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Presenting Christ in the Workplace

Rod Willey


  • September 22, 2006
    11:30 AM
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I have a father I just want to lift his next few moments up to you but I pray for your presence to be here everyone is come here Lord is come here to hear your voice reminded she would speak to all this nor they when we leave from here that we would be a little more intense but we would be more compelled to be more driven because we've heard your voice today we pray Christ and people about how long we would continue doing this if I is very discouraging not everything is successful when they talk about funeral things here as soon as we started one of the biggest risks that we have as caretakers stepping out in faith is when you if you sit with you and you you just keep quiet you know your good church member you know you're a good practitioner whatever we're doing and are in our work and we just leave things alone no stick up for Christ we don't try to step out and do something that would that would be greater that would cause a chance of her risk for failure as long as you're not doing those things things very happy to just leave it alone because these are Engadget when we step out in faith we try to do things and we can get criticized for and yet that's a guy calls to weaken we can take a chance of of failures someone could say no and those can get discouraging entering those discouraging times a day I can tell you that there has been times where daughter and I have really questioned and maybe not as ready leaders in a different direction and we've ask God that when it's time that he would take this as calling he would let us know that he would save his calling from by how you walk away away from something that God is called U2 and so the very first thing I would say as we start out this this session here today is I think all of us need to spend time in many of you I'm sure Artie have an arty know spend time on your knees get acquainted with that calling that God has given you once again ask God to give you a very specific directive in your life so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are within his will if you are doing what he is calling you to do and when you know that diminish the discouraging times come along we would be the same as Peter what Jesus looked at him and said are you going to go to any set where would I go because aware that the will of God and we get discouraged and sometimes you feel like watching away with it the matter what it is a God is caused to others church planting a weather system as small group in our and our home or whether it's being called the mission field or whatever it is we get discouraged anything to get us through those discouraging times in that very point will become up when we say if we walked away from here where would I go walk away from the will of God never never how can we do that we can't and so we find ourselves last to the mass going down with the ship no matter what were to be there we will always be there why because God called us to that entity is called is to it he will see us through first off and secondly we cannot walk away from something that he is close to and yet if you feel as though you're not sure whether God has called you to do that whenever it is a use calling you to that's when in the disk heard in time he will walk away with a consistent display driven you have to ask yourself what is not called you to do as practitioners I know one thing that God is called to do because he gave the gifts to get your school and to get the training that we need and he's called us to witness in his workplace that is something that is called all of us to after we started our little church waiver of the Dell officers course Ellen all the employees knew about it we made sure we invited everybody nobody came and we thought well but we need to do is we need to try to get them involved with things we needed we need to have that let's have that concert to stop smoking clinic and I wrote and I have had me just passing these remedies are some letters that that we sent out to patients it is a whole bunch of men here and will go through those as soon as her going in your not necessarily in order but I decided that we wanted to do this you have a program and then I knew that if I bade this in prayer and we talked about it we really look forward to God would make a successful and it was go work out there is a Ace Hardware store right across the street from where practices that an area and it had gone out of business it was a huge wide-open building I and I asked him if we could rent for for a few nights and they said yes and I had made arrangements to have a Christian concert in Adventist concert became along I had some family counselors the Cayman is these are things were back to back and they were to have a few nice syringes and family counseling sessions in their and we started we had a stop smoking clinic I prayed about this and we start with a concert venue that concert would be so successful with that those posters all over the town everywhere around I could think of inviting all my employees in the there and I think either right in the back care we had the Easter celebration was which which is what the concert was learning to live its last three that were talking about these mildew stimulates my patients as well invite them to come and we got out three hundred shares for three hundred shares in very convinced that God would feel fill the place at that Easter night the concert we had twenty people showed up ten of those are not even the ones removed from firm that was with our group all of them didn't show neither we had a couple of employees it came and we had all these chairs there and I was left with egg all over my face so taught terribly embarrassed I wanted to crawl in news to the walls how could this be I prayed about it here we've stepped out in faith we done everything and you got these into chairs this cannot be good to stop smoking clinic and I was expecting to have a whole bunch of people there I got five went to stop smoking now stop smoking of their lives it was a good time none of them were a way where you were interested in spiritual walk and as we went truly miss vividness of the seminar I think there was about fifteen people akin to that one they were not successful I started off with something I felt like you know well and obviously what God blesses to do is not involved with any sort of of external outreach programs read your Bible studies out that we can be successful at it we did Bible studies in our home invited people to come there and then we felt in fact it wasn't really Neil is one of our people as a church Dan Ronan wanted to the evangelistic series we had done the net series ninety six and ninety five ninety six we want to do an evangelistic series and do this was a few years down the road now it were into the building or really antichurch I disappoint you haven't not not done anything with the with the staff or anything other than talking to them individually I hadn't really I invited him any employees or any patients to another program since that time and this is about the year two thousand and I can remember we had at this point a building that was a large seminar