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A Deeper Experience

Kevin Sears
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Kevin Sears

Co-director and outreach coordinator for Amazing Facts College of Evangelism's first global school



  • August 10, 2012
    10:45 AM
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good morning everyone well I welcome you to our seminar my name is Kevin Sears the topic today the title is a deeper experience you know I believe that we are living in such a time that we need every one of us a deeper experience in our walk with God before we begin let's pray father was so thankful that you call us to be a product this remnant church in this specific time in history or rethink you that you are the one who wants to have a deeper experience with us Lord we ask your Holy Spirit to teach us here this morning to speak to us with the power that only your Holy Spirit can provide we thank you Jesus name amen Ellen White says in fundamentals of education we all need to gain a much deeper experience in the things of God then we have gained so as to die and Christ is to take possession of the soul Temple and so it is time I believe for this to take place and I will tell you this is very exciting to be Seventh-day Adventists in this specific time in the history of the world it's very exciting to be absent this in the light of what's going on not only in the world but in our church euros a lot of divisive things that are taking place in our church especially recently but there is a lot of powerful things that are taking place in our church agreement talk about that throughout the seminar to talk about getting a gaining a deeper experience in the things of God in the book of Psalms chapter seventy seven research eases the highway over God is in the sanctuary so what way is a soccer ball what is the way of salvation the way of sanctification the way to gaining deeper experience in the things of God is found in the sanctuary and so well organized you today is weird to spend time in the sanctuary were not getting deep into the sanctuary per se we're going to look at how we can gain a deeper experience by looking at some of a few different things in the sanctuary because in these last days this is what were we meeting what organ and it was written take a look at some basic concepts you know where this is ASI and Serena look at some basic concepts that were to take a little different approach to these basic concepts that were all aware of himself first we're going were ultimately with the sanctuary what is the outer court in the sanctuary was that represent what is a sacrifice so you have you have compartments in this in the same story you have three right you have the outer court everything points to Jesus by the way but it's the ministry of Jesus in all three compartments so the outer court represents justification the holy place what is that represent sanctification by the sanctification abrazo so we are justified then we move into the holy place and this is where the sanctification process takes place then we move into the most holy place and what is that represent glorification so before we get so we get from justification before we get to glorification we had go through the painful and sometimes sanctification and so this is what were you spend our time and is in the sanctification process found in the holy place were to look at work and see how we can have a deeper experience in the things of God going through the holy place what does the table of showbread represent in the holy place Bartholomew asked you what are the three articles of furniture if you will in the holy place center in Santa Fe the altar of incense and the table of children each one represents a different area that we didn't do in order to be involved in the sanctification process so what is the table of showbread represent now everything points to Jesus we know that but what is the table of showbread represent the word of God so we must be in the word of God to be in the sanctification process now again these are basic concepts over to look at some some different things in these basic concepts so it represents the word of God not specific not just the word of God were to look at something very specific for our game here in early writings alliances this there are many precious truths contained in the word of God but it is what present truth that the flock needs now I have seen the danger of the messengers running off from subjects that are not calculated to unite the flock and to sanctify the soul so another words what she's saying is present-day truth is calculated to do while uniting the flock I sanctify the soul let me ask you a question do we as Seventh-day Adventists today needs something to unite the flock doing you know we were all aware of what's been taking place just recently something very best that's been very divisive and is going to possibly split our church what we need to be focusing on is present-day truth and because it's deleted to unite the flaw and in uniting the flock sanctifies the soul so what is present-day truth she continues but such subjects as the sanctuary in connection with the twenty three hundred days the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus are perfectly calculated to explain the past that movement and show what our present position is to establish the faith of the doubting and give certainty to the glorious future these I have frequently seen with the principal subjects on which the messenger should dwell so the principal subjects that you when I as Seventh-day Adventist as ASI members should be dwelling on our present-day truth the sanctuary and all that is in the sanctuary in other words the books of Daniel and Revelation another was even more pinpointing the three Angels messages these are the things in our personal study time that we should be studying as well and a lot of times we hold evangelistic series and I love holding evangelistic seriousness what the what the world needs but a lot of times we hold evangelistic series but then that's the last time that we ourselves are in present-day truth until the next evangelistic series but at this will be starting a Seventh-day Adventist this last days that were living is present-day truth the message that God has given to the entire world including access to Peter confirms this second Peter one twelve peters is wherefore I will not be negligent to you always in remembrance of these things though you know that BN be established in one presence or peers as we need to be established and present truth not interesting in this chapter as you can on a few more verses verse nineteen then he goes into processing we have also a more sure word of prophecy you will do well to take he because it's like a light that shines in a dark place and so peters explaining here little a few verses later in the context of the present truth we need to pay attention to prophecy because it's like a light that shines in a dark place