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What Atheism and Adventism Have In Common...

Anil Kanda



Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • August 18, 2012
    2:30 PM
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a thank you so much for coming out to this seminar name of the seminar is called when Adventists and atheists have in common the damnation of damnation I believe that God is going to bless abundantly but before we start going further when we bow our heads toward a prayer let's pray for the Holy Spirit to be here bothered heaven thank you so much again for your grace for your mercy Lord many of us are exhausted and tired but we thank you Lord that in your Sabbath we can find rest to Jesus we pray and ask that your Holy Spirit will give us rests at the same time invigorate online and encourage us Lord with this precious truth that you have given us in Jesus name amen I rightly wanted to be seated just letting us know the second presentation is entitled genocide in the Old Testament and I have been blown away by the study of that topic so if you can make it please come on out and the third topic will be Ellen White outside Adventism some remarkable encounters have taken place between Ellen White and non- Adventists I really believe you're going to be encouraged by that I was also told by some of the leadership year that the other seminars are empty so if you want after this seminar you cannot another seminar about that I know the spirit of God leads you to a need to be a man amen in the seminars called what Adventists and atheists have in common the damnation of damnation I like what first Peter chapter three verse fifteen said that the common first used by people who are defending the Christian faith first Peter chapter three verse fifteen says that sanctify the Lord God in your what parts and always be ready to give an defense to everyone who asked your reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and what fear for college to understand this point if not simply just having truth but in parents the truth is it's very communication unit is that it's not just about having the truth or giving the truth about what is inherent to the truth is it's very communication as you see in first Peter chapter three verse fifteen is very important that as we are sharing the truth of God that we make sure we communicate in a very humble way can you say meant that a man and I love what CS Lewis that he says that the question of being an apologist an apology is this who do friends a certain idea or topic the question of being an apologist is not so much whether you use an apologetic in answering someone's question about whether the apologetic you already use is a good one case a mentor that thumb he once said to me they said all is not really good to be arguing about the Christian faith but here's the thing to understand the merry person with thing that is getting an argument of why it's not good to argue about the Christian faith books in the what CS Lewis says is very important he's saying that that everybody here gives a defense for something they believe in the question is whether or not it's a good defense can you say amen to that the topic that were going to be covering today has to do with the topic of hell fire now let's you a true story happened to me about two years ago and this is why am so passionate about trying to understand this topic like never before I was preaching and evangelistic series and the weekend I was supposed to speak about the state of the dead and about hellfire and what the Bible teaches about that I got deathly ill I got deathly ill now don't get it very easy but when I do get sick it's like Ebola then so I got deathly ill on the very day that was both to present the state of the dead and then the very next day when I was Wilson's prison the topic about the good news about hellfire and so the bottom worker and from the young adults came and they prayed over me and they did this hydrotherapy and I got better beliefs I something when I actually preach that method when I got up there and it was just like the Spirit of God came upon me and it was soul powerful but as soon as I actually walked off that stage of the flight all my goodness and I couldn't even get to a chair in time I almost collapsed the praise the Lord it was just a powerful begin in the spirit of God blessed abundantly a thing is all okay with it what's the big deal about hellfire the next day one of the church members when the people are being attending the series came up to me and they said something interesting took place on the very weekend that you are presenting a topic about hellfire I said what he said this I actually went to the local mega- church on Sunday and the pastor had a very unusual sermon he said the very night before while he was dreaming he dreams he saw help this is the local mega- church pastor does let you know there's a great controversy defense he saw Hal and Matthew was taken into this vision of hell in this journey going through that the underworld sees all the most horrific scenes these are people moaning he saw people just burning and being tormented I just moment after moment and he said he couldn't handle anymore and just in entering he was just walked in this view and he saw everything all around him he saw these caverns that were former law but an fire and then we came out of it he knew he had a message to give the church Sunday morning and so Sunday morning came and told his church that right now as we speak there are people working burned and tormented by thoughts and so he told his congregation he said that if you do not