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Wayfare, Business and the Beehive

Kelley Coffin Andrew Allen
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  • August 10, 2012
    3:30 PM
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my father were so very grateful that you brought us here we understand Lord there are no coincidences in this world we believe this is a divine appointment we pray specifically today that the Holy Spirit will be here with us he promised if we ask that you would send the Holy Spirit be with us and we are in desperate need of something great in your church and our allies we need revival and we need all your coming is near and that we can finish strong and as the theme of this convention has been it is definitely time we thank you for hearing this prayer we believe in faith that we will leave this place changed today by what you will teach each of us specifically with regular hearing us now we ask this in Jesus name and today were a time of the Ministry of business in the business of ministry running of the both very important but there's a few questions that I want you to know that we are going to answer with our time here today where are we at in world history why are we still here in two thousand twelve what are we to be doing now and the last is how are we going to do it vibrated the bees sense of where were out in what were you doing how really do it in the answer today as we just leave just as perplexed as we may have come in we wasted our time together on excited to share the above I would say that I qualify as a product of Seventh-day Adventist homeschool and then the elementary school and in the high school and then the University throughout I was in Pathfinders all the wonderful programs that an admitted be a part of I was privileged to be part of that would include being a vegetarian being involved with all the things that I've been visiting private self and we have many blessings in eigenvalue that through all of that I was I was as close as one can be a couple years ago to being an atheist is you cannot why because I taken someone else's experience other experiences and I I have not personalized but it took me reading a book the great controversy and rectifying it with world events to realize this thing is real this war is absolutely as real as we profess to be so for me it was an experience that they brought me here today I began asked questions I began to see that we have answers the request of the world is asking those exciting arena looked at some of these things and I think it a sense of where were at and not statements of this world as we all know we recognize that war is on the television every evening news is not something that we watch and are encouraged by we live in a world where the reality is we're continually looking some of us and culture ways others with not so kosher ways of looking for things they can find us at slightest what is all the other same pages we began we live in kind of a crisis point of her sister this planet needs help our own families need help our physical health or spiritual health we need help and I hope today you're in a learned some things that will help whether German ministry or business their marriage relationship with God whatever it may be and whatever I need encouragement is actually a video that I love to watch it's a short government video to try and play it free today it's the leader of the Seventh-day Adventist church Ted Wilson just sharing a call to action and for me I got a set the stage of power and jump in the day so I'm in a begin that hope you can hear the volume of the short video that has been a blessing to me to help me realize that God speaks through his church and God has a man that is call us for a special time in a special-purpose finally we're on the verge of some very exciting things that is a look at these things I want you to see that this is not by chance it just doesn't happen to me that God decided to know what the church may be languishing I'll send a later and will provide this thing I believe God has been moving and the pace is picking up I hope you can sense that pays picking up as we have seen over the last couple months and years there is a call to reach the cities and it's not just some Arbor arbitrary thing to reach the cities it's a call to go where people are because we see a hundred years ago the minority of people was in the city now the majority of people are in a city so we go to the cities because this is where Jesus was to reach people it is a statement in an administrative page three oh four that says this to work in the cities is the essential work for this time when cities are worked as God would have them the result will be the setting operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet witnessed God calls for self-sacrificing men converted to the truth to let their light shine forth in clear distinct raise we often think that to do the Lord 's work we need to go be trained to be a minister or into the ministry and we're sadly separated the idea that I can be in the business world Ben doesn't offend me in ministry now I suggest you today ministry is your life mom must have one of the greatest ministries they may never see outside the home and in go baptize people in India and in Africa whatever may be but without good mothers you have the downfall of society so ministry is your life if we can marry that idea today a figure to be changed completely your business is a minister elegant a few people in history that have had successful business minded methods in their lives enabling successful ministry one I can think of is a gentleman they came to Jesus one night were told he was very successful and yet he was looking for something more and as Nicodemus was shown how he could be made rich we find out later that he used all of his means into the Lords work to enrich the Lords work relook at another story Joseph of Arimathea we see an example there are some he was very talented and business and successfully aided ministry in his life if you have a Bible to show you something very interesting savannas have a unique thing that we do a lot of things with health and we had this passion for some reason withheld food and what a series of the in acts chapter six acts chapter six and verse two the setting is the early church is blossoming their preaching that the Lord is going to return people are hearing this message there excited and assorted pickup burst to the twelve called the multitude of the disciples under the instead it is not reason that we should leave the word of God and serve cables where we serve tables up restaurants that's interesting okay wherefore brethren look ye out among you seven men of honest report full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom whom we may appoint over this with the expert business okay but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word in the saying pleased the whole multitude and they chose Stephen a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost and Philip for chorus and ignore and to moan and harm innocent Nicholas a proselyte of Antioch for six and they set before the apostles when they had prayed they laid their hands on this is a serious matter we need and then they can do business or seven in the word of God increase in the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly why did that happen right after they designated these men to be in business I think they saw that the ministry was expanding and it included these men of business and a great company in the freezer obedience of faith Stephen full of faith and power did great wonders and miracles among the people know what we know what Stephen Stephen 's claim to fame