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The Mystery of God Completed

Jeffrey Marshall Jerlanda Marshall
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  • August 9, 2012
    10:45 AM
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what do we identify where the serious one why do we identify the plan is why the last service right such as placement of the things that has it in a sort of guys and sort having it's one of the worst situations in the world that's very much my life I was limited right of the getting up at back in the same and that is what that's worth into me I wanted best I wanted this intimate experience with God that was good news that was really fighting that I wanted to going more and most people were talking up and they really took me back Colossians chapter two will start a verse one says for I want you to know what a great conflict I have for you and those in Laodicea and for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh this am having anyone seen him yet is that Ms. is really really pay special attention of researchers is that their hearts may be encouraged being what net together knit together in love remember that net together in love and attaining to all riches of the fullness of assurance of understanding to the knowledge of the what mystery of God to what you say here is the same as into these charges were really working as I want even those that haven't seen yet I want you guys can emit together in love by coming to a knowledge of the mystery of God I work for knowledge is not knowledge life answers were false on a test that word for knowledge is experiential knowledge of knowing it and experiencing it as well so anything is I I really desire is that anonymity is an evening get-together in love by experiencing the ministry the mystery of God by experiencing the fact that Christ came into question the successful life on this earth and went back to heaven and has been accepted and by experiencing sounds abstract efforts to get very great practical no one will persevere they were heading to talk about God all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge now this I say that anyone should deceive you with persuasive words he goes on to sort of reiterate what is everything and expounds on what's been sent prior verse five assess for though I'm not in the flesh yet I'm with you in spirit rejoicing to see a good order and the steadfastness of your faith in Christ so they sang I'm not with you and with your spirit with the same as if some kind of weird I am absolutely not which is very talking about ideas any what I've already done and is still having an effect and you're still in my thoughts and my rhymes still I'm still focused on you I still love you I think about Santa Fe about to find thinking about you and things in our failure experiencing son with you in spirit goes on six as you have therefore received Christ Jesus so long as important as they not known to this receiving don't just accept his salvation for your life you saying what continuing on experience while this document was eliminated I like the concept of walking I think it begin developed a really beautiful picture were talking mysteries if I was asked if I pulled a small child I handed the smalltime infant to someone and I said okay I wanted to drop this town how many of you would do it like Nolan Ryan why because you know it happened either they falling in Internet's ability as some of you are thinking of fasciculus person but it illustrates the point while not as you know riding you know gravity very well the misplacement of humanities Mister we don't completely understand gravity we've never seen it we don't completely understand it yet we know it and the idea now known as and when we know when we understand many things about it we don't completely understand itself so the idea law being a law is you are describing is not the same thing live your life is something that you understand a great deal about them many of never seeing some experience intimately inside the house it helps to spend and in and in today's world of course I'm on ninety nine biggest issues people have a problem in the world right why do they happen so they do so and that's exactly did this to them I understand him and you know what they're being held up every day by gravity which they do not let understand yet they know it and being out of and another thing is on the receiving as an unnecessary number of individual just like they've never seen gravity but actually what actually not very well we all know very well you walk in here you're sitting here your experience in the spring moment and so and so that's what you call saying he say I want your relationship to be intimate to know what you guys in this together interestingly where supposedly part of a lot remnant church while I was listening together anything I want to experience with economy like the Mister and I don't want to law and this experience is like rather than any of the name is consequently born to them and he wants them to have this ongoing experience with God is life-changing process on a something or six or seven rooted and built up in him and established in the faith as you've been taught abounding in it with Thanksgiving wines met with going for the second time beware lest anyone see you through philosophy and empty deceit according to the traditions of men according to the basic principles of the world and not according to Christ this is the really lovely to develop effective philosophy and showing how it can totally get us off track but were not intended to limit in essence he's repeating what he said before don't be deceived neither sounding on and on the light philosophical ideas of men don't don't know what the things of this world where your life status they landed on business meeting for him as well as all the fullness of the Godhead bodily and you are what this is the key this next part and you are complete in him who is the head of all how they empower women talking up its conflict of the Antichrist comes up to