didn't come back either full-time you like or give income as a consultant and you can tell us the price that you would like us to pay and so my wife supports ideas that I just say the same thing so it is tempting to the same thing I said absolutely not in our I refuse to judge them three times the amount and I think this and then I said look now with the contractor announces what do I know this because while asking for more money because we want money but because were doing church building project will give all the money that and they say yes if you goes on I want to go back there is will it make the price reliably you know how much do they want you there she did that and they said not only will you give you that will give you ten dollars more power than you asked for so seventy thousand dollars later we were able to get those funds to the building project but more than that when the people when she came back she never worked on a Sabbath she anyway disconnect one three short the Lord this would bless them that the other thing was as I watch my wife she knew how to come close to people you know now it was a good architect is a good God this he would take these things into the unit to the break room and extremely eagerness for no designed by illuminates and I tell you what they always look forward to that and I got a lot of Bible studies that in a similar principle dry near to people doesn't mean use it to do all you can have it you approach so that line my wife was like flypaper and I came and killed the flies are whatever you know it we worked and both Allawi precedent zero everyone and maybe a better illustration so dry near to people I don't know what your context is a mean in the physical therapy setting people are always being drawn near to terms of young doing those exercises in different ways cubicle where people are working in cubicles and engineering firm in creating space maybe out of it as of this doing looking at their screens all day how can they help you draw near the other figure out what that is not working on nursing situation I was a nurse and I decided you draw near to both I started baking bread I do not think Brad at first with her baking bread it was a guy was more like not bread was more like no bird crackers but once I got the formula down and people will line up for my bread I drew it is various this is not rocket science no and that I would bring it in writing right they could smell would go throughout that emergency room obtain what they would line up now that I that I started delivering bread to my coworkers I like to read so much at work device are going to their place and I start taken up stuff and they were like they were very happy to get that stuff but then there's the developer relationship that was not only in the work but outside of work in whatever context you are and I think that this is very important and it does I would just say this don't make it a theological reason that you can meet them outside the work context I'll start with that metadata working nine times out of ten or maybe ten times out of ten but if you're finding a way you know to meet their needs I jotted down in my notes here couple of where they go I know when I get someone forward was I going forward all along that okay yeah are you sorry Bob you know when you get to their house when you get into that know what what I did was out at work I'd find a way to draw near a minute it would go over to another context both my wife and I did that and and then we would be able to student needs help of and it can be very simple things that the authors of mortal stores of what was he going so it is our practice of the principles that we inculcate that give them white this is a second big thing of drawing their when Jesus drew near to the disciples on the road to romance or any time ultimately what won them was the way he really was noticed only a few people laterally know how you are and one of those groups of people as the people you work with is your with them so much out of here with the people you work with more than anybody else I mean somehow it here with your family more than the people we work with and both because were working for souls lowrise with both but yeah they really will now and then we'll see you in these context of no with Dan and also outside of work so living what you believe is very basic and coming near to them is so for now there was an irrevocable flight yet think I did that by personal labor rates the people where they are become acquainted with them can be done by proxy sermons money can accomplish that discount concert so living that must go on verse sixteen Ray Whitney their eyes were restrained so they did not know no what's the principle here is it always the bad to just tell everything about yourself and all but your faith Jesus here is dealing with these folks that are doubly disappointed and whatnot right now but they don't know who he is he doesn't go out of his way to tell who is or explain everything about who he is just the beginning and I think this is a big principle I don't know in your contacts what that means but what I found is sometimes less is more ally always give people an idea of something that would if they were watching could help them out right so I still have many things to say to you Jesus said but you cannot bear them now I think one of the prime problems with witnessing as we think it's a becomes like a hit job senility is a will made my witnessing needs to be that I'm going to tell about this particular doctor of that particular doctrine and because I'm thinking that they're not wanting to listen to me I'll talk fast and quick and then all almost fill embarrassed about what I'm talking about how to view understand what I mean and that's just not it will work on because there got it Darius says that your nervous there in the sense that you're not really comfortable doing what you're doing and that's not really you in all is not really new you are so I can give you some pretty example so that this is uninteresting over your new that the people here for me to preach like that so we can be more interactive style of thinking to sell you have to have things you draw near to people that Jesus ever think of his life they got people thinking now I really want to know something more about his faith I think that you might have thanks I'm these able to heal people is able to feed people is always sneaking off into the back room to pray anything to come out of all kinds of power and authority he seems to have wisdom that no one else that she is a very interesting guy Jesus is not really like is the fact that Italy I got about a mile I recall they also taught in parables it's a story involving all the parables that were told by the rabbis of Jesus day in the interesting thing is she knew all of those parables and in this book it shows how he was a plagiarist I guess you could say but he was using the parables and that he would change the punchline the rich man alas was one of those