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Carried Away

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • August 25, 2012
    10:00 AM
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as I was traveling a good feedback in the home and always be in the presence of the more of his holy Sabbath day and then they often turn in your Bibles the book of second Timothy the third chapter second Timothy chapter three the start of verse one Cincinnati chapter three verse one ten hour reading your hearing second Timothy chapter three verses one through seven the script says this know also that in the last days perilous times shall come for men shall be lovers of their own selves covetous boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy without natural affection truce breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good traders heavy high-minded lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof from such turn away for success for this sort of they which creep into houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins led away with divers lusts ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth a message the Sabbath is entitled carried away carried away let us pray father God we thank you for bringing us together on the shoulder Sabbath day Lord we ask that you just Phyllis police Lord I asked you order my steps were my words order my thoughts and father not only truth be spoken this prayer in Jesus 's name amen also Paula courses speaking to Timothy universes that are present July see a couple years ago the nightly speaker universes that I R I reflect on often because these verses remind me always aware we are in time in fact as you look at this is all in his dungeon and he's writing Paul is already really been relegated to a martyrs death is trying to want Timothy of what is the come on errors in the last days of these writing this to Jim and the will to believe that Jesus is soon to come this asset Hope is not a new Hope this is the hope that the apostles had a Paul had met early church leaders had a little bit not have enough wall disease had also run history driven many Christians who are there whole is that Jesus Christ will return soon is the one that is your hope your life is different the way you view the world is fundamentally different when you understand that you are only on permanent I'll be on temporary assignment is usually on earth and placement for you is in glory when you feel the world the way you think about the world the way you see at the same and just as well UCLA is different from what it is all built and framed around Jesus is soon return upon his life intimately and really love them because the plaintiff is writing off today because he is writing to our existence I is around it in the last generation on planet Earth this is Paul's cry is playing it but that we would all understand what is become on earth so that we would not be caught unaware jumping it is important that if Paul is writing to Timothy he is not writing this letter to the world so he is probably not describing here the conditions of the world in fact he is probably describing the conditions of what the church would be like in the last days said this though also that in the last days perilous difficult challenging hard times would come access for men shall be lovers of their own selves just bolsters cloud to get back to probably learn this message blaspheme or is disobedient to parents other thankful unholy without natural and fat affection choose rigors truce breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good he says that in the last page in the church there would be a time on those that are doing some hold that want to talk to opt literature within and hold onto what is right there at that time goes on it will be difficult because in a sense the greatest enemy of the church will not come from with will losers left from when the church is to understand is that it is plausible that is itself self find this out after working in some of all of the Civil War and that in fact it is the internal conflict by convincing the church is why we are told in the end and be inspired to want to inspire Roman wife grabbed hold of the shaking will want to let the things of the kingdom of people going to leave the church and the church is not to be shaken and be going to walk away leaving traders heady high-minded in fact he says they would be lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God we see that in churches now we see that pleasure seeking sometimes before holes form of evangelism church is actually line up and set up in an and and and even a recently churches given each one of their pastors to describe one of the members of the avengers lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God neuronal images are assuming today's fast become one of Ironman woman's the whole was quite finished when John represented by the character having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof having a form of godliness on the outside there will be a fat saturated so of spirituality on the shelves are the only people saw that the chart has been built up in such a way and there was a great holding is the charge of the godliness of the church from the outside you'll believe because the people is when he is in and shouted and even run around with pants and shirts that are near the grave of godliness and holiness of the Gerard Butler Paul wall that is only in all godliness they want to and what I saw on a imminent child is on the outside of chocolate but when you dig it out along the line but the speed of many a child the reason that is not really a softball size and we have to go to believe that he was showing that the wires of the fantasy all around you that that that that that of the foreman at your home all of a religion in the face is that his holiness and godliness but I'm here to tell you the real godliness and holiness is not black product of ancient dwelling of the Holy Spirit with making a loud noise all make you willing to take the back seat and just real godliness of the actual sacrifice yourself for the great ability and array greater cause the real godliness it looks like all in the dungeon of the dungeon wall the very high place of the value that they even hold is like the visibility you know what is like to look back to live by Paul understood he got been very wealthy he got along very well what is that those is a monopoly when July and those like him and him did you Raven I dungeon that is then I promise mercies gives interesting that this study Bible 's six seventy nine RRR or given a title in danger from perverting teachers were successful on this sort speaking on this false timeliness of this sort are they which creep into houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins that way with divers lusts of medicine entitled carrying away is a video that is that this prophecy is fulfilled somehow at the church we only carried away we