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Messenger Without a Message

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • August 17, 2012
    6:45 PM
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him father in heaven we thank you that you bless us to make it safely through another week we thank you for your amazing Grace Nintendo versus father we ask you to please give us of our sins to send his Holy Spirit that he may come in tedious and open our eyes and help us to behold wondrous things from your word but I have to do something special in this room tonight something that mere humanity cannot do but only divinity and humanity combined I think your God hearing this prayer much less the two lenses glasses in Jesus name amen one of the great things that is the focus of the people in these last days is to receive the outpouring of his Holy Spirit while we proceed to shower blessings at different times Visio is a great outpouring of the Lord once again the Bible called the A labyrinthine focus of everyone of us because it is the power of the latter rain that we are able to give you what the Bible refers to as Allawi Allawi work is worth it must seek to have happened here in Canada it has happened throughout the US and world and is the phone is everything that he knew his father how can our conferences how can my morning madhouse in my morning and evening worship out in my midweek services housing my efforts in the word it only seems to care me to see him as of your Holy Spirit is true that wonderful lettering is that I mean he is the you will I feel many different ideas on systems other than his own and even the Spirit of prophecy that says everything is recently converted soul will be intensely desirous of bringing lobbyists on the dark and into the marvelous life of righteousness of Jesus Christ he converted so this is a great whoring of the spirit of God like the whole earth of his glory definitely seeing it in the great outpouring of the Spirit of God was like the whole of his glory outline well until we have an enlightened people that know by way that no life experience is what it means to be laborers together with God beyond the business world it has something called eighty twenty rule in the business world eighty twenty rule simply means that eighty percent of the work is done by twenty percent of the people it's a shame because that was successful leaders in reserve in the second vision as we are now seeing in the church as well eighty percent of the work done by twenty percent of the people and we do not understand that if we do not play our part is you know that it is your salvation for you in other words if we don't think it will never leave it up to the leadership to let him go ahead and do the work while we sit back and watch the results as you might be losing a lot more than just an opportunity Christ wants us to understand that there is a work for every single one of us to do as I cannot turn Canada upside down to Jesus and working twelve human beings and even one of them became the ultimate apostate and was able to work to a small number and turn the world upside down I will thought you with all new things as country of Canada and we can do something as a CR Silva the eyes of Christ and what he can do that and him for his glory you would be a maintenance and what God do with such simple instruments like you and I is full because I'm building here is where you have an entire article consecrated to the service of Christ God will recognize the fact by now pouring out his Spirit without measure easy right now we've been getting miserable morning that God longs the debut outpouring of the Spirit without measure that the world can be as with the glory of God this is what Christ is leading voice in the problem is not with Jesus the problem simply with you and I hope we can cooperate with them as it goes on to say God will recognize the fact I don't want to visit without measure but not be while a largest portion of the church are not laborers together with God often thought about what is that God cannot do and I will think I can what is oxymoron signaling do anything but then God told me I cannot do something than what is I cannot pour out this series is when selfishness and self-indulgence parcel manifests not actually cannot pour out is itself remains the focus and this is why we need to come to the cross we need to be holiness is awaiting the Bible holding Jesus we can actually become changed begin your point that we can realize that I can like put it on for the glory of God for his work being done if we were leaving this race this message thank you last night mission not sure which one is your life has become a mission is it is time to finish the work now understanding this reality we know that God wants us to do a great work but not want to return to Bible to the book of second Samuel chapter using with me in second Samuel chapter eighteen it is true God wants us to go out God wants us to serve God wants us to tell others about this incoming and outbound realities of the events that will come before he comes because you do understand somethings coming before the second coming of Christ I'm all Sally when I see a lot of disgusting we talked a lot about the second coming of Jesus and would try to say that Jesus is coming as soon as it is written this is the second coming of Jesus is vignetting that Revelation thirteen and even sooner in final crisis processes is that I don't understand why is it many times we don't talk enough about the price we try to make the world I guess I will talk about the crisis I see little about the price is the remarkable things are thinking exactly what he's talking about he made it clear he's as when you shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the holy place that time to do anything is all sorts of instruction on how to prepare for the final crisis number of this is the diseases sounded relevant enough to make it where I got minister