you're going to a doctor room and you can't find the light switch near stumbling around trying to find that switch and maybe then you'd be on the table you can't see anything then you find that selects the light goes on this now you see everything clearly so Peter is saying in the context of the present truth here in chapter one study prophecy because a white logo on and you will see things clearer but NFS are days I will arise in your as we in the context are studying present-day truths specifically the prophecies in present-day truth Jesus will arise in our hearts we will have a closer walk with him than if we had not been doing this a volume of intestinal Israel to the solemn messages that have been given in their order and the Revelation are to occupy what second-place last way is to first place in this so we should be in the word of God of course but specifically in present truth which is we find it in Daniel and Revelation and more specifically in the freeing of mass talk about the book of Revelation again she says when we see people understand what this book means to all there will be seen among us they want a great revival we want a great revival in our church free people want a great arrival after the fire our church is only tell you this I've had the privileges of traveling a lot since been working in the administration and I've had the privilege of working with young people I was I was a part of the user Jesus program for five years she and I will say this the ASI used for Jesus program hands down is the greatest youth program in the entire world and I have seen what God has been doing in our young people in revival is taking place wiser revival taking place in our young people and they assigned to Jesus because they are studying when they come to present a truth not only are they studying the preaching is present-day truth I had the privilege and we have Jim I see most powerful movement in our church today and UIC Gbytes these are popping up all over the world today all over therapy review you're probably well aware the very first UIC Europe just took place a few weeks ago and Austria very successfully G Y C Ukraine now GYN see how a renowned UIC England Australia on all over the world honestly something special with the messages with present-day truth that is waiting for revival not only in our young people but with all of that census all over the place as we understand what it does for us personally the book of Revelation a great revival was to take place now just recently my wife and I were talking and she has a very good friend my wife and I have been married for two years now little more than two years and one of her friends was part of the wedding party she was a bridesmaid Jesus Christians is not seven Atlantis and she likes to study the Bible and she especially likes group Bible study and that's actually where my wife Julie met her was in a ladies Bible study that they had every week run life by someone else that they were studying this message they weren't even though they were cemented to stay at Venice run running the Bible study they were administered per se to studying present-day truth what they were studying it was a woman's group so they were going through the different books in the Bible what is worse and would you think a woman's group would want study Esther and roof that their study and so they first went through the minimal interest in the great strength is excellent books but we noticed something with this friend of hers for the last few years even though they've been studying these books she really really is struggling she's Mason incredibly poor decisions in her life that have led to more court decisions and after speaking with her just recently we had a conversation with her right before I came out and it was clear that she doesn't really understand not only where we are today but what it means to be a Christian how do we only follow God and I believe it's because she hasn't been studying present-day truth if I remember when I first studied the Adventist message it was life-changing for me to let me read this quote for us all my sister when the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believers will have one and it fires different religious experience this is what happened with me bill begins such glimpse they will they will be given such glimpses of the open gates of heaven that hearts and minds will be impressed with what a they will be impressed with the character so what the character that you need to develop in these last days is found in our present-day truth message I admit I was a Christian for two and a half years and I love to study the Bible and study it multiple times during the day was at that privilege is I had nothing else to do I was in prison but I I love studying the Bible then when two and a half years into being a Christian someone brought to me the three Angels messages in a completely was a different religious experience that I had it brought a revival to me personally and it completely changed my life forever and as a result of that I'm here with you today it was from present-day truth from the three Angels messages there is no more powerful message on this planet enemy to be little side note here you were living in the age of the post modern mind right where postmodernists need but mandatory handles messages what should we be using the most modern than just that we need to use of the postmodern if a friend of messages on for the postmodern mind so made a mistake and realize what the page we would like to know I say there has always been a postmodern all throughout the ages we have what we need for the postmodern okay so present-day truth is really give us an entirely different religious experiences can open our eyes to the character that he is going to be needed in these last days and is now draws closer to Christ no doubt about that just like the ministers one fourteen the Lord will bless all who seek only immediately to understand that which is revealed in the revelation this book contains so much that is why with immortality informed Lori that all who read and searching earnestly received the blessing to those that hear the words of this prophecy and keep the things which are written therein so as we enter into the holy place where worth taking these basic concepts are looking at different areas of the basic concepts such so we know we need to study the Bible in our sanctification process if were going to be having a deeper experience of Christ we must be studying the Bible but if we want that experience that no other experience can bring in studying the Bible we must be studying present-day truth and I'll say this this is a large part of the problem in our church in North America and another places were not even hearing present-day truth a lot of times in our churches but God is bringing them back around in these movements that he is raising up and the people he's moving out there as there is a repair revival taking place now let's go to the