building an old six hundred people it was a scam from the office and by now I was pretty excited about things and nine I decided that you know what we need to be going to try this again I should go back a little bit and say that when I was letter that that we wrote in the desert you'll see this one in nineteen ninety five is the letter that I wrote out before the seminars this is the first letter that I have written to my patients you see about two thirds of the way back it says nineteen March twenty nineteen ninety five everybody has an B run out dear friends during the Christmas season we started the church in January nineteen ninety five three Christmas season I shared with you through a letter my desire to be more than once a stethoscope I'm sorry you this is a Christmas letter that we had sent an excellent forward dear friends as you Dennis I love to do many things for you figure two thanks your fears healthy making and making decisions with your dental Friedman I want to provide you with miles that bring and reached bring each of you success but this year I would want I would like to do more this is just the point just before we started the church which was started in January of ninety five so this was Christmas ninety four I have a burden which I want to share with you a burden that has more good that has been growing within me and are sad other staff members for some time as I contemplate the Christmas season the text above has a new meaning to the this season this is the season for caring caring about this about someone who has just lost a loved one during about those who are struggling in their marriage and the family dynamics caring about those who long to quit smoking and make lifestyle changes this is the season for giving I have since many needs that that as your dentist I cannot fulfill the measure friend the opportunities are endless the season for sharing my prayer in goal for the upcoming new year is to be a friend to each of you by caring for your needs sharing opportunities for growth ensuring what God has done for your life for my life and what he can do for years throughout the year nineteen ninety five we will be offering seminars and support groups designed to enrich your life satisfy your goals and fill in the empty voids you may have in your life please watch your mail for future information and I follow that without this one in March was when we followed up with an and Alan dated March twenty during the Christmas season I share with you a letter my desires to be more than your dentist but also your friend this desire has not changed only deepened as I watch you come in and go and I'm the youngest in a skiff that I went through and told you what all we are to do their visa with X amount within the letters out no one comes in very discouraged about it that's we go on from there and then we had something else that came out I had to letter out actually and at Christmas of ninety nine also which was a simply Christmas letter I think we does have a nervous one two thousand Larry will talk about during the Super Bowl time I was watching in January the Super Bowl and we we actually have in our gymnasium we have a Super Bowl party at our church pricing will unusual gymnasium inherently bring it video screen now we have invite people from the community we have food and we do a potluck and everything is there and we just automatically told out the advertisements and halftime and we do games and contests and different things during those times for obvious reasons kudos are condensed sometimes pretty rough that we're watching the Super Bowl that secure year and that year it was St. Louis Cardinals and the Tennessee Titans and Kurt Warner it was quarterback for the for the St. Louis Rams is given as a Cardinals in CNN or wild use the Cardinals and Rams at this point St. Louis Rams and that the quarterback of the Ramstein one of the people in the Titans team got hurt and in front of hundreds of thousands front of a hundred thousand people there and the stadium or whatever it holds and in front of millions he ran over there to the other to the person who is hurt here this is the Titans player that was heard on the field and it was a very serious injury Warner the captain or the quarterback of the Rams rather than going back to his sidelines and getting his next plays he runs over and he kneeled down and he prays for this injured type player there on the field in front of everyone and I said to myself when I happen if you can do that in his profession why can't I do that Elizabeth Lincoln I need this letter I wrote this letter out and we had just decided that we were going to do an evangelistic series coming that spring and this is a top plan February twenty fourth two thousand the Super Bowl this year was fantastic I couldn't stop talking about it for days at one point in the game the player of the Titans team was her lying face down on the turf Rams quarterback Kurt Warner in front of the tens of thousands went over and had prayer for him what an inspiration every so often something spectacular happens that inspires a life Super Bowl party was one of them another one of the upcoming seminar I want to share with you the matter where you attend church or don't attend church you will find a seminar inspiring and thought-provoking I thoroughly biblically based this seminar is presented in such a way that it will enhance your life your business your home and your family that's why I couldn't keep it to myself I want to invite you personally and hope to see you there we prayed about it I told the people that were there in our church we got it all organized this is our first real evangelistic meeting that we've done with our church I told the people that silently would get four hundred shares but I only wanted to put two hundred and spread them apart to make it look full so you know when we had people come to for taking myself back tears and all the stuff has gone on and taking how embarrassed I was in outlasting the failures and how how I personally was feeling and I remember I went over there that day that they had and when it was after this apertures belated gift for chairs they got six hundred shares in advancing that out they put six hundred and my heart just sank I couldn't believe it they would do such a thing all yeah we had gone through and we had had our prayer sessions and we have some fasting time and we all chose to fast food television for that month before and spend that time in prayer instead I was really wringing my hands we had done advertising when we advertise on radio and television we really try to leave no stone unturned in the community and opening-night game and the car started pulling and I stood there watching as my patients are coming through one after the next actually so good to see you thank you so much for inviting me this was so wonderful opening night we had standing room only I couldn't I couldn't hold back the tears had to go in the other room and just praise God for what he done with such an incredible time we had forty two people baptized in that series many of which were patients some of which were still studying with having come through but were still there years later still working with you what a difference it would be a when I was standing there watching the cars command we had to call the police