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Christ's Method Alone: Sympathizing

Rodney Bowes Julie Bowes




  • August 18, 2012
    3:30 PM
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for the next hour in this seminar we are going to look at practical ways to put Jesus in that fed into action we saw in the last four in the first part of our program we read a quotation from the book ministry of healing page one hundred and forty three and instead cries nested what is everyone cries the method alone will give true success in reaching the people and then it said that there were three parts of Jesus ministry one was named Alain visit in the quotation not necessarily the Bible verse but it says Jesus mingled with the man is one who desired their good what I'm thinking of the shouting is sympathy we show his sympathy for them and then the next part was that he is there and do their needs and by doing all three of those things he won their confidence now I want for you okay the first one the first one was mingling and when I talk about that in detail right now the first one is mingling the second one is sympathy showing sympathy and the third is ministering to the needs ministering to their needs when he did this he won the confidence of the people and I want to make it very clear and it is very important to recognize that Jesus didn't just say come follow me first that wasn't his first thing he didn't come and say hello my name is Jesus come follow me write that wasn't his fifth he won the confidence of people and Manhattan only man that he say come and follow me it's very important to keep that in mind in our ministry as we seek to reach out to people that we win their confidence first but once confidence is why I believe we have a divine obligation to ask people and follow Jesus with me is not right you believe that I were now going to look at the first aspect of Jesus ministry highlighted in ministry feeling and the first part was mingling what does it mean to mingle making friends all right that's good socialize that's another excellent word for socializing any other things come to mind mingling interacting another excellent work was Jesus a sociable person or did he just hang out in the hills of Galilee just praying for the people not at all that was not at all his ministry let's open our Bibles and let us look at a few examples of Jesus ministry of mingling I like for you to look with me in the gospel of Matthew Matthew chapter eight this is really where the ministry of the public ministry of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew is really highlighted in Matthew chapter eight and the first four verses you find Jesus what was he doing he was ministering Levine said he came down from the mountain great multitudes followed him where to go put any mingled with do you send the multitudes were following him so he was mingling with the multitudes of people in general an included angle to help the leper now was a leper a popular present a leprosy popular today know that it never has been and especially at this time leprosy was considered to be specifically a curse from God right similarly Jesus Golden ministership putting Jesus mingle with the outcasts of society so when you are thinking in our context today whom shall we go mingle with news on the list those who are put aside by the rest of society those who are accounted as unworthy there is no such thing as someone unworthy in Jesus ministry he mingled with the leper the next story shows that he went and he mingled with the with the next story and message of faith for the mingling with those in high positions centurions I mean these are the people that are the rich and famous so the speed Jesus didn't have a caste system in sake I've only been a work for the poor and disenfranchised I'm only going to work with those who are absolutely destitute he worked with those people yes but in his mingling and in his sympathizing he went and ministered to the rich are you afraid to minister to rich people that Adam give you a little bit of nervousness no praise the Lord that's great mingled together you shook your hand right thing the helicopter going what is so interesting to me is that many many people that are in positions of power and made it to include wealth are interested in health specifically the Adventist health message that do not I mean people in governments around the world are actually asking the Adventist church to share the message the Pan-American world are health organization asked the administration doing your program here with our people the governments of the world were asking busy than the ministry the medical missionary work of Jesus reaches the rich and the poor let's look at a couple of other stories turn with me to Luke chapter nineteen Luke chapter nineteen in this chapter there is a famous verse and it's a little chapter nineteen verse ten would someone read that verse for us Luke chapter nineteen and verse ten okay that was the center of Jesus ministry me know as the heartbeat is that your heart rate is not the goal to seek and save the lost is that why you're here is that why you're going to be going to school is that why you go to work if not we need a shift in our priorities normally than the ministry of Jesus was to seek and to save the loss that what every category or whatever stage of life that they were in very important to remember that what is the context of this verse Dino look at the verses just previous boat Zakia 's goal is IKEA so help us was mingling with the tax collector human I mean people who are corrupt cutting and cutting these is getting painted by the corruption see Jesus ministry was amazing he broke all kinds of ideas that were in the Julie's mind your mingling with publicans and sinners with prostitutes and with the poor those who are cursed by God and who are or blind I mean Jesus showed