serving must make you with his Jesus is coming soon I think that crisis even sooner and this is the reason that crisis all the final right now many of us are going to live with all quizzes regardless of guys challenges in all different seats on the side of when that final crisis is this is the reason is call the finals because if you fail that test has no rebound Jesus loves the sleep too much to not make us aware of how to prepare for that final crisis in seconds after the aging chapter I want to say something because we had eight people who named the name of the remnants that need to be prepared and then we have a world outside of the remnant church and we have a dual work to prepare those within the church the vandals without pictures and brothers and sisters this cannot come I might know about how holy by God but what we can do the work as farm and how positively did you know that God gave us are in the Bible that you and I would do well to pay attention to matters before the time that I'm going to go ahead and give you little bit of the backdrop but I want to listen carefully to what's taking place building industries in the King David's house to his son Absalom Absalom turns against David he and of course do the whole story unfortunately David finds himself on the run but eventually all things work out with David is able to have a little bit of solace but his heart is concerned about his son now and how gets to the point that in Absalom he's raining in and he's gloating over his victories over his own father Celebes and eventually find themselves on the run until after his associates are pursuing him and Absalom gets his hair stuck up in the treaties caught and of course Absalom dies after this takes place I want to see what the Bible says in second Samuel chapter eighteen verse nineteen the Bible says in second Samuel eighteen numbers nineteen and then said he me as the sun is out on me now run in their king tidings how about the Lord the Bayesian Augustinians Swahili was the go ahead and go thinking David is somewhat disappointing as it relates to his son and all these other events now watch this show out response also JoAnn says this is an angel said unto him also not bear typing in and out of their tidings another day but they also bear no tidings because the king 's son is in understand of the kings on within yes you want me to plaintiff told to raising the King Sunday now want to watch this verse twenty one seconds electric shock will tell the king what now has seen includes are found himself underdog and ran very thick Helianthus on is that him again to Joanne Butler but howsoever me I really also run after clues I now want to know what Joanne says something to Absalom 's day in he comes on as interesting as legal accounting what happened how the modern irregularities that no don't do that don't really get healed you just do not represent the king 's son is a bonanza goes to sign joint physical cycles I want you to go ahead and tell McCain by any of his wind of it many in the answer is when I wanted to us and I have to design himself anything over and go and tell them how to have response the Bible says in verse twenty two Angel said in well outlined my son seeing that thou hast no tidings ready so I was selling in Bohemia has what you want to run when you don't have a message verse twenty three but counselors are you anyone anything understand and another working the artists themselves don't survive fine goal and outdoor essays in nineteen yes grandma the weight of the plane and when you do the whole morass includes a close I was probably doing his regular paint mixing on him he is our closer this doesn't happen the rest of the story exists verse twenty Amy has now arrived in front of even a note for the Bible says this is an ingenious colonist in Virginia all well result down to the earth upon his face before the king and said to the Lord my God was delivered the man admitted up your hand against my will be gained from the Kings is a young man Absalom safe and that he has answered windchill absent the king 's servant and mean thy servant I saw a great multitude but I know not what it was just here is Bohemia 's report that you be learning as you know it's a place but nevertheless we find anemia the overrun society finally get to David and even front of the person that he wants to go ahead and related methods who can we get in front of the present in a message he doesn't even get right messengers would message messengers without a message the goal is on to say and the king said is a young Massillon statement anemia France and when doing everything certain amino acid and I saw the moment I knew not what it was in the kings of the certified incendiaries anytime besides the still and behold close I came and comes Eisai tidings my lord the king to the Lord in the Balkans that rose up against the beginning Senator Cusack is the young man Absalom safe and close eye and says the enemies of my mortgaging and all that arrived against reason to be heard be that young man is David understood my son is the is a Wagner was writing out a wonderful article talking about the end time events Emily wrote this article yes everything in the same outcomes that I thought was very interesting these are Wagner made his statement here we sometimes get into big a hurry for the end he said in the old saying how can we get into great a hurry for the well we do and on the principle of that old proverb that we learned as children the more Jesus the less the old proverb the more haste the less the listener this is sometimes we get in so great a hurry for the end is that we want on toward the end without beginning at the beginning and then we have to go back and begin all over again and delays in the end so are you sitting down without taking time to begin at the beginning only puts all the time that we would so gladly see the case of anemia as it is an illustration he had no tidings yet he wanted to run and he was