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Shift Discipleship, Part 2

Heidi Carpenter




  • August 18, 2012
    3:30 PM
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I am a fan in order prior and possibly certainly here as we began providing neither here for our second segment how many of these data are reserved for David's first language okay friends and later on when you're staying safe guidelines in regard of prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to guide in the session as well learn we want to thank you and praise you for being a God who is so faithful to us and for showing us such a beautiful picture of your character father I pray that you would guide us in the next session that we would be John closer to you and that we would be more motivated to serve you out of love and more motivated to lease all winners after your own heart father we thank you and may trail these things in Jesus name amen for those of you who are worse year before Tommy what you learned and how much I have one thing that stuck out to you out of the last the last session of KKK okay making some friends and his international motivation to be friendly with them okay with what's another thing we learned out of the last segment anyone else yet in Houston is okay that you want to minister to him and keeping mentioning a supervisor and the high yes there is no personal connection and he knew exactly where to go he knew who to and I'm sure we all have people like that in our lives are people who we know where reaching out to people you know those top ten meters of rain falling on your heart and I'm not a blessing I think that one of the video focuses that time if I'm correct David was the focus of ministering to those that we love it's very easy to minister to those that we love if not and if not it's not super hard mentally because you already have the love in your heart for them and the question or even deal with today is how do we have the same love for strangers because that can be a little bit harder honestly it's a little bit harder to possibly got to them and feel completely natural from the get-go and yet when we view them as those that Jesus died for as those that Jesus loves there is not a stranger in the world amen there's literally not a stranger in the world and welcome all authorities of the film are for I've been reading to Matthew for my devotions here recently and it just finished the book it was such a blessing to read through Matthew any filtering listening arrival see Matthew will be looking at the best example of ministering to strangers Jesus Christ himself he ministered to people who he had never met before and yet yet he ministered to people that he knew there very thought it Jesus ministry to strangers I honestly I can't get over the love and compassion that Jesus had for people when he returned I can't get over whenever I read Matthew I am blown away once again by his attitude towards humanity it's something that I don't naturally have naturally when I get tired I don't want anyone around me in honoring is why go home and sleep and you don't see anyone I see that hides quarterly different personality motivation in his service and I think I'm actually there is a furry austerity before we get into reading verses in Matthew will be starting by the way Matthew chapter four sixty one he keep it open to Matthew chapter four I was in Nicaragua and England handle the matter out went down how many of you have heard of Sarah Hannan and pay often has anyone done a Sharon M K working out nine in the Lord I felt bad Santa is a blessing you're able to go into another country and you know priests alter the doctor invented and shared events with them and see what happens in the end I was highest and why beer genuine love that I received in those other countries though I have not felt that love anywhere else in the world I can guarantee it except for with my closest closest friends you know those little and there's only not in love lies in the Nicaragua I found that the no person even drove me to the meetings back and forth every night he picked me up from my hotel and he would take me into the place I was supposed to preach in my area and in and within the guideline amount for we were at hee hee check me back and read every night and I found out halfway through that he had given up his job to become a tax driver so that he could have a vehicle to take me back and forth right before we write a full recount all three of my job no worries on the entire server so he would drive training dates and enough money to pay for gas to use the vehicle that he was waiting to take me to the meeting Crandall are now such that a case and another another group of the lady of the mentors they were alley quagmire on my sermon style on the wall and they then feel anyone who the teacher that you know a little popout letters that you can like pace up on bulletin boards in some native and little popout letters in a big hot them by hand every night for whatever we were doing they were German different color every night you know but they were sending all of their time doing that and when I was teaching there for church on five light halfway through the meeting they told everyone to separate integrates the McFadden infanticide and now going on I kept hearing my name popping out of all these groups unlikely doing I was taking every thirty minutes the name are praying for you and for the meeting you know just a sunset vacation thoughts love and I started to just see the difference between their own sacrificing