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How to Study the Bible, Part 1

Anthony Baca



Anthony Baca

Literature Ministry Director for the Arizona Conference



  • August 18, 2012
    2:30 PM
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well I haven't connected my name is Anthony Barca is aware that the minority here the announcement I'll be doing that how do they do bubble similar in case you don't know why you're here another were studying at how to study the Bible I hope you have a notebook but if you do not have an open as of the writing on the notes with I have assembled the notes here and now packing spirit obstacles and Bible verses on how to stay the Bible and is making enough you can find the e-mail again usually try to make these in advance front for those that would like to have these well whenever anything I can be kind of pleasant they found a last-minute and is the Sabbath I will not be going to Kinko's so I cannot give them to you today so I apologize me that you guys have your Bibles at the okay you guys have notebooks some of us got good was going to begin with the word of prayer it will begin our study this morning most gracious heavenly father we humbly come before you see thank you for this precious Sabbath day we thank you for this time which we could come together to study your word to learn more principles are about studying your word that we might know how to study for sure Sosa proven to you and not into nine please bless this hour I'm going to my list of heaven father if you would speak their donkey if you would speak to a falling profit and you would say that you can seek to the stone floor for the sake of your people I pray that you speak to me please help us for this and gracious with your presence and be that you teacher in Christ name we pray amen welcome to how to say the Bible seminar number one with any title the wise state a viable center row on why they the Bible you guys remedy taxation or this morning is kind of the principal tax must go to the book of Jeremiah in your Bibles I like the smaller fill this feels good to me as I start going too fast please raise your hand and not slow down for you we can do this more like a classic is not as big of a good this morning Jeremiah chapter fifteen and is one of my grad graduates from my school she knows that if you don't raise your hand are just going to get his loving on Angel I Jeremiah chapter fifteen was the diverse sixteen yes ma'am Jeremiah chapter fifteen verse sixteen and the Bible reads thy words were found and I did what that eat them and I word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine hearts I like this text because I think the properties specific words for a specific reason now the Bible is a thought inspired investment about that operative you like to know and it is God 's medium of expressing his thoughts do not do inspiration the Spirit do not so here it says my words were found and what are the profit due to these words he ate them who here likes food I don't know if you appreciatively as much as I appreciate food especially I have a deep appreciation for the third canvassing for high food I can tell I see some smiles now when it comes the good food can you just know good food together and thirty seconds and have an amazing meal typically now we call that microwave notes right seat when it comes our policy for Bibles they like food you can have really good food or you can have microwave really good food takes really good what preparation exactly takes a good preparation understanding of what you doing before you actually do it my slave food anyone can take it with them I couldn't push the binary but you get out what you put in and I want you to understand that is one of the funnier the principles of Bible study it is a difficult religious and partisan purpose in a minute you don't have to be a genius to understand the Bible my background was as I barely made it in high school by Sheila Lincoln high school because a Christian I wanted a Adventist Christian for five years now and in college dropout three times so they genius I was far from genius is far from jeans and get I love car magazines for my cars of these the drive and that was it but God was able to teach me how to study the word of God and if you can teach me I guarantee you guys a click away events and I was I know that he can teach you so related that today's search through the first seminar is wise to learn how to study the Bible what is the importance of thing the Bible to start with a quote from the spirit of prophecy if you don't mind why say the Bible preparation for the last days did you know that you study the Bible of results is important for the last days notice of this quote says sensations often appear what's that word irresistible in order to have a distinctive self-pity arithmetic at the face of temptation that she seemed irresistible it was all the hardest condition why do conditions appear this way because you neglect them with that work prayer and the study of the Bible the tenth one cannot readily remember God promises any safety with the Scripture with Nike work WAP invoices picture if the web into hubby fight against what temptation when we neglect the study of the Bible temptation will become a appear to be what irresistible can you see with me why did these of this quote that if I study the Bible and asked me she would not be prior now be better equipped for the child to come in the last days because of sensations will not appear to be what irresistible because I had the Scriptures as a weapon I've read the Scriptures and become a weapon for you as well please trigger Bible is the book of Amos chapter