three times in the Windows front of the concept of being in constant of the United by me again what is that mean is that strike a balance of anyone with anything else in the Bible it says throughout the Bible there's one specific placement comes up in a credible way to getting into the boardroom in John seventeen John seventeen twenty one Uruguay attorney now my sinuses I didn't know this is my favorite chapter of the Bible but my wife explained to me that it is my favorite chapter in the Bible the other day and into the dryer it is this this chapter is its name encouragement is a business chapters absolutely incredible in the context is if you want to read letters right has its longest burn the Bible is right before going to black letters why is that prices about the guy loses Chrysler last prayer before the God deviance important yes or no obvious answers yes any prison beginning for himself in the middle of the appraiser 's disciples and the look of a phrase for after that says I do not pray for these alone were the disciples but for those who believe on me through their word and that word is that at us to think about this for a second right before Christ died his last big prayers I must let his biggest prayer in the Bible right before you guys 's dying request of his father is about to the I'll grandma this fellow heart surgery as it is this is all there is very risky thing when text messaging back and forth on before we let others in different conference before coming in this conference before last I had solicited on an afternoon wherever my grandma 's house and on I know it's using and what I was thinking the universe that which was going on part of this could be one this could be as I know I have that evening memorizing my head is as important as it could've been one other than the last one is still a basis on the ventilators this is with anesthesia but here's here's the point when you're about to die you say what's really important to you and Jesus is saying what's really important to at the beginning of his really important prayer his praying for you and I believe on him through his word still he says actually incredible verse twenty one that they may be what one talk about that last night he stayed in the convention on its different conversation but related to the same thing that you may be one as you father in me and I in you that they may be one in us that the world we believe that you sent me what is he saying you say something all on I I want them to be knitted together but the way that we had together is driving what connected to last connected to me is that this mystery of God becoming human if there connected that is only connected to each other and it's not just disappointed it's not even just for a relationship it is more relationship is not just for relationship can see how that develops awareness and this past that they also may be won and us that the world may well believe that you sent me to do the same and greatest evidence the resonance of the world the world will believe he's not Satan microliters of the world will believe that he is him a better experience oneness with me and then mix them together the one with each other saying that this is the greatest seven and this is just a place in the Bible this is Christ dying request to his father goes on I am down on cyber twenty two and the glory which have given me I have given them that they may be one just as we are one I am them you and me that they may be made perfect in one book on a full-time unity does not want the perfect unity let the world me know the innocent man of love them as you want me father I desire that they also whom you gave in the menu with me where I am that they may behold my glory which is given me really lovely for you let me before the foundation of the world and here he comes as his final crime all rights this father Ananias is namely the characters associated with the name very obviously throughout the Bible the world is not known you but I have known you and these have known that you sent me and I will declare to them your name your character your righteousness and will learn that the love with which you love me maybe in and what I affiliated that right now is a big conversation about that spirituality and investment in different types of prayers and stuff like that and really old almost all that probably ninety percent of it comes down to how you interpret the work in which unfortunately can't do this great little accident unattended I try it in it needs the Christ last phrase in his biggest prayer in the Bible is that he would be what in us not that there's lots of philosophies about that is what the traditions about that below license float around on people 's infant people in movies and stuff like this is not what is talking about the monthly how do I decide in the early one thousand and five will say the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit like this it's kind of like God knows that Congressman who is connected with with you in that way being it does everyone has always been assumed that answer the correct answer the why effective the Holy Spirit guides us into all true how did Jesus had in the mystery of God actually happened according to John John one one in the beginning was the one and not was with God and the word what was God so how does God inside you there were lots of words words are sounds to communicate ideas right so the way got it inside of us is by putting his ideas his file inside a person who was basic but Christ dying request was to his ideas to his thinking it would be what are ideas in our thinking he wanted to be tonight and it is abstract weird thing is resolutely what happens when you have ideas it affects how your brain works regularly affects the physical makeup of your brain the way for God to get inside and he was through his Word through his ideas into this file and it is so important anonymous diner class in his ideas and his thoughts will be in a nice and sent to a such a way that the world and the rest of us being used together