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The Heritage of Jacob

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • September 8, 2012
    10:00 AM
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I didn't hear how I was there for many years and I've been gone for the last two and half years and now I don't recognize my thirty is the I do recognize many of you there is very good to be back this is a short trip for me landed in Ontario last night as his p.m. month long although at that time clock will be back home by five a.m. Tamara said didn't want to be away from my family for too long that it's good to be here today I'm glad to be back to normal underwear I would urge nearly ten years on I can't say that while I can't did I miss it so much for him and that I so wish that I was scared that but it is nice to visit and I I'm living in Warrensburg Tennessee now without my country into my stick together in the country and experience something different for us go ahead and have a word of prayer and we will get in your message father in heaven I thank you so much for bringing each one of us here today on the Sabbath morning and I pray Lord that you would give me just the right words to speak that will reach each one of us myself included that are here today so that we will leave this place with a better understanding of this may be something specific in our lives that we been struggling with and that we will have a better understanding of how to have a meaningful watch with you every day to just be with me may we set artists minds aside from the cares of life and is saw this on you again please V3 pray in Jesus name the title for my sermon this morning is the heritage of Jacob and Ashley before I get into the message I might out for the four o'clock meeting this afternoon maybe you have heard about the twenty five twenty four and talk about this afternoon we are going to go through an exposition of people who advocate that position what they say and why they believe what they change in their segment of the seal of God have to accept this teaching to receive the latter rain and so on so forth and working against her and see what inspiration really says in them will finish up by talking about what our message really is for this time so that's this afternoon but the message for this morning is the heritage of Jacob and it's taken from a passage of Scripture that we often cannot choose the Sabbath but I want to let out an element in this passage that maybe is not like that as often is from Isaiah chapter fifty eight versus thirteen and fourteen and as Seventh-day Adventists we probably know this verse quite well especially verse thirteen and I will talk about researching a little bit over in a focus and especially in verse fourteen starting and researching the Bible says if thou turn away thy foot from the Sabbath from the invite or on my holy day and call the sabbath a delight the holy of the Lord Honorable and shall honor him not even my non- ways nor finding my own pleasure nor speaking thine own words then shalt thou delight myself in the Lord and I will cause leader right upon the high places of the years and CD with the unit heritage of Jacob my father for the mouth of the Lord have spoken so we see the message about the sound and connected when the Sabbath message in verse fourteen God says I will cause you to ride upon the high places of the earth and see you when the heritage of Jacob your father you want to write upon the high places of the errors you want to be that when the heritage of Jacob what might just how we know what the high places of the earth are and what the heritage of Jacob does that make sense what is this glorious promise of writing upon the high places of the earth and I'm being said when the heritage of Jacob our father what is it that is connected to the Sabbath understanding I might add Isaiah chapter fifty eight is a chapter specifically with a message to Gaza last date people a message that takes God 's people to task in the first eight to ten versus for fighting over silly things from making an emphasis on point that really don't matter found in first drive in the days just for the debate say just for stripes they and we get camps in our church while on this item on while I'm on that site and at the end of the day what were known for its fine for issues rather than the truth that is helping people in need and then the message continues and when you understand that the fact that I have chosen for you is not to fight with each other and to help those in need then your light will break forth as the morning your health will spring forth speedily that if a loud cry message forgot what they people and then at the and it talks about the Sabbath message and when you experience is not passing for Stratton in helping those in need when you experience the Sabbath as if the he will have the experience of riding upon the high places of the earth and then sat with a heritage of June and the question is what is the heritage of Jay if you look at the Hebrew word for heritage in the kingdom some of the modern translations I believe Kurt correctly translate this for this word the word heritage here is inherent so God is promising people in the last days I will see you Wednesday inheritance shaken your father sounds pretty good of the mark to be given the same inheritance that J Ebbers now the question is what is the inheritance of Jacob you