genuine love and my heart and I see I've seen out and see the fight is all legit like in Matthew chapter four and were looking at verse eighteen you know the beginning of Jesus ministry eyes he was calling the disciples and he said in verse nineteen fall mean I will make you fishers of management of the beginning of his ministry he is having disciples join him and if you gone away through twenty three through twenty five of chapter four of Matthew it says either of them going throughout all Galilee teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom healing and regenerative even every kind of sickness among the people and his hole his whole existence was the black humanity not what he lived his life to deal when I see that it's interesting to look at look at Matthew chapter eight what is really going to Matthew Matthew chapter eight and verse one one through four powerful experience here he is a very good privacy came down from the mountain and crowds followed him a leper came to him and bowed down before him inside Lord if you are willing you can make me clean Jesus stretched out his hand and Hudson sang I wearing declines and immediately his leprosy was cleansed and Jesus said to him see that you tell no one but go and show yourself to the priest and present the offing that Moses commanded as a testimony to them here Jesus touches a letter and electorate is completely healed now imagine any electricity what happens when someone gets leprosy what happened Thursday okay what else you can feel right you start losing your sense of times and that can cause either have major problems like losing fingers losing toes losing random things you know like if I've heard stories that they know a third world countries where eating out on my life can come in and be nonlinear Tony wouldn't feel it type thing but here I imagine you haven't been able to feel for so long and the first types you feel is that of Jesus and not touch completely healed you and your whole life is greatly changed that's the kind of ministry Jesus was doing a completely life-changing altering ministry he is continuing on right after that he healed a sin Syrians servants of the man came pleading to him Jesus heart goes out to them and serving as healed in Matthew chapter eight in verse fourteen and sixteen at a German computers come in right away what is due to see the first personally walked than a few theaters and other all right first thing want training RSS a person who's hurting and he goes and of ministry I'm certain they were going to hang out a little better I insist against harassment zeroing in on satellite in our experience but here he comes in and he goes earning touches her and she's made well her fever left her not evening the whole challenge heard about the Euler and they came out to find relief verse sixteen it says when evening came they brought to him Manny and he healed all who were ill at the end of a day of work for me I'm not ready to go heal people naturally I just be honest with you you know my this summer working with the students during her primary paisley way finally get to sleep by eleven or twelve every night you know and have to wake up super early and started hollering but I can guarantee you that my natural selfish heart did not want students to come needing ministry at twelve midnight I made the bed but here at evening eight hundred zero three have compassion this is the kind of shifts that needs to happen in our mind we may have my love for our family but when will we how about love for the person on the street that we don't even know when we need motivated out of our comfort zone to reach out to someone when we don't feel like it that's that's what sex is all about him in chapter fifteen in verse one and see if you keep your finger and Matthew and go to live chapter fifteen there's a verse that sticks out to me and encourages me highly Chapter fifteen verses one and two powerful hours sleep fifteen one dear friends I think CMS and Jennifer McPherson Matthew chapter nine why does your teacher you with tax collectors and inventors right away giving skiers because nonadministrative doing all of the people that are unconscionable and possible the society and as a nephew doing something wrong now my going in ministering to them that here a link to chapter fifteen in verse one and two it's powerful it says now all the tax collectors and sinners were coming near to you to listen to him they wanted to hear you why because he took time to minister both the Pharisees and the scribes began to grumble saying this man receives sinners and eats with them I do know my event thankful that this man receives sinners and he put them that he received new and a review I believe though in many ways it's very clear from the fact that very few viewpoint that even if the method of ministry why is socially unacceptable it really was the way he ministered it was socially acceptable that buys it was free from prejudice it was one that said I'm willing to go and help anyone who needs help she has I have an unfailing love for that person and actually I don't have that kind of love as they pray for them every day and when God gave it to me my life in turn is filled with blessings in turn is to listen many blessings I remember the ended idea of the untouchable for the past two thanksgivings I've taken time a friend brought up the idea like where we go and seven having a big thinker and enter Miami going on stock people and give them food you know for things getting any disease hello Amanda God and Langdon on one tax and ninety nine to help