is the first martyr of the Christian era right he was designated to be one of these businessmen that were told that because of their efforts the church multiplied that people 's lives are being changed and something that was taking place of that statement is the first one to get persecuted why would this business guide and persecuted before the ministers do well if it's that's one example and I think the serving tables is a quite interesting thought that the early church involved in food service how interesting is that it is another place in Scripture what to show you that God has an interest in the cities and specifically what were doing their Chronicles chapter seventeen versus seven and nine specifically the alternative made a second Chronicles of you have a Bible generated as well seven and nine of the versus OS look at says also in the third year of his reign he said to his princes even juvenile ends Obadiah Zachariah Metheny all into Michalak to teach in the cities of Judah and with them he sent Levites to go through some wonderful long named Levite priests verse nine they taught in Judah and had the book of the law of the Lord with them and what about through all the cities of Judah and taught the people or status as a fair Lord fell upon all kingdoms of the land around about Judah so that they made no war against Jehoshaphat also some of the Philistines brought Jehoshaphat presents an tribute silver and the ravens running Floxin it goes into the number of blocks what's interesting about that is were told in Isaiah sixty first five but the wealth of the Gentiles shall come to thought is what you see there are things in the Old Testament that modern-day application involving work in the cities and business tenderness of the interesting part verse thirteen and he had much water in the cities of Judah business between days as business he had much business in the cities of Judah and the men of war mighty men of valor were in Jerusalem what I want to see is God has always had an interest in the cities because that's where people live let and he hasn't only relegated the work of reaching those people to ministers I believe that they would if we were to take a hundred million dollars in every pastor we can find and put them in Cincinnati our efforts would be moderately a failure because there's something about I was quite interesting there is an intimate relationship when you take money out of your wallet and you pay me for my craw think about this vice of the really one this money is dear to you but that product is more dirty working to make an exchange and it's at that relationship I believe something that can lead us to further relationships down the road when read a statement in an follow-up to that Bible Bible text or just read it says shall the prince of darkness be left in undisputed possession of our great cities because it costs something to sustain mission now we don't have to lie about the matter it's expensive to do business especially in this culture we live in now their regulations or taxes on expensive real estate in downtown cities to pay for it but the challenge here is a proven win souls it's going to cost something I don't know if you have friends like I have friends but usually the emphasis is overseas I want to be a missionary no one ever says only a missionary to New York City why not North America we are the leaders of the free world everyone looks to North America are looking to see what were doing what we're watching or listening to what we're eating why would we not put more emphasis in this and I believe according to see here is we have to do this in North America and the that Hill is the mountain the difficulty is it can be expensive and extensive but God can open those doors if we in faith will go forward is another statement talking about that expense was carrying a burden for our large cities some will say we need all the money we can get to carry on the work and other places where that is here's the expense of the evangelism here are many got around an expensive holiday cost twenty three thousand dollars unit in the e-mail the church for six thousand dollars those make sense of the statement goes on this is written in nineteen oh nine it says do you not know that and will last you carry the truth to the cities there will be a drying up of the means so much I make that a layman 's terms if we don't get into the cities Adventists are going to lose their well the Gentiles is welcome to come into the movement are to lose their well but I believe this promise that's one thing to believe things in faith completely different thing to see the Washington Post say this this was on June eleven two thousand twelve thirty nine percent of American wealth has disappeared in the last four years that's a lot of well newly forty percent of American households well as diminished in the last four years thought yes the last statement was General conference bulletin May twenty four nineteen oh nine and I have the link to the other one on the forty percent decrease in well thought you to know that I believe were saying something that we've got to act or this drying up of the meetings promise to continue to happen and really need the means to do it what a solid say money answers how many things all things really need means to get into the Lords work remaining business the Lords work because it can be something we can only be reached through business lines bring out-of-state evangelism page the review all women sold in our cities are to hear the message but how slow we are taking the instruction than a little I said that I saw one capitalized when we think that is when it's capitalized one Christ okay I saw one standing on a high platform with arms extended he turned and pointed in every direction saying a world perishing in ignorance of God 's holy law and Seventh-day Adventists are asleep she was on the same men and women in the highways and byways are to be reached on a labor that statement Roth needs of the core that Jesus Christ himself look at the entire world and set a world is perishing in ignorance of God 's holy law and Seventh-day Adventists are asleep for me it was conviction of okay fine I got it were sleep well I need to do those they say are not asleep I want to do something how do we make this difference we make a difference read I think now we can say okay we get it we know we need to reach the cities this is an something that needs to happen necessarily on another continent the majority of us live in or within an hour of a large city so how do we reach the people in that city there was an example of this so we don't have to guess this is kind of the inspiration for what my dad in Henrico and I started the VI which was without we titled our ministry the beehive and the idea came from his right vision donors read a few moments of it to you I dream that I saw two beehives as a welfare ministry pages one ten one twelve and younger version I dreamed I saw two beehives one in San Francisco and Oakland behind in Oakland the bees were diligently at work as you don't make the application this is talking about church members when I related this strain it was interpreted to mean in San Francisco there was a great work to be done we pretty much in regard to the necessities of the cause and the meaning of the dream and resolved to venture out in accordance of the light given she says she is on my house and I decided to sell our property in Battle Creek this vision was so powerful or sell all the property in Battle Creek that we might use the proceeds in this work we wrote to the brethren sell everything we had in Battle Creek since the money at once this was done and we don't to build the church is in Oakland and San Francisco the