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The Evangelism Cycle

Jean Ross




  • August 17, 2012
    10:45 AM
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I begin with a little water prayer and pneumonia and will open up defining him once again we thank you the ribbon to be here thank you for the opportunity for us to share ideas and study together and learn ways in which we can be more effective in doing the greatest work can it be done that he seeking souls for the king so we ask a blessing upon a plan together together give us wisdom and understanding we assess in Jesus name amen okay this morning when he felt about the evangelism cycle a practical way of organizing outreach and evangelism in your local church and I'm sure all of us are connected with some kind of a local Adventist church what can we do in a practical way to rarely make a difference post some the things we do look at now you probably heard this statement before the foundation of all evangelism is from ministry viewing page one hundred and forty three it says Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people how many methods according to this quote will give true success in evangelism there is only one and who is method is that it's Christ's method safely can figure out what price method of evangelism is and if we would do that we would have true success in reaching the people how did Jesus go about his ministry the Savior mingled with men was wanted beside a good show his sympathy for them he ministered today means anyone their confidence then he bade them follow me Secretary Christ method and we put it together on the chart they are three main areas that we want to think about what Jesus did and he mingled with people he made friends he won their confidence how did Jesus often win their confidence when he did it when he met their needs a further five thousand people but what was it that he did more than any other he ministered to their physical needs in other words he provided healing of our medical ministry is following Christ method to win people 's confidence and once he won there once when he was able to share the word and follow me Jesus would say about these three making friends winning people 's confidence in sharing the word when you think we as Adventists typically of the strongest out of these three areas making friends when incompetence of sharing the word what evening where we the strongest sharing the word talk a lot you answered right have an opportunity trouble over the place and did the same presentation always ask the same question and was get the same response sharing the word how important is it for us to effectively share the word are important is that a very important that how do you think we as Adventists share the word what are some of the things we do with some of the things that we have to help us effectively share the work was on the resources that we make available our amiable kind of books so there's literature outreach what else did we do in sharing the word always a television and radio the meeting to intimate what else deleted any man shall his stick series okay is that an effective means of sharing the word evangelistic series I'll be sharing with you later on this afternoon some very powerful quotes with reference to public evangelism and its significance and its components will get to that later on so we have our evangelistic meetings what about one-on-one sharing the work what we have available Bible studies okay we can all be involved in Bible studies on the resources available to help us in our Bible studies yes there are all kinds of Bible studies and resources and an advanced guide and we want to keep working towards being as effective as we can in sharing the word base power in the preaching of the word my wife had a coworker she's a nurse and it was somebody that she is working with who showed an interest in spiritual things but she was very skeptical she would be the kind that would ask questions like well if God so big and so powerful beautiful powerful is it possible for God to create a rock that is so big that he can pick it up at the back cover really before a wedding on come from intimate evening who made God the SYSCON of her thinking anyway will not have a Bible study with the lack of suitable Atsugi but together we started doing the Bible study and she came up with all these kinds of questions it it was almost frustrating and so anyway in our Bible study we were looking at the passage of Scripture where God appeared to Moses and the burning bush and read the story have been Moses was eating the sheep in the wilderness and he saw the strange side of Bush that was burning the you and Moses went over the Bush and God spoke to Moses say take your samples of your feet for the place of a outstanding is holy ground when I got set up for the crime of people Israel go ring them out of Egypt Moses I can go and speak enabled this excuses many said but when I know that it was able to Saint Jude what's the name of your God and Moses respondents say on God responded Moses and said tell them that the I am that I am a sink we going to do when reading through the story with enemy that Brooks when Moses comes up with old excuses and ignored to save held in the IM that I am sinking and is quite useless she begins thinking financial sponsorships is wanting to show me this this for us this event showed me this first first I would have asked all of those silly questions of power in the world God doesn't always good reasons he just is I am that I am there is power in so this power in sharing the word power ensuring the woods so we wanted to preaching teaching Bible studies as effective evangelism and effective you cannot out of the other two making friendly people 's confidence when you think we are typically the weakest now making friends away people 's comp how many think making friends that's that we will week I went about winning people 's confidence of cake not since probably Miley needs more to winning people 's confidence in his wife is having most of us have somebody that we know baby family member maybe maybe maybe a work colleague that Smith's mom and Adventist and they good friends with good friends with them but they not interested in spiritual things how do you awaken an interest in spiritual things how do you win somebody's confidence so that you can begin to share with them the word of God I give an illustration of how we can do this we just moved to a new home and Sacramento and a few houses down from where we were staying at there was a family neck and his wife and the children were aware of it sitting right up high school and that we struck up a friendship very secular minded man not interested in religion unless got so heated dog and my kids like to go over and play with the stock the same as the next we drive by the house we've see the garage open was always the next home we just sit and visit for a while my family anyway try and bring up some spiritual