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Christ's Method Alone: Mingling

Rodney Bowes Julie Bowes




  • August 18, 2012
    2:30 PM
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my name is Rodney Dallas and my wife is doing here and we are very happy that we can join you here for this excellent event I hear heavy all been having a good time so far tell what a blessing that we can come together and learn about how we can more effectively communicate the gospel before we continue and go any further I'd like to ask you if you will bow your heads with me as we have a prayer to begin our session heavenly father thank you so much that you have been with us that it is the Sabbath I pray for your Holy Spirit to guide us that everything might be done to your honor and glory thank you again for bringing each person here and we ask that you will especially touch our hearts now in Jesus name amen okay we have a very passive the seminar 's award and go fast is it okay my talk a little fast okay by going to do fast as they rot in a slowdown okay but we're first going to lay a little bit of the framework for a medical missionary work and what were talking about in the seminar is how to follow Jesus method an ex- method alone that is going to bring success in our work I want for you all to take a look at this picture with me that everyone know what this figure is about uneasiness before that what is this is not exactly writing the damn nice this is a very interesting picture because it shows the world and it shows where there is life pollution I can use in the United States no wonder when you look up you can hardly see any stars when you want to ask for time to come on a mission to with native Africa you look up when you seen the amazing stars at night is truly amazing this is a light pollution that we see around the world what do you think God sees when he looks down on this earth in comparison to the light of truth doesn't look like this is a earth illuminated with truth like it is with the light pollution no not at all the Bible says behold the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the way of evil Isaiah sixty in verse two and in reality this is what is happening in our world this map is another map it shows where the gospel is going it shows where there are churches that are established as the sections that are in green are areas where there is a strong Christian church presents the areas in yellow are in between Hannah ran is categorized as I reached for the least reached how many of you are familiar with that term ten forty window he heard that before this is the area right here going from Africa extending over into Asia all the way over to Japan these are areas where the gospel needs to go in this generation God wants to do amazing things through his people these are dark places we need to be praying and we also need to know how can we effectively reach dark places I believe God may call some of you to go to that area of the world are any of you missionaries have missionary foreign missionaries in the foreign mission blood maybe you do God wants to send it in those places those of you who are here and you find yourself in the United States this is a tremendous mission field even though it's green it does mean that there is no work to be done there are millions of people waiting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ so we need to follow Christ's example forehead like for everyone to read this with me okay cries and Mathis along well give true success in reaching the people let's stop right there what method alone Christ method alone there's no other method you know often we like to come up with methods and philosophies in all these different things but it's only Jesus method aloneness can bring true success in reaching people let's continue it says that Savior mingled with a man as one who desired very good he showed his sympathy for them ministering to their needs and won their confidence then he made them follow me and ethanol seminar is based upon its those aspects of mingling sympathizing and ministering Morgan be looking at each one of those aspects in greater detail throughout this three-hour seminar but before we really get deeply into those things I'd like for us to consider what Jesus gave us as his own example this is Matthew chapter four verse twenty three and twenty four notice what the Bible says and Jesus went about all Galilee doing what teaching in their synagogues and anyone else preaching the gospel of the kingdom and doing what else healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people did Jesus have a successful ministry that people follow him the next words this is in verse twenty three but the next verse is that all humans from all over that region became the following views us because of his ministry because he combined these three things together let me ask you a question right now how many of you are Christians raise your hand right praise the Lord how many of you are seventh day Adventist Christians the museum all right excellent how many of you are missionaries all right I think everyone raised their hand again I thought many of you are medical missionaries while we lost a lot of people there objects my goal our goal at the end of this talk is that all of you can be able to raise your hand it doesn't mean that you have to be a doctor a deafening effort to be a nurse but would like to show you that Christ's message views medical missionary work and he wants every one of you to take a hold of it so someone ask you are you a medical missionary you can answer yes no matter what your other background is now let us look at something very interesting ministry of healing page nineteen it says during his ministry Jesus devoted more time to what healing the sick man to preaching Wikimedia that why did he do that it was it's very simple Jesus then this because there was a lot of prejudice at that time if Jesus just about and proclaimed himself to be the Messiah and him and the only thing he did his ministry would be good very