other people and things getting they and you know I'm having a financially on the kind of snotty we wanted to not eat at all and how we had given food to someone else you know I like Lucknow and disfigure them we were so hungry I think man is in a bad tournament I like knowing they arranged it all I know it was something good experience I have to think about that but remember we came we were coming down Blackstone Drive in Fresno and not the terminology of our income part and there is coming down and out you know we went meeting we were in a man obviously a windfall over and exactly endearing you know but we hopped right away and if they had a gift for you and we sent one man sidelines and we found one man stuck behind a garbage in our container and he was sitting there he is obviously drunk it was hot his hands were gross carinae Vicki he smelled horrible and I was with one of my friends and we both went up to heaven and we gave him some food in a lot of bombings that he would like to pray with you and I got only the freedom where we were framed by the people that they are freedom from addiction Sunday just that they would be able to send to get back on my feet are not ever have to be cognizant and and I you know either married or play my friend held out his hand I was light on how to hold it in late mean of the homeless person of the curriculum we all held hands and legs of grimy growth handing out to remember getting Magna Charta wanting hand sanitizer Lord help why can't we just love them why couldn't I just let me know Karen and I get very hurt and automatically know how long an absence of relevant helmets and that I believe that's what Jesus would have done and I don't think you and I pray you know they had is highly sole cellular compassion for humanity he wanted to serve I like to have the word compassion and it means a deep awareness of the suffering of another local with the desire to relieve it compassion owes you to do something you can't just need hands and do nothing after passing any heat you your little incentive to do something else and I see that in Matthew chapter nine of the gigabytes Matthew continuing through our Matthew track looking at Jesus Matt Matthew chapter nine thirty five two thirty eight is very clear in this respect as well of Matthew chapter nine verse is thirty five two thirty eight and said Jesus was going through all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every kind of Vivian every kind of sickness seeing the people he felt compassion for them because they were distressed and the spirit like sheep without a shepherd then he sent his disciples a harvest is plentiful but the workers are few therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest when Jesus on the multitudes he was moved with compassion compassion towards you to relieve the suffering of someone often this is an and in a non- physical suffering but I know that it goes much farther than that there is emotional suffering that he follow her bird spirit of offering that people go through I can totally be relieved by Nippon and Gilead a run there is there is something that we hotbed they need absolutely in average in every aspect I believe that that diseases is very holistic he wants to heal physically mentally emotionally and spiritually humans is to be completely whole people and and so that would mean that we send the complete complete missionaries right it would mean that where were willing to help them in whatever area they are needing help if this is such an interesting thing that Jesus wouldn't keep doing ministry despite himself because right after this experience right after he says the laborers are few in Matthew and Matthew chapter ten he regulated by the way I want you to go and do it I didn't fit please send them out his disciples he had been mentoring them teaching them he continues healing all all of that kind of stuff he he continues healing for the rest of Matthew Matthew eleven twelve and another highlight that I want to point out is Matthew chapter fourteen of this is something that stuck out simian virus spreading through this this gospel island setting through books and seeing like that the big panorama that you can get when you study a whole book you can see so much and if it was really probably this is the story of the fire the feeding of the five thousand and it starting in verse thirteen chapter fourteen it says now when Jesus heard about John he withdrew from there a secluded place by himself thinking it had just heard about what the beheading of his cousin right John the Baptist and I'm sure you know it we we never start a prophecy but he reverted to his heart and that he needed some time away and he and he went away he went through and when the people of this it says they fallen him on foot from the cities all in a crash when he won a sword is all large crowd and felt what he felt compassion for them and healed their sick when it was evening the disciples came to him I just love this the disciples came to him inside the how the places desolate and the hours are anyways so send the crowd away that they may go into the villages and buy food for themselves then Jesus said to them they do not need to go away you give them something to eat how many are there we like the disciples visited several times Ashley Berry that there was a out Canaanite woman running about fifty this right one of the disciples have any of the center way to let go he doesn't want to talk to you threatening another time little children are coming up to Jesus one of the disciples do know the