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  • August 18, 2012
    8:00 AM
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him good morning I know I am so proud of all of you waking early and being here right and nearly eight o'clock in the morning for the device on thank you for coming I will be a blessing for each and every one of you as well as early this morning as we study the word were going to how many this morning as I have a review and more in a study of violence ellipses as the source for you know I was worried nicely about Bobby Vince Jackson is so accurately say liability or the full glassware the two best years of my life back then every year it gets better into this a survey every year to get better but I'm not holding I would have to say that I was the turning point in my life I'm genuinely enjoying life with you it started there an environment is first class we didn't know hardly anything that God taught us snort of God and I know one thing that actually think about not a medicine that that goes along with what I'm saying this morning is the first the first time I ever met and dealt creek many of you know Bill I don't think you do this morning known by the first time I met no great season he came right to me and he certainly had reason he must be hiding I said yes how do you know me and the ambulance I want you so I hope it's good and menus and then after talking for about five or ten minutes about my background my family got Conrad come from the parents that I had he told me something that I will never forget he said Heidi because of the way the light is let in your life and what he has given you you owe your life to the world is that you can't live for five ninety five and I remember that I burned my memory and I've always remembered hiding dollars for yourself I was not given all of us in this room challenges abilities and gifts anything I'm doing is you because I don't want to Tulare for yourself and this morning will be looking at that today the title of the message is very what began with order for father in heaven oh Lord you we all have reason to you Lord your God hearers was willing to become a man you are the King of the universe was willing to be concerned and father when he looks at the character of your son reflecting your beautiful character to earth we see God we want to serve Lord we see a God that we want to serve with all of our mind soul and strength father we pray that you would be here this morning as we study from your word that he would bring to our mind spirit soul realities that will give us a deeper commitment to leaving one hundred percent for you on airfare your presence would be here and not that I would not speed but that you would and not others and myself that we would simply hear the voice of Jesus speaking to our hearts this morning and cry thinking free game turning to see Chapter twenty five Matthew twenty five will be starting first thirteen as soon as you asking about me now my fang hollowly in Matthew twenty five before starting in verse thirteen neither the fear are you and I campaign the twenty five worst thirteen reads one therefore for you know even a know in the hour in which the Son of Man is coming once therefore for you know neither the day nor the hour which the Son of Man in which the Son of Man is coming we don't only do the income doing we don't know the day we don't know the hour but what does Jesus ask us to do here in this verse is that I want to use lots now five here is some important in what we are about to embark upon in our study of God 's word this erases the contact for the passage that will study this morning the passage of the time it says and cut object lessons see that speaking is you that he's shown what it means to watch for his coming print object lessons page three twenty five the time instantly expands not in IL waiting not in what not in isolating black in diligence working this lesson he taught in the parable of the talents that you can see it giving us this picture of the fact frenzy that is coming soon and that we are to watch right now first thirteen verses fourteen goes straight and zero have monetized how are we to watch I believe that everything boils down to priorities based on the time that were living into your everything I know Michael and I can think is somewhere safe in our programs I work in Southern California I had to feel wonderful amazing you thrust program that I love with all my heart and that he is sharing some more sense with these teams of young people who are going out and doing ministry and I think you through his message was powerful for those of you heard it that thing about the fact that we may we make decisions differently based on knowing what you you know it and he got the award by a decision they make event and sixty five are drastically different than what you make of six a.m. right right-winger because you have your priorities and isolated rat I believe that's why Jesus in verse thirteen and before verse fourteen because he wants us to realize how important it is to him that we develop now let's go through world starting in verse fourteen the parable of the talents in the context of the second coming it is the most important thing that we can be doing right now not being idle waiters but being diligent workers and what we do and let's begin by reading verse fourteen it says for the team having is like a man traveling to a far country who called his own servants and delivered his guys to them here we see a man going off our journey and what you do before you leave what if he did before you leave Officer Fanning got done what they deliver them who I can he deliver them and good continuing on verse sixteen and the one he gave five talents to another Seo into another one to each according to his own way and on ability and immediately he went on a journey what I like here is the fact that this master was smart enough to realize that not everyone can handle everything Ms. Nassar gave to each one according to his ability verse sixteen then he received the five talents went and traded with them and made another five pounds and likewise he who had received two gained two more also but he