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Leading with Purpose and Passion

Paul Hunt
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  • August 9, 2012
    10:45 AM
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him in Romans twelve and withhold in some versions of the meat with all diligence and James version but there's other versions and I have to like what it says he believed that if you have the gift of leadership should leave with one we should lead with passion the passion leaving with purpose presupposes two things has two elements possible moment his motive and secondly that his intention motive is the reason why he will be the justification for leadership at the intention is a object in the target of your leadership and the reason to leave his room and pack lines with with his level the only reason we are putting ourselves in the position of attack in the online is that we are leading with the heartless impacting lives for all eternity the best thing to do impressive things about how easily it speaks about the mood in which you leave this passion is Barbara and user is some kind of zeal and vigor in leadership we should have we should have added but the truth is is that while Robert energy way is not right I feel my sweetheart Knights of questioning God whether or not we're really doing the right thing whether or not we like I really hear your voice when you set going what was it really wasn't needed I say go to sleep I was able we have those little but we ought to leave with fervor and enthusiasm this morning I wish it would leadership concepts to bring us back to bring us back to that further that God expects us to have before we do that no one like to just say one is having fun we know that as we talk in a group like this is when the him also this is inspiration and insight that only comes from the Holy Spirit the Lord speak to us in ways that are far beyond anything that I could say I've touched the hearts the with encouragement it is I strengthen us to do you this is our prayer in the name of Jesus but everyone say a man I want us to look at three areas today we can look at three meters the first one is keeping focus the second one is keeping hot method one is keeping sane keeping focus is looking at God 's way of leadership understanding what leadership means from the Bible the second keeping heart is looking at God 's way of success when you look at success in the way the world views and we look at ourselves and our ministry sometimes begins so I want to the teapot by looking at God 's way to understand success and also keeping saying God 's way with people how do we deal with how do we address people in ministry because he thought leadership is about people without people there's no reason for me keeping focus golf way and leadership now if you're a student of leadership at all if you read your Bible at all the most distant and major leader in the Bible experience in presenting every major lead in the Bible experience failure significant loss most of them were fired from their positions in your life you only have to think about Abraham and Jacob blank Joseph and Moses to think about the bias from their decisions will be reassigned on getting it all wrong but they were all called by God but significant somewhat misguided they found themselves in deep trouble in fact they went into hiding they run a local danger and many were will sign all the more they paid the price lost home in Los Gatos was well was secured until all the major leagues this address greatly for the trouble they learned the hard way of leadership on some hard not somehow lessens to do that I want to think about Jonathan Knight inverse for Jesus it is an adhesive is in this context is about to send out his disciples into ministry into the leave I want to put yourself in that position he's sending you out a assignment was to do what he's going to do it he says take nothing for the journey no walking stick note by no-brainer no money and not be an extra shirt now you can send someone out into ministry earnings what in the world would you tell taking a walking stick to know by taking over food and money and don't take an extra set of what would Jesus say something like this even what God is a home because now all gone we look to provide the Jesus thing but they are not in one seeking first the kingdom of God all these things by the money and the closing will be united unhuman in a very helpful way speaking to the first leaders of the Christian church is going to stop with you that I think is best left at home I just want to go on and on we provide for your needs on every level is the latest gentlemen we can't help others lead on ministries when I has awful lot of stuff him I will want you to think about the surprising mother possesses the status seekers in whatever it is it has to be let go this is the right to marry is that entry level step into leadership with Christ is the Muslim English wheel understanding God 's way of leadership points us to to stop reality you know before you go into that one of the reasons that gone midsize to go to junk is in opposition as leaders is free us from the things that wall almonds believe it or not myself included we all want inside we all have elements within alternative that prevent us from growing and bouncing as we could by permit only what we can say and only those things that will structure us and shape us and molded in such a way as to be the most is the arsenic affected by the fish you can not affect normal to be the most effective people that we can possibly be we often focus on IQ and skill development and target goal but God shapes our thoughts this because naturally I'll tell you one person is naturally I really don't want to say that was God shaping my home toward service you see the experience of leadership is to change you will we only look at leadership is something outside of ourselves upon