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Characteristics of a Healthy Church, Part 1

Jean Ross




  • August 17, 2012
    2:15 PM
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one hundred three hundred and get started with our afternoon we got a number of interesting things of you looking at just before we get started let's by the landlord father once again we thank you were able to be here take this opportunity to learn and do pray that we be able to apply the things of the link to make a difference for your kingdom and prone personal spiritual growth for the axis in Jesus name and this afternoon the enemy looking at some characteristics that make for a healthy church now it's interesting about this is these characteristics are not only true for judges but they're also very true for individuals what makes us a healthy Christian healthy Adventist Christian there are these team characteristics diving and looking at so on I get right to it the first characteristic is this we need to have a clear identity characteristic number one we need a clear identity relationship twelve were seventies of familiar words and the dragon was enraged with the woman and he went to make war with the remnant of the rest of offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ now in this verse who's the Dragon Dragon is Satan right and exalted to make war with the woman who is the woman represent the church why is abetting prophecy a woman represents the church community is for that what is a woman Bible prophecy represent the church year as full space of Christ as being groomed and the church is green the bride and you can find that theme of several times a script or led that the Old Testament that God speaks to Israel and sang on the husband you've met me I think now some details about the idea of a church representing the woman question in Revelation you got to woman described one as in Revelation chapter twelve the same chapter ability on the chapter describe describes a woman standing upon the moon clothing watches a crown of twelve stars who does that woman representing chapter twelve one standing up on the moon represents the future shrine one of the twelve stars in her crown represent the number twelve is significant in prophecy wise twelve significant lead as the church of the twelve tribes built this midget at the twelve apostles in the New Testament so the woman has a crown of twelve stars representing God 's true Church in the Old Testament era could be the twelve tribes and New Testament era will be the twelve apostles she's clothed with the sun but what's the significance although Garman enclosed comedies she's clothed in the sun what would he think the significant McAbee the righteous of Jesus the son there represents Christ's the Old Testament says the sun issue and shall arise with healing in his wings of Christ she standing upon the moon was even booed the moon would represent in Revelation twelve Scripture lightweight as the moon gets light from the sun it's a reflection of the sun and the sun is Jesus where do we find the clearest reflection of Jesus were the clearest reflection didn't get a reflection of Christ but will you find appears in his innings were so the clearest reflection of Jesus is found in these word and what is the woman standing upon what ones the church setting upon the word of God is in a sense so the moon represents the foundation what is she standing upon the word of God will be fine price reflect okay but something else interesting about woman in prophecy full of the place in the New Testament especially in the New Testament to find a number of interesting points here on if you if you looking in Luke new chapter I believe it's seventeen yes you Chapter seventeen and if you look at verse thirty four Luke seventeen verse thirty four I was still voting about the church representing all the woman representing the church new Chapter seventeen verse thirty four some agree that first for us new seventeen thirty four regal way through diverse artist six J know what is Jesus talking about hearing this parable what events is he describing speaking of the second coming of Christ and Jesus says Kennedy like who wants in the days of Lot and he goes on him he says in that night they would too many one bed the one we taken the other will be led how many of you heard this first used to support the idea of a secret rapture and ever before okay this is one of the favorite verses it's been used but if you just take a little step further and think about it what does sleep in the Bible often represent this now two men asleep but once taken the others with what you think you think is been highlighted in that verse resurrection of the righteous right one will be taken the other will be left in the second example for Jesus use verse thirty five there are two woman grinding at the mill the once taken the other is that in Bible prophecy what is alone represent the church so there's two kinds of churches when Jesus comes what is the grinding at the mill represent what you do with with the mill when you grinding we've got you grinding flour what was flour in biblical times what was flower principally useful making bread what is bread representing the Bible the word of the solicitor groups of churches to churches old claiming to be preaching the word of God but Jesus is the one will be ready and will be taken the other will be lost in an example that Jesus use verse thirty six two manual being the field feel represents the world but one is taken and the obvious loss of Jesus emphasizing that the second coming of these two distinct groups something else is interesting stuff on the theme of a woman representing the church in the gospel of Mark you have the story of Amanda Raymond gyrus who comes to Jesus one day and he says please come with me my little girl is at the point of this agreement so Jesus is