repent you're going to suffer the same fate as those people and that is the message of God to you today I found out about this I was so blown away with and I began to think to myself how important is this topic about what happens to people in the judgment in a statement that is because it is corrected the use of judgment against the correct abuse about the cross in a statement that because number the judgment of God fell upon the cross and correct views of the cross it is correct news about what love is incorrect views about the judgment given incorrect views about what happened at the clock and we had incorrect views about what happened at the crossing of incorrect views about what blogging love really is folks this is extremely important that we understand this topic like never before this is what I wrote commonsense is not so common anymore can you say amen to that there are bound in our world today some of the most wicked and diabolical ideas concerning God feelings one particular concept that is being debated amongst thinkers and scholars alike is the subject of hell it has been maintained for centuries that for the wicked a symposium dessert after a life of endless eternal torment awaits them where there is no mercy no cessation and only infinity a progressive agony the righteous will spend eternity happy and enjoy the bliss of heaven while the unrighteous are ever suffering miserably for one lifetime of sins those who propose such of you believe that is entirely consistent scripturally and that it is philosophically a harmonious with the revealed character of God as a more recently this widely accepted perspective has been challenged but traditionally two groups of always rejected the doctrine of the divine eternal punishing one school of thought being atheism and the other seventh day Adventist them both see the fallacious misuse of philosophy and/or Scripture to defend his meeting evil views such a belief is viewed as entirely evil heinous maniacal disgusting revolting bug bit inconsistent illogical inhumane not only of England I was arrested really reconcilable and above all damnable things they meant that both a Seventh-day Adventist we have a very special duty to show or to reveal what the character of a God into this world amen and you see what's very interesting that's taken place in our world today we have one group of people that is trying to maintain and defend this teaching that right now God is burning and destroying people as we speak to want during them for trillions and trillions and trillions of years in the future he is going to be doing these things and it's very important that we reveal what the truth of Scripture is a man and clear away the dross that is there as I said before there are two groups that always maintain and that this is simply a a fallacious miss you of Scripture and philosophy to try to defend this not only say something very interesting their quality on various individuals and I want you to see how aligned these quotes are is the first one I can hardly see how anyone off to which Christianity to be true for Excel the plain language of the text seems to show that the very men who do not believe in this would include my father brother and almost on my best friends will be eternally punished and this is the damnable doctrine this was written another by Charles Darwin about this individual this was very interesting how repugnant to every emotion of love and mercy and even to our sense of justice is the doctrine that the wicked dead art augmented with fire and brimstone in an eternally burning hell that for the sins of a brief earthly life they are just suffering torture as long as God shall live yet this doctrine has been widely taught and still and is still embodied in many of the creeds of Christendom this is none other than Alan White will say with confidence that sexual abuse is more prominently now raising the children and writing them with internal and unquenchable fires of hell and this was written by none other than Richard Dawkins would consider the most form of published atheists right now this is a very interesting quote he injects himself from all denial of himself and of nature of his naturalness and in actuality the form of an affirmation of something existing corporeal real as God as the holiness of God as God the Judge Asgard entertainment as beyond as eternity as format without and as health as the measurability of punishment and guilt in other words somebody's rejecting all reason they are rejecting all just understanding inhumanity to try to defend this teaching that God brings people for all of eternity this was written by Frederick Nietzsche this one's interesting for this reason Christianity which in one breath espouses the God of infinite mercy and pity and another describes the fires of hell in which millions upon millions rise even now in horrible and unending pain has for many people become in absurd joke what does eternal torment thing about God 's character what kind of justice does it represent after a few hundred billion yuan 's burning and how even Hitler would've paid for his own sins with revolting nonfans do what you wish but make the wrong choice and he will be tortured for eternity in hell that's not free will when a man says as we call him a psychopath when God says the same we called loving and build churches in his honor I want you to notice how management these individuals are because they realized to try to really push this bleaching to try to really bring it to the forefront of people 's mind as a reason why they should love God is completely absurd it's completely absurd and this was written by Chuck