himself the son also something that we didn't believe that this person had gone because of the leadership will will shake you as you score is not exactly do you want to monetize you and me him what he is about who you become as you believe in ministry part of leaving is allowing that experience negative and positive to do something to you and all we want is a you know as possible as you stand by the door people come along that she is a wonderful message of life is what comes long as possible as necessary as the wonderful message for recording and one person comes along they say well I was all right but I didn't like too much now when you go home for lunch his wife the husband the first thing you say you know someone who told me that I was no good my message was many good ways as strange as the opening weekends remember that negative Alan easy leadership should change was about a dozen users syncs with what was his concern about who become diminished understanding leadership gone away two two reality you want to control the know I know you will let the sun don't say most men and women don't need to be taught this reminds let me remind you of a few things you're not in control God is in control revenues on a beautiful unit of the volatile North to build and not we know the story and the world was no other means but be safe from the flood Noah preached to how many years one hundred and twenty years and how many people came to the altar call no results were not the ones that he is but when the first few drops of rain without everyone wanted to be in the argument right is no know God has set limits God time and information workflow God shut the door and only God could open it again now who's up with Luzon guards are we always say no but it really wasn't no was not at all it was fully God second point is understanding the difference between leading and managing notices permits understanding who is our life and is going to ministry market is very good divided is created so that you can save life and people for eternity is leading and managing in the sonar is an interesting question is he knows all the with his own hands but it wasn't he was given to from a vision from God God gave the idea got big plans talking to the director told exactly how to put this together you may have built a manipulation gentleman your business event on this from the ground up but one of many things about you is one of the leading is not yours that is idea that initiative but whatever you created that came with your hot you let your eyes will possession given to you by God and let's hope the Lord Jesus Christ was given by God is not simply an event him then build your ministry is not a lot of difference between leaving management advertising at home the point about ownership about what leadership is one management is and we weave it into that section what is the leading in the wall quite confused thing because most of the leadership of new accounts out there as well there written by business practitioners with minimal management and reality is important because leaving his wife from management I want you to imagine for a moment that the Whidbey wanted to playing with one some exotic location while playing the service is excellent work is very very well every need is met with the stewards are just absolutely have to have a working it exceeds all expectations experience about what is nothing short about sleeping in July I don't know payment and begin to want to the airline because you want to hand this off and say how wonderful this way law a few hours later the plane lands smoothly and to disembark only around that you've arrived in the wrong place just experienced outstanding management but currently is there is a difference between leadership and management me give you another illustration leadership and management is is like the use of a lot you see when you take a lot you got in the way you want to place it on the wall and want to place it on the wall than usual others can climb over the wall into a safe place and hopefully not overpriced leadership is knowing where to place the lab managed him over Coronado safely to the other side there is a difference between being the leader and good management over the Las Palmas is easy to an American American culture and business culture has been confusing on leadership and management in fact we think that a good manager because they are efficient is a goodly and you will always know what we believe good management is greatly but it a lot is not in the right place it doesn't matter how well decline because when you get over the other side your automation and it could be dangerous so the human relationship he leans we met now in our relationships to others we are in position on leadership budding relationship with God healing because I is and tells you where the police the insight and foresight in all things he knows exactly what you should do an hour job at the movies on him as hard as we can so he was glad on the life plays and then we can all ministries get people to do that they can get to a destination that God is in a manner is a huge difference between leadership and management and the reason why I want to talk about that is that keeping focus God is understanding that you want to control her vision by night and I hope that he has provided you figure that's highly not in control they gone really means we thought before we actually will I want us to think a little bit about what is your life will him will him is the ultimate plan my dear we usually will do our task is not as direct line is that we listen to that voice is a very very carefully where God wants us to the point that his spiritual life must we have to be welcoming you to see the light instruction so long as long as the second point was to be hot what was the first okay is getting a little worried I confuse the keeping of the second by this PVR understanding success God 