short right I mean it wouldn't be as effective Jesus had a lot of prejudice to break down that we live in a world of society with a lot of prejudice Christ method alone will bring true success in reaching the people now I'd like for us to look very quickly this as well once you are health high like someone to read the chapter nine verse one and we are looking at Jesus commission doing the twelve disciples that Jesus gave an example in his life whether the twelve disciples who do you have that genuine as for us Luke chapter nine verse one and all our excellent reamers do as well as you are you okay now and put that on the screen if you look at that you can see the the disciples were also doing something in their ministry they were they had power to cure diseases entity where else and to preach they were following whose method Christ method alone and when they went out and they came back and use and how did it go with you lack anything what was their report they said basically it was amazing even the demons were listening to us people were being healed the Gospel was being preached not like someone to look at Luke chapter ten and unlike someone else to read for us verse nine Luke chapter ten verse nine another volunteer in our okay again later and I've come up with something new they were simply following whose method Christ method alone and they weren't healing the sick and also preaching and teaching so is it clear from the Bible that there is a way to do evangelism or ministry and if the combined healing and teaching and preaching altogether okay now let's look at the gospel commission we know the one in Matthew twenty eight this is the commissioning most of all Christians but then we look at Mark chapter sixteen in Mark chapter sixteen of the parallel passage this is a very well-known verse what is verse fifteen six yeah that one any memory banks Mark chapter sixteen verse fifteen what is it that they mantis that's good right there dealing that you believe we live in a time where we should all be involved in preaching the gospel to every creature that's why you're here at a conference like this right God wants to use you to preach the gospel to every creature but is healing important itself a part of the gospel look at verse eighteen and I just want for us to highlight verse eighteen this year they shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall do what recover so it is clear from the Bible that there is a ministry of healing that all Christians are supposed to be a part of his shake your head please visit their fair man all right I believe the Bible makes it crystal clear that an rain who is a follower of Jesus should combine teaching preaching and healing and they go together and with that you cannot not be successful you will be successful God will bless that kind of ministry so now let us look and continue in volume nine of the testimonies page one hundred sixty eight Ellen White says Christ is no longer in this world in person to go through our cities and towns and villages healing the sick but he has commissioned us carry forward the medical missionary work that he began his aloe we can put that in the Bible the Bible gives a very clear basis and Ellen White focus is this vital spotlight right on Jesus Jesus started the work and all of us are supposed to be part of it and a year 's most famous quotation that I can think of let's read it together from seven testimonies we have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work are you a member of the church are you taking all the medical missionary work if the answer is yes praise the Lord if not well today you have the opportunity to make a living and the reason that it's so important is that this will touch lives that nothing else can why medical missionary work were looking at five reasons why medical missionary work five reasons why we should do medical missionary work so for those of you who have your notepads out by the way I'm very happy to see you taking notes reason number one why medical missionary work is that people are dying because of ignorance you know that all around us people are literally dying have you seen an operating room like this before you know it takes place in an operating room like this day after day after day what is it heart surgery that's exactly right heart disease is the number one killer in North America and in many countries all around the world now is heart disease and serious disease his heart surgery is serious surgery or is it just a little and let us and the little surgery on his going in for heart surgery and it like that no it's not him just combine a little bit of health information here you know what the number one four one of the top symptoms of heart disease it is for many people is sought that's exactly right did you all know that for many people that sent them the first symptom that they have heart disease is sudden-death where you knew after that money to benefit them well you dig a grave unfortunately that's the next step heart surgery is a very serious surgery and everything are surgery before many amusing as well it can be a very it can be a very bloody procedures and here's the surgery if you don't like bladder whatever don't look like here's heart surgery people are dying because of ignorance people are literally dying this kind of the surgery is not something that is just a run-of-the-mill surgery I mean can imagine with me were not there in the operating room but I mean those who I have friends who are nurses and eyes she tells me when they're going through this particular procedure you can smell the flesh burning there is a burning through and then communism look at this this is horrific opening the chest cavity up to do the procedure on the heart now look carefully at the heart as you see in being there everyone see the hard being there you can see that it is surrounded by a substance that is yellow all right fat is good when it is in the right place when fat is in the wrong place and cholesterol and so forth it causes people to need heart surgery and the and the