permitted to run the program to be a fast erotic whose identity had to stand aside and everything had to wait for the man who carried the message nothing was gained by that Jesus of ABS General conference bulletin page sixty eight March thirtieth nineteen oh three brothers and sisters I believe with all my heart it's time to let Canada know that time is almost finished I believe it is time to make it clear that the crisis is about to come in Jesus Christ is about to come I believe that we have to make anything soleplate is appointed as regardless as I dared not stand up for you and send you out as messengers until I personally got .net is right the last thing we want to do is go out in the field and he was on PBS the last thing you want to do is busy and if we properly understand God is within you will find that Christ would train the people before you send them out that makes sense because there was a guy one time Gloria connection with the disease a whole it is on this even that was possessed by demons any think of anything in the name of the method in the name of Paul I tell you you know whatever this is Jesus I know the Paul I know who you can be dangerous when your messenger without a message can be dangerous and brothers and sisters in Christ wants us to become these armies of soldiers second right strain so that we can go out and finish the work is no question about that regardless is it out of a certain copyright message because right now the law perverted Gospels are going out did you know that Jesus doesn't want to argue people perverted gospel he was to give the everlasting gospel one that lasts you see what I sent you this picture what comes to your mind this is that picture says so much I made this isn't just about every meeting that I do I want for this picture before the people because I find that Satan has somehow become very successful even in the minds of most of the address even those who profess the truth honestly think that beginning the message and don't even understand what that's all about right there at all he is a all around eleven household businesses make sure you given the right one does this suggest to Alice I see Jesus in the most holy Place battery sanctuary is doing tremendous work there and what are you doing there designed to download information in my minds we cannot experience it and articulated with power from the Holy Spirit to those who come in contact with on a regular basis when you look at a picture what comes to mind when you think about how many of us would say by looking was Jesus doing a finishing work these days even though nothing is working there are even a beginning recording using it's all right you can answer back once easily before finishing work right but let me ask you something you believe this is about why have you come here on unsigned variances amass his question because I believe with all my heart seven atmosphere without not answer these questions there is simply because guess what somebody will ask you that when you knock on their door you question the limits of a neo-Nazi this is coming up and I heard that when I was four years old now four years old we still can't get what's going on with the delay this am I asked a question honestly that's not who believes God is a constant thread someone said you as you come you keep talking about this thing what's the holdup what's he waiting for your answer the even reflect biodiversity ready to get ready for what this is if I am dead serious field sometimes people put together messages is one of talk to you is that people want to study I want to study no why because conferences have been going on for a long time now who are still not finished yet I've traveled so many different countries in so many different parts of the United States of America the worst definition we come up with all sorts of new ideas and how to get the gospel out and the work is still not finished diseases legal notices is the reflective inescapable what does that even look like what look like Wednesdays as is reflected in people because one Allah was a hey hey I think the home listings in the home is a little flipping his character he is Salvation Army man who does it matter necessarily was very conducive a lot the answer is in the venture why hasn't come yet I was busily what is Jesus doing right now in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary in your life is okay I heard investigative judgment was it something different from investigative all they would visit a process analogy don't have a holy place yes so that it must be something with significant is that he's been doing since taking forty four but he was already processing for us even in the most ultimate thing the holy places now I'm not saying he's not religious I think I'm losing that he was doing that even before eighteen forty four vessel personnel for review blotting out since I would you agree that Christ is doing a cleansing work is really safe to say that the two thousand three hundred days in something forty one comments okay things were going at Sony from the Bible why is it that I think you are not currently a study the naïve visit me to take some more than letters and put a beginning even by some of the forty minutes and then to select my hotel room problems that I'll feel good about that I don't know what does you want to think I want to be able to really think the word of God you are and what you believe because we are told in the book and recently for you so clearly that is in also much sermonizing what God 's people need to do it come together and studied by day to know what we believe what I want to do with you I want to sermonizing twentieth vandalism to twenty two is the easy part of ministry are wondering me tonight I want to study me please let Christ is the cleansing work right now go to Leviticus sixteen Y is the Suntory cleanness video sixteen and that is a seamless article sixteen five hundred sixteen verse sixteen facility zebra this is the