remodeling what it is a thought suffer the little children to constantly that so often we are identifiable we want to send the people away you know in the midst of that time were were and advantages says that they were in Beirut they had come apart to rest a while literally it was vacation it was retreat for some a method whereby Christine David and I anyway leaving the room that at the end of the summer of ten weeks of leaving these young people and supervising them for timely saving their parents we got our retreat for at least today's keynotes arrest I asked them how would you feel if all your students showed up to retreat the United are you all you can then add everyone even with the right alt and NAR and may need a ministry namely union and management turnaround they wanted how to warm about not blasting it would wobble back and home bringing when we be willing to minister when we still have compassion with a new matter how tired I am existing that the diaries of it says Jesus took no thought to at that point right now he knew how tired he was but he said here they are and I'm going to have compassion on him I don't come back it doesn't actually immigrants for but are we consistently have all the time doing you to pray for it more often particular shift that we needed the body of Christ Fossett finishes dying minister healing page one forty three says Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people this Savior mingle is not as one who desires are good he shows sympathy for them ministered to their needs and one are confident then he made them follow me I love this quote because it tells us how we can hunt to success in reaching people and one of the first part is mingling with men I will talk about that a little bit and I faxed in our next session the idea what it truly means to mingle with them but the part where really looking at is as one who divides her good when you generally have to have compassion on your one who genuinely wants the back for them I think the benefit firms are alive and the motive of Amharic was shown at the close of his life across that I use it all throughout his life but then I patented gold when his e-mail said low or God will it with God well you now his father 's will at the ends and that's in Matthew twenty six as only from Sears and the slow part Matthew twenty six what what caused you to come here what motivated him to live his life and left humanity were not compassionate and confirm rented from okay until he is writing a character in Milan financially he can be nothing but love exactly that's the whole point I don't think we do now I love it I mean we've experienced love from Jesus and such a powerful way and if there is anyone in this room who hasn't had a moment where you have been broken by what Jesus did for you and how free and training he would trade about experience when you're broke and because of what you did what you did to Jesus when he was so personal that that it hits you love takes on a whole new meaning no one can't convey motivated have we now have with it with the love that he had for your neo-Nazi connection between you and our heart not for conversations that I need in Matthew twenty six in verse thirty six we can see Jesus came with them to a place called Gethsemane and said to his disciples sit here while I go over there and trade any check with him Peter and its use on the vanity and began to be grieved and distressed many offensive and my soul is deeply grieved to the point of death remain here and keep watch with me anyone a little beyond them and fell on his face and prayed saying my father if it is possible at this cup pass from me yet not as I will but as you well and he came to his disciples and found them sleeping infants of Peter saw you man cannot keep watch with me for one hour keep watching and praying that you may not enter in such case the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak he went away again a second time and prayed thing my father if this cannot pass away unless I drink it it will be time again he came and found them sleeping for their eyes were heavy any less than again and when again and prayed a third time saying the same thing once more many came to the disciples and said to them are you still sleeping and resting behold the hours of hand and the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands how many of you read Gethsemane and hungry recently ended I rated I can see why on why represents than a half hour on the closing theme is make a the moment in my life where I have not had adequate compassion for those around me have been the moments that identified us away from that cross explain the moments where I'm not high compassion has been when I've been the farthest away from this experience because when you see Jesus wrestling alone against the powers of darkness you cannot help but give that same kind of love to those around you it says it is I read it it says behold him contemplating the price to be paid for the human soul the awful moment had come that moment which was to decide the destiny of the world the history of the human race comes up before the worlds Redeemer he see the transgressors of the law if less of themselves must curse he sees the helplessness of man he sees the power of saying he behold its impending fate and his decision is made he will save man at any cost to himself praise the Lord is God 's son get him Jesus went on to face the Sanhedrin and Pilate and Herod injuring all kind of abuse for me and for you that you gave them across while him do this is one of these