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Christ's Method Alone: Ministering

Rodney Bowes Julie Bowes




  • August 18, 2012
    4:30 PM
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okay I realize if I can have your attention once again where getting ready for the final hour where were going to put something together and for this particular session we are focusing on ministry Jesus love to minister the people I mean that was his passion in life he mingled with people for a reason not just because you like to go to parties not just because he wanted to go hang out with people I mean he had a specific purpose what was his purpose to save souls that's what it says in Luke chapter nineteen to seek and to save the loss that was Jesus specific desire and his plan so he mingled with people and he showed sympathy and he ministered only because he wanted them to be saved in the end let's open our Bibles to John chapter two and we're going to look and see how Jesus put this into action and how he would mingle with people how he would show sympathy and how he would minister to their needs in John chapter two verses one through eleven you read about the story of Jesus working on amazing miracle where at and what Attaway Jesus was there at a wedding feast and he worked a miracle he was meeting a specific need of those people was he not spoken of need would you say he was meeting what need was there that Jesus was with that guy that they needed to send me many they needed some something to drank so he was meeting a cell quinine and it was a social need one I mean it wasn't necessarily physical not like they couldn't drink water right what I what I want to simply demonstrated as a disease it is miracle was meeting a need that was to save people from social embarrassment using that in an interesting and then in John chapter three what is easily who is Jesus ministering to and John chapter three Nicodemus Nicodemus was what kind of an individual a Pharisee knew he was in a meeting with Jesus working on with them spiritual need so if you are thinking about this and putting it into context of how can we minister how can we follow Christ method alone which will bring true success right how can we do it look for ways to meet the needs of people it may be a social need that you need to fulfill they could be like Nicodemus a spiritual need some people feel their spiritual needs acutely I mean they are ready for Bible studies the first time that you made them they are just deeply in turmoil hotwire no God what do I do I want to study the Bible with you five days a week I mean that's not the normal person I put those kind of people are there and they just always there spiritually so hungry what other kind of needs are there let's look at John chapter four what kind of need is Jesus dealing with in a one nine as well look at a woman with this filing away a prostitute I heard that okay and what else where was she from Samaria the Jews and Samaritans get along well those of Jesus was again doing what he loved to do mingling with people showing his sympathy for people breaking down all the barriers that the world was trying to put up around that time and he was going through that and what was he ministering to hear look at them the scarlet dual purpose I mean there was to need that Jesus was covering emotional for sure right I mean she was direct emotionality there was so much turmoil going on so much confusion so many problems and so we see that Jesus was turning that every time Jesus did ministry he would always turn whatever they need was to spiritual there would always be a connection always be a connection is it Jesus turns whose name this need that the woman has been emotional Jesus knows exactly how to get there he says well how many are where's your husband right and what they should say I don't have any Jesus pinpointed exactly is it exactly right you had how many e-mails at right there he knows he goes right to the point and then he makes the connection he brings it home and says I know exactly what you need you need living water you need emotional fulfillment line knowing God is truth as Jesus would always minister to people 's physical spiritual emotional needs now in the world today we live in a time where many people are sick I I hope that you all know that I mean in America wherein a very bad state of affairs physically speaking I mean people are how many people are obese in America it's over thirty percent now in America as you travel around the world if you come on mission trips with me if you go to the Pacific Islands you'll find its fifty percent or sixty percent obesity having it's amazing people are suffering from high blood pressure how many people suffer from high blood pressure one out of every three at least in America one third you walk down the street and you think about that when you pass every third person high blood pressure what's that got to do well they possibly could have a stroke I mean many people have such high blood pressure that their walking time bombs I mean really some serious things could happen and also there's a shift in people 's thinking many people are turning away from pharmaceutical drugs and they are saying those are not working we want something alternative called alternative medicine the argument before now alternative medicine seek God has a right arm for his message and it's called what medical missionary work Satan has a right arm for his message to and he uses help you know what it's called it's called the new age movement I wish we