eight Amos chapter eight why study the Bible Amos chapter eight perimeter verse eleven Amos chapter eight and related universe number eleven and I would have you guys read but the recording me so I believe that they would appreciate if I did the reading but please follow along Amos chapter eight were looking at verse eleven notice of me with a window got says behold the days come saith the Lord God the high will send a with a keyword found men in the line was a founding lack of something right as his interviewees or effeminate the lack of what a lack of food those of us goes on to say not a defendant of what that word grad student referring to food not at all it goes on to say nor a thirst for water but of hearing what are the last three words the words of the Lord did you guys know that there is a famine coming in the line and is a is an effeminate bread and water a defendant of what hearing the word of God if you make preparation in your minds remember the story of Joshua Joshua Joseph you have a story of Joseph when he was and he did any know because of the pharaohs dream the divinity of man in what he do there is any seven years of plenty in seven years of famine so what you do okay for typing out at so he realized me to make God is seen as a BFM and in the future so that's what I did today I just stocked up on what was Nvidia found in up and it was Kennedy of fluids when you stock up on he stocked up on food won't hear a divinity food is good the worth of what so what do we stock up on ourselves how sad would it be an impenetrable to find yourself in want an environment of the word of God what a dangerous thing that would be so we see here why study the Bible first and foremost because there is a founding comment and we need a cells and stock up on the bread of the word of God amen so again this morning was look at the importance of why they the Bible for myself but it is a chapter four verse six I did in the authentic easy for us to find that this is right after the book of Daniel Hosea chapter four hour looking at verse six who is in chapter four verse six watch my time and notice here what the Bible says now this one usually jumps on it people really heavily my people this is God speaking my people are destroyed for a West that the net worth the lack of knowledge finished this is knowledge important what will happen if you like it be destroyed not notice the key now does that sound Arctic domiciled arbitrator than it is what you just did it now is the strangest for not knowing not at all asked at the seventeen hundred thirty seven ignorance God links but now cause you to repent so what does this verse talking about notice when he goes on to say because now has rejected what knowledge I will also reject me so is not the people were in rain had no understanding of knowledge but it's edited what the knowledge they rejected knowledge in other words God is causing trying to give us a knowledge and what knowledge is talking about look at verse one is a very precious if I cannot not medical knowledge is talking about science knowledge verse one says here the word of the Lord ye children of Israel for the Lord hath a controversy with you having another land because there is no truth nor mercy nor what's the next day words knowledge of God in the land what was the lack of knowledge and knowledgeable a knowledge of God where you get your knowledge got from the word of God because we reject the time that surely in the knowledge that God forgives and will be rejected intentionally only interesting to the things around us over this what happens is that people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because you have rejected knowledge I will also reject the is it important that it would've gone it's very important they are not a man and does the word of God this is a auto and are destroyed for lack of knowledge but say I want to have the knowledge of the one who lobbies so much that he would die for me but you want to know him more while you know him and the work of God go it needs a second Peter 's tapestry source stating why they the Bible for those who just joined us going to second Peter chapter three I go to fast again please raise your hand why state level or why know how to study the Bible then ask a question first has anyone here ever found parts of the Bible hard hard to understand or is it just me do we all have the other even the apostles knew that it was hard to understand notice of the wrist as assertive or sixteen I see service fifteen or when we were talking about second Peter took the three starting in verse fifteen the Bible reads an account that the long-suffering of our Lord is salvation even as our beloved brother who haul also accord the wisdom given to him have written into you so with no underwriting orthogonal Paul's writings right verse sixteen also in all his epistles or letters that Paul wrote speaking in them of these things in which are some things with the next four words hard to be understood now if you would think anyone could state a Bible while you think Peter decided by what right is inspired he's an apostle and he's even talking about poplars of you know you can read inspired Peter no something sports partners earn so it was my computer and it doesn't end up all wrote should we think that I understand how to study the Bible so that we don't misunderstand we should write could notice what happens when we study improperly goes on to say the same verse verse sixteen which they are unlearned and unstable Russell as they do also the other Scriptures unto their own was that work destruction can miss understanding how to study the Bible be fatal it can be very fatal to study