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How to Study the Bible, Part 2

Anthony Baca



Anthony Baca

Literature Ministry Director for the Arizona Conference



  • September 7, 2012
    3:30 PM
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most gracious heavenly father we thank you for the opportunity to come back again I think he really knew faces I see Lord and I think you for those at every turn help us Lord to continue to learn how we can be taught if you so learn from you and to understand the truths of the Bible I thank you for the pre- studying that we will talk up the last hour now if you type up actual study of the Bible I pray that your spirit would remain here to continue to teach him to guide Garfield as donkeys melts with your words but your name might be glorified in Jesus name I pray amen the first hour for those that want here thank you for joining us provided here is that we talked about the pre- work before Bible study and what were some of the things for those that were here that we talked about the first hour he remember of you about the importance of knowing why why study the Bible first and the importance of knowing how it stayed a viable what were some of the important reasons why was important to know how to study the Bible said again okay to fight temptation right the snow the word of God which is the sort of the Spirit is remaining weapon against temptations you cannot interpret for bursts overs for first-year honors for the eight right around there we see Jesus using the word of God to fight inflation what else do we talk about okay to discern between sure that paradise right to show yourself the study 's results approved and sent God right as it would be heresy and false doctrines that will come into the church and Ellis showed those who are proved because he has studied the word of God for themselves anything else the yeti member from the last power the importance of why English and I stayed the word of God who found a hard three whose writings view member Peter found it said that it's part was hard understand that sending down Paul has written that are hard to be understood as a we need to take our time with the word of God Wright is no need to rush things but to take your time to study improperly to know whether or not we're on the same truth and being taught of God over the some of the last two things we talked about the last hour civilian okay to be approved impact of being improvements in God cool cool understands truth what were some of that that the aspect that we talked about for the extension okay to lay aside preconceived opinion to be willing to learn what does God say a man so we need to be willing to say okay and got dissenting different than what I already think or believe to be willing to take my preconceived opinion at the latest side for the word of God amen what else will be taught of God okay that's right I identify even of falconers and not err therein to the dividend eliminated was educated person understand the word of God not at all God can teach you he could teach anyone right now and one of the last thing we talked about his being willing to do what the will of God that's right being willing to do the will of God to lay aside our sins and to do the things that God says that these are those who will be taught of God so this hour to talk about is the actual studying of the weather got itself is turn to Isaiah twenty eight in your Bibles quick enough if anyone is missing up her reading glasses I have a pair of reading us up here in the front that were left here if you are here the first hour you can get this from you after us if need into the Bible straight ahead and I'll bring it back to his purpose who they are so much Isaiah twenty eight and the first ninety ten Isaiah twenty eight verse nine and verse ten notice of new Everest nine cents closed out he's speaking of God teach knowledge and who shot he made to understand Doctor Julio go here for was to be taught of God and you want to understand God 's nocturnes right understand God 's will we want to know these things will double the profit years writing on the question who will learn these things will be taught of God who will he teach and encourage its fracas is the answer notice the next race then that are gleaned from the milk and John from the roofs aware that talking about you and your open farm okay nevermind I'll say that for an increase and rocket Arkansas summer of so typically do what you need to be weaned from the Melvin Johnson the breast is when a baby no longer is dependent upon the mother forgets what turned out that the mother has the wean the baby off slowly get the baby to stop depending upon her for food and to get their own what food is all happened at the baby never learns to get their own food what happened at the mother dies will happen to the baby why is he doesn't know how to feed at least it's up I heard a man give a beautiful illustration of this thought with an actual baby human baby would hear how to baby her a little baby needs a little baby nephew her babies coming in the family and it is everything a baby before I figure I got there hands over objects so we seen babies now let's compare you with the baby is a baby wanted to eat good of anyone in any they play for the baby wants me okay cries what is a cry it's hungry and what are you waiting for okay so what if I choose not to feed the baby I had a