Lord revealed to us that although at first work in San Francisco it was so late yet it would make steady advancement in San Francisco would become a great center the Lord would inspire men by his Holy Spirit to carry forward the work of faith encouragement perseverance now it should be here in my rail the Wilson said this before this is what they were doing in San Francisco this is the vision she gets it from Albert J O Corliss is as we learned there are many of Christ may live the Christian effort being carried forward by our brethren and sisters in San Francisco these include visiting the sick and destitute finding homes for orphans and work for the unemployed nursing the sick teaching the love of Christ from house to house the distribution of literature and the conducting of classes for healthful living and the care of the sick school for the children is conducted in the basement of the meeting else in another part of the city a working man's home in a medical mission is maintained on market Street which is even the market Street lately some artistry will still need help them market Street near the City Hall there is a vast establishment operated as a branch of the St. Helena sanitarium in the same locality of the depot in the help the company were health foods are not only sold but instruction is given as to reforms and I nearer to the center of the city are people conduct a vegetarian café open six days in the week and entirely closed on the Sabbath here about five hundred meals are served daily and no flesh meats are used Doctor and Mrs. Lambert doing much medical work for the poor in connection with the regular practice and Doctor Buchanan is doing much free work at the workingmen 's home at the medical and dental schools in the city there are about twenty of our young people in attendance this was a beehive of activity and all these things were going on my question is in your local city today do you see all those things taking place now how many of you have been administered Ron vegetarian restaurant in your large city near you please measured one two three four okay you can see the ministry that was taking place you can see all these facets of it we just went through literature evangelism preaching medical practices restaurants healthy manufacturing all these things taking place in San Francisco and what we find out later in the vision it was to be a model for the world would become excited to see Elder Wilson and others planning a model in New York City for what the work and become were told that model of New York City will be with the world does swing and make sure it works in accounts let's make this practical factual and our allies I believe that the spirit of Protestantism leads economic prosperity I know this add-on of opinion or an article a couple ways ago about the divide in Europe those with the most dead at least Protestants and as there's a clear divide in and why is this for what is the thing was that there anything because I believe it's because freedom of expression and freedom to be entrepreneurial or is something I believe God has put within all of us the Gutenberg Bible here's the vision of the Gutenberg Bible was about a year 's wage was printed using our Bibles printed so that the people could be able to receive the gospel easily and just printed by massive thousands of copies of birth now is printed is rich people could pay for me to build a business on printing Bibles they had an entrepreneurial spirit for Nehemiah one we see what happened with the printing that Bible and is a statement that I believe this entrepreneurial spirit is something that we will not only experience on this earth along your seats I believe we will experience it in heaven here's the statement of a controversy six seventy seven talking about heaven very end of the great controversy it says there the grandest enterprises may be carried forward the loftiest aspirations reached the highest ambitions realized and still there will arise new heights to surmount new wonders to admire new truths to comprehend fresh objects to call forth the powers of mine sold and bought to me that just gets me excited if you ever had an idea you see that idea executed that you have another idea the one thing I think you think about that spirit in heaven I can think of like God no let's think of a restaurant the joy of view fixing something and someone loving that food is just an experience with you you get the really and especially in the light of someone pays you for that exchange suddenly results real spirit assuming God 's criminal some assume all of us have that spirit because in heaven were exercisable for renters living in heaven I believe we can start that experience on this earth so what does this mean article you may be in business now you may have a ministry now either way you need to run your ministry and your business like a business that led that may mean you raise the standards of what you're doing out we can treat ministries as if it's not something that should be well taken care of they have to be a well oiled machine that God can bless them many of us would not be ready for a hundred million dollar check to our ministry we wouldn't even have a clue about it open a bank account the hundred million dollars and women have a clue what to do it so often times when you're begging the Lord Lord I don't understand on a aside here I'll be successful people and woe is me I'm not a negative account my bank account and this is happening this is audio to be first-rate sometimes he does start to relate success in front of me and I'm not a successful back home and often times many times and put on the front everything is okay the reality is everything is an okay but I want you to ask a simple question every time you get a little bit of discouragement to say okay to exercises one is if I had a hundred million dollars right now what would I be doing in my ministry differently if there things that you can already do there's a reason you Robert INR the second is is are you ready for the Lord to bless you by opening the windows of having more often than not when I asked myself that question it's now there's a few things I need to the house in order little more is there some things that are realizing no one again he defines in this disc that has been quite ready and ended if you can start to analyze I believe that the Lord will bless you through that process so as we had in spirit as we go forward what were you see is is that God is good and put it on our hearts I believe even our ministries we've got to start to think of them as a business and business has products business as something where you share information even when I do remember that so much tape or they want experience altogether example lowlifes to be as right now is working on a project of agriculture now there's another thing that deep within all of us we like to go through and another thing that were interviewed throughout eternity is grow food able to watch this documentary agriculture in there to say I recognize a few things in that documentary that I need to do just the second successful than other garden as they done what I find that product so that they can ministry idea presented it and not as a product of the villainy this idea is not new the Waldensians were involved with the stuff and I will show you that that they understood the Ministry of business and the business of ministry better than any other I've seen written about here this is from a controversy a seventy one to make known the object of their mission when insured its defeat and so we understand the context there in Christian Europe and to be outside of that typical Christian view was not popular question today in two thousand twelve