things from time to time but then he made it very clear to me that is not interested in spiritual things if you bring up anything spiritually begun to see the look on their face that the war goes up again espresso before they make it very clear when you're about God money sitting got right so I began to wonder how the game to win his confidence so that we can really share spiritual things with them now when it comes to trying to win people 's confidence you want to build a relationship with them until they willing to share with you a genuine concern that they have a real need that they had him in the Christ's method is making friends winning their confidence by ministering to the needs and then you can share the word so we want to find out a real need that he has one that will visiting MSN house and going the this allows I'm going so well a massive worldwide what's the matter he said while my daughter she just graduated from high school he said she's just going to frame him it's just decided to move to Las Vegas now he's a secular minded man but he knows Vegas is not the place for an eighteen -year-old and he says we concerned about so I'm looking for a a concern that he has a problem that he has been in our respondent said well I can understand the way you feel I probably feel the same way causing a situation but I have found God answers prayer list and then I said prayer is not to concede the current ten stopped little but I wanted to get it out since it and I found God answers prayer I didn't pray about that I will try about that does not plan to see him I pray about that and then of the seventeenth conversation is not instantly to think so how fast is your boat go anyway had a big speedboats to begin Bobby's boat but we went home I went home that day and set our kids we put something in a play about the unfaithfulness the next week and asked that somehow God would reveal himself through this situation through this problem am again to pray for them now there was how were in intercessory prayer you will understand that right why is intercessory prayer is so important when it comes to winning a person 's confidence in own a few to share spiritual things wise emphasis repair so important vote all vote all the great controversy the great controversy between the false is good and the forces of evil in the great controversy there are certain rules of engagement you might say they are certain things that God will not allow Satan to do ill boundaries however some of the things that God will not allow Satan to do against us in the great controversy where Satan 's limits Satan can read our thoughts what else can make Kenny knocked it probably can do it or not physically take a lot of getting certainly do that if it could ridiculous yet the issue would that would be his number one goal one want to do that what else can Satan not do given the positive he can possess us that he can if we open up the door right but he can't just barge on and called on living do that so there are certain rules certain limitations on what Satan can do them the story of Job with Satan comes up and dances would come from from walking back-and-forth in the gods is have you considered my servant Job Satan 's is yucky to build a hedge of protection around them there are certain things gobble model outside so they are these rules of engagement in the great controversy now because God is fair and God is just now this is incredible when you think about it not only is God limited what Satan can do but God is also abiding by those same rules in other words this things that God will not do as well because of the rules of engagement if God were to do something to access somebody and influence some someone that Satan doesn't have that same ability to access and influence in savings will say unfair unfair you want to do it this is not a level playing field so to speak so there are certain things that God limits himself and Satan is limited in what he can do now the power of intercessory prayer is this when I pray for somebody else and I'm interceding on their behalf that enables God if you like to break the rules of engagement and do more to try and influence that person then otherwise he would do if we didn't pray for him efforts demonstrate this is unfair you're not allowed to do that you breaking the rules of engagement God says no I have a legal right to go someone so is interceding on that person 's behalf present exams this history prayer is so important it's very powerful and I think most both ways not only does it work when we intercede for others enabling got to do more I think Satan also you can bend the rules through people that he's working with for example might my sister was flying in South America somewhere and washes on the plane the plane hit a lot of turbulence and the other was I guess was really bad and the people know I was screaming so on you she's just considering the holding type and she looks across and is a lady sitting just to see it was an open seat between the two of them she was sitting over there and she had her eyes closed her hands folded in death she was pretty and so for a while my sister wait until finally she finished and she leaned over sitting on him also Christian I'm so glad to see somebody else is practical to do with prayer right now and the woman took my assistance and I'm not a Christian sister Satanists and I'm praying that Satan 's will will be done in the situation of my little like Mangini really addressed to you I saw that you are not saved and has people read he is working through to try and influence even to a greater extent is a real war going on right real battle that's why intercessory prayer is so important when it comes to evangelism that's what we need to pray for people so we get to know them with a friend and to the point without willing to share with us a real concern that they have and then we take that to the Lord in prayer it's a load please reveal yourself to so-and-so through the situation so we went back home will begin to pray for Mister week went by another weakened by enough okay two weeks that's long enough let me go back solid back to him and visiting with the Monday message and say Nick nine of these monies through this princess and saving how's things going with your daughter I have been praying about and shows the look on his face is simply been praying about it I said I have a what's happened visible funny you should say that yesterday we were called she said things on working operating Vegas and she decided to come home to praise the new appraisal about a half an United soup is always answer your prayer to give students limit pay half they begin to talk about spiritual things against awakening interest so when it comes to trying to awaken an interest find out what the problem is plant the seed and simply say I want to pray about that understandably feel probably feel the same causing a situation on the eye about that and see what God 's committee let a weekly to go by