procedure goal is that they stop the heart the heart is stopped in the blood is shunted to that machine that you just saw there there are new techniques and do it while the heart is still beating but still the common practice is to stop the heart is at a serious surgery if there is a way to avoid this kind of surgery and you think it would be good for us to know what a and good for us to share with other people how many people don't make it off of the surgery table countless countless numbers go into a surgery like this and they just don't come out alive that's the grim reality of it medical missionary work number one is that people are dying because of ignorance how many of these surgeries need to go on what percentage of them did you know that up to ninety percent of heart disease is preventable ninety percent that's a tremendous amount by the way what they're doing here is their bathing the hard with fluid solution so that when they restarted it should come back to life truly this is a known a remarkable surgery but it does not need to be done nearly as much as it is in the world today people are dying these are pictures of lung tumors large tumors in the long cancers of all different kinds are proliferating around the world and just amazing amounts of using a foot like this before this is there is also like control diabetes if you go with us in our team through India you will see thousands of feet like this that have diabetic foot clinic people are dying because of ignorance or because of lack of knowledge which is exactly what the Bible says and Ellen White goes on to say everywhere people are perishing for a lack of the knowledge of the truth that have been committed to move whose eyes and bushy writing to the church specifically the Seventh-day Adventist George people are literally dying and I've tried to show it with some graphic pictures to help us understand how serious it is and how precious a message that God has given to us than it does let the members of the church it says the members of the church are in need of an awakening that they may realize their responsibility to impart these truths those who have been enlightened by the truth are to be like bears to the world so that you God wants to enlighten you an incentive out to be a light barrier to the world it goes on to state the high hide our light at this time is to make it what kind of mistake a terrible mistake how can you like making mistakes now it's not a time to make mistakes either you believe the time is short you believe that you Jesus is coming soon is not a time to make mistakes the message to God 's people today is arise shine for that light is come in the glory of the Lord is risen upon the support number two why medical missionary work why should we be involved in this method of Jesus point number two is that it shows Jesus character many people need to see Jesus in action not to hear a sermon but they need to see active deal Christianity and that's reason number two LMI says the world means what he needed nineteen hundred years ago a revelation of Christ and that it is a great work of reform is demanded and it is only through the grace of Christ that the work of restoration notice this work of restoration what does it include physical mental and spiritual I know that many of you have been involved in selling books over the summer or in the past summers what a blessing that is that is a very important ministry and deals a lot with spiritual God wants to bring us into a ministry that will bring restoration spiritually mentally and physically and God will do that work for number three medical missionary work is front-line work where is this that's New York Manhattan exactly medical missionary work are you all praying for the world church for two thousand and thirteen there is a very large evangelistic program pushing for New York City they're sending thousands of pieces of literature hundreds of people are being trained to go and work in New York let's pray for that city what about the city versus is not Washington DC that little building that looks like a capital always throws people off but it's not Sacramento anyone else this is London and London London is a great need of medical missionary work as well about this one Tokyo yeah that's exactly right Tokyo a huge area with thirty plus million people in metropolitan area medical missionary work is the answer for the large cities of the world today is that people can seem to use us reaching out and helping people this one is not taking it in the Bombay exactly or Mumbai that you made this kilo to the city in great need of medical missionaries the goal and to reach those people with the true gospel how this one is going to be the worlds largest city in just a few years snug by anyone's Nigeria is correct and the city is Legos Legos Nigeria it's going to be in just a few more years the world 's largest city deals think that we need medical missionaries there like never before because Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people on this one it is there no one from this area LA I knew it it threw you off because you could see the mountains right you normally means it is like a once in in a generation picture where there is no smog there but that is LA how about this one San Francisco all right so those from the Northern California area San Francisco these major cities all across the world in our very backyard so to speak very great need of medical missionary work of following Christ method alone and Ellen White writes medical missionary work crazy humanity in the gospel of release from suffering many people are suffering in the world today I mean physically suffering of course we know everyone is suffering but how many people on a daily basis wake up with pain billions of people that's why pain medication is the number one prescribed drug from the doctor pain medication is number one and he goes on to say that medical missionary work is the highest near work of the gospel is the gospel practice the compassion of Christ what revealed this work there is great