second furniture what is this all represents what is this represents prayers of the same so our prayer life our prayer life we have to have a personal prayer life of course we know this riddle look at some different things here I went to the horrors we need to have a deeper experiences what were talking about when you have a deeper experience she says we study present truth when we study the Bible now she says to have a deeper experience we must pray more believing that we have a living Savior I was couple years ago in the Ukraine with the astral school and one morning and my devotional time I was studying on prayer in the sanctuary and I came across this verse which I'd read many times my chapter one verse thirty five in the morning rising up a great while they he went out and did what he prayed he went to a solitary place any pray and there I realized this is what we need to do we see this secret if you will the key element in Jesus success as a soul winner but his success in having a connection with God no one else that big he was he got up hours before the sun even came out to spend time with God so I remember this hit me in this in this study time that I had and I decided I was finished I'm getting up at four a.m. every morning and spending the first few hours with God before I would go into the inter- workings of the school Thomas for a short time and man the Lord to start a blessing in many different ways and so I decided to put a class together for the for the students in the school and talk about prayer and talk about specifically this and I remember this here is the load yet he was one of the students in the school as I was teaching on this and talking about getting up early and spending this time with God in prayer in the blessings that it has brought to me personally Maloney and decided he was in a start doing that and and one thing I was talking well I was not just praying for for myself but intercessory prayer praying for divine appointments in so melodious started doing this in one day he decided in his prayer time he was thought he was praying for divine appointments he was praying for a deeper experience with God that afternoon he went out after lunch and he did what we call a prayer walk many of you may be familiar with that age is locking in the community praying for people silent and he's walking down this main road encompasses big intersection and he sees a big commotion that is an ambulance there is police there's a lot of people gather around as he approaches the scene he looks down and as a young man that had been struck by a vehicle and killed right as he comes their putting the sheet over his head so melodious so there was shopping with her and he just started training for this young man's family and has he's praying he feels a hand in hand on his shoulder and spun around it was an annual tribe recently and when you can't be here and so Polonius said on sorry I was just praying for this young man's family and it struck the annual shrine brings it all now you will guide you you keep right will as this is going on it was a young man behind the Lodi in listening and hearing this whole conversation in his name is Dean and so deem approach this here is edema researchers heirs of Colombia this is deemed not right here and team approached Polonia and he said I heard what you just said it should could you pray for me the hello do you set of course when what's the problem with what can I pray for these sediment drawbacks is that I been addicted to heroin for years and I can't quit and I want to quit desperately so melodious and of course I pray right there they started talking they instantly became friends with a loading a Bible study with this young man they began studying for months and I hear we we these are the kosher so he would bring team around Haskell class every day he would eat lunch with us we didn't assured that he was a part of the team after a few moments of prayers and Bible study Dino was able to get off of heroin drug free without any drugs D McCain to the series and at the end of the series he gets baptized this is Mrs. Dema here in the baptismal clothing not interesting this is sideshow right here Sasha was studying what the Bible work and this is the day of the baptism they are getting dressed into the baptismal clothing and Sasha looks over at Dema and he says to the Bible workers says what's he doing here I know him he's a drug so the Bible worker explained what happened and Sasha was so hot he went over there and instantly they became friends and they decided they were going to baptized together here they are in the tank and look at the joy in their faces his D- option is the pastor there they are getting baptized together not interesting demon 's mother was so appreciative of what was happening in the life of her son that she began coming to the meetings as well and she was ahead the orthodoxy of the Ukraine Eastern Europe is heavy Orthodox they control the country and this woman was an orthodoxy started coming to the meetings and here she is in the baptismal tiny little things you like four feet tall he was really cute and so she ended up getting baptized as well and I believe that it was a load is desired to have a deeper experience with God getting up earlier in the morning I'm not saying you have to get up at four a.m. tried the sea of the Lord will bless you but get up earlier even if you started on our already and prayers in an hour and twenty minutes and God will bless and not only will he blessed in your life but in the people 's lives around the because of that experience that melodia made that decision now we have two people in the kingdom of heaven because of that only physical quarter ministry the greatest victories of the church of Christ for the individual Christian are not those that are gained by calendar education or by welfare of the favor of man they are those victories that are gained in the audience chamber with God when Ernest agonizing faith leasehold upon the mighty arm of power so the greatest victory to the Christian columns in prayer Proverbs eighteen ten says the name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run into it and is safe Ellen White on this person desire pages one thirty one cessation travels and flees before the week 's soul who finds refuge in the mighty name number to talk about something that may be different for you and I don't want to get the wrong idea here and I'll explain this is something that I did shot at doing years ago after I learn the Adventists message I was reading a book and an absent a saw a road and he was talking about you using the name of God in prayer and so I started doing this myself and I would I'm still imprisoned and I would have my devotional time in the morning I would have devotional time in the evening than in the afternoon after once what I would do is I would write down some names of God and I and in their meanings and I would go outside and I would walk and as I would walk I would pray