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Personal Testimony: From Islam To Adventism

Adam Patel Taariq Patel



  • January 14, 2012
    11:00 AM
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a I is him new is new in the day I is a is not this is a very nice time for all of us we're really excited and we did talk to these two young men enough they fully understand how much we've adopted them but they'll learn over time we are we were friends with their parents first and an avenue viewed as an as need ran or is she wrote the book beyond the veil Alexander on title okay will not everyone is but it was I heard her testimony many years ago maybe ten eleven years ago when I remember her talking about her children and all that they went the rattle and take away from their stories and talking about the twins and all that they went there and we invited us to her home in two thousand nine and I remember her just having a very heavy heart at that time because her children were not walking with the Lord and wanted to specific there can share that but I remember driving away and I told Ivory said that really breaks my heart that we still haven't met them yet but you know as me and her husband are in ministry their pastoral couple and I think you know where in ministry and we have four children and the last thing that I will want is our children to grow up and not walk Lauren and I know from that time we started praying with them for them sorry I pray for them and uses this year ASI we walked out of the building out of the room I was walking through I remember what exactly walked into the hallway and one and I believe it was yet carried that was walking out of the bathroom I actually ran into him and I was looking at him like wait a minute and he was right as soon as I joined the suit I and your spirit ASI and we greeted that he began to tell me what happened and that day he would they were sharing their testimony and autopsy and I went in and sat down on the to them and the kids they were sharing with the young but the would be used in the uniform crime their testimony was just absolutely amazing amazing what God has done with them and so we we now believe that God 's hand is upon both these men and companies that might reduce my favorite prayer that everybody at my father one of the Adam and Charity you Lord and our father you have to hand upon them we pray that you would just empower the Lord as they seek to your people to the Lord given the words and are now hearts be moved is our prayer in Jesus name amen and thank you so much a introduction it is funny because when I first saw Pastor Myers is flying we looked at each other like we were long lost brothers and we can figure out each other you know we we stood in the hallway just looking at each other like is this something about you and I'm given a Ms. Logan sundown however seem to try to look at each other the same way we did not call my big brother the Philippines the cancer to an that meeting was ordained by the Lord enemy say something about forcible have you been blessed and now I'm overwhelmed I have been smitten by the sword of the Lord I have been utterly slain and this week and I've been on a map to mountains of the Lackawanna Mountain on amount and me is a seminar I wasn't ready when I got off the plane I wasn't ready this is a move and ordained by the Holy Ghost and and you can hear my testimony I belong to a group called CFO Stancil Christ frontline ration army gave birth to CFO unbeknownst to me and him to knows that the passive is that sometime with the Lotus is proved that the Lord ordained this ministry and how many stock is begun a long story to tell and him and asked the prayer warriors in here which should be everybody in here amen pray for me that I'm mindful of time as I get excited when I talk about the goodness of the Lord and not get carried away so this play for discipline diseases Army a man a man mighty God in heaven or if you like crime already when we haven't even started you've broken the Lord from the day of stepped off the plane and hopped in the van you break me now I give you on work as you set up these mighty men of God and the board of the Council of the table of army Lord you sent these men this is so powerful to see the Holy Spirit user people happy to be on the winning team finally Lord I just pray it is your spirit would move in a mighty way amongst your people 's Holy Ghost time now in Jesus 's name here my prayer thank you Lord for answering my prayer a man who prays either lower mantle feeling good and I can go home right now feeling good well you know let me tell you some a little snippet on the prayer meeting room is a secret me my brother was golden approving prayer meeting after we ate we did take a walk after we eat but go to appear meeting room because when you come out you feel so lightheaded and that heaviness of the meal this is God 's hospital walking it away we went up rated away a man that has a secret anyhow praise the Lord praise the Lord I grew up a Muslim brother and I grew up in the religion of Islam my mother was in Afghanistan she straight from the Lord American Muslim man happy voices my twin brother we are told by Lindsay -year-old within us so we were raised Muslim talk to speak Arabic at three years old to be a Muslim you have to learn Arabic you know is when you go to the mosque was just like a church for the Muslims you would recite out of the Carron which is the holy book basically is like memorizing Genesis which I hope were doing now will be ready by Sunday amen amen and we will memorize verses of the Koran and going to the mosque and the site will remember so we were