a few days ago but then go back to them and so you and I've been praying about this one is half what is going on you'll be amazed of what God will do to try and reach people when we pray for them powering such repair so that's how we begin to win a person 's confidence that I could be interested in what we have to say about God until somehow they begin to realize well maybe there is a golf maybe he does answer prayer maybe he's interested in me and the only way you can really get people to experience that is by praying for them planting that seed and then following up is that makes sense is that easy to that very easy to do all of us can do that right find any helpers went to pray about that in a follow up and say listen I've been praying about that situation what has God done to be amazing what God will do our cities the three things that we need to do when we look at Christ's example also these three phases to Christ ministry the first is logical the prepare phase that's where we haven't Donna Bass preparing the way for Jesus and then Jesus sent out his disciples before him to these different villages to prepare the way of another time it was seventy others that Jesus sent out to the villages and towns that he was going to go to them they prepare the way that we had the preaching face and this is where Jesus went into the cities with the preparation was done and he preached the word and that we have decide which is the present of faith so they got the prepare the preach in the present of the present of that the early Christian church the whole book of acts is a description of how those who responded to our Christ's preaching they were brought together and they would present the whole book of acts deals with this preserve face now just to emphasize the importance of this preserve face too often we think evangelism ends of the baptistery would merely only it begins a baptism is only the start not the finish line we invest in people before they baptize and then when they baptized the service of art drawing all now good luck in all but it requires a tremendous amount of work after the person has actually made that decision to follow Jesus that's what discipleship become so important at the meeting this and others the parable that Jesus told about the good Samaritan you're familiar with that story was a man traveling from Jerusalem where was a guy down to Jericho where is Jericho located geographically anyone have an idea the city of Jericho was close to the bitsy what's significant about the bid seal the solvency what's 's claim to fame what's significant about the dates he okay no life in the ditzy between geographically what significant updates it is the lowest place in the plan Jerusalem is where I mean geographically is an inland Valley Jerusalem in a valley nowhere is it the mountain right amount I am all mount Mariah up a mountain so here is a man traveling from our care and is going down here is interesting the man's drive from Jerusalem down to Jericho and on the way he gets attacked by the speeds one of the fees due to the mantra from Jerusalem to Jericho and effect out where they determine what they did please close to the feast it is close they took a strip him of his raiment the Bible says that it and what they did to him how they'd be the man and what commission to believe the man had been so they took his clothes they beating and the lifting have to and again the priest that comes walking by and the priest comes in he looks but then he just keeps going coming in the Levite that comes along he looks and he just keeps going and then you have this American that comes Samaritan comes by and when he sees the man Jesus is the Samaritan has compassion upon them so what's the motivation not selfishness but compassion so the man has compassion becomes over to the one who would form the monthly fees and he binds up his wounds they are interesting and he pulls into his wounds oil and wine now what is oil of some oil some of healing but spiritually one of our present Holy Spirit what is wine represent the blood of Christ notice that it was in oil and wine to help the man with these wounds he must have clothed him with his own cloak because the fee strip him of his raiment putting on a donkey and took Internet and in the goods America said to the innkeeper hey you take care of this man here is some money and if you spin anything more on these care I will repay you when I come again so that puts American takes the man places and in an NHL the thinking behind the goal and never come back right and then I will pay you to spend anything extra other than what I've already given you in this parable who does the good Samaritan represent pretty obvious it's Jesus right food is the man represent that fell amongst thieves the human race those will loss we've all fallen amongst these who does that who's the master thief Satan himself when did you manage a full pray to Satan 's lies way back in the bottom of the and the wages of sin is what day so the devil left mankind hath bid for the wages of sin is that with the subject the man of his arraignment what is close representing the Bible righteousness RJ struck the man of his close now in the parable who do you think the priest might represent that comes along but they can help the mantle doesn't help the managers keeps going what was the priests job was his function was his work was a priest to be back in Israel he was connected with what connected with God but what kind of work it into Falluja he was connected with the sanctuary and the sacrifices now the shedding of blood on animals back in Old Testament times could that really take care of the sin problem no it couldn't it was just the type of Jesus the Lamb of God would come take with us into the world so the priest could represent the Old Testament ceremonial services of the sacrificial system now who doesn't believe I represent out of the twelve tribes what was different was special about the Levites okay they would connect with the sanctuary but the Levites in relation to the rest of the tribes how would a different kind they were they were especially set aside for what they were connected with the sanctuary services so here is a group that was especially chosen by God with specific reason what nation did God set aside and especially choose for a specific purpose and needs is the Jews as a whole the Levites responsibility was to teach Israel below what nations responsibility was to teach the world below Israel that make sense so the priest represents sacrificial system the Levite represents the nation of Israel we believe I help the man knows he could Israel is a nation couldn't cure the problem of sin they needed its enactment it's a necklace of Jesus and Jesus comes he has compassion widely believed the doors of heaven encompass and polluted earth because he had compassion upon us and how does the minister to our needs through the Holy Spirit Antilles atoning sacrifice through the oil into the wine it