unless I'm good I assume your seven thousand and ninety nine assume that you believe some things differently than the general bull of Christianity in the world when the Muslims fear of Christians they think of the meeting Westerners to watch that film on the television oftentimes may not always be the case those people will not address they don't not eat and a look at that so that when you and I may come over there and we say I'm a Christian and we probably wear this badge they have the connotation of thousands of years of bad history to be careful to quickly love ourselves into a stereotype and I say that because some of them as are unique we believe some things that the New Age crowd really likes to you guys like a plant -based diet it absolutely we believe strongly oblivious to that we haven't inroads there and yet that stands very differently than they did the bulk of Christianity so we have to realize were living in a context today were little different from the mainstream so what you relate with these logins in Christians here to make down the object of their mission would've ensured its defeat therefore they carefully conceal their real character they were being deceitful but they couldn't outwardly expresses around energy goes on every minister which was everyone possessed a knowledge of some trade or profession and the missionaries prosecuted their work undercover of the secular calling that they had a desire to be a missionary they realized I can just go in the town and pass out prophecy seminar invitations and everyone will come I have to do this covertly undercover other secular calling usually they chose that of the merchant or paddler they carried silks jewelry and other articles at that time not easily purchasable same at distant markets so they were into the niche product with and they were welcomed as merchants and businessmen and women where they would have been spurned as missionaries Wiley focus on all the while their hearts were uplifted goes on all the while not their hearts were uplifted to God for wisdom to present a treasure or precious than gold or Jim they secretly carried out about with them copies of the Bible in whole or in part whenever an opportunity was presented they called the attention of their customers to these manuscripts often in interest to read God 's word was thus awakened in some portion was gladly left with those who desired to receive I hope you see that these people were missionaries to the core yet they realize they lived in a world where it would not be easy to go into New York City and declare a message about the antichrist they realized that I'm in have to do this in a roundabout way in the extra work it would be easy to take the money going to a city and declare out the teacher but I realize I have to do this under a secular calling so the Lord may be preparing you to be a missionary or you may already be a missionary mindset either way we are all called to be these missionaries the question is where are you at with this concept but the Waldensians have Kelly in a talk more about specifics of things perhaps the goddess called us into maybe if you will some some gym that doesn't something that we may be exceptionally prepared for but I believe that what we all need to realize as God has called me to reach the cities it may be that I need to think a little more clearly about this secular front London have to do it with because I think we can be honest with each other we can be a lot more effective I hope that's the nicest way with it we could be doing a lot better than we are there many of us with talents that we aren't expressing those talents and God is going to come one day and ask you one of you done with your account I gave you one I gave you to some of us is given five whatever may be but you have a talent if you don't know that talent it needs to be your number one desire to figure what is my talent Lord because I believe I can use it in the Ministry of business and the business of ministry just like the Waldensian Christians because they cap the flame alive through a time of extreme persecution don't you know that we have the opportunity today to keep the flame alive and to see something happen in this world that we had answers for we hold in our hands the diabetes problem in the United States do not hold in our hands that is our right pocket we pretty much have what's causing all these cancer related illnesses at sonar other pocket we know how to raise a good family but in another pocket when I'm recognizing is the world is taking principles are as effective as what we have in their profiting from it often times we look at people who are successful in business we say the worldly one of a need with all that money wish I had some of that money we don't understand the idea that God has you in a place restating something some of us will need to enter the kingdom of heaven broke some of us will need to answer with all of our money burned out because that turning point in Morgan realized one day were told that when eternal realities open up the value means in a dropped suddenly some of us it'll just take that conviction should Madonna dead Lord forgive me save me in your kingdom God has all of us and in place I want you to know you shouldn't be somewhere else in failure has a fan of this idea we are all called to go to Asia don't feel that you are filling ministry if you are not preaching from the pulpit every week you have a ministry that I can never reach a want to select a couple of examples I would runtime which was okay I will let you continue on to appreciate the opportunity to share don't know if this was a house there were nearly perfect to hear myself levels probably better it on to build on Jared 's point I had a thought that struck me there as he was speaking about the necessity of going in to the cities meeting the people where they are I think there's one thing that has to pervade our thinking this is a life and death issue we are at a point in history where this is a life and death issue it's not about all the political things that ends at things and people are talking about today that the the great controversy between two very very powerful powerful line enemies of each other in one of those can win but it's truly a life and death issue and as he said that it's our necessity to go into the cities in the people where they are and bring the blessing and help them as is our desire I thought about while you are speaking and you see a pattern of that very thing in the Bible itself we find Cyrus the Bible refers to as the Lord 's anointed Cyrus where did he go in Babylon Gettysburg around the Internet go hide out in the country he went right into the heart of that city and the city had its own river of life didn't and what did he have to do it in the cutback overall and you find the same thing happen in the book of Revelation you find the Lord do the exact same thing he goes right into the heart of the confusion when it's at its crescendo when it's at its peak it goes right into the heart and he takes it out and that's really that's really a message for us today so with this site I hope today to give you more of the practical side of this and how it relates to me I'm sure I've had so many people asked me here little bit about myself some of us than just one second on my history but generally bring you up to the latest history to relate some of our experiences and as many of you probably know I unlike Jared and many of you here I was raised in a completely secular environment I had been to work out to church I could probably counted on one hand I had an uncle God bless them that went to church he went to many different churches and whatever he found in no one I usually got invited and