department because there was a traffic jam apparently had to get it in there because when everybody left it with only the same time we need the police out there to help direct traffic to get another was enough parking in the parking lot they were parking on the grass all around as I was watching them come in I could just see the picture the picture of heaven standing at the gates to our friends our patients our loved ones walking through the gate of the city just incredible incredible time that was there and it just made such an impact on our church from that point forward I realized something I realize that you know what God has called us to be a witness artist the success or the failure is not ours he calls us to be there he is the one who has a success for he is the one who has a failure but we are the ones that are called to be there no matter what so if we don't step out we don't go on dates and an taking chances and sometimes ending up at eight all over her face were to miss out on the opportunities that we could happen experiencing seen people come to Christ before that's me okay how do you ever had any of these comeback receptive byway with the Flyers so this went out with it the Flyers and they were the regular revelation seminar type of things and and we just did one again here recently I said about all the patients again and yes I had we've had it been this particular one we had someone rippling out and put a letter with a whole bunch of profanity in there don't ever do this again and send my record somewhere else and is not okay we can do that in a letter back and told him sorry that he felt that way we certainly wouldn't send any more we can put that down if you would like and cinnamon copy of his records they could go everyone can I say we never lost patients over the snow on the last note we had we just had one with Russell Burrell just and we had twenty two people were baptizing us it came to the church and it was a lady who is out front I was told that she was out front she was passing out this was last September this time she was passing out flyers about why they should company seminars as all anti- ad stuff and I went to her and I said that I help you she was out on the property is not on our properties on London estate property after I did the road and I I she looks up and says Doctor Willie says inode you doing here as a patient my longtime patient and she just started going off on how much she didn't appreciate and how Howell dishonest all this is how I truly is not anon anon and come to find out her daughter was dating and administering the other local church and she was really upset about that but would hold out hope that family their records from the office but can you take a risk of having someone is having yes you can but I would rather have some of that happening to have something happen like what happened to me on with a lady that had come just with these last seminars came to me and she said I wanted no I want to know why I have been in this community for fifty years that's the first time I've ever heard this stuff and that picture just hit me once again standing there at those last days when Jesus Christ is coming and having somebody come up to you thank you again my friend for the last twenty years and you didn't tell me this I would rather lose patience and had any questions with this end it with with the letters or anything you know my wife says Harriet Jason Schlemmer wherever we do seminars she always comes with me I feel like I'm only half a person of your today and she she is the one that writes all letters she just is a lot more artistic advice and I started and eighty five so all I had been in here for a ten over ten years in the and and and was well-established in the sad truth is the first ten years people had no idea of this and then that's the sad truth in many of those patients this patient and I during that time every time I have someone advise now that I hear patients that have passed away Thursday night when the first thing I think of as I wonder how much lost opportunity and the opportunities I had to do and take advantage of ensuring price of them sobering thought so I had been there for a while yes out of those who we had I I believe we would encounter the mother was over three hundred patients that were there now had they come because of the letter because of the advertising so as it was over half came from a patient flow yeah and in particular community and this is something that that I think may be true in many communities were in a midsized town furious about a hundred and five hundred twenty thousand people at community three hundred fifty thousand in the area but it has also radio stations television stations newspapers all is that you can begin advertising Chicago on television I was red I was advertising on by good morning America on prime time television slots is where we get our our advertising for the seminars and you can do it inexpensively we spent the list for the unbelievers just over twenty thousand dollars in advertising for this cellar where we really have a lot of advertising so I came to I don't know you know if I decided was probably combination of those letters didn't hurt I had by far more people telling me how much they appreciated the fact that I was sending these out is just nice to know my Dennis is a Christian now I've had people ask me for for to pray what many that asked me to pray with them and it's just completely changed around now is not uncommon to have someone having a patient having a hard time loss of loved one divorce or whatever and an employee comes against us comes to me and says hey would you go and see so-and-so I think they like to pray with them and these employees are not evidence but they're coming to me and asked many the question earlier in you are no business donates a lot at this point though I now have other of the rehab mind and is there now begun for some we have four specialists an oral surgeon I was a pediatric dentist orthodontist and then the general and so they're beginning to buy insulated as I shifted over and so I I take it out now we agreed don't do it from the business deleted when I was not so I will say this about that and he cannot get the Lord you cannot out give lord the matter how much we give an end and I try to tell the guard tiara church members as well because they just depend on daughter night it do everything they listen out a huge blessing huge huge huge huge and that's not as all right so they need to do their part as well they need to sacrifice a sin against the NL I know they're not and I've had to Venice that so that we brought him that were Agnes and the strange thing is neither one of them were really of the same mindset where I was at it didn't work and I don't know why would love to have a partner that that would go under that could work out that way they had this mindset that that we have there but it hasn't worked either I've been to Loma Linda several times and try to get images seems as though I'm not able to get a lay back there for them from there see hearings I am actually looking for general dentistry I think that's what happened is I just talk so openly about is who I am I mean all talk about that like people talk about just who I am whenever we have a meeting at staff meetings we always grade reports