's way now the lead one into the other because your leadership because you have challenges and difficulties of personal conscience I is in ministry you want to measure whether or not you're doing the right thing based on how much success receipt is not it's also very easy philosophy does that feel that his blessing is aware that when they doing in language regret his blessing is with us and that is nouveaux I is God is always with his whimsical is taken off the ice and frost understand God is punishing this is a skill set is a human dialer when you fall into trouble don't that God is punishing me for some benighted in the past maybe it was from you because of that where you lose hot become disguising the section I want to understand God 's way to success defining success him I him a couple of moments or personal definition of success will lead to success assuming that down some of you have notebooks will just use about for about a minute I want you to think about that because I want whatever is in your heart to the surface is easy to deal with keeping and defining success with your personal definition of success with me I do not know copy anyone else is a available information God is anyone else is in a fetching the proposal God has very good and someone will fulfilling God 's purpose very good on ergonomics is a very philosophical what's the difference between success and world that is a question often we don't think about success is fine and well believe it or not success in the world is the way we access it see in the world this is almost invariably a number comes down to a number of businesses call the bottom line is going to school the school in education and schools grade GPA and a CTR FAC but if the church in your life in your ministries in your home for me when we can define the wing easily in the Walden and publishers but one thing he asked when spirit using as always primarily profit is usually nothing wrong with profit nothing wrong with wealth creation is not a safe failure to be profitable however in business will eventually lead to the business going extinct winning and losing on difficult ideas ideas and while this is one of the reasons I believe that in the world of business people put a lot of effort and a lot of attention what they feel like the Bible tells us sometimes the children of my monopolizing the children of God is a ironically once there was a great question good to great is that the survey is accessible this is not to successful business is good enough to think when they see expectation is remarkable to find out what is this position plan as I read these books on leadership on management my directly in the word of God is visible by one of the directors of the whole Bible is the feeling love is feeling now while this is one because this particularly found out that you shall love the employees the employees will think that I fear is one of fellowship discipleship so there is no place of the principles of God is there is into what we misuse and this is becoming while we successful while they doing this is important there is an important difference in how we think about success in the world in the form of some him as him all is forgiven as the stone and follow good practices is Thursday in the young sailor is a consultant now the same time that I say that I'm not saying that you should go out everything is visible but the children in the eighties I wisely decided it was smart and said they were more results in exhibit one seven Walmart is in line with what we know I believe that is true today in business financial investment is minimal but it's also expected out they put money in and when they turn the wheel about this is a spent more money spent out in whatever form that is more market share whatever it all oils down to more money therefore the money is not just an important it's now now in the church in ministry money is a necessary and what do you need money in order to fuel the operations autonomously bus the similarity ends there because money is not expected or intended out our ministry is not right ministries agreed by most of you figure that out in similarity ends there but is not expected out in fact when not in the for-profit arena so the primary objective is transformed it's this is investment not to creation in God 's kingdom now the author business like Jim Collins I wanted to integrate with your search engine College is not a Christian the gynecologists that the nonprofit arena as well this is what he said he said we must reject the idea what is wrong with this in the social sciences nonprofit is to become more like this is northbound interesting coming from the person was not a Christian was not in the not-for-profit is reasonable that he looked at us and he said you should not adopt business practices to say what was wrong for us to be as needed there are great and good universal business practices but in general we should not try to become one of his big challenge is figuring out on the road when we go one to know what the Bible says about it because that's what you hear and that's what I said in the blurbs you write a biblical view of success is found in Matthew twenty five fourteen if there is no one ought to be able to read all that but under the summarizes very quickly the second who had ten notes a story about the seven hundred ten dollars and the one who will remember the one who has five one four originally have to and he doubled up developing what people don't get they will receive Elizabeth exactly the same commendation and they got the same report now that's not how this is once a day that's not how we think about one it's not how we think about remuneration is not how we think about my talk with God it didn't matter how much they had what matters is that they were productive what matters is that they were faithful in what they did so faithfulness is the biblical definition of success not numbers