okay to come with you to Jesus is on his way and is a big crowd of people around Jesus no bumping into him in a pressing up against Christ and what is traveling to Jarvis 's house there was another woman is a woman that comes to Jesus who has a flow in the blood and she reaches out and she touches the hymn of Christ bombing eliminates the measures the amazing part about the story the Bible calls us how long she had this sprawling the blood does anybody know how long was twelve years racing the number twelve so she reaches out and should touch of the hymn of Christ what is what is a common represent righteousness she touches the hymn of Christ and immediately the blood ceases to flow and of course Jesus stops this is a touching people sick at heart and yes that everybody's bumping up against and uses no somebody pinch me for iPhone virtual power go out of me and she can forge a conventional thing now while she's talking to Jesus a seven comes from Jarvis 's house and the sentences the gyrus don't trouble the mass anymore your little girl is good and when Jesus used this thesis the jars don't be afraid only believe ending Jesus goes with drivers back to his house and he gets to his house and all of the people weeping and wailing and making a terrible noise of Jesus 's don't don't make this fuss for the little girl she's not pages only sleeping and in the people laughing Jesus Guzman which is really bad but then Jesus face Peter James and John and the parents of the little girl and going to the room and Jesus takes the little girl by the hand and uses little girl arrives and she's resurrected from the dead now this is the amazing part Mark tells us how whole the little girl wants just all she wants is twelve years of age of twelve represents the church twelve tribes twelve apostles and the amazing thing about this story is you have Jesus in the middle you have an older woman that has the swelling of blood for twelve years she comes in contact with Jesus the blood stops but then Jesus does any resurrection little girl twelve years of age back to life really what this is a description of is the transition between the old testament church and the New Testament church you see the woman and the flowing of blood for twelve years represents the Old Testament church with the continual sacrifices a continual flowing with blood but when you reach out and you touch Christ and his righteousness there is no longer need for sacrifice and the veil was rent from top to bottom in the sanctuary and right at that point what does Jesus do he raises up the New Testament church symbolized by the little girl that's twelve years of age so this idea of a woman representing the church is all over the Scriptures you can find the parables of Jesus tells the one of the last example of this is the woman being the church and Jesus being the bridegroom 's most famous words in John chapter fourteen one to three with Jesus has made much of hostage troubled you believe in God we will see me my father 's house are many mansions that were not so told I go to prepare a place for you and you cannot prepare a place for you I will come again and receive Thomas often rhyme they may be also now when Jesus said those words he was on the mount of olives with his disciples and has the will looking down into Jerusalem maybe this in the book desire they just has a looking down to the city of Jerusalem there was actually a marriage procession I was taking place he could see the lights as they were traveling along and Jesus with that in view told his disciples don't be worried under the prepare place you inanimate come back and see them myself and ended the disciples understood with Jesus is talking about this was in the context of marriage back in Bible times when a young man proposes a young woman and she accepted his proposal for marriage he would then go back to his father 's house and he would build on a room country 's father 's house once the room was finished then he would go with all of his friends and much pump in fanfic he would go back to his bride 's house and he would escort his bride back to his father 's house it was at the father 's house with the actual wedding ceremony would take place they would then live in the little room that was added on while he went out and built them their own prominent home now with that in mind Jesus said to disciples on ten ago and prepare a place built on a Rome in my father 's house and when it's all finished on intercom receive you unto myself you've all heard about the marriage supper of the Lamb in the father 's house and Jesus comes and he receives us the bride and he takes us back to heaven how long do we live in the father 's house for a thousand years what happens at the end of thousand euros with God we build on houses and we inhabit them so Jesus gave that promise to the disciples in John forty one to three in the context of marriage and they understood what he meant I mean would a young man proposed a young woman go through all the trouble of an anyone are woman's father 's house but they forget to pick up his bride I would make sense to the thing I'm not benefited too because I'm preparing a place for you in my father 's house and then I'm in a conversation about something else that's interesting one day the Pharisees told Jesus the story about a woman who was married and a husband died and she met another man and he died and another one and he died although at the seven remember that story and try to trick Jesus so they sent in the resurrection cushion to be married to his cell why Christianity and Jesus in you are not buying the script is more the power of God but in the kingdom we shall be as the Angels they neither marry but they neither marry nor are given in marriage by this very interesting because in the kingdom who's the wife who's that broad the church who's the group Christ so in heaven Cooley