the Bible improperly and I met many people canvassing adores and they have asked me these inches these DVDs different ideas needs out there ideas and ask them whether they get the initial new verse at a realism versus nothing to do with what they're saying to me and I realized the rustling the Scriptures to their own destruction they do not know how to study the word of God he doesn't know how to fade what about today last name of the seminar are you guys seen it important to learn how to study the word of God but I'm glad that your scene that must go ahead and go to second Timothy next second Timothy chapter two verse fourteen of fifteen then seconded HIV-2 aliment oligomers fourteen and fifteen welcome those her to join us joining us that out-of-state a viable breakout session right now is putting the importance of understanding how to stay viable why is it important income to simulate this to learn how to study the Bible went second in each of the two starting in verse fourteen Andris fifteen notice of me with the word of God says of these things put them in remembrance targeted before the Lord that they strive about words to no profit but it is subverting of the hearers verse fifteen study to show yourselves approved unto unto God and hear pastor no idea union president I do I think God a workman that needs not to be as Shane rightly dividing the word of truth if there is a rightly divided Word of truth is a lot there is a wrong way now he says that he rightly divide the word to you would not be what you will not be ashamed that's right everything is a question you can visit redneck on your Bibles answer will always be universally desperate so you when you rightly say the word of God you will not be what a shame because you can experience regret it all in and out of this for five years and is a young out of this I wonder if I will space and I reluctant books maybe my Bible diligently on the time and it was given about take this one family the young family they wanted they had been Christians they had left the faith and he wanted to come back to Christianity so they let me study within the teenager younger person but from your firm on that some starting with his family another study with them I was trying to this point were studying Revelation chapter thirteen you know when the fire comes down right in the sight of all people inside the subject the worst thing that has the Scripture and I wanted to talk about an breakdown of fire falling down from heaven then and I thought to myself you know I know the perfect place to go on in the book of Genesis to the offerings of Cain and Abel Merry new see how when God accepted Abel is looking on from heaven fire came in consume the sacrifice and what happened became no fire showing that one is approved and one was under provoking sectarian the young Bible wanted battles didn't just give my little bottles that he and his families are eating everywhere from the violet or so excited as I go to Genesis and I read the past and can enable guess it was not there there was no fire and I was in front understanding registering and waiting for the point of why reading this passage an unthinking overlord have you known the Nehemiah said a silent prayer to God for the keen I sent my site and pretty gotten for this family that's there any realizing the semis Venus is making a feminine order enable fluid and I have given them your tickets in the biggest given chicken or something like it didn't happen I sent them would run here it's not an attack so then I thought to myself we thought able able was better able at some of the bikinis next top eleven of any given a holiday it must be asked what he was eleven we went there at all not even sorry I'm a surrogate experience I had I told the family to know that so the family turned their and their energetic and excited as we read about able because it was not there there was no fire everywhere he was also able to bluntly went there and guess it was not there is no fire and I think you Lord to start a fire somewhere I where's the fire and then looking at this poor family and I've rose I was a young Christian and a frozen front of them and they had an empty lady boy chair Michael began the last and I remember I just look at that chair looked at my Bible I walked over and I just sat down and put my head down and the families are staring at me and I like Anthony was wrong and I said I can't find the fire and they said can we help you and I said yes I somehow use the concordant in the back of the Bible is simply the fire help me find the fire and they lifted up and I'm sitting there going through going to go and I can't find it and the youngest live there he said is it with Elijah Mason late this fire in that story echoes of heaven let's go to first gain eighteen so we went there yes the family again we went there with Mrs. Betty I was able to show the point and eight and NFL he was a hobby and dirt really happened because of a legal tender hi-fi man enough and I like yes you help me find by then I would let them home and I went to my little desk up ahead the life out there like that was so embarrassing I felt guess how machine I didn't know the word of God and it says when you rightly divide you will not be I was ashamed that day and in God reminding to joining wine in front to find out if I was there it was there and the paychecks and profits just not there in the book of Genesis and so God quickly remind anywhere was that he home of Nina 's good experience but I learned that I needed know what better you know my Bible better so guys when you rightly divide you will not find yourself what ashamed I hope that you have the experience that I had