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Daniel Jackson

President, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • August 18, 2012
    11:00 AM
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him number of years ago I was interviewing candidates for baptism and identify seeking things I had as a pastor I believe the visiting in people 's homes and no salmon passage on visit but I believe very much in visiting them in people 's homes and unified in the distance on the number of times that I saw you these lovely big armchairs and I went to him on Friday and said could you bring your shares with you to church tomorrow and even when we put the map some people thought it was sacrilege we actually move the pulpit and we had the chair that I chair there and everyone who was being baptized that day send those chairs when I asked questions like this one world healing becomes and then what is that about everybody in the church that day was absolutely blown away by the testimony of a young woman who with her husband was getting baptized that day she made this comment she said at first I would bring my children dishonest will drop them off and then come back at the end of Sabbath momentum I wanted nothing to do with the church but I believe that my children needed Christian education but Sabbath after Sabbath as I would walk through the door she called him uncle Peter she said Sabbath after the Sabbath as I would want to through the door uncle Peter would smile that made them sick I had fifty one is a much more than that to me but by the time I had done that for a couple of months I said to myself that you have something that I need and he has some him me and I knew that her statement was true of this brotherhood didn't have Bible studies didn't even pray publicly who never got up and called for the offering and an attitude is managing the Jesus and that he was grateful to God for the way in which God has blessed him and cared for him it was he has ministered this ministry understand the door on Sabbath morning and bring people to the church this one had her life changed my uncle Peter and I will never forget that men get enough among his eyes as he walked out of the sanctuary this morning that morning couldn't take it anymore is for Christians living in the final days of Earth 's history it ought to be like this where ever we go no matter what we are doing it to be that obvious it on to me send but everyone who sees as your testimony is showing I believe that the time has come for some of the medicine that includes everyone in this room today and if you're not willing like to do that later but it is time for us to intensify our beliefs about the very center of popcorn and some may add an unpleasant feeling the need to represent God in everything we do we must become more intentional about our faith and our beliefs and I want to talk to you for a few moments and I don't know what time we really supposed to start but when they start digging out the guns I'm running I'm a loser 's passage Philippians chapter four verses six and seven by now they've got a time rep twenty nine minutes and thirty one seconds Philippians chapter four verses six and seven being anxious for nothing him my prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ using the fact is this that most people who become Seventh-day Adventist and most people who are leaving the Seventh-day Adventist churches do so because of relationships what do people see in you and me when they want yes it is our silent life testimony so powerful and compelling that those watching that would make a lifetime commitment to Christ because they not because of what they see in us is it we are preoccupied in the North American division with the idea of reaching our churches our communities our homes our schools and our business places with Jesus Christ this is a wonderful thing is what we've been called to do however give you what I do not personally demonstrate our connection with Jesus than all other systems will fail I believe that when we start to talk about the question of why are we losing such a high percentage of our young adults it comes back more than we would like to be correlated with the idea that men and women younger age can see right through us what is your something very powerful with you this morning she is successful witnessing comes from and inspired writer by the name of Alan this is how it goes from Christ object lessons pages two hundred twenty one to ninety nine and three hundred listen to what she says here but we are to show the world and all the heavenly intelligences that we appreciate the wonderful love of God all you that we are expecting larger and larger blessings on his infinite fullness and Lindsay says far more than we do we need to speak of the precious chapters of our experiences and managing gives us she started innocently as you read this statement before you know what I'm about the sick she says these exercises do three things that is when we are praising God when we are telling people that we are still expecting more from what he is doing the do three things number one they drive back the power of Satan number two they expelled the spirit of murmuring and complaining that there loses ground in number three they cultivate those attributes of character which will fit the dwellers on earth for the heavenly mansions then she goes on and here's the real kicker of this statement the most powerful thing comes at the end of the dignities as such testimony will have an influence on others that no more effective means can be employed for winning souls to Christ go figure go figure what it was for this idea with you how do I become like that home and I developed such a compelling life statement through Jesus that men and women will see Jesus in how we go about making this happen the Bible is a very definitive statement and that is being thankful to God and praising him the result of faith blasting happiness comes when we went our trust is placed in him but our lives are a God centered the world today will help you focus your attention on your self on your knee I saw this on your aspirations etc. etc. etc. happiness comes when we place our trust in God and become the standard listening again to what Paul says do not worry about anything but pray and ask God for everything you need always giving thanks and God 's peace which is so great we cannot understand it