covers us with his own robe of righteousness not his things the point where does Jesus hate those who would responded to his sacrifice could receive the Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit is beginning to work within witness Jesus take people that responded to his grades were to put them in the church so in the parable who is the innkeeper the church and his God-given members of the church talents and abilities has given us gifts yes he has and what is God said no to do with these gifts take care of the people that I bring to you utilize your talents new gifts to disciple people to minister to people and if you spent anything that I've already given you are I will repay you when I come again as I make things so that power will readily not only tells us about Christ and his work in our salvation but it also tells us what Christ wants us to do minister to those who responded to his grace and that's why this preserving phase is so important as the cycling of new believers is central to the mission and the work that God has given us to get okay so here we go with a personal preparation that personal work rehab ministering to people winning the confidence we have sharing the word that the public presentation Bible studies of public evangelism enemy of the nurturing of the new believers that discipleship all of these different points are important when it comes to evangelism everyone is very very important okay now think of the harvest cycle because Jesus would often use things in nature to illustrate spiritual troops in Fremantle imagine for a moment a form of these sites to grow wheat and say goes and he plows up you soil any fertilizers that any weights for the weeds grow but nothing grows you can figure this out it's a ghost his father friends and he says you know what out of the water weeds growing in my field and so they say table what kind of fertilizer to use any tells in the city to check the pH balance of the soil he says yes what is Intel comments goodbye they can figure out why he sweeps on crying so long that it will go out to his farm and it walking around and out finally one of his friend says to him say what kind of seed did you plant anyway without a former friend looks down the kicks up all the dirt mixes well you know what I I hope for me I I pray for weeks but I guess of implanting seeds because that's not a two-story there isn't a former live who expect to reap a harvest without first planting the seed but in Adventism we hope are harmless we pray for harvest we prepare our evangelistic series we hope people will come and when no one comes we badly disappointed anything for evangelism doesn't work anymore what's the reason we didn't find anything some exams you can expect a harvest without first planting the seed that's Christ's message so in nature there are parallels for spiritual things there are six phases in the evangelism cycle each are equally important personal preparation preparing the soil sowing the seed cultivating harvesting and then preserving the harvest each phase is important when it comes to evangelism I really go through each of these phases one by one and you'll see the practical application of this and how you connect to go back to your home church and start implementing this now images and one of the things don't wait for everybody in your church to get on board before you start sniffing in a Vienna get one hundred percent participation and the good news is you don't need to get a hundred percent all you need is gathered together a like-minded group of people and say okay let's do what God has asked us to do just start just start just go through the cycle of evangelism and see what God married will take place out in the first phase is personal preparation RIP spoke a little bit about this on the move on your personal preparation what is the single this is revival prayer planning training programs developing a church mission centered around the gospel commission so which thoughts with us and when Jesus was about the same he said to disciples go preach the gospel to every nation kindred town baptizing them teaching them to do everything that I told you and so he had this group of people argument is great commission to take the gospel to the whole world when they start today immediately run out there and start preaching at what happens when you decide go after the ascension of Jesus they went to Jerusalem they gather together in the upper room for the enterprise disabled we can do this on our own unless you do something for us will never be able to accomplish the mission password begins so you gather together with a group of like-minded people in the Chechnya so you know what I believe that God has souls out there in this town in our city they believe the gospel and will be committed to finding but we need your help please help us give us of your spirit give us with give us strength give us courage give us the ability to do the work you calling us to do fax where it starts it was a little church not too far from Sacramento they contacted us one then amazing facts and they said you know what we need help and so I went over to the church to several years ago and down on arriving at the church I realized the other strict needs help that was a nice facility the congregation consisted of about fifteen people and the youngest person in the congregation was set up so you can imagine the problem they ran an end the Saints were dying off and it was no families know kids just the group of all people there at the church committee and realized that if you don't do something the church and have to close its doors and it was a godly man connection coming the role copy but it was new was helping the church in particular told me who came to the conclusion that the work I had for that church was not over and so he gathered together with the church members ninety six minutes pray and ask God to help us as we need help and we all we can do everything we wanted it we need God 's help so decided started to pray everyday this group of folks thought it prohibits it will be believe they still people in this commute entity that you want to reach they contacted us and they said listen weekly serious about evangelism the wing and we want to do something with me to help in a solid print started there was a spread on revival that began to awaken within the hearts of these members and began to say what what can we do world what can we do and have some good cooks incarnations will you know we could put on some really great healthy cooking schools and so they began to advertise in the community about the cooking program up the cooking school they started ministering to the needs of the coronation of the community as much as they could and then they brought us and we brought in a Bible worker and we started doing some seed planting the community and we didn't evangelist seriously began to baptize people in some families came anonymity not a evangelistic meeting that I some more people