realize that Jacob actually received shoe inheritances with the word Jacob me so flattered deceiver shaken by his very name was known for being a deceiver for being a supply after he grabbed that he'll love you saw on the way out of the warnings and he was defined by his name and his namesake this character of one who deceived one who supplanted one New Year's kiss human wisdom should try to accomplish God 's will and so the first inheritance the Jacob receives in life he got he gained by deception is not the inheritance that God formed the nuclear outlines what's the work and where Jacob receives the inheritance that God promises to you are this is found in Scripture in Genesis chapter thirty she starting in verse twenty four Genesis chapter thirty two starting in verse twenty four and this is a very fascinating story and Jacob was left alone and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day will stop here what is Jacob doing here wrestling with someone on my long JK is by the river and Jane got and she has received natives that his brother Esau is coming with four hundred men of war with even more marked a death march take time to destroy Jacob and his family and Jacob now that's humanly speaking she deserves it because Jacob deceived his father Isaac Chu she he saw out of his blessing out of his inheritance and so Jacob knows full well that this kind of which one years earlier is now finally coming back to me and square in the face announced an interesting point for us sometimes we think that's something we did in the past that it happen we just coming out a way with and we don't have to worry about it but someday the moment of truth is going to come if that sin is left on confess unrepentant you will come face-to-face with that someday and Jacob realizes twenty years later but she is coming face-to-face with the wrath of his brother Esau for the sin that he committed twenty years earlier he left home and I hurried he never saw his mother and you and each other because the session Jacob wasn't deceived by his father-in-law he fell among with with racial works for her for seven years and seven years you see the net we know you like that guy have to work another seven years so she or he has one years after his great deception shooting Esau out of the inheritance of using this human wrath and mean and deception to the very given name Jacob deceive or supplant the use that characteristic to gain what he thought he should get and now he realizes that he is coming face-to-face with the sin of twenty years earlier and here we see in verse twenty four Jacob was left alone and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day verse twenty five and when he saw that he prevailed not against cheats festal hollowness fly in the hollow of Jacob 's thigh was out of joint as he wrestled with suddenly Jacob realizes that he is not wrestling with flesh and blood but he has been wrestling with God face to face all night because God simply take this finger touches Jacob Stein Jacobs filed on June and Jacob realizes suddenly I have been wrestling with God in the most incensed earnest struggled all night I thought that I was wrestling with a man to save my life but in reality I was face to face with God and notice what Jacob 's response was because realizing Jacob is fearing for his life he is fluent to I am assigned to plead with God for deliverance from mercy and that he's wrestled with what he thought was a man all night long and he realizes that the son of another and now John has thrown just buy out originally so what Jacob not hatred and you're not wrestling with a man you've really been in my presence on light wand what are you an idea about and the question is what do we do you when we come into the presence of God sometimes we have been going through an experience at shrine of a struggle and agonizing experience and then the moment comes when we realized that God had been in the old what is your response is your response to get out of my wallet you've thrown my joy out of place I don't want to see you again immediately got sometimes what was Jacob 's response to this experience verse twenty six and God said let me go for the daybreak of menswear Jacobson and he said I will not let the except I was enchanted realize that in the decisive moment of his life he must receive the blessing of God now is not the time when the chips are all down and everything is on the line to tell God to go away and get lost now is the time more than ever if there's a God please don't leave my presence without your blessing and notice what God 's responses in verse twenty seven and God said to him what is your name and he said Jacob seven Jacob is reminding no John yes I'm in your presence but you're asked me my name or don't you remember my name and that I'm a deceiver I'm supplanting don't you realize that the reason why we've been struggling all night is because my given name describes my character that has caused me to be in this very situation that has created this whole struggle and but twice in which Jacob said I'm not supplant her on the scene and I'm asking for a blessing because I don't want to be known as Venice a planter or a deceiver anymore and what does God say first twenty eight and he said thy name shall be called no more J but Israel for as upfronts pastel power with God and with men and hast prevailed you know the name Israel means means one who rules with God Jacob gets