guy gets a message right with you to message right notice here and when you get a message right up here in and cooperate with the methods and Jesus in here and forgotten through the Sharon Albert the following get the message right here then let it go from here year imminently it is a lot easy to share it out there because not enough how Oklahoma to enter mental battle now you going through the experiences that you have had with Jesus that no one can take away from you one man with experience will dominate and ninety nine men with theory don't forget to add your experiment the power of the gospel nobody can tell you nothing nothing Leviticus sixteen Leviticus sixteen over the Bible says I never succeed when dealing with that picture right here in the minus sixteen sixteen vilest of our real nice ones it says and he shall make an atonement for the holy place because of the uncleanness of the children of Israel and because of your transgressions and all their sins thanks also waiting for the tabernacle of the congregation that remain among them in the Mississauga uncleanness and there shall be no man in the tabernacle of the congregation when you go into making a salmon in the holy place on to become out and have made an atonement for himself and for the also time for all companies in Israel and he shall go out onto the bed before the Lord and make an atonement for it and something of the blood of the bulletin of the blood of the goal and put it upon the horns of the altar round about and he shall sprinkle of the blood upon it with his finger seven times then client and an hollow it from the unbelievers of the children of Israel were being cleansed so far by the blood was being close to being cleansed of what is being applied in a lot of different places generally speaking what is being cleansed and taken the same sin is okay and what the event is an editing class the ultimate fall apart in so what will make up the alternate method about what it all meant sanctuary records a lot being client sanctuary right side now the numbers are using to be as things that happen to glance verse thirty Bible says in Leviticus sixteen number thirty four on a Sabbath freezes making atonement for you to come in his life you think you may be clean from all your sins before the Lord will question question what seemed when December thirty for the people and getting clean from what how much all this is now receiving that this sanctuary have to be claims but we also see that a people have to be glanced now fascinating forty fourth Avenue in disbelief and see the end of the most holy Place is not simply to produce as not simply the conversation completely blotted out that the favorite maybe now I began by asking the question why is it that the sanctuary had been classed as the Apple one hundred sixty eight years is taking so long until the McLean people know clean sanctuary I love you little Johnny stories if you currently use little dinosaur exactly he never heard it before mother is preparing for Sabbath as mother is preparing to cc you seen the whole house was down to the final point which is now mopping the floor sunglass project in-house mother is not enough enough and that floor and mother seemed all I know that the lost and on I was connecting ICs almost done mopping the floor to hear the rumbling earthquake all the things you hear the rumble of the first of them is on the Johnny is because running in the house will be given to writers across the kitchen floor mine all over his fees the floor is dirty again the mother one for clean fluids after that yes even mother mobbing him up against some of his mopping mopping mopping and mother I is not particularly a season-long loan I find that familiar rumble takes place business I guess all is anyone to cross the floor and mother with the cleanouts what is the operative surmises ER Johnny and is most happening to me where this and even the money things they obviously are the right fit making forty four Jesus has been mopping the floor of the heavenly sanctuary and every time Christ gets close to finishing he has a whole bunch of Seventh-day Adventist little Johnny's and she's sending the moderates in back into the sanctuary that he must continue his cleansing work great focus of Jesus is that through the power of the indwelling Christ to the power of this Holy Spirit that his righteous life can be live out through you and me that's his focus toward the Chrysler predecessors is anything something helping the homeless to Jesus the network without it were should we do not work taking the new network through the department reflects other than as clothing the naked and network that would work certainly do network can even do network that are the reflection of the in the Hungary is that where I work should we do that work can even do that still not a perfect reflection was Jesus tempted in all points but would not sin without work can we do network can even do network you design your dividing line Christ's is not waiting for us simply to do the next level of humanitarian work humanitarian work is a necessity anybody who was filled with the Spirit of Christ cannot look at someone who was hungry and not providing something eight anyone who was filled with the Spirit of Christ cannot look at someone who was naked and not one anyone was still with us there will never know that they are prisoners in the present house and not have a desire within to go in a recent so by no means am I minimizing all of our various forms of humanitarian work in helping others build their homes back up and going ahead and feeding those who are hungry and going ahead and giving them food drugs and since I would never not been because Jesus said that Michelin also a reflection of his character as Christ is waiting with a longing desire for the manifestation of himself and his church and is when the character of Christ is perfectly reproduces people then Jesus will come and Jesus was tempted in all points then he