concept of the Roman communion together and the world will know that the mystery of God and God came to live in inhuman flash a successful life and then went back to have he's waiting on us he's looking to us of person the Bible and this is the one that I came to house down my knees back at Athabasca Academy my year to figure out what landed next rated three times already this one landed I'm on my knees I finally got a Sony how to make a simple forming die I want the basics given the simplicity of how to know you the visit to the smallest factor don't make it so small that is not the correct molecule but give me the smallest molecules that I know I want to model how familiar this is when Veronica second Timothy three sixteen seventeen most of you probably know we need to to read this verse from the Bible says what all structure is given by inspiration of God absolutely beautiful concept there because most of you know this nicely removed of the translations not necessarily correct there's even a hyphenated word Oscar what I read how are we created reforms recommended by engravings illustrate that we sell what we originally created for right are in need of being relied re-created and sometimes way to re-create the new devices his thoughts and ideas inhibits his words are all certain is God breathed and is says is profitable for four things in a pianist of doctrine reproof correction instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be what perfect complete the resistance anything that we can be perfect thoroughly equipped for every good work using my life I was the first incentive they are referencing what can I do it why do I have things I keep struggling with and I keep failing why do I keep failing that was that that was the thing keeping me from that I was doing I wanted to mean that I wanted I wanted a wanted to be perfect I opened my book also how do I get back to them certainly not as I'm sitting there kneeling on the floor started to think okay it says that Scripture is the problem while performing in the end result is what I'm after so let's make the simplest simplest interpretation of those four things as possible are you with me all Scripture is God breathed a problem for doctrine reprove correct and instruction in righteousness I think not I think this is a okay what's the simplest was the most basic doctrine of the Bible that is very basic listen this is what it is looking to change my mind the simple is often unreliable is not his I find it first I think that after that got if he is a the existence the fact that there is a God of many existing with Borland this is like totally great article I don't consider that off Nancy that in a minute but the fact is the simplest and most basic teachings of the Bible is God is there is a God no reproof with basic reproof of the Bible as well I not basically what God is just visit I've had very real experiences with that throughout my life when God is just is not for those who may be listening to describe this for a second overdoing and drawings I'm going to start ultimately a circle on it on a board and if you are home in a circle at the North position you put God is at the less position input I'm not doctrine the basic doctrine God is basic reproof I'm not the doctrine reprove correction was in the basic concept of correction Bible it would mean that God is was made once again I'm a guy when you think I be the simplest thing possible I want the simplest I was better as well I'm not God still gives to me and instruction in righteousness the symbolism is basic concept of instruction in righteousness when the youth is over those listening on your position as God is our nocturnal piñatas reprove me a lesser position within the I'm not correctly near the top of this and not as righteousness would be a easy position in the idea and this is a very simple the system on a simple model for a guy in college on the floor saying how in the world do I know you in its simplest form so now let's take a listen before God is what I I heard that from someone I'm not what I'm not love but God gives me what love and when I give me love than I have what to get other people I have love it even announced the release of these my brethren you don't announce it here meet what we ultimately get the city beautiful consequently actually gives something of God what is it that we get them if I love my wife you guys see me and my wife interact by calling Arkansas you guys have such a beautiful relationship whatever what ultimately is that they forgot to give someone is a glory because he created it all the things that we can do enroll all the things that we can use in this world is ultimately a foot before giving what God has given us ultimately giving God giving God glory and you can take anything you want to put their winter wear my wife Nazism to talk about that and talk about God 's joy I'm not joy but God gives me joy than I think of joy anything you want but they gives the most basic puzzles word and this is what him a model of thinking at the model of decision-making you don't know how many times I have been living in my head and tried to do it and ultimately done something demonic I've tried to love and really tried hard and ultimately done something bad why because I'm not recognizing that I'm not alone in order to view up and running and someone who has been I try so hard to have such good intentions here for the phrase the road to hell is paved with what good intentions of experience that I've hurt people when I was trying to love them and that is so confusing this model help it become less confusing for me the truth on with my life I was thinking it is in the mind and I think in first or second on Levine 's universe I think I be easily which was also in Christ the basic kind of guy I'm not like if I get you thinking handle application in my own life as recently as a catalyst work in any catenary office looking really busy this time a year registration is Sunday the applications from students clearing calling making sure they got the needed on the phone