that meeting starts we have a gathering together we always have prayer before we have to have a blessing before we start some of the leading will pull men and will pull everybody together will pray for her that individual is not fully address again with poor staff together we had a situation it just happened here heartbreaking so the hardest thing I've ever had go through ever and I had done a had I had a patient that had in her will that you like me to do her funeral when she died and she was not evidenced and so I had done this hero will come not long ago this was Mrs. in June back to the indigent his first week of July this year right after that I I had come to our church and we have successfully time I just had praise and praising God and here we been ten years in our church we've never had a never had a death in our church our office manager Angela they have a little three -year-old amateur -year-old and four -year-old and she was at work in July just two months ago and when she was at work either the babysitter home and pool outside three -year-old drowning extremely devastating she went running off I went to the hospital and there we were with them the whole time my wife and I both and there was the hardest thing as a pastor that I've ever done and yet it was so incredible it was such a witness time but it really exists our staff back to wean everybody was just heartbroken over this and I went back into the office after they left the emergency room and need your physicians and you've seen this more than I as they were working on Loki life light of men and they're working on and then they stop and it's just there is no words when they stop working it's over and so after all that and we pray with them we they went home at night and they don't last past the office we went to the to their home this would be Angela and her husband and family with them and with all wrestling by the office row quick because I knew what the office would be feeling like I'm walking in and there's patients still around networking try to get things done and everything just stopped the whole office staff gathers around and we just hold hands in a circle and is a big office staff and when clearly it was it was a lot and we held hands and I just had perfect family instigated not by me I've staff receives become part of our DNA are in our office there such a thing called branding the people like to have the knowledge that is what you want to be known for the gnome for my Christian walk and I don't apologize for that when we hire people would tell right up front that's who we are we go by Christian principles here we we include everyone I never give anybody a hard time without I'm not coming to our church were coming to our church that I asked people to pray for me and I pray for them we had a receptionist yesterday that really nice lady and hear her teeth were really crooked and she's twenty four she's got a birthmark right here and she tries to cover it all up with cosmetic makeup stuff we got together said as a group is a doctor group and we decided that we want to make a difference in her life this is all the doctors the orthodontist took her out hesitation to extricate them are oral surgeon is also a facial cosmetic surgeon we have and he has his whole completes answer is twenty five thousand square foot practice building finally got between youngsters announcers over thirty chairs in its day that we also have a surgery center in error now we haven't a surgery there and so he does is cosmetic surgeries and buried his face let's hope that and we took heard the case then yesterday we they they did a surgery on her and eliminated the scarring business on their own not sure exactly how they did that or what they're doing it's combination of lasers and skin grafting and different things so any sense in its radar really good I'd came in yesterday I got up yesterday morning I went to the office and I grabbed this girl and I took her back and answer for her surgery it's kind of a private thing I didn't think it was something that invited to override that he would like me to pray oh yes would you please add prayer for her when we open the surgery center up downstairs we dedicated that area invited all the staff we had a dedication service prayer time that this would be used to God 's glory but we started our office upstairs we we've only been in the building ran now for four years state the roads around building themselves what does you got to move things and we dedicated that one as well so it didn't seem to answer the question how do you get this to happen it's because everything you do you tie everything to talk about you talk about about Christianity like to talk about the weather is just as just to you are so I guess us that the answer to that yes well I would love to do it I really would have a heart is not my heart for for that and then announced that the areas savannas condo association asked to come speak this next year oh seven there that I really would I think it's just something that are part of our people need to hear both the physicians in the Dennis but it's so important that the branding we need forget this recipe is somewhat a success you know greater value note rate was Solomon says it in his life was a success is not what it's all about so great here we're been developing their own businesses why not do this but people need to know if they'll work on the him or listen to Dennis Dennis then there is evidence in town it's okay we'll have to and I know standard interface I don't want to be unaccepting with other people in eleven with our church with our I look at the G I did honestly my congregation is have two congregations have wanted church have one at the office I have eighty five government the office by employees you know I really don't we have them we have a Catholic that said and he's even a dentist part world for fifteen years as an associate for and dying he's Catholic and he just always says it is his comment is no my religion is a very private thing the pets okay so I don't talk to him about that personally we have prayer I mean we guess I just talk openly to lands not sometimes do he is not who I am and so and we do have leisure out there we have the tapes of the different series out there on Russell Burrell takes the Wii has had we have people come in we get them we can do a little library and different things no it's never been an issue I guess it's not an issue because because I just have done it for so long he does not isolate is here it's all up front I'm not hiding anything I don't try to try to badger anybody in the coming our church I get the opportunity are inviting church they all know they're invited and we leave and that so if this all the all is however resulting in Scripture and if we present Christ when this tasteful way if we become to in-your-face about Adventism this all is a saltiness and uses the what you can do is become friends we can have them over and have parties and an taken out golfing and you know different things get to know him and him I think it's what you get to know them you can get away with if you put a whole bunch of deposits in a bank what's allow you to take withdrawal and you get away with it that you very often because it narrows to go bankrupt there I so I is going on in our office it has not been an