this is more because I know that some of you in a really assessed over the number you can get some spring seasonal I think you will all kind of Israel saying he shouldn't do that but what I'm saying is his faithfulness is the him going your relationship faithfulness what do being diligent about Willie to talk to man in the panel who was they were from people because they mostly all we worry about fruit we worry about being diligent and also at the same time Jesus was not oblivious to the numbers on the results in the feeding America was feeding he was the one asking for an analysis of what was at hand in front and often are so he's okay let's is a research to find out what's out there before we do this here then are the miracle happened he examined and announces he's well let's look at what was left to actually go to collect so that means Jesus is actually interested in Google if you want to know the shape of the business of this music this is great news but Jesus did not obsess over numbers he just known as you want to assess about numbers is when they thought in his mind that he won the people I because they decided an obsessed about numbers as numbers the only thing that you have to visit that will somehow plate into that there are places that you will work with will know not only my antibiotic world seem as if you're being successful is to become the price down past the shutdown simply because we don't feel the numbers are looking away as a you need to always go back to the piping month and is using him a Sri Lankan know-how model really is an event is he became a citizen is the situation with his wife met said that it was a Wilmington I'm not looking forward from this like you to be logged in as many people as month and the juvenile judge simply by the number button labeled with anything is going about being faithful message individually has been tremendously all want to policy wanted increases increase is the decision to serve as a leader comes with the baptism into contact I know that I get an amen of anyone experienced some conflict to most of your sloppy chuckling to yourself like you know well this is the following talk about maintaining your sanity and maintaining your sanity I believe in Johnson is Jesus says to paraphrase this is getting his disciples the lost message in an attempt is missing is encouraged in his disciples preparing them for the future because he knows what he says about that people persecute you some people will try to kill you and manual labor that is not well acquainted with interest I was also that even am leaving out the him when until the disciples cards the Jesus was giving them the San Antonio facility will shop wedding only to only control why why is water why don't you deserve you visit Jesus said in this world you have promoted by false isn't all that will live godly bachelor in one hundred months of this you might encounter as you are going to encounter something you are going to get the leaders must have a biblical strategy for dealing with conflict I have been the strategy of marketing Bible no-no there was great in his other personality tests but the Bible only get his thoughts about three types of people now this is something that had reground thoughts about what the Bible is presented why foolish and the Senate again wife people foolish people and people that all the Bible describe on the concept you are about to learn my nephew save you a lot of time and frustration and money I might actually help is on when you look at a diagnostic of all three were and how we handle remember when talking about leading with passion and purpose and this is part of what got learn the skill wife a wise man probably one life says what he will increase in learning a man of understanding shall attain wise counsel is essential as we know who you're dealing white people when you present a wise person the life they make adjustments for the design so they understand what you're saying they frankly brazen they look at it missing the true and the front of the problem maybe I need to make a change now we make a big mistake I think most of us make in our culture we like to treat everyone the same I think of everyone reluctantly everyone the way that we like intrigued because we assume that everyone is like that the wrong idea we live in an egalitarian society where we believe that every opinion is about everyone should be there again when there are some juvenile and there are some opinions that are really not based into telling the truth Satan would have a point but if they are equal with God now I don't think so but we have this idea in this e-mail society and what it does is it influences the way that we think I believe as Christians we think that treating everyone the same the same as treating everyone that that's not you want to the bottom surface they come from difficult job leadership is the left that in a leadership position based on what it is that you're dealing with lazy leadership is leadership that is great one role is for everyone dealing with people but it's easier of Cisco home sleep at night as well everyone was saying everyone is treated not so not in fact because the statement is that everyone is like no wife he will and there are evil but the wife is going to be back they listen they just behavior on him responsibility for their performance division the relationship is usually strengthened by having this encounter with a wise person does anyone you work with someone else when you employ other people are what's it like to work with the person who speak to address an issue within the normal ceiling that I received in like you and the great love with a woman is a wonderful thing to work with someone like that in your reasonable price like that you know maybe something from them to make what you need to make shipment just with my behavioral all on my thinking I actually met the end of the date of relationship