married American Jesus the relationship that we have on earth that's his intimate and close as a marriage relationship is the type of the relationship crisis inhabit us individually in heaven very unique very precious type of relationship out of it when you get to heaven if you marry the immediate divorce papers but there is the whole idea of a whole understanding of marriage as we have it now to be different in the kingdom because Christ is really the group and the church is really the bride and so we will come to the special unique intimate relationship experience with Jesus that'll be far superior to any other relationship that will have led many good solid relationship with you but nothing like the relationship that we have the juice itself this idea of a woman representing the church is very significant and it's found throughout Scripture not one of the top getting back to a point characteristic number one we need to have a clear identity we need to first of all recognize that the Dragon music angry with us the church right the woman any goal is to make war with the remnant of overall spring the memory of a description of the REM about the remnant are now the ones who keep the commandments of God and I have the testimony of Jesus Christ I was first they are two obvious characteristics of character traits as to who the remnant are but there's a third one that's not that obvious what are the two obvious characteristics of the Raymond James this those who want keep the commandment of God a one ounce and a half testimony jeez those the two obvious ones but can you see us start identifying characteristic as to who the remedies they got the Dragon is enraged within so not only do they keep the Commandments and have the destiny Jesus but they also experience the wrath of the Dragon right that that the identity of God 's true remnant so if you have a group of people that claim to keep the commandments of God and they claim to have the testimony of Jesus but the drive is not upset with them maybe they don't really understand who they supposed to be does that make sense because if you have God 's people truly keeping his commandments motivated by love and I following the testimony of the genealogies is the always game to have the rest of the day the Devils could be upset so that's an interesting point to note now keeping the commandment of God the Commandments on their there are ten Commandments and the ten Commandments written on how many tables of stone why do you think though written in two tables was it too much as to put on one without an accident what they separated form the one side six on the other a why that distinction okay so the first four have to do with what our relationship with God in the last six at the good relations the Alabama this is amazing these things don't just happen by accident you know when you see these things in Scripture that helps the study that Scripture is inspired what numbering the Scriptures represent God what is God 's number seven one oh seven represent operational perfection what number has amazing what number represents man sex wise number six represent Matt not complete just just but man is created on which day of the week the sixth day of the week the Mark of the beast is the number of a man and his number is six six six in addition to seven and connect with God what are the numbers connected with God the one God is one is another number ten and would be low but three how is reconnected with God father son and Holy Spirit the amazing thing about the Mark of the beast six six six what's what's man's number six what's three ago I think it's man's attempts to usurp God 's position it's the counterfeit Trinity you can read about the count of the Trinity Revelation sixteen and get out the Dragon Satan the beast the papacy and the false prophet apostate Protestantism they seek the place of God and is a number of trials between this caliphate Virginia but even the point is this the number six represents man it's man's number now this is what's amazing the first for the ten Commandments have to do with our relationship with God the last six of the Commandments have to do with what our relationship with our fellow man how many commandments have to do in our relationship with our fellow man six because of man's number right decision so the first work to do in our relationship with God the Lasix of the denomination the film and amino acids interesting and is old is kind of interesting little symbols that you can find the script was first breakup with Jesus before turning water into wine in a place called Cana of Galilee I now that was those waiting what is awaiting represent in the Bible who is the bridegroom Christ as the bride the Church the wedding represents Christ reception of his bride in these kingdoms of his wedding in Cana in Galilee and in order for this wedding to be successful what's needed why what is the one representing the atoning sacrifice of Jesus that's why you have the marriage supper the length of the blood of Christ makes it possible something else interesting connected with when God created Adam in the beginning who does Adam represent Jesus referred to as the second Adam Wright thing and how did God create the bride about the life of Adam when he got offended this is amazing how did with regard to advocate of the sleep what asleep representing the Bible death and what it got to be decided that opened up the side and took something out the red and what he did with the rep he may be brought maybe the second Adam fell asleep on the cross sleep a bit his side was opened up and what came out of the side of Christ water and blood through the blood of Christ she was atoning sacrifice to the moving of the Holy Spirit symbolized by the water that the bride of Christ is created this makes it easy all of these symbols throughout Scripture with a woman in a traditional resume way