would prefer to die than since and brother this is as you and I must get that experience this is the great message of Jesus to tell the world that Christ came in the very nature of fallen man that we all have I was not quite ended not sin and praise God through him dwelling within you you can do into this is that incredibly good news to you not many people honestly keep practicing sin because they feel there's no way out of it they honestly feel like I can go inevitable and I've even gotten to be regular smoking individual possesses an individualistic and giving vigor of alcohol and I believe that all human life Jesus wants to simply develop a people that will seems to do the thing that is keeping him out there and not bringing him back down as the mother minus two zero zero foot Mrs. five Mister evidence from issue old my infinite music consumers five seconds a minute with no memory of what the Bible says that consumers find the Bible says so clearly it says let us what mind being you was also in crises as the Bible make it clear that God wants us that the mind of Christ and down into New Zealand the mind of Jesus when he walked on this earth for Johnson before John the fourth chapter want to see the mind of Jesus when he walked on this earth I believe with all my heart his mind must be on mine and my mind John the fourth chapter we find very clearly in the Bible that Jesus is having a dialogue with the sister well in dialogue with us as a result with her and eventually gets the point the disciples see that he was laboring so hard that they had compassion on the method and abilities that in John's four versus thirty one the Bible says in John for the first one is in the meanwhile his disciples and a master key want to sell hard that they themselves are assumed to be hungry and some will hear diseases give them a nice the response number thirty two when he says he by means easy that you know not in other words it is becoming a master key is already a life and now because you know they love to serve the master is a self-appointed here right and notified of anonymously reimbursed for everyone visiting his example is that the disciples want to another handyman brought a multi- yard brought them to Jesus realizes what you're thinking it he clarified her thirty fourth and I love how he says in the police November thirty fourth he says my knees is doing the will of him that sent me to finish his work Jesus had such a mindset that it was a choice between being a working for his father he would choose to let working for his father be just dietary substances to talk about a man who was focused when he walked on this earth on mission in and is currently a necessity than an R or a gentleman of a arthritis will the lot next week publicly some people asked me not go out and share Jesus with others why a lot of heart Christ is risen if I have to make a choice between food serving others Jesus is also other than that we must Jesus is focused from the sisters was incredible he wouldn't even keep his body under subjection seven will not be done in the point is finishing the work you know that even after this when Jesus is generated when the crime was committed I was interesting when Jesus was praying anything that both miraculous prayer is present of the city that chapter that we should meditate on a study John seventeen seventeen and Jesus has now been shot a seventy chapter lookout ICC is John seventeen the Bible says inversely that same Jesus alone is in one of the tennis court he says in John seventeen inversely he said and hit a life eternal that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ and Oliphant and now the ability to the father I had to find the money I have what finish the word with you how do you miss me to do is focus in life was finishing the work not starting and maintaining a finishing it is appointed he know I'm about the guy and I think that he now goes before the father and his father glorify the inherent done with the validity I finished the work is so consumed with that is in the works that I wanted our what was the very last words that come out of his mouth before he dies John nineteen John nineteen notice of the Bible says right there in verse thirty when Jesus Jesus is there now and in John nineteen in verse thirty notice how the Bible say about this is when Jesus therefore had received as a say in their this finish very last words of Jesus it is finished the Bible says the next needed to die the number of visits is that if you want to simply look at the evangelistic activities that we typically plan if you want to look at things that we call recreation here on out the Vikings to lose all my children by the grace of God and are cases where I go to some other field if we had the mind of Christ the same about the perils and the next time you see is that she might be absolutely gorgeous in your eyes one day you may even think about getting to the point of courtship and marriage is one of the things I want to do intelligent observer well enough and ask yourself this question how will see help me finish the work if you cannot answer that question in affirmative cut her off scissors Eugenie Prince charming he might say all the right thing to manifest all the right characteristic and the whole nine yards but sisters you get to appointed to ask yourself this question if I let this man in my life how will he help me finish the work that some of these my doctrines coupled together God does not bring people together so they can just go ahead and nihilism animalistic asset they couldn't do in the name of sin is another nice and everything began to have free reign at a lobby like I get married not it is classified up inside the Pentagon and the job you think of my seasons brings people together know Jesus says help me this folder help me meet my mission are you following nonce those areas because the address on this is clearly under attack right now Arnold Thompson amounted that point to the so you