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Characteristics of a Healthy Church, Part 2

Jean Ross




  • August 17, 2012
    3:30 PM
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okay so I have some help with a word of prayer will keep going funding him once he me thank you they were able to be here thanks for the opportunity to open up your word and study together and see what it is you want us to be on what you want us to do so we pray for you continued guidance in Jesus name amen I would like characteristics of a healthy Adventist church also characteristics that we need as Adventists as Christians things we want to have a clear understanding on soft first characteristic we spoke about a few moments ago is having a clear identity right the second thing we don't about now is having an urgent message and looking in Revelation chapter ten verse eleven we going back and getting a hold of the context in Revelation chapter ten say again your Bibles in the Revelation chapter ten we have this description of an angel coming down out of heaven fifties one foot upon the opening and his other foot upon the sea he has a little booklets opening his hand then I want to draw your attention to here in verse three this is Revelation chapter ten verse three yellow book opening his hand was three and he cried with a loud voice as when a lion wars in the book Revelation who is the voice of a lion was described as a lion in Revelation Jesus it's Jesus is the line of the tribe of Judah was and when he cried out seven fund is other than voices and then blissful says knowing the seven thunders uttered their voices I was about to write a letter to a voice from heaven saying to me seal up the things which the seven thunders uttered and do not write them off finds interesting invasion John is about a right something that he is and then gods is not adult Rotterdam such as the something is revealed but it's awfully understood as a something is concealable something is held back it's important to note that come back to the late Ron and then burst five then the angel who muscles than upon the scene upon the man raised his hand toward heaven what is me to raise your hand toward heaven means to our current home and in court when you now promised to tell the truth and nothing but the truth you raise your hand vortex of this is both OS X and swore by him will is for ever and ever created they have in the things that unerringly gotten and veterinarian embassy in the things that are very aware of you found that same morning the first Angels message I worship you made the heavens if the sea and the springs of Baron Budd in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel when he is about to sound the mystery of God shall be finished as is the great entries of the profits so there is this mystery connected with this little book that's opening the hand of the angel but the mystery will be revealed or it would be understood when the seventh angel begins to sound out what his relationship can describe describing the experience of the early advent believe is right that was citing the little book of Daniel and in particular there was a time prophecy the twenty three hundred days of two thousand three hundred and the sanction shall be claims and there was something about that but couldn't quite understand what was that they didn't understand about the verse was at the time did they did they get the time right four fifty seven BC all the way to till eighteen forty four do they get that right the bigger the timer for what was the part of the first dynamic fourteen that they are wrong the claims in the sanctuary now they thought the century was the us and the claims in the same she would be by fire at the second coming of Christ so that was something about this little prophetic book that was not fully understood like the seven fund is that their voice and is about to write and then got Saddam my mother was hold something back we can see the same experience with the disciples did Jesus tell his disciples before his crucifixion that he was going be crucified and was to be buried but then that he would rise again DJs the sound disciples that before the crucifixion at some point is missing yes he did but when Jesus was actually crucified where the disciples discouraged with a quickly disappointed when Jesus crucified yes something was not fully understood it was a mental after the fact at the resurrection that they really began to understand what it is that Jesus is product held so what wasn't the only adamant believers that was fighting the little book of Daniel and based upon a study they came to the conclusion that at the end of the twenty three hundred days in eighteen forty four Jesus would come but there was something about that they didn't understand the sanctuary has a little bit of a disappointment Jesus didn't come but God was leading them through this and appointed stage no chili in a come back to verse seven just a minute for Saint then the voice which I heard from heaven spake to me again and said go take the little book which is opening the hand of the angel who stands in the sin upon the so I went to the angel and seventeen gimp in a little book and he said to be taken and heated it will be no spamming but but it will be as sweet as honey in your mouth so the little book is sweeping them out but but their MS stomach wasn't mean to eat the book was that me was mean to eat something I could get through Jeremiah chapter fifteen sixteen says by words were found and I did eat them and they want to me the joy and the rejoicing of my heart what is me to eat something meets receive the study said it was studying the little book of Daniel the eight it up it was sleeping them out why was it sweet in the mouth before Jesus was coming right but when Jesus didn't come what was their experience that the disappointment so that's why the angel says to John even operates weeding them out this is Lewis nine but it will make a semi- bit first hand this is Revelation content then I took a little book out of the angel 's hand and a hated and it was in my mouth the sweet as honey but when I read that my stomach was that so he and John is playing the part of the early advent believes now coming back overhearing verse seven four seven saves but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound than the mystery of God will be finished now what we know about the seven trumpet sounding the seventh angel of the seventh trumpet what is that mean and how did that help those Advent believers understand what the two thousand three hundred year prophecy puzzle about the kind of sanctuary will to understand that go to Revelation Chapter 11 any verse fifteen you have the sounding of the seventh trumpet was very interesting revelation chapter eleven Saudi verse fifteen then the seventh angel sounded and it was loud voices in heaven saying that kingdoms all of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and he shall reign for ever and ever so get the picture when the seventh trumpet begins to sound this voice is heard in heaven and say the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our mold and he will reign for ever and ever not to understand but that's about it you have to go to the little book again just to get a quick overview what spends a chapter to about gang attempt to Nebuchadnezzar 's dream remember that and there's the image what was the head of the image may have gold representing what can get babbling chest and on the solar representative need of Persia who by the way the arts to lots of the kingdom they conquered Babylon comprised of two parts the needs and the Persians and out which power came up first the Medes and Persians the meets which power ruled longer and was stronger the Persians that's interesting so the second power inns up being more powerful and moving longer as it is will come back to the bed in the thighs of brass represents what kingdom kingdom of Greece what about the legs of minds that represent Rome how many legs how many plots to roll this to one of the two parts pagan Rome and papal Rome which one came up first pagan Rome which one ruled longer and