headache picture below what happened to the baby it can die because it needs it dependent upon someone to do what that feeling now what about you whatever I decided not to give you let what you showed up at lunch today hero sounds like an entity not in getting us out for today what could happen to you say that water is Shohfi who shall be herself should go over to Iowa and you can order deli salads from someone else about their own food I and other words if you don't feed your insulin doesn't feed you you are more than cable to feed your self when a baby is not a baby is one hundred percent dependent upon someone to do the feeding for the Democrats here in this verse it says that what Google he teach and who understand those that are weaned from the milk that are drawn from the press and others those that are not dependent upon someone else to feed them off they wanted so what is Isaiah twenty first ninth I will understand Doctor who will be taught of God it's simple those that are weaned from human dependency to teach them in other words they're not depend upon subtle enough to see them but they're willing to feed themselves not attending is Doctor Soma defeated if I said I was leaving free typhoon would you be sad would you be like Anthony I feed myself make you very much I don't want your free food right maybe like type of just putting your favorite food whatever it is easy when you say now I don't accept your free food in Inverness is like no not at all I you are right okay I would seem to say nothing every food I be more than happy to accept it I love food here's not saying that you cannot be taught from soils are that you can't receive from soils but is saying that you shouldn't be the pending on some of these your difference is looking to be willing to learn from your pastor is wanting to depend entirely other prescription food upon your pastor in other words you've got to learn how to feed yourself and the word of God first ten how do I do that what are some principles that help me with that verse ten helps us with that for precept must be upon precept precept upon precept line upon line a lien upon nine here little and what very little now this is an important verse when it comes as Dana Bible because I believe that the Bible teaches us how to stay the Bible I believe they got inspiration has helped us that we are the divisor or needs according to this verse how do we stay the Bible you tell me preset upon precept and in what line upon line okay is allowed and then hear little and very little have you ever been in the Bible study we go from one place in the Bible to another place in the Bible to another place in the Bible and anyone ever think why were doing that it would ever think that like why are we jumping around the Bible never for those our universe and I've only been at registration for five years before thou that must and when exercising the Bible I was confused why we're starting in the front of the book and reading to the back why are we jumping around while he moving from place to place it in a sense the Nevis England country behind how to read but notice risk can access line upon line precept upon precept here a little and another words comparing Scripture with Scripture if the biblical concentrator if anyone ever ask you when you give him a Bible study why in the world are you going from this Scripture to the Scripture to description you civilly commit his first installment cool never the context Google Yankees and who understand then that are weaned from the milk and confident brass in the linear rephrasing who understand the Bible those are dependent upon humans but compare trees of its precepts line upon line and hear little and then you see the thought of the prophets are the really simple plot it's one you understand that the they can learn themselves straight from the what the word of God comparing Scripture with Scripture anyone here ever study the book of Daniel before like a revelation seminar that revelation before okay you do that heavily write you unintuitive these days you find out whether the Bible say a abuse is right with an elastomeric they will will will apply all these things and will practice them a little bit so we see here in verse ten that when it comes than the actual study the Bible itself we should be dependent upon their bikini depend upon God straight from the word of God comparing Scripture with Scripture to understand for ourselves look at chapter twenty nine of Isaiah Isaiah twenty nine eleven through fourteen aged twenty nine verse eleven to fourteen months I'm on the wrong slide okay Isaiah twenty nine starting in verse eleven notice of knew it the Bible says here and the vision of all is the comments you add the words of a book that is sealed with cement delivered to one that is with that work learn saying read this I prayed he and he saith I cannot for it is what it is sealed to I wanted to use their imagination gave us an imagination for a reason see how to not any other book it was a condition of the book sealed a he wanted militant about right so what did you hereunder someone who is what learned and asked them to do to read it because it is because I cannot because it's still in the learned person is on this other person that Augustine not learned to go to the learned person I'm in the same boat as you are it's what it feels parents keep reading first off and the blood is delivered to hand that is not