Istanbul is also the professor of computer side in the Midwest there is one notable thing about Christianity bad bloody merciless moneygrubbing and predatory affidavit in our country particularly and in all Christian countries in a somewhat modified degree is still a hundred times better than the Christianity of the Bible with its progeny just climbed the invention of hell and is meant by Mark Twain Ukraine went back and forth with more of an agnostic but I want you to see what's really propelling them in their denunciation of Christianity it is these false and wicked fields all about eternal employment I love what this individual says first I don't believe in hell you believe in because God is not going to torment people for millions and millions of years so we can smell the burning flesh but the problem is this the hell I believe it is hotter than the hell you believe in you said what you mean I said that held the Bible teaches about gets the job done in brands of sinners and fit and consumed them to ashes then I'll make a new will what the hell you will remake isn't hot enough to gather just one of people for millions of years and this is markedly I love the brother don't you amen amen both do you see what's happening it's a you have people who are simply using the reason and conscience and are rejecting this false teaching however finding themselves with unlikely bedfellows you have Adventist and now you have atheists that are together that are rejecting this teaching which is very important for us to understand because this is perhaps a building bridge a connection to all those individuals without my favorite angry controversy is beyond the power of the human mind to estimate the evil which has been wrought by the heresy of the eternal one meant the religion of the Bible full of love and goodness abounding in compassion is darkened by superstition I called with Sarah and I amply one hundred percent believe that I was one raising and wealth encompassing background and when Christians would come to meet you they would give me don't get these cartoon tracks and a dealing cards in front and I would show two pictures which are picture of heaven in the sky with clouds and with Jesus I smiled really big and on the other side this bridge was a picture of someone who was bargaining in the fires of hell and he was screaming for justice I was screaming for help and these people were present this new insight will don't you want to love God to nothing about that don't you want to love God this is very important to understand because our motivation for going heaven is no longer heaven itself I fear of hell amen the motivation for going to heaven is no longer love or heaven itself is that I'm trying to avoid this ill if I get something to that what would you like to call quarter for the summer would you like to call quarter for a whole why would you like to call poor in Modesto Modesto right but you don't get to want by simply just trying to avoid one right the Bible teaches perfect love casts out fear can you say amen to that and this is very important for us to understand because right now how is being questioned although not just by atheists and of course in adapting to what this traditional view of how is being just questioned by many thinkers and scholars alike know when the clippings to get from the emergent church I just sent one of the good things that you get is that there is a quite stinging about what hell is that they are actually challenging the traditional view of what hell is unfortunately the pontiff is up there swinging the pendulum to one other side so if not now that gobbled Bernie for all of eternity if that gullible body for a little bit but then about please once think everybody into heaven and you can see why that view is biblical even because that would violate one's freedom of choice that would violate one's freedom of choice I have one brother put it this way he was trying to defend this sort of swinging the pendulum is call universalism and he was trying to show how that when a person bronze for millions and millions of years then it is nothing in the mind maybe it would be better for me to be in heaven and then they would decide to be in heaven and that moment I will take him out of hell after they repented and place them in heaven but you see what's wrong with that to your being forced to make a decision you see all these other meals they all fall short but when you look at the Adventist view when you see the beauty and the harmony and you see just how just and merciful with all of a sudden it comes into view that this is the most perfect system out there you actually study with before your philosophy student from Berkeley she graduated also with her law degree we are studying this concept of hell annihilation what happens to singers after the millennium at the very end of it she was very it was against Tyson this woman fighting with it was very difficult we do nothing for two hours as you just criticize everything but I appreciate it was like a workout in my mind but when we paying when we had she came to this teaching she was solved one way about how just how perfect how good it is that she actually said there is no justice system like this on earth anywhere it is beautiful can you say amen to that a man and then it was also very interesting there was a debate that could place about a nineteen ninety four in Canada between William Lane Craig who was a well-known probably the most well-known Christian apologists who debate atheists he debated this atheist by the name of Raymond T Bradley know William Lane Craig holds this view that God people from all of eternity