need in the world is open for it God grant that the importance of medical missionary work shall be understood and that new fields may be immediately entered the quotations begin excitement they did to me new fields are opening all the time I recently got back from Vietnam Vietnam is opening the medical missionary work not just to preaching evangelistic leave a medical missionary work it's open recently we got back from Guatemala it's wide open in Central and South America for medical missionary work and I believe in North America as well and in the United States point number four number for why we should do medical missionary work is that it purifies God 's people but people need to be sure before he comes back right Jesus wants a a church that is without spot and without wrinkle the want to be part of that church John and John the Baptist were examples for the last days they live very simple life they would help reformers and notice with this quotation says Ellen White writing in testimonies volume three I was again shown that the health reform is one branch and great work which is to say they people for the coming of the Lord this is especially important for us to be ready for Jesus to come this health reform or medical missionary work is essential for us physically from the statements that we look at how important it is and finally number five why medical missionary work in opens up many closed doors for those of you who were here at the very beginning you look at a map with me on the progress of the gospel in many areas of the world it was red why is it red why has it not been reached I were talking north Africa were ducking the middle east were talking Pakistan over into India why is it not reached because it's really hard I mean it's really challenging this is a Christian family pictured here whose house was completely destroyed because of their faith because those around them didn't not like their religion many of the places that were highlighted there have a predominantly Islamic influence Muslim and Christian tension around the world is growing like never before it is escalating so much and one of the best ways to break through that kind of prejudice is medical missionary work I wish I had more time to show you the pictures of our teams around the world sitting in the same room Seventh-day Adventist minister during using the help message with Moslems with Hindus with whatever religion you can think of health is really the way to break the prejudice down and Alan White says the right hand is used to open doors through which the body may find entrance is a medical ministry page two thirty eight this is the part of the medical missionary work is that it is still largely prepare the way for the reception of the truth for this time so those wonderful books the great controversy those themes of prophecy that people need to understand the way to open their mind for this is through medical missionary work or through health ministry and we're going to be sharing with you as we continue practical ways that you can implement this in your own life and in your own church so I want to finish with this quotation and then my wife is going to come and share for a few minutes to finish this first seminar this is what God 's plan is see if you are involved in God 's plan let little companies this is from testimonies volume nine page one hundred and seventy one and seventy two let little companies go forth to do the work to which Christ appointed his disciples let them labor as evangelists notice what kind of evangelist scattering our publications what kind of what kind of evangelist is that that's that the canvasser that the call quarter of which many of you an opportunity of doing praise God but notice what else it says talking of the truth to those in need let them pray for the sick ministering to their necessities not with drugs but guess how if it's not with drugs how do you minister to someone exactly but with natures remedies and teaching them how to regain health and avoid disease are you involved in a little small company on a regular basis making efforts to go out and reach your community this is gods ordained message of evangelism and it will work I've seen it work all over the world and I encourage you each take a part in that at this time I life is going to come and she is going to share one of the most interesting and fascinating talks with you that when the whole rest was that interesting here is one example fully I I a.m. on the people that doesn't enjoy watching surgery is just too disgusting for me but our missionary here in the world especially in Indian administered the house message if you mention health reform will bring about a mixture of emotions and usually they're quite strong either positive or negative and in the Seventh-day Adventist church many people view the health messages may be a curse or a chain something to restrict us something to keep us from having a good time and enjoying our life silently share with you guys gift of health is it really a gift for images and change the bind us and keep us from enjoying things that we injured that we like before I go into that I want to share with you this club it says every member you can take a course of training and medical institutions how many of you have taken a course in our medical institution only a few only a few and I'm not one of them all but what does it say how many all can study our health literature and becomes intelligent on this important subject that's one of the important themes in the blessings of literature evangelism you can sell some of the health book and they can study them but an man through study of that book vacant missionary share with someone else says in I Thessalonians let little companies go forth to do the work to which Christ appointed his disciples let them labor as evangelists but needs to this one already gathered publications talking of the truth but then pray for the sick ministering to their necessities with natures remedies and teaching teaching them so what we do primarily as we teach we