got carried away when they got to believe that these lab into our house is the condition of the ideology of the world of the of the power line movement of the world it is given on the world under the thinking of the world but the idea of the world from the house of God is leading us all away to begin the world really talking about I I watched the session last week myself and I would remember that I think there were there was I was in the watched the beginning is Ted Wilson presented a very impressive in fact I began watching it going it I had no opinion either way Wayne a moral legal really deals with the problems of the day and I studied it I've read it I've asked many people about that issue and never could come up with all aside I never could do that is an agreement talk about let's plan was on my cell phone rings and is like an old visit in the figure below Jay-Z is not reflected in search as I watched the NFL as I was praying as well that that that time frame that the gods will would simply be done and I was watching it gone show you something that I believe that it was something that happened and although I agree Holy Spirit in the afternoon I their other spirits at work I was convinced that my crap into the house was showing is that they find one of those things of the spirit of pride reason versus for you you can try and keep up Otto and take too long so I'm women's go through these verses quickly first will come from the book of Proverbs start eleventh chapter over the thirteenth chapter in the sixteen judges or verses if you want to try and keep up Proverbs eleven in verse two says when pride comes from the Lebanon verse two says when pride comes then comes shame when pride comes then comes shame but with the lowly is wisdom but when the lowly is was okay and lastly came in even some of the people out of one of our friends who are now on the other side my whole view chain that I actually decided I began to realize that the issue of women's ordination is a way to issue an issue that Satan is going to use to try to divide and destroy this search will under the policy of the Asian today lilies out of the opportunity for non- pulling you will think differently but one thing that is that I rolled up that day I speak to speak about why I should do this is what God wants for me and for my daughter and shame on the church I realize that this is nothing to do with the spreading of monopolies not in my opinion you know what I mean I was sure that all the support of all and have been the argument didn't seem to come from anywhere that said I'm doing this we will be back in the three Angels messages what we are teaching the world of June in order why don't I want to this problem thirteen in verse ten problems thirteen members ten thousand only by pride cometh contention but with the well advised is wisdom when using unnecessary contention the Scripture says that calls from prying eyes is the real enemy here as well I won't touch the theology of the issue is addressed the atmosphere was to have been created in our denomination that problem since the University to pride goes before destruction sixteen ratings of pride goes before destruction the heart his spirit will form call five oh or disruptive client is vulnerable of all the blinds of a destructive one of those consecutive Master in making people believe they are better on grandmother they really are now their voice him and the individual 's brain and that is one of common blood on all who observed price at even half right when you read the story in the Old Testament King Stephen one queen even when this virginity will make people and that is what I want to the most important and I will and I is that Proverbs six note that the primers Laurel and Proverbs and it all happened when I read through it I could be wrong somebody might find one I played the whole I went to the importance can look for every time prior to the Bible I couldn't find one case where it was presented in a positive light and that is what I skipper Mister L e-mailed a colleague but all the while relief when the Bible speaks of people being proud for having private life but I will try to ride a gay pride or any other kind of private indiscretions or I is not a good thing Proverbs six sixteen to nineteen seventy six things that the more he P7 our end of nomination to him the first thing was that I is a proud look prize to alkaline again when people stand and demanded that I deserve I want a lying tongue hands that shed is in my heart that devises wicked imaginations feet that these the running to mischief a false witness is required and is other than abomination I want to be a bestseller caught on an application that will will know what you will identify what was once human mind this is the abomination back to the June sixteen verse forty nine and fifty saline this number come from a lot of opportunity using the sixteen forty nine and first fifties they behold this will be in looking of your sister Sodom Ezekiel sixteen forty nine behold the beginning of thy sister Sodom pride one song said that was not what you think it is initially so I will probably try to the idea that each of us individually in marvel that all of us collectively become the American way and we are a Libertarian fan on my right I be an audit of multiple state that I call the Commonwealth of Virginia or Massachusetts because the founding fathers of the Army is not whether the study authors noted that as a Commonwealth in the all together developing one another for one another that would make America strong but still in the very mindset of this nation had been changed but after one is simply looking out for themselves that just as Paul's more than second in the big one in person this past crap into the windows of the church and is a leading of a story fullness of bread abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and the needy verse fifty seventy Wahhabi pride again and committed abomination before me said therefore I told them away as I saw to the first thing I noticed was pride and right comes on something called feminism a movement that has really gripped and grabbed American 's worth of public health I understand I wanted greatest danger that has happened to the United States the reason Americans in the trouble is in is because during the fifties and sixties as the sixties not the seventies with a complete change in how Americans understood moral values and all of a sudden with me when we threw away family is from the biblical model merits of a local model is a graphical model and the reason is would I remember hearing the testimony of a woman who is now a Christian what deep in the feminist movement is an irresponsible burning broth and I am going home one day and leaving her windshield in a day you can't assign you it was twenty or twenty five years later would she came to know Jesus Christ and his woman a sure sign that you will understand what I think more important than the hot serve alcohol