that was the parable of that day and many many other stores so no words if he was alive today which is what it comes down to make what he understand all the stories we understand the different things that are going rough woody now to use the newspaper we know how to say wait a minute Germany so he was interested he understood the stories people were hearing he understood that the replace your contacts anything that interests you have to do that if you want to be effective in them at all got to use it but if I'm always reading reading rate why go to some new city or town I wore all the history of that town I learned everything I can about that town I learned about the person 's business I go the website in this and that I want to know as much as I can now I've often doesn't really use it but I'm what I'm looking so their eyes were strangely did not know him I mean this concept in witnessing is something that is almost opposite Willie normally are witnessing really told to does look like an in-your-face Jesus right right whereas this is more camouflaged right now a good example dildos on the plane part of my witnessing is like being on planes and the auto I decided to wear in eighteen forty four certain said established eighteen forty four value productivity as those in your office right so the work new physical therapy logo eighteen forty four but I do work but it was when the CERT like on the airplane this lady she's getting on the airplane of my friends are doing airplane and I said what number is seven fifty six us zero look like a fifty six and seek out last to go through a number of US of onion on on twenty four signal you certainly don't look like in twenty four was splice organelle laughing about that and that she sees my start but she goes why awareness services eighteen forty four okay I were the serves all your time and trouble worms are right so I sent us as you know you don't know me well enough to ask me about my circle my field by your clothes I mean the magnets is located where the server but I got a lot Mexico talk about eighteen forty four my short until I like maybe it wishes information websites are talking with Ruben acids and also where you from Seattle last accent unless you from Iran signals and that's pretty good I am from Iran a set of the master this are you are you of the Baha'i faith and she said yeah to signal about the Baha'i faith he sees of the Baha'i faith right I remember a Baha'i faith associates of the Baha'i faith wow so a lot tell me about that what then being drawn up she goes well you know when she started telling on Saturdays week we would like a day I often than we'd have elicited this is it really necessary that no it and then now we could need I said what about your diet anything about your diet it could do and until the story illustrates something people love to talk about themselves locate something he shouldn't get all information you need for them to witness to themselves as US a request of its backdrop the Lord can work on them in their own hearts on Alaska's of the Taliban and what we could need for why not all I not sure I'm not certain they said no course of dealing for now Lindsay goes okay I do but I was still guilty person she does you think I should eat pork as well you know ports not doing so well in the news these days than not the World Health Organization strawman maybe that's what I said while you know above you know you know that the Muslims don't eat pork issues I know it's a nice is that you're the Muslims and Biden get along all that's very true all very true and I said and in him I said well he was using I have a problem so what sexy goes my boyfriend 's Muslim and I'm behind this all that bad that's really downloaded to reside she does this I worried about I worry about that I really worry about that I said about you know historically what I gather the Bible is probably why your relatives game if that's exactly why we came here to man you know a lot about this when I sent while you know you don't this leads me to somewhat want to bring up what's that I sifted you know the Baha'i faith was established in nineteen forty four she goes what is a visit to Maine I think my shirt is on excellent Saratoga where today because it was established that your faith she doesn't know why it was not to establish things a morning for the button with the principal you need to understand all the people you work with figure out what their phases and study up on everything about know more about their faith and they did know more about their faith and it is as much as you counted against your and these are principles if there generates people without alienating them any and what's good about their faith I learned that not eating pork is big I learned that she actually went to church on sample gratis quiet time with either know about why I knew already her gorillas was established in eighteen forty four right Mister tells me this is my boyfriend is Muslim behind social work so she has a name that solely evident that she cannot allow a solo what about this and what about your kids and their growing up in their different faiths and what about this one I know what about when you you don't get it an argument and it trying to look for authoritative thing to help you with that what you do I don't know if I see says to me what you guys to do that that is the key question right until she has asked that I really have no business going down that road gets enough so I said well I tell you what if I'm right the hero was started in eighteen forty four would you allow me to give you a recommendation she says we are not right about that so there's no way we could check in on this particular flight because I don't have Internet we get to Denver though really check it out I am not a betting person but this is this is not even a bat for me I know this is true on little wager with you ten dollars you give me ten dollars this is right she goes if I give you a hundred dollars resident hundred dollars and get the most visit me go zero do you have been impressive this is not that I know sister and so we get it and before I Google it I say to her luck no if this is true I've I I you have to listen what I say next to you is okay so I put in eighteen forty four by Beau comes up eighteen forty four was established residency just I can't believe you're more behind than I the sudden I wouldn't say that acid sisters as he goes okay so what you tell me I said look you got a problem with what the problem I said when you are hereby ready to marry someone who's a little Howard but she does I entered she does what you think I should do us a look we need to Google again and see if we can find a religion that has no eating of pork that has something to do with Sabbath observance right or Saturday technorati settlers but then a Diane that look you don't have eighteen forty four there right two thousand I guess I don't know that so that I know you got averaging forty four thousand and really nail down assert the