a name change because he had a character changed Jacob comes face to face with God he knows that his sin of the session of Venice a planter gave them an inheritance that was flawed that was damaged and had to find his very wide and he paid for the rest of his life yet when he came into the presence of God he said God I need a blessing from you I don't want to be a deceiver anymore I don't want to be a splatter anymore I want your blessing so that my wife can change and God said what's your name of Jacob is not your name many because you have time in my presence and you have demonstrated that you have faith to believe in me the eye the God of the universe can take a simple human being like you can change your change your character and redefine who you are so that he will no longer be not as a deceiver or as a planter that he will be now as someone who came into God 's presence and prevail and if you can prevail in my presence you can prevail when antihuman comes against you don't worry about a softy of prevailed with major in appraisal with and that is the new inheritance that Jacob received no longer seem to supplant your or the deceiver he has now eight friends one who rules with God and Hosea chapter twelve versus two three four give us a estate and more complete understanding of what happened when JFK into God 's presence Hosea chapter twelve versus teacher for the Lord hath also a controversy with June and will punish Jacob according to his ways according to James will he recompense and teach sets his brother by the steel and the ones of our list of the very end of like talking upon us Jacob but the notice what happened and buying his strength he had power with God none of his first four years she had power over the angel and prevailed not how to be prevailed to you well and made supplication that under him he found them in Bethel and there he spake of us are here we see that when Jacob came into the presence of God he wept and made supplication he didn't just simply think of God wasn't about what is and is make it all go away now shaken earnestly when he made supplication he pleaded with God it wasn't just a halfhearted two-minute prayer in the morning when he first woke up this was something that he agonized with God earnestly Josh I need your grace I need your strength I need a new man I need a new character sleaze change my heart and my wife and the prayer that God will always hear amounts why God can save you the God of Abraham Isaac Jacob and you realize that the experience that Jacob went through to get his new inheritance is called Jacobs trouble Jacob didn't just got a new inheritance without not he went through the struggle of his lot of money read something to you from pictures and profits page two oh one Jacobs experienced during that night of wrestling and anguish represents the trial through which the people of God must pass just before Christ's second coming and then she quotes Jeremiah thirty versus five three seven the prophet Jeremiah holy vision looking down at this time said we have heard a voice trembling the fear not of peace at all faces are China and the helmets Alaska that is great so that none is like it is even the time of Jacob 's trouble but he shall be saved out of it now there's something interesting she is analysis one she skipped one part of Jeremiah thirty five through seven if the part in the passage where it describes it as a command are in labor no as a physician all I can say is I'm glad that I'm not going into labor because if I did humanly speaking with the way I am I would die I went in any other manager would say only women are designed to get your labor so what does that mean Jacobs time and trouble it so that men are in labor it means that it's something that the world has never seen before the sunshine and rain and Symphony there has been nothing ever like in the fourth when Jacob went through his night of wrestling with the Angels he had been through nothing like and the like despite all of the struggle all of the trial all of the time that she had faced in his human experience she had never come to the point where he wrestled with God face to face all night when the destiny of his life was hanging in the Jacobs time of trouble now is continue to quote continuum picture of the Prophets page three oh one when Christ shall cease his work as mediator announcement happened in this time of trouble will begin Satan had accused Jacob before the angels of God claiming the right to destroy him because of his son he admitted upon Esau to march against enduring the Petri are some long night of wrestling Satan endeavored to force upon him a sense of his guilt in order to discourage and break his hold upon God as they never done that to you before I'll think I'm the only one that has experienced that when you come to a struggle in your life Satan is right there to think if God loves you he wouldn't allow you to go through this loss of jobs and job logic humor you don't lose your health if God wanted he would never cause your spouse to leave it in God loves you and it goes on and on and on and you hear Satan voice of doubt speaking into your heart and your mind and it makes you wonder does God want me does he really care about me how can I be going through such a terrible agonizing experience and the only thing we can get that point is turned to God and what happened Jacob turned the gun this is fascinating to something that you hardly