and then their friends came and events to the church today he would go to the Colfax church yet the company in order to get a seat that have all of the children's department of full they have a Pathfinder club that's vibrant filled with new Adventists all because the church didn't get they started with prayer revival to get serious about the work that God called them to do that's where it begins right now the training is great trainings like boot camp you go to boot camp in only for a soldier to go to boot camp unusual weapon and you how to follow commands all the rest of this but no army has ever won a battle by simply remaining in boot camp at some point in time you have to engage the enemy act action get out there and not only did think that Jeff did everything just perfectly lined up before you start you never get to get everybody on board just start gather together with a group of people exhibit set up the evangelism cycle he was just four of us which do it let's see what God can do through us and gets lots of as the first face now just like garden so it is with evangelism knowing your planting tomatoes for example the growing tomatoes you are looking for certain harvest indicators to know what you need to do next etc. the garden is here but utterly ugly but one part of the garden I am not a great garden about all I got me that so you growing tomatoes you probably don't even have to be a garlic answer this question but if you come out and you look at your tomato plants and one that believes it is hanging like this you know what is that how you the plant needs it needs water so you water you come out mother then you look at the tomato plant and the coloring on the needs just doesn't look right little yellow what does that tell you maybe need some sun maybe need some fertilize okay someone you come on you look at the tomato plant and its copies red soft tomatoes hanging on the line we had to do now all before even if not affect MRI what happens if you don't think the tomato it'll fall to the ground go back so by looking at the plan you can then make wise decisions as to what the next step is so it is in the harvest will be the evangelism cycle you look at these different phases and you have harvest indicators that you look for and when you see these harvests indicators then you ready to move onto the next phase of the cycle somewhat of a harvest indicated for this first phase the spirituality of the practical Christian experience of the individuals within the church unity of the church family significant of everybody about it but you need to have a group that's committed to the mission that God is coded to do so the focus then is the mission of the church families focus on reaching others with the gospel mass would you looking for so you find a group of like-minded people who are committed to sharing the gospel that's what you're looking for this for and identifies the material that's preparing the soil lets friendship evangelism and community service programs community seminar smoking compensable stress is no end of what you can do a job in the community and he began to advertise for Bible studies in this number of ways you can do that so you begin to develop friendship friendships friendship evangelism the harvest indicating this phase is the number of positive relationships between the church and the community saw commenting on average the you know how many people are you praying for the community are you aware of the needs of your coworkers or your natives are you praying for them are you asking God to reveal himself to them that's the question on ask the number of positive relationship between the members and nonmembers of the church 's message when people build some relationships with those non- Administaff bearing the community they may ready for the next phase which is planting the seed this is Lily begin out personal testimony now it was a personal testimony this is what I mean but at simply this say I've been praying about that situation has gone done anything that's a personal testimony I've been praying for you about that situation has God done allowing God to reveal himself to individuals remember example of disco development made raising the question pray for them and in following up that's probably a personal testimony just to get them thinking to see what God is doing revealing himself that will lead to Bible studies drop of Bible studies video Bible studies personal Bible study small group Bible studies this literature distribution follow-up on Christian radio and TV contacts all of this is part of this phase of Bible studies once emphasized in this phase is Bible studies there is power in the word so you want to get people into studying the word study the Bible that's the key okay the harvest syndicator for this phase is the amount of direct spiritual outreach by the judge to once the community what's happening to meet the needs and when people 's confidence in the community and have faithful and that is cultivating for the harvest this is where the Bible studies continue you can transition into the home maybe to a neutral place and to conduct the short bridging events in your church that's different types of seminars music program small group Bible studies etc. again just trying to build relationships with people now I mentioned to you the event church Baptist about ready to close the doors as will the people but now buying out I basically have to do something and they sell so they started a cooking school committee and advertising the community began to get people coming there were interested in health and so they started coming and then asked if I would be the evangelistic series for an evangelistic serious and silly sendup one of these handbills to everybody in town and invited them to come right into six areas of the day came for our evangelistic series and I got up to preach and you know what guess how many people came from the handouts for this event researchers zero it was a Jehovah witness how that was the predominant religion in the stomach and goodness and of course they would encompass anything that's not that all himself nobody came but the good news is this because of the cooking schools and the community seminars the church was good for the community that built relationships of people and in the cooking program that advertised our Bible seminar Bible prophecy seminar and encourage people to come to the church members invited people to come as the guests to the eventual successor we had a pretty good group of non- evidence that opening on the evangelistic and not based upon handles but based upon the outreach that are taking place and we had a good evangelistic meeting we had some real solid baptism that came in as a result of that meeting and then others came in the whole problem skin growing growing growing so this is grateful buildings relationships of people that you can bring the evangelistic series harvesting the careful the fourth phase that is the number of