researcher does what were the findings in Augusta probably be a factual help us narrow down and so you know so I put it in their eighteen forty four no pork and Sabbath what certain they love it you sound adversaries comes out as he goes what is that as illustrated on the websites of the rated link this is innovative as they do that she goes that sounds like a great charge that sounds like a church that would be like in the level I'm here he's there this would bring us together most of all the assets and said that's good it's a guidance I convinced her she goes what want you answers by my friend being he goes we are that serves as the Dean fails try to hide myself right as it was July wattages that sort will widen I say that sooner it would turn I could .net right for spot on some reason I knew I could do this he says as he goes now that is so cool you guys of the coolest people I've ever met any play a single ply much they should not I like why all the time and you know is that I always try to get high in a life filled with people result in Ezekiel is to go slow how I find out more about this related so well I know where you live she said I live in Miami before I'm heading to a economy this oral surgeon for boyfriend and I would talk to about all these issues what you think I should just I think you should go to the administrators two thousand boys and get counseling from the pastor soon as he goes what do you know anybody down there I said Dean in order to angles actually I lived in Miami most of my line where you going what what's the closest street and she egos as an investor for the demos of their hope the lady up with an Adventist pastor can use any principles of a story and I think this is the kind of thing that has to happen in our workplaces and this goes on over time they a few other stores of them and they worked it but that was a compartmentalize one from a plane trip but it was illustrate this principle wait where's my principal their eyes were restrained so they did not know him measure your approach in other words when you're witnessing to people measure your approach villages RAM dump everything and to sell right a lot I felt I made this can work I had a friend who went around handing out twenty eight fundamental beliefs books that was his witness is bank movable all it I'm not criticizing history people came in to the church from his ministry but that was not just one that doesn't seem like my kind of ministry I wanted at this measured approach right so as number two else arena now behold two of them were traveling really with me so I know you're still here were traveling that same day to a village called Emmaus which is seven miles from Jerusalem and they talked together of all these things would happen and so was while they conversed in reasons that Jesus himself drew near and went with them floundering on this one of course is listen another point I don't I'd I didn't bring in this but is no better way to listen everyone go out walking with them if I were you at your workplace I'll go walk after people and bright younger something about walking with people that really opens them up to give notices are Catholics over there now is no something with that that's walking with people that don't I think is is because there are their eyes are looking at another more they have to look at this and that walkable things it the more it loses a child puts their guard down take up stories about walking away reminding all stories okay but in this particular thing the reader walking is what was Jesus doing as they walked she listened in on their conversation right illicit while they conversely reason how to be a break rooms how did you can listen in on your employees and those he worked with you can solicit in a business and I'm not talking about you know what carpeting is a mere worrier you know look another law into their chapter different things about it but that can really come to kill your windows of a finite or snooping on their computer chats of colonialism for what does the word conversation me he listened to their conversation was that me but what's the reported conversation converse or convert ruling so what are they talking each other into what are they in all talking is one thing converting is another thing conversation and you'll hear people talking back and forth what's important to them what about this what about that I like the biggest new one I was working on this listen I was a too much you believe in thank you much and I would just listen listen less than Wilson may Allah listen listen their conversation and you know what was the brother while they conversed and they what reasons now this is a very important to know this listen to what they are conversing about but the reasoning processes on a regular about working or going carefully there saying that that's the most illogical thing I've ever heard or you might say when and I can now understand why they're acting away directing out when I did immediately so I would not forget these things as I started to pray for people and their bizarre thought processes so I would have a prayer list I will know a lot about people I wanted those people probably want here we are working with to be and have anything to probably need to know what their thought processes are in their reasoning is to have them be in a and him they needed the change in certain ways are twenty nine fundamental beliefs but listing to that I would see things to pray about well ill working with nurses website wonders like talk and being a male nurse how many of y'all can step that he probably shouldn't hear and I would just listen to it you know I'm a man of my neighbor or I met at this other girl on the other shift and whether this shift always do this and all that and all manner of your ever organized greatly and I will listen to it all because I knew later on something 's got to come up where I can say something at the right time date so does take a little extra work but I had a prayer list I would start praying for specific things in their life they didn't even know about but I just made the process list based on listening to them I think I can work the sardonic because she's the one who starts telling you what to do the Angels no tie what to do without they look the same I got right into I want to do but right and this frees him up because it here you're listening to their conversation in their reasoning child notices what he says next person 's a ring with me he said to them what kind of conversation is is that you have with one another as you walk in our sad now what's happening is this obtrusive is is overwhelming she's just asking what on conversation this is a look sad so it's a question is an open ended question this is the key and not alienating people some of us like to make statements I notice that you're an idiot in the literature relating to your bill whatever the people opening statements they don't need declarations many times are you know what they're doing is wrong but