between you and your boss is strengthened by it isn't go downhill that's the diagnostic was personally presents itself they take lightly and they made adjustments according out of the foolish about this product six percent of full-time live and go in the way of understand some of your thinking I would think some of the phone I wish I could go another way the Bible says is safe foolish going to the way of understanding foolish people the choice to adjust so that he or she does not have to adjust to the difference between a wise person at a foolish choice of the widget is when beginning feedback they get expensive they all have a reason why it's not their fault when a mistake is pointed out that it was possible unless the use the destroys the relationship that means effectively pointed out to them but don't talk to them about it strengthen the relationship causes him that relationship and you have to know pretty quickly when someone is whether they are wise foolish boring it's important for us to know these distinctions now you guys does not necessarily mean smile it doesn't necessarily mean extremely gifted me that doesn't mean that the change will be instantaneous by one person will always grow and always listen to accounts and now some of you are thinking of a particular person right now the Rolodex of your mind as you will be working with you I want to does it sound like anyone you know is ironically the fool matching the smartest person in the room not now hear this they may be the most charming person in the room but because of who is confused with Dickinson because of our dependency in this culture and peoples pics you have to keep around even though their behavior is telling us that this person is not a wise for us and even a bit difficult to deal with now everyone knows Google boards or committees of them and as a person who is a real pain in the room we don't get rid of them because we believe they bring so many things the somewhere in Washington one interfaith thing you can't do anything else but the BB slave to their their way they behave Star Trek to the top so we continue to think that one more conversation one-on-one encounter just a little more time and maybe a little more explaining which is good is just another chance again it will do the trick and it will work out well because I have him into the lives of the wife has knowledge for the heart is this one allows not the one that reproves him neither will he go to the wine someone who's the will to someone you know you know is a negative the only one day as you are this is important how do you do with a wise person with a wise person to address the issues they will be grateful they will be respectful and they will be on you be grateful and respectful and honest to why special resources because they are normally productive with those resources they are responsible out to be a wonderful you wonderful style with a white person before you stop you stop talking with local consequences matter got to put around boundaries not as a lot of you have sleepless nights with personality and psychology to go late at night and figured out the users owns a one hundred ninety because I was you stop talking great consequences address the unacceptable to direct stop talking around the issue because the issue is that is what prevents them from hearing from growing is there talking about symptoms of the right to talk about core that will be I don't have felt wonderful that point with your address this is a strategy will also tell them that the Mac to them all that need talking to you about what's going on here what working and what's not working is not optional not going to him ineligible everyone has get the awesome how they would like to receive the given them some responsibility in this relationship is not optional you just tell me how you perceive it would you like to go out to lunch in the electability and maybe go out to my house you decide where we do it but it's going to have to present nonnegotiable and usually in an employment situation like that is related evening the description of the position on legal and then save it as a matter of whether or not anyone is that John is the bottom boundaries around and continue to be a slave to Vegas do not give a full more resources the resource is because you like me is that there is a problem productivity is a problem behaviors as more resources in fact Euphrates but now is it really when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice when the weekend their role more evil people make the squad evil people me and you want Jeremiah five twenty six for among my people outbound is a wicked man a leading way is he that cynicism is satisfied the cash is very if the cost of their intent is to satisfy to do evil that's what evil people who now I really want us to try to focus in on this one because we have a major problem in the way we look at the personal deal with adversity and goes down to how you think about yourself as egalitarian society we believe that we should treat everyone the same major problem we like to think that it's possible to reason anyone are you and I like that he is reasonably someone is also the reason it's been aware by the evil people by nature are not reasonable think about anyone wants to do harm but because they're reasonable not because I have a particular reason they wanted two hundred and one that they have become because of who is in control of their life so can you reason with a person is not reason was set out to say no you can't treat everyone the same as you the same result in leadership you've got a look at the press is a volatile and what little is going to figure out who they are now there's one thing that could be said about is that will have told because it was you and I have some fun with your life I hope so you can always extend home we just need some boundaries we just need to draw some lines in the same and