twenty four seven Larry feels it and so were high-energy cooking high-energy on Academy and will one get one phone call with Kim and human understand actually graduated a year which is just excited for her she called to set she was angry about something that came in the mail regarding her daughter and one basically gave the administration phone DVD Brad focus in my mind while doing a situation on the next visit is sitting next to me what it means she rolled her eyes this new liberating live for Sarah Diane first ever had with her in this situation while said a prayer called her down I sure to figure out are trying to figure out what was going on we got home I did my best to communicate with the with the principal and interest on previous treasure and work out some solution for her called her back called her down and told her in a week they will have a solution in explaining situations going on for Internet was often a training kind of chaotic while it is interesting because she calmed down she she allowed me to speak occasionally any I got the phone is thinking my home modifications they actually need a ride that is they doesn't always work that way in the think about it for your patience McCain gave to my patients that in return can hurt us or someone and I want a beneficial like again because it came different experiences from our allies and men after sitting there be thinking about this thought process in mind as you think Christ even in fact in our devotional life with the initiative and revival reformation we the Scriptures every day going to the word reading spirit of prophecy happened those those ideas and principles fresh in our minds that we say we can do without harming them at home listening here so the Sabrina Mathis transitions often happen quickly which is that example is very simple very simple you can analyze Hitler on this thing but let's keep it simple let's keep it in the things that we actually have happened on day-to-day experience me I can be patient to a modest prompt that is my life is that he completely honest I asked it's not as naturally a part of my experience however again an example of where I write about sound outside the bounds what God has given me but I'm more patient than what God would intend for me to be men have this habit of being worked away workaholics were patient with all the demands of work and then we get home and wears her patients but we left it it were I been in that trap I've been the guy who are networking Academy if any of you know anything about academies you know that that means we do about a hundred things list it seems that way recruiter teach Bible teach preaching classes organize weekend events organized mission trips in non- inventive and everyone's like all good it's summer now you have the pressure of numbers do not that means enrollment what's a non- identity because if we don't have a moment right people will be let go you know Lovenox like this is any of my friends if it's it's this pattern and a real patient with that in the demands put on on to me within not be patient home and this is in Wisconsin to want to want you to really think about here's the two places that we as humans quite obviously interact on the circle it is not uncommon for us as humans even something like patient something is good to get outside the bounds of what God has given us God David God has not intended that I am so patient at work that I did then I don't have anything for home gardening give me that so when I it would even when I do a good thing that research inside the boundaries of what God intends for me to give them a sense of how it would be so loving to this one person that we that we ignore this and ignore the other so there's something in the word and psychology the catchword in psychology today would be boundaries boundaries are about the things you said on your own life and it's possible to give more being God originally gave you it's also possible to not give what God originally what gave you I've had that had students before as a chaplain is a shameful to admit the students come in and really need to talk to set up a time and then I'm so patient somewhere outside that I miss that missed the appointment everyone makes mistakes right but some of them the pattern in my life when this student is more important to me than the student is that is not just an okay mistake absolutely not because God got intends to give intense for us to give away what is already given and what he gives is perfect so he is we have to be very very deliberate in our getting to think is what I'm giving what I have been given already is that makes sense and when we get outside of the mountains all the time and what alternately happens where this would be boundaries this would be idolatry why do I give more on what I give beyond what God has has given how many people have witnessed someone get angry about trying to get people to do something that is good and righteous been there I been the guiding others gotten angry before I'm way I'm giving something far beyond what God would have me give but the goal is good because what's happening that is I'm not recognizing that I'm not I'm thinking I am a little bit right that's that's the problem with with idolatries we alternate all I thought ultimately software success not worshiping someone on some cars we like our some light on the ground it's ultimately a way of an uplifting herself as when I get angry is because I haven't put myself in the proper relationship with God how to recognize that God is I'm not the states submitted to a God in fact after recognize I don't have what God has in but I can only give what God gives and being in the mindframe of constantly keeping herself in check what is God-given and who is God and based on those things I have thought and have been nice if I keep my thoughts and actions in check based on what is God and man what is God-given digital assistant announcement for you as this is all conceptual at this point I would title this a model of agape agape being what God 's love now in Nauru