questions questions are what I want to Romania once I didn't know language but I wanted to witness the site asked my wife to teach me one word note the word was dead say why why I just want to build a road knocked on their doors let's talk to them and invited in a night notice a couple words of the bedtime for while I disco the Che they keep talking and I was a thaw the layout which his knees while and then the next thing why don't I go and say and they would keep talking talking I came back I left at like nine of the more I came back at four o'clock at night but definitely what was working of the doctor the people of the village what they say I have no club bulletins as I like to state alumni site is set as I said allowing drilling in the night is that asking the question why they talk and all of them that means you can only be liked and rode a different behavior like this one from house to house and then write it began I gave him a flyer that was all Romania is invited to my meetings in evening but only after I listened to a lot of time no and guess what happened they are okay not all but most of them came in the committee 's and they were taught my wife all your husband so funny that is such a highly self-funded Zyban I said nothing I don't even know what to say so openly here in an luck if I didn't even know what they're saying but I'm asking is simple I would think you could use a simple question why one would Jesus do so now this implement your price down a time to talk to work we are not generally reaching with your cock economic priorities talking or communicating in some way Sony does have the arm well I don't think I'll like that I say what I worked with a group of over zero positions no one was reaching a group they were underage people group they had like eight people I just made it my business to get to know them and just talk to them and asked some questions and before I left the hospital three of them accepted Christ were taken Bible studies just by talking to people or start of people talking just as people do not you don't have been some big huge highfalutin thing to talk about will talk to vote for Drew should enjoy traditions know please the Greek is great but it was because it's basically in us asking about what they're doing so PS them what things away but I guess my click on this and go on ahead of myself could help us as it is said to him what are you the only stranger in Israel or Jerusalem and have you not known the things which happened there in these days and he said to them what things what's he doing here is just another open-ended question about to do that are in the medical field if you taken a history and physical this is a great thing right diagnosis via means through analysis means now and if you go to get to the bottom I just visit with the physician in their offices with a psychiatrist who had taken celibacy and he did an excellent job of interviewing the made it took like an hour and a half but I this was an awesome event was beautiful way to figure out what was happening and the more you listen the better off you are in terms of witnessing date software you it is a fiancé how clear you know this is not rocket science but how do you think that in your contact you need to be manual more deliberate about listening and how about praying about what you're hearing without even telling them these are just understand a lot make follow this right down on the list what you're praying for why you would be amazed what happens with Elizabeth they would have to make I made this list and I will go swimming at the work at the YMCA and I would take my list I laminated it and I would pray over my list Wallace won the last two months on the swim free lap for Johnny it is valid to Catholic think but I was like I said mayonnaise a lot of prayers of this pray about every angle and as I was swimming and as I was praying for Johnny God would bring all kinds of thoughts in my mind about time and that so I'm conversing not only would Johnny but I'm conversing with God about Johnny Johnny doesn't know it at all I don't tell him I'm praying for you if I tell him pray for you update any of the hospital I learned us to tell someone at those one patient in entrée for you is it really that bad so they said that they really die so I learned the lesson that you don't just use God talk especially in your work environment job devices unlike the other thing about your son Coldwell is a praying thinking of you think when you pray you don't that's somehow bizarre kind of prayer that we should be involved in right so and I was undecided about how ill thanks for the thoughts no not later on in life and pray for you regular people let them know you're pregnant but this shows they have to say I'm praying for you date so this was the this is what happened with Johnny until the publishers through Johnny Johnny was like the most anti- religious person and I read in the spirit of prophecy of those the people you really have to go after it spent on Douglas and I neglected because many times they are under conviction if someone is very negative towards religion and their brain about your religion and those kind of things and the really hyper negative thereunder conviction many times is what happened I pray for him and everything else he's always like he knows I'm a Christian and easily like making these jokes and comments I must say I think then does whatever the Johnny Johnny's son got hit by car in and up the ICU and was hanging between life and death guess what just to he call the main and said anything I had never gotten the space or anything I want to the bedside and said would you pray for John would you prefer my son Johnny said desuetude with me my book for Johnny for three years most of you know I've been praying for you for three years as you have alleged so the book he burst into tears his son died but he came to church the next week and never stopped the church I never said anything about to me I didn't say but I was trying God was working right and when he was writing that happened now know as other dynamics was gone now did Jesus know what it happened in the guy 's life video that are the things you know about the people you work with it now he knew those thanks was a lady asked what they what exactly who was more important have talked you or that we it seems counterintuitive right since you have all the information they need to thank right likewise rockclimbing once I went rock climbing and I was going to this overhang this overhang I'd climb around it a person 's client roster said dull lenient towards the rock leaned back sillier your shoes will hold and and trust the road trust that was so hard for me I will like this I presume I just try to get close to the rock gaslamp my feet slipped out I was swinging a hundred feet above the ground like and I never climb the rope so fast in my life but this is the this is this is counterintuitive you will wait a minute I need to talk sometimes you don't just asking those