learned saying read this I pray the any saith I am not what I am not learned so than I first listed the learned message reading and a guy says I can't because it's what it's still setting just fine if the learner can do other to the Leon learn and maybe you read it and what it is they are not the person who wants the notes in the book what is he doing said again to HREF runway for the first hour I love feedback do more teaching preaching so you can deftly thought out etc. said that President and an answer will think about what we decided twenty eight cooler nocturne those that are not what okay what's happening in Isaiah twenty nine now C depending upon giving them understanding he's totally dependent on other people instead of sitting down asking God to fill the book and give understanding he's just writing for who who is the best scholar in the church who is the greatest pastor who knows the Greek and Hebrew who knows these things teach me please and here it says that this is not the way it should be continue reading verse thirteen wherefore because of this though Laura said for as much as people just near to me with their mouth out of their lives I mean but have removed their heart far for me and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of who of men therefore behold I will proceed to do a marvelous work among this people even a marvelous work and a wonder for the wisdom otherwise men shall perish any understanding of their prudent men shall be hid to see here that the issue was not the person wanted to know what the issue is that the person was simply depend upon soreness either teaching LE depend upon another man to teach you your not literally every word that proceeds from the mind of a man then everywhere the proceeds from the mouth of God that is a dangerous place to be going to live by the word of God amen and not the mind of another nine nine nine that the state of the man is always wrong now I met a very godly people who has studied is so this is approved and I love the dollar with them about the Scriptures and to learn from them I'm not trying to create a self-sufficient mind we are unwilling to learn from someone else but when selling to Disney TCU we ought to get anyone to go to the Bibles to test and see whether that thing is really true according to the Bible and not just that take it at face value because of who they are imminent so when it comes in the Bible when you upon line precept upon precept now what is one of the things that we should be looking for we stayed the Bible it would hear ever play where's Waldo what are you looking for when you read worthwhile the default a lot here to ever go on a treasure hunt before my scavenger hunt what do you do you just randomly go scrounging around stuff on you know what you're looking for you know if you're looking for us you never what you probably never find what you're looking for because you you know that you were noticeably specific this was look for when you look in the Bible by John five thirty nine you know when we study the word of God we should have this in our minds this idea that I intentionally looking for something because in your actually intensely looking for something you may just find it and it will be a blessing to your Sony see Wittgenstein five thirty nine the Bible says in John five thirty nine Jesus is speaking to the Pharisees search the Scriptures for and then you think you have eternal life and these are they which testify of who of me so Jesus is telling them let you search the Scriptures you search the word of God and because you think you have what eternal life and these are they which testify of who we we search the Bible what should you be looking for you should be looking for Jesus if that's all you knew when you are studying the Bible it when you I love the revelations will record books and what I love the revelations and I love the look for revelations of Jesus I love prophecy I love I love trumpets of updates I'm very logical that's how became an item and this was the prophecies in the dates and everything nice that's a perfectly but what I've learned really feeds my soul is when I study these things in the light of the character of God and in light of knowing Jesus more when you actually will intentionally looking for Jesus you just might find you and find Jesus you know abilities and gave where's Waldo you know while that was the look for while though any intervention he looked until you find him we stay positive Scripture treated the same what is that while validity Christ and we study that passes can should also study and we understand how that positive the love of God in Jesus Christ as once you understand the passage and not lie in in that context that possibly become even more precious to yourself so the first principle is the most of your line upon line imprisoned upon precept which means compare Scripture with what Scripture with Scripture and what are we looking for with the Scriptures who is looking for were looking for Christ and the Bible and then quickly to Isaiah chapter eight verse twenty Isaiah chapter eight in verse twenty as it was on us that's the Christ on the excellent companions that's the Chrysler greatly appreciate that works out thank you we're going to Isaiah chapter eight ever look at verse twenty member in a multi- common attempt to multitask here I hear the gentlemen are not really good at it let's see if it's sure not