and asset would pray I would use these names of God with the acronym well familiar with the acronym actually door confessed bank and supplication in this for me was a great blessing in my prayer life and I'll explain so another words Yahweh Shema means Lord who is president so I would think of a time in my life where I knew the Lord was present admin in that very time remained in a timer I was really struggling and I look back and see that the Lord was present and so I would put that in my prayer Lord you have shown me that you are truly our Yahweh shall not because I've seen during this time when I was going through this you were present with me and so I would just like to give you fifteen different names but for sake of being redundant just a few names you get the concept the Almighty God else and I yelling Ira Lord who provides so you can go through this and put this in your prayers what this did for me is it really true me closer to God as I saw how God worked you know each name that were given from God the father is a different aspect of his character and as you see God working through these names that he has these different aspects of his character you see all those aspect in your life it just does something special in your relationship with God really drew me closer to to God I also did this with Jesus the different names good Shepherd victory through Jesus and I apologize I don't have notes for you paper notes but if you would like I can e-mail you all these notes and if you would like you can have this PowerPoint presentation as well so different names again as I would implement these in my prayer it really really drew me closer to God as a matter fact I will say this something incredible happened as I would do this every day it really I really felt the presence of God in my prayers and the very first time that I literally heard the voice of God on unholy in my prayers was while I was doing this and it was the most incredible thing and so was a great blessing to me now the Holy Spirit not saying afraid of the Holy Spirit but it's a different turn in the use she configure helper aluminate her and our friend chief is the acronym so as I was praying I would be thanking God that he sent the Holy Spirit who strengthens in my life that he has led me by his spirit and think of different times that it was clear that he did that different times that he helped me when I was in need different times that he gave me revelations in the Bible in so using this was just a tremendous tremendous blessing for me now let's move into probably the most often neglected area in our sanctification process you know it's interesting this is most the most neglected area but it's also probably the key ingredients first of all for overcoming in our life but it's also what is the key ingredient to keep us alive as Seventh-day Adventists and what is what's the seven branched candlestick stand for Holy Spirit gave the order was being poured into the seven branched candlestick for a while to witness the light of the world Jesus was the light of the world here again and fundamentals of education those who would be over comers must be drawn out of themselves and the only thing which will accomplish this great work is to become intensely interested in the salvation of all so if we want to be over the seven administratively over Congress of course we do all of us need to be overcome the only thing that is going to accomplish this is if we are intensely interested in the salvation of others so we must be involved in witnessing and were talking about having a deeper experience with God we have to study the Bible we know this but specifically present-day truth it will draw us closer than anything else will do in studying we have to be in prayer and we have to be witnessing if we want that experience that Jesus wants with us desired it is a twenty five it isn't doing Christ's work that the church has the promise of his breasts go teach all nations he said in low I am with you always even to the end of the world take your to take his yoke is one of the first conditions of receiving his power that we want to empower Jesus in our lives course leader that's why were here then we must be involved in the great commission personally we must be doing a personal work in order to have that close walk with Christ in a lot of times we claim the promise that Jesus is with us always because of this person the book of Matthew chapter twenty but it's in the context of doing the work I am with you always acts chapter five verse thirty three knowing someone said over here that the seven branched candlestick represents the Holy Spirit the wheel is being poured into the candlestick but the oil is being for the candlestick for one to witness so if that's the case now do we need the Holy Spirit do we want more of the Holy Spirit how we people that are still waiting the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and lowering power we probably was not half if or not to be witnessed home I talked about this extensively a lot of people are waiting for some special things happen and then there's any doubt witnessing the Holy Spirit is in a report out then revival is to take place in the church that's not true the revival takes place first then the Holy Spirit is poured out and so that's what we need to be doing people he was born into the candlestick so that we become witnesses affect acts five thirty two says that we are given the Holy Spirit for this purpose for those that obey him we see in acts chapter one verse eight you will receive power from on high and become what witnesses so if we're not anyway this is we shouldn't expect the Holy Spirit English seems to give a lot of others will himself be blessed there shall be showers of blessing we watch our blessing course review seeing that water shall be also water all my citizen desired ranges we can empower only that which we receive from Christ and we can receive only as we impart to others as we continue and how do we continue to receive and the more we are the more we shall receive thus we may be constantly believing trusting receiving and imparting what a great blessing that that's a great Thomas if we want constantly for our dentist Christian life to be alive we must be empowered and God is giving us the more we encounter more God gives us the closer we get to God because the more learning of God and it's just snowball effect Matthew can God reach sinners without us they reach the world without us Corsi could write better fax only says that God could have reached his object in saving sinners without already so that's the case why that is why to use us but in order for us to develop a character like Christ we must share in his work in order to enter into his joy rejoicing souls redeemed by his sacrifice we must participate in his labors for the redemption God could have done this without the consent angels these spread the gospel but he chose us to do this in this incredible plan because it is only through