that means Elaine was for everyone everyone deserves to be able to mingle with Christians the other we have a divine responsibility so when you sit when the Lord impresses upon you to go into mingle with someone in your first impression you say that's not my type of person whether it be very poor poor weather in the very rich let the Lord give you the words to say let the Lord minister through you to those people I want to highlight a few things and then I'm going to ask after the comment and we're going to talk about how mean delaying has been working in the mental and Seventh-day Adventist church and we're going to encourage you to follow some ideas like that but this is mingling this is what it said this is what it says in the book Christians service how many of you read Christian service before any of you Christian service or write for those of you who do stick around for the last part of our seminar we have Christian service for everyone all right so we have something going to want to be here at the last part of our seminars to get that one but Christian service it says this that says Jesus saw in every soul to whom must be given the call to his kingdom he reached the hearts of the people by going among them as one who desired very good he sought them where did Jesus see people wasn't only in the church was and only when they were having meetings it says he saw them in the public streets in private houses on the boats about that for ministry boat ministry in the synagogue by the shores of the lake and at the marriage feast he met them at their daily locations administered an interest in their secular affairs this is what it's talking about mingling Jesus went and he said what are you interested in what you do for a living how is your family what are your goals in life I mean that was what Jesus was doing and he won the hearts of people and United States there needs it goes on and it says he carried his instruction into the household bringing families under in their own homes under the influence of his divine presence his strong personal sympathy helped to win hearts know we live in a time in which a lot of humanitarian effort is done by huge organizations I mean everything is just kind of paid for by someone and there is it's like ministry through a drive through window kind of coming there's not a lot of getting close personal contact with people and we need to change God wants us to change that and when we do when we follow Christ method alone and mingle as Jesus wants us to mingle great things about half the Holy Spirit is going to touch lives like we've never seen it before select this time I'm going to invite SAP and she is going to tell us about how the Mentone Seventh-day Adventist church in Mentone California has been mingling with people RAS he let me get this thing off of me here while it felt good to see all of you here are I just want to share a little day about what we do at our church pastor Kyle who I'm sure you have all men already and the program director of I share is the pastor of our church at a mental which is right by Loma Linda actually and if you're ever in the area we we opened our church doors do we love to have you visit we love to have visitors and we do often have many visitors are our churches example less to be in a place where many people passed through but our mission at our church and thanks to a pastor who just has a passion for evangelism he has been affected us all with that and we just love to do ministry in every way possible and health ministry is probably just one of the most as Rodney and Julie have spoken about a way to get into people 's heart and into their lives because they're touching a very personal need that they have and people are dying they house to desire to know what can I do to be healthy what can I do to be free of whatever ailment they have are someone that they love has and I know a lot of you folks here are very young and very healthy right now but as you go out into the community as you see your family around you just to have certain tools to help them is so helpful family share with you some of the programs that we have done and we always do everything kind of whenever we do a health program at our church we always have it sorted as an opening to something we doing in evangelism so for instance when we have a health fair a lot of times will do it before we do and in fact eliminating perhaps will have an event in maven meeting for a weekend or for a whole month and we will invite people to a health fair to cooking classes and whatnot the other thing that were concentrating on is doing and making our church a medical missionary training site and you know always says that every member should be a medical missionary right and so we need to train our own people and once we train our own people and we have the knowledge we have the skills to do it then we can go out a minister not only to our own families in our community but to every person that we meet so that's kind of what mankind has been doing we were very privileged suggestion that month of July and July we were invited by Jim Molly and she is with the site here well if you could just wave to everybody she is our good friend and she invited Mentone church to come up to Lakeport where she is one of the directors and the county on tribal health and may have a very large American Indian population the public Indian nation is located in Lakeport and so she invited our church and we made a check with a bunch of mentoring members and we were there on one day we did a health expo and another day we help it do health talks and we volunteered at a garden that tribal health actually run and produces delicious organic food is a ministry to the people of the tribal health clinic to really neat and if you want to know more about what Molly does he know feel free to ask her that we were so privileged to be there