ever hear about with respect to Jack is not a resonance Pinkerton profits continuing page two oh one one and his distress she laid hold of the handle and made supplication with tears the heavenly messenger this is Christ the pre- incarnate Christ the heavenly messengers in order to enshrine his faith also reminded him of his and endeavored to escape from so not only is Satan saying shaken let it your sense will tell you lived your life there's no way that God can hear you then Jacob tries to turn to God and what he's hearing from God is the same thing Donna sent Jake into URS a planter watch your inhaler your deceiver don't you remember how you send against you saw and how you deceive Isaac your father don't you remember all reasons why are you trying to me Jacobs trouble what was Jacob 's response I can you imagine coming to that movement are you churning out and you feel like he's reminding you of worries come short as well notice how the quote continues that Jacob would not be turned away she had learned that God is merciful and he cast himself upon his mercy he pointed back to his repentance for his sentence needed for deliverance in our if you haven't learned at this point in your life that God is merciful when Jacobs trouble comes if you shoot out of them and avenging God a God who was a tyrant I got his out to zap you whenever you mouse up attired in a filament trouble and you are going to have that memory is ice Gary of going through the trials of life and remembering I remember when I was on my knees and the Lord came into my wife in his mercy surrounded me and lifted me up and I now right now but I feel like God is reminding me of my son that I know who God really is I know that he is a merciful God I know that is a loving father I know that he will help me through this experience I don't have to worry that he's going to abandon these because I have drunk minds higher life in his hands and no matter what happens I trust the that if we had only been developed that Satan is not an economist on patrol and then continuing on such will be the experience of God 's people on their final struggle of the powers of evil God will test your faith their perseverance their confidence in the car to deliver them Satan when Derrida terrify them with the thought that their cases are hopeless but their sentiments you agree to receive pardon they will have a deep sense of their shortcomings and as they review their wiser outsourcing but remembering the greatness of God 's mercy and their own sincere repentance they will plead his promises made through Christ the helpless repenting sinners their faith will not fail because their prayers are not immediately answered they will lay hold of the strength of God is Jacob when will the Angels and the language of their souls will be I will not look at you so God promises that in the last days he woke high in people to ride upon the high places of the earth and to be fair to the inheritance of Jacob their father the one who wasn't just a sub plantar or a deceiver but a woman whose name was changed and announced visit to Israel one who rules with God and the question then is how do we know if we will befit to me the experience when the time found in the last days and that's what we go back to Isaiah fifty eight Isaiah chapter fifty eight verse thirteen the turn away like that from the Sabbath from dealing my pleasure on my holiday and call the Sabbath of the Y the holy of the Lord Honorable Michelle honor him not during onwards were finding my own pleasure nor speaking vine on words is to the condition if you follow the software got the then shalt thou to wipe myself in the Lord and I will follow leader right on my place of the earth and feed these with the inheritance of Jacob my father so here we go and see that the experience of the Sabbath forgot last day people disconnected to receiving the inheritance object of our father out what the Sabbath to do with receiving a name change a character change being called an over-the-counter one who rules with God what does the Sabbath had to do with that and why would God say to us you come to the Sabbath don't do it the way you want to doctors have found the way he would do it the way I think you'd sure and aware your foot from viewing your pleasure is my holy day is not your day coming godson demanding here the non- model exhibit you can you could say that the holy Lord Honorable you shall honor him not doing your own ways and refining your own pleasure nor speaking your own words what does that not doing things with speaking our own worth not doing our own way finding the Sabbath a delight how was that real way to being fed with the inheritance of Jacob her father will first of all there's two key points I want to make here John 's people should truly be able to call the sabbath a delight that the message to young people is the Sabbath ABY she is the Sabbath the best and dearest day of the week where you have a day twenty four hours only incompletely to rest in God to spend time with him to help others in need to spend more time in Bible study and prayer and shoot and worship with fellow believers rejoicing in your experience with God or is the Sabbath simply a game where you don't have to study your thinking about all of your biochemistry and anatomy and a net into the pathophysiology not taken almost cause-and-effect on in your strategizing a study plan so the sooner the Sabbath your enemy