will run this is what I'm telling you that everything is often support somebody comes out in Los Angeles helped Elizabeth Monaghan ABCC before you join recreation ask yourself how this game help me finish the work there is an easy creation and here is the creation of a following with them I called the ABC activities are different if you could re-create supposedly agrees it is recreation definitely things work figures read regional government health insulin the following over this this is when you go to the supermarket Solomon asked if I is you that any esophagitis is up how will high fructose corn syrup will be vigilant in the Amazon veto is an serious power listening because well white bread and help me finish the work knowledge of the below white people hate white who SI white bread yummy things work I am so serious how then beaten bloody pieces they help me finish the work was not due to my body was on the go I was almost the first centimeter think his brain is kind for everything you can to get it on him and sisters brothers people shopping standby to clothing ask yourself a question how will these garments help me finish the work house on the weekend yesterday that our address living creatures every outfit that he when I put on is preaching a sermon is only one question to ask when you get dressed go into the mirror before leaving the room and say what's the sermon that this outfit is preaching either finish the work sermon guaranteed you adopt this way of thinking you be able to start staring yourself some thousand perils thousand parents neither were crossed the finish no doubt the revelations and little by little revelations and says Revelation in chapter in the areas they work to be finished I want to see this the Bible says in Revelation chapter ten provisions of chapter love that picture Revelation chapter ten of the history of the ad is movement and the seventh day Adventist movement not know that sometimes we get some amazing tongue so we dislike to say Atman is but I do want to let you know that you are seven days at this payment for Presbytery friends might be Adventists are Pentecostal friends are at this about his friends Adventists even Jehovah's Witnesses are at Hentges was only one group that Seventh-day Adventists iPhone is so much and then they don't be ashamed of that name in Revelation ten over seven it tells us something very powerful that is in Revelation ten seven but in the days of the voice seventh Angel when he shall be ten found this is something that he finished the mystery of God should be fresh I wonder what the mystery of godliness Colossians one loss is another one what is the mystery behind those were the Bible says in Colossians chapter one and watches the first chapter is what the Bible says it is ludicrous is twenty six and twenty seven I love to read the previous verses to give more context of the time-saving Colossians one twenty six and twenty seven notice for the Bible says this is even the mystery which has been hid from ages and from generations but now is made manifest with Saint Jerome God would make known what is the region of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles which is what Christ and you the hope of glory this agreement is Jesus for the thing of it is applied in an image that is so much damage that will be able to light up the world with God 's glory will be met I will definitely be something out thing when no one is safe when the Y all have sinned and come short of the times and at home where the people of God although I thought leader in God 's glory regardless when God this is possible for Jesus to begin his service there was a place that he started and even example of what I mean when you look at is what we think about Jesus serving demanding an apology this is does anybody give a damn what you wanted parties are killing people the article pointed out how to discern what it is beautiful and I reserve to his disciples and beautiful I like to hear his twenties I helped a film now once that is what is in Weston is while we see Jesus serving you want to see it is difficult that we make a video sermon we think about the fact that he was doing things like feeding the five thousand as of the living living to see the survey will be minimizing the serving we think about and feeling all those blind main dominance is living single thing about putting Martinez in his sermon twenty megawatts units are free of course remember him as a preacher and teacher practices would be no way Jesus began his service because novices is when Jesus began his services we need to begin your service it was his home life the Bible says in first Timothy chapter five in verse eight of many men provide not for his whole he is not an infidel the Bible says he's worse than an infidel I believe with all my heart that it is one of the people that will fill hell is to be a lot of people who in ministry we can get so busy you know about my thoughts and what we don't need my help any other woman understand present truth and my wife is ignorant of it will be on to me and my little children on this information and my own children ignorant of it will be on to me God will say he worked out of order and I'm a God of order befuddling it is racist to see the example there on many will dwell with insurance upon the period of his ministry was when we talk about the notice that all the answers we get a all related to his history this prisoner that was a problem with us in on the available obligations upon the period of his public ministry while being on notice that ZZ Top 's early years and is in his eye that he is the pattern for all children and youth from the system while we are and why we must make sure that everything is now God has been hard at that service should begin all is amazing how a husband can lose patience with his wife so quickly which may not do something that pleases him but if another woman and insurance messes up fifteen hundred times that's a massive wealth