will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus two thoughts jump out at me when I look at this passage number one we have the privilege of being happy and grateful because we are children of a gracious and wonderful ungenerous heavenly father we know that he takes care of us even though we cannot always see as he does secondly as we come to know understand this about God he will give us the level of peace of mind that will almost be impossible for people to mess remember these exercises writing that the power of Satan expelled the spirit of murmuring the complaint in the tender loses ground and they cultivate those attributes of character would fulfill the dwellers on earth for the mansions were for the heavenly mansions this is what Paul was attempting to say in Philippians chapter four this is what he's financing to you and me this is God 's plan that we will trust him enough so that it will change our lives so that our lives will continue to change what we are dealing with in this passage is successful friends and Christian living within the context of daily life it's not just Apple pie by-and-by in the sky for some phony framework you know get rich quick of quick or get healthy quicker whatever this is what God wants for all of us so again why find that Experian this is like that understanding I want to suggest three things this morning that I believe in the next twenty three minutes I can get through auto I come to experience God in that way well firstly I want to suggest the belief that will bring us a spirit of Thanksgiving is the knowledge that God only desires good for us that the love of God only desire is good for us but that isn't always easy to see I walked into his office he was my counterpart in those days and one that is very interested when I saw the title of dealing with genocide but I walked into his office his name is remote New Delhi India he was the president of the rule on the union during the genocide one weekend in the early part of nineteen ninety four among rebellion left his house in order to go and preach in some neighboring churches did not come back to his home for one hundred and twenty days whom I got back to his homeland she discovered that his wife three children and grandchildren had been slaughtered in the genocide that I walked into his office asking the question may only talk to you about your experiences I recognize that this is holy ground for you then I would take my shoes off as it would be significant as a matter of fact if you choose not to talk to knew about this I would be just fine and will talk about other things but if you're willing can you share it and then looked at me in the face the first thing he said to me was this God has been good to me right from the very beginning him for two weeks the last thing but then God gave me the precious truth that he had forgiven me and my sins so I must forgive other people don't say this to you plainly folks that is natural that it is not natural the natural way would be all find out where they live and I'll take care of business and he is Christian you know when we make the statement and I myself am sometimes how the spirit gets to me before I get to you I it is not natural for someone to lose their wife three children and grandchildren sensate life in France in the final statement in that portion of our discussion that day was that I know the people who killed my family they don't live too far from here I see them from time to time but I pray for them every day that is not natural folks got as a gift of the Spirit of God the love of God only desire is good for us I don't understand how you can work through that kind of pain can still make that statement but that's what he said King David in Psalm one hundred makes a statement he says shout to the Lord all the earth serve the Lord with joy come before him with singing I know that the Lord is God he made us and we belong to him we are his people that she intends come into his city with songs of thanksgiving and into his courtyard with songs of praise I can praise his name then why doesn't it would say all of this winds up in verse five what is the Lord and his love is forever he is loyalty goes on and on I walked into her room in the hospital this lady had just had a nightmare that women dress to even think about she had just had radical mastectomy and as a pastor I also believe that you never miss the hospital is that you never let anybody sleep unless they were in the chronic chronic situation so I would always go in and just touch the people on the shoulder and I touched her on the shoulder you know I say to people is good for pastors to visit hospitals and homes the reason is selfish because I was always blessed she looked up into my eyes when I touched her on the shoulders of the same thing as an owner of the land Pastor God has been so good to me this afternoon she said didn't really do much for me she said he was in the vitamins you it seems that I was halfway down the hall that makes a person who has faced those kinds of situation situations Satan they say it is because they have come to understand they have come to know and fully comprehend the woman of God always allows those things to come which are for a very nice even when they are negative God participates in our lives you see you cannot escape you may deny but you can't escape but he wasn't enough Arata Paul and I was sitting right next to him him was as I was in the past it combines and Robert will you tell Pastor Jack's your life story that he was gunman as a gentle old man in his early seventies he looked at me and said would you like to know my story I said I'd love to them he started off by saying I was sentenced to life in prison because I murdered the judge with sixteen years of age he had wrong a convenience store had been sent sentenced to jail and imprisoned made a vow that he would go back and find the judges sentenced in the murder in either the murder him took his wife and daughter-in-law whom all the way to northern California where he was finally apprehended and then taken back to Canada where he was eventually sentenced to life in prison then on top of that while imprisoned and murdered another cellulite he was never going out and never going anywhere until he rot in prison that was the penal system 's response to enter the picture of crazy Seventh-day Adventist lay person in him domain a message and let anyone tell until Robert