taught at a young Jason R around eight years old my mother had a meeting with Jesus and you know once you Jesus you tell somebody in the first game she wanted to tell with her children is called major conflict in the home my father was doing his best to bring something a race of its young Muslim boys and cut a long story short he was felt like he was losing control of his family we started hearing these wonderful stories of David and Goliath Dan Daniel in the lion 's den and Joslyn about Jerry it was mind blowing the love of Jesus cousin Islam all we heard and felt was the year if you don't do this discussion my father used to tell us your garden if you don't pronounce the prayers I can decide and are prepared to this day because it was instilled in us any say if you're pronounced it correctly you don't pray correctly I'm been a sufferer in hell and Angel Gabriel will pull out my tongue for poor choice of methods to get you worship it out and for what she wanted to visit her parents anyhow he moved the family to Saudi Arabia which is an all Muslim country and hope to get better control of his family and what ahead of happiness when she made the Lord to know that you are no longer in control when you go to work which is contrast the Bible study Bible study and seeking a couple Bible studies and when he comes on Chicago Bulls in a pit logo and we just play with toys or formulas of Nelson you know we had now one nine is noticeable we had a Bible study and was on the story of Joseph the story of Joseph that night my father came home sick among boys me and that very night we hopped in the plane of three boys eight years old went to India goodness of the Lord before we left he gave us a story of Joseph the story of a boy who was taken away from his family into a foreign country because so we end up in India and the whole go of us being in India is the largest file father was losing control of his family to be total sons his sons to India I'll have all the time to get into the details but I'm a dual one he left us there we were there for seven months we stayed in villages and Doctor this was back in eighty nine so that you know India back in eighty nine is not India today we stayed in villages with people that we didn't know people that even speak our language and we can speak there is enough father was not there I'm everyone this is my introduction India hop on the train and train was moving so slow I thought it was just starting off the notice warming up okay and it was warm enough like fifteen minutes of my ministering to tell what it all of a sudden I heard someone in the bypass and is by faith in God to be kit was appointed a I have to use the restroom and I believe the restroom and open the doors there's a hole in the ground was like somebody just for the toilet out interesting to train tracks on my oldest is dangerous I've a lot enough as it continues the afternoon it probably simply talking about to follow me to go to Anthony's since easily to the toilet out these that is the restroom I knew to be joking on the tracks yes on the tracks a picture complete culture shock he dropped us off in the village stated nice homes in the village houses made out of counting your and Haiti and other things it will compact together and in an and believe it or not and instead and it was it was a wonderful creation we stayed in these in these homes and it was no running water in the article to the well to base six o'clock in the morning and I am still fishes in the well to clean a waterless and a hypothetical door we had so a man a man to thankful for things that you don't even think about there's no electricity and Township stores do it okay mad about you the story I wasn't afraid of the dark but it was his bathroom and outhouse was an outhouse in the Baptist religion it is no electricity so you can imagine using bathroom at our house at night but that's not the reason why we never use it at night on inside this restaurant are in any of you know a lot of people sit like this we eat like there's some talk like this but it used to sit like this we use the restroom like this and there's a hole in the ground in the restaurant he got platforms put your feet and whatnot and it's really small and insiders hold this hundreds of lizards on the wall now remember eight years old my imagination is crazy on thinking something 's definitely getting get me so each time you do move for you no as a movement it is an attack that often is a huge tarantula in the corner the restroom it is a small and this was his restaurant the tarantulas live him to the point where we never use what the rest of my tubes were walk to the bathroom and make sure the slightest day April isn't there I'll see him change his arrest man got awake to know that he's in his position you know you're safe you don't know where yet I'm not going in there and diligently as possible as you see him there Cipro to guys on him and with the reply and man they would consultant each other you have lots of a Watson unless and all of a sudden you're down here comes the screen April you still watching the well just use the restroom got as good as I'm thankful for what we experience is what I call and time training enough pages of training praise the Lord after seven months eight years old I miss my parents I miss my G.I. Joe's in my transformers I miss my sisters thank the Lord we didn't have TV at that time I wasn't thank you I was even praying to him a lot was going to the mosque every Friday we call the masjid and one Friday you know the music you eat weren't really meals that Sue had this bone soup bone marrow soup all the time in which a soup with bones in America figured out