Isaiah chapter eight verse twenty one cornice that's the price chapter ten I believe Isaiah chapter eight and verse twenty penicillin with a nice loud booming voice the one to me that for me all right so to the law into the testimonies if they are not speaking according to this there is no what there's no life so if I come to the conclusion of what I think is truth what should I compare with I should compare with the rest of the Bible I should compare the resins give his how many are familiar with the rich man and Lazarus parable night I had to pivot the Bible working in Modesto Californians rely California Watsonville and an silliness I went by what many areas just a parable seem to just keep popping up at people 's houses there is minimize risks and they would remain as I was a Anthony because of this one parable there must be in each kernel burning hellfire don't you see it in the end of verse and I'll ask them how they studied this in the context of the rest of the Bible had a ready-made meals beside the parable on the subject makes most of yesterday said no I haven't written well before we study the carbon foil even began to break down the parable I sent letters with immerses as I went about ten or ten or so passengers on annihilation or on what happens at that you they executed judgment when Christ comes back and biblical help fight is if you want to call it that I what really takes place with how to become ashes and the soldiers see that there will be no more of these different things and we read all the other passages and just before we went to the parable doesn't haven't their minds we read the parable and eighty cents if the wicked are destroyed ha ha come easier writing a note asking that the Bible contradicting what do they say the Bible doesn't contradict them like I did other versus playing and they would say yes they're very planned a very understandable and I would I would remind them that we must read the entire Bible on a subject to understand what the Bible teaches now the state of parable and it will be open to understanding with the privileges now I want to jump right into the parable will could happen it is held onto their preconceived opinion or their idea because there's singing with special eyeglasses DC in a certain way but when you realize that you need to compare Scripture with Scripture with thought and compare your conclusion your own personal conclusion from your own emotions when you come to conclusion in the Bible you can then compare with the rest the Scriptures to make sure it's in harmony with the law and the prophets and then and this is a very safe techniques so with their principles of saying the Bible one of them is comparing Scripture with Scripture another one is looking for Christ in the Scriptures themselves and understand his character how the verses reveal the love of God and the third one that we just talk about it when the concert conclusion we need to compare with other Scriptures in Asia that it doesn't contradict what God says now I got is that the Christ I wonder that it's opportunity on the previous point about finding Jesus and Spencer Christ page ninety seven chapter ten under the title knowledge of God were told and inspiration there is but little benefit derived from a hasty reading of the Scriptures one may read the whole Bible through and yet fail to see its beauty or comprehend its debts and hidden meaning in your mental and has read the Bible like many times and it appears as though the they don't live in the lives of the government wants anyone I think about the doors any atheist they tell me I vertically times I read it cover to cover twenty how do you read the Bible might cover to cover we just walk away from the story and I realized I never bring Lord how can he be asked was that in a minute really twenty times how can it be that he's read it twenty times and doesn't believe it makes sense to me and then I read this quote when they nevertheless I made sense he just hastily read write through it and he didn't dig deep and therefore he did understand and also inferior for the pre- work never the purpose of the law seminar you must understand wanting to understand the that there is a condition as well they goes on to say one Cincinnati until it significant is clear to the mind and its relation to the preservation of evidence is of more value to the perusal of many choppers with no definite purpose in view and no positive instruction gained in other words when you study the word of God each Scripture each process somehow is connected to the plan of salvation redemption now I know some of the thinking of some passages and I think and how in the world I have no idea exactly as we don't understand this passage is and I'm in the same boat but when we study these passages with a perfect this with a definite aim they were significant issue for the last ability for ending a sentence results in a statement so continue to search for God continue to seek to understand the things of God go at anime integrate over there taking notes first Corinthians chapter fourteen twenty nine to thirty three that's another one showing us that you must compare with the rest the Bible that the prophets are subject to the profits first Corinthians chapter fourteen verse twenty nine to thirty three and a ghost of the spirit of prophecy as well it is to be understood in the context of the things that are taught in the Scriptures