and I have some pictures I wanted yourself this is the health said that we were apart as an and we do Molly was the one who basically set up the whole health actually showed up and helped her and did what she needed but it was such an amazing blessing we had Mrs. Prosser Kyle getting his height as to when Mister lonely there we had on we had a different station and you learn a new start acronym and what they stand for any of the absurd so that an is the nutrition that we had a table for nutrition that we would check their sugars and then we had a table next would be he which is exercised and we would do a exercise passed by having them step up and down and we could see the whole thing we could tell them what their target pulses in a Santa shaper not the would be W 's of water we had a water station we went on educate them about water and then we had a sunlight station there we could talk to them about blood pressure we would check their blood pressure given the measurements and discuss what they continue to improve their their blood pressure and then we had seen for temperance and we talked about there's a lot of alcohol use and drug use met abuse that they are and so we talked about temperance and how does they know we gave them a pledge that they could sign in if they signed it we would give them a free T-shirt this is a really great idea that her team came up with and then he hair we went to a lunch function test with a wood below into a little machine and we could tell them how their lung capacity was then we did rest we talked about proper rest at that station and to begin them is lunch then we did the massage their feet can see some of the pictures is this kind of work and they would get personal it you know if they had any questions they could ask any of my and then trusting God is the last day and so we had counselors ranging from breathing test their in season these pictures and were doing body fat monitoring here is this the air is different pictures we they also had children's health fair on the outside and they can come and learn about eating and what to do blood pressure this is Pastor Kyle he was at the trust table and he was giving prayer and spiritual guidance for anyone who is interested and he was there it was a very busy popular on table and we talked what portion sizes you saw there either it's all geek people were interested in getting their height weight move body fat monitoring semester college in an ailing system a blessing to be able to talk one-on-one with these people because they really do want to know what they can do children's of the children health and anyways really need to have him as Andy Dave and a few folks know who she is from Advent hope she did a lot of the talk there for the kids and in this computer I'm initially more pictures the following day after we did that we went to Judith 's farm and she has an organic farm that the tribal health clinic uses and that she had and she was not even Christian I don't think and when we went to the farm and volunteered she was really touched by that was a couple hours we just went there are whole group when we did and did whatever she needed and you know we stir recently come to church with us tomorrow and she said she and she ended up coming to church with that engine Molly has told us that now she's way to keep the Sabbath and is interested in Bible studies and it was really helpful for us because often you know you don't know exactly what impact inhabiting the back impact in that Christ method in action were mingling we sympathize with her we listen to her week we showed her that we cared about her and we were total strangers that drove him up just coming to work and are finally that really touched her and now is really a beautiful experience rest they roasted corn and peppers and pairs since he and he would with Michelle or Bible worker having a good time that we were really blessed and and we we also do a couple other things on once I was once a month we go to the market a local threat is called the Romans marketing the local market when a cell produce and have vendors and we have our own booth they are our church has a booth there and down Dan is over there is one of our regulars and Andy and Tony help out but once a month we go out there and we either do blood pressure screens are like a mini health Expo that will go and give advice if anyone needs health advisor will pass out health literature along with the other literature that we passed that we can't have great hopes across all kinds would lose trip back market night but that's something that our health team likes to do also we have also and dental simple things like work at food banks send and see the homeless and make food baskets and things of that nature but those simple little things he discovered is just an avenue to get people they know that there's a group of people that care about you and once we show that we care we can say no would you like to come to an evangelism series that were having and then there's so much more receptive and downs we do a lot of door to door when we went to monthly when we go out to pass out glows we will ask people if they would like to have prayer is all part of health ministry you know we don't often think about it but it's all part of it when you're passing up glow and you said you have any prayer needs like to pray with you at that moment many people can't knew about their aches and physical needs that they have and then we discovered we can say you know if you have that need what having a health talk having a cooking class coming up in the next month can I invite you to it but we haven't EBS can you know can you come to that and so if it's all a part of our ministry that we do is just one division one group of people that's doing the evangelism registering it all together and it becomes a cohesive unit and we discovered that mentoring