was stronger paper wrongly see the parallel between Meetup for general and in the field course of vinyl play represents divided based in Europe and then there's the stolen that's cut out without hands that comes in strikes the image upon its feet as that stone represent Christ is coming that stone represents his kingdom that's when the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord I'm something else important to note that stones striking image also his judgment would you say that's judgment when Jesus comes will judgment for public and when Jesus comes yes they destroyed by the brightness of his coming something else interesting about that stone Jesus said agreeable falls upon the stone will be broken but woe unto the one upon whom he falls forward will grind him to powder it's interesting Jesus used that same imaging and defining Daniel chapter seven bankruptcy have the same inch head of gold chest also been advised of wrestling 's freedom on a claim in the stoning of judgment that comes then again let's have the seven you have these beliefs are the same kingdoms the kingdom of Babylon is represented by a line with Eagles wings right then next the kingdom of meet authorities represented by one animal that they are raised upon the one side Y Z raise up on the one side the Persians was stronger than the needs this three words in his mouth representing the three principal nations that need appraiser complements rise to power the next beast is what I let that would help we hence forehands and how mailings or wings what kingdom does not represent Greece Snyderman Alexander the great God 's kingdom spot optimizes for generals in the next these days some of this nondescript dragon like these that has ten whole ones and INT consult what kingdom is that represent represents the kingdom of Royal and then invasion on John notices this little hole and that comes up on the head and it uproots three of the other holds what if that alone represent papal power the candles represent the individuals the Roman Empire Western Europe what immediately follows the rising up of the little horn and the ruling of this little-known power of the three awkward that is the little boy comes out okay but then the little child will rule and then asked what's the next thing that Revelation coming Daniel seven talks about what the judgment discover that real quick to something you know it will come back in Revelation chapter ten the book of Daniel chapter seven now Daniel chapter seven Daniel chapter seven so we have a little more power discuss and then malicious of the verse eight engines similar site I was considering the Holmes and it was another one a little one coming up amongst them before whom three of the first ones were plucked up by the roots and it was in the swollen eyes the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking pompous words so right after the papal power rules verse nine I watched the throne 's opening place in the ancient of days and see to cruise the ancient days God the father is gone and was as white as snow any scare on his head was like peelable he's thrown a fiery flame its wheels burning fire a fiery stream issued and came forth from before eight thousand thousands ministered unto him ten thousand times ten thousand before I noticed the next part the court was seated and the books were opened I compose writing Daniel to give up Avenida Bush agrees wrong dividing Western Europe judgment and coming of Christ Daniel seven and the babbling Medo Persia Greece Rome the papacy by Western Europe and judgment not spoken by judgment heaven the police said the ancient days is seated and then Daniel chapter seven if you look at verse thirteen I was watching in the night visions and behold one like under the Son of Man whose that was the Son of Man Jesus coming with the clouds of heaven notice is not coming to the office not the second coming but coming with the clouds of heaven he came to the ancient of days and they brought him near before him so what we seem to accept the seventy first of all God the father he gets up and he moves into the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and he takes his seat the judgments about to begin then Jesus with the Angels entry in to the most holy place to be with God the father so now you have the judgment taking place in heaven and they notice what happens at the end of that judgment Mrs. Daniel chapter seven now an verse fourteen then to him that is Jesus was given dominion and glory and keeping them that all people and nations in Lancashire said his dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away and his kingdom one that shall not be destroyed that you put all that together relationship and says that at the sounding of the seventh trumpet when he begins to sound the mystery of God will be revealed as the present of the profits but what happens in Revelation eleven when the seven trumpet begins to sound the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord when does that happen when does that begin that they this place at the hand on this judgment is described in Daniel chapter seven of the second coming of Christ when the kingdoms of this will become the kingdoms of our Lord yes one little booklet was a couple of clues the one it's a little book the bogeyman is a little number two it's got a mysterious time prophecy to it and number three it's a prophetic book the mystery and it's a prophetic book so if you put those three together what book in the Old Testament is a prophetic book that has the time prophecy that he sealed and eventually is unsealed its own the book the bed and so from the context is will he get that from from Revelation chapter ten as the bluebook yes that's good and stop anytime and ask yeah yeah those of the three main reasons why the little book of Daniel is connected with what's what to read about a relationship so Daniel two you got these kingdoms you good judgment Daniel seven tells the same thing kingdoms Alameda Persia Greece Rome judgment but it doesn't tell us the time of the judge Daniel eight when he finally Daniel templates there is a RAM and there is a coat by system the else interesting what is a RAM and a goat having common and a Liana bear and a left side and you know Dragon having what is a goat and a RAM having common one is a lion and the bear and the lip having sorry okay domesticate and while that's a good point yes the ones in Dan seven are not sacrificial animals you can sacrifice a lamb and there are eleven or Dragon but you can't sacrifice a ram an adult now with would you sacrifice a ram and a goat in Old Testament times sanctuary so the theme of Daniel chapter eight is centered in sanctuary sanctuary image imagery that's important enough now of course you have Daniel seven you have these kingdoms you have these kingdoms repeated Daniel a babbling is not mentioned but you do have the RAM one Horn logic and the other representing the approach and you have the he goat with the one notable want between his eyes that's the kingdom of Greece and the one twenties Alexander the great in minutes is the one one was broken and in its place for this group when Alexander the great God 's kingdom was divided up amongst us for general security study that Daniel seven and an assist from one of them that's one of the four points of the compass another one comes that grows big and persecute the people of God and even goes up against Christ even goes up against speaking of Jesus that pagan Rome but also papal Rome silly covering the same time Medo Persia Greece Rome papal role and what's the next thing that's supposed to follow after papal Rome in Daniel seven and Daniel to Martha remember the sequence is about let me to Persia Greece pagan Rome papal Rome and what's the next and it follows judgment tried Daniel to us the stone in Daniel seven the court he sitting heaven each today's closing sewing Daniel HQ got the same sequence of Medo Persia Greece pagan Rome papal Rome and then what's should be the next obvious thing that comes into focus judgment judgment now the interesting thing about Daniel I gave held at the time of the judgment Daniel seven describes