the assurance of salvation by the Jesus of the famous words father forgive them nonholiday do the Microsoft Office and nothing can compare in my mind for this kind of love and he simply asked us to think that inciting transient pornographers is a close second and in chapter five second Corinthians chapter five verses eight and nineteen says now all your things are from God verse eighteen all these things are from God who reconciled us to himself through Christ reconciliation what are the outward means you bringing back together right I completed my complete reconciliation reconcile islets of Avenue so we established a close relationship between two things so here it says that reconciliation was brought about by Christ for you and for me and the first ninety eighteen at the end he gave up the ministry of reconciliation it's the same idea you know whenever I think about I think about the idea I know one handing raise up to have and that's what Jesus was regular that ladder between earth and heaven he was not ways of the father and you want us to be many ladders of himself completely reconciling the world one one hand holding onto Jesus one hand holding onto the people below and that the only way about the accomplice is that if we had a shift in our hearts because naturally when you go to the grocery store you talk to strangers is it just the person who checks you out for the food in unending so many times although I'll go in and out and say not one word to anyone I mean I smile out of air now that I wonder that there variously walking past them on the street I'm going I'm going answer another businessman I want and I don't even make eye contact where's the room where the reconciler 's anywhere in our heart the value of a soul who can estimate it was you know it's worth daughter destiny and their wives as Christ through those hours of English when he sweat as it were great drops of blood look upon the Savior afflicted on my costs here the despairing cry my God my God why have you seeking me remember that Christ read all our redemption heaven itself was imperiled at the foot of the cross remembering that for one sinner Christ would've laid down his life you may estimate the value of assault I believe that when we are united with Christ now we will value like heated will night in the same way that he did this is actually to another phrase that we allow assisted I shifted my mind comes from a change in the heart the only way that you can have a different mindset when reaching out to strangers is when your heart had been changed by the love of Jesus we need a face so close in Accra that it overflows into the life that we live we will feel for others that same deep love that Christ has fought for Salish including I believe that the only way that we will be able to do ministry as if we have the heart of Judah I know the church right now where were faced with empty pew Center you are out and had been doing evangelism and ministry and creditors of people here and I said trying to figure out how to make it happen whatever you can do a reading is not everyone's darling and unilateral what are we to do actually off there and fill these empty pews with people who loves you do not have living relationship with him but really the issue ever terms of the heart issue the issue of our churches we don't have hard but love people we don't have hearts that love Jesus and there's an issue that needs to change when you come in contact with a hard shifter who can completely change our mentality and teachers to meet and mingle and minister to the needs of those around and share with them the relationship that we have that effect I believe with our hard effective users of me I mean I'm preaching to myself right here because I know the days where I need a heart says it's like I'm not on the right are not on the right lane I need the Lord to give me love and I like to see some time here is a close to disgrace the Latin and in this message is simply the idea of doing ministry the only way that we can look lonely when we can demonstrate improvement in every human being we do and the only way we can do about it if we pray for it and seek it with all of our hearts and not live in a different life his ministry is not an event if the UN it's who you are it's how you shine and if you are not signing their something wrong inside we need to pick ourselves any of her first church and so begins a sometimes instinctive sense of any of the Air Force I want to pray number one for yourself because I find your business is not immutable we need to pray that the Lord will give us the undying love for humanity like he had been slipped into the cross that sunken diamond histone ministering for us when we go to sleep at night Davis is still working you know he is a you living of a life to save and how we think about saving other people how many minutes of the day you know I mean like all you think about and were thinking about it so little so how can we personally chains and then please pray for our church that we will have this kind of shift in our hearts that it will start that it will start right here in every human being and I I just believe that live in Ireland personal relationships with you of anything even though the time to figure that and I was in an area you bring in more normal throwing this media was not as hot as the website is that God 's word Easter mythology of much more than he would like to know more about you as you like to do something more so than is www. audio tours .org


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