there's probably two or three times that I went to church in my life I was complete I had a completely secular mindset completely secular background not only did I have no knowledge of God I have no belief in God whatsoever made no sense to me now with this some events took place in my life later in my life there are a few events that took place early in my life that made me wonder if there was a God but later in my life is a limit talk about now some events took place that led me to this place and I can tell you I as I live and breathe I believe that Kate became an issue of life for me it was life-and-death and I pray to God day by day that it will result in life but the reason I want to share this with you isn't it just share a story I want to encourage you but I want to take some of the visit and the necessities that Jared has outlined the things that we should be doing but many of us know I want to share with you my personal experience in these things because I believe that it is part and parcel to this work today because I was reached through business and the Ministry of business in the business of ministry at him to put this iPhone away from the distracting the reason you were here today I would submit to you is to talk about how we can more effectively use business to reach people with the savior of this world I spoke the other day and I shared with people that we think of Jesus coming in he came here literally two thousand years ago and he is going to come again and we all believe that in this room I hope we do I can type I believe that with all my heart but you know what he's going to be seen in this world before that as well and where do you think he's convincing he's going to be sane people are going to come face-to-face with his character in his people and who do you think is responsible for the events take place that's us that's a so first I'd like to relate a few steps in my experience as they relate to business and then the business that we are engaged in today because I can tell you that myself my precious wife my family have fully engaged yourself we completely disengaged with all of those things on the periphery many of them were front and center and are likely completely disengaged with those things which we did not believe would be truly successful in reaching people with the hope that we have today I started out and these are the steps one you have to recognize where people are in the cities personally I started out lost and I would say not only lost but I was is lost as a person could get I had such a firm belief in my mind that I was all right when I was all wrong and I need all wrong and if you had asked me at that time I wouldn't even have had a discussion if you had brought to me a piece of literature if you had asked me to come to church if you had tried to share with me you would had no success I know because I have people tried to the second thing that happened to me and I think you're going to find that there's a pattern here that you'll find the consistent with other people and it is important for us to recognize this pattern so that we can fully engage in business and reach people where they are the second thing that happened to me is I had interaction with others that caused questions in my mind so I came from being wholly lost no belief no knowledge of God whatsoever to interacting with people in my interactions with them caused questions to come up in my mind the second I had questions in my mind I had no way to answer them so I started searching I couldn't understand what was happening my thoughts everything began to change was working on my heart was working on my heart by how do you think this interaction came about for me some business I was the greediest person you've ever met I read I told to get in a deity I remember being in kindergarten was the worst year of my life to my mom was teaching a class I remember being in kindergarten we had a few kids in a small room and the there was a couple girls in there and they were always can be first in that class they wanted to be right in front and one of the games we play with all of the leader they wanted to play follow the leader and they had to be in front where you think my mom put me deadline in order I learned I learned that all I had to do was hold back a little bit then where was I his they just catch right up to me and then I was in the front of the line and I usually got sent out on their well to think about for a while what I did but I was driven by I was driven by greed I wanted to succeed I wanted to be first everything in my life revolved around me and nothing and nobody else made any difference to me and I'll submit to you that I probably wasn't the only one in the world with that mindset I wasn't the only one and you'll find that this whole world today what is a drive people toward being first number one being known being something that all focuses on me the law by the way there's a lot of wonderful precious people out there in this world that don't adhere to that mindset that is never this I really appreciate thousand seconds interaction with others through business led me to begin questioning once I began to question then a few of those people in that business started speaking to me about another book the Bible now you know what if Dan had walked up to me and said you know you need revival I'd given Dan about three seconds to get out of my face I remember having people approach me and asked me one day have you been saved we'd like to give you a Bible I said don't bother and don't talk to me about this again I'm not interested by because of carelessness and the relationship that I have with others with people that I respected and very light I was is greedy and selfish as a human being could get but because of that and and when that God was able to use in addition in me by putting businessmen in place that I had a respect for I have no respect for other people but when I saw people that were successful networking gauge that work had an entrepreneurial spirit in this I had respect and when they said you know what when I would ask questions I see a lot wanted to look here try this there's a book in the Bible the book of Luke can look this up what you think I said that said thank you I appreciate that my motives in saying thank you weren't even right at that point but I agreed because of the relationship that it been developed with me that's the next so that's the next with this has made your hope no once you begin engaging with people once you begin to engage your mind in the Scripture and the word of God what begins to happen to your mind is transformed if you will not resist your mind will be transformed not exactly what began to happen to me I didn't know what all I didn't believe it all but my mind was transformed and in the place of anger and greed and selfishness something else began to develop in my heart I hope think and I think you're right because as business is affecting me and I began to eat of that bread and taken these principles that I have learned through that business what am I engaged in an and business and as a brother said what's happening to others now they're starting to see this change I understand that the powerful powerful tool nowhere did this all start yes start a business through this next step so that's the that's the last that next I began to gain experience I began to study and God began to work on me at all what work he had to do but it began to gain experience and through this experience the vendor this experience happen overnight it didn't it took time yet a tough nut to crack but it took time but as that time progressed I began to truly apply the principles I began to apply the principles that I was reading and