this plan of us being involved all soul winning that we will get the character of Christ we need the character of Christ we need it desperately the only thing that's going to give us the character of Christ is a for sharing what God is giving us and that's why he does this the closer we get to Christ the more we become like Christ and the more we share the closer we get to Christ this can only happen by sharing in his work Christian service the real love this quote the real character of the church is measured not by the high profession she makes not by the names enrolled upon the church book but while I what she is actually doing for the master by the number of her persevering faithful workers personal interest in vigilant individual effort will accomplish more for the cause of God and can be wrought by sermons are created so the real character of the church is not in the numbers of that are on the books the real character of the church are in the numbers of people that are witnessing in that church that church I want to be a part of that you know I there was a testimony last night to remember who gave it but there was a church of a hundred and seventy people and they did an outreach and out of hundred and seventy people a hundred and seven of them were knocking on doors that's incredible numbers ran out let the trainer church like that hundred and seven out of one hundred and seventy one out to knock on doors at the church I want to be a member of this is what separates the sheep from the goats now with witnessing we need to combine with prayer and Bible study Illinois says he does nothing but pray will soon what ceased to pray for his prayers become a formal routine so a lot of times were praying and praying and praying and praying but were never witnessing if we do that then eventually were in a cease to pray or system to become routine meaningless but when we combine the two this is when life enters us desiring is the very life of the church depends on her faithfulness in fulfilling the Lord commission to neglect this work is shortly to invite spiritual feebleness and decay where there is no lack of labor for others love means in faith grows dim so here she says the very life of the church depends on what fulfilling faithfulness in fulfilling the Lord 's commission what's the Lord commission to go all-out witness lady members go on with this so the very life of the church the Panasonic possibly missing and let me say this the very life of the church member would you think of it that way as we say in the life of the church and we think at our church and those people know the church member the very life of the church members depends in her faithfulness of fulfilling the Lord commission if we neglect this what happened we become feeble and again how many of you would like to be feeble on it he wanted to K when we decay when were already in real decay before we die so if were not fulfilling the Lord 's commission were to emerge and decay soul often times you went to a church that is dead why do you think that is microfilmed the lowest commission if I'm an active church member was that say about me I'm not fulfilling the world commission me personally I want whole life as a Seventh-day Adventists and we find that life in evangelism we find that close connection with Christ when we are doing his work when we are working with I get out of prison I was living with my brother my brother 's four years younger than me and we had an apartment in some of all Massachusetts and we were living on this little street it was unhealthy for houses on the street you come down the end of the street is for houses on the street and into houses on the corner the last house on the left on the first floor laughing my brother and I went reading pretty much grew up in this area so we knew everybody in the area I was working a job where I would go to work very early in the morning and I'd be home finished with work around noon every day and my routine was after I got home from work I would have prayer I would study the Bible a little bit I would have lunch and then I was taken that I know this doesn't fall in line with our health message but I was learning and so then after I wake up from my nap I would study more and I remember one day was a Friday afternoon I was on my knees praying in tongues of me I've been living here for now three or four months and economy I've been doing nothing for God and so I'm trying to listen Lord forgive me I've been here on this little street for four months and I haven't done anything to win is for you criminals will do this you need to show me now I have been with missing in the fact that I was no longer doing drugs and alcohol and violence and all that stuff that's when Jane's life right was not enough I've been witnessing and in the fact that not going to church on Saturday you know Massachusetts is your either Irish Catholic or Italian Catholic and I'm Irish and Italian I grew up as of this was definitely a witness matter of fact it is written recently Massachusetts has the largest amount of Catholics in the entire country and selling your soul this was definitely a witness am going to church on Saturday now that's what this is is not enough in so Lord I don't know how the witness how to do this please should only send somebody send me so that I can leave them to you now you've heard it said before be careful what you pray for by this was Friday afternoon about two weeks goes by I come home from work my front doors open a big deal we knew everybody we never lock the door and went to my room and my top drawers open of this is strange I kept cash in the top drawer for an emergency so I go and look in the top drawer sure enough the money 's gone I didn't think anything of it my brother knows and keep money in the air he must've came home from work he needed it honestly from the get all my last building its own couple hours later I said hey Chris if you need money for something as an ally to even take the money out of my drawer and he just looked at them instead own know and you know I'm a little slow then it's on them he reminded Enron and so we go into the living room and sure enough he rightly reject the house sure enough the VCR is gone praise the Lord my brothers Sega Genesis game system gone Paredes the Lord my brother 's laptop computer on praise the Lord let me explain the computer you know we say it was hot my brothers one of my brothers friends broke into some poor woman's car stole her computer if you race everything on it sold it to my brother for short money and I didn't want it in my house and I have been thinking about training about Lord how can I talk to my brother about this is not a Christian talk to him so he understands this unity in our house and now I don't have to talk to them about it thank you and that Sega VCR will will go to the DCI they would be things that my brother and his friends would watch a method I was not comfortable with my house again I'm praying more how can I share this