who wants the Senate and so my belly was huge had aired on my belly I had mosquito bites all over me mosquitoes it is no joke and I had blood stains all over my clothes all are close the underlayer he almost died he while monkeys even the peacocks try to give him his greatest human animal kingdom he's got stories to know what it is Ashley twice by monkeys yeah yeah Ronald Solomon filed stakes we was out there man in the wilderness and now disappointed as he kept us now is the healthcare we can't wait to go to heaven speak to the Lord my guardian angel please pop in the DVD so I can see all the times that the Angels of the Lord had saved our lives I'm telling you things there's countless stories that go over well lies wounded a release and asked hydrangeas in the Lords I want to this mosque on Friday just hair my stomach dawdled over me I had lice in my hair and I just sent out many going to mosque in Pakistan armed on which brothers elbow to elbow when Ukraine animosity better be praying in Arabic and has repented Thomas is a ritual of prayer he stands shoulder to shoulder which are brothers and you recite the prayers of the Koran in on the imams in the front was the priest had never been in this mosque in a village called to tell me standing there hungry tyrants just sick and fed up with praying I and are going to allow my son eleven hundred allows left but innocent is a ritual date they bow down to get up and Sultan was impressed upon my mind as I cut my knee 's something ceremony but Cassini but I was on my knees she says and Regina prayed to Jesus I just learned about him and praise the Lord my mother taught me how to pray will was seeking along those I want to meet his big value of analyzing about mosquito bites all over me Jesus Boutwell possesses the eight -year-old boy in a foreign country away from his parents to pray to Jesus was in the eight -year-old boys think about toys and cartoons nothing but the Holy Ghost and I sat there and I got my knees and I was blessed as I want about with him speaking English is useful to speak in Arabic catch his help me and the only reason I remember this prayer the only reason my memory 's been shot because all the drug something but I remember this monk unknown reason I remember this only is because of what I felt at peace the only reason I remember the color with the mosque I remember the broken titles I remember the heat of the day it was hot and humid I had goosebumps on the telly church to see the scene in heaven and when I pray that prayer is that Jesus help us tell you that save us and I felt the presence of the Lord it was as if two angels were my shoulder I felt so I think the physical presence of the Lord couple weeks later my parcels up and is like come on guys going home tonight wow was that easy setting my best to are you will be united with our mother Saudi Arabia and here is a test of my death was ruled a book about her half in Bushehr with her as a whole privacy had no clue where we were she had no clue where we were for seven months and the reason why we were taken away because she refused to give up her face they said you become a Muslim will bring back your signs she says you can have my silence the Lord science you would think after going through all of that that she would remain faithful to the lower you would think that you keep your hand in the one who saved you just like the chosen a visitor who seen all the wonders of the Lord you would think that they would be faithful they saw the place and the wonders they saw the Red Sea beans and hoping to pay inner I feel everything he fails so I look at everybody is one year ago today I remember when I was and I know what I am now in after Saudi experience first of all is happy Sabbath have sent after Saudi Arabia experience we went to England and this is the first time my mother had the freedom to actually teach us now we are able to attend a Seventh-day Adventist church in Gloucester England the mother 's Jamaican is a lot of Jamaicans in England and so we begun to follow the chart this insurance and Pathfinders and Amanda joy of finding out the word of God and just the difference of the fellowship of the church it was love compared to the Islam became the contrast even as a kid I didn't fully appreciate but as an adult I think back to mind blown like you said it was out of fear was a religion out of fear of a father would split heavy slipper right there by us and if we made one mistake slipper which is classless Lisa Getty 's bank but it was nobody's business everyday from Christianity and I see my mother 's family and how much off-season and grandmothers who I never knew it is not given me hugs I will try to stick felt like I don't know these people but they knew me from when I was a baby noses the love which is just around everything I had it just felt so wonderful but during this time I still had a lot angry sea I suffered a lot of abuse when I was in India a lot of abuse and was bitter very allocated to a proud face to even though I felt the joy the Lord and from England he moved to United States to back to the East Coast in Connecticut because we went from Connecticut the Saudi Saudi to England state if a couple years and then we flew back to Hartford Connecticut Sedona Connecticut we stayed there for a while in New York and then my mom once attend Athens University in good engines University in Bank Springs Michigan and so my brothers and my sisters and all of us the whole family and does my mom single-parent five kids drove up to Michigan no money to solve faith and hope in student in school the Lord Odyssey got her through while he was in school my brothers and I in no we were beaten