questions so what do they answer that he received reveal a case of our number five is be aware of everything by asking what things want to be answered a receiver be illustrated the things concerning Jesus of Nazareth who was a prophet mighty in deed and word today believes in Jesus I have to believe only deemed a word but also what the forgot all the people announcing traced our rulers delivered him to be condemned to death and crucified him but we want to say next were hoping that was he was going to redeem Israel and Davis I saw this today is the third day since these things happen certain women of our company who arrived at the tomb early astonished us when they did not find his body became saying they had seen the visit of Angels was that he was alive and certain of those were weapons went to the Dylan father just as the woman said but him they did not see what their answer revealed to to Jesus what's that a lack of faith confusion lack of understanding what else disappointment always in our great interest they hadn't really fully understood with the Old Testament set it on a really underlined their thinking their emotions and what else they're there faulty thinking I remember fellow workers and the shares on the nose faulty right for your or your whatnot so notice what Jesus dies you know he enough this is a good thing now because now the right I think this is a principle if you give people long enough they'll witness to themselves they'll tell you what the problem is they'll articulated you don't have articulated they'll tell you right now Doctor Nelly and I were both in the depressed people in it and we do cognitive behavioral therapy and that's ABC thinking is the activating event matching with the the the consequence or it is the belief and all messed up so what was the activate event of their problem Jesus had died what was the consequence they thought no it's all over this is a distortion right was based on a faulty belief they didn't understand right so he will come to this moment with people this is witnessing now is it something else about this witnessing the marketplace there are so many things you can talk about besides the twenty eighth Bono believes that are related to the fundamental beliefs you can talk about their music is a wife that you like that music what about this what about that you can talk about everything you could talk about their relationships you can talk about their kids you can talk about forgiveness you can talk about anger even talk about bitterness you can talk about anxiety and talk about all kinds of things and what I was trying to let businesses say they are doing board meetings of the board meetings are like witnessing but sometimes they are I try to find out what are the small victories that could be one to gain confidence in this meeting what can give us momentum to get to the bigger issues that are come later no rough Giuliani unless animal family has but he wrote a book on leadership and he was in New York City and he took over New York City and guess what he did first he got everybody organized from the different places of the city and so they all the same room at the same time it's okay there's one problem attack and all of your parts of the city graffiti everybody sees the graffiti they see it everywhere were going to attack one of surveillance cameras anytime graffiti comes up it's taken down within a certain amount of time people are prosecuted that are doing that it will sell him miserable chains in the city at Rosen I always believe no matter where they go it all Dennis J Celestine it's a very simple thing graffiti I guess what he and then guess what happened next he moved onto the next thing and the next thing and the message so in your witnessing with people who get all the one want to say what it is small things right here but I need to do to win their confidence nepotism situation that makes sense and you can't just witnessed everybody at work you're witnessing the people the people at work now and he downloads I die trying with us to the leaders I can forget though my sign in all of both Fuji squeezing a lot and can then follow them the right circle down after that if it ABC thinking I it revealed also their emotions when he said that we were hoping we were hoping so what can we learn from Christ approach which is better will reset this is it for you to tell people their problems or is it for people to tell you their problems write me Friday through the one-mile father so true so as a result of his problems what is then Jesus able to do are the result of their problems let's enabled device patient very patient with them now that's the other thing I'm a viewport in your current job for more than five years more than ten years I yeah you know what I have found some people come in rapidly to understand that you're the one upon some people take years but patients are certain cargo things you don't do this is a general site and I some ice of what seminar is that the music seminar will be in this room will of the people at the man his throat was that you will by the way you know I I'm very careful about talking peoples about their music when witnessing to them I like to talk a little whiny like this on what you like those lyrics what about this one about like that I'm very careful not to condemn unnecessarily right at hand no bailout fails the diagnoses of the issue finally he's got this relationship with them how long is enormous people for their respective is a stranger policy really know guys on the driver is not released Red Hat is ready to go like that and so he says this of them all Islam are not to believe in all the provinces spoken about the Christ of soccer the space to enter it is going out why in the world anything that probably I can work at your office but is there a place in a time for that kind of conversation what is that what is at time yet when a trust is one answer but what's the other is a look back at this other thing on what did say you know when you were when you were hoping so that a place of complete halt less mess and that it does to two times good to talk really directly people at least one is what when they're in a crisis it is a young continue there might be some very stupid is there hopeless another tentative right I showed is Scott Hollis without the Savior and he killed himself Peter was helpless to but the first things he did that after his resurrection going to mark with what go tell the disciples and Peter because he realized he was right on the edge so there is a time to be direct when I got married my great uncle who married a sad note Don never yelling your wife unless as a fire in the house now is good counsel so exactly that of so diagnosing the issue he called him a fool what a fool of without there is no God but is requesting to get a fool no better and if they can't know better than I really fool there is no they got some mental issues right there they don't have the capacity to run a program but a full you call someone a full