that was pretty disheartening go to first Peter chapter three first Peter kept the treatise of goal with what we decide about being ashamed first Peter chapter three verse fifteen and verse sixteen you know and conversation and when I have a bit of the conversation with someone usually savvy someone will be ashamed notice what this says in verse fifteen and sixteen of first Peter three but sanctify the Lord God in your letter hearts now and when please point your hearts K ninety nine percent of us are going in the wrong place these two have it right ever look at history or why did twenty as an agent in his heart what you think at see many families read what God weary heart we all think like that say lawyers as far into the beavers were right here so sanctified word on where in your heart in your mind fortify the mind with the Lord with the truths of God and be ready always to give an answer to every man that ask you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and here with you always be ready to give an answer but if you study the word of God can you give an answer for yourself not at all was over sixteen is on to say having a good conscience that whereas they speak evil of you as an evil doers they may be what's that word I shame that falsely accused your good behavior in Christ you see it when people come against God to verify medicine causes of the last days with a kind of God cables with accusations also accusations we try to misconstrue you will be your only defense the word of God and if you rightly dividing you will not be what I shame but in this type this is those that speak evil of you falsely will be what I say because you will have all our answer for the hope that is in you but if you do not have the answer to hope that the new you will be one ashamed he is a remission today no not at all right outing those that evil is evil against us be ashamed they will be if you know the word of God for yourselves last text on why study the Bible while another state Bible first Corinthians first printing chapter in the Levin first nineteen first Corinthians Chapter 11 owner look at verse nineteen November in second Timothy of this study to show yourself the Internet for approved unto unsaid so we study to show ourselves approved okay get first drink and eleven verse nineteen for there must be also what's that word Harry sees fewer heresies are the genuine vision not go to heresies abusing on the heresies are right you didn't know you do not know okay disk okay so here is these are false teachings they are false doctrines that come in Tacoma Scott people so here you says there must be what false teachings false doctrine heresies it is it that there might be it said there must be one must there be a goes on to say that they which are with that word all approved may be made what manifest among you or me known among you in other words when a heresy or false doctrine comes in it will show who is hot what approved wireless and was approved because the approved person rightly dividing the word of truth as a heresy comes in what he recommended apps that there that's false doctrine why because the study to show themselves how many you would love it if God were bringing to the point of life that is serious don't come in for you because of the state of Oregon you would know that that is a man you can have that experience it's right here in the word of God it promises and to be self if you will study to show yourself approved that in the last days with temptations come to be sent so many and false questions come the wind of doctrine the blows away so many if you will study this area is also prudent to God you will not be ashamed and you will not be deceived but he will stand in the last days of the grace of Jesus Christ the receipt of important data Bible amen so now you know why her here let's get into the Livermore the preparation work now that we see them for say the Bible now for the thinking when we talk about food and would like a Typhoon at the very beginning of the importance of good food it needs yet have good luck guys preparation that's right subtitled hearing the voice of God or someone else hearing the voice of God or someone else chose inter vivos Isaiah thirty five citizens the priest that he not doing it what that means the preparation of a decree stating this is the work that should be done before Bible study even begins many times we like to jump right into Bible study without realizing that their principles understand before seeking to understand the Bible Logan is about to get these pencils the doses help you along the way Isaiah thirty five verse eight notice me with the Bible says and a highway shall be there and a way and it shall be called the way of holiness the unclean shall not pass over it but it shall be for those the where faring man though so not what air therein some of the essence when I think that can looking games over harder to understand pretty much this there is a way the way of holiness and even if intellect see you are able to the Bible said Limited of us guys verse eight though what that word so that both full rules you will not what error therein and I was good promise for me because I was a very uneducated person were Thursday in what but this promise tells me that even though I was awful and unlearned person I would not what there's no need to add because it would usually gone we teach me so the first is what wanted to see in the prep work is know for yourself that you can understand the Bible and if you go in thinking that you cannot understand it I promise you you will not understand it confidence that God can teach you that you can learn these things it isn't just for