had four hours more to talk about the New Age in by the fear church will do a seminar by I will have enough time people are interested in alternative things so we are going to show you at this time as you are you ready to go fantastic we're going to show you some simple natural remedies we wanted this last part to be practical so at this time SC is going to show us and talk to us about the benefits of something amazing I like to call it black gold this is about this well how many of you have used charcoal before you have really just did you really needed to say anything if it looks like you're all very experienced we thought it would be kind of fun to have everybody make a charcoal conference with so it avoided what would you then go ahead and do I'll explain it really briefly a lot of you in the click Havarti tried that will show you how to do it and then if you want to come to the front we have all the materials and you can make your own and you could use it on each other and you could come practice I guess I'm using it because it's one of the most effective treatments for so many common ailment of what is probably the most common thing that charcoal helps to you folks know he has nausea vomiting due to either a stomach virus or gastroenteritis or any kind of food pointing and Ukrainian jet set you can use the powder and usually what we do is sleep one to two tablespoons in a glass of water there makes it really well and drink that and that's for an adult and for a child you could do half the dose you could do one tablespoon North are really small you could do a teaspoon in about six ounces of water and make set up and have them drink it and it doesn't really have a flavor and fill it just looks bad because it's black they they doesn't really taste like much of my children have been no problems at all injecting it you could make that would choose that's probably the most common use however charcoal compresses or pulled his arm they are useful and what are some of the things that you guys have used it for a king you share with me wonderful and he and she said she put the husband put them up on some cotton for the toothache which is anything that is infected or inflamed they can be very useful for that whether it be in the mouth or in any or the knowledge or on any part of your skin if you have really bad stomach cramps he could make a large poultice wrap it around your stomach ache you had pneumonia bronchitis the flu you could do one for your lungs you could do some for inflammation of your joints if you know so many who has galloped or as arthritis if you have a decent game and that of an animal bites are cut that's getting swollen infected for so many different uses and I have hear of really useful book it's called charm but Agatha thrash and Calvin thrashed in the best position to work over in UT Pines and this is an excellent resource and Ellen White writes about charcoal repeatedly in her writings authentic and if you go on the Internet it is very easy to find exactly how to make pulp poultices and the various uses of term that while we go ahead and show you really quickly how to do that I think we'll do it I'll take myself off the mic and will just have everyone who wants to come and make it just come and make it with me would that be okay and because we have two tables out front or just to have you come and be out one of the two tables so that we can do it on the table making it a little bit messy so we thought it'd be good to have at the tables is okay to start the next part of our program were not completely finished I hope that you all I enjoy charcoal I have seen it do amazing things when I was nineteen years old I went as a student missionary in the jungle of the Philippines and when I first went there I learned well I should say I went there I was studying to be a physician assistant and I went there I ran the jungle clinic and so for the first year I had all kinds of people coming in from all over the place and I would give them all kinds of tablets and pills and I was reading where there is no doctor and that drug reference guide to make sure I wasn't killing people it was there was intense with it finally I myself got sick and I started saying it having a change in my mind this evening others got on the a better way then just give me tablets for everything I mean it was so sad for me to think that once I laugh all of these people that I was ministering to with no access to any healthcare I mean they had already thrown out all their traditional ideas and they were completely independent upon my little white or green or yellow or purple pills and I think this is wrong there is something wrong so I started reading ministry of healing I got a book called the home remedies by Doctor Agatha thrash and her late husband that it was an excellent book so I started saying my clinic is changing I'm not using the AL East tablets anymore I'm using charcoal they said what are you going they were used in this but now after as the years have gone by I have seen charcoal do amazing things not only for myself within sections of different kinds of blood I remember those different machete wounds that people would come to my bamboo hut with these nasty infected wounds clean it off to hydrotherapy which were going to talk about what awesome charcoaled for this is these babies would come with all kinds of boils on their heads and the just crazy stuff that I've never seen before and charcoal and prayer and God 's natural remedies did great things the next party or just for a few minutes I'm