issue every time we have a dentist it comes in I told right up front and Seventh-day Adventist Christian you know anything about at this mainstream Protestant denomination and cannot too well known in this community that we are well-known worldwide one of the fastest growing churches accrued by Protestant churches and world and sought him about it who we are the window were not open on Saturdays and word we close early on Fridays and this is why and we do take emergency calls of course site anyone would and please don't do any more than was necessary I knows on that day we did so they just know right up front as to whether that's a world without fighting got really makes a difference and if you gradually and in and I didn't like you said I was into this for ten years before I start making this transition science in the last ten years after entering this very slowly this whole transition is just turned around to wear analysis expected this way it is any other questions yes it's year-round I keep in the same scene time for part-time now watching a lot closer where his sundown is at four thirty and we actually back that often make sure there's nothing really much going on in the afternoon I make a point I'm not working Fridays there now I make a point always find out where there is anybody out and my employees not and they have called the doctor were doing the best we can return to get this out someone just came in its emergency how will you know what he wants to do well it's an emergency why should go ahead and close like everyone else in Rodriguez 's emergency and that's okay life has no support I've had times where my and my personal take through payroll is company said Doctor I think you need to know this that this person didn't check out until four thirty five ago so so they're either they really try to to honor our wishes you I have in the past I got away from the only because the day is start before I get there and I really should I should get back to you I am so we have got so much going on in my evenings are so tied up I start patients at eight fifteen and the practice is actually moving well before that and so I does have and will maybe it's my age was older I get the harder certificate the morning is good where do an awful lot in the evenings with different programs in several you will know that improving while you are on a you know you and I will be using the is a writer and I do think that's good we should get back to that we did we do we have on several occasions done a lunchtime Bible study and has worked out well to open it up I don't have that going at the moment we had going through spring and summer is coming things that I insist there's so much opportunity there and we are not doing everything as much as we as we should have as many things that were not together on you I've does is go to twelve thirty or the one which I was equipped because one o'clock good good okay I'll take another couple questions were to go on another another move of will and will and will okay good for you while you and I need tell you go to church in the bill that's great swimmer where you are a human and that I know now the question is being on identifying the line there is then we have I have I think it's six employees that work for me there also church members know though it's more than that it's eight and he recounted his age at any rate the window work for men it is difficult to be their pastor and an employer as far as their employer this is what I do I I really don't take care of any of the employee situations is there and I tell people I did I don't doing the hiring I don't doing firing at people in the long we have job descriptions and thereafter job descriptions and license fee are major team leaders are the only ones that I that I really have connection with others that we have people are handling all at so I day-to-day I don't really have to do too much to do as far as anything that would be absolutely difficult that allows me to be their pastor and venison is not only Dennis the rest of the ones that are at the office is the same way I don't necessarily have to be the person whose have called on the carpet and talking about coming in later heard not getting their jobs done and whatever I can be the caring limits that's really concerned about them personally so a Matt 's instance I try to focus more on pastoring than been bending there's now hot and I would I would say that's if some of the rest of you via I love how that would work in the smaller practices in sizes small if you have two it does make a unique a privilege to have people down so anyway it was a memorial in a I have one person that is not enough I presented the practice of and that I own everything I am working on it now and before I sell over fifty percent also everything because I will make sure control I exactly what happens in the practice it is a corporation you yeah and so are actually designing and and everything talking with the doctor group as such and letting them gradually by end and before I eat you know you have to struggle of the unequally hopes type of thing and the reason what that's difficult for his because you need to deal to make the decisions that that can keep you for having compromised which is why I'll never know never sell more than forty nine percent until I sell everything and I'm completely new ones that are in that are there that the dentists earn very warm towards Adventism there is no issues and in our group as far as my spiritual walk goes in and out and a honor so so that's that's then good but yet something have to struggle with and decide exactly to my understanding as the thing about unequal yoke to those the compromise that you have been any restriction from being able to and that's when I decided to handle that as I go through as it is from the contract to answer question of the contract the way tonight that I did that is they know that's that I still maintain our present control the practice as well as I got fifty dollars I have fifty percent is written right in the contract and that they know that's where decisions are not as mainly on sitdown talk about it work things out the only time in their lives and control is when it comes to things like this these are very compassionate individuals themselves and the whole group is either all Christians so I think that probably helps out of debt to that none of them are error at this okay let's let's go on then I I would like to talk a bit about what is it that we can do to change an office around from going to a office it doesn't talk about God and and the implications are there to one that does talk about it with this I want to I want to say this early on when one think we did that did make a big difference with this year 's a few years ago I learned mission trip and I had done this earlier I went to Dominican Republic by my salary to start family and we done dentistry I'm those really need is my first mission trip that I done so I got quite exposure that I was the only Dennis I extracted teeth and as the week went on the line just got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and I was still right next to River and used the countless people pulling of the makeshift raft and they were pushing the raft down with her family on it soon to come over to where he does is for people from whoever