in which a man is to be the Prince of America has been washed away some dangerous woman in this country is black gangs Crips and bloods funeral gang Aryan games skinheads they slowly because the traditional family have been replaced by Street books because one is listed for anything we don't understand I think as an ulterior motive even when they start out the right way the child of a mother a single mother who raised three boys myself I want to levels they left with the same down to someone else I would support women's indicate exactly the same as little as the all of those of the freedom than also I understand that I get that I didn't have to also understand that Satan will take what is injustice on one hand and swing the pendulum the other way is why this study all are correct into one room even more deadly form of sin seconding that really concerned me was the global unity of the church I get to travel around the world and a Jamaica earlier this year but in Australia and I shall run world and I know that the church is in trouble in different ways for different reasons all the world what the church does not mean it is the idea that we in North America are sold far advanced that so superior in our thinking self soul and the like in this so hot a little woman the summit so illuminated in our thinking that we know better than the last majority of the world church that we would leave them behind because they basically anything in all of underdeveloped countries with their backwards thinking people are not on our weather we are all America and North America and we ought to be thinking why should we wait for them to come around first in first Corinthians ten twenty three and twenty four first twenty ten twenty three and twenty four sprinters like this all things are lawful for me first against ten twenty through the Paul speaking again all things are lawful for me but all things are the scene Paul says all things are lawful for me but all things and edifying not always relating files that allow you that make the best as you know what is the body of Christ he says in verse twenty four that known to all and remand criminals as well tell us what's best for you I wish you would come as a lovely final is best for everyone else homework is the first thirty three of the book of the same chapter Jean and I believe all men in all things not feeding my own profit but the prophet of many that you may be saying possible salvation of the world church is far more important than my own thinking on an issue in fact act fifteen hundred twenty eight is exactly speaking about what Paul is really speaking about was eating foods offered to idols and I fifteen twenty eight although he said what is lawful for me it was actually looking for it seemed to the Holy Ghost and other lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things at fifteen twenty nine said that you abstain from meats offered to idols all the long diatribe that letter about meat offered to idols when in fact we don't really want to hold meeting meat offered to idols all really trying to do all of all kinds with all of the speaking of Paul is trying to do what Paul is really trying to do with as little fuss as you try to open things up he was trying to think of them understand and listen that I don't see that it was going to offend someone we really started off really wanting anyone to the meat at eleven million dollars and as you were commanded to find revelations out into twice Jesus speaking to Jersey only to turn and he says that they should limit means offered to idol bookmarking the troubled me was that we humans Columbia Union already voted for the ordination we voted here ironically all in for coordination on the premise of equality for women while still a racially divided conferences now I know how unless wherein the passion on that one finding on that one where was everyone waiting in life as they went submitting house that we had a hot item in the United States Adventist church how is it that we still have them in our church in North America is the decision was that I didn't like anything hanging over that one inserts and did the Villanova the really good searchability unity and the racial divide and exist all across most of America doesn't do any kind of disaggregation three twenty eight there is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither bond nor free there is neither male nor female we are all one in Jesus Christ when you speak of is the one that is not at all this ideal woman orders it is really two separate issues no one is in Christ and his salvation I find it ironic that we want to use these that will one this is what will allow no one apply to the housing one conferences Israel out of the UN where there is neither Greek nor Jew circumcision circumcision barbarians in him bond nor free but Christ is all in all and tell you that what you want to do but I was in the area is in rain and even when it comes to women's liberation and feminism what the woman is so hot in another issue that the only issue that really matters is our salvation and the gospel in terms of likely away from his development needed to turn around one hundred eighty degree turn from private and only needing to turn one degree from you please turn away from private companies lastly he will install a setting you want more later on in an entity is called I would roll over in the morning on this round Arthur's recent president presidents in high school firstly I wanted to the new high school in Miami and Connecticut I want it on the bathroom wall it wasn't the German eight when it moves around its neck is that Edward Lavaca Africa now my my my my introduction to the Miami now that a high school one of the top fifty high schools in the United States every year you can look it up angry happening and I began to get angry at his church but I wouldn't want to fight harder in the carpeting on enough of racial fairness is an racial justice and when I was at Oakland University out of the militant on campus the week before that was much older than what people know me forth until I got the entertainment like a lot of quintessential event that will what is the lowest Oregon tonight is the hotel again and at the Miami Arena which at times that even ten thousand people annually about half what I can be back to fit more people that I went out to him are very educated young ladies will all of emboldened law school at the time and let Alyssa evening as I Saturday afternoons evenings out thousands upset at the moment later Eric on because I wanted that type of foods Richard couldn't get it to what I said is one degree that it will start out again to explain why by the black man with the original name was part of it than that of the original many sediment improvement of the medical schools are set up on here is proof that is the sixty six trillion years ago I set sixty six trillion are all alone I is not just that morning what we believe the world at Maryland on