sister it's all right eventually Jesus will give you three why is it that we more tender with people outside our home then with the very one-bedroom place to live with and love and cherish and honor for the rest of online was that in such quick patients with those in the married but was so patient with those who don't even remember their names to a greasy brothers and sisters are you following a woman can go ahead and tell her husband off in a hot second just because he might have done something wrong but another guy does something wrong as is as old as sin and what's up with that process is populous or a husband the man who was pledged to protect you some love you and to provide for you he sat on him but the guy outside of the home all the demonstration of patience and love and compassion parents already see you all at so that by the very fact that they did not do what we tell them the built-in timely manner but when the children run up and down in the kitchen wearing when God sometimes can send a first-class life in both wanted to do since that's out right there that is merciful and the old Salgado thirty three tells us that when we allow our children to play on the Sabbath that God looks upon the parents at Sabbath breakers will be so merciful to children else I will should shouldn't do that within lots of the note and then we went to see him on and will be different things because we have a backwards ministry we know how to be more kind loving forgiving compassionate and so on so forth would build outside of a home and those within our home out of order for Jesus Masters serving in the home I want to think about this diseases within the home for thirty years and it only took him three and a half years to finish the work the master Jesus is that in the most holy place a hundred sixteen years ago in two thousand twelve is almost gone maybe crisis Sandy the work is being done outside I mean we stay up late I was trying to come up with ideas and projects we pray we have to labor the research will put NZ this is you have sold in your own home that need to be reached using the latest training and pleading with God I can fasten a single outcome when my wife how can I when my husband how can I when my children and this is anything something I am consumed with the thought that father my children alive long enough that they know how to love you on their own without he's around enough to know that as the focus definition Lord help me to get my children to love Jesus so much you know that when this final crisis racism is under law passes and we begin to detection would most of the field understand that many of our children of anything away from us this is a fiduciary and I believe it certainly is chosen will be in a way favorable to the hilly now help me to sell myself out the love Jesus more than life could only love for Jesus will enable someone to be counted amongst the patient things that keep God 's command Jesus serve in the home we must serve in the home he was not just an example for every child and youth of twenty five eighty seventy four but Jesus was also an example for every adult is the minister healing three fifteen this is years on more than an example to the use they are a lesson exit leaving that to every circle of family and neighborhood duties is the very first field of effort of those who work for the uplifting of their fellow men God has spoken brothers and sisters we got return is no question about that Canada's very secular and is a lot of people that are going to crisis grazes and something must be done about this but the first thing we have to do is make sure you are not an NES know your message know something that allows initiatives and because it was something about them this is what I'm saying is that you you seriously price and that experience is not just something to tell and people will be the ceilings are not acting Jesus said woe to you Pharisees hypocrites and wondered a little unimpressed by month look at that word hypocrite nor the word hypocrite meet and greet both events exact want to be a bunch of actors God wants us to be the goal before the people with a story to tell them experience to share so step one no geneticists have something to see how method don't be an NES and run old those who are synonymous and become a messenger without a message number two once you receive that message here you must allow that message to go from the head to the heart we are told in volume five of the testimony to the church age of thirteen it says very clearly they are many motives the truth will not receive the seal of God and therefore had they had the light of truth they know the masses will be understood and holiness of our faith Josephus but they did not have corresponding works you know what's even deeper than that the next sentences they should have amended their household after the in other words the corresponding works with that they did not take charge of your health losing an exalted in the connection between the sanctuary the seal of God and the home yes yes and Jesus is running across to you with my mind tonight he wants to finish the work beers nobody wants to work me finish more than Jesus the crisis even let me know the real note dangling superintendent of truth will save nobody activity in the name of Jesus and since no one cries must be in you the hope of glory anything you can live out his life through you you bear much fruit so therefore receive the message once you receive the message take it from the head and out must be put to the heart with me to experiment your message experiments in control of the intellect and the experimentation Jesus is beginning that work in your home and that you are begin that work and home processing of my father dealer every anniversary one of the things I could ask my wife regularly with a honey have I been the house and that God has called me to be the highlight anniversaries be a serious assessment time even assume a great husband I can ask