the judgment but Daniel made actually tells you win the judgments can take place and what time we have in Daniel chapter eight Daniel eight fourteen ago today unto two thousand three hundred days then the sanctuary shall be claims so that the time of the judgment that's explaining when the judgments can begin that's been given again it's up to seventy C the patent a patentable cup Avenue Persia Greece Rome the papacy ending judgment and in the same kingdoms and now instead of describing judgment in chapter eight it actually tells you when judgment begins that's the point so Daniel eight fourteen twenty two thousand three days now because when you win you find the beginning for that twenty three hundred big time when he finally beginning and end of chapter nine right the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem for fifty seven BC ago affording time was first seventy weeks of four hundred ninety is given for the juice and salt but that time eventually and in eighteen forty four so the time for the judgment starts making forty four and according to Revelation chapter ten it says when the trumpet begins to sound and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord then ministry will be revealed a little phone when does the things of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord in the judge when does the judgment begin eighteen forty four so the ministry of the book of Daniel would be understood after eighteen forty four percent since they with me to go back to Revelation Chapter 11 real quick Bassanio the seventh trumpet W reverse fifteen Daniel in our sorry revelation revelation eleven fifteen Revelation eleven fifteen since then the seventh angel sounded and there was a loud voices in heaven saying the things of this world and become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and he's tell reign forever and ever make you look down in verse nineteen then the temple of God was opened in heaven and the arc of his covenant was seen in his Temple and the lightning 's and noises and thunderings of earthquake and great hail so notice now the picture is drawn the Ark of the covenant is seen in his Temple where was the ark of the covenant in the earthly sanctuary or compartment most holy place and we know the earthly is a shadow of the heavenly Daniel chapter seven says the age the days goes in and he is seated and in the Son of Man comes that's Jesus so that's describing what's happening the most holy place where the Ark of the covenant he so when the seventh trumpet begins to sound that's where Jesus goes into the most holy place and the pre- Advent judgment or the investigative judgment begins in heaven then the ministry will be understood with reference to the little book of Daniel that's exactly what happened prior to eighteen forty four people didn't understand the mystery of the it was a sealed book but once they went through that experience that the disappointment in the seventh trumpet began to sound Jesus began his pre- Advent judgment then suddenly they began to understand and make sense of it okay now with that as a background we go to Revelation seventeen was elected Revelation ten eleven this is after John eats the book of Sweden is not littering a stomach verse eleven and he said unto me you must prophesy again before many peoples and nations and times and things the Lord she works on over it scarcely begun acting he just imagine merely adamantly this as you know before Jesus was coming that in harvested fields they didn't need to Jesus is coming they invested everything they have been telling the world that Jesus is coming ending Jesus doesn't pleasantly disappointed so discouraged but then somebody is reading the Revelation MA reading chapter ten about this little book opening the hand of Angels and John eats it up and sweep in his mouth but between the stomach and then suddenly they understand what happened in eighteen forty four in the pre- Advent judgment so want something on us the description alas that's out experience and then as they ran on they look at verse eleven and he said you must prophesy again and to begin to realize that they welcome wasn't over it had scarcely become God was calling them to preach a message again that's the good old world now the Bible divisions between chapters that we have now are not in the original the original Greek doesn't have any chapter divisions and in this case revelation eleven one and two really belong in Revelation chapter can look in Revelation eleven was one he says and I was given a read like into a measuring rod any angel stood saying rise and measure the temple of God the ultimate and those who worship therein so now John is given this read another word for Reed is a roller and he says measure the Temple night I measuring something that Sam measuring the length of these chairs out a tape measure mohawk on here and I walk along here and then I'm looking at the chairs and comparing their length with an absolute standard another word for measuring his judge I'm comparing something to the absolute standing does that make sense so yeah John is given a reason they say measure the temple to measure those who were worshiping therein what do you think good read symbolizes what we measured by what's the absolute standard the Lord God so there's this measuring taking place is judging taking place winners that happen in heaven in the pre- Advent judgment right this preamp inject I look at verse two answers but leave out the call which is in the outside of the temple and do not measure it for it has been given to the Gentiles and they will trip the holy city under foot for forty two months so the angel says measure the temple and those all worshiping it but don't measure the quartet what do you think that it's what does the courtyard represent what articles of furniture in the quarter label water what else alter off but sacrifice of those the two main things what's inside the first compartment of the sanctuary three articles candlesticks table showbread opening since the veil knocked the company now everything that took place in the courtyard represents the ministry that Christ had on witty Jesus life essence on everything that happened in the first compartment in the second compartment represents Christ ministry for us in him that's what Susan leaned out the core jaw angle measurement in other words this judgment does not involve those who are in the world this judgment only involves those who in the church those who have responded to God those whose names are written in the Lamb 's book of life the judgment of the world of the wicked that comes later on this pre- Advent judgment is just for the righteous before Jesus comes why is there a need for a pre- Advent judgment food before Jesus comes to know is going nowhere USA could and I was going in Matthew twenty two Jesus told a parable just real quick to delete this quick overview in the end Matthew twenty two Jesus said there was a certain king that arranged a marriage for son however Jesus begins a parable by phone about a certain king that has a son who is getting married who is the King got the father was the son Jesus what's the marriage price reception of his bride the Church and his kingdom so there's this wedding and essays those were first invited they didn't want to come the ones who were first invited to the wedding the juice that Monica and then of course the king says woman got to the highways and byways and live you get bringing the comment so finally the wedding holies finish with gifts everybody's in their then the team comes in to look at the guests and he sees there a man that doesn't have on the wedding garment remember that sort and the king says to the man how is it that you can have and not ring the web wedding garment and the man was speechless the site why is it that the man couldn't say anything to the King why couldn't answer the king because it was given a robe with the goal but he refused to put it on that's why you speechless he felt as though his own clothes was good enough and I was so the king said binding hand and foot and flameout will be weeping and gnashing of teeth now does this parable