that without really is the key to having a church that live it's not just preaching the present she is living the present truth and so we just have been really blessed and we want all of you young people they take it home to your churches and to spread that an e-mail you think you're young and what kind of power do I have that you have no much and the Lord will provide a key step it up and say you know I'm willing to do you know let's start this on thing and I'm willing to participate now willing to help out you'll be surprised at how many people when choosing step up will come out and see you do that to so I just want to encourage you folks before you set out as a snack I think all speak loud enough to get up on the make is how how can people really practically a flight is mingling Chris Fleming Leonard what are some of the specific ministries in you you've touched on several things can you give us just one or two that would be like the basic primary step some of these things cost a lot of money coming but what would you say is the most easy way to get started in a mingling ministry am I the probably the easiest and an it is something that doesn't relate a lot of money is go door-to-door and do surveys in your community and you don't need a single dime for that you really don't it helps to have a copy machine and you just copy you know little pieces of paper and make a simple Senior finally the needs of your community are in your party train a lot of you with my workers union used to doing surveys right you guys have like amazing ability e.g. surveys but for health ministry to that an excellent one he asked them would you be interested in a weight loss or weight in the weight loss programs or cooking class and you start off you ask them then after you get surveys and you ask you need prayer are there specific needs that you have Q1 Bible studies and that's just one way to get in it it's too many of many to one survey you can get in and through many avenues but once you do surveys and you find out with the needs of the community are you can send out people who can go and do the things that they need and I think that that you don't really need a lot of money to go to a person 's house and get Bible studies or to do a cooking class that doesn't cost a lot or to just give a health talk you know you could invite somebody or yourself you could also do health talk you can talk about the eight principles of health and natural remedies that's excellent and I want to ask you how many of you know the website the new start club .com Bonnyview heard about type right just a few of you I would encourage you I know that many of you are on the Internet a lot of the time I'm actually amenable up the webpage before we're done with our our presentation here I want to show you new start club .com because it's a fantastic way to share health information with people if you're not a doctor or whatever and you might feel intimidated well this is a resource put together by health professionals that you can share with all kinds of people you can mingle with them and you share the website it's a wonderful way to get involved and you give a perfect segue to our next card which is talking about sympathy with CNET Jesus mingled with people as one who desired there good and then he showed sympathy and at this time Julie's going to come up she's going to talk a little bit about sympathy and inorganic year another testimony about how that actually put into practice any alleged incident itself this day outgoing all that I'm so glad only about twenty races and had I would not raise my hand either that when I hear the commission like this soon gone to all the world and preach the gospel to all nations instead of thinking that we doesn't think I don't really like to be around people that live in sin I don't like to speak in France and I'm too shy into quiet etc. so this this idea of going and mingling with people sympathizing with them showing that I love them etc. is a challenge for me as their more about they probably integrate so I want to share with you something untoward is been teaching me to help me because gods commission is not just for people who are outgoing not just for people who would because saying when it's also for people who are quiet and is for people who preferred to be alone and now encourage you how you can do that and it's easy it's easy for people like my husband Alaska bandit him silent encourage all of us that we can do it so I can work there anybody out there Sharon and personal stories taken this idea of sympathizing first I want to read something that's a challenge if dancing Christ object lessons if we love Jesus we show love to live for him to present our thank offerings to him to labor for him the very labor will be light for his sake we shall covet pain and toil and sacrifice we shall sympathize with his longing for the salvation of man we shall feel the same tender craving for souls that he has felt this is the religion of Christ anything short of it is a interception not mere theory of truth or profession of discipleship will save any soul to Santa Seventh-day Adventists doesn't mean anything this is living in the heart we do not belong to Christ unless we are his holy units by halfhearted missing the Christian life that men become feeble and purpose and changeable and desire the effort to serve both South and Christ makes lining stony ground here are and he will not endure when no test comes upon him and I read that's because it's a challenge and it was a challenge to me I would go to different seminars I went to amazing facts and I did not love people and I thought to myself I would hear these different things we need to do evangelism we need to go door-to-door and I cringed and I thought what's wrong with me maybe eventually converted and it worried me you know I think you have to go out there and force myself