birthdays only delivering cargo module not that it in the Father's Day and that even the father and God is going to be the new children up to the very honest and with that you got in on a cell phone too much ministering to others just without you because children are very honest what I'm saying to you is that you must allow crisis about his life within you and hope young people this things you need to squarely within mothers in your father 's some young people have been absolutely ruled that hasn't called them undue and unnecessary heartache I remember telling my mother as a mom I been a demon in your life benefiting I was in the last two years of information meanings of the meanings of the God allowed me to not only be an angel not a lot to see the three Angels messages with her and she died in the manner of things is the father one down one to go and that was my dad hard nut to crack I said that I didn't even see most of my life almost in the last years of your life beginning to come in today administered to I did everything I could to reach his assistant literature and is relishing Jesus with them even those who live in other faith but it was interesting I had to go to bed and I wanted that an all service or with minimal clothes I went to dad what is impressing OCU father I want to see dad and I went there and that was the dementia you know his minuses on another place in our member out there and that was just finished feeding him I did some food made me think when I said I'm sorry that you have to feed yesterday spent my life feeding me the privilege of the cocaine I said that many went to sleep and I remember that I satisfies leg and I leaned my head on his legs and I said Lord I was so much acquisition within which the word was that he must study and all of a sudden while my head is on his leg I heard a voice to voice its waning and it was my father that the might of the affair is ready to serve in whatever he wanted the committee said would you teach me the Bible just like that would you teach me the Bible on the dataset that it would be an honor to my father right this is by thing one oh one one through it and I think that video I just said yes absolutely back to me when I visit is a you just told me that he gave me the book the chapter and verse it several times I finally got Revelation fourteen is a death are you willing today to be counted amongst the patient Saints we said yes to Debbie Riddick sent this message to son I accept this as a deficit with prayer we prayed her husband and I kissed him and I left I went to camp meeting and had the most pleasant time housing the mount is no cell phone signal or anything is nobody can reach me and then eventually I had some Wi-Fi connection I went onto the Internet and it was there on the Internet that my sister is my money sent me a message to Facebook is going on in China review I wanted to let you know grandpa has died and I remember I was in shock because I wanted to see that this a few days later go see them again now he was the hell went on my knees and I went before God as a father you are righteous you we suggest and I started to repeat the words of God in my mind I think that because I heard Satan 's voice whispering on the other side of my ear and I had to fight him and comes at him with the word of God and his promises that God is just and I'm not blaming God while being prayer was as if I heard the voice of God say I didn't now send myself what you mean you get it going you remember what to ask that's what needs to you see things your father alive long enough to accept the third Angels message I did it first and he is considered a legal my heart my father 's grave marked for the first resurrection I believe that if you let Jesus in your heart he will change his in such ways that evening you will be surprised at the power of the gospel to content serious offenses time is almost finished and the question is asked to you reflect the lovely image of Jesus as he should say my attending angel to me January get ready and he will have to die a greater debt to the world than you have ever yet died with God this is not because your desire to see Lord I've been working out of order I have not fully understood me a message I've been asked if I been doing a lot of stuff from when this all over again I want Jesus in my heart a very special way and I want him to surprised even me of the power of the gospel passages are using Lord I have hit the exposure powered occipital and I want to experience it tonight and I choose to cooperate with would you send anything with you what is a Lord I want why would I want this experience I'm a sad sad sad you will find that Suzanne Christ 's fans easily do marvelous things he knew it for you for his glory brothers and sisters were almost home the battles against Sears recently had but if you give it all and if you truly surrender the will you will find that that which Christ has begun to you he will perform at to the perfectly with rain father in heaven as we stand we recognize the guy many of us we've been on order please give us father please make this thing real to us help out our fun belief on thankful for those wonderful words and inspiration that tells us that no one can overcome self by himself and you said that when this is understood that the language of the soul of the Lord and my hearts for I cannot give it it is not property king of your why cannot keep it for the save me in spite of myself we on Christlike self mold me fashion me to raise electricity to a holy atmosphere where the rich currents of Philo will you also please do this and I and as all things are made well between ourselves and our Savior help us to abide because your word promises us that he who abide in Christ CNN not name this VR experience we pray in Jesus name amen this media with broad audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe the more certain and www. on universe .org


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