passive war it is for David Re: new name Peter Dragon named that the big name is it for them but the word of God is for you individually and personally to understand for instance and you can learn these things for yourself that is the first principle under pre- study the right mindset knowing that you can be taught of God first printing chapter one first Corinthians shocker one against those that came later if I F I am going too fast or if I say something you misunderstand this will look at classroom settings need please raise your hand and we can definitely go over it again if you like an e-mail I can send you an e-mail about my notes as well to give you not the end of the seminar ruin of first Corinthians chapter one verse seventeen on later verse thirty one I finally the whole passage but with some of the verses to get the gist of it so first printing chapter one look at verse seventeen for Christ sent me not to baptize but to preach the gospel not with the wisdom of words lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect for the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness went to us which are saved it is the power of God for it is written I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent where is the wise words describe where is the dispute are of this world hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world for after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God but it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe you see here that you are the apparently unqualified person got qualifies because it's not about the wisdom of words but the powerful the power of God is not about what man can do what the Spirit of God can do through you in fact is said that God will destroy the wisdom of this world did the disciples look like the most educated people where the disciples of the top notch of the bunch they were fishermen rang now back in their day it worked little bit differently than our day and is in the back concert Friday I think they had a right if we had wrong today if you make a regular life and you can't do anything right doesn't you do in ministry apparently the back in their day designated first and foremost always a goal to be at your guy to be what to be a priest every young boy wanted to follow a a Rabbi to be a disciple and eventually become affairs yes I see if your Levites to be a wife to be a priest and I was first and foremost I was the goal so guess what the fisherman was he was the guy who did make the cut he was a guy who didn't quite come up to the standards of the Pharisees that to be a disciple and follow Rabbi so they are kind among the bottom of the totem pole so this is what Jesus think of you disciples right at zero I guess I don't talk to they were taught of God when able to learn C God said the foolishness of this world a group of young fisherman that no one thought anything of any turn the world upside down you can do the same thing with you your school your family your church state would've gotten anything you do to turn your place upside down is he uses the wisdom you need the wisdom of this world uses the spirit of God go with me to second Corinthians on that point chapter ten second Corinthians I apologize first Corinthians chapter two verse ten I knew that wasn't right when I was going there I like this feels wrong first Corinthians chapter two verse ten first printing circuit to verse ten so we are a talked about the proper mindset knowing that you can be taught of God do not be discouraged no matter what your intellectual rating is which IQ is how good you do in school how long you been a Christian he can be taught of God the is it will house a possible for shrinkage of two verse ten but God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit for the Spirit searches all things he gave the deep things of God for what men know what the things of a man save the spirit of man which is in him even so the things of God know if no man but little the spirit of God verse thirteen I see reverse focus will now we have received not the spirit of this world but the spirit which is of God that we might know the things that are freely given unto us of God with things also we speak not in the words which man's wisdom teaches but which the Holy Ghost teaches comparing spiritual was spiritual do we need to understand the Bible my friends you need the Holy Spirit however allies of the fall into the trap of thinking you can understand the Bible for yourself without the help of the Spirit of God that is a danger that content to anyone who learns a lot of things it's in the Bible to spare poverty to become self-sufficient to the point for you think that you can do it on your own because you been doing it for so well so who's up you need you need a spirit of God who can understand the Bible the intellectual person can understand the Bible just a pastor can understand the Bible the good news in the Bible as one person about what you say that even though he even if the world calls them for that I would ever can't even afford a signal but in the world called on the full intellectual to people called me before it's okay because doctors don't teach you the Bible is what so don't be discouraged go at me to change chapter one verse four organ ahead and rid the next past users in the limited my heart searching to figure researcher heart but it's getting to do James chapter one verse four involved with pre- study what takes place before I stay in the Bible we see the proper mindset LEC praying and asking for the Holy Spirit these are two key things I can be taught of God and be incompetent and not talking to me and soon he will teach me to spirit if