consistent in-home personal Bible studies that are being given the more people receiving Bible studies before you do your evangelistic series the greater will be the response we want as many Bible studies and community as possible a number of people attending the church is bridging events or seminars it's also important when it comes to phase five this is one of my favorite parts this is the public evangelistic seminar strong messages where you feel full decisions at the public evangelistic seminar the church if you can analyze evangelistic voice to any video evangelistic seminar at the church Bobby still live event list is always preferable you can do revival meetings of the church if people don't come to the Majesty meeting you want to continue those Bible studies and begin making appeals for people except the truth that they put now that is power in the preaching of the word will talk about that later on power preaching lies that so important will get to that okay what is your harvest indicated for this phase and get a crowd the number of non- members attending the public seminar the more non- avenues you have coming to evangelistic seminar the more effective this opening would be this harvest indicating leaders meeting on evidence coming on the way I see it is it's really the church 's responsibility to get as many people to the evangelistic meetings possible and then it's the evangelist and the Holy Spirit 's responsibility to get people to make decisions our job is to get the people there to bring the people to hear the word of God there is power in the preaching of the word and interface sex that is preserving the harvest spiritual weekly study opportunities including a deeper truth and Christian experiencing a cervical spiritual mentor so that's where we make sure that the people are grounded in the truth and that they growing spiritual after the evangelistic series is over with a growing and have probably one of most effective ways to do that is small groups gathering to getting people 's home studying the word together now several years ago small groups used to be the in thing maybe remember this like everybody was doing small groups all the churches have small groups just below but do it in a comment petered out and part of the reason for that was on my church really got involved in small groups little kinds of small groups the challenge with that is you know people do want to come but for the rest of their life every Tuesday evening the plaintiff small group neglect things coming and going so I suggest we comes in small groups always plan a starting point and ending point fuel small group I usually work on a quarterly basis of thirteen weeks in all actually twelve weeks but there's one we could you can you can cancel at any point in time something comes up suck boys of the starting point within any point that when you invite people to come to the small group you tell them we can be doing this for the next twelve weeks this is what we can be studying together have some focus for the smoke this is what we want to accomplish reality studying the book of Daniel together want to get to get on Thursday night to do this so there's an end in the visiting goal so once and gone through those thirteen weeks and you finish the series then you can tell the people well we don we can take a break or if you want we can go for another thirteen weeks together but that gives people an opportunity to decide to keep going or to take a break without feeling guilty so is a list by appointment any point when it comes to small groups of found it to be very effective and helpful okay the harmless indicator for this phase preserving the harvest of the practical Christian experience on the new beliefs continued opportunities for studying God 's word so that's you want to see them grow you want genuine conversion to be taking place we'll talk about that later on this afternoon as well now you've probably heard this before we often give a quick Jeanette why doesn't the evangelism of evangelism doesn't work while the results so often so small when it comes to evangelizing probably heard people saying evangelism doesn't work maybe then people say this which find evangelism but the people just come in the front to one ago out of the back don't have him heard that before only baptized then people will a lot I will be gone in a year down the line they gone what you think that that happens by the way what does happen what part of the cycle of evangelism will be neglecting the preserving the harvest the discipleship component that's what this happens I sometimes you get people say what we spent all kinds of money and no one is baptized together that as an excuse not to be vandalism cost much money we spent all this money and the moments that so these are the reasons why people give why evangelism sometimes does not work now segmented shut the mindless success but this I say he would so sparingly shall reap also sparingly and he would sell it bountifully shall reap also bountifully so there's a principle here in Galatians chapter six seven we read do not be deceived God is not mocked for whatsoever a man so it that he shall also reap now that's true of an individual but other nobles of Judah the church we reap what we sow so if we don't solve for the harvest we now can experience an abundant harvest now this is what I find so interesting in the early days of Adventism did you know that the Seventh-day Adventist church was the fastest growing Protestant denomination it was going so rapidly that all kinds of groups was spending the Adventist to try and figure out what the secret was to growth one group in particular those interested in the early Adventist movement was the Seventh-day Adventists and why you think the servant the doctors were interested in why the added benefit of growing so rapidly who was first to seventh Avenue Minnesota seven they Baptists some of the Baptist the first mass effect Rachel Loucks she heard about the Sabbath because although connection with the seventh they Baptists and she introduced it to the address and e-mail address is so the seventh about this looking at the Adventists in the growing these guys are growing so rapidly and we just come us back to one hundred Raleigh so they began to study to figure out why the admin is growing so quickly that will both keeping the Sabbath so good try to figure out what was the secret to the Adventist growth was growing so quickly and this is the conclusion that they which share with you a couple of statements here this comes from a report that was done by the Seventh-day Adventists it was published in eighteen ninety seven and this report by the cemetery Baptists on at Venice what is the secret of their success while of a growing so rapidly and this is what they found old Seventh-day Adventist clergyman all missionaries download located passes though busy teaching preaching and organizing churches that was the conclusion might be evidenced by so fast because