forever was again a first Corinthians seven fourteen twenty nine to thirty three now when I look to my for my favorite verses in the whole Bible for this this is my favorite default verse I love this verse as I did Sony question so many people during the Deuteronomy twenty nine between nine and I have my own questions I'll be honest I know everything not at all not even close I'm still a baby in this movement I'm still a very young kid Deuteronomy twenty nine verse twenty nine but this person is how my mind Deuteronomy seven twenty nine verse twenty nine awaits other trees of life the lease which is a lifestyle moving yet another level of the tree of life here's all right FEMA Deuteronomy twenty nine twenty nine the Bible says the secret things belong into the Lord our God but those things which are revealed belong into us and try children forever that we made you all the words of the law question we understand everything are you content with the harlot for me on the honest who here wants to know everything is Beyoncé I want to know I say I'm especially these my brothers I really want to know but there are some things that I will not what understand but that which is needful for me will be what understood will be revealed that's right in other words will God ever not cheesy something that you need for your salvation not at all right God will not hold back that which is needful for you but there are some things that we honestly would just not fully understand and sewer walking with Jesus by the rivers and the tree of life and he's teaching us these things music Internet parable I gave my disciples and you thought you fully understood that parable in your state and locality records on a liquid that was correct do you ever catch this part of that past eight years that I totally missed a literary deposit money once realizing that something the first time through or the first ten times through the diving of the item into heaven Jesus teaches us the truth of who he is what is in the flood we totally missed the boat but that which was need for we can understand the word of God some modest and everything but that was needful will be understood good need to Job chapter twenty three verse twelve so this is under the section called starting and really be wrapping this section up over not know the summertime so does bleed over into the next one which is good because the next one takes the most time it's reacting practice and apply these things Joe twenty three verse twelve I pray that this would be all of our experience we begin with the first seminar would Jeremiah fifteen or sixteen which said they were you are found and I did get a member he then Joe twenty three verse twelve the Bible reads neither have I gone back from the commandment of his lips I have this theme the words of his mouth more than my what necessary food the word of God is so precious reference there is so much there and if all you did was compare Scripture with Scripture looking for cries asking for the spirit of your teacher and your guide and be willing to do the will of God you will grow so much so fast from the Bible you can be learned and hot from God and he wanted to come in the extreme for this is more important than your what necessary that's a different story I first read that verse about three and half years ago is still a young aggression and I eventually and I never read in their version of our planet Lord let anyone experience than if they were alarmed and work and I woke up late for work and I had to get to work and my spelling Tony guess what before you go to work you should but my mindset before you go work is what was said I should eat soup it was the word of the word of God and I came to this either select candidates caught the next day and I sit and look at the loaf of bread and humor is looking on the Bible as that am I getting his devotions just against the bread before we get to work the Lord help me to really is intuitive the fact that I question the other note I noticed in your word as I should mention I read the Bible but Dana went to work and I provided my strength I needed the guys God wants us to come to the point where this book these words are more precious than even our necessary food it is a convenient food it is a definitive version of his sojourn necessary food that's the food that is needful any empty stomach would you starve in the palatable for the word of God or to sell out the word of God for a Viking that's what God wants the currency and as you study it more and as you find Jesus in a more energy to spend time doing it guys the best way to learn is just to guess what just dive right in to start as they do what about an meter park on the next seminar but it is divergent state of Oregon for yourself and the more you study it the more you see Jesus though more and no more and no more you will enjoy and appreciate the things in this book and so he would dive for the choose from this book I think of the people in Africa if you are to go to that the people from a concentration camp in Cuba after people it is a fan in the line and the really skinny wood into the must visit to give them a big all-you-can-eat buffet not at all what would happen to them if they just feasted on a bus a good meeting they actually die you have to feed them it's a little bit and then a little more and then add little more and you see it is as an announcer so in the spiritual some of us only