with my brother without offending him now it's gone that's a game system writing gets familiar with the Sega game systems and now they're just off the charts with these games my brother and all his friends his friends would come over every night after work and they would drink and they would play the sports games you know Greg Gretzky hockey and Madden football and whatever Griffey baseball and they would sit a horse getting drunk playing these games they thought they were actual athletes because they were playing these sports and you want to see something funny I wish I could've videotaped it my brother was the worst they would sit there and strain at the referees on this game and I remember one day I walked into my brothers like like he wants to beat up the referee on the Sega game is why he wasn't a penalty and I think Chris I think he is blind and that's not an actual person but even if it was January with on the TV is a little at the outlet so now all in all as I'm assessing the situation I'm thinking I lost a couple hundred dollars or even to get rid of this stuff is awarded on so now I think I can go out and see if any my neighbor saw anything so I'm announcing my and my neighbors did see something the person that robbed us they renew me was probably somewhat in prison I'm gathering and dizzy was yelling my name out in front of the door and then I think a mouse or human ends of the house didn't eat anything so now I find myself in the house on the corner of my street Jimmy lives in that house I know Jimmy most of my life he was a boxer I used to be a boxer reuse the reef the fight together when I was younger he who was living the life I used to live drugs and alcohol and everything that goes with that I would come home from work all the time this was the summer and if the police want at Jimmy 's house an ambulance was therefore wasn't the ambulances the fire department it was chaos at this house all the time people getting stab people over overdosing on drugs it was chaos so I would come home from work it would seem Jimmy has a hey Jimmy how are you reach a good Kevin how are you that was the extent of now I find myself in his living room in his kitchen telling him with what happened he is seen as something that would lead to anything but he said something interesting is that Kevin I just came from my parole officer know Jimmy was a career criminal he was in recently got arrested for another violent crime and he was out on bail with the bracelet you guys know the bracelet is electronic device they report put on your ankle and monitors where you can go and they dictate where you can go you basically can go to work school of the supermarket and that said Friday afternoon he says can I just have my parole officer and I'm really upset with I said well how come he said well because I asked him if I can go to church this Sunday he said no and right away my talk went back to the prayer two weeks ago Lord on the witness sends somebody sent me that I can leave them to you and so immediately I stopped praying in my mind Lord help me give me the words to say so I let he goes on when he finishes this is Jim you have an idea as and when I bring church to you let's recently any said Monday when I get out of work I'll come by and we can study the Bible together he said why he would do that as of course I would he said great that would be great I left their forays God I cannot feed on touching the ground I just got a Bible study would you than me I just got a Bible study what in the world that I just get myself into how to give a Bible study I got home and I get on my knees and I said Lord what I just do I don't know how to give a Bible study and the Lord brought it to me he said Kevin the same way I reached you reaching when I was in prison somebody gave me a amazing facts Bible study got I read in the next one I had two sets in my and my Lord said he was also Jim Yardley made out for us when I have to do anything which is reading together Monday came we went through the first lesson on the Bible is raping left we can trust Jimmy love decent man Kevin I can't believe I never realize how interesting the Bible can be now we had set a not that I would come every Monday note that we do once a week right to Bible studies once we don't do more than that now that's the general rule but it's not installed in surgeries is kept this was so incredible I can't wait until next Monday for another study should listen I have an idea why don't you come over Wednesday night I'll cook us dinner and I will have our second study not often noticed I turned onto many dinners and know my wife is pregnant women have a contest and whose whose expanding more quickly so I said sure Jimmy Wednesday night in only I love Italian food he's a tally so we had I went over Wednesday night we had a nice Italian dinner and we had our second Bible study on the great controversy have you ever studied the great controversy with somebody that's never heard that before she shaken was an Angel Lucifer and incredible we got to that Bible study Jimmy was blown away isn't Kevin is just so incredible I can't wait until Monday to study again as you give me outside what I get home from work at twelve o'clock every day of cilantro quick and I'll come over will study Monday through Friday he's a great two weeks earlier Laura how to witness on how to do that send somebody to me that I can leave them to you five days a week of studying which am leaving Jimmy sells one day I'm walking to my house and Danielle lives across the street from my house another young adult in her twenties she sitting on the porch he said Kevin Kamali implemented budget short Daniel what's up she said I see you coming out of Jeannie 's so there is one man knocking away from before she knew Jimmy from us and you wouldn't believe me if I told you several trying as it were studying the Bible journals fellow for I said I thought you would believe me she said something interesting she said that is so awesome can't you I don't think I would be ready for something like that I love to read citizen matter of fact I just today and work rent is six hundred page book now I know how well of a reader but I could not do that into things entered my mind this girl can read it she doesn't do a lot of work zero six hundred pages in where an right away I said you know Danielle I got a book for you not the Bible but it's the greatest book ever written on the life of Christ you have to read this she said really a city I want to give it you should you give it to me as of course I ran I also booked and again desire of ages I wrote a little something and it quickly I gave it toward she said Kevin thank you so much I can read this book two weeks ago Lord how to send somebody to me is accurate without answer the next day Danielle 's brother comes walking from my door Richie Nelly Young adults he walks in he is one of the ones that plays the games with my brother drinks each as donation promises no as it will does he have a