I ask seems wondrous for think it seems wondrous work yes the Bible says but let patience have her perfect work that ye may be perfect and entire wanting how much nothing untoward wanting network means lacking so it in other words God will give you what you need to you will not become what you are not blocking in fact it is undiversified if they if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God and God will get to all men they really an upgraded or school does not and it shall be given him so will guide you to give you admit you ask he will go with me to chapter four in the same book why seems unpleasantly as we don't receive a liver how that issue in your life okay a lot harassment with the passage of Scripture and you see not understanding your stuff it was the least total understanding is that if you lack wisdom let him asking you receive what was the kind of another illustration of the trumpet before for the point I have you ever studied the work of the working me in the book of Daniel specifically Tucker a Chapter 11 and eight eleven ten eight and eleven and I want the states in Chapter twelve is so endlessly cut electricity around the daily in ever heard of a discussion on that are isotherm range has been taxed to the limit with such a discussion is that imbecile UL what I there was a study on the daily and I used to have an idea I knew it was also confident I knew it was a young advent my first and second years and I've is also confident and this young man bless his heart he wanted to try to tease you with the baby whether it was a bit different than what I thought it was and Bob lesser junk hard he tried so hard and he gave a really good study am sure what ultimately I really need on my what I really like a zit just pray about it just pray and study it out method okay on the frames that eat out in my mind as I know it is it on the consumer to think it is but I said if this and then click on walking and so I walked over to my Bible and I prayed and it's okay I'm in a study it but in my mind irony said that it was this city they come in Kenneth W Whiteley Megan contains without realizing it I really made up my what an I asked God and I said this prayer Lord please help me to understand this baby batter and teach me not let's say I was wrong but that was dead wrong that moment cannot be taught of God because I'm studying with the intention to prove what reverse three of chapter four games the same look as if you ask you receive it says in verse three you ask and receive not because ye ask amiss that ye may consume it upon your loss another is that sometimes we ask of God but we do any of our own selfish purpose or benefit and we do guess we cannot happen you cannot receive from the tenant received from God so and I feel one of this year they hope it's a quote educational eighty nine this theory on the Bible should be taught to approach in the spirit everyone at work learner how your learners yesterday please stay alert always behind scrivener we are to search its pages nine four proved to us that were sustain our opinion but in order to know what know what God says guys this principle is so important and I think it's so easy negated before we even study the Bible we need to be willing to put aside our preconceived opinions and to learn what God what God says speaking of the proper mindset within the Fey the Bible noticed this quote the spirit in which you come to the investigation of the Scriptures will determine the character of the assistant why your side video everything was a new Bible someone is there to help you in this spirit or the mentality that attitude would you come to the Bible would determine who is Dennis and will go where the options of luck angels from the world of lights will be with those Chilean humility of heart seek for divine guidance but if the Bible is open with with our irreverence with a feeling of self-sufficiency if the heart is filled with prejudice who is that Satan is besides you and he will set up claims payments of God 's word in a perverted lines every time you study the word of God someone is standing right next and the mindset that we come with the spirit in which we come in the idyllic incomes of the Bible will determine who is standing by your side who your wants and doesn't like to stand by your side wallet to the person that has an Angel of darkness and by his side DC was important to have the right freeware to pray to search the heart to give you think Jesus to come with the right attitude and spirit to the word of God as it will determine who is standing by your side we have met a time no I have fiber Ms. was just enough time to Daniel twelve respect we have only two more passages of the pre- work to talk about Daniel twelve verse ten in their vote of a high importance Daniel chapter twelve in verse ten notice you what the Bible says many shall be purified and made white and try but the though again shall do wickedly and I'm none of the wicked so what understand but the wise shall understand basic levers who will not understand if you cherish it in your heart guess God cannot do he cannot teach nodded I mean if you have if you're a sinner documented you that what I said no it I said if you cherish what if you cherish sin and Don has been noticed in your life and you and you know that it is wrong you know that it is with you what you desired to hold onto that you desire to keep you waiting you desired to keep it in your heart you just don't want to let it go just he cannot do you cannot understand God cannot use you because you choosing iniquity over righteousness and exhibits and responding to changes asked that your iniquities have separated you between