received one went and dog in the ground and head his lord 's money here we see two faithful servant amen right away they take the time that God has given them that are not their own clues are there they are who they bear his good name they accept him to enter their life and in what they do is they go and they completely will play time to write times it comes in my unfortunately there is a sour part of the story were an unfaithful servant goes and berries his first nineteen after a long time the Lord of the observance came and settled accounts with them after how on or after a long time it is interesting to see the kind of master portrayed in the story I'm not certainly doesn't say here are the time you have today's the development but he gives them a long time what a merciful God we serve he gave him guidance and then he says I'll give you a long time to be faithful after a long time the Lord of those servants came by he subtly he settled accounts there is there is reporting that happens out in the annual estimates his record is to aboard the way that I do every year where I have to report what I had done in the past six months and not important for accountability because my conference has given me so much and while I need today are seldom faithfully high steward of what they have given me not only monetarily but my students the people that I work in the conference people and churches were stewards of what we are giving and the master calls for an account verse twenty Phil Keelan received five talents came and brought five other talents saying Lord you delivered to me five times again finally I had Lord said to him well I guide them and his faithful servant you were faithful over a few things I will make you roll over many things answer into the joy of your lord he often what came inside lining and the leverage you need to live in two more times to find them in Glenside then well done Diane and faithful servant you have been faithful over a few things I will make you ruler over many things and sense of enjoying your Lord what a blessing here to see multiplication and development of what God had given an narrative complete development of what God had given these till 's faithful servants the characteristic of a good and faithful servant in this context is that there is faithful in the little that is given to them and there's been a beautiful quote it says today while the horrible worker of God is following his employment as a result of God and I have five listening to his words noting the manner in which his work is done to see if larger responsibilities may be an advantage looking out with those two talents anything are they developing Canada given five more because I want to faithful and little equal faithful and much and then the sour part again began verse twenty four then he would receive the one talent came and said Lord I know you to be a hard man reaping where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed and I was afraid and went and hid your time in the ground look there you have what is yours it's interesting here third Avenue what can he know in hand he had heart right thinking had gone from God when it's interesting to see the misconception about character than he has easier major misconception about character thinking that he was all hard a person being out some taskmaster and to make it interesting to see that that root issue of why he didn't multiply account was because of the misconception of God 's character it says he was afraid what would you bring it out for freedom why what would the Master saith he lost it sometimes I think we can be afraid of failure and time development we've been given something so great we'd rather like a hot potato throw in an files of hand even how many times I wanted to throw my hops to verse twenty six May the Lord answered and said to him you wicked and lazy servant you knew that I reap where I have not found and gather where I have not started the night you want to have deposited my money with the bankers and at my coming I would have received back my own at least with some interest therefore take the talent from him and give it to him who has ten talents for to everyone who has more will be given and he will travel and he will have abundance but from him who does not have even what he has will be taken away now I'm here at the end of the story we see again the guys are still in based on our we get back and everything we've developed is still in its always came all the way through the story now it's interesting I I see a lot of parallels between then story and our lives I do a lot of parallels between this during our lives Jesus you know Jesus is in a faraway country right now and I believe that he literally has given us his good expecting to do something with it he is given a gift and he expects to take it and run with it I do everything we can he is getting of course according to your ability according to my ability whatever you have been given throwing it away I thought the Kayla not do anything God gave you what you can handle therefore you he gave you what you can handle he desires us to multiply to grow it's a developed incorrect this is the question I'm most concerned that is not how much have I received two five five nine two Mull what you are doing with what I have the real question is not all white and I get as many of my friend over here why don't I have not get into no whites in mind doing with what I have the development of our choice is the first duty we owe to God and to our fellow man your first duty is to develop who got treated you to me that the first duty of the new and unfaithful servant whom I consider to be the very batting ground is useless he became completely useless and I haven't got I thought me now I will wash time now it's time got closer and expansile we are freely letting our light shine and yet this unfaithful servant buried his times I pray that none of us in this room by living out our lives for ourselves and Barry who got treated the women I'm thinking I could finally counts crazy busy day he gives us a long time I don't believe we had a lot of time last because we are living in the last favorites history but still when he