to mingling people because it was the right thing to do nine and wanted to and never hard to do it and it was this year the less than continually working but this year had a bigger breakthrough and the Lord can have taught me a few things one of the first ones they first thing I read instead and we love Jesus so what comes first any vandalism we have to love Jesus and how do we love Jesus is actually something that comes before that do we naturally love God we naturally seek after God and all so what makes us love God we love God because he first loved us right so that was speaking to me and he said you are you know if you left people is because you don't know me well and and I started thinking okay I need to get to know God better it's not selfish for me to focus on my own relationship with God so that actually want to share with other people and God led me to a book by Ty Gibson called a guy named desire and I don't mind advertising for him this is an excellent book if you do not know God if you've never had a first love experience with God that ye are just very cited about him and you you really honestly cannot keep it to yourself what a year quiet person or a talkative person you cannot keep it to yourself if you've never had that kind of been experienced before San Francisco guy named desire at all about the God we serve the God that allows us that God pursues us it talks about how human beings we are created to live and to be loud to know and to be known as a human desire of every single human being in the whole world that is why it is a huge focus in the world I set because people want to be known and love and God created us with that desire actually and it's been sorted and it's been asked so were exploited by the devil but sometimes share with you in here is how we are created to love other people as human beings we are limited a little bit by our finiteness and save for an example a couple has ten children using today if they lost any of those children that they would just say only have nine more children can unable to love each of those children and all their hearts that's not what happened if they fail potential than when if we have fifteen more than twenty five children the example starts to break down the guys and human beings were only able to love and signal people on a limited level and is a relationship here between knowing and loving and wanted to know a person and wanted to care about that person correct someone each of you to think about a person that you know and love the mouse this imagine them in your mind if you were to hear that they were in a channel accident while Virginia but software emulation for all your whole life and go rest and be with them the world you go into an area you might be thinking you do everything you have been in abuse that person right now is relationship between knowing and feeling in caring for someone what happens if you have okay let's say you have a best friend or a spouse that you care about and that would be like a Kensington relationship you know that one hundred percent and you cannot than a hundred percent will say that may have relative one of your in-laws this indemnity don't know that well but you know them a little bit and so your knowledge and then with a Navy be and eight percent eighty percent and so you care about them less bad enough I making any sense but the idea is that the more we know about the person the more we care the less we know about a person the less we care that's natural to feel guilty about that because I go to you know you see people on the street you have no idea who they are and I feel like I'm supposed to feel something for this person insisted care about this person and I had no idea that they were somehow my heart and I really feel anything for them how can I care about them and how can I follow that commission of sympathizing with other people that I don't even know this interest me greatly and can aspect of this that I stopped was that if you think about God he is on the present he is omnipotent and he is on man should that means that he knows everything so if knowledge about someone and caring about someone him hand how much this guy know everybody in the world does he know he hundred percent so then how much does God care about everybody in the world using about the person that you thought about before that you cannot hundred percent and think about that feeling that way toward that sort every single person in this whole world and I don't want to buy from me when I realized that God loves everyone and knows everyone just like that in the knee want to share that love with other people and it was this whole book was working a change in my heart to know who that is and to realize that he cares about every single person so much and there are so many millions of people in the world to have no idea that there's someone there right next to them and loves them and yet they're completely blind that and so we have a job there as an example given of how you you don't know this is an excellent example likes they were trying to show what it's like they had a box and the barn is like a vacuum and he wanted to see what is light I needed had a steady light waves etc. will they let in this box and that so that we start this full of life and it was dark how does that work the way that it works is that life and light waves are only visible if they have a reflective surface to bounce off of so in this box there was nothing there for the light to bounce off it was full of light and you cannot see any and so God is quite correct and God is shining onto this dark world is nothing for his life to reflect off of and bounce off of nobody will listen the desktop hardening plan that will become the reflective surface God 's light shines on a and it bounces off to the other people in the world on a shared view couple more quotes to finish it since the