and even now God is just poor nineteen people and it is progressive they're not getting used to it as in this debate he attempts to defend that view now ran Raymond Bradley even atheists even atheists he wants nothing to do with God however he is going to question William legs Craig William Lane Craig 's key thinking and you can see something so remarkable with what Raymond E Brown he presents is very interesting while I want to memorably when Craig attempt to defend this concept that God brings people all eternity the ones that will have you justify that how does that make sense that phone is burning all of eternity I kid you not regardless several PhD 's this was his response that when a person is burning for St. Peter time limited to the point where they start cursing God and after cursing God they're saying and after sitting there getting more guilt hence there's just a cycle that takes place and this is why they're stuck there and Anna Brown watches me I just lies on like issues in this really a God of love that would just find people distant twaddle portrayed all of eternity streamlined this is my life and it makes no sense if not nowhere consistent with the God of justice and mercy but this is very interesting this debate took place by these two individuals after willingly presenting his defense about why God Burns involving Trinity Raymond T Bradley did something very interesting he says this is that all right you believe in a God who's just you believe in God was merciful you believe in a God who is loving the online Phyllis for proposition and watch these four propositions and it found me if this doesn't line up with that of the Adventism proposition number one a perfectly good being would not torture anyone for any whatever however brief can be cemented that proposition don't think dropping what honey someone internally for the sins committed during a brief lifetime but what proportion the punishment to the effect that Seventh-day Adventist am looking at starting a righteous being one hundred dollars internally unavoidable lack of belief the point being said praise the Lord that God doesn't judge us on ignorance right but in rejection and neglect of the truth of the proposition of aforesaid a loving being when not bring about and perpetuate the suffering of goals that it lost focus if he was debating a Seventh-day Adventist Seventh-day Adventists with it I believe in every one of those things you argument the longtime waxy on the same team are doing over here looks the see what we have yet we have something so beautiful is that the justice system of God in my loaded into something very interesting that also will appeal to atheists as well in fact this is very interesting because this teaching of eternal hellfire goes against the inmate justice on another works if you were to take a child and you would say to a child you would think all right young Billy Billy isn't want to torture people for all of eternity even the little child within the that's that's long all right that's deathly wrong even a child would know the difference between right and wrong right so there are certain scholars who actually use their mind that they themselves actually quashed in this teaching this is very interesting this one particular scholar he said that but I note that our Lord while stressing the chair of hell with unsparing severity usually emphasizes the idea not duration of finality confinement to the destroying pirates usually treated as the end of the story not as the beginning of a new story that the lost soul is eternally fixing diabolical Abitibi cannot doubt but whether this internal fixity implies endless duration or duration all you cannot say in folks this was written by CS Lewis C S Lewis focuses so often because when you begin to see that you can actually see people using our mind are seen as completely absurd and incompatible with the God of the Bible can you say amen to that Edward fudge in this individual is call you love this guy right here this is an individual who was actually hired she is a lawyer he was actually hired to study the concept of hellfire that he went out a key studying it and guess what she came to the same conclusion as Seventh-day Adventists actually interviewed him on not too long ago on a veggie left me that was Wednesday Longo it always am a dyslexic idiom that are being used in a debate with Anthony I actually interviewed him he's a godly man Seventh-day Adventists but as we talk this man began to show me his story about how he was hired to study this this teaching out even the person who hired him wanting to be complete unbiased so that's why he was hired he had nothing to do with the Christian church so much so he began to study out issue anything to the exact same conclusion as Seventh-day Adventists when I talked on the phone houses intervene provide how he said to me Republican asked me the next question is that with that why haven't studied the Sabbath was just much intensity if it is left of the nastier he'd like what happened but maybe one this is a brother googles all over the world in fact he was actually in a debate on violent university that appear to violence out of Southern California probably one of the most well-known evangelical Christian Christian colleges in fact if you want to go to violate you have to actually agree to a set of doctrines and whether Dawkins being that God right now is tormenting people for all of eternity you have to be able you and I noticed him indefinitely I came out in the application will I believe that God destroys sinners as stated in the Scripture and so the question really knew it of that too but anyways