the earth a thousand years from six thousand and sixty six children of the blogs will be as strong as an open I truly enjoy and hear the voice of the black man will move all the earth with dynamite people will act in hoping a lot of their and my family scratching my and everyone else's imagery listening to seal the deal with this finishing gnome die as I proven that when the astronauts went to the moon they can still smell the dynamite will will is the law going to learn raise liabilities and understand what is level moving row is in I sat in my seat in the house and people stood probably only one left sitting in the entire auditorium and unrepentant because in that moment I realized that I begun to go ten degrees fifteen degrees thirty degrees fifty degrees what started legitimately with injustice and bathroom name-calling house called Edwards only time that the school I couldn't go anywhere and I recall that name and we just elect some sling and the other directed by letting out of a boot out of our as of unfortunately someone who is in the spirit of God in the experience will try to activate all what you say you become as great as well annually and LUN in my case assuming that the last thing that really shook me up as I listened to was that this verbiage for passing this being said without regard to gender and saving women's ordination which was somewhat what I was most of what I will will will will will will engender something very different than women's ordination is because you've got to make a canyon that is tiny wage can tell you without working the table that Saturday in DC and Atlanta I can tell you that there are a whole movement political machines well funded that I had been discharged from a stance on a lot of things one of them might be with amazing is that the relevant one for most relevant is where we go from here with Robinson down to the political forces at work in this country what a lot of them and the interest charged is going to homosexuality or have a transgendered person ordained to start by making this first step when the element is first step necessarily wrong when he clarified I got again that the doubtless also visited the students talking the circuit will say to looking up at the tree was if you understand the cost of that happening since the digital way to set up too soon Genesis one verse was eminently reminiscent without regard to gender Genesis one verse twenty seven am remarked in verse six New York strategy but Dennis is one of verse twenty seven says so God created man in his own image in the image of God created him male and female created he them beware like his message about some speaking engagements can specify no seriously it's fine because I decided that at some point somebody's got to face something will be only one amount a lot of them out of seven thousand dollars many of you in his room and found I had to say something to use the danger you will gender now the definition of gender is no longer male and female which means a condition object itself a goal and the written word of God because I will argue homosexuality in the gender is the architect if your transgendered agenda but they are the positions in the script it remains true because really only are two genders based on chromosomes on phenotypes which is what you see from the outside everyone is either or I guess there are some anomalies and W X Y other kind of syndromes but even then he was still given gender beginning to activate trump everything else basically if you ask why wireless you get a super male syndrome at the end of the day that she's no way to make otherwise darkened and mutual I hope you get to you what is really being challenged when you say it's gender-neutral I don't like the new definition of gender and twenty years old they all are welcome in twenty years however the twenty seventh all concerts without don't want you to know that AJ and eventually Amazon document to get a job it's got three or four options the gender and wish that without provided that it is one of the other two kids can't apply the Martin sixteen is himself report on Lord Jesus himself has but from the beginning of the creation God made them male and you know I was out I was reading someone one of critiquing and going against the first comments on this one as strong as the maximum reading what they said they realized that one of them out of there than I thought they were by how much they will monitor what it produces that it was as I think Belinda is the only two genders male living in this person 's legitimate wrong one percent of people are either male-female or somewhere in the middle intransigent all right because the last as long as ordination to without regard to gender go back a second Timothy chapter three zero reverses seven the Scripture says for this sort are they which creep into houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins let away with divers lusts seven verse seven at a learning and never able to come to the knowledge of truth all this enlightenment all the Oprah Winfrey investigation and understanding all of this esoteric mess this slipping into our churches we still elevate people like overview of those they would've into his priestesses of Daniel will sign the things of the world understanding thinking of them as often as psychology and all the things of the world and the Bibles and the knowledge of the truth why because they don't have the right form of godliness because is not humility and simplicity is not made it you will clean all the Holy Spirit moving on to the word of God is about me I want I want to warn the church is fundamentally anti-Christian of Christ taken I sanded and involved across studies that I will get what I deserve you diminishing of Israel to destroy the Roman Empire established a place on earth when Christ set out will take the low seat I will go to the prompting of the most shocking stabilization unit would be on approximately between criminals system of knowledge is that each of us would have an opportunity to live we wonder what worries me now most fundamental concept that makes us Christians has been carried away for our church proven to work great it is working finish soon that anonymous longer I can take being here I'm in serious need of an evacuation and I'm praying him live I live my life differently because I don't get up in the morning thinking I wanted Aaron wall 's most famous of all popular will want to know more like how I live to be more ready for Jesus to come so that I'm not carried away let us pray father God we thank you for the Sabbath as a blessing on us here today Lord of underworld church Lord God we ask we cry out to you help us to finish this work Lord 's time to go home we've seen happening in our church is statement father not the enemy 's camp inside of Judah inside of Israel father got a house divided against itself cannot stand deliver us O God from ourselves Damon


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