that Jesus told about this event take place before Jesus comes on after Jesus comes the papers before Jesus comes after Jesus comes is it anybody can be thrown out of heaven who gets into heaven whatever the mount up a wedding garment he was thrown out by so this examination of the guests were the King comes anyway looks at the guests this must take place before Jesus comes as they make sense this is the pre- Advent judgment and what is the king looking for when examines the guest busy trying to see how needs the guests close our is always looking for what is available who has on the wedding garment so in this judgment this pre- heaven judgment is God looking to see how good our righteousnesses always looking to see whether not we have on my swing what kind of righteousness will save us Christ righteousness so he is looking to see all the trusting in Jesus always surrendered to Jesus haply by faith receive the righteousness of Christ are we allowing Christ to live within us is not looking to see how good we are because our righteousness will never get us into the kingdom is to see how righteous or will not be received the righteousness of Jesus Christ those that receive Christ's righteousness am made of their own very they stay in the kingdom those who just profess faith in Jesus but they haven't received them as their personal savior and put on his robe of righteousness in this preamp and judgment they get thrown out so to speak when this judgment is older then probation closes then Jesus comes the second time together those that are his many comes with his rewards to give every man according to their works so what's being described in Revelation Chapter 11 is this pre- Advent judgment so there was urgency in the message you must prophesy again why because the judgment is taking place and Jesus is soon to come that's the context of why they have to prophesy yes yes okay the one circuit judge now is anyone who anyone's whose name is written in the last book of life had the hitter name written in the last book of life different economist now you receive Jesus as your personal site sincerely and you confess your sins a year in the Lamb 's book of life the judgment looks at those at some point in their life profess faith in Christ we received Jesus as their personal Savior God is looking to see if they spin machines on a still faithful are they still cloaked in the righteousness of Christ child nodes not just at Venice it's anybody who's received Jesus McChrystal said no one about the Baptist who's received Jesus as his Savior and this judgment is taking place is God-given leave him about this was going to bring them into a full understanding of his wealth is get of bringing into full understanding as well you can make copies check to be from all different groups so that will be those who are thrown out they are those who come in at the end of time they can be Adventists who don't have on the wedding garment what happens regularly and those who are not administered rarely have on the wedding omelettes can happen that you become so before Jesus comes the banquet hole is fully furnished it's complete that's the purpose of this judgment to get the bride complete and together before Jesus comes being Jesus comes to receivers is anything the pre- Advent judgment okay so in the context of the message that we have to go to war the world it's in the context of judgment there is an urgency the judgment is going on Jesus is coming that's the context of the message that needs to go all the world what's the message into the three Angels messages a revelation testimonies volume nine distinctions don't quote in a special same Seventh-day Adventists have been saving the world as watchmen unlike Davis to them as been entrusted the last morning for a parish and will on them is shining wonderful light from the word of God they had in a while although most solemn import the proclamation of the first second and third Angels messages there is no other work of so great an importance now to allow nothing else to absorb their attention how so what is our mission what is the message that God is called us to preach to the world it's a prison to the message and if the three Angels messages but enough to make it up it's right there that's God 's last warning message that message will prepare people for the coming of Christ and so now we take a closer look at the three Angels messages and photos all you need is your Bible you might even though these verses by heart number spent a lot of time in this but I want to point something out Revelation chapter fourteen verse six then I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those that dwell upon the to every nation tribe town and people with sentences saying with what kind of a voice loud voice did God give Doherty him for the hour on his judgments listen to spoken by the relationship with Jennifer 's body Chapter 11 there's this judgment time so this was urgency right Jesus is coming it reduces coming the first thing to loud voice fear God give Doherty him and worship him that made the heavens view of the sea and this brings on water they compose right there Jesus needs to be worshiped as the creative and as part of the first Angels message but it also says don't just worship the one who made them 's view of the sea but also came homemade this brings water where in the Bible the Old Testament do we read about springs of water or the warders from the theme by the way what is a spring spring is one that comes up from the way the way reading the Bible about springs of water or water bursting out from the was the first mention that wasn't was harvested the flawed commitment to deciding the description of the flights is the fountains of the deep broke open and the springs of wanted staff okay Springs when it came so here are attention is being worn to the flat worship him and made him as if the see the springs of water the one who bore the flood now why do you think it's so important that the flawed people to view in the first Angels message as part of calling to worship God when was the first Angels message first proclaimed was the date eighteen forty four run around that time just a little before the eighteen forty four what else was happening in the world around eighteen forty four I've gone over in England what was his name Charles Dalen and Wallace Charles Dolan say saying we evolve from monkeys right from single celled organisms and what was God 's response what is God 's response to Charles not now with a dog to get his ideas from about evolution and just pull that out of the air what was it that he looked back that he lived to that conclusion any thinking is looking at islands and so on but he was also looking at different layers strata okay looking at the different layers of the different layers of rock and based upon the current rate of erosion in the current building up of the strata he extrapolated that look oldest layers of dirt and if there is only potting up this much every five hundred euros and you look at all the dirt that follow-up of these layers that would then mean that the Earth is very real so based upon the difference for Hannah Darwin along with the other once came to the idea on a long age of the and that that be that was the foundation of evolution long agents it's interesting to note that in eighteen forty four Charles Dolan began writing his book origin of the species started laying out his ideas the very that the whole theory of evolution is based upon long ages at that very point in time when God knew this theory was to come along he gave a reason for all of the layers the preceding year flood the flood explains will be slaves came from a couple weeks ago now my family is not the Grand Canyon pays incredible down there we can see all the layers of dirt and when you have the understanding of the flood you can just see how water just watched through this and created these layouts layer after layer of mud just buried everything in the past so the very idea that was being promoted evolution the response comes in the first Angels message God is the one who is the creator he's worthy of worship that's why you