beer in the fridge as you know my brother of course is beer in the fridge is a multi- take a sixpack but please take it all out and so I walked into the kitchen with him he says you know my sister told me today you gave for this great book she read it to them work the desire of ages she read in work today he said how she really really enjoyed you know the history buff I don't love anything on history and give me anything on history are reading I cannot believe he I said Rick you like history since all of history that I got book for you it starts out in the destruction of Jerusalem and teach you all through history right up to today and even a little further and it winds up like a blueprint you have to read this book book of the Edinburgh controversy I went in my bedroom I grabbed a great controversy wrote a little something in it I gave the children he said Kevin thank you so much and read this is rich if you read the Bible no as what you'll like history there's a chapter in the Bible you must read it it gives us twenty five hundred years of history and is you have to read this chapter my dog Daniel two is that it lines up the history books and lines up perfectly with I went into my room I grab the Bible as it which I give you this we read this I showed him where was he sick and I'm not read this he's leaving my house is on the importance of ritual officer as well as I look at the seminar however see this again each of you talking about zero zero miles of the Bible and great controversy on the one on and a sixpack of Budweiser under the other I will however see this picture again I use lots of two weeks ago Lorna dunes shall meet how to win people five days we can study with Jimmy desire of ages to Danielle Wray controversy to rest I went back up a little bit at this point in my life I come out of prison on fire with this message I was getting convert my family and week convert the rest of CD in about three weeks and what after bashing my family about pork chops in the pool only Congress my family did we get doomsday right there are my church that I was in the time was in transition and there was a lot of problems in the church and hear a great church today praise the Lord their great church at this time there was a transitional period and so my spiritual life was really sinking I was just a pure and my fire started dwindling and dwindling when I gave that Bible study to Jimmy incidentally the third lesson in that amazing facts series is on salvation tears in his ox he accepted Christ into his life for the first time this is a man that was a hardened criminal a career criminal violence and he accepted Christ into his life with tears both of us cry what do you think that did for me from my spiritual life it was at that point that I made the decision this is what I must do nothing else matters in this world today when living in the last days nothing else compares to doing evangelism I made a decision this is one of the letter know how I don't know how even do it but I know the Lord will provide in witnessing this is what I want to say that every life of the church member depends on her faithfulness in fulfilling the Lord 's commission because as we share with people and you would share those experiences it brings life we tell you what happened when Jimmy he was going to try but he's a career criminal you would open his record from the floor to the ceiling it would reach even arrested and imprisoned for life the judge is going before he had been before him before many times he commits a violent crime the three o'clock in the afternoon in the summer with two witnesses he doesn't have a case the district attorney is pushing for eighteen years minimum for him to serve he's done his life is over we had a prayer meeting in his house the night before he went to court for his trial on never forget this he said Kevin I don't want us to pray that God would keep me out of prison I'm guilty of what I thought cinema pray that God will be in my life maybe he needs me in prison maybe I need to go through this again maybe there's somebody and there is and whatever I want God 's will in my life we pray that the next morning was about ten thirty in the morning I get a column work it's Jimmy and immediately I thought all know what he do why isn't he in the courtroom as Jimmy would need to use it Kevin and I cannot believe this is that I went for the good the judge the DA presented the case my attorney we didn't have the defense and the judge stood up at the end he said I find Jimmy Cappiello guilty of all charges he looked at the DA he said but I see something different in this matter and I'm a sentence into ten years parole two years probation two more years on the bracelet and he never went back to prison I just recently before I came out here was with Jimmy again I went and visited him he's married he has twin boy and girl he owns two homes in his own business and is still going strong in his Bible study with God what would happen I think this what would happen if I didn't pray that prayer if I didn't feel that that's instead I need to witness I know what would've happened to me personally I don't know what would've happened to me if I'm not involved in evangelism if I wasn't involved in evangelism and probably wouldn't be here with you today I don't even know if I'd be in the church to be honest if I was in the church it would be physically home the very life of the church member depends in her faithfulness in fulfilling the Lord 's commission to neglect this work is to invite feebleness in the day spiritual feebleness and decay Judy Cappiello was was my experience in this very passage L White says evangelism page three thirty three there is no greater bliss on this side of head than in winning souls to Christ the only way we can experience incredible joy incredible lists as seven-day Adventist is to be involved in witnessing as we do that we are closer to Christ than we could ever be for not involved in witnessing we can never have a deeper experience with Christ we can't can't do it this is a picture of a church and the Ukraine just recently I did a church training there now the Ukraine is of course a former Soviet broke off from the Soviet Union and they got their dependents and on August back and so they still have the Soviet Union mindset and I remember when I first started visiting the Ukraine and doing trainings was probably about seven or eight years ago and in the morning time we would travel long distances to different conferences and I would be training for the past then in the afternoon I would train some I will present an evening out trains and church members in the toughest group was at first group of the morning and I remember I remember this one training we were having an right in the middle of pastor stands up and he's yelling at me and my translators translate and consumer translator is getting a little shutout and he's yelling nieces you can't do this in this country as Slavic as a backdoor around there we may