back from winning so the weddings taking place and the wine the Matrox varies the wine failed so the mother of Jesus comes and says you know we have no one welcoming this is embarrassing the weekend before something else interesting to note and might be the same in Canada but it was the responsibility of the grooms family to provide the wine that's kind of interesting to the wine with reference to the marriage supper of the Lamb is provided by the groom 's family for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son 's sacrifice provided by Jesus so the wine fails and so the mother comes to Jesus this is one of unitive Jesus says what I could do with the woman one hours lucky by the way that the very respectful tone back in Bible times remember one of the commanders on the amount and your father Jesus did odds actually very safe I say to my mom what a black to do with your woman she'll give me a ride that will happen but not invited there was this different those actually respectful to seduce is what I like I can do what he wanted to do my power is not to come very interesting when does Jesus say that these hours just before the God of Gethsemane is with his disciples right he picks up the great juice he says this is the testimony this is the covenant shedding my blood he says and now the hour is come and mentioned just before Christ's sheds his blood this is now my hours cut sometimes but three and a half years before that he says his mother minority market nevertheless Jesus still provides by turning water into wine Nike is an interesting thought John tells us that they were six stone water jets that we use for the purifying the Jews ceremonial cleansing November sixth on what adjustment for the multiple washing the hands washing plates but ceremonial cleaning not just general cleaning and the six of them how many six what a six represent man's number Jesus tells the seventh to fill them full of water any performs numerical and he tells the seventh of July out the water and somehow it becomes wine and take it to the gut Lopez the first person that had to see the wine have to know after Jesus performed America what the government face why because the governor the feast have to give his approval before it can be given to begets so the seven took the want to the government the feast and when the government fee space of the wine most likely the father of the groom the case of the Linux admin this is good most people put up the good stuff first and then that which is inferior later having been about alcohol rehab this was pure grape juice special because the symbolism the reason the group said most people put up with this stuff first is because back in Bible times get the best grape juice freshly squeezed from the vine pain Sherry a great juice would be that would have some kind of way of dehydrating the juice and color became a thick syrupy type pace and that I wanted to concentrate then mix it up it wasn't as good as the real thing but you put up the good stuff first and then later on as time goes on but in this case the best to skip the last now here's the amazing thing this first miracle that Jesus performed he opened three disciples who revealed his disciples what his mission really was about they were looking for him to establish a temporal kingpins why Christ came Jesus came in order for the marriage supper of the Lamb to take place anyone for that to happen Jesus have to provide the wine now the amazing things that the miracle of the water turning to want to place in six stone water objects in order for Jesus to be up to provide the wine for the marriage supper of the Lamb he didn't take upon himself humanity Jesus became a man symbolized by the sixth on which X it performs this miracle in other words he gives his life sacrifice was sent and when he rose from the dead and Mary was looking and got up to seventy what is the center do not cling to me or do not detain me for a modular synth my father in heaven why did Jesus have to sing to his father in heaven because he had to get from his father in Dublin on the feast that the wine was an at the wedding could proceed and after Jesus received from his father that his sacrifice was sufficient then he came back and being received the worship of his disciples so when I first married coming anal gallery you have a microcosm of what Christ mission really wants what was the purpose point coming at all the little details fit together quite remarkable okay this job while is yes Jesus says no man takes my life from me my house is laid down in my power to take it up again but the angel came down from heaven and said your father pulls you now the power that you Jesus was that he couldn't hear anything so they must've been something that some power that enabled Christ to come forth but in essence it was Christ who has reconciled by the Mister of the resurrection upon and Samba Poulsen says the same power that raised Christ from the dead will souls awoke within us so that we live in newness of life so Christ says I laid out my life and I take it up again and then the angel says your father pulls you in Jesus takes up his life he comes from grade seven that's kind of the base we have four four that it in the Gospels means it comes on essays out of another birthright of hand how would Jesus Whitty Angel Colson says son of having a son of man a son of God if articles are it is fun and also spurred a prophet to benefit insurance in the gospel someone okay so we looking at the two characteristics they keep the commandments of God press for our relationship with God motivated by love in the last six are relation of a felony and that the testimony of Jesus Christ what is the testimony of Jesus relationship for nineteen most damned says the destiny Jesus the spirit of prophecy now what is the spirit of prophecy to have a clear understanding of what that it's let's go to the very