we could easily affect my wife and I love ethnic foods love ethnic foods in Utah all at right it's a good thing I'm a vegetarian because if I was being everything I decided we just I like to try anything there's a few other hand like I have a bucket list of restaurants you know and him will say I love Thai food right then I don't say I love you is that the same thing it's unfortunate that the English language makes those things the same thing the good the language in the time of Christ a koine Greek did not make those things the same thing I would say I really URI stored in a URI arrow to those all very very different concepts that that's sort of talked about it in the God 's love is agape regarding teams for this free human love story gave Helio and Eros he intends for those three things to the human interaction through which God 's love flows does that make sense so in other words when I did not they experience happening in my life when I have story gay it will be ultimately God showing love to the world through me does it make sense when I had Celia will be ultimately God showing love to the world through me when I'm arrow so would ultimately be not showing the world through public the love through me as I was storing a theory on Aeros are stored again looks just like this on you put a human in this spot is a human ever love no but a human who is allowed not to love them and who follows him who follows his example can put themselves as long as they are experiencing this they can then asked online doesn't make sense that would be like like like a mother 's love for a child that store again why someone chooses to be a nurse and another person chooses to be a librarian why store again probably the best writing is a formal word for this this is not very strong the affection some people choose that I'm passionate about this on pass and others that would be that would be the concept of storing it if I thought everything was China's Makela three when everyone appointed some in room one two three okay pretty much everyone is probably wanted to do maybe glancing the primitive and was pointing at something different why did you choose that that's storing it but that doesn't make sense okay now now I want you to come talk with someone close to you and I want you to point at the same thing event Canada three CFR click on account if they want to the point of the same thing one two three okay that's really dealio is the reward for what friendship so when people share a mutual store day they both pointed towards scuba diving my life my scuba diving we have a special interest we both love we both have our individual storing a scuba diving but we have a special relationship because we stupid I've together does that make sense okay the best example of this in the Bible picture as love for lost souls if I individually have a ministry loving muscles and I come from beside Doctor Oliver who also has a love for lossless guess what we don't have a unique relationship called friendship because of our mutual story they are mutual started within reader Delia and I would look like that would look like on the circle and I'll draw it out here to minimum my wife starts talking to look like like Jess and Doctor out of and into lines and then Chicago is not he lives in Chicago as they were ministering Jonathan Doctor how much I love Chicago is not just about trauma and give love to Chicago and then the end result is Chicago will be about and its conceptual disappointment it is very real examples of it Eros does America clean and in and him give the microbrew my wife harasses is the root word for the erotic the love between a husband and a wife it's it to draw model here you have to take this foot and bring it out into the moment turn it around so you have arrows like all the arrows pointing at each other not asking wanting a demonstration of this today but it would be like this if I had to guys that would be like to have like like people pointing straight at each other I'm giving you story at the same time you given me sources is this mutual focus focus on each other see the diseases as models with the intent is that these three human love be the tops to which the water of God 's love flows will never forget together and added that children will fulfill our own Internet like Google think we should already contain there are four years of training at the right time of day from a family of six in the second on was the first daughter I like the second mom I think I'm an following are eager beaver administrator sure and with that are you and how this model right here God is love and having connection with our relationship and understanding a mostly positive it's incredible the owner of each with distinct testimony I want to hear all of your testimony because any time soon real to me to hear how God is menu in your life and struggles they are going to even right now maybe your questioning something anyone got the answer is beginning to answer right now were looking for those answers will store data using the children as an example doing second cousin of ours comes from a pretty rough upbringing he doesn't have any biological parents can't hear a pin on the next day living with his grandmother right now believing able to take care to give anything in the same day and learning is nursing employment is one of attention he wants long here for that love so when I went starving my thinking on the board using the same model as was described for which a diamond I'm not I get I get I love me I've experienced that while I'm studying that love even more so today reading the chapter of water in the pilot second Corinthians thirteen so God is love he gave me that I did well in dealing me laughing I gave him love telling the story what love looks like quantification when it's time to write in a world is getting story doing a high-energy one things right away comes in the house when they play outside hot you cannot have been ninety degrees or so if I did and then wonder how this is an trading of being trapped on a house cleaning the