educate many people don't know and uninitiated pictures from different places lived on training visit in Italy the train him again and Puerto Rico this may concern famous right and when I say we we have a team of workers to death the duty strings this is then Indonesia and the Philippines this is in Japan and then we did a health expo in Japan Japan is highly secular and people are very busy but in the busyness of their life over a hundred people took time to go to help to take an hour of their time to learn about health the church was quite amazed at the success of the health Expo is another training at the again and nine London this one is not CM is in Africa Kenya and also doing an gospel campaign he sharing any importance of drinking water and showing what goes into a soda pop so that people are intelligent about what they're drinking so the gift of health it felt really a gift when you help message comes in the Seventh-day Adventist church at three in a White House careless like anything since the three non-Italian and George Washington the first president of the United States December thirteen seventeen ninety nine he got sick he was out all day working on he got called to get his clothes were wet he came inside a separate in changes clothes that are called in a sore throat that fatal and should not be fatal vision of a fatal but will find out happened to him the doctors came because the president usually have the best of healthcare correct the doctors came and the very first thing that they did in those days is that he was sick then the problem was they thought that you had too much blood so they would believe you they would take out your blood so they took out almost to a blood from President Washington the doctors will come after that if taken after blood doesn't help you then the doctor will come to you it's really wrong with that is serious condition so they see the physician comes he says this is serious to market physicians came and while they were waiting for the submissions they took out more blood Prince do we have in our body gap five meters five cards not a lot of blood so they've Artie taken out almost a pint of blood then he take out two more pints of blood and amazingly enough there was no relief from the disease it just wasn't working so what are they due she tried to get him some medicine and medicine in those days was mostly my three which is likely stick next day prescribed alcohol smoking and a few other things besides bleeding bleeding was always essential to all finished today for president Washington dies and the newspaper comes out and it says it is with inexpressible grief that I have to announce to you the death of the great and good general Washington he died last evening between ten and eleven o'clock after a short illness of about twenty four hours they had pretty potent medicine do they kill them within twenty four hours this order was an inflammatory sore throats which proceeded from a called of which he made that little complaint on Friday on Sabbath morning about three o'clock he became ill called for the doctor the best doctors in town came and read medical assistance was offered but without the desired effect so and I believe he even said after a while he said gently and let me die in peace stop taking my blood sucking your stuff now this is a missionary these are the things they were teaching in eighteen thirty five just thirty years before the health message came from the family medicine chest this inventory this is adapted for the physician and the Lehman and this book they thought that if you have a long problem as I think our everyday maybe two or three visits from Doctor Chapman this is what Sanford Sheldon let the little patient be glad and very freely at the commencement of the case and children have even less blood than dollars and incidents out of three years old or upwards a teaspoonful of testimonial wine made by dissolving a scruple of emetic tartar and a pint of sherry wine and repeat if necessary in half an hour this was supposed to cause them to vomit so the second as does not cause vomiting double its quantity unless we take a very mild vomiting should be encouraged by wanderings in the nausea should be continued for hours a few hours so would you grant me this is a time of great ignorance not only was healthcare very poor but their hygiene of the cities was awful this sewage was just left in the streets below they not have been trash places the entrance of the distant than the rounds if you've ever been to India and similar to India back here in the United States now I think our administrators were doing it with a healthy and strong at this time this debate will talk about him here's some stories of our Adventist pioneers John Lovegrove down the road when he was eighteen years old he was on the verge of death I leave you here are eighteen euros you can imagine being on the verge of death at eighteen and in the near airport health but see why now might be he says I was a great lover of animal flesh is food I wanted that pork fried from this but even then I called slices of ham or need for separate one of my sweetest morsels was Bagwell soaked in Port gravy so it had been assigning Jane is at the age of thirty four this is rightly question came he had congested brain nervous system it which is summing problems I don't know why the world he would have come in from Canton which is that copying and chronic fatigue always tired at the age of thirty four how many of you are thirty four of the year this is the time of people 's lives eighteen thirty four when you should need a strong if you ever been in he was a intelligence buddy and awful health and God saw that his church was dying very young and so he mercy gave us a message here's what he ate a simple ologies listed to aid digestion hot bacon and butter doughnuts pork in any form pickles preserved eCopy all of common use and white she thought that for years that she is dependent upon the first drink imagine how she felt when God told her this message directly so was the health message in