in this course of time he put me in touch through business with people who are wholly vested in the health message of the gospel in the saving power of God through the health message and when he did that I began to apply these principles and this leads me to couple more steps or less but it leads me into some other whiz this commit with this application to these principles we formed a total commitment to what we are doing Deutsches locked away for a second that's very very important next step after we applied those principles we began to read and look for promises and we began to claim them and we began to claim those promises and then once we did that we put it to work for others and this is when we really engaged in the ministry of business we gave everything that we had in this business and we knew how long you but when this goes of the steps that we really went through to come to the place we are in now I want to share several principles that I think are critical for a person to go through the snow as I've been here in ASI I find that everybody I talk to that's involved in ministry or business when I talked about this I get the most incredible report of how wonderful everything 's going it's amazing I mean there I've seen miracles are you guys hearing about miracles that are taking place here it's amazing and he seen one that isn't experiencing their oil I share with you there is one he standing right here today and while I've experienced miracles just what happens in between those miracles have to deal with reality and you know this morning I had in the last week or so I thought about what we're going to share today and I had a conversation with a brother of mine and it changed changed a few of the things on my my list here of what I wanted to share this a lot of people with amazing miracles amazing testimonies happening in their life but I want to tell you today I know personally it's not that easy and if anybody leaves this room today a new you have come here with questions and those questions are answered then I don't believe I've done my job and I've been to these events before I can tell you this is a very difficult road we see the need for business we can relate the things that will bring that lost soul to be engaged in these principles to receive the gospel like I have but the question really comes down to us how in the world do we accomplish this everybody here anybody here in business that okay you have businesses K you desire with all your heart to be engaged in ministry through that business I hope so I am okay and I make the assumption that every one of you is fully funded you have all the money in the world to engage with my correct K and I never make another assumption that nobody hears ever had a difficult time doing right J and I'm going to assume that nobody has ever shed a tear or prayed and even more importantly you've never wonder why is everybody else having it so easy all these miracles everybody's got all these things going on he's doing this they are doing that Lauren did you forget me have you wondered if God has forgotten that you are involved in trying with all your might if anyone here had that experience okay so if that is the case by the wealth you I think it would probably shock us if were honest and I want to tell you today is anybody here tried our ice cream I think everybody in here strider Rice K seen our products in the manner seen all these wonderful things were doing would you believe me if I told you that in the last weeks I've had times where I wanted to die I was so tired and crushed down would you believe me if I told you that I've had times where I literally didn't know if I was going be able to feed my children I just think in this case I'm telling you this is real this is real if anybody else had this experience and had any frustration that's really what I want to turn to hear today I'll share with you in the book of Galatians incidentally does our Savior is the God of this world with link is gone of this world in this universe can he relate to these things do you think it was fun for him you think when he was here it was all a better roses they had all the funding in the world and everything and everybody with hand turning to see you hot this is what were doing it's just ask wanting it's taking off works out ruling the world until it believe what were doing can you find in the Bible anyway let's turn to Galatians chapter six Galatians chapter six and were going to order make sure I'm going to the right place here Galatians chapter six and you find in verses not in verse nine it says what us not be weary in well doing so if he's telling us not to be weary what did he anticipate can be tired it goes on and says for in due season we shall are we saying not so if you tells us that he has learned that the window this we won't frame was anticipating K so here's the next thing I want to identify the hopeless as encouragement to you today when you see everybody exploding taking off into orbit you know telling you about how to really get ready to go in IPL no listings out of control a nurse down and everything seems total loss count it all joy now I know that's easier said than done but I can tell you there's one thing you can depend on it you're walking in the footsteps of the Savior if you'll take me to complete commitment to the principles that God has given you I could promise you that he will see you through but I can promise you it's going to be tough when the day came that my family and I said we will never put an animal product in her mouth again as long as we live this comes from this generation dairy farmer we were scared to death I remember being on my knees and saying Lord if we starve it's your fault but we are going to do what you say no matter what and when that commitment came that's when we began to have the blessing is that when it got hard it was not easy it was very difficult I come to see many times it's like going into a tunnel a very dark tunnel and you wonder many times am I ever going to come out of this pump that you know what the fact that it's a total tells you that this can be some light on the other every time when it goes right to the very depths of despair guess what an angel was sent to show you that live in the end of the tunnel IR I remember not many months ago Brandon he will fulfill and I remember not many months ago praying to God that if it was going to continue some of these things like I see them every day if I can't improve anybody ever get frustrated with himself everybody's anybody ever see your limitations and you just need with God to your stomach hurts that he would help you overcome these deficiencies so that people could be reached at three oh I have and I remember asking God not many weeks ago that if he sees that I can not do this if he can not help me notice is not in help me do this and let me die as I trust he'll take care of my family but let me die and I walked away from that prayer with breath still in my lungs and when I did that I said okay Lord if this is the case the simple fact that I'm breathing right now tells me that there is hope and it tells me that there is a work to do and I don't understand it but you're going to have to deal with these the deficiencies and I will continue forward as you give me the strength to do so it's not easy Jesus himself in a win and I think it's in John chapter twelve says he who loves his life will lose it he who hates his life will gain will have his life that's for us life wasn't funny we just we think about only in spiritual turn what do you think alone I was thinking literal terms to think it was fun for our Savior was that it was hard less hard his heart was broken he was perplexed there's not one thing