the clergyman they not located passes but they busy teaching preaching organizing church in other words the pastors were evangelists and the church was formed to take care of itself so the paid pastoral staff he didn't see the pastor very often as he was out planting churches he was not doing evangelism in the church was told to take care of itself here is an interview with eldest star who was a leading Adventist back in eighteen eighty six this is mine Indiana newspaper again they wanting to know why would we advance growing so rapidly and this is what you say in the first place we have no central constants out churches uphold laws need to take care of themselves one nearly all of our ministers work as evangelists in new fields the syllabus I was saying the reason we grow so rapidly because our church members a patent care of the charge freeing up how many statistical plan churches go to evangelism in the winter they go out into the judges holes and schoolhouses race I believe it's in the summer we used tents pitched in cities and villages where we teach the people that these doctrines that Osama we will run a hundred evangelistic meetings throughout the United States of American paint that was eight and eight hundred evangelistic meetings in pants at the bow will be doing now quite and so we can see why the church is growing so rapidly they were doing a lot on evangelism not here's an interesting statement by Aji Daniels AG Daniels was the general conference prison in the early nineteen hundreds notice the stables nineteen problem with a history of its interesting Elimite is over in Australia AG Daniels 's general conference president and she began writing letters from Australia to the general conference of the church he kept saying we need to do the dances she wrote to the leaders of the administrative agent Dan Wood bangles another saint you need to do but you need to go out there and do unanimously meeting so Daniel 's trying to do this in a few events listed meetings but one of his administrative responsibilities so that came in on him and so become a city that was beside anyone about being administrative things that will market saying you need to do evangelism Cindy DeAngelis or finally she gets back and she settles in California was coming back after Australia nineteen hundred she settled in California AG Daniels mother General conferences Alan Aeschylus by now close to Washington DC Seiji Daniels is out on the West Coast and he's got some speaking engagements in California and he's near their white lives announce Hayden Islam I'm visiting my fingerprints so he goes up to our house and he knocks on the bill and her attendant comes and opens the door and she says all hello I held the bandits and the diagnosis are currently seeing this is why is the white and the tenses which is wait a minute with a go-getter it's a good thing goes up to call it unlike any Juventus waits and waits and waits and finally she comes back the attendant comes back some of the best pieces I'm I'm I'm sorry of Daniel 's but Ellen White won't see you then discuss the price indexes will put you mean she won't seem to come all the way to see how any tenets is no she did have a message for you and the messages that she is not ever see you until you do what God has told you to do so date of the pickup 's bag and leave without seeing along what he later wrote that was one of the longest train rides he ever had from California back to Washington and the whole lady and think on this I get back to watching you watch the medical Mike Mrs. do you need me you want me to resign as general conference present she lives practices no don't resign but to what God is telling you to do to evangelist so many takes of racist six is a schedule and he starts doing regularly evangelistic slots traveling from place to place doing evangelistic meetings some occasions he baptizes fine publications he baptizes fifty some occasions he doesn't baptize anyone but who does he think he just stopped preaching preaching preach preach all over the place and because the general conference was so passionate about evangelism was called on by the churches by the laypeople by the ministers and people started doing evangelism evangelism started crying out with that in mind notice the date when the statement was made this is nineteen twelve so this is after that experience about my badges mention the question is asked why he administered growing so rapidly and this is his this is from the beginning about what we recognized a very important division of the work promises we have not settled on the basis of the church is his passes to any large extent I hope this will never cease to be the order of affairs in this denomination fulling receives out for the movement and the saddle of rock churches and them and do their thinking and praying and they want then charges will begin to weaken and lose their life and spirit and they'll become paralyzed fossilized and the world will be weakened almost prophetic right he says it receives out forward motion if we stopped doing evangelism we can be drying me to become weak paralyzed and all the work will be weakened will become paralyzed and fossilized what's another word for a church that is in a condition of paralysis a condition what's fossilized me something that's fossilized is what data so what would you call the church that is in a paralyzed or fossilized oriented condition will you collect church in biblical terms video to Revelation chapter three legacy picture that is in a new wall condition AG Daniels tells us why we are in a lukewarm condition because it says it receives out for the movement will become paralyzed will become fossilized to become the wall so the reason the church in the commission that it is now to a large degree is because of my lack of focus we not doing the work God has asked us to do and I've seen that with my own church about past I'm very passionate about evangelism and some I made sure that our church and my children are always engage in evangelism but they have been times where we've gotten so the what other things that we haven't done events with the new good one your past without being a full-blown evangelistic series I can tell the difference in my church there's more squabbling there is a lack of commitment we can get people to do anything why because we lose our focus we lose that for wisdom for the momentum that's why evangelism he signed willingly and is individually we need evangelism the church needs it but we needed as Christians as well report was out on widescale manuscript this is my view no one noticed the date she just came back from a straight as I travel through the South where the conference iso city after city that was unlocked what is the matter she says because this could also apply to any city even here in Canada what is the matter she says is the answer then then is this our hot morning over the charges which know the truth while thousands are perishing outside of Christ how true that statement today that famous legitimate on the passes humming of the churches are our people perishing without a knowledge of Christ absolute while she sits she says if the problem instruction was given if the problem methods were followed next Christ method every church member would do his work as a member of the body he would do Christian missionary what so she had the same passion with auditing and losing statement got to do something that God is share the gospel of the world meaning that three reasons why evangelism doesn't work number one we don't plant enough seeds so we reap what we sow we don't prepare for the heart specifies don't plan enough seats think of the funnel mentality do you have a final decision the white part the mouth of the funnel these are the individuals that the churches ministering to the people in the community this is those people who are coming to our schools and health seminars and all those kind of things over here these are the people here that actually receiving Bible studies are down here these are the people actually attend our evangelistic series and on here here the people actually make decisions safe to see a lot of decisions happening down here again the evangelistic series we need to have a big mouth on the top of the font that makes sense to me that a lot of contacts a lot of people at your price for a lot of people which are working with and you need to be proactive in trying to move them down from just acquaintances the lake in the spiritual interest in getting Bible studies actually finding an evangelistic series and for finally they end up making decisions for the truth and follow God 's leading reasonable to why evangelism sometimes does not work we forget that the seed is in the harvest so we take a break from evangelism instead of continuing the cycle lifting success grow so we do a big evangelist shares in the hell is a lot of work to take a break for a while what you need to take a short break but only forever you need to get right back into it because there are interests that are developed they need to be followed up on not everybody's got to make a decision in any event listeners would a meeting once in a church we had a guy show up and at the end of evangelistic meeting we handed out cards one of the questions on the card was what is your religious affiliation I excepted Jesus is always a religious affiliation if you are going big bold latest the holy Roman Catholic Church and many I will always be a Catholic result while we know where he stands and set a meeting with all the we get another meeting about six months later on and he showed up again he went to the whole series of meetings in Vienna about the cards in the bottom of his card on the religious affiliation he wrote Catholic okay we didn't the evangelistic meeting the following year and guess who showed up same guy he went through all the meetings of the in that event with the meaning he wrote down on the card Catholic but thinking about becoming an Adventist that the regime back to listing series so if we do evangelism and then we collect there might be people loving convicted right and maybe hear it again only divinity here again there is an window of opportunity with people being convicted and if we don't follow up on that often that interesting is the way they lose interest so we need to be aware of this as a good evangelist Mark wrapping up in reason number three we have make disjointed links in the evangelism cycle you know the saying a chain is only as strong as its weakest link such every part of this evangelism site was important if we can have effective evangelism cycling a mansion shows us events this isn't just an event or process but it's a sign that something ongoing that we just do we just do it as a church as a youth group Europe to the whole church on board just as a youth groups I hate it when he ran for the cycle in every of its village which is set up and keep it going how often should the cycle of evangelism repeat think of a garden you have small harvests along the way and one big harvest months the University pilot twelve month calendar cycle but include a harvest every six months so revival maybe a week and revival to be six months but plan a full evangelic subseries at least once a year and you know what you preach me that the success can get if you just do it somebody has to do it just preaches evangelistic series see what God will do okay so I have a major evangelist XML and see a mini little revival maybe every six months to live up to the corporal cycle of evangelism also we need to recognize that there is an individual cycle from plants ripen before harvest at different rates see the latest pumpkins tomatoes strawberries redwood trees that will grow differently they ripen differently so recognize that as you're working with people people are growing at different rates is the point recognize that you go through the corporate site eleven what the judge does you will be working with people at different stages give them room to grow allow people to grow and go to repeat the cycle keep the cycle repeating his frequent intervals in order to harvest people as they become ready in summary then price method friendship that wins confidence and then you share the work and you keep the cycle going Jesus gives an example of prepare preach and preserve sharing God 's word is like planting garden it must repeat to be successful evangelism cycle is the best plan for evangelism followed God 's instruction proceeds so you build success from year-to-year because the seed is in the harvest so you want to keep that cycle going final verse here cast by bread upon the waters for myself find it after many days give a portion of Seminoles in late fun I know it's not what evil shall come upon the in Bible prophecy what does this represent what is bread represent the word of God Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God what is this represent what is will represent multination kindreds and tongues Revelation seventeen fifty so we've been told to preach the word to as many people as we can we don't know what will prosper will know what the results will be which is called to be faithful in showing the world share the word of God its father we think it is cool of us to be involved in this great work of seeking and saving the lost what I traded you give us wisdom so that we can effectively do this we know that there are many in our communities upon whom the Holy Spirit is working although we want to find them and we should treat them and they will we want to see their lives change we need to be advances brought own spiritual growth and some basis to the same fully assess in Jesus name amen this media was brought by Nautilus the website is renting God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I really would like to know more about our universe the more certain than the visit www. .com universe .org


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