he actually did a debate last year at Weill University he was going against one individual who was trying to propose that God is definitely going to blog eternity Edward fudge please exactly as Seventh-day Adventists believe that God the band of time will destroy sinners but there will be a finality that they will not continue to burn for all eternity he said this note joke he said that this auditory let's add a maximum seating up Warner and fifty people he's a twenty minutes before the debate it was completely failed when the debate actually started he said they turned away three hundred people veteran that people are interested in trying to understand this concept you know that she made everything a movie about the Scott that she regularly so what's very interesting is that this is both that cannot really set is actually made but the come out this year and if it's being made by Adventists but that's very important because advocates are seeking a very unconventional way of trying to show how this beautiful truth isn't just an Adventist truth anything meant that in fact while talking Edward fudge last weekend when he said to me no joke he said this to me he said this you guys have all missed you then you guys are sitting in the corner house will left out that when I fair come to the phone about I want you to understand something knowing the truth about what happens to sin and sinners at the end of time is sold Frank examines that in fact when I was becoming a Christian one of the most typical obstacles I had was dealing with this idea that God is burning my ancestors for the last several thousand years it was one of the obstacles that stood in my way when I was becoming a Christian I never forgotten the sound schoolteacher share that beautiful thought that this is not eternal punishing but internal punishment I member I walked out about sound school and it was like a kind of bricks which is off my shoulders was just free I never got the size I was shining again I walked out how is the Lord and the Lord amen God is doing what with false motives of why we should go to having he wants us to have the right motives for going heaven amen having itself is the motive for going to heaven amen but a lot of people when they begin to actually deal with this concept of health they come across a very interesting person that once theme if you just read them with superficial just a superficial look at face value when you read them they would seem to imply that right now that God is burning people all of eternity that people are being tortured here's a few verses taken out of context that could be used to construe that lock after jumping first while the Bible says this but the sons of the kingdom will be cast out into outer what darkness there will be weeping and what gnashing of teeth you know it's very interesting when Jesus was speaking to the century and at the century believe the century walk away Jesus turned to his own disciples and said what the sons of the kingdom I should be outside the kingdom but people will come from the East and the West and it will sit down with Abraham Isaac and Jacob who are from the East and one from the West the matter came in the very beginning Christ ministry they were from the East at the very end of Christ minister you have a great summer coming from the West and sure enough Jesus made it very clear that those who were given the gospel abuse and neglected their privileges there will be outside now pay attention to this dramatic language is very important where there will be weeping and what gnashing of teeth begin to look at Matthew chapter twenty two Jesus gives a parable and he brings up the same point and a half thank you with all of the cabinetry with but they rejected it even saying that this is what all the wicked are going to face the men believe what he's using that phrase weeping and gnashing of teeth it's always a tax to what the Jews had and what they neglected to have a friend in Matthew chapter twenty five or thirty and cast the unprofitable what serving at the deluding to the Jews into the outer darkness there will be weeping and what gnashing of teeth now when you go to the dentist sometimes you walk away from the dentist and if they like your weeping and gnashing with the right is using this feeling of just being very uncomfortable perhaps something 's wrong with your jaw but there is another form of weeping and gnashing its way you are regretting something when you elect regretting something New York Rangers and the status pictures is a very interesting hermeneutical printable call the law of first mentioned in other words when you want to interpret something inscription you first find out where in Scripture this appears and then this will give you understanding about how to interpret it any other time but he is an example forty when does the word forty yet forty days of what Lane Bryant and with regard to the right he claims the art henceforth when using the word forty it's usually connected to the topic of cleansing the electronic ears were they in the desert forty Moses how many years was in the desert forty and what was taken place during the forty may we look at the wet seven the number seven write when you first hear about the number seven Janice is right at it using toxic using talk about completion transport when you see the number seven is usually referring to completion or creation now when you see that brave weeping and gnashing of teeth weeping and gnashing of teeth weeping and gnashing of teeth in just the Falcons a well-founded some weeping and gnashing the thirteenth is other people are being tortured there being tormented but