need to use a domain like to get mad at us and I said well oh why can't we do it it doesn't work here you will understand the Ukraine former Soviet Union you can knock on doors you can talk to people you can visit people doesn't work here this is America as it will pastor the last time you tried this what was your experience it didn't work any ignore the question is that it doesn't work as a nominal pastor the last time you tried it didn't work any come down a little easier well I never try and I said okay thank you very much and how we stand at the back of my mind so we do this church training here in this church never been done before in the Ukraine this is at the end of the training we did in a day intensive training we finished on Sabbath morning Sabbath afternoon were doing outreach in a country you can't do this it's not America so we have about sixty seven church members that are going out and having their holding up those pieces of paper that was their surveys of the really used you can see in their faces and other they're happy there and upon their excited some of them have a little nervous excitement you can see in their faces they don't know what to expect we don't know what to expect and to be honest former Soviet Union mindset I don't know what that is but I know what I've been told sixty seven members we also had a group of Bible workers are working with the school it was off for Bible workers and then we had about twenty students so those close to close to a hundred people in the minutes of outreach nominee Bible studies these church members got no keep this in mind it's never been done before they only had eight days of training with translation so that probably came out to about five hours total but I trained them on with translation so keep that in mind sixty seven church members not revivals I take a guess how many Bible studies the Army Congress that would be good two hundred and be very good praise the Lord to hunt over three hundred Bible studies in this what do you think that did for that church we met back Saturday night after the ninety minutes at five o'clock that atmosphere was electric you know what that did for this church it completely turned this church around they were getting up giving testimonies for our suite of the committee who was so many testimonies and the plan was that if you didn't want to keep the Bible study is given to the Bible worker or the students and people were getting off I guess in Bible studies and I connected with this wonderful upkeep of these Bible studies by the way over and over we heard at all I'm sorry not to give these you guys on keeping these that church was electrify between the church members the Bible workers in the students two weeks of outreach they had a little over a thousand people signed up for Bible studies people you can do this in this country this is an American unilateral and faster was right added in America would never get a thousand people signed up in one week to forget it was a week or two and in outreach but I have experienced everywhere I go everybody says the same thing all difficulty doesn't work for Massachusetts all New England 's top stuff everywhere in livestock and very life of the church the church members depends in her faithfulness in fulfilling the Lord 's commission every soul should now stand in a position of a deeper truer consecration to God and during the years that have passed I have been deeply impressed by scenes that have recently passed before me in the mind sees in many of there seemed to be a great movement a work of revival going forward in many places our people were moving into line responding to God 's call Ellen White saw really see in a minute in the last days a revival in the Seventh-day Adventist church and she saw God 's people living in July you want to be one of those people they were having a deeper experience than they had previously and they're moving into line moving into line for what invasions of the night representations passed before me have a great reformatory movement among God 's people many were praising God the sick were healed and other miracles were wrought hundreds and thousands were seen visiting families an opening before them the word of God Cox were convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit in a spirit of genuine conversion was manifest on every side doors were thrown open to the proclamation of the truth the world seemed to be going in with the heavenly influence and great blessings were received by the true and humble people of God testimonies volume I only saw in the last days hundreds and thousands of Seventh-day Adventists experiencing revival experiencing a rep a Reformation and with that they were going door-to-door and they were good she says the doors was so to receive the truth my friends it is time to be about our father 's business it is time for this greater deeper experience in the things of God and the only way were to do this is if we earnestly pray if we are studying present-day truth and if we are willing to share that and were witnessing to people with those three there is no other week there's the results will can only be a deeper greater experience with Christ that's what I want for myself I want to be home I could've seen you and I hope they are studying the Bible of people in the last days I want to be one of these people following you is a revival that's taking place in our church and it's time to get on board with that revive cannot very interesting and have one minute things are happening in our church God knew they were to be happening right now divisive things at the same time he's raising up to survive at the same time he's raising of the young people get trained in in the things of God because it's about to take place it's time well it's no coincidence that Elder Wilson is now the head of our world church it's time to time for seven bad practice to have a deeper experience with God it's time to refocus in our Bible study time on present-day truth and it's time to get healthy so that we can have life as Christians at seven a.m. father in heaven we thank you for the time we had together here this morning Lord we thank you that that you desperately want a deeper experience in our lives you desperately want us to be closer to you Lord we thank you for laying out for us how this can happen but I pray for each one of us what a great privilege it is to be a part of the remnant movement in these last days what a privilege it is to be a seventh at this lord help us help us to have a desire to have a deeper walk with your deeper experience with you and with the Lord give us a desire to win people Lord give us that life that we need Seventh-day Adventists we thank you for this convention are you will is is through our is young with this minority interest in him and his maintenance if you would like to learn more and I live in a you and you are out and I is him and more as a online sermon is 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