see the layers it's because the flock he booked a flight on the SR response evolution is found in the very first Angels message yes and the flood is a much better explanation of books on there at the way we see it and what's amazing to me is God new theory of evolution would come along and in the very first Angels message she gives an answer to evolutionary thought that's why specific it mentions the springs of water it's directing us back five so we need not be confused about this theory that's coming along so what was that first message was preached first in eighteen forty four now what kind of the boys is the first angel half hour voice nineties skip over the second angel and you go to the third angel what is the third Angels and the third angel followed them saying with what kind of a voice loud voice if any man worship the beast storage image or receives these martinis for it on his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without nation with a couple of his indignation he should be commended with fire and brimstone in the presence of the Lamb in principle the most fearful warning that you can find anywhere in Scripture is when people don't worship the beast don't receive his mark resembles so the first angel he seemed proclaiming what kind of a voice loud voice Angel as what kind of a voice have you noticed the voice of the second what kind of voices the second angel the first thing just based on a loud voice the third Angels based on a loud voice but the second angel goes Babylon these full and needs full ways boy wife the first thing to speak with a loud voice and the third angel of a loud voice but the second angel just as baffling these forms here's a clue there is a full Angel did you find in Revelation chapter eighteen and a describes this mighty angel coming down from heaven in New York is illuminated with his glory and he cries mightily with a strong voice or a loud voice Abilene 's foreman is falling in essence the fourth Angel has the same message as the second angel the differences before Angel has a loud voice why was the second weblog was well if you look at the Angels message is not only do they represent message is a whole but they also represent three phases of the Advent movement for example when was the since first proclaimed Seo God give more to him the power on these judgments come over the message first proclaimed eighteen forty four and just after the message was proclaimed the radio eighteen forty four the Sabbath truth worshiping the maybe hemisphere the seams principal was that message proclaimed with a loud voice in the early days of the admin movement yes it was perfect the seven family schedule growing so rapidly that is other denominations upon a figure out the secret was to grow the study that loving so the message was proclaimed with a loud voice now the third Angels message states if any man worships the beast or his image receives his Mark does anybody have the mark of the beast today nobody has the mark of the beast today then making up a mind but nobody has the mark of the beast today when do people actually received the mark beats when they're all goals past the passing of us on the right so according to Revelation the third Angels message even though we preach that message that message has a special future applications that make sense Christopher and just as a better man worship the beast or his image or receives these more reps present things saw the foot Angel has a special future application from where we are today cite the first angel represents the early advent movement and the first angel has a special application for something yet in the future where would that put us today say now do you understand why the second angel does not have a voice because according to Revelation chapter three what is the condition of the seventh charge relationship three the seven churches what's the last church legacy and what's the condition of Laodicea she is Luke you think a lukewarm church is to proclaim a message with a loud voice not likely not like you understand why the segment of the Milan voice I mean the message is going on Babylon is fallen is fallen but is not being proclaimed the lab 's wife because we spiritually will we contain the church 's content it's lukewarm slaves now the church one always staying a condition because you have a third-ranked whichever the fourth Angel which is the same message as the second difference is that the fault angel proclaims of a loud voice why is it so important that the message Babylon is fallen is fallen why it's so important that that message be given why since it's an important message what if you look in Revelation chapter eighteen you'll find that after the message is given boundaries for this will become a habitation of devils all the refile spirit cage of every unclean and hateful bird and essays and then I heard another voice from heaven saying what is that on the voice from heaven say come out of the my people who speaking there come out of my people who says that Jesus that's the scene order for Jesus to call his people to come out of Babylon to come out of religious apostasy God wants us the first proclaimed the message Babylon is fallen is forming to see that message must be given and then Jesus can hold his people to come out of religious apostasy make their stand upon the word of God so when you look at how message we have an urgent message that has to go to old world it's a message that has to be proclaimed in a time of judgment the pre- Advent judgment it's a message that calls people to worship the creator talks about the judgment books about the Sabbath books about obedience commandments righteous by faith but also a message that calls people to come out of religious apostles come out of Babylon now in order for that second Angels message to be proclaimed aloud voice the latter rain comes the outpouring of the Holy Spirit comes and the church is empowered to do the work that God has called us to do so as a people we need to know who we are and what it is that God has asked us to proclaim if the three Angels messages a message that prepare people for the coming of Jesus and Paul's giving a lot of information Pentagon rather very quick in and we just stop and ask just for clarification the any questions at this point is that makes sense why you are you tracking with me so far hard to understand why the sickening of them in a loud voice all right I dig it them like a will that yes that's right it describes the judge today is the final one yeah what he is not very effective in what he does right the rally the fourth Angel parallels the third angel rides well know that you know you at the third angel if any man worship the beast or his image receives his Mark and you got the full things up with his babblings for lymphoma become the habitation of devils and editing before things was the same message as the second is the second but when things begin to take place when we have certain legislation being passed that's got no way can the church from its legacy and is not always the church and a proclaim the message if any man worship the beast or his image but the judge also proclaim an all-out voice babblings for him and his phone so that fourth Angel and the third angel sounded on parallel at the time but right now we find us up in the second Angels does megalopolis spiritual legacy and yes this is the whole they won't be working on the three angels message has a very localized application just updating forty four that would preaching the first second and third Angels message but on a historical scale now I'm in when the first Angels message the Sabbath judgment someone that was preached and when the church slipped into a Laodicean attitude we still been telling people ravens fallen in all human but is not phenomenal voice but when we see Sunday legislation that will wake people up and now all you don't worship the beast or his image is he that will be in a loud voice but then also people be empowered to proclaim that when the phone is why is that when not being proclaim out this is not a popular message when you have the ecumenical movement of churches are coming