wherever and it just kept getting bigger and bigger and I remember that last day I was extracting teeth and NAI clearly had blisters on my on my hand from extracting one thing I went to as are expected to attend so the and that as a timely nine and now last day there was silly people there we had to stop and it gets on his time to go it's time to go sunlight no one more and find a date that I said okay well were done and there is a girl and she had been standing there like everybody's been saying this line for eight hours or days I'll know it was it was longer than I could see it was just the people in here and you get there in the morning the lines are either novels they went how happened that the business lady she's invisible this girl she's probably fifteen and I she's standing there now we we also have my wife was doing screening and so she was taking this lying and she was doing screening to find out who has the cake that she was Artie sifting out the ones without decay saw in their huge neediness in this particular a lot of poverty major poverty there so here's this girl there I and I said that's all we can do and she she looked in his errors are contingent works of H says no muss to help you send so I said okay it's always a picture may also find this indicates you people tell you literally pick up the instruments in front of me I saw her and a few more that are cleaning it up but I went home I was fighting back tears when doing very job I was invited back to reserves tears rolling down my face I left and I told employees about that and one sat with excellent Christmas a few years after that when Christmas party which we do every year at the Christmas party I got up and said I have a dream I have a dream of going back and having experienced like what I had I told him about this experience had pictures of it and I said my dream is that sure would like to go but I'd like to not only go by myself I like to take anyone else who wants to come over to in your cosmetics neither procedures and cosmetics this year were included in a separate account we will use that money and we didn't mission trip and cost of thirty thousand dollars and we had the money for it we paid for that for them and your spouse if they wanted to go if they wanted to go they had to pay for that themselves I have a video clip of this and I think I want to go ahead and show that at this time it just made a huge difference in this is something else that you can do how to change a practice from a branding of being a non- spiritually focused branding to wonder where there is a spiritual focus this is a good idea of how to do that both are him and him that he was okay and healthcare providers is an and software will file suit in public as a sophomore of who's making a trip in one is in will not you're in my chemo is knowing that he is what he know what is the data for you this is what he is that in mind you home tonight in the reader expected are all my hair because there is no rhyme really an amazing trip to the Dominican Republic with his family this year he's taking more than half the planning is to help I the underprivileged that don't have the available resources is the issue will be training a mock cheer Israeli line with training across their math tuning the more difficult processors are available as well will so clearly uncomfortable to a group home for more than ninety hundred people and his smile made home readings are a lot more of ourselves through entire validity satisfied for you to do anything make a difference in being living will to live will match their own kingdom he had him to him a him part of town we went from there if the militants are now the never insurance never part of the area 's sake we can vacuum shop vac holding down all the way down to the point they can use it for dentistry as we use for Sergeant Leanne and peace and we talked a skew the tank for the air pressure in the first stage of the second stage actual name of the now gutted the right pressure and use that to run our entities are the Python methods versus Dracula is a senior at Great Lakes account manager that he wants me Dennis Miller Freeman this is until the church to Friday only administers it was built with people that went over across the street got a cold one source is a virus across the street is some may be this way as so as I say in class a him them him them that you will soon mission and share as you are in is in Jesus as he is in my life is not a loan he was will you know who you are being a writer will not lose I should do as you will say is not in use will not and you will will and he will fire as she and him him leave the life value Nike staff in a huge difference in where they had a gun that I like to tell you that we had people who were baptized from that we we actually called the conference send the conference office was doing evangelistic meeting during this time there's really how this actually began to happen is the conference president asked if I would send a industry has welcomed a company that I'm not coming by myself and so we got this going they organize the whole thing and so we did industry a day we invited them to come to the meeting tonight some of McCain sat through them we told the conference officials of this was a mission trip for the missionaries as well as the people there we had explained to the church they are the Dominican that they need to understand most of people are coming they are not Adventist so don't give a hard time about their jewelry of your part-time about an author smoking or whatever their drinking beet just be thankful and they were it was just a religious incredible time that happened through this the girls are so impacted this this place place of visions it was there the village called Angelina it was right outside of the home town of rock Monday is the baseball players with Chicago for so long since socialist sources told Sammy Sosa 's hometown and there is this little village out there and what was a sugarcane field migrant workers in the sugarcane fields and they were migrant workers in Haiti so these people were all Haitian they literally did not have any clothes a little girl Madonna picked up she tried about in her room her shorts and they were way too small for a wooden button and nothing else and I went to pick him to do that and she was in tears and she mentioned she was going like this and that's when I picked her up and hugged her pictures until close we took as much stuff to these people as we could we had a campaign Intel advertising at a time well we asked everyone that one of the apartments come as a group rental right up front this is going to be a spiritual experience you need to know that if you have a problem with the spiritual experience you should not come okay we we have had prayer that we had devotions every morning every evening with a group together there we has said that the team too we asked the community to give ladles we could pile labels for these kids and so everybody was draining the patient's Rob relay goes into the office for the mission trip we had a distance cleaning supplies of different things and we had one of my assistants go and get the screen supplies was going and she was in line to get the energy had all this stuff and someone was in line in front of her there was waiting in line this