right back at so you're physically resting that mentally you're still there in your studies the whole day or and him and I speak straight year and I'm not trying to point fingers at anyone in particular but when he gets there just right he was unfortunately has become engaged the Sabbath experience for many Seventh-day Adventists and go something like this as soon as the sun goes down on Sabbath so we can go out to eat and really have fun with our friends I can turn on my favorite TV programs again and find out if my team on the playoffs last night then Sunday you watch football for six hours the whole week goes by your totally absorbed in your favorite sports teams and starting working does not in the other God hardly had any thought in your mind and when the Sabbath comes to show up to ensure yourself thinking about the things that you really enjoy doing all week long and so when the Sabbath comes rather than abandon the lighting is again I don't have to worry about anything to worry about the cares of this life I can focus totally on God instead of focusing on God you're wearing your team on the game last night you're worrying about how your exams are going to get your worrying about all of these things that have nothing to do with the lighting and the sound of the Lord and the sound is if you look at it the sentiment is experienced actually defines our walk with God all week long because the way we use our walk with the Lord always will be there when we walk with him on the Sabbath if or not walking with him during the week when I'm going to enjoy suddenly walking with them on the Sabbath one video another example some people struggle with depression and discouragement as a physician I can say your depression is a biochemical imbalances of efficiency of serotonin mind and I understand that there are legitimate medical reasons for some people to experience depression are many people who have however there are some people who stay in depression through their own choice they choose to wallow in the spirit and becomes a cycle of feeling so good to feel so bad so that you can take about how bad your life is in every day each and every day and when Sabbath comes are you delight in the Lord now you're coming to church and life has been another awful waste away all my other awful weeks of the of God where are you on here you mean more in line he's there are sometimes work we can feel that way than to say that we didn't shoot to stay in a depression you're not going to the license now I hope they I myself clear about how we can miss the blessing this out because what the Sabbath is supposed to be scarce on the Sabbath should be analyzed but how is not about me but not greatly about how supposedly we spend meaningful time with God in worship every day personally we have families with our families that is the most delightful time in the day because we live in this world we must work we must have jobs we must go to school and give us and that we needed the mountain kinematics but that's admirable to having a job to study hard and do well in school those are the things that were doing simply what were occupying until Jesus comes so the best part of the day and the time we spend with God then when Sabbath comes we are so thankful because we have a whole faith that we don't have to worry about those things that we have to be what were occupying we have a day that we can witness for the Lord or we can study more or we can pray more we can fellowship more with like-minded believers and Jane's blessing that God designed for someone I have indeed with receiving the inheritance of Jacob will notice this if you call the sabbath a delight in verse fourteen that means then you shall delight yourself in the Lord so to have an meaningful relationship with Jesus means you'll have a meaningful delight experience if you don't have a meaningful relationship with Jesus you're not been an ally in the sun so the sound experience helps us it reminds us every week that we belong to God because Ezekiel twenty versus twelve and twenty says that God set of the Sabbath so that he which shows that he is the one who sanctifies us or set them apart the Sabbath reminded that we have been set apart from the rest of the world as a distinct separate peculiar people that were not like everybody else yes we live in this world of the things that we do during the week are simply connected to the fact that we are God 's people on our way to the heavenly King and because we deal why in the sound amount ways we deal why in the Lord and criticism of you reading across from desired ages page two eighty three no other institution which was committed to the juices in itself only to distinguish them from surrounding nations is the Sabbath God designed that observance should designate them as his worshipers it was the DH hope and other separation from idolatry and their connection with the true Gothic wheels people are to be separated from idolatry now notice the next sentence in the key but in order to keep the Sabbath holy memos themselves the holy so another words if you just kind insurance once we cannot get he did praise the Lord if you're struggling with something like this is the best place to come and receive strength and encouragement so I'm not doing that now that if you're just dealing out have it you really want to be there and wanted to be an extreme example got her vendor going on getting drunk every night and