together to have a group of people say goblins for this woman is not a popular message that's why that's what got been predicted but it has to be put in a scary evening Adventism and there are people that Dolly Helen up reads that stuff now because of popular the very message God is asking us to preach to the world we don't want to preach that's what happens in latest CNN questions a map before we move on here or make sure that's clear okay so we look at having a clear identity and having an urgent message the church is God 's agency for the proclamation of truth in palette by him to the special work if she will be true to her legions issue on the God of Israel there is no power that can stand against the rest of the wonderful promise when we are committed to doing the work God has called us to do okay so in addition to be having a clear identity and having an effective message or an urgent message we also need to have effective training acts twenty two fifteen says for you will be his witnesses to old man of what you have seen and what you are so God calls us to be trained there should be no delay in well-planned effort to educate the church members so training is needed is God 's remnant people want to be equipped want to be trained the greatest help that can be given to our people is to teach them to work for God and depend upon him and not on the ministers is that important today in our churches laypeople absolutely but my click is dying here on these things Jesus said command and teach so in addition to care identity and having an urgent message we need to be effectively train that brings a style what one would hear it says the people of that too much sermonizing but had been told how to label for those for whom Christ is not has a line of labor being devised and placed before them in such a way that he just seen the necessity of taking part in the work so the question is it had too many summits but have we been trained do we see what we can do to help and God schools every church should be a training school for Christian workers its members should be told how to give Bible studies the Bible readings how to conduct and teach Sabbath school classes how best to help the poor and care for the sake how to work for the unconverted so in addition to all of this theory we need to be trained and actually put them into practice get out there and do the work okay another important characteristic of the remnant church is to have soul winning ministries the emphasis here is on the soul winning part not just ministries back can you think of some of the ministries that your churches have back home to me some some of the ministries the future chess pray ministry what else do you have youth ministry what else to have children's ministry community ministry now those ministries how many are directly designed for non- Adventists personal ministries you guys have any can you unity outreach programs in the community health related projects that I was passing we had him before the judge they were really into these these crystals electrical dork the stores that people would donate clothes that sell the clothes may come up with money and in that use the money to help people in the community that's the idea but the church at the subsidize these stores the cost quite a bit of money and we had two of them going in the count and community people would comment to buy clothes and then we help them with their needs and one that we win the church board meeting and one of the board members asked the question she said the only spinning woman this money on these Dorcas Saint Islami stores how many people have actually been introduced to the advent message because of our community out and out for ministry and look at each other and that scratch they had begun for easier for me they couldn't think of anyone anyone actually join the church as a result of all ministries while without the board started thinking this and you know what we need to change the way we do ask and so instead of just been somebody would and that we need close on money instead of just giving them money and saying enough God bless you and a bagel of the people of the store would take down the person 's address and then we would go by and somebody from the church would actually go and knock on that person 's you know what we just wanted to stop by to see how things go is gaining weight and a churchman would go blind seeing the children in this person 's home that so you know what we had this wonderful program for kids every Saturday morning from about nine thirty of about eleven we have this great program for kids and if you want to break on a Saturday morning will combine will pick up your kids and appellant Bible stories and mission we had people from the community sang it out at some cup allows of no the city for free and so we began to go to war these people and pick up the kids and bring them to say the school at church and the kids loved it and go back the telegraph all in embezzlement and Adam was so fun and what we did is we began to organize programs with the kids and would invite the parents to come see the kids sang at church in them when the parents who come to the church to see the kids sing that would be special music for opening night of our evangelistic series so a big advocate people got it from the community to the evangelistic meetings and they began to hit the three Angels messages so now will be little more proactive in all ministries we were assault landing and how ministry is not just spend all this money to help people to take care of their physical needs what we take care of their physical needs for a purpose very direct in what we do I wanted to think about the ministries did you guys are involved in your judge asked the question on the assault weaning in nature they focused on bringing people to an understanding of the three Angels messages I have something a lot of thing about okay solely ministries he becomes a child of God should henceforth look upon himself as a link in the chain that bound to save the world one with Christ in his plan of mercy going full with them to seek and save the lost levels Christ mission that needs to be our mission for even the Son of Man did not come to serve but the servant to give his life a ransom for many so we want to be someone of ministries that are soul winning focused on people and of course this is the quote Luddy a ministry of healing Christ method alone will give true success he mingled with the people to show his sympathy to minister to the needs he won the confidence than he said follow me okay another important characteristic that we need as a church is Christ centered evangelism just evangelism but cry save evangelism process in the wisdom of God the world through wisdom that not nobody please God through the formation is the message preached to save those who believe there is power in the preaching of the word they maybe convergence is the greatest they may need conversions without the instrumentality of the salmon where persons are so situated that they are deprived of every means of grace they are more blonde by the Spirit of God and convinced of the truth through the reading of the work people just reading the Bible but God 's appointed means of saving souls is through the foolishness of preaching so what is God 's appointed or chosen means of saving souls it's through preaching the power of preaching there is power in the preaching of God 's word we had a guy coming to my church he was a member of the church 's name was Rob and he is a brother and his brother 's name was packed and out path was a nation he was an interest in religion he actually was a drug dealer and everybody in in town knew about any other tattoo shop and its corollary dailies drugs and the cops electronic catching but erasing one step ahead of them anyway Rob really had a burden for his brother and say goodbye 's brother 's house in the Tron witnessing but every time you try to witness at the satellite hear anything about God managed to be nearing about that stuff it's a UK don't come to my house to be little to me about God Rob dissuaded a burden for his brother and then