a public school are lies in court at different schools we were always the new case who never settled the West a web farm out some of that department possess allow us out and have friends that I couldn't make friends is a new lobby leaving Sally stepped myself stuck to my brothers in school in Michigan I began to see how public school kids in America conduct themselves a behavior to influences and before you knew it we just wasn't in the rebellion but we became the leaders of the began to get into the rap music smoking and drinking and as the years went on by the time I barely graduated high school I was a heavy weed smoking marijuana and allow alcohol in a start experimenting with drugs right after high school it's on the military I went and enlisted an army and was a great time when I went to basic training I had a great time you know and I never felt so physically strong as strong but little did I know is carrying a lot of burdens in my heart I was a very powerful young man you couldn't tell me nothing is shown no emotions I never cried that effect I miss my uncle that had died in ninety six and the Arctic guys got teared up but I thought it was hard you got that she was some kind of went if you cry and so I have this attitude no soul stubborn I went to the military and in the military you know they do random drug screens and whatnot and I quickly realized I had to give up my marijuana happy and so I gravitated towards other drugs that would stay my system for a short period of time so experiment with ecstasy cocaine acid mushrooms and with the crystal meth I think I got me thinking crazy talk about everything and what got me is that I will be able to wake up in the morning and still do my PT is still run and I can still want for miles I said leave the club slunk at my PT clothes left physical training clothes in the back to change a goal and one dump truck and still do my two miles and this is that my cry nothing could touch them you also been some time in the military was a time of deep pain for me that I know that I know I fell down this deep needs drinking my pain I never faced why was I never and knew what I was going through because also known in so hard and honest got out of the military had brought all those demons with me back home and now I was just going crazy in love with cocaine I would stay up for days on amphetamines when wild on the streets drinking and smoking I came back to find out my brother wasn't similar position as I was he was not in school he was drinking he was smoking we both linked up both of us would all like Dean is together enabled us all down both of us we gladly gravitated towards Norco pain pills because I could take those and go to work stale and you wouldn't even know someone is on those local Vicodin prescription pills we went to OxyContin pills you see same does not happen overnight I level when I was younger I sailed never smoked cigarettes and duvets and another look back at my life see the layers of sin that gradually built up over the years you see I was accustomed to snorting cocaine somatic got OxyContin is not a problem with something of my notes it wasn't a problem at a time we got introduced to this OxyContin mean my brother is very expensive drugs we tried to get off for a week all of a sudden propose hardly I can't sleep stone cold sweat my body start to shake and a configurable school not say Adam you are going okay is his role is these drugs man and come to find out you have some withdrawal symptoms continued deep abuses struck continue to abuse truck about another four years a half at this time we both ended up quickness struck if a whole week and a half we did not sleep on talking about to be off of off of anything to be off of a drunk but to feel like you're in a truck when you know you haven't put anything in your body but your body 's chemistry is so messed up the jaw wired if shaking a close when you can't sleep we went through this together three months working out fairly good to see we still have the same issues within us still drink still smoking to still party and we do not let the Savior sometimes we may be free from forms of bondage to go to another for Iceland say this there are layers of sin each of us may have a layer in our lives right now is pray to the Holy Spirit we can identify that layer because the devil at another man for you knowing you can look back and see how it first started you even know how you got to the point where your gap actually evolved to the office condo before you know it we went in twice four times as hard to take in the highest medication prescription that you can get and we would snort and smoking these pills and day out I lies on the battery while five hours we had to go get another fix no food no nothing if I had twenty bucks is all to the drunks I had the same clothes for years three years now holes in my shoes holes in my clothes wasted plus now my eyes fooling myself on the street dragging my feet try to get on the light rail to go get a fix PC your body 's chemistry the Lord has designed our bodies was so wonderfully made and you know what you really don't appreciate your body to use mess with it and when you see how deep it is how do things you put into your body affect your mind even food those of us who may have fasted for the first time praise God I fasted for three days like last month is all scales are not on the producers but you know what I'm stomping this point because after the fast I ate something and I realized the effect of just eaten a little food out of my mind that old was look at you like and I lived in I see the importance of health message is vital because this is our only way to