that were dealing with today that he didn't have to deal with so aware that that's the point I want to make it's difficult it's not easy but don't think because it's difficult in your struggling that he's not with you that he's not going through this with you the second thing alas when you got in the business and you're engaged in this ministry I'm going to make the assumption that when it got really and you turn to somebody that had old wealth of experience and deep pockets they said hey come right on and I'll tell you directly what to do I'll take you under my arm anyway find your product is that what you guys found on its front at infinite either in fact you know what there came a day when I was thinking and an IR backup for second at the every thing we have to when I saw this work and I encourage people there is a very clear road that is outlined for us in the Bible and especially the spirit of prophecy as to what we need to be doing specifically the Seventh-day Adventist to finish this work is very clear if anybody has questions we can share about that afterward but it's very very clear and whatever road you're on in business right now today I can tell you he can use you if it's cleaning toilets he can use you aware that with that my family and I gave everything we had we had nothing you whatever means we had we have nothing more to get and we had them friends that God bless their hearts and wanted to see us get into this weren't even a name is just an amazing storyline is just getting to encourage this is what they had in all and the day came and we went out in the dust we thought you know what this thing is to go to the moon we have intellectual property we have products processes machines that the world has never seen we've got everything we need and we are going to have to build a plant that will sustain this capacity to make these products work and have to build it big organ have to build out loud order to take everything we got we don't need to marketer anything is this stuff is going straight to the moon guess what we've got the most beautiful plant it's big it's got incredible capacity that capacity increases every day we went into the market Esquire within months on sitting there saying Lord I have children and I were on the field of a few votes left over if we have anything to remain after this so I turned to others and I said you know what that this issue and I'm recognizing some holes in my armor is a businessman to effectively manage these resources that you placed in the goddess placed in my hands can you help move us and you have told me you were one of the ones it was encouraging me how incredible this was called forward go forward Bellflower you saw the potential in these things so your help me not go forward with me to make a Christian in find out quickly in business zero friends are active and little bits of advice everything on a zeolite to encourage a little help without much I know if I need as only one I can find courage from now so you know what God is a Creator he created us and if he created us we have the mind of the creator and it is it is in the fiber of our being at the core of our hearts to do things to create things to become something he didn't put that there for no reason so if you place that in us and if we're supposed to use those resources those talents those things to bless others and he's the one that created whose was exampled we need people when you need when you need things it's so often that when you need things to help is there a health user there when you're successfully doing now there are exceptions to that rule and I can tell you miracles that would that will make your hair stand on end but we have personally experienced I can't begin to tell you the blessings that have come through that but I want to paint a picture of reality here so that I can encourage you through the summer to try to wrap this up but some understand that he has bought us to save us please also brought us the Saints in when he brings you through these things when he guides you through these waters everything he is there is there with us every second day so now I want to relate a few experiences that I've had one other point that out one is that we need to claim his promises and believe in them if others and by the way our time those people that I went to idle in any way one oh and for that I got nothing I mean they were very helpful there was some advice that if they happen given I would've been in trouble I would've been in far more trouble than I am now and it truly helped me through the God is waiting for human instrumentality streaking through whom he can work and if he's put it in your hands if he's entrusted it in your hands and he believes in nothing you to see you through it and that is what he wants to do and that you have to understand that if he has placed that Jack even if nobody else believes in you he does anyone want you to go forward he wants you to go forward and if you ask them he will help you know we believe that the Lord created the heavens and the air that we who help them who helped him his father says that the father and the son participated together in the creation didn't they yes so if that was the case for Jesus in the creations of his hands what is it for us and if we will simply look up those promises and claim them there is counsel for us to take those promises in the Bible hold them up to God put your finger on them and reminding him of those promises to us and I'm going to submit today that the majority of those promises for us deal with our character in the work in the cities and blessing others in our character ministry conflict who earned over the point of those promises and take all of them angels says the Angels are waiting for human instrumentalities through whom they can work all of his beddings are enabling when he calls you to do something very simple rule that I came up with if you were alive in your breathing don't stop I borrowed when I was when I was twenty six years old I bore rode a lot of money a lot of money to do business to how in the world this came about I don't know don't know I wouldn't loan the money but the time when they were allowing Leilani Neumann within two days I was under my desk in my office by myself and I couldn't get up I was in tears I was crying so hard I was so scared I was terrified because these contracts he sings about men doing that at Boro this note on all the sudden a few things came crashing down and I realized I am in deep deep deep trouble and I leaving with God I first went to others no help for your really in a pickle there no for you to really feel for you you know just have courage know-how but you know what I pleaded with God you know and in less than a year and a half less than eighteen months I completely retired that note and have done very well on top of and then I went right back out for myself in the case if you're braving all stop nonstop it truly is a life-and-death issue we we have formed several entities now there hasn't been easy and it's not easy even today it's not easy we enjoy we are seeing miracles in the intellectual property processes machines all of these things were seeing miracles and every day we are having opportunities open up for us that you cannot believe and it is very very difficult every day but we have formed entities with one purpose so that we can take the blessings from God and that we can begin to return those blessings to his people and when we take our blessings when we take some lessons from him and we give them to other people who are they returned to their return right back to him and go right back to him Jared spoke for a moment about the San Francisco we have a manufacturing company and we have