first part of Revelation Revelation chapter one Revelation chapter one Revelation chapter one and we read the first few verses in a relationship the one verse one says the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto him to show unto his servants things that must shortly take place and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John samples right here the revelation of God the father which she gave to Jesus of God the father is the found minimal truth is truth and comes to Jesus Jesus then sends up on angel to his servant John spoke about that the evidence then it goes on here in verse two who bore witness of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ of all things that he sold so he and John sees the ball witness on the testimony of Jesus Christ what is the testimony was a testament in the court of law what would be a testimonial quotable okay some of these giving an eyewitness account so he was there and he's getting a testimony about something now in the context of the plan of redemption is there some kind of a court case that's taking place what kind of cold cases taking place and who's involved in this case God 's character O Goddess Ami Satan has made some accusations against God 's character okay how is the testimony of Jesus vindicating the character of God did you let us any yesterday signals they do not really a God of law how did Jesus demonstrate that God is about a love gave his life so the testimony of Jesus is answering these falls accusations that Satan has against God 's character and the church those who received the testimony of Jesus have they received the testimony that Jesus has to say about God the father so they believe that Jesus what Jesus says about the father through that he's got a lot misguided mercy and price demonstrated that in his life so to receive the testimony of Jesus is to believe everything Jesus has to say does that make sense to believe everything Jesus to say that how does Jesus communicate with us through the Holy Spirit and through the gift of prophecy by speaking to the prophets are revealing to them in dreams and visions so the testimony of Jesus those of the Commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus this group of people believe everything Jesus has to say now fully committed to doing whatever Jesus is they believe the testimony of Jesus and how does Jesus speak to them through the gift of prophecy so they understand the prophecies that understand revelation understanding does that make sense to you with manna but the testimony of Jesus is it's the spirit of prophecy it's receiving the testimony that Jesus has with reference to what his father 's life and with reference to what he wants us to do data to estimate users to receive what Jesus 's second receiver to make it all okay so this is a characteristic of the remnant they have a clear identity they need to know who they are not is an interesting statement from the book acts of the apostles page alliances the church is God 's appointed agency for the salvation of man it was organized for what reason set us and its mission is to carry the gospel to the world so will establish the church was established for the purpose of syllabus and to share the gospel with the world that's why we are here Revelation chapter fourteen twelve gives us an additional characteristic of God 's people up in a time series the patients of the saints another word for patients there is endurance here is being your ends of the saints is the patient besides those acute the commands of God and I have the faith of Jesus you think at the end of time God 's people will need to have patience or endurance yes they will verify Jesus is he that endures until the and the same shall be saved setting durance is needed also notice that not only do they keep God 's commandments or bottle images and one more thing with reference to that the Jesus tell a parable about a woman that had claims that she lost one of them calmly claims that she had that would tan and one of them was lost with each elusive claim in the house and ship to rediscover the point was this something the church had lost with reference to the ten Commandments that have to be found again which one of the Commandments before command anything anyway back here not only do they keep the commands of God but they have the face of Jesus do you think there's a difference between having the faith on Jesus and having faith in Jesus what are the differences what kind of faith is needed in order to be safe the fate of Jesus or faith in Jesus whoever believes in me shall be saved so in order to have your name written in the Lamb 's book of life you need to have faith in Jesus meaning that you need to believe that Jesus is your personal savior and you need to believe that Jesus the son of God confession Suns give your life to him we have faith in Jesus but what kind of faith and believe it at the hand of time not only faith in Jesus but have the face of Jesus no what's the difference or can you think of and experience in the life of Jesus that demonstrates more than any other one the faith of Jesus it's not faith in Jesus Jesus but about Jesus having faith in himself but what is the faith of Jesus what kind of faith in Jesus have that the remnant need to haven't been self-sacrificing can you think of and experience in the life of Jesus that demonstrates that go to Calvary little more specific Gethsemane what specifically about Gethsemane demonstrates the faith of Jesus not my will why will be done to that effect Jesus the faith of Jesus is mission to what ever the will of the father is what it predicts so the remnant at the end of time not only do they keep God 's commandments but in order for venting dealer to the various because of the rest of the Dragon they need to have the same attitude of Jesus in the God of Yosemite with a celluloid not my will be done