what you do is you take what the Bible teaches and you okay when that craze sweeping or gnashing across appear and I will give us understanding about how to interpret these words that afterwards it's found in Psalms one twelve funds windfall clocks about the honor the righteous will receive the Bible fits his righteousness endures forever his horn will be exalted with what honor that's very important because describing when the righteous are honored when they are glorified the way did well with that it can be was an excellent grieved he will gnash his teeth and knelt away the desire of the wicked shall perish in other words the beeping and gnashing does not come as a gone response to the wicked rather it comes from the wicked when they see what the righteous so that phrase and weeping and gnashing of teeth is not sound as God is himself punishing the people it is simply the People's response when they see what they could have happened and both when the wicked are outside the gates and with dignity they're going to see Jesus and the ability the righteous and when they see what they could of happened without me being noticed are gnashing their teeth in regrets this is very important to understand the appointment is not caused by God 's appointment at the wicket are facing in an experience of hellfire is rather they are response in realizing we can be in the and this is very important to understand this is very important to us and because hell is not a place it is not a location case amen to that it is rather inexperienced and experienced of regret when the wicked realize what they could of happened what they could of had also that something is very interesting is John chapter five verse twenty two Jesus says that the father judges what no one but hath committed all all my judgment to the son that they were committed is found another place analysis the father has committed all judgment to the son relation twenty versus one five hi soft loans and they that sat on them this book bridges the righteous in an abrupt downstairs and judgment was what committed to them then I saw the souls of those would been beheaded for the witness to Jesus and for the word of God were not worshiped the beast or his image but this is very important to understand traditional view of hell fire has gone simply just wiping out and mindlessly destroying continually destroying the people who rejected him but when you look at what the Bible teaches the father himself doesn't actually judge the wicked he believes that in the hands of his son who became a man and knows what pain and sorrow is all about the same and that but then Jesus does something very interesting he gives over judgment to his people so in other words there are three entities that judge the wicked number one number two the righteous anyone know what number three and number three is this the wicked themselves will judge the wicked is very interesting right before the wicked are destroyed this yet panoramic screen and what they see in their own times the only times in their life where the utterly rejecting God will know what that you can learn all the facts of the great controversy in the field the whole universe both loyal and rebellious is that talk about the wicked you better believe it with one accord declared just and true are thy ways thou King of faith so this is very important to understand even before God destroys the wicked he has to make sure there is a consensus there is a lack of consensus is for interesting the way government is government although he is a although it is a monarchy is also a democracy so come on over to get when I feel the bed and working under the name quite understand e-mailing content Lucifer out of heaven did you know God and octopus from heaven having kicked Lucifer out of heaven was first on access to having him after the fall you can read about in the Old Testament but it was only when the cloths with happening at all to the on fallen beings that would spring your no longer allowed enough what about the neither was their place found for him any longer in other words where Satan has an audience enough property you may does that where Satan has an audience he asked what property was the reason why low back and forth in heaven is because he had an audience but when that was all gone he no longer had property is very interesting this is very important to notice right here that these three groups of people that will judge the wicked thought the righteous and the wicked themselves they will all the clear just and right our dog with another work don't miss this point God does not even violate the free choice of the wicked and destroy and which in other words that they themselves will case thanks to their judgment and this is so powerful because when you begin to realize if you begin to realize while this thought is so beautiful that human induced language he wants them to first come to the same conclusion and that is so powerful my lady and I was up work on the seminar yesterday I turned on the TV and there was this a new station and they had the station this program called beyond scared straight and is in the program web-based remodeled after another program it took us thirty four years ago with a taping rebellious kids and they place him in this prison and these that really talk why just prisoners were never murder and rape and all sorts of interesting they come in there and they start scaring kids you want to know what it's like to be regularly my boyfriend will be all sorts of things like that no doubt to the lease could start crying okay but they started his public will be on scarce rape without the most vicious