communicate with God of the Holy Spirit to communicate with us during this abuse abuse and a heavy fog drugs me and my brother who live a life of his slavery after a few hours ago when our bodies to stop shaking cold sweat we go to another fix it was during this time that my mother and my dad was started in Bible studies at their house my brother has two daughters they will come and spend time with your crazy uncle T and my mom brothers if you know what those girls are not going to church I want you to bring him over to my house on Friday night so I could take the Churchill said I had on the car slows uncle T Adam and two girls who drive my nieces to my parents house on Friday nights and it was during these times that will walk into these Friday night systems Friday night Bible study hour walking top of money since no hear my dad and other young people my age praise of the Lord didn't fire the talk about taste and see that the Lord is deserted and I'm looking at these people my age like I know they're not crazy don't looking in their eyes like a chocolate me because at the appointed time of my life I was desperate and I was hopeless and helpless it was nobody there could help me at the time and when I started to come back to these Bible studies dropped my nieces off I will sit back in the kitchen and him identifiable stories and it just started to reawaken the things that my mom used to tell me when I was a kid and the thing that got me was that now as an adult than hearing the stories and I'm in a desperate situation the whole I wanted to have those burning in my heart I was 50-50 I was fifty percent in Gallup has fifty percent hoping that that is true so from the kitchen to sit in the background high is our high through the fog and darkness suspicious my frontal lobe I have accustomed out now as to who to put it to be true is during this time data these Bible studies don't have an impression on me and then headed over to my brother to set up and disguise the most stubborn guy I know guys I was sitting in the back and I was getting hit with the ways of grace and he has a rock head and it took a lot the Holy Ghost at the show to three times to get to his rocket hey man so he got his Bible studies just being in the atmosphere the Holy Ghost has an effect and this is a testament to the power of God because our minds and our bodies was addicted to everything we were even all food in our diocese cheeseburgers in and just junk every day we did eat we were addicted to sex we were addicted to alcohol we're addicted to nicotine the whole time from over seventeen years old we picked up in Newport that menthol cigarette the worst you can pick up and move in smoking with everything we've been doing predicted everything addicted to music music everything so you had as both parties from every angle but just in the background of the worship this sort of the Lord was able to penetrate through that all of evil and fantasy saying that this is the power of the Lord there was no excuse for what is so powerful at this time you no brother their name Lawrence a man endorses all for Lord and guess what sources came from a man he just came from Army and he was pumped up in these Bible studies and other youth there any source to us as a taste and see that the Lord is always a look at them like what is wrong with this letter is this dude serious like said in his eyes in his spirit and his actions in his words he couldn't argue against you can argue against it and I was at this time the board is it me with a double whammy when I was the disease worsens out the skin these memories of these old songs that I haven't heard in years I would wake up which songs them a month or something meeting in Saudi Arabia and India and there at this time to the Wikimedia training the Lord has given me three dreams in my life and often these are visions from the Lord the last one he's given me was during this time and at the time I was addicted to OxyContin is mainly an nicotine those are the last ones I just was on we want to phases was on cocaine and alcohol was into all over the same time to week Ms. commits suicide and it was at this time going to history in this dream I'm wrestling with this one and this woman had thanks and her eyes were black warps this demon I was wrestling with his gain in the power over me and him and about with people and I'm done help me help me somebody help me help me help is not enough to suffer loses strength and I feel this demon wanted to destroy me and I call in an ability to grow in a last desperate effort to get her to stop and think before I wake up her face and his interchanges to that of the man I wake up now hearing that dream lot of people listing that is the craziest remember but it shook me to the core not because of what I saw is because of what I was told when I woke up as clear as day six o'clock and one the voice of the board said he will regress into being it's the woman's OxyContin and the man is nicotine and uniqueness demon is gained and the power over you you didn't fight in this demon on your life and there is no come on saying that there is none to help but there is one who can help I was always visibly shaken by this I may not opt out of upfront on all the lights turn on the kitchen light the hallway like everything and I picked up a phone and call my dad and called on the move instead the next day I fell on my knees and charts in my belly was big I was wasted my life was in jeopardy I felt my knees and pray the same prayer I pray when I was in India and utterly realized him or see me similarly if you're out there had the audacity to say that if you're out there help me after I did it also I