the limits thought some evangelistic meetings with church and Rob got an idea salient his brother he said you know what they are these meetings starting at our church and you know you say you don't want to hear about God but if you would come to just three of these meetings just come to the first three meetings with me then I won't bring up God anymore just come to these first three meetings I want out one problem with this team and the first acts of nonmember delay rubs just to do this for me just come to the first three meetings all day finally sent on outcome one the day came for the evangelistic meetings began and so Rob went by the pickup 's brother had forgotten that E3 would come several to come on you promising to come at the dog came out after the big guy really big guy he was attached to die and is a skinhead head is shaved yet tattoos all over the place he was quite beside and so when Rob came by to come on the go to go to charge time and he promised that put about a SoCal and make statements he went in a listing abuse body piercing so all men will always face eyebrows Cheatham is a client with all the tattoos any marches appearing church and black as you walk send any company sits right in front of the church everybody's watching and throughout that whole meeting was one of the satellite evangelistic meetings put on the big screen in March that he was preaching and throughout this whole series packs sitting there anything is making a noise and is looking at his watch is huffing and puffing about just the distraction finally at the end of the meeting he gets out any marches out of this in your insight on coming back here again and he watches out of the church that the rickety old people insert crack high his so that's it maybe you see him again but the next day Rob goes back and he says come on you've only come to one they still two to go about never going from oncoming promises on how to find some type comes back night number two sits in the front tie does the same thing get some watches out of the third time he comes the time Mark Finley is preaching on salvation across and if so as Rob sitting there is fussing and so on but even adding in the company finally the end of that presentation passim on Sunday makes this appeal decision IQ beautiful purpose in your life you want meaning wonderful piece Jesus can get back to me to come to Jesus to come to Jesus the way you are and Robbie sitting next to his brother and suddenly he feels the whole pubes to say and he looks over and packed half his face in his hands and is just some find the call is made Mark Finley says if you want to get elected Jesus I invite you to come forward where it realizes you watching this in the church you just come for suddenly Pakistan's a and he comes walking to the front nares staring up at the screen peers is running down his cheeks the churches on May the twenty reader now available at evangelistic series Pat and his girlfriend got married and baptized all the same day credible source the largest changes like the power preached several years after that I was going over to India to doing evangelistic series and I asked him to come along with me he was supposed to look off to the equipment and take care of it and so you know he was there with us and I finished preaching my series and I looked over to see the equipment and the op-ed takes care of me was in there now something about India Pentagon of being the impeachment as the Sixers their when you're over in India what happens is the woman will surround you and you can understand what they say but then you know what they want they'll take your hand and I'll put it on the elegy to prefer them right that's what they want and so I was finishing up a little in my translator and Pentagon back to the car he is in charge of equipment used was that you have a computer and the imminent project itself so he went to the college at the back but obviously back keeping surrounded by this by this group of women and they wanted to pray for the NRA in understanding the stage looking out and it was packed full of these tattoos and he had his hands on the heads of these woman and his face was turned up the woods heaven and he was honestly interceding God on their behalf and knowingly pen came from I said to myself there is a God in heaven that's range of people 's lives that relationship had such an impact upon patently came back home spoke to his family and decided to go back to India's long-term missionaries to help build churches everybody given up on but that's the power of the preaching of the work it changes people 's lives I've seen it over and over and over again don't under estimate the power of Christ Saint fifty matches so I would just encourage you guys do if anxious to get anxious just to see what God is one person preached to them as though there's a hundred people housing people do evangelism and you'll be amazed what God wanted Bart Christ think that evangelism the preaching of the word is the means by which the Lord has obeyed that the warning message should be given to the world and I brethren when I came to light that not come with excellency of speech or wisdom dictate to you the testimony of God if I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified in the fast final quote on this is visible professing Christian Seventh-day Adventist should be foremost in lifting up Christ before the world the proclamation of the third Angels message calls for the presentation of the Sabbath truth is truth with others included in the message is to be proclaimed but the great Saints of attraction Christ Jesus must not be the house it is at the cross of Christ that mercy and truth meet together and righteousness and peace kiss each other so central to evangelism preaching is Jesus Jesus Christ and him crucified the cinema submitted to look at Calvary with simple faith of a little child he must trust in the merits of the say the exerting his righteousness and believing in his mercy another important characteristic that we need in the church is meaningful relationships accept the four thirty two and the multitude of them that believe world one heart and one soul will told we're exhorted to love as brethren to be kind courteous forbearing in honor preferring one another love for God and for one another constitutes the divine credentials which the children of God bear to the world meaningful relationships within the church by the sick Jesus shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have love one another the final quote here Jesus said I do not pray for these alone but also for those who will believe in me through their word that they all might be one as you father lying me and I knew that they also might be wanting us that the world might believe that you sent Jesus is the world will believe that you sent me when my people are united when no one when they love one another since a powerful testimony before the world never group of people coming together from different backgrounds different languages different cultures and yet they truly care about one another the love of Jesus he seen amongst these people accept powerful testimony that there's a God in heaven that changes people 's lives powerful testament Jesus of the world will know that you are my disciples when you love one another when you come together and unite very important okay next characteristic moving through yet individual discipleship Jesus said go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of father son Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that have commanded you know I'm with you always even unto the end of the age so also we need to be disciple makers in place of the barrio palace the theorizing crisis giving what do this commission is called throughout the world make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father the son and Holy Spirit Melanie Ashley would reference the discipleship this odd thing is coming along somebody and say you know I know what the Christian walk with you it is praying for somebody it's encouraging somebody it is investing obvious self in another that's what the site brings all about what does an