criminals come into these rebellions get anything you want a lesbian island only when you coming here you will know what it's like to have your birth imprinting a link and you guess the writing and scaring these kids and their dislike users on all my goodness you want to make his life shaking and shivering would really make my point with this at the very end of the day they all wrote an affidavit to the parents they all told the press on the change on the change on the change the program what they do is show the kids one month later half the kids went back to the old ways fear doesn't saving intimidation to sleep love is the strongest motivation in the same in fact but this is so beautiful almost done with it you begin to see the justice system that is found in the Scriptures it will be very appealing just like that one atheist that he said look thinner it is that people have committed crimes and their punishment should be proportionate to the crime being all in the Bible it teaches that when things are burning some are destroyed quickly and some are destroyed a little bit longer and I see evidence about because energies of it it will be more tolerable for Sodom in the judgment then it will be for the city that shows you there is moderation even in the judgment there's moderation godly doesn't mindlessly destroy people there's a moderation biomedicine where it's very interesting I like that that will he will do in heaven is not only indicate the character of God but we are fail C physically conferencing chapter called God the great conversation and laughs page last chapter she says that that we ourselves will net out the pension in a positive arthritis chapter six he said that if you will a judge in the smallest amount of how we judge angels in other words what God is preparing right now for you not just preparing you for all eternity in heaven to bring for the first reason heaven and what is the first phase of attitude is judgment and Paul makes that case what you are now being prepared by with all your trials all the circumstances at all the issues that you have with the book and how God is trying to teach me mercy out of he is teaching you and he is preparing you for the judgment you are now being prepared for that house in years maybe it is double what exactly will be doing how we should punish people while in that upper punishment is more speculation content but all I know is this great controversy shows that the wicked when the wicked are before the photocopies and pictures and now live with it rejected got my guess is purely speculation is that what we will do is we would choose those scenes were those moments in their lives where they have utterly rejected the grace of God and they do both things will be seen it's like a little child leaving the child up and you shall where they have done wrong and if this is incredible feeling so what God wants to do he wants to make sure that the wicked themselves see why they're not in heaven if I click the F C S Lewis the people of God will say to God thy will be done about this to the wicked your will be done at an eternity without the light giver is what nonexistence this is like trying to go to Modesto or oval I like I said is not about places it's not even about you can use correct icon into place heaven and hell together I guess it's either heaven or hell it's going to correct iconic correct economy would be would be in eternity of joy and where spending on the seasons ages just enjoying God versus non- existence that actually the reality of the choices and trying to do with God or nothing in eternity without him nothing and I found one for us to understand so here are some questions that were designed that you can ask people who do believe in it this concept that God is breaking for all eternity is the first question if hell is real life and not mentioning most leading English Bible translations I tell now I see the words that we use for health are not actually accurate if hell was real and it always commissioned by God to piece the gospel to the nation why did Paul not mention how even once did a quick that the declare victory over anything into that because Paul knew the real motivation for having him gone retracing you haven't in your way will help me how does God pronounce no more pain no more solid no more death if there is an eternal dying of lost souls a statement that if you mortality is based on the tree of life how do the righteous burn for all eternity do not make sense imagine if anyone's going to be okay you're eating the fruit to do what the live forever how can the way to live forever unless there is actually a evil tree of life in their enemy is like anyone are foods I can live another thousand years underground it doesn't make them smokes but praise God the Word of God cannot be broken amen and it's beautiful in the way to go straight to hell after death what is the part bit and it's Lexi Ellen White's reasoning what is the purpose of a second coming and of future judgment it should be good and follow people just simply done all the if that was the case if you were evildoers are burning for all of eternity band have thought actually destroying evil or simply walked into I don't want to be effective conceivably torture and endless progress of affliction being justified if we think the world could not tolerate such evil how can a perfectly loving heaven could it ever be booked by simply asking some questions in Windows in evangelistic series of game on the topic of hellfire and it's all Baptist ideas of the vanities like I don't believe anything you say I don't believe any of this stuff how is forever I think Matthew