kitchen is opening cupboards looking for something and I came in thinking okay I get angry right now because an army told in length five times that they take is not that I can win Tina Malone asking you this morning anybody I remember any going back to issues with me asking where anything that anyone will heal at all clear that I wasn't really thinking that all these different scenarios in which I was able to give him water waves Darcy whenever that is not a paradigm notice and hearing other parent to see Nelly just seen the joint appearance a when you see your child do something kind for someone else after courteously someone who found Dylan just recently in the charts a little girl went down Thursday and should facsimile nine ninety one ninety one ninety one and Dylan without even coming soon enough in a note letting me know that getting one kitchen glass of water and bring purification and among them about the silly kind of you thank you bringing an example anyone can love someone appearing his last new child in instruction all rights thinking is that it can affect teachers and Academy are reasoning our goal is use right to retain more Academy without in the mind of the thought processes of in the morning with a think about what they learned about wanting will from thinking why I was certain I was waiting I will need to have this mind be in you will come in and we need to be careful of this human being to try right kind of human being is lot of thought processes out there philosophies and ways of thinking and teaching we can get caught up in something that we need to be kept with Paul Pauling knew that this was an issue can offer clarification in a time when they will not endure sound doctrine but after their own last time you keep to themselves teachers having itching ears they shall turn away their ears from the truth shall be turned into fatal so anyway that while this model right here gets lost and is wanting attention now to finish it earlier but as a side note this model could get lost in sin of God is with enzyme is knowledge and continuing the cycle and in going into the lives of the children and what happens is when the permit and we just think that I can always apart from God I can true and we instruct our young people in the wrong direction we can see that with the school systems and school systems today becoming more like the world is not not not upholding the love of God for their students in describing that love comes to say that this is a shimmering here when we stand as love for the people is probably my most dangerous positions in this whole world that there is it is been really cool and acting window in the summer 's been around sufficiently cool currently dangerous I get it wrong him but what if I had in my desire to do failing to forgive him beyond what God would have me get him and I'm not given them an accurate model of the person actually is in this position is that make sense when you when you and your nurse you know what when you are to be love in your patient is not to give something and then ultimately allows a patient to get it it's a dangerous position in the end but the reality is raw there were called to be there and if we take on name or saying I'm willing to be like you to the world I'm going to be a Christian in a Christ follower and find I'm going I'm going to be like him secretly dangerous dangerous position we don't have a lot of times with his speed through the community loves on I want to have a really outline node can you reiterate the idea that when I'm giving which is stored it would be an example of me giving I cannot I I am not truly representing God if I give beyond what God has given me to give or if I give less than what God has given me to give and I may have the best motive in the world light loving my child if I give beyond what God is calling to verify give less than what God has given me to get the number being my God nurse to the patient chaplain to their student when story they happens if I'm not if I don't have adopted a final have the circle spinning in my life I'll make an absolute wreck of the store circle each other the ultimate when we follow our own lust story day becomes lost it becomes our agreed maybe Aeros would be lost stored in the comes agreed instead of trying to give were ultimately trying to take and what God has a model for us he has a system of thinking of making basic choices delete the basic actions on Helio the briefly describe that story is a part of it when you share a mutual store again you have helium that I I tell my students in their best Academy out that the small fishbowl you are coming year and when your master friends because in the same fishbowl you go to college friends because you same kind of fish to make sense it you have you share the mutual focus is share the mutual your view people very may be a chemistry major and a nursing major and a music major but your all friends because you share something when I was in college rockclimbing is really big much better would've been nice if if our focus and then went to a seat on smoking the last generation finishing the work and their people in college like that but but you come together for this mutual focus and you have this incredible incredible relationship and in the Bible times they considered this love the greatest of lots of human lives when you shared that mutual you because you had a mutual affection for something when you have time to get into that I just can't reiterate enough that even in your the reason problems happen in a church is because we don't have boundaries in her own relationship with God so we get them all the model and being friends wrong eros very very briefly arrows to circles onto a concept like this or that or maybe a smaller circle obviously with the arrows pointing back and forth at each other heal I love those wrong is other only I I was I was good member I didn't have the best experience is looking for best but a not that I dated people that I ultimately hurt and hurt me I didn't date anyone was in college because the