but I will be doubtful and complete submission to the will of God that's the only kind of faith that will sustain them through the final events will take place just prior to the coming of Jesus so keeping God 's commandments having the faith of Jesus having the testimony of Jesus these are all characteristics of God 's people the last thing we need to have a clear identity as a people need to know who we are and what are these goddess called us to do medicine interest statement the final objective of all assets of the Seventh-day Adventist church is that of preaching the gospel and preparing men and woman to meet the Lord there is something Scripture that the call prison truth now what's the difference between truth and present truth let's think about affirmative when Nola was building the arc and he began to preach and he told everybody to get into the ark of the flood was coming was that truth yes but if I preach that message today that a flood coming with me to get into the ark would that be praise and truthful today that was present for the Nola state right but is not prison truth today in other words present truth always has a time element attached to it if there's no time element became attached to it is not printed when Jesus began his public ministry what is he saying repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand I was a present truth message had a time element connected to so likewise today we have a prison truth message that has to be preached because of where we are in the stream of time that's why Jesus uses the example of Nola when he parallels these principal aspects there was a prison truth message that has to be preached so that venison we have a prison truths message a present truth gospel that has to go to war the world to prepare people for the second coming of Christ knife you going to Bible to second Peter we learned more about this prison truth message second Peter and will look over here in verse let's take a look at birds sing the good ship three just on a thinker a good spot will be frosted out of starting plate that she thought it was one system that I now write unto you the second epistle in both which I stop your pill mind spyware remember reminder that you may be mindful of the words which was spoken before by the holy prophets and the Commandments of us the apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ firstly knowing this first that scoffers will come in the last days walking according to their own lusts and saying where is the promise of his coming forth since our fathers the foreman asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation that's it for their penises in the last days that a lot of the people saying Jesus is not in a calm because all things continue as they were other words there's been no change we can bank on the prophecies then he goes on verse five for this they'll willfully forget that by the word of God the heavens were of old and the outstanding out of water and in the water by which the world that then existed perished being flooded with water but the heavens and the which are now preserved by the same with our present for fire unto the day of judgment and the tradition of the ungodly men but beloved do not forget this one thing that what the Lord one day is as a thousand euros in a thousand years is as one day now what is the context you what was Peter talking about what is the minimum contacts with the subject matter that's under consideration second coming of Christ okay we'll was that there many submittals against this thesis don't forget one day with the Lord 's is how long thousand years in a thousand years is as day now when you're dealing with prophetic time living with prophetic time one prophetic daisies with the how long one the Treaty of Poughkeepsie that gives us a little bit of a different perspective he says one days as a files in some a thousand users a day no license is significant why is that mentioned in the context of the second coming and Peter makes a great day uses don't forget this I don't want you to be ignorant of this one thanks so is emphasizing this don't forget one day when the Moses of housing us back is anything principal always be enough about six thousand yes now what happened after the sixth day of creation and the Sabbath rest what happens when Jesus comes than a thousand years Sabbath rest in heaven the principle of missing script use this work for six restful one with the successful one what the six days restless and got told Israelites to work the fields the six yes that the feel-good moment the seventieth and seven means completion so the great controversy and was at the seven thousand years what happens at the end of the thousand years the new Jerusalem comes down from God out of heaven all the redeemed with the resurrected the final judgment and the now destroyed and God creates a new heavens and a new insult the great week of time right now with the end of six thousand gifts we not sure exactly when that time Wheatley write their and the next thing this can happen is the one thousand year cents enemy has to something else is God particular is God particular as to when the Sabbath starts arming right now the weekly Sabbath he's got particular as to when said funds he has particular awareness sunsets the Sabbath thoughts right does God want us to keep the Sabbath when the sunsets of easy particular about that yes he is not you think God 's particular about making sure that he is millennial Sabbath is kept complete think it would be I'd I'd see the other is about six thousand years old and we been told that Christ could come before now but there is a point in time where God says so far no for there is if you like a backstop point Jesus can come before this depending upon the Gospel going to all the world and the judge being ready for Jesus he can come before this point in time but there is a point