working condition nonetheless and for twenty four hours you abstain from what you're looking for the getting back yet that is not silent he sounded heating is experiencing the holiness of God in your life all week long and then you come to the seventh day Sabbath you experience the holiness of that day and e.g. enlightenment because your life is already in harmony with a day that is set apart as holy and that's why so many times people in our church nothing the blessing of the Sabbath because we saw many times adopted ideology doesn't it doesn't really matter if your life changes as long as you believe in Jesus as your Savior this is where we shall continue to level like this in your life as a manager but a leisure covered with an outward on him going you're in my life is still riding on a fast occasion you're not going experiences was not why righteousness by faith is coming to the South message and continuing on she says through faith they must become partakers of the righteousness of Christ when the command was given Israel remember the Sabbath day to keep holy the Lord said also that you shall be holy men unto me only thus could the Sabbath distinguished Israel as the worshipers of God so the sound that is connected to righteousness by faith and righteousness by faith then he has us forgiveness for the something or have some credibility is written in the same because we've also been short of the glory of God and not only did we receive forgiveness we also received cleansing is a justification and sanctification as a human does see that we have those justification and sanctification and that combined is what gives us the holiness that experience that God wants us through faith to receive here in the last days amounts why the Sabbath is connected to righteousness by faith because the sound is a demonstration of those of us who have chosen to accept Jesus in our lives we such a sacrifice for a something a life we receive his forgiveness and we also received his transforming power and allow me say this to you and this is a brief one about faith a lot of times we talk about victory over sin and will mention forgetful me say this you have to believe that God is forgiving yourself because if you don't believe in God 's forgiving your sons no really believe that he is power over sin in your life I mean people will praise about victory Arizona they don't believe the author gave their sons but Howard turned in the legalism it has to be about you believe that the sons of your pastor forgetting that God is a merciful God the way Jacob understood he is merciful but not only is he merciful and forgiving he gives you transforming overcoming empowering Grace and when you experience the Sabbath in such a way so that the Sabbath is simply one day a week where you have time set aside with God where you don't have to worry about anything else and that is a delight so that you can delight in the Lord all week long then the promise of verse fourteen then you will do what your sophomoric and I will hire as he turned right upon the high places of the urine and CD with the inheritance of Jacob by father for the mouth of the Lord had spoken the question is what are the high places of the year we talked about and it is much ominous we talked about the inheritance of Jacob what about writing upon the high places of the earth what does it mean to ride upon the high places of the earth it is not the cheerful part of this promise that you'll write upon the high places the earth and you receive the inheritance of Jacob what is it to ride upon the high places of the years both you look in your marginal reading for the workplace is actually means pills so you will write upon the high hills of the earth I want to take you to passage in Isaiah chapter she resists human three Isaiah chapter achievers and Stephen three we all their first you shall have in the last days that is not relevant to our time and matter and it shall come to pass in the one days that the mountain of the Lord 's house shall be established in the top of the mountains and shall be exalted where above the hills and all nations shall flow unto the coming of time where John's house will be on the top of the mountain and they will be exalted above until the note is what happens in verse three and many people shall go up and say need and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord to the house of the God Jacob and he will teach us of his ways and we were walking to ask for out of Zion shall go forth the law and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem notice what's happening here in the last faith God 's people will be established in the tops of the mountains about the health of all nations shall come she read and many people are going to go to the house of the Lord to the mountain of the Lord to the house of the God of Jacob and they will save seat adjust your way we want to walk in your path and we want to wallow the law of God this is an Old Testament prophecy of the loud cry of Revelation eighteen just as Isaiah fifty eight also makes reference to the loud cry when it talks about your righteousness shall spring forth as the morning and your health shall spring forth speedily what's happening here well and I don't have time to develop this but the mountain of the Lord in verse three that is now live the glorious holy mountain of Daniel eleven that describes God 's remnant people in the last days these are