been a talk about Hydro therapy and hydrotherapy is phenomenal simply using water as treatment so when the Red Sox a little bad about hydrotherapy here first of all we want to encourage you with the fact that natural remedies are available to everyone there are natural remedies and their available to everyone easily incorporated into the lifestyle and inexpensive and yet highly effective I worked for five years with Wildwood lifestyle center in hospital and we saw all high of America calls take place through a hydrotherapy and the use of charcoal and herbs people with diabetic neuropathy you know what that is people can feel their legs anymore and they're a great risk of injury and then getting that diabetic foot that we saw earlier those kind of things are help greatly with hydrotherapy especially when I'm there to show your just very quickly I'm going on when the skip some of these things for sake of time the water has amazing advantages there are no side effects to hydrotherapy unless you burn someone I mean then you get a side effect obviously and for you for you someone and give them frostbite but basically no side effects easily applied and there are no toxins or waste products what is it about that chemotherapy have y'all read through some of the drug interactions have you seen the the physician desk reference or have you just taken out one of the book how I how big are those things you know those things that sold out and you have like a map you can put on your wall they come in the drugs and I'm talking about the seen those before we read those and all the side effects that are there really quite frightening but water doesn't have those kind of things water and hydrotherapy can actually eliminate the toxins instead of adding more toxins there is I want to share with you the contrast that the contrast bath is a very very simple thing that you can do and if you can understand these simple principles of hydrotherapy that I'm sharing right here you can do hydrotherapy anywhere in the world it doesn't matter if you are in a hotel where you have the most luxurious conditions for if you are in in my hot with me out in Africa somewhere if you understand the points the principles it will work anywhere if you have received to a blood vessel what happens to it it expands it opens up the blood starts flowing more and then if you add ice what happens to it constricts just like using their and so Elimite made a statement is a perfect health requires perfect circulation many issues that are going on and people are circulatory problems and especially if there is an injury and you can you can manipulate this mechanism in the body you can bring healing so much faster and work in a show you exactly how to do that so why would you want to use a contrast that it are some indications for infections I mean I've seen incredible infections just taking care of in a few days with hydrotherapy and charcoal many are not much of the time I should say the prescribed idea would be a heavy dose of antibiotics now I don't believe that someone is on their deathbed that you know medicine is is a good thing to use but antibiotics have been overused in much of the world so we have superbugs we can kill them anymore they are antibiotic resistant and it's becoming a serious problem the hydrotherapy is a wonderful thing for infections also for injuries or injuries to muscles or joints and in arthritis and bone fractures not when it's in a cast but when it's out of the cast you can do hydrotherapy treatments and it will speed the healing of bones and swelling notice that there is a lot of elderly people that have swelling edema that kind of problem can be taken care of by walking first and foremost within hydrotherapy can help in a great way so that's the equipment needed is that hard to find you see anything really technical there now having technical so let's look at the treatment here hopefully the new my video is not going to play no I don't think it's going to play you there is all right so here's the treatment you make sure the temperature is nice close the window so there's no draft going on have prayer with the individual because Christ is the master physician make sure that the water temperature is nice to start with and we like to go between hundred and four two hundred and ten depending upon the person she is now putting her arm in that hot water that's their for three minutes it's going to be there and then switch over to cold ice water another enjoyable I wanted every one of you to experience that but I just couldn't think logistically about to freeze everyone with the highflying so he's back in the hot water for three more minutes the person is who is helping is adding more hot water there to make sure it's a nice and hot and then after they had three minutes back to the cold for thirty seconds this treatment can be done all over the body I'm in you can do it just on the little joint on the elbow you can do it with towels if you do with pals it's called the full mentation but the ideas is the same as it can be used with all kinds of it as you know why many people did not die in nineteen eighteen during the flu pandemic that will spread throughout the world people will receive the hydrotherapy treatments usually survive those who were just taking the conventional medical care at that time in nineteen eighteen many of them lost their lives know that pandemic killed eighteen million people are so and then read it is important our body needs rest and we need to learn how to rest when were sick people need to