because they could have known better and did you know that they could know better because they gave all leave them there raising one it wasn't wise to call personal fool like we said only that they can conduct also more fool or foolish in some particular area of life is something I found it out is important important to know how to do it it's actually something that is part of a witnessing technique housed a technical study led by the Holy Spirit was if I give some examples of this in the situations were on or was witnessing follows work in the emergency room and I this was this guy use of the position and he was a very mean to patients and nurses female nurses lots of me so muscular the laugh I used to be so this guy was to see was system about the pallet of know what to do whenever one day he was dripping Betadine in a patient's eyes this guy was really was bad news and I got so upset and I told him I said that is a copy I told her once stopped at number two on a global way to talk with this you're completely aligned you've got some serious problems yourself we'll talk about this patient media doesn't pay money and is this and that most of you say has nothing to do with this person you are a complete idiot price was what I told I told in front of everybody and he just looked at me and he does anything is walked away they came to me maybe out of fear that this point became to me this is not even talk to Italy so that was the best thing you could is said to me I was completely wrong I completely lost my moorings and I need help I really needed help for him to admit that was a big thing and he went to apologize to the patient because as everybody else not only that he followed up invite me to his house is as you know for years I've done these things I'd I'd pretend that I've done no one really stands up to me I'm thankful that you did that sent me so there are times for that is in a sense and I've seen it happen a number of so in witnessing and he just tell people like it is finally that point yet it felt like it is out of tournament even need to be there they certainly do need to be there yes I believe the total voices bridge so what does it mean to be slow far of those ones and slow heart looks at me not to believe what that anyhow that's a great word write a security as well as bradycardia and great for those real medical field that means slow our show is basically saying your fullest and your peers so far gone in your heart has slowed down to the place that might even spot your hopeless anything out and out as a heart work you got your love and your job you got the top he got the bottom in over the top articles about or what to do is basically saying your heart is almost stopping in our normal sinus rhythm they wore your getting slower and slower you might even be like the junctional rhythm you're already getting there to basically you're in a tank and it's at that time he says you fools slow heart he's very very direct very direct so before you make a diagnostic statement what you need to know you need to know the facts you need to know everything is gone and that Jesus done his homework and did he know what was happening in other words when you're witnessing the complete with people really really look at the situation and you got time you know you got well at like it trail like you don't have any time but act like you have all the time I guess would be glad set I know you know when do you be direct and honest tell a story about that when I was leaving one turns I was then I'll is twenty eight years old as happened when I been working with the same people for five years I know I still leave and not come back as I was going to a church another church in Kansas so you know I've been I wrote them all letters that were personalized letters I've been praying for them and told them the different things that were on my heart for them and I invited that the church applied by the church for a special day of this is a good idea for you guys to listen working to recover and it was a damn appreciation for them plus a look you serve the community in this particular floor of the hospital and nobody will even notice you I want you to come and I want to have a day that honors you and tells what you do for the community would you come and be my guest just what they came for forty six people David serves that day forty six people have it on worker five years and I I tried also invite in the lighthearted way I took a picture of myself which of course is lighthearted and I put that picture in a frame in the frame was an unusual frame it was a bedpan cyanosis bedpan there is my picture in the bedpan and the title of my message that they after we did it honorary for them was bedpans and his plans I basically showed my personal testimony about how I'm nothing unlike the contents of the Batman but how God worked in my life through them their ministry and told about what they had done that in the central school to we told about what they had done what they do for people in the community we gave them I gave them all gifts and then I had that message out this was amazing this came to me on what I get the idea of bedpans that his plans what if this was a very I had a teacher who had on her walk-throughs of nursing teacher she had a picture of a bedpan not a picture of an actual bedpan was hanging on her wall and I went into her office one day and see I was being disciplined which was normal for me in school I went into her office and Josie said I simply have a picture of a bedpan which was the reason to put it there so people asked that she goes this is your highest calling is a personal thing of directing and I know I would've the last time what you mean she says the most vulnerable moment in someone's life we are able to minister to them and you do that it in and in a graceful way that does not alienate them and have them keep their human dignity the best of the show whether that you really understand it is so whether you're really a Christian messed up with me so when I had that sermon I picked that bedpans in his class and the people came and at the end of the sermon I gave an appeal I just told my test my Baha'i temple in the Lord laid seen it happen the limited appeal I mean most all the work responses appeal there were no there were three physicians that responded to that appeal in Orville 's enemy why didn't you talk to us this way sooner why do you talk this is way sooner now you're leaving and you can't follow through with this and want at the other told me I would really have liked tubes study the Bible to guess what it would've been better for me to stay because no really knew them like I knew them so there's a tension between his directness and not a I don't know what to tell you about what I learned from that when I became a pastor delightful delightful Nestorian I said I wanted to work with you and following solubility engineers the Boeing and I say I is a look how can you show appreciation for these people what can you do