one thing that is even tell Robert that he loved me when calling the prison when he was given permission anyhow he had visited privileging the land in the present that he would visit people but we go Robert wanted to the set I would conjure up every follow religiously oriented curse word that I could think of and when he would come I would give them all to him about three sentences the man would say to me has Robert I love you him the real complicated LBS seminar on that about two o'clock this afternoon how to say I love you you know in the understand that this man was just operating under the pressure the guidance the authority of the Holy Spirit phone tells him eleventh still need flash to do that I'm not demeaning classes I'm certainly not meeting education but that's what happened Robert was in despair he finally made a decision that he would commit suicide in his preferred method of suicide was this a conscious toothbrush and strengthen against the concrete wall in his cell until it was as sharp as any nice then he was going to do this when they came to feed him his breakfast because he was in solitary confinement have a open the window the present by the throat and then slit his throat and said you know there's always somebody in the game on behind the gun and I knew they blow me away in the ninety nine and the West where he had come to the night prior to his plan taking place Robert decided to clean up has helped look at everything he owned and little box there he found a Bible doesn't got good and think about how good and gracious God has because he's a pastor you'll never believe what I open the Bible just look at it before I was thrown against the wall and it was John three sixteen and he said I started to weep when I thought about I started to cry and I cannot control my crying I took my pillow and I will around my face so nobody could hear me crying but I tried all that night but by the time that morning came I had given my life to Jesus and I was a child Gujarat genocide but the reality is the love of God reaches out and God 's intentions for you and me for a world in need are only positive they are only positive history this is a message we need to understand in the church God does not abandon energetic men and women because they had been damaged physically spiritually and emotionally he does not reject them even when the damage has been self-inflicted I have an old Pentagon I mean he was like a hundred and twelve years of age when I was talking about the gospel pastor was an old man but you know he's still serve and I got to meet him and he was a godly person told me this little story of Edward said you know when I first was married to my wife musician she would sit in the next to me and I want to pen a few years ago she said the Muse she was sitting on the other side of the seat she said to me one reason close together anymore like we used to visit I looked at her and set alight his income God hasn't moved from God 's attitude hasn't changed secondly the wisdom of God that knows best not only is the art of God 's intentions right but his wisdom knows best Jeremiah twenty nine verses eleven through fourteen for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future I like to think of the story of Abraham you know to me Abraham is an amazing I see no as the father of the faithful people story would be too hard I always even then while I never thought my wife twice to try to save my skin you think that's funny I think it's hilarious he's the father on the faithful is he trying to save his own skin is Mike it is like a light in any mother married for forty four years before I joined them in the first few years in Ontario who would been given way think of the impressions on how people must have thought about Abraham as he was leaving his homeland and heading down the road this guide is normally doing this guy hasn't opened where he's going is given up everything that he has here because he says he's hearing the voice of God let me tell your friends I believe that prior to the return of Jesus the story that we heard this morning and others like them target would be repeated over and over and over again in greater intensities she was in Hamilton Ontario and she was sleeping when she got an impression for Sacramento she woke up in the morning went to her father who was not a practicing Christian and say to him that I think God told me to go to Sacramento and the father said why would he knew that she said I don't know what wonderful I don't know your sure it's gone yes I'm sure it was God speaking to me with any better bike to get noticed sacrament as you she bought a plane ticket from Hamilton Ontario anybody would hurt of Hamilton Ontario before feeling is good three that's wonderful we all feel he all unable visit will anyway she left him then she flew to Sacramento she know what she was going but when she got to Sacramento again information came to her goal and see all lady that you were studying the Bible with the earlier when you were here existed she said the Lord I don't remember the lady 's name and I don't remember where she lived but she rented a car and she left the airport and she's driving around Sacramento looking for someone she is not appointed with them in other than she studied the Bible with her and finally in desperation she decided to pull off the road into on the rise station in a car pulled right in behind and she said the notions alone is not a good thing the young man gets on the car he comes forward and just as he's getting out of his car the name of the woman comes into her he comes forward and he says your lost time to convert images roll the window down that far your loss Darjeeling she said you're a very observant person what I saw you at the last stoplight he said he would looking like you were lost to look in everywhere try to figure something out is everywhere can help you and she said well I'm looking for such and such a person when she gave the name and she tells me the story he just got back from the car and he said to her that lady is my grandmother I can show you where she lives so he leads her to grandma 's house and when I go in and sit down grandma 's dying and run tell story she said I have been pleading with God recently that he would bring someone to study with my friends I guess he needs the Lord I want to tell you folks the wisdom of God knows best even when we don't see even when we don't understand the Bible makes it plain that God will never bring things into our lives that won't ultimately work for our good she could understand that we will understand as he does he does not guarantee that every individual circumstances will permit him or her to react in a specified way to pain or suffering or disappointment or leaving he does however offer you I mean the kind of evidence which will permit us to trust in his knowledge and understanding of things even during times of confusion is still a difficult task immensely difficult life is all just a bed of roses the Bible statement is this for a moment they twenty eight and twenty nine we know that everything God works for the good of those who love the Bible doesn't say in just a few things it does all things or everything done and they are the people he called because that was his plan God knew that before he made the world and he decided that they would be like his son so that Jesus would be the firstborn among many brothers God permits these circumstances to come into your life and into mind to enable us to gain strength and faith in him God never leave this desire of ages page two twenty four God never leaves his children allies then they would choose to be led if they can see the end from the beginning and is in the glory of purpose which they are fulfilling his coworkers together and got doesn't do it undo him and Paul in Romans eleven thirty three two thirty six called the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God how unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past finding out for who has known the mind of the Lord Marvel has become his counselors for all of him and threw handed them to him are all things to whom be glory forever and ever I dream I wish so often that I could understand everything in life but I can do neither genuine but I can understand the fact that the wisdom of God knows past thirdly the power of God which can bring about the fulfillment of our needs and our request we may offer a rich life testimony we can be thankful because God comes to all of us and all of us at one time or the other has experienced his power and his grace in a remarkable way I had a conference president once again very very frightened about the number of baptisms in the conference he got up in front of us and he demanded that he was a wonderful man but misunderstand me he really was a wonderful man the sentiment is sent to all of us I want to write down on a piece of paper how many baptisms you are to have this year because I worry that you're not worried about the souls of men and women in your district and I wrote on my two million and I signed my name to it then handed it in fact you call me Brother Romero and he said are you mocking me and I responded to him by saying are you doubting the power of the Holy Spirit we can reasonably do that but you know him very burden very worried about my children's education and we don't have enough money my wife at one point actually hired on to go dying trees in the mountains with bloggers so we could have money to send her kids to school I was worried about at the end of the little interchange with the past with the present he said by the way someone has anonymously that have been donated seven thousand dollars to your children's education we don't always understand the power of God but God knows our needs he knows our once he knows what is required of us and what we can do under his authority now let me conclude with this in all that we do we need to establish ourselves on the true foundation on the recognition of the three things we've talked about I built a house once if the only time I rebuilt the house that may tell you something but I set up actually a prefabricated home I had a hat I did a very wise thing and that is that I hired a contractor to put in the foundation was just a crawlspace about four feet high and in one of basement we were across the street from the lake and item of the flooded cilia crawlspace but he had carefully put the foundation and when I came along and put in the subfloor was putting up the walls one one the building inspector arrived and you know that it's not a good thing when a building inspector gets out of his car and his I like this is what they were like and is working to bring to open his mouth and he said we will build your house on the wrong live in a giant cross the street by the way but I swimming pool in what he thought was his lot in with a guy who had been working away in the northern part of Canada arriving on the scene he went that man and said I have never received a welcoming gift like this thank you so much for the swimming pool and it is nothing a man could do legally by the way on the fence about it but I'm not again because you've been so kind you can use my symbol anytime you want this guy says you have built your house on the wrong I looked at him in the eye and with all the courage I can muster I could muster I think I have not put my house on the wrong one because John is the foundation in this house and indeed it is all right for them to building inspector looked at me as well and John Hanks the foundation and it in the right one putting on the disheartening to life praise the Lord will you I hope I don't see him again him and but here's the truth in all that we do witness for God let us make sure that we're building on the right foundation the foundation is Jesus Christ himself everything we do let it be in the name of Jesus for his own for his glory because of his grace but him him father we bring you praise and adoration today because we know how much you love us and that you have provided us with wisdom and power Lord I pray for the young people here and for the not so young people here Lord I rejoice to see the commitment and the shining faces the evil one will try to distract and discourage heavenly father I pray that you would enable all of us to keep our eyes on the glorious goal of seeing men and women with their faces light up and shine dissipating the return of Jesus all Lord we give ourselves to you right now again we ask that you would empower us only through the authority of your Holy Spirit and we will give to the praise and honor and the glory in Jesus name or in a media was brought in by audio parents a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is good like the more assertive in www. audio person or


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