learn to rest the resting is very important and that precautions let me just see how much time running quickly precautions if there is loss of feeling or if there is poor circulation which operate it often happens in people with diabetes than you want to be careful with hydrotherapy with this treatment in particular so when you do you use warm water and cool water don't add ice and cold water and don't get the hot water to hot just about a hundred and two degrees if you have a thermometer now if any of you are interested in this type of PowerPoint we go to church is and we have a training program that we can do over a weekend and we will actually eat crab everyone in the church that comes to the program with some DVDs so you can have fifty one and health presentations like this one on DVD that you can share with anyone who comes to the program so if any of you are interested in inviting our team here church just talk to us and were happy to come does anyone have any questions on this hydrotherapy aspect before we move onto one of our favorite things which is massage yet when the well yeah that's an excellent question the question was how many sessions on this hydrotherapy the unit of again for hot it's how many minutes three minutes three minutes hot for gold is how long and thirty seconds and if it depends upon the disease or what you are working with my normally we knew it between three to five changes of the hot and cold and we normally do it just like someone with take a pill if they were taken twice a day with you twice a day for antibiotics is sometimes three times a day and so you do the treatment three times a day kind of evened out so your body can get a booth you can rest you can get a boost and then he can rest and that's how we do the hydrotherapy and we do it and tell the condition is has resolved itself three to five times with a contrast that yes and it rest for ten to fifteen minutes of the company superlong but there needs to be a theory and arrest before someone jumps out into heavy activity again question any other questions I get there before we move into massage okay Julie my wife is going to now lead as in one of the most exciting farce people love massage so I'm assuming that you will as well okay going to show you something all five men at advice that the sides for five minutes chairman signs this is an exercise in India in a public setting where everyone seems that is my relieving tension and exhaustion and fatigue insight muscles as I like to have a volunteer site on January everyone going to get them inside the unit would like line what I want you to do is everyone now I want you to find a partner that you are either married to orient the same gender and I want you to set yourselves up just like this so that the person receiving the sides can put their handout on his chair and find a partner one of you will receive genocide when anyone can Venezuela plans that as far as I know a is an and what you went demanding I think I have the person leaned forward he accepted their Mac gaining access to their Mac definitely to articulate their arms on the chair in front of them and just rest there had their leaving them alone is a thing that everyone have a partner trying to the size is here is a lot a pleasure in seeing me in May as you want to warm up the muscles that can prepare antibodies can be reasons inside so you just you doing a butterfly that elementary shoulders and over there back like this with firm pressure needing it is about five times this was the muscles and they then for the rest of the missiles the principle of my staff meeting at the time they the place of mountains in his shoulders and say you need to know their thinking meeting bread in my circle they need to do this and it's very important in the sides to always ask your nation are your person man this is not a a lot more pressure you in the bombing well rather than people are very senior and enabling a lot of pressure and he did not finish all and leave the shoulders down a little bit on the deltoids there is a nice man about a minute and a half to two minutes which is most of the day receives most of the time of the Feynman and besides the editing agent in a deacon take there is the first thing is ended that is still assigned on the net if you need seeking all that had to go out and down minute and when exactly is screaming in pain are screaming for pleasure and I you unabated in this blog I called occipital bonds begin new circles around you right there is a K that he needs your exercise then there's another storm called the town I'm having a member writing radio Monday pressure usually on anything any circles on either side of this time in the side you want to be careful not to put pressure on the spine because of the nerves there is digging on either side of the spine and business circles slide sandals in the field and that again you can ask when the pressure is the only thing eating out having down on the unit that I you to thinking on environment and show you but if you are to do this at that health program for example they want to be sensitive to the time so that people can continue their day and even to five minutes as we him him find this problem will already think I'm hacking where you had gone their body needed is Ms. mine in your hand does that mean he probably thinking down there when that that means I is there in yet rapidly and you not do it in your mind that not too hard alternating back and forth quick grab and start their any is ready and waiting for raising you want to be