every line he will be endless everyone I gave you a long time I need you to develop what I gave you what a merciful God and serve when reporting time comes the question will be what have you done with what I have given you to his serving Christ commits his gains something to be put to use for him he gave to every man his work printed on we all do the same thing there's many different gifts and click out of your he gives to every man his work each house has placed in the eternal plan of having did you know that in heaven there is something called the eternal plan and your name is your name is better than perfect plan I think he has a calendar and having all the things are I at the lantern of their anatomy not he literally by learning he had your plan hailed what he wanted to enjoy your life and how he wants to think that you can develop it and making the he had a plan for you it says it needs is to work in cooperation with Christ for the salvation of souls there's nothing in here my career your first priority is the foundation of both everything else is objective about what everyone is doing hereinafter the salvation of every face you find yourself no matter what job you're doing no matter what you have been giving your your primary goal is the salvation of souls it not more surely listen to this this is so beautiful not more salient in the place prepared for and a heavenly mansions helium and I had a mansion for you to find on fighting I'm going to reprint place for you you know that just additionally as animation for you I've been having there is a special place designated on our where we are to work for God not have special places for special people and he wants to use you believe asking for you to be faithful little first you know I remember the beginning of my experiences and everyone went than five he know about leadership you might humiliate the enemy leader with me on your I think I should leave you know I've always thought certainly going through people 's minds right but really the only thing that we need to do no matter where you are no matter where God is writing to and what the left has heaved drug use rails simply be faithful and what is getting dear .org anymore the astronomers are are his United and the one who buried their talents is so different and I wanted to multiply because more women given for them however the one who buried their gifts the next time what was interested in taking a way you would a unit or humans it I firmly believe that user accounts now you will live in later guy wants to instruct the people who were famous not only the blast but who are actually going to use them now I want to challenge our pilot I would like to hear from you what are some challenge how do you feel God has given I know that there are wrong and day-to-day in general talents that everyone has and then of course there's specific challenge by God gives each person individually through his Spirit but what are some of the bigger rock in general talents that God has given me is okay there is one of eleven teaching these your speech exactly what health influence exactly the insolently one other thought that anything tell you what Python is read print of the button chapter twenty five dollars with eleven money well you your age okay young people in here and some that are young in heart I have given not to God for your all young lawyer we are all yarns impregnated below himself and why now why I strain okay yes I think the character back repairs are that you have been developing the talent when the first one is given time I neglected it said no and he has given will he require a more strict accounts than Hummer Time not everything that he will require the strictest account in our time every moment every moment is to be used for history Lord have mercy Lord have mercy every if every second surely counted to last for eternity how differently when we spend our time and then on top of that the fact that we are living in that time were restlessly watching because Jesus is coming you know it just how the intensity of the time time what about intelligence and got a given agreement to each one of us can be used there is a news story that I share with you when I was living up in Clovis I went to church there I the clusters of yelling and there's several people at the Clovis shirts that have really stopped out in my mind whenever I think of dedicated people and the foyer one day this guy came up to me his name is Dave some people call him crazy days he has curly hair and the only five three by I think I think he has struggled mentally I believe Anita and yet he's very sincere he loves God he comes to church all activists and Dave came up in the foyer that pictures I do is electrical day of the foreign evangelistic series was about to begin at the club this church and there were flyers just that the flyers out on on a table in the foyer and church members were supposed to take flyers and go I hand them out in the afternoon okay they don't invite people you know go to your neighborhood dear Street talk to someone I can think and in announcing the front but when I looked there in the afternoon they were still quite a few staff adored her to put on the door of the agreement to the game came off walked past me grabbed a fast acting like about this date okay I need like a little passes out right now I coming along unbeknownst all right on him everyone I think right now I be placed immediately presently to think logically and I'm delighted I cut my hand on transferring on the livelihoods of the right people on the fence and he was excited anyone with half a brain work by people with a whole brain don't do it not it irks me for the past five years that people living credible intelligence to do other things than serve whatever enhances intelligence is another manner his about seven or eight in his mind but he's about forty five to fifty and body the France ranchers he loves everyone and convince an ongoing thing and those than a hundred percent of our brain are sometimes called God requires the training of the mental faculties he enzymes that has service out there that will send an clear discernment and down the wildly any of this plans