you and your God Isaiah fifty nine verse one and two the heart work is so important my friends the searching of the heart the time in prayer before even opening the sacred pages of the Bible are so important to give those things that you know a wrong to Jesus that you can have an angel of light standing by your side that he can teach you and I can give you understanding from the word of God enough an Angel of darkness so who cannot understand the wicked though we all know that weren't sinners in need of a savory man but this is in reference to those who choose wickedness who cherish wickedness who desire wickedness over righteousness you cannot be taught of God one last verse on this thought the Papworth the pre- work of the mind and of the heart but the book of John now this one is probably true for all of us whether you will get it or not John 's epicenter was seventeen we alluded to now look at a public export John sent a set of an oligomer seventeen K the Bible says if any man will do his will speak of God 's will he shall know the what the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself you see in this verse the basic principle who understand the doctor those were willing to do what significant you got the NSA have only probably in a rented rewrite in the insane can't really write any wrong and you never get an answer again but either way this is probably a man so she was yet right he was willing to do God 's what God 's will will know that what doctrine could give a couple illustrates a BC this point because many of us was a high article eleven of the customers who wanted a voter I would expect that room of the same at an ever great even of Christians if anyone hears not Adventist Prescott for all Christians that love Jesus so that we see here that anyone who did a load of adopting you all want to do God 's will so then we give an illustration limiting a sequestration for us but I think that's an easy law as an easy one but it's too easy if that makes sense I think of eternity to search for hearing up select sale of five visibility wine I'm not out again while in Sydney and I'm studying out whether or not to eat pork or not okay I'm on time deciding up we know that the Bible plainly teaches that he shouldn't eat unclean food right is any important things that nature so let's say I went on a brand-new young young person growing up in the faith and someone said at the city for clinical conglomerates they left myself right in the second half and can be had a restaurant chain always there to support back so I first have to select only serious let me double check first just to be sure you know that outlines anything if the food there and so it is allegedly in college I so what in the popping was eighteen in the Bible no one is they not if I came to the Bible and I renewed it in the mind that it's okay to import you think of in the land untruthfulness the Bible because I'm unwilling to be what God 's will I really made up my mind what I'm going to eat and getting them even better illustration I'm deciding from going to marry Mrs. in and I'm looking at heart start courtship were dating maybe this would be more applicable zone in this room and I I tell my friend Moises Anthony maybe to say the principles and the word of God finisher this decision is of God and not of your self and I say okay okay okay okay final fatal Bible study progress thirty one and the things at all if anyone wants ICF is approximately one so let's just say I decide to stay for myself I goes letting Iranian in my mind that I would ask her out do you think regardless of whether it's right are wrong let's is that it was wrong with it was a bad move and it was not approved of God and only okay in my mind I'm any decision regardless of anyone says I'm in a hostage and layout let me studying first argument is that he first you think of the London should realize that I'm wrong know because I've already made up my mind when I'm going to do and I'm not willing to do the will of God I wanted to do it of my issue everyone to study the Bible for music close diet you name it anything from the Bible you must come with an open heart are you willing to do it ever thought that a man are you sure whatever he says that in the characteristic of those will be taught of God those who when he comes in the Bible they say Lord you know what this is what I have thought but it usually different from your Bible I'd rather follow vested for the mailbox that you desire guides the viewer is so important the Bible study I can't over emphasize that I want you when you state above results to land on shoot every time to be on the right side the sure site every time but if you neglect the heart work if you neglect the pre- work if you can neglect and communion with God and the Holy Spirit was searching at the heart given the wickedness to Jesus and in making sure that in your heart you're willing to do God 's will you may end manager on air but if you are going to do God 's will as for the spirit of sincerity given your sins you can be sure that you are taught of God amen let's pray gracious heavenly father I thank you for my friends that have come in Lord I just pray that as we study your word that you will help us not to neglect the pre- work or the heart work the the experience that takes place before we open a sacred place where we run in the same meaning when you know this media was brought by Nautilus the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to free send an audio and much more we would like to know more about how I was feeling like this more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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