careful over the kidneys with irrational other random as well as the prime time of his apartment exceeding and being that when you make it seventy one ring and say something is is is is is is how they are in business number five and that he got very nervous you pretend you like mayonnaise and you marry very very expensive and you ask me if you jiggle them not getting paid and they currently can stand a dog that will air in a few minutes Eileen is working out gently he won both the beginning and I think that's anymore that the energy giant is taken and I and hopefully they're more relaxed and ninety five him meaning is meaningless as long as he is in a you he is and is and is not an uninhabited mind you Randy you is you and you he will will will continue on that any thing anyone needs I is that building Seo template he had the needy and breathing is shallow there is no exercise that is very white hat partners do anything that they are injuring the person I see he wanted and she wanted to examine how you are visiting and leaving when you're man's opinion back and forth thinking in Manhattan is I was sent to the front that it in my sleep that's not a bad thing in and then acceded after a while you didn't even wedges of Simon the first two fingers doing circles then the signs that are in the classroom and on the back the debates in the school wife and three hundred and two simulated bomb on neither side of the spine this is another one where you want to make sure the pressure is okay and twenty anything got been down unneeded I find that you may believe you are not infinitely Iranian missiles in an idea of using and administering people who are getting Amos signs they were open out and on about their life in saying this thing that they never doubted people that I only made the plea don't even have to ask you I am sure that they may not create a lot of conversation him along MSI is often nothing for you you seem them in and they feel comfortable and hear your names and selling them at a friend 's just a couple weeks ago in Guatemala is genocide center on Iraq and is being quiet and the ground is learning issues are online always always think that she was struggling with and it was amazing they never find you I write seen anything in again your enemies handling things as I like to write that written as early as I remain on me as an and you will say I remember is that you will pay from the mouth of the habitats and you are in a digital that is the unit in an woman in any questions about that is easy for you and him now is in God him I say my feeling is what you are is there anything they are and will and is as you as he ran and you have an place is for eyes you are most welcome to ask whatever question you may have afterward done but it's five thirty so we do want to finish on time and for everyone who is here we have Christian service the book is right there I had the back you can just pick up a copy on your way out that's our gift to you we hope that you will read the book and that you are implemented beautiful truths that are there then again where available the thought if you have any other questions as we finish our seminar this evening you know I am always impressed with the life of John the Baptist what about you John the Baptist priests they neared what God wants his people to be in the last phase do believe that he had a very powerful message to share with people he had a very profound impact upon this world do you want to have that same in fact you want to have that same influence upon people that's what God wants for each one unless John was not afraid to stand before the kings of his time and to denounce sin in a loving way of course but he still was not afraid this babe was a he had a message from God and he delivered his message but the only way that he could stand tall and Susan speak to the kings of the earth is because he spent time on his knees with thinking of things that I encourage you to do the same thing so I want to invite you as we finish our seminar together to thou with me and on our knees together for leaving for God 's Holy Spirit I want to give you a little bit of time individually to pray and then after a time of silence I will finish with Fred heavenly father thank you very much for your great love and mercy that you have given to us for so long we know that every breath then we have taken today has been a gift from you and our hearts are beating because of your sustaining grace Lord please forgive us for our sins help us to be more cognizant to understand more clearly house sin hurts you help us to live our life in a way that brings you glory all the time that truly whether we eat or drink or whatsoever we do we will do it all to your glory that by our lives we can hasten the coming of Jesus leaves me with your church please be with everyone in this wrong you know we each have different struggles I pray that the promises of your word will enable us to become partakers of the divine nature and to escape the corruption that's in this world through last thank you so much again for your grace please be with us now as we go to the evening hours they were member the beauty of your Sabbath and keep your Sabbath holy thank you again for everyone who has come here with your Holy Spirit put the truth deeply in our minds that we will never forget how you have led us in the past in Jesus name amen media was brought to you by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that the visit www. done on universe .org


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