apple tree produce the trick question drug samples but as one of its what is the purpose of an apple with reference and Appletree to produce other apple trees and embrace the ceiling the Apple that's important to the trade the Apple is just to convey the sea so Apple trees must produce apple treats because of an apple tree does not reason of apple tree that eventually while painting my apples so as disciple makers what is it that we ought to be doing wheel to be helping and encouraging others to be disciple makers themselves right so the things that they receive from us they begin to implement and they begin to lead others to come to Jesus so as a church we should not be satisfied just because somebody's following the twenty eighth fundamental beliefs have thought about when Adrian Michigan that person until they are able to share with somebody else what they were that's discipleship making and that submission feel that every one of us can be involved in the local church find somebody in the church for its new starting this thing and that spot sharing with them spot encouraging them and let's see what God will do through you as human it's administered to these other people okay I'm a jump for Jo was enough and enough time let me jump to the inspiring Sabbath school we need at inspiring status quo acts seventeen eleven says these were more fair minded than those in Thessalonica in that they received the word with all readiness and searched the scriptures daily to find out whether these things with salt salt their Sabbath school involves fighting the word and then you have the statement the Sabbath school is to believe is to be an important branch of missionary work not only because it gives the young than all the knowledge of God 's word but because it awakens in them I love for its sacred truths and a desire to study them for themselves a bottle he teaches them to regulate their lives by its holy teachings of Sabbath school of design to really study the word of God that they look as to how we can apply those teachings in our lives that's the key to often we have our Sabbath school class is to get an immediate passage of Scripture and then resell anything that meets on a Mises but even to me all I think it means that are not analog needless so we spend our time trying to explain what we think the Bible means I think it will be more productive if we started to figure out what the Bible means and then ask the question how do we apply this to a life doesn't make sense can't have a little more focused subtract so whenever practical sabbath school were applying biblical truth to our lives so they can make a difference that was the experience of these believers in Thessalonica in the early Christian church okay Angel chapter twenty four verse thirty two speaking of God Jesus meeting the two disciples on the road to Emmaus and they said that not a heart burn within us while he talked with us on the road and while he opened the Scriptures to us why is it that their hearts burn within them what was it that Jesus was opening to them from the Scriptures the prophecy concerning himself if we want people 's hearts to burn within them show oh Jesus through the Scriptures show Jesus in the prophecies revealed Jesus and his word black pain is not a more inspiring and more powerful than discovering aspects of Christ and his mission through the Scriptures through the stories in the Old Testament through the passages in the New Testament through the power rules the Jesus Solomon is so much energy everything is scripted his focus in one or another on Christ so look for Jesus in the Scriptures and bring it to life that's how people 's hearts will burn within them the status quo should be one of the greatest instrumentalities and the most effectual in bringing souls to Christ how can we jump to the next one heartfelt worship so continuing daily with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house they ate their food with gladness and the city of heart praising God having favorable of the people in the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved what is the object of assembling together is to inform God will be instructed by counting all the benign prayer we meet together to edify one another by mutual exchange of thoughts and feelings thus making one another quite good with aspirations our hopes and gathering strength and light and color rich from one another while honest heartfelt prayers offered up in faith we receive refreshment and vigor from the source of our strengths was the purpose of church was the purpose of worship it's the share one with another so that we can misuse drains from the delivery can be equipped for another week so that we can span from the truth be faithful Jesus said these people draw near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips but their heart is far from the anyway and they worship me teaching as doctrines the commandments of men to Jesus or his worship that is not genuine that's not heartfelt Jesus is is in vain it's just an empty fall white that you can change the heart that has a Skype anonymous share with you to go back to someone through the flame this I think is the most powerful statement Donna share with you is very profound and it has to do with worship so this is what the pen of inspiration says let him I has to say this is published in review and Herald January eighteen ninety one L my throat that she said the absence of heartfelt religion energy explains what that is she says of the love that purifies the soul place as the professed followers of Christ with these enemies so the absence of heartfelt religion what is that love that purifies the soul places the professed followers of God with his enemies so if we come in and charge images going through the motions but we don't have the love of Jesus in our hearts if we don't have heartfelt worship we might think that we on God 's side but in reality whose side are we on on the enemy side you see that two significant event too often we just go through the motions just come and do it because we know this is what we need to do but we haven't allowed Jesus to put his love in our hearts we haven't humbled ourselves in these prisons sometimes we think we got cited in reality but on the side of the unit genuine heartfelt wish is what's needed in the church are final seven prayer Matthew twenty one thirteenth Jesus said it is written my father 's house shall be called a house up for air but you have made it a den of thieves we've been told prayer is the key that unlocked the traces of heaven to you and then Jesus said pray without ceasing and a final one unceasing prayer is the unbroken union of the soul God saw that the life from God flows into how life and from our life in holiness low back to God it is impossible for the soul to flourish while prayer is neglected nowise pressing for his wife because prayer brings us into the prisons of God and in the presence of God there is power in the presence of God there is healing in the presence of God alliance that changed prayer brings us into his presence known on occasion I had a friend of mine is a Pakistani city no one wanted to come with me to conference winter conference in Fresno Kansas City Missouri and we were on our way back home he was in the madness for actually a Sabbath keeping check them a Methodist Church so we went to the conference were on the wellness is doing demonic we just stopped for a few minutes to sit there and there is a young man who having been Bible studies with and was one of stop for a few minutes and visit with him at arrest on a molasses journal props and he came in and the young man was there and took the pastor friend of mine was doing the couple of studies on practical Christianity the importance of Bible study the importance of prayer some of these things so you spoken about finding a young man raised his head he said you know what you spoke about the importance of Bible study and prayer pieces you'll why why do we need to tell God stuff that he really knows what's the point of it now God really knows what I mean God really know


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