was at Walmart and look this over with Borrego Ladislav Thursday our core mission trip really excited about this mission trip not address and show she told her all about it what we were doing and the lady put down her her credit card to pay for herself when she was paying for her she gave back to the two ladies had and now you pay for all that to and so she came back with this experience from there just just beaming in August it be a part of something like that as a non- Adventist and then when they were now left after this experience that I would knows me we had a bus and we went over there by bus and back from this little town so Angelina they were all shacks with no roads then the men went there and then play them they were turning church for the most part but the last day we had an income so they could experience what we are doing the town and they came and they fixed up these shacks is one of one getting decided to people standing by the lady at that one shack in the regular standards of picture a lot remember any rate she had just said I fire inside her house she had no smokes that's what she cooked everything and there was no way again the fire is smoking everything out and she was no lady so they went and found a whole bunch attendant was around there and they built other than for her input smokestack of analysis that was what she saw there there we are very and that after this old this last day in the demented dinner and fixed up as much as they could during that time all the men gave away at whatever tools they had some of the brought hammers and saws and no one left with the tools they took their aprons and they had moved to a prison came to the people and then the girls last day everyone all of the women was time to go they all took their shoes off and locked over and handed them to somebody there a lockout to watch back to the bus in your socks tears flowing interface middle the lady there called Csonka almost like census onto Jews and administrating she had taken his talent on as her mission project and she was trying to help these people every strategies when it came to us we were working in this church and she gives all please you must come with me they didn't they don't know we you know we set a and so I talk to passengers yet I think that would be a good idea as we went out there and we worked just out the open field we had to start it rained every day and here's all these grown men holding these tarps up ranges and down to strange down to just hold the tarp obsolete to continue doing dentistry underneath these and we just worked and worked and worked there and in our last time she and she comes ended up buses little lady all the energy in the world and she's out of the house she was quite old but she comes and she just goes on and on through an interpreter she appreciate everything that we again had to go and hug everybody who has hair as relating that man all the way back just the tears flowing down his girl six incredible those are the kinds of things being that are helping out the community in your own community doing that finding a needy area in your community and doing some sort of a mission trip they are those kinds of things will help your employees to wear pretty soon they'll have in their mindset also that there's more to life than to simply come to work so that's earlier than without yes I will quietly and he will he supplies the means to you really doesn't mean the question is not is not is there enough money the question is is there enough faith through a truth really is and I like the best thirty thousand dollars I knew it when he told it was going to cost thirty thousand dollars I thought to myself and found that come up how the world might come up with three thousand dollars doing just can't X doesn't have that again we never had that here and we got enough of the thirty thousand dollars in profit and and paid for the trip of a mass about going back in and we need to the building went right after that the practices is been going so fast and so much going on we hired so many people as just I just haven't got back I need to any eyes I said before I need to do more than doing the opportunities are incredible that was that she rebuilds are two thousand three that would've been two thousand two so it's been four years since we went out masking every year for going back to legal and go back so please pray for me I need to go back to earlier in a eight others including the now we try to keep its limitations are with the same doctor as much as possible we have more from what officer sometimes earn it in the other office which was brand-new the practice is only three years old that so Sunday others in the next this is probably I would say within the top ten practices right now is three years old of the area and that new practice is just done incredibly well this guy does this this last time we did this last series we have a thirty thousand patient days right now the thirty thousand people in a patient base and so I sent them to patients and only I had seen because if they had primary contact with me is the more difficult so this is last when we get in now and I learned was that should've had the Anderson a year ago we sent only to patients who were my patients in because they had no contact with me that is rather strange coming from and you know I didn't want to represent what your doctors so you know I I I I I'm here to tell you this is just what God is done for us it's it's there's no right or wrong though there's probably a lot of raw and you guys are there's a lot of stuff I could of done better but it's like I said about the people at the dentistry there is so much need it may not make a huge impact in this huge scheme of things but for those that are attached to make a big difference in your life Angela drainages went through this situation my office manager who just lost his child she came up and think this profusely for bringing her into this message she could have never made it through without this people when we were there darn I did that funeral together and I know if I can keep it together I really didn't and I asked her had a timer and Antonio 's okay now what he was new Stewart how do you reflect off a person 's life when they were only three years old he wants to look at the pastored US look to the future anything we want to look to the future and that any general so we did and we presented in the lower grade less than that and there was over three hundred people at the funeral and it was jampacked and and and and are the only people say how blessed they were in and he and Tony both got up and gave a testimony themselves Tony said he wanted to Exeter he sure Tony has a latte while we were there you let me know and we'll do it three got up he decided when this happened and I was on my way I didn't pray for Jared I pray that God would give me strength whoever I need to go through here and he said I tie it he has given me strength and he had quite a testimonial go through all that within Angela got up she was acted on I spoke and we talked about Jerry being raised and in a place where there is no sin yelling at the future we will be presented the whole state of the dead we did a complete shadow that we had a call there and in having a razor edge is the commitment to themselves and Angela got up afterwards