eighteen sixty three I guess was an example whether to give people a longer life more strength more health she said in a light given me so long ago I was shown a intemperance would prevail in the world to an alarming extent and that every one of the people of God mistaken elevated with Dan in regard to the Reformation and habits and practices she wrote this in nineteen oh one do you think that the world today is more temperate than it was not at all not down as she says I presented a general plan before me I was shown that God would give me his commandment keeping people a reform diet and that as they received this day disease and suffering would be greatly lessened I was shown that this work would progress and were seen that happen in the world today now what about the world what about people outside of the Seventh-day Adventist church one of the presentations that is going to be Ellen White on outside of the church County Sheriff hear what someone said Mrs. does anyone other this is this is Doctor Clive McKay in the nutritionist at Cornell University have never heard of the China study he mentored the author of the China study this man here and he read some of the books of Ellen White including counsels on diet and food so he said to some of the discussion every modern specialist his life is dedicated to human welfare must be impressed by their writings and leadership of Allen's and white this man is not a Seventh-day Adventist despite the fact that the works of Mrs. White were written long before the Adnan of modern scientific nutrition only in the nineteen fifties did they start indexing after the nineteen fifties that they started saying that smoking was bad for you so the hundred years after she said it was bad science finally product so he said no a better overall guide is available today this is based on him reading the book councils on diet and foods so again I just want to share with you and you see for yourself this is a gift from God the health message is a gift five I want to encourage you as you when you see practice in Ossetia where to share with that attitude that it's against the South not coming to think someone over the head with something to keep yourself in a straitjacket but it's a different gods giveth life to help and give us joy on this earth not someone mentioned Jessica Bates one of the Adventist pioneers had the help message even before it came to the general church and that was Joseph Bates he became a vegetarian and an early age he stopped eating he eating drinking tea and coffee he stopped eating pork any as if all are very simple lifestyle and he had good health ball in the people and that administers and tiny movement were dying he was having good health and he said this was as valid I would encourage you to do it if you and you have read this if you mean this if you would like to make this commitment with me today and are likely to read this with me it says this they did I went the act also eliminates the surrender myself to be hiring hall for more lords that have had dominion over me and I consecrated in the all that I am and all that I have a man payment may have a word of prayer and then we do have a little bit of time for questions before you have a break for the next session he can buy it hasn't me heavenly father I want to thank you so much for your goodness in your last comment thank you for the gift of health Lord may we understand personally that wonderful gift and made it shine from our lives so that others will be attracted to no contest tenant but I asked the Americans one hearing brought them here for a purpose Robinson a seminar for a reason so please bless each one and guide us in the rest of our activities for the day may be glorified in Jesus name amen do you have any questions please said at a campsite okay the question is in the question is that it ensures at the same time of the Seventh-day Adventist church was receiving the help message was God giving it to other people in other parts of the world and the answer is true yes at the same time that that message in the second admission into the second coming was going around the world our site in America with William Miller is going around the world with other people and the health message was also going around the world in different groups of people in question and answered questions on how you in any seminars especially the last seminar that we have today there are different to last an hour going to be focusing on practical things how to make a charcoal poultice I do besides so I went to encourage you to come to all of them and if you don't count economic listen to them on audio verse decanting circle poultices on our neighbors either Indiana questions yet question is are all the seminars being taken I believe that is true that's fine on this little thing in my hands you can go on the website W NME .com universe .org and go to I shared two thousand twelve on the four seminars on you actually would like to be elected in on them myself I knew that so I will just share with you we work with a ministry called life is a lot of white base administrators nightmares is all kinds of ministries this one is called light relay Institute for global health training and if you want to know more about what we do if you are interested in becoming trained more in medical missionary work we have a website you can go to fighting the world O R T in the world .org we have online medical missionary training courses was one month and six month and we have on-campus training courses all around the world as well as opportunities to go and be a missionary and teach and do this other any other questions everything is clear that okay will you learn about nine and sell the next sessions so we invite you to come back again report number two and think of the coming media with one might argue is the website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading from an audio and much more we would like to know more about nonmembers the more certain and www. audio .org


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