can't do this alone novels only able to admit that you sold me in a dream that I can do some come into my heart and on savings on Herbert and unlike how to know what those are succumbed to my heart take over the body to put it on autopilot and man the controls are your folks until you are I believe the board has no choice but to hear it has no choice but to hear I had a Bible on the side of the Lord help me and him and opened his Bible and only hear a word from you is a northerly thing to ask of you only thing I was specific with the Lord I said I be sure to hold my head my mother had so much dust on it almost had asthma attack it was crazy I'm not kidding an end I picked up a Bible you know how to say it I don't know how long of a really picked up the Bible when I was a kid I was told the story so I don't know what to do I get one of these numbers letters this is it this is a you know and like Microsoft Isaiah forty two neither Deloitte is good the Lord is good this is forty two is we get there can I hear hearty amen and amen still no couple more pages no specific with the Lord and incessantly tell you I never cried before I can remember the last Democrat at that time I broke down and so much tears and I was always making South never heard of it in my life and in tears and in all kind of fluids is coming down and I didn't care and is the first film and tell you that I was going to withdrawals at the same time so I was freely broken and has last novel Mohammed the Lord sent me this look at verse five thus saith God the Lord he that created the heavens and stretched he bets that for the year and that which he that giveth breath of the people upon and spirit them that walk I the Lord hath called the righteousness and will hold behind somebody saying they had and will keep the and kiss the Torah covenant of the people for that of the Gentiles to open the blinds us to bring out the prisoners from the person and then that sit in darkness out of the prison house I am the Lord that is my name and my glory will I not give unto another neither my praise to graven images behold the former things are come to pass and do things do I declare before they spring for I tell you what praise those all folks I hold you hey I'll can you redress that class specifically for him to hold my hand with a little of the day better than that he said not only what awful Johannes folks description commit the Savior with the Scripture not only did he deliver me with this Scripture he gave me my calling was the last verse new things to want declare before they spring forth I tell you what the about you guys but speaking funny you at Pine Springs Ranch is pretty new to me a man a man praised the Lord knows with this deliverance with this miraculous deliverance was just the beginning of my relationship with our I fell in love for the Lord he was a real person to me now I've always heard about the relationships of the people when he came into the room that day I cannot refuse the spirit of how was so excited folks out I was going to these brave meters would north in the rest of the people now I understood why they were on fire for the Lord of the McCain something puts as a consequence say Whitney would soon as a consequence of this powerful I met the Lord but I was going to withdrawals I was on the stroke for how long OxyContin three years were taken highest dosage dissipate a picture one of these pills they used to give the dying dying cancer patients the people dying of cancer we were taken about for these a day and he was the rocket over there was taken I don't know even tell eight or something crazy like that and so the effect of not having is not by folks in the tiny something I went to the value of the shadow for two weeks I did not sleep I didn't eat I used to press home at night time he would come on strong you get it is no other way to describe it was like possession and might find your give wrestling with an invisible beast all its a praise God I didn't smile as the Scripture says that he was with me and he was there to hold my hand what happened with me was a miracle was a cold turkey quit quit I quit a cold turkey with no medication just as spherical approval connected in front of him staying in the same house I was sleeping on his floor and he was at the next table sniffing away while I'm going through this painting to better believe the devil was tempting me the seventh night of mostly the devil was single and get you a piece doing slept in seven days just a little peace so you can sleep she just will yourself the Lord is good you know he brought to my memory across the cross discipline I was fed up you can't take as a possible time I thought you all-powerful why you let any software people to cross the mama did you forget this I have to pay a price for your sin with certain him us me and give me how to overcome and I'll say with approval and he still didn't know you still get good to you what is going on Calais Santa Monica Iraq a man you love you set a look at that I like Signet is listened to this guy some time I would explain something about the OxyContin will quit when OxyContin 's they a synthetic opiate so when you take OxyContin spectrograph you know when you're happy you do something a Mexico happiness dopamine going off in your brain I went to take OxyContin 's and you abuse yourself with this drug your body stops making this chemical and because you have a synthetic opiate produces all the scope of me so you have this dopamine in a golden service sector index that happy feeling okay so now your bodies making a whole bunch of the opening from this opiate which are abusing your body with there for you my compensates