question is that you I said if God doesn't destroy hell if God destroys sinners right away and he burned them that means sin is still in existence I need you to answer the question is that if God is distant burning says fraud eternity how is it that the righteous could ever be happy and then after listening to these questions anyways that means likely citizens like you know those are good questions and answers and I said he better get answers from soap I got an hellfire and hellfire is a journal fire line of thought am not burning today after it was destroyed with eternal fire if anything and that how is the concept of eternal burning how consistent with God 's revealed justice when it is actually put this lady was challenging his Christian things thanks look you are more moral than the God you present to me even with the command on a more moral than the God that you are presenting to meet both you think you have spent Satan is actually placed a false picture of God and he is making God to think that even Satan himself would fear to do is make God into most vicious monster in-house primer wife's death and Hades finally thrown into the lake of fire things amen to that if God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked how does trillions and trillions of years appointment of the wicked ever satisfy will it satisfy what well if you find it in context of satisfaction in it how do you want a rectifying eternal punishing because of simply temporal beings what purpose does the story thinners nonstop or all of internal investment Amber accomplish both laughing from simple question you will find that most people agree with you by the way and with a interesting under the rug Zacharias is right and you know any being a negative failure for me you know I correspond with other group a little bit is that you know back in what they say no back to me was very interesting I post a thought experiment for them I said this and it was actually his personal secretary Robert Decker 's personal secretary she answered that I said this if you could design a justice system that would deal with weekly people in the afterlife what would it consist of I said by the way eternal torment is not option is that this is purely a thought experiment she will back me two days and she says no she says we have to ball description of the Scripture says that she said have you read NT Wright's material nephew study and she writes for jail with very interesting his view of house completely different than the traditional view of its borderline annihilation is which is what we believe folks a lot of people are waking up to be stricken this truth right now you will see what it does to people people will be so free and full blown away by what you have and by the way this is the last planned to bring up for him Moses the first time he came to document when he came with his shepherd plan got lost winter came he saw what a burning bush he saw the burning bush I filled out by doing the first thing God says to him pick up issue thrive in other words when most of birth approached God himself there was an angel the Lord the Bible civil spirit with the burning Bush and Moses had to take off his sandals begin at the very end of Moses his life he was not dwelling fire of God the battle system forty days and forty nights he would be on the mountain and just in the midst of the fire but when you take a good look at when Moses first started his relationship with God and then when she ended up in fact he was this time Wendy came up the mountain the fire got and he was on the other side of the veil the other side of it the Bible says right here very interesting questions asked by by the sinners in Zion the sinners in Zion are afraid fearfulness has seized the hypocrites now watch the question he asks a very interesting question who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire school among the shell well with ever lasting earnings and the answers given he walks righteously and speaks uprightly in fact it will not be sinners that will burn for all eternity it will be the righteous can you say amen to that and as we go on our understanding and knowledge of God we will step closer and closer and closer to God and even Lucifer himself was the Nina Lucifer himself was and this is so beautiful because getting to know God begins now he's a mentor that one of the reasons why God does not take the wicked to haven't is because all like this is that the Christ that even heaven itself would be held to them and they would want God actually saves the wicked from the eternity in hell by blotting them out completely and Satan has reverse it and make it seem like God is destroying sinners for all of eternity but in God 's mercy is actually saving the neutrality in fire by destroying them completely why their minds aren't ready they had made themselves fit unfit for having both the God we serve is beautiful a man in the God we serve is so beautiful and he is preparing us for eternity with him and asked him our God as they begin to see the beauty of God and the love of God our life will be transformed and one day we will step into the fire is very price amen this guy was about Hasbro where pray father in heaven thank you so much again for this time God that one day we will dwell in the fire the thank you Jesus that you choose us lead us a solid we did was to understand new new new new media was brought to you by Nautilus the website dedicated to spreading God 's word three seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe as more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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