with your new to the word of God don't think your community ceilings than five hours in the work got thrown makeup it may not be your stomach disbursement may not have you know what you can eat you know how Michiko partake to start even if the little morsel with a no Jesus furthermore just little fifteen minute maybe fifty minutes again missing on Internet thirty minutes to an hour to the point where you're like I have to leave my devotions again if I can iron out the week because I have things to do pages carried a mostly decoupled in your mind because it is so connected with God that's what he wants to relations within him to be there it's worth the letter starts a little bit don't don't be bad in itself I finally came in today and I get headaches could I was easily what it can grow energy become strong for the glory of God that your design on a non- with that I'm going to go right over into the next section called methods sixty one right on methods going to write down methods owner pray for that decision you just made right now and ask a woman time course that's need a relationship with God through his Word switching grows straight and even if it's one bite at a time today or whether you're ready even evil four three course meal for breakfast everyday with God how do you want to start taking a more serious intention of God in the morning to the raiment is perfect commitment gracious heavenly father Lord we just ask that you would please help us our promises are as ropes of sand they fill us every time the Lord your promise your word is sure and endured forever so we ask that you please register spirit wake us up in the morning I was to spend time applying these principles Lord I just opening up your word spending a little bit of time Scripture your description of their selecting to find more of Jesus please bless us that this new Disney computer seminar in Christ name we pray amen says go ahead in the movie will go in and start because I don't want to throw the seminar training off as another seminars so needy going to do this one may be doing so will just go the next one and then I would transition methods of study that is when I really enjoy cooking area methods of a Bible study what is one of the most beneficial ways to study the Bible if I told you that there was a most beneficial way you want to know now I can tell you lots of ways but I'm not talking about anyway I said the most lack beneficial way lead to inspiration sets in daily study though what the verse by verse nothing positive quickly return on equity for okay if you illustrated city guide love verse by verse method is often the most one health law we once knew though though the type about a study that is the most helpful to you that .net got has said a man RI let the students had located the question is what is the reservist method that wants to take on the versus guys that's not easy I'll be honest when I read one verse I can't wait to get to the next first by special revelation I just want to get eyes were no sense I need to be patient with ourselves honey versus one verse and concentrate the mind on ascertaining the thought that God has put into that verse four him so in other words I become a residence one verse and I concentrate the what the mind from a purpose to ascertain the thought that is found where that God has placed in that first okay so one presented I am I'm enough focus the mind and concentrate the mind understand what is the fire in this one verse and went next so once you get the thought and then dwell upon the thought until it becomes his own many times we study the Bible and I'm so guilty of this this is not a good thing we learned some thing new and we say praise God that was powerful because the Bible and put everything away we go through our day but we don't take time to dwell upon the thing we just learned that think about it my friend he's a viewport called marinate let the thought of God marinate your mind think about the thought until the thought becomes is oh year that passes let this mind be new which was also in Christ Jesus who wants the mind of Christ if you have the mind of Christ then you have the thoughts of the never understand how you donate how guys can work that through you we think about God 's thoughts so mice eventually to become your what and now you have the thoughts of God because you think so much the way the Bible right people to look upon it but your mind now she runs in the time of the things that God has set it's a beautiful concept one passage thus studied until the significance is clear is of more value than the perusal of many chapters with no definite purpose in view and no positive instruction gained she may have a purpose we study the Bible we should do is read the Bible like shooting in the dark Trinity target not at all we should have a purpose of positive name and what was one in we talked about just a minute ago that we consume for the four good for Christ and the plan of redemption the plan of salvation that right so the first fibrous method never in fact turned my cap to one Marquette I'm an arena passage if you're free sleeping versus not too long last wanted to listen to these verses with her in my quaternary verse forty one anti- verse forty to forty two Mark one verse forty to forty two the Bible reads and I came electric to him besieging him and yelling down to him and saying to him FL well you can make me clean and Jesus