cut of them was in high school because while I was in eighth grade and I sometimes the ridiculous is because it is but the reality is people I had this this girlfriend you broke my heart Ryan I felt bad about the reasons in the nicest part is finding anyone through high school I got a really good name for that they didn't have the best modest reason I didn't date was because they didn't want to hurt or be hurt rather than have the best motives that I could've had the why why does love fail because God didn't give it got been given to us it was to keep that relationship in check when we do we want so much to give Aeros really have to ask the question is is an agape spinning in our lives to God really give us the opportunity to have that relationship did the keys on the were seeking when we got married it really didn't take whatever married within seven months I think I was like well you know it came down to the start want this or not there's attraction we cut on it I would cut it off and she would cut up like I'm not thinking that way because it's only let me the pain in the past it's only led me to hurt others in the past and ultimately came down to it we had one question to answer does God want us to unite our lives or does God not want us to unite our lives and after you have nice receptor God gives you something in the Aeros can spin correctly and if there's ever any issues noise have the thing to go God created it sometimes responsible for we get into relations of the garden I give you we joked and USC the people know what what time the different on events took place based on when they broke up with someone because as always call UIC if you are not a relationship is of God and you need to go home cut off because of talking about this and ultimately headed towards the pact will absolutely destroy you are absolutely lift you up and you have to ask yourself the question that God give permission as is gone guiding and just because he starts setting is amino state people make choices people guide different ways of a lot of time to go into that I wish we did this is actually something take a whole week as you can do thousands the seminar not a sermon just for the record on a single coral funding testing you will love there is in all meaning and truth is I error and I love training is a leave and interrelated databases are minor and we think that we are love and bring a previous relationship actually before on the six-month work just when I met I was in a relationship and one day communication with eating pre- rock he wasn't calling me as my I was wondering what's going on and I called to and I simply asked the question do you love me and there was no response that it would be yet and it just tore me up it actually didn't hear me out as much as the next question is simple do you believe in God and he said no now it is a big mercy exactly say that a lot because I'm just thinking while I was like the backstabbing points on thinking at this point in my life I was having a revival of the teachings that my might the top me up at Venice and is going back to in understanding the great controversy just becoming in love with I think love and so sharing it with my boyfriend at the time he was not a Christian not enactment and so we share it with him and it was like holy way but how can you not love me love is so beautiful we need love each other exactly let each other without reengineering Wednesday will live because it became an idol it was I my I love how does he love how can I love him how could he let me in and I getting show instead we were just loving each other from the last of the world from the lovey-dovey butterfly feeling and being relaxed love movies and love songs anything or connecting line the reality is what's lasting five in this model these can only be successful can only bring a success we are prayerfully submitting to God and me gain and studying his word asking him daily I can not for today patience I'm not patient I don't have to I'm not from you kind gave me your last in your patient and studying the word of God faithfully submitting he gets it not his mystical experience but a solid foundation help I get to check the total help for all of us everything a relationship every single position that we are in these will be successful because the word of God is near it for everyone is available for everyone am in our original parts are first person says that the mystery of God will be completed the idea is is that the mystery of God is Christ's coming in human flesh living a successful experience such that it is accepted that would be completed wind becoming human glass and Mister not be completed as for us then let him be in us he comes in as the resorts and so he didn't do that just is like this little on show in the universe you were very specific purpose and that is to be one or to be in you and I him he wants to be intimately connected to the Mister got me thinking been completed is when the people of God respond to this history even then we can experience the response of that and then have them and have these dangerous dangerous places of standing before before people that don't know reflecting having being deemed on people being being like God and in a church being like God and are married and one another these places are so dangerous yet we also we all know these relationships will only be successful if were experiencing God is I'm not God gives idea and recognize you love your wife your children the unlovable you're ultimately giving glory to God the person in them Revelation to agree with me there again revelation ten seven it is a something kind of interesting and telling to the Mister got to be completed as he declared to his servants the prophets when you think about that for a second semester coming in human flesh living a successful life and going back to heaven except that the completed humans becoming one with them in this experience that was declared to his servants the what the prophets can look at that second Isaiah sixty one one three three Isaiah sixty one