and she said I am so thankful to understand about that Jerry has a future the hope that he has now rolled out for all of you out there but as for me and my house we will certainly work and it was just incredibly powerful powerful and they have had so much a witnessing opportunities and people that have come in and we had people that that they are connecting with the way they were looking going to be doing studies with others on the starting lineup because there's been a lot of witnessing this happen from that but this is what Angela said what he had done this where when what will it be how can I possibly handled this without knowing without having a strong faith that I have and it has it has just made a huge impact in your life all of this we have done in the last ten years on would've been worth it for just them protest them have been a sacrifice he had against the house I'd probably my golf game is as good as it could be you know my kids we had habitats and sacrifice the kid and had as much time to be with them we tell you about my kids were quick you have five minutes of testimony about what is done for my family when we first started the church not only was my headline on acuity had me thinking a more sitting there before we started the church and I can concentrate on that servant because I was thinking about the practice and everything on it but my ten -year-old son at the time and was coming up and you I was hearing in Baghdad we have to go to church today I is less they all can't they just stay home we started the church we'd have anybody there you can run a sound system with Donald RadioShack sound system we can have a new silly we got allowed CD player and no doubt that he wasn't I think that was cassettes about time for significantly affect was cassettes we made these cassettes up to the different different music our church services one anyone would be comfortable with untidiness it is an extremely spiritual church service we do we do and Nixon of music nothing wild that will use him send spiritually compelling praise music as well as hymns in an Williams Holy Spirit Fed music back so that's the kind music we start with what he's wondering I assess and tighter can you help me get a sound system to get RNC was why he loves you all are tinkering with his studies to Schuyler County guy so he goes it helps me buy those houses he puts it all together certain and would you mind writing enforcement easily arrest ourselves this hidden cam and became ourselves and in regular church six months and we had been working so hard on this madness in the church nothing and it was any come up was time for it was Labor Day weekend and we had made plans a blood vessel dies if you know we really need to do something but I spontaneously went out and bought about it we had this as I got a brand-new boat and we took a trip I bought the book from had a place in Tennessee it was around like a cabin in and of and the disabilities that provide the silly when down there we were there for a week we got there on Sunday on Friday we just had a wonderful time only colonialism all in all sorts of fun with the kids on Friday Tyler comes up to me and he says dad do you think maybe we could go home today instead of Sunday we never miss the Sabbath the church service ever since we started a civil time replay on Central Sunday line YAG ask is a well if I'm not a church is there room sound system he came to me after his senior year at Great Lakes Academy and was during the summer and we were eating he said that unless the general snake is simply really haven't talked a lot about trying to not focus our lives over ninety and still waiting for you and just got the face as well I was the appraiser to make while you drive more than a guess I'm sure and I said so why do you ask on entice as well I figure if I'm visiting the church planting like you and mom you have to have a career that can support it I pull material that you must okay so let's talk him that's was done my son my daughter works for me she's married to she works as a dental assistant all four of our kids are adopted incredible stories miracles themselves she's dating her husband is teaches the Sabbath school class or at our church she does is very involved with different things of the church through there every week it gauges are twenty two percent the two oldest was a three tablets apart from the sunset H2 and applying for middle schools will see how that goes and learn where that my personal murder second sign that their child is a senior Great Lakes Academy and he starts next week each year they choose one student in the school one boy one girl to do evangelist full-blown 's twenty six day evangelistic meeting and they asked him to do it this year so he's doing the evangelistic meeting decreased force the summer very dedicated young man my youngest is a junior and has following right along with that is very excited about things this is speaking up only very involved spiritually all for these kids are very healthy spiritually why because we been such great parents know know that I remember when we started this church I got the kids there were all young and we got them together and we said you know what kids we believe that mom and dad when we energies we decide before we start we decide we're going to we believe that mom and dad been called to be missionaries in their eyes I missionaries Bailey said that we could either go into missionaries in a faraway land which by the way his putting down thoughts and incredible thing or we can stay here at home which would you rather do and I thought it was progressively missionary 's home so and I said okay and if that's the case where all were all there together you are missionary to you guys you need and then you need to understand this is a family thing is not just a moment that and we bleed prayed over them we've asked the Lord to bless them with asset of the Lord to to help to take care of our kids lead us in these of you know Lord you either has to do something that we cannot do we'll have time take care of her children and he answered that prayer and I'm just standing on at how God can take ordinary people people with not that great against the great preacher I'm not decorated please bless the hardest way without it's time to close at so if we can just our heads have never in the father I just want to thank you for being an awesome God dear Lori were thank you for helping me in this walk and my wife encouraged our family sometimes in spite of ourselves there is prayed for everyone is here where you have something special in mind for each and every individual many of which may be argued doing those that are doing it Lord I pray that you would affirm that within help them to understand that they are exactly where you would have been the more those who are not I pray that you would think you would put such a hearing in their hearts the more they will not deal the sleep until they commit to doing what is actually to do more so that every all of this could be an impact in our communities when she would have us to be Lord we pray for your team for your coming to be very soon because we can hardly wait to be with you nor until then I just pray that you use this at all the glory and honor would go to your name Christine


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