in other words Christ must be stopped away forever let's just say the judge never is read by machine never does the work on his corn of good will Jesus have to wait indefinitely to come know is good people in the grave it is connect to resurrect his Dominican stay in the gray forever at some point in time God is to say that's it I'm coming ready enough in my thinking that six thousand new over that time he began about six thousand year mark exactly that but that's the but we can Jesus can come before the visit to make sense in other words we can influence the coming of Christ by doing the work is going us to do but if we don't do anything God stop and wait forever at this point in time and the Sabbath begins so to speak Jesus will come to get his own opinion of the one thousand seven then the great controversies will together at the end of that thousand so the gospel that has to be preached to all the world is in the context of the time in which reality and we are living by the p.m. of that six thousand year period where exactly we don't know but we write their Jesus is soon to come so there is a prison choose message prison truth gospel that has to be preached to the world that's the message God is calling us to preach that's why God raise up the Seventh-day Adventist stretch God did not raise up the Seventh-day Adventist church for Adventists he raised to be administered for Baptists and Presbyterians and Catholics and Lutherans and people of no church whatsoever the race of the church to prepare there are a people to meet him in peace of course the message to give us as the three Angels messages look at that in just a minute okay what time I was supposed to finish thirty one oh we take a break is at three thirty one take a first-rate to fifteen so the next three fifty on the Nexus everything will finish at three fifteen with a fifty minute break will come back okay the second characteristic dance of the first characteristic that we need to have individually and as a church is when you have a clear identity we need to know who we are and what it is God has called us to do characteristic number two we need to have an urgent message to be of an urgent message to share with the world yes we do a way to define that urgent message all right Revelation chapter fourteen but before you go to relationship fourteen take a look at Revelation chapter ten and verse eleven you can view there the screen if you want Revelation chapter ten verse eleven and he said unto me you must prophesy again about or before many people nations tongues and things now who is they see in the verse who speaking immigrants the angel and who is the angel who is the me an address by John Slater is an Angel speaking to John and John Ennis tells John you must prophesy again before many people nation kinds of things so that would mean them at some point in time John was prophesying meaning preaching prophecy declaring prophecy and then something happened and then the message came that he would do it again say was doing it and then somehow something happens they stopped doing it and then being destroyed manually keep doing now to find out the context of this we go back early on in Revelation chapter ten and what we have described in Revelation chapter ten an angel he seen coming down from heaven in prophecy what is an Angel represent Ms. Sandra Evergreen is on the loss means messenger as I hear is this messenger he comes with a message and if you look at the description of the angular relationship with him it's really a description of Jesus was a clothed with the sun 's own rainbow bodies had he has in his hand little booklets open any sense is one foot upon the roof and his other foot upon the sea now what is the city represented Bible prophecy multitudes and nation in kindred and tongue and the US would be a sponsor populated place just the opposite see here is a message that comes from Jesus that has to be preached both in the densely populated areas of the world as well as the spot the populated areas the message that has to go to war the world and the message that has to go to war the world has something to do with a little book that's open in the angel 's hand now how do we know what book that is that's open in angel 's hand was a couple clues that a given writing the chapter salacious look at a couple of in your quick revelation chapter ten the first clue that we have is inverse to it since we had a Nice hand what kind of a book as little book so that's the first of the book is little secondly and have something to do if you look over here in verse five any Angel muscle spanning from the scene upon the land raise his hand to heaven and swore by him that lives for ever and ever who created the heavens and things that are there any up and things that unerring and the sea and the things that are very that there should be time no longer so this little book is a little book and this little book has something to do with high and the first thing that you need to see here is verse seven but in the days of the signing of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound then the mystery of God will be finished as he is declared unto his servants the prophets so this little booklets opening the hand of the angel it's a little but it's a book that has something to do with prophecy and it's a prophetic book so it's a little prophetic book that has something to do with a mystery that will be revealed little book is the book of Daniel in the Old Testament and will see the significance of victory just a few but if I'm going take a break be back at three thirty and we'll dive into the message that God has given us to share with the world this is exciting in this media was run by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about hothouse this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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