moved with compassion put forth his hand and asked him and saith of him I will be thou clean and Associates spoken immunity the leprosy departed from him and he was Clinton's forty three and he straightly charged him and forth with sense in the way and statement to him see you now say nothing to any man to go that way show thyself to the priest and offer for thy cleansing those things which Moses commanded for a testimony unto them that evil bastards powerful passage right okay the Christ a leper and how did you feel hope to attack let's go back there is forty you see will be formula give a flurry ignoring ahead and I eventually quit farming so I almost ready honestly the word what types now run in a practice known verse by verse not been and sees what happens only take a verse at a time ascertain the thought and see what we can get out of this passage so if we does read them quickly like I did and I ready and equipped intentionally deceiving oh yes and science that you but what it does is wing we learn that Christ killed anyone a leper and powerful to know harmful to know the watch how better much more you get out of it when you go slow as forty again and there came a leper and him beseeching him and kneeling down to him and staying up to him if thou wilt thou canst make me clean so now in a practice this with taking honey versus wondrous at a time anyway to concentrate the mind to understand the what the thought that God has put into the verse for him go how can I understand within the first ninety days of the really simple ask a question only the verse can answer many many practice who came to Jesus on this forty at what did the lever do ABC canning about what developers say to him this other woman elementary but it's where we need to start what do I see when I see this I see a leopard coming in kneeling down and beseeching and pleading at the feet of Christ how many of us do that we come to Jesus connectors and Jesus moved with compassion put forth his hand and types him and said to him I will be thou clean what did Jesus do against the Jews with mullah compassion right and what did he do at and what did Jesus say okay so that is what he do he can't stand what did he say be thou clean okay so we see them Jesus would move with compassion he touched the man but then he also spoke to them this is a couple things the right way just when getting there were say what the Scripture says for itself I'm Dennis and if asked couldn't get my wanting amendment that can adversely want with way too on-site and as soon as he had spoken immediately in the leprosy departed from him and he was climb way that the leprosy the part for him when he was about not when he was tiresome but when he could not speak it happen seeing when I take a verse at a time I see way too many as soon as God speaks how long it takes to happen immediately in the verses immediately so I see that weight when Jesus speaks it happens when he said cleanse the leper was clients with Anthony you're forgiven then I must be what forgiven you see the beauty of you understand that when God speaks it happens but then why did Jesus touch of that again in the previous verse is said that he was filled with what who entices a leper in a time who would advertise a leper no we don't know I looking along the leopard here but lets a developer for many years that's many years of never touching what and here's would use the business because it can usually and Jesus comes up to the leper and when he has his leprosy still he touches I can imagine the leper just thinking of you doing for I'm unclean you shouldn't trust me but Jesus is showing in the heart of God when he does and he says I love you so much I will touch even though Owen by the way be thou clean and what Ezekiel diverse and impressive slip in this story but you see the PowerPC love of God in the verse now while we need to test anything in the compassion you love them so much and many of them is academically killed the sulfurous and they know the body next to see how you take it verse by verse slowly just asking simple questions how you see some university with holiness right there you see the law and compassion of an infinite God poured out for other hyper and the power of his word into verse even discern with those two verses right there that you can use them in progress they are so powerful guys thought by thought is the most beneficial is the most hopeful that that all Bible study Bob I thought seeking to understand the heart of God amen let's go ahead and I was given my five-minute warning me in my one minute okay that's going on train business goes on a start one minute at a stop in the middle of a thought civil tray will dismiss and if you guys can be meet back here for us and be returning at four thirty will resume lets are henceforward per gracious heavenly father I thank you for the chance to study work please their heavenly father I speak for myself Laura slow my mind down help me as I study your Bible to be willing to the disco verse by verse Bob I thought and really seek to understand more the heart of my father who was released lesson in this blessing is at least as soon as you're using the this media was brought by Nautilus a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to resend an audio want a to know more about how universe this is more certain please visit www. .com universe .org


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