through three Orion for your light has come in the glory of the Lord is risen upon you the glory so that we can reflect back to him I give this last week and give it back to him in the best way to get love back to show it correctly so his model correctly to the people arrive sign for the last on the glory of the Lord is risen on RSR earlier and enormous the people but the Lord will arise over you and his glory will be seen upon your the Gentiles shall come to your life and kings to the brightness of your writers when Jesus said in John seventeen was anything anything if they experience anyone within one with each other is still a lot in this phase out into the relationships of their life people change people who don't know me will come to get to know me from them Kingsville coming economy is cold and in Isaiah the prophet Leviticus sixteen thirty eight incredible assets incredible facets finally consider the greatest copyright whether Muslims know Moses wrote five books at least coming on I believe he wrote on the least one more way zero eight zero five four first five books of the Bible Genesis Exodus Numbers Deuteronomy is returning to the limited sixteen thirty is necessarily something infinite class structure which means the first match at the last second the second and last but guess what Limited is as a memento in Leviticus is set up in a plastic structuring guess what's in the very middle of Leviticus the day of atonement today teaching people about how to be wanted with thought to have the vehicle together with God and less of each other look at this verse on the biggest sixteen thirty since four on the priest shall make atonement for you to plan see you then you may be clean from all your sins before the Lord he wants to give us the same experience and he happens upon seven atonement was not just to get rid of sin was to help unite people with God and with each other the prophet without I by family history can find us throughout the Old Testament are you on thirty six Ezekiel thirty six Ezekiel thirty third time in Amherst twenty three and twenty six to twenty seven percent twenty three and in verse twenty six to twenty seven and I will sanctify my great name which has been profaned among the nations which are defined in their menace animation sound now that I am the Lord says the Lord God when I am hallowed where in you before their eyes so when they can see my holiness and you is holy that this is just bought deleted since we can have but even though we don't naturally have and we can have got spots we can have God 's ways ultimately lead to his actions his prophesy through throughout the healthy Old Testament you even look at Daniel must administer that this text in your opinion what a fourteen what does it say the two thousand three hundred is essentially what ways another word is coming up time will be a time of atonement and it was the purpose of the sanctuary has never been the sanctuary the purpose of the sanctuary has been worshipers the purpose of the sanctuary on this earth so that the worshipers with understanding comes experienced oneness with God and now we have live independent interceding unarmed and we unite with him in the process you at the investigative judgment is is God preparing us to be his bride it's the most exciting thing ever we can think of eliciting the records okay I'm reminded of the Jill remind a freight naturally think of the investigative judgment similarly wrong in God Christ same high winds that part of my ride and by the way God I promised them in John sixteen and send the Holy Spirit to guide them in all truth in love just responding to it just as it's happening you can see if the model happening in his life it is it not the investigative judgment about connecting with his people and raised his time in Earth 's history of say a sign to get us to be one with him and God making everything available for us to be one with him Christ dying request I then be fulfilled your father is going to ignore dying request the song Selena has practical implications it's going to actually happen all Scripture is about this it's all about not becoming one with us with Ephesians three sixteen through twenty one Ephesians three sixteen to twenty one absolutely beautiful passage and I hope all of you here today will remember that the only thing you can get even only good thing you can give is what God is first given to you because you're not anything that God is accepting entity when he does give it to you have an enormous responsibility to pass it on everyone who's around you Ephesians three sixteen two twenty one he would grant you according to the riches of his glory to be strengthened with might through his Spirit in the inner man I thought leading to our actions that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith in you being rooted and whereas I saw to be again MS remunerated Ingram what grounded in love you may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and I to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge to know the mystery of God seemingly everyone in this room knows rather to know what to experience the mystery of God that you may be filled with all the fullness of God now to him who is able to do exceedingly upon the above all that we ask or think according to him the power that works in us to him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus through all ages without in a minute I find requests speaking you Revelation predicts in the closing hours adverse history and mystery of God will be completed Christ came as a human being with a successful life I went back to heaven which is where he is now and he can be in us via his Holy Spirit and his word putting his thoughts his words in our minds will ultimately lead to our actions we are hopelessly beautifully in a a this medium was using my audio is only a thought I haven't displayed if you would like to learn more and I live a healthy and not ASI is a whore as our Muslims are now please visit www. nonbelievers


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