God 's people troops keep the commandments of God they keep the law of God they are the people who can exalt the Sabbath message in a way that the rest of the world can I is because God 's people they teach all ten Commandments that not only do they understand the letter of the law they will self shooed the onlooking world of the nations while she is gone people who are sitting on the top of the mountain of the world so to speak people in Babylon soliciting all nations will come to God is sure to those you teach the logon and they will think there is something in your experience that I do not have and I want to know what it is and got people will say here's what we can tell you we don't want in the Lord because we haven't enlightened the Sabbath experience we have one that each and every day we surrender our life to the Lord and the something of a week in a sign that we have chosen the following God every day and we and we therefore have joy in the Lord we delight in the Lord and this is the time and her sister reached where Revelation eighteen months as an angel come down from heaven having great power in the earth will enlighten with his glory because people will see here is a group of people who not only have the letter of the law they are a demonstration of a lot they are a demonstration of the character of Christ they have a Hawaii in the war the bottom that's why the Sabbath experience is connected to God last day people receiving the inheritance of Jacob Muscovite Isaiah fifty eight were almost done Isaiah chapter fifty eight so we have that Sabbath experience and I might add a few what are they achieved the same we went walking your house in verse twelve Isaiah fifty years of God 's people will be the restorative power to dwell on so you can see the connection between the two thousand okay so the Sabbath experience then we were see from a riding upon the high places of the high-yield leaders we will receive the power and the latter rain to get a loud cry message because we answer to that type of experience in mind if we do not have the experience of righteousness by faith the people the world will find nothing in the country to think teachers of your ways because they want to see as being like them but they will see teachers of your way we want to know what you have and we will write upon the high places of the earth we have not been glorious of experience giving the wild cry of the latter empowered by the latter rain and then we will get you into trouble and after we go through Jacobs time control just as Jacob did then we will receive the promise of being fed with the inheritance of Jacob our father God will look at his last date people and he will say I have a group of people they were like changes they were deceivers they were some planters they were depressed they were discouraged they were known as the biggest daughter church they were known for looking more like the world and letting Mike people the Lord they were that they were that but by migration through my power I gave them a message in the last days that help them to understand that God is merciful God is gracious God is empowering and they chose to give their life fully and completely to meet they learned to deal light and needs and so when they came to the struggle of their life in Jacobs kind of trouble I gave them the same inheritance I gave to Jacob I changed their name I given a new inheritance I gave them the inheritance of the promise that you will rule with God in its note that in the message to Laodicea and Revelation three verse twenty one says to him overcome will I grant to sit with me and my three e-mails I also overcame and sat down with my father in his strength to the Laodicean church got the last day just when our people are sure to whom God is knocking on the door of our hearts because we haven't let him come and would rather let them be on the outside cover us but don't change just got a saying when you let me you will be empowered to go through the last phase receive the inheritance of it you can rule with me in heaven and that is the message to us today how about you do once they like Jacob with the first comparisons you want to be known for being a deceiver supplant your a womanizer someone is discouraged some of his this letter the other thing God has something better God has promised to give us an unity a new character if you want to have that experience in the heart of God lastly people invited us down with me because it's rare thought in heaven what an amazing you are that you would take someone like me you would take someone like any of it of us here in this room and through your mercy he would take us from doing so planter a deceiver someone who is so sinful interior mercy will forgive us and you also transform us in the likeness of Christ but when we even when I'm a long time to develop under the people who will find the Sabbath experience is not a day of rules to weigh us down the day of July where we don't have to worry about the cares of this life that we can do why you knew the entire day what I fray that we would enter into this experience with online summer Sabbath assembly would cause a higher experience with them last summer walk with you that we would strengthen my want and that when you come in the closet town we would be ready to me it was each one of us here and continue to be without of prisons and Jesus


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