accountability but with an evil as it is completely there enough strategy for dealing with an evil person once you is the protection of the ego protection mode is even lose your sleep certainly you might lose your sanity strategy for dealing with evil people following release on some of you may want a lot about that in the very very true let me give you an example many women and increasingly today met to get restraining orders that lawyers whose restraining orders because they have partners of people in their lives what destructive ten to do them on we know this is in the fact that when violence in the home visit the protection that the removal so I'll message you are proven as late as worse so dealing with an evil person thinking I can reason with them and if I talk to them it's been a while it won't work because everything is behind the Honolulu the people who want to have been let go that will be escorted out of the building and you want to pull the plug on their computers of the company damage their and they don't think any of this or any information or USB drive with a one five reason again children of this world sometimes smart enough because they recognize that feature because we're good people because you will know what is anyone like that if your leader you have to understand and address people for who one they are so we can only meeting with passion and purpose of these keeping focus understanding gauntlet leadership understanding that God leads me that she is a great concept to understand the difference between management and leadership because your people more I really will leave you no more the lab is placed on the walls of the claimant your job the good news is that you cannot thought patient is because God knows so we happened upon button energy is helping people get up the lab manager is more about using those resources you can only be effective if you got the unit recognized for leadership and vision to join is not effective because people are rising where they should be impatiently so keeping focus is understanding leadership thoughts regularly when that is not to go the second one for the best PVR golf players success was worth even half as good as so modified don't obsess about the numbers notice if I get on your knees a little more fun also Lord Lord bring fruitfulness the business but make sure that you want to because the indices the success you have visual faithfulness remember certain about four one Commandant and the increase faith but they don't exactly the same as so volatile and according to what people say several more thoughts based on simply this pending the faithful will give you that we look to see the same thoughts away human being understand save yourself think is known as the weather is not a wise person or take appropriate is great as well people and always but also realistic that's a toss the job of a leader let's keep saying it is a biblical way to navigate the toughest voice I want to thank you for having me here review got a few leadership concepts but I will close with an illustration Jerry the terrible second world war a father holding his small scientists on ran from a building that is struck by all this is a true story that happened in one the building of his wife on it was a massively in the ground the needed shelters opening jumped quickly into the hole what response he shouted out to his son to follow us on this is that when he was asked we are all the while was going on only hearing his father 's voice telling him to jump he reported his father see I can see the father looks up against the rhetoric and style called out the silhouette of his son standing there he says I see when I can see John at the point you because you had the boys trust will respond in a trusting God enables us the face of death not because God but because he got we have sent out knowing that although we cannot say we are seeing he gives us that is a blessing he has the vision he knows what's before he understands who we are analyzing the data may God continue to bless you as you said is you is voice and most of all John him to know about is highest in the going was the lead is good to understand you will and won't move you for some people they may need more and more structures that has always motivated individual and the reason that is underlined sometimes gets lost you lost in the dust of his but one can do is leave as is we continue the not little high him him and him only in a way that is fun as they look in the way he is going to face at one point while doing why we revisit the basics that even the history of the wealth the company has this kind of history what is the trajectory one is on mission it's always been this for twenty eleven now every company story known to inspire only as I got the story is please help someone else was fine and I think the people that will find something for you you can do is remember we have nothing to fear the future lest we forget where I so in some ways what re-energize people is not going to do in so many years sign up for the PC vision always leaves the least and as we got one vision in the gut always be on point with his function and evaluation only always a doing gossip you know of as a person gossiping being foolish when the first user is not directly address the issue in hand with a wellness related but Russ when we address the situation with the adhesives about ninety working at your job is about as you sit down meeting with them individually to you take a show that is a serious and boxy Gillispie 's office gossip is a zero him in front of you think that anyone is the only e-mail I sent it off with us useful I love you I is a long of a loan a medium with my audio three maintenance services and industry if you would like to learn more and I find you and you and I is him and for a free online service please visit www. nonbelievers .org


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