work of Christ this is Jesus example taken from the book Christian service the work of Christ was largely made up of personal interviews he had faithful regard for that one of audience from that one solely intelligence received was carried to thousands that if you think you can stand up front like were doing you can always talk to one person you can always mingle with one person you remember the woman at the well Jesus was Saint and Mary that he did not neglect the opportunity of speaking to one woman that she was a stranger an alien from Israel and living an open then and again talking about that woman Jesus reason the more earnestly and eloquently with her management team counselors or high priests the lessons he gave that woman had been repeated to the Earth 's remotest town never under estimate the value of one on one soul winning one-on-one selling and how can we make this practical one minute we can do this is go to your neighbors one by one and come close to them till their hearts are wireless by your unselfish interest and last something about medical missionary work in Hampden and share a story with you and finish my love I and ending hands with her tiny hands of acetaminophen seventy yes I was really going to be a medical missionary I need to follow health practices in my life that includes exercise so in my habits of life I go on a walk every day after eighty and I got usually the extent that I have a dog with me than I usually go my own and I have a little milder than those seen in the neighborhood and I knew that everyday everyday everyday sometimes like the day after breakfast after lunch and there was a man and not to be prejudiced but all describe him to see you have an idea he had long hair and like a small visit Thailand they use very nice language etc. he went on this route that I walk everyday everyday and I waved to him and smiled again I smile at the people and he didn't greet me back here does look aware founder etc. well I didn't really like that that even Olive and attracted to that idea but I kept walking that way and I can and trying to be failing to him Will Runyon I went on a walk one day he is the sum of his girlfriends and we set hiking many amps and said combat so then after that I get walking and walking and walking and every time I awaited him he would wave back and I thought what he's really cute she said and when they had stopped briefly and I said fine are you doing and yet you talk to me and we had a little conversation and he mentioned he said he noticed that you walk a lot and get a lot of exercise and estimates of the nine him him you can walk you see Shedlock at all things walking around his redhead and for mine I had the idea is not one in the missionary but I'm going in and trying to sell the book is not like I'm going and doing something really upfronts the vandalism but at the same time this man noticed things that I noticed that you walk every day back and it was a Sunday now instead that he noticed that this spoke to him and it was starting to warm up his heart is in the man that I really looking at me with a man if I went in the world would we ever have in common but his heart was being drawn to what I was doing because I was friendly to him even when he wasn't funny and then I was consistently walking such a simple thing being a missionary in being a medical missionary is very simple it's more than just talking is more than just preaching is more than just doing things events it's also one-on-one being faithful in the health practices that we are given and then letting the Lord hears you anywhere and everywhere that you go now I have a friend of ours and your friend advised Vanessa Greer she is a nurse practitioner and she freely share ideas and experiences that she has had in her work with different people I don't have much time at the end so while I'm talking if you guys want to look up by their fifty eighth six through eight and read through that since this is these are verses about true religion that you will look at that I had been I have been working and I make you care nurse practitioner and working in critical care in at four thirty four years and so I'm kind of tired of seeing people die I seen hundreds of people die and I am challenging you all not to allow your friends family and those around you I'm dying with the information we have to share with them and it is not honoring God that we are keeping this information from people so I work a compressed schedule of four days a week Monday to Thursday people think that's great except I'm there for ever all day it seems like so Friday I went into visit nurses I like to take fruit for my different bridges and I make in the banana bread or some kind of bread this one finally I showed up in the Albion was out front when the aliens and she was crying and smoking a cigarette and she doesn't smile and I was asking her what and she just was just sobbing and pointing and pointing and sobbing so I go Russians in the emergency department and I find all the nurses in our psychiatric room crying the Doctor to Doctor 's antidote for their hands on their head and the nurse manager standing there like in shock and unlike walking in line everything was slow-motion it was very strange and I said what is going on here and all they can do is just going to bed one which is our trauma bag Anna I was like I didn't know what was going on in and walked over there and our night nurse within the Baghdad my sister C Blake known for years was four weeks from retiring spent her life helping others taking care of her mother raising her children and in the middle the night she started having chest pain the doctor wanted to Senator Homer Center for Kaiser where she had her medical care and she refused she said she was fine and then she had shortness of breath he put her in a bad and she went into cardiac arrest she died and so as I stood