with those words were careless or two and going to become efficient well-informed workers got you to develop your mind and use your smartness for him use it for him completely and thoroughly another time is speech everywhere that we speak just like every second that we live in the town but not as given will outwards bless a willing tear down what we missed the opportunity to speak a word in season or well-meaning willing to share what about beauty that many young and beautiful people in this room here in the time of your life you realize that man does look on the outward appearance which means you have a lot of influence right now in your life just because of the way you look you realize that because of your age because of our age right now everyone will listen to you only can like you old people like you your friends like you you can use that influence in my view the fourteenth what about money this theme is George Mueller the famous orphanage builder and from what I hear from his stories he started out with a certain amount of money and he stated that certain amount of money that he needed to live and do more and more as more and more he gave a lot of the time that God has given us I know here for college students or what Irish economy Anthony but I even find temporary things is not worth it now why waste money that could be using out there it another time not of the massive influence how many in this room have been told that they have a good deal of influence on younger men and women alike want you to know that you have a lot of influence in man you don't you know you probably meant about us and more you have a lot of influence young woman what are you doing everyone is born with a certain amount and no man is an island the question is what influence do you have on others your help is a talent when you live it you realize how much of it counted as the healthier you are the more responsible you are using a help for Jesus one anonymous and is especially dear to my heart and out of the talent of truth God has given us a beautiful truth of the administered a man and when I I remember when I was in my working candidates high esteem thirds of reason Enzo is a series at my church and OPS and it was such a blessing to listen through I remembered for being when he was on the state of the dead realizing how beautiful it is to know that you are sleeping you know since one of them but the talent and truth that he has never why and if the salvation in Alaska not leave the gifts of the Holy Spirit turned in first Corinthians chapter twelve first Corinthians chapter twelve first Corinthians chapter twelve hour looking at verse four the guest of the Spirit are also given more individually more personally and they are listed here in first transient chapter twelve starting in verse four first Corinthians twelve and verse for it says there are diversities of gifts but not what they seem their diversity of administrators by the Lord and are a diversity of activities but it is not the same God who works all in all for the one given the word of wisdom through the Spirit to another the word of knowledge that the same spirit to another faith by the same spirit to another gifts of healing by the same spirit to another the working of miracles to another prophecy to another discerning of spirits to another different kind of turned into another the interpretation of tongues but one and the same Spirit works all these things distributing to each one individually add here well I love that weight on this side of a organic but the spirit inside and I believe that this list can go on a longer that a lot of gifts of the spirit this is not all-inclusive my if you look if you look in the back of your little you know I sure program you'll see that we need to use that is I was hoping that are driving a little thing or opens Romans twelve that seems nice and I assertively hand is Roman software through thanks in advance how is life they take the time that God has given anything you if you look at Romans chapter twelve four three six or the back of your little booklet inside for either we have many members in one body but all the members do not have the same function so we've been running are one body in Christ and individually members of one another Highwayman differing according to the grace that is in July last used the question is not clear this morning and what hasn't what have you been given what have you personally Benjamin is is very nice twenty years of your life where you live a buried life over you develop what he has given you I would like to challenge each and every one of you to take time this weekend to pray about what it is added giving you maybe you don't know many are thinking your mind I know not of any family man I don't know what it take time today to ask God 's revealed to you what it is that he has given you and then commit acts straight back into his what will you do with what he has given father in heaven we think you for giving us however thank you for giving us a long time to develop and thank you for giving us the power to develop them and I pray Lord that he would take those in this room and those who were not able to come this morning and ideally be used I in the next few years not very unfaithful servants but in developing faithful service that we might be used by you in the salvation of souls Jesus that we might fairly take those gifts that you have given through your spirit each and every one of us teammates run then you know what you're doing you again are according for own ability and you are now less and you have asked to be those faithful stewards of what is not ours father may we all be under the day here those beautiful words well done guide and faithful servant you have been faithful in little I will give you much board we believe that you're coming soon and so we are wanting to watch and cannot stand by idly weakening but to stand by diligently working on a black system this means you will need a disobedient was brought as the iPod delivers the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe this is more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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