some of them found unique ways and they drew their fellow employees into it one of the nicer look of one other engineering firms was up was a big tall guy and he was very overweight and he was going on heart attack it is the life worried about to come for this cooking school this guy a lot sixty pounds saved his life he joined the church so they found ways in which I say I don't know what that is for you but there's also unique people groups of me you guys know that the language of physical therapy of reengineering and you know how to say things in a way that nobody else knows how to say so what I would do it my members as I say you and by here members to give your friends and you either tell me help me with the sermon that can help them or you pretty in something so try and work with your your pastor whoever I guess the point is basically it in your work but then do something about given their five ten years and they know your principles they know you're simply being a know who your outlook don't do this if you're been an idiot at work told him to come in here it's like the people in the canoe is a lot not lose my job I joined Richard Liza Weil i.e. a good worker was a knowledge they are probably lose your job because you been an idiot I will say that but it on your engineer to probably do that but if you've been in a big senior principles or not there in a respondent this one at the right time like we said we direct there is a time to be direct even though Jesus was very direct what also did he include she included the solution at the same time he was direct don't ever be direct with people without giving the solution to their pollution which is dilution it's no a no civil engineers would like me for that but the water of God 's work solenoid Jesus does what was the solution Christ died so you enter his glory and so that we can be safe this uses that is what the prophets Bene probe audience after that he probally inside of them by doing what beginning at Moses and all the prophets expanded in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself in all the scripts that has requested are you a good Bible student are you constantly studying God 's word and the all the way to be effective as a witness at work is if you're doing that the silly like this is no way he can break the zero members if they're not there right away Jason doesn't work just remember this when I was working in this busy emergency room I thought how I can reach everybody with the message of Revelation I wonder little while Revelation forgets what I did I decided to memorize the book of Revelation and I also was in a class at the seminary where I was supposed to take the book of Revelation is a class so I put the entire book of Revelation IQ cards and I put on one side the text and the other side diversity to what was from and I handed them out to all life my work associates us a look I need your help would you help it with something once that taken a class on the book of rubble and Senator and I go not very good at memorizing things and if I associate things with people I know and what not I think I might be able remember the text and everything so I handed out all attacks that identities out randomly blowing its agents to arrest him for one believe that it was his later work it was Judy she was the meetings lately however should such guess but thanks I gave her from the revelation that Dragon was Rob Hook awoke somewhat debatable with the Reverend Chris C at sight of the attack is edges like to go velocity to the garages may be something the letter is as a legato Batesville and so advertising and a lot I instantly remember that it really did help me memorize it and and then I'd say every time I came out to these people you know at work and it was fun of it was fine as a lab that will spot because they'd come up in a result the whole of their car for me whenever a break between patients and I would say that the accident I guess what happens they memorized all the income tax before I did and then they were like forward but I'm back and forth and they were in all and and and and was over the top women I was alike bill but it was foggy and then guess what happened this was a autoload work in your conflict within the mind nor they did next they said what he think this enemy what does that mean what does that mean I guess whatever I had ten fifteen bottle studies and guess who asked me the question they were as he requested I wasn't making it was a Wednesday they were asking the class are you working here your environment are not but this was what worked in Miami I was amazing that I shared that with other people may try to their workplaces and guess what it works anything I found is in terms of offering a solution I would take my Bible with me to work I might not ever alternate I might understand it wasn't a big United might take my family Bible in a was a tiny little Bible back there like the rebels and it was the title Bible and I would just set it down on the table and break I might look a little bit than try look like a been talk about it but in the gang gets what happened just from that they asked me questions they asked me questions about what he what you think God 's word says but in essence questions and it was amazing and then just because my Bible was right there people from around the hospital would start coming to my I was doing triage of the triage nurse and they knew I was triaged in between places I might have thought they come down I surpassed me questions about so is there a log is to bring your Bible now as her loss sometimes against the people people say you can't talk about it yet but I never talk about less people ask a question another thing I'd say what it is it might work environment I learned all the health problems of the people I worked with and they guess what one of their biggest health problems it is configurable as they were was in ninety eight percent of male nurses do this in a small they all smoked and held off her bright and our smokers and guess what this was a kind of being direct moment I ate I timed how much each versus no I was very complete I know exactly when they smoked and I watched it when I found out was the smart research I found that they smoke at the same time they would take breaks at the same time they would smoke the same place in the same people they would actually like they had their cigarettes as I might and then when they drove into work they come in the same way as I followed some of them I wasn't smoking and they would they would their cigarettes would be completely done and not a titrate that those right when they got to the ER they had a perfectly planned they knew where the lights were everything I looked at this and this was amazing in this and the head nurse smoked she was like don't use in charge of everything else I may but you know what they were way they were I can't remember the numbers but with an inordinate amount of time extra time they got to have breaks because everybody knew that