products that are nationally distributed and the very thing to very good we feel very very blessed to have them every time I hit a wall I pray in my children pray for my wife phrase and we wake up in the middle of the night with another idea that fixes the issue whatever the problem is we have hit walls you can't believe where everything seems other destruction and loss and we've gone around those walls over those walls threw him under room whatever fashion and in the end there's one thing that is very consistent every time I go into an experience like that and I say I don't know how I on the S I don't Ohana survive Lord I'm finding that if I simply apply the principles that are given to us in the Bible and in the spirit of prophecy that I go beyond those issues and then one hundred percent of the time I can turn around and say I wouldn't have done it any other way because if he had done it that way I wouldn't be here I wouldn't understand the things that I do today Jared spoke about San Francisco we have a plan to begin working to reestablish that beehive if you will in San Francisco in the cities of the world it's a very aggressive plan and were well on our way when it and I can tell you one thing that really strikes of all in my mind I'm unqualified I'm underfunded I have absolutely no idea how or to pull this off but you know what we've got we have very well drafted plans that we will execute those plans with laser precision because God is the one that drafts these plans it gives us the ability all we have to do is take our guidebooks and apply the principles that are made look at what he tells us to do draft the business models for those and then go do it and I can't tell you how many people there are in the world that are infinitely more qualified than I am or favor people are to do that but you know the day may come when they when they are part of this right now we have one thing that we have to be focused on and that's doing the when I was a what I was little on the farm growing up we had them we had a very steep hill that went up to the farm and we had the we had silos about our farm silos hold silage fed our cows silage and dumb when I was about seven years I think is seventy years old and there one of my jobs was to transport the silage wagons from the fields maybe a mile away or sell back up there and I had to move as fast as I could consider it shopping silage in the field and there's a crew put made up the seed into the silos there and I was the guy that was pulling these is typically about forty tons are forty thousand pounds of chopper silage in these wagons rattle farm all that far mole trap international Harvester tractor that I used in this was in the day anybody drive a standard transmission today the pretty easy to drive birthday this is in the day those standard transmissions that you have today have what's called synchro mash transmission they will align the gears the engine the engine in the transmission it's all line as you shift such as those in like butter this was in the days were you didn't have even have that you had a clutch and you have a big long gearshift that have a lot of leverage on and on the steep hill it climbed to about thirteen fourteen percent grade in one spot and yet a double Henry John on this wagon and if you started up that Hill would not track or nine seven eight years old and I remember my grandfather taking me on that tractor and he telling me clearly he says boy this is how you have to do it you have to get a run because you can't pull this hill if you don't get a run at you got a planet before you get to that he'll and if you and your better half to shift twice on that hill and if you message here you will die you certainly had it backwards down the Helen double penetrates and all formal tract was no rollbar no seatbelts anything like that they have today and you know what I remember that well I would get to write the point I knew exactly what he said I followed his instructions and when I got right to appoint I can see it in my mind today I open the throttle up on that tractor and I grabbed another gear and I headed up into the hill and every time I got goosebumps as I talk about it now because every time I got into that I was terrified because I knew if I don't make this hill I am going to die and I would get into the health and if you didn't know how to hit that thing perfectly there was no hope you would miss a gear and you are done and you have to hit it perfectly every single time and if you didn't you are in trouble I remember that well and you know by the grace of God never listed year ever missed a gear on the tractor as I was scared to death and I'm going to tell you that with business today you're going to be scared to death but your father our father has given us a plan and he's told us when you say these things open the throttle on and get another year and you're going to hit a hill and its got up the tough pull in your gena be scared to death when you do it but you have to do this when you hit that he'll you've got a be intelligent about what you're doing and you've got to go past the emotion and be objective and grab another year and you're going to have to do that several times before you're in safe country and you know what we have those he's given us that and you're going were going to be fearful but you know what he's right there with us one thing I learned about that those old tractors they never whimpered nothing you can do can break those things I thank God for and you know what nothing we can do can break his plan and he'll help us to take his plans and make them our plans this is when the well unites when our will unites with the will of God it becomes omnipotent that doesn't mean we become God but in the in means that we have all the power at his disposal and all the power from him at our fingertips that's what he 's given us today all his all his meetings become enabling us this is our work to do I'm when I'm in a close but I want to open it up for questions because I don't want anybody to leave here today if there's something I can't I don't even know if I can answer your questions but I will do my best to do so I don't want anybody to leave here today with a false sense of security that they are alright everybody's all wrong or vice versa I don't want anybody to think it's all a bit of roses out there in business but I want everybody to recognize the most powerful each evangelist at tool that God has given us is in our hands and it is through the business world through one ice cream cone the other night there's a whole ministry that is opening up the gospel is being opened in Washington DC as we speak through one conversation it came through an ice cream Co. thank you for spending the time with unlike the closed with prayer and then we'll open it up questions will stay here as long as anybody needs to answer question heavenly father thank you for the time you've given us thank you for blessing us Lord it is our desire to ask that you would continue to guide us show us lead us direct us Lord through this sea of confusion help us to go into the minutes of Valois and to bring forth a blessing that you've intended Lord so that that city could fall please direct our hearts and our minds we ask you father you have asked us to do this and we ask that you would help us in strength strengthen us and guide us encourage your hearts and minds to be doing that specifically Lord that which you called us to do I to render similar when I may name is as you as my audience race for him and his maintenance if you like to learn more and I decided to come in and I is him and when you like to outline sermon is www. nonbelievers will


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