there watching all these people in shock not knowing what to do I had to move forward ask the Lord help me Lord to reach out to these people right now I went to her bedside and she was just see we have a whole we have that hope I could see my sister sleeping now she had high blood pressure she was a little Filipina without the round belly and she struggled with that high blood pressure whole life and I shared some of our health information with her but it was too late for her so let's not make it tonight I have a passion for one thing and that's creating health pathways for vulnerable populations and I think that in North America particularly we have to understand what is honorable populations this is what you have to understand that these are the unlovable people that we don't want to touch alcohol alcoholics drug drug addicts and those with mental illness and stage congestive heart failure and stage kidney failure win the largest team analysis program in the world in United States the tax funded end-stage cancer and end-stage dementia people are living long years with one foot in the grave okay long long years and to this list okay and posttraumatic stress if you see a young person between the between twenty and the age of fifty two now chances are they may be a military veteran these people are hurting one day we had a heavy ambulance traffic we had chairs everywhere people hanging off the ceiling and I saw this young man in the waiting room with them right now I'm sitting like this and I was busy and I thought he looked fit so in all likelihood they can people learn remaining you know there are some event but something of the Holy Spirit kept saying you know you need to call that guy you need to find a place to put seeing him so I found a corner I pulled a chair into the corner and I called them and said Mister Garcia and he looked at me and the eyes were black and I thought this young man is in turmoil so I found a quiet corner and put him in the corner and similar penalty with today he said he called really bad cold and he said I got that cold in pencils to go back to bed the time to reenter that the Army and Angels to go back and insistently than I said when Lehman meaning you react he said well I guess I discharged a month ago and when I got to go back I got help my brothers and I don't get back in unlike Internet what is really going on here please look at me said I can't stand crying anymore and I somebody talking about he said I came home to a baby and I can stand the crying anymore so I said I need to find a place for you I found a room for him I called there are emergency psychiatrist on-call to come see him that young man didn't just have a cold that my needs hand Cowart was breaking he told the story of seeing heads cut off of people and he couldn't sleep for a month since he'd been back from rock this is a vulnerable population if there added if there are their peers that is the vulnerable population okay so are you willing to we talked about empathy sympathy as you see is saying to feel sorry for you I know sorry I feel for you and Betsy is seen him he is taxing them in a close with one story I was in target with my kids one was five one was ten and I was getting a car seat for my sister-in-law and were walking down to the baby out all the sudden I hear screaming now will go well with people in the store we do what you all do the all right away when three like I said I'm going well for many people it know me know that I want towards that so I told my daughter stay here with Austin keep him right here I'll be right back and walked one I'll look down it I kept hearing the sobbing and screaming I kept walking to the third island I saw a woman prostate on the grounds with her face in the ground sobbing and I walked I wasn't sure what was going on so I want to very carefully onto her flag tiptoeing and I just like him might help you with something and she wasn't looking fighting I wasn't sure for cell phone is on the ground like that her arms she was like this on the ground and I just touched her arm and I said man can I help you with something was a young lady and she looked up and she said me help me and I said what can I help you with that she hand me her cell phone she said call my hand for me and I said what is going on what can I help you with she said they just called me said my mom died and I should have been there this young lady for when going on a ski trip with her family and her mother died in a tree skiing she wasn't there for her and so I stopped and I prayed with her after we got off the phone call with her and people if you're seeing people and kids if anybody did not pushing a wheelchair in a wheelchair pushing a walker with a cane those are the people you need to touch and don't be afraid to touch the don't run away from now don't run away from somebody you think it's crazy they need to know Jesus tale schizophrenics need to know Jesus went out there medicine and even only been that they need to know Jesus so I want to encourage you read Isaiah fifty eight and know what true religion is and don't be afraid to get out there and asked the Lord to help you in your heart and not be afraid of people as as we were just talking about we cannot be afraid of people we have to be able to ratchet just the way Jesus did read the first chapter ministries a link that will tell you what we are supposed to do and I got plenty of stories because Bailey said he keep adding still used in the year crown he knew that something is interested because everything were playing the likes on the something happening in my opinion there anywhere we go I'm going there to did not think you media with my audio is a website dedicated to the gods were free audio and much more we would like to know more about nonmembers you like the more certain and www. audio world


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