all smoke work at all be sorry because her to be very irritable I was like this is raw meat look at me they got naked and it was twice as much right as I was getting bested twice as much and I hadn't logged on and I knew I knew so I wanted to Lori who was ahead and I said to her I want to deal with the terrible disparity that I discovered your work the one that I think if you would learn about it would be as upset as I am or even more what is it that I drew it on for a while and finally I said if smoking fellow that it is a ghost what he wanted to about of how good my research was busted this is what I want I just want equal time the not asking you to stop smoking for a day like that I'm asking for equal time for my rights he goes that they're not busy so my papers and documentation to go in and do a difficult time set on the run a stop smoking clinic and I think we can say the department as many hours and this is not much money when they will she goes that's great I take it since he let me run a stop smoking clinic and guess what she stopped smoking five or six people stopped smoking so I had found an angle that you like smoking only dead but even they knew was bad and they wanted to stop sinning so this one a lot of confidence with insult be complete on the solution beginning at Moses all tribes faced by the voltage as the things concerning himself now doing in the knot out of out of people help people see Jesus and also the answer their problem every part of the Scripture the only way you're going to be able to know what they need from the Scriptures is to do everything I just told you before now but you need to not only put them on the prayer list but what else be studying what the answers are for their particular situation even if they're not asking you because guess what you're starting to do other than your claim in the Scriptures on their behalf you're also you're ready for that moment when they ask you you're ready for that so anything you buy studies of his he went to the books to them whatever you said in Genesis what you think is that abundance of those people in Exodus when he leaves about seven Leviticus no no he went through the entire Scriptures concerning himself could you do that you will genesis a number one activism and I added in a unaudited job here numbers on number one again you know Deuteronomy I'll get into the second because I'm not on the sacrifice just one that's my same name Jesus Judd this I am going to be the judge and I am the judge and the eye of fatal just because I went through everything you went through roof I'm on your bow as first and second ten David all the way to just go through all the Scriptures and figure out what they say here's a ministry of healing talks a lot about this read this position has precious opportunity for direct is basis of the promises of God 's word everybody has opportunities under the business no matter where you work opportunities M Sydor got to say that he may be familiar with its promises of this mesmerizing letter will learn to repeat the company words that Jesus spoke during his earthly ministry not started in a right not go through all the gospel financing what are the comforting words that he spoke and were memorizing all those only teach my students and my health school to memorize all of so we know those comforting words and when giving lessons of US energy Lisa talk of the works of healing Iraq by price that is tenderness of love never city neglected the rack minds of his patients it should be those writing this on your one of them apparent self minus the spaces to the student to Christ the chief physician so man this is not our intention if you want to have a great book on witnessing in whatever place you work read the book ministry of healing and just read it from the context of your context and free single page that links to study every single page as I read this something worth while something worthwhile and it will give you an example I was reading the message a couple weeks ago I was gone I said all right it says licensing to people and that's a great informal witnessing the like saying so I took some friends would mainly decide what to go out and find people listening to in this community out of this is a little over-the-top but we go out because what happened start singing to these people and it's amazing they start to get my microphone that all right is probably your yet another battery both over time what time is it okay what follows was noted sorry about that I offered us a story will quit all right so I just started singing to these folks will guess what happened they asked me why did you come to sing at my house I said look I'm not at liberty to share that I would just say to them when their rights and how my getting around that presented and that I should know your name was suggested as bio to look with this is anonymous and I got to sing in a like this was they said I said July Cass the do this to together they said they'll have someone processing for this one lady said that men across the road is a man's man around I wireless and she came out and got uttered chair and watched this is the Lord is a new and a man was just floored he couldn't believe it would intelligence officer Singapore but amazing things that happened to Lisa and sang in front of the supermarket and then the kids I was able to get invited to three or four churches this time and I can't recent system this is cool they were going door-to-door guess what happened this one lady said she deciphered the door and see this was in tears I said review like that that much is a guest in it but not all these doors and they didn't get rejected base it will look this neighborhood were not having success with it we have already dismissed because we just went to this place to play you might as we bring our estimates to do everybody play for you once I've said that regard so they got their file as a database file to get the cells they had the whole orchestra and they set up a whole orchestra and a ladies backyard and they play this music you should've seen the neighbors they looked at everybody coming around to guess what it all came down the street together concert and they said who are these people should a lot allow you to scan my darling is aggravated of this minute to minute ago hello are you a soul with the guys a knife in your doors and you don't let it get me by study and the like in a whole bunch of them simple we want to know more about you know your school and they got Bible studies the point to make it my business I just followed that little simple concept of singing to people and always do that and it worked my point with you is when you read this book I like Minister Gillies Pesek is not compilation when you read this it will help you witness where you are I was so a robust years ago when reading it now and wait to read it is not a serrated said to read it I miss to do it and read if you weren't reading just


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