the mix of a lot more receptors so when you don't have to drive in your system guess what empty pockets screen in your body and is not no happy feeling a time I would feel stuck onset of this coming on in my body and would drive me nuts I've had my face broken nose broken ribs and burned but I'd rather go through any one of those to go through withdrawals on Tony was instead it will make a grown man cry and make you do something that you wouldn't imagine you would ever do ice a new kind pain felt pain like that before and it amazed me when I saw happen with him the trouble me again when I seen what good he worth to note that he talked to two weeks of no sleep at this time I was going through a lot of pain live in this life he was good he would tell me about the Lord Jesus and you know I was still stuck in my own bubble I was off outside a work for a lot of time I was doing FMLA workers comp is no way have to go to work in this condition I couldn't even stand up on my own strength without the stroke it had dishes in the sink including a washer plate without the struck everything who I was using these pills will help character is provided having out these to sit in on the couch laid on the floor cold sweat shake I was the OxyContin pill and so I'm in this state government and is at this time that my workers comp time is running out I have to report back to work yes some still going to Bible studies high and is at this time at the report back to work and my job relationship at this time was bad HR manager will go at it means that a supervisor in the managers they wanted me out of there at a loss and to get just against this company every time I was in the office it was beef intention so I knew him in this weakened state now my job is physical I have to pick up stuff and labor all day for eight to ten hours Bruce Summers ten to twelve I can't even stand up to now I know I have to go back to work going into the belly of the beast and face-to-face was at this time is Monday more put back to work Sunday night Sunday night I got on my knees on Sunday night and I prayed and number two so I prayed as I started to pray I told God I didn't believe in him and I know my doubts given all my painful and I grew up as a kid I let them happy but then I was still hoping assists fathers you out there please help me as I started to pray I started to cry and cry and not even know why I was crying his heart I was crying the floodgates is open enough tears is coming on the floor man and I said Lord Lumumba can talk to me she's going to be happy to go to be sustained wasted and I said Lord I finally submitted photos of the queue at your shop if you see him go to rehab offend my pride of Gaiman 's children on the streets who gave instead of his own two feet still has pride Lord see your hand in the situation of my job tomorrow and you can get me to rehab I promise someone read my Bible and pray every single day that I'm in rehab tells the drug addicts have guaranteed unless the word request so whatever to the Lord the next morning I woke up I went to the job I went to go see my HR manager in the plant manager in the warehouse manager and before we were incidents it suitable I hope you have it wanted to reintroduce and retrain a whatnot and I could barely stand sit no looking wasted standing there said Jennifer tomato manager to talk with you for something a goal of her office she pulls up a chair right in front of me and this is the hardest thing for me at the time said I'm addicted to drugs to pain medication money somehow have my jaw clenched it was tough for me to confess that there she looked at me and she said to call me teach settee I took a lot of courage for you to do that comes for a reprieve if you think that because this is my enemy is somewhat allowed problems with the God of the goal use the phone in the other room because I have to call another company to help me get into a rehab program something when I came back to her office she looked at me and she said T while you were in there I was praying for you please do my job I couldn't believe that that came out of the mouth of my enemy sat in her office to parse the reading talk about trucks she had just given her life to the Lord couple months back before I can she just got baptized we set out on this issue shared testimonies of the Holy Ghost in your life she opened a book of Galatians and Ephesians was telling me about the weather but I should really put that at office I will start I just pray the night before Sydney what is nobody that can help me is my last desperately if I see your handedness situation I went out that more and more knock me out him policing this along so goodness in the city dump is not bound in the shadow of death being bound in the sixth and I'm why because they rebelled against the words of God and contend the Council of the most high therefore he brought down to hard labor they sailed out and there was none to help then they cried unto the Lord in their trouble and he delivered them out of their distresses he brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death and break their bands and Sunday told that they would praise the Lord for his goodness with his wonderful works to the children of man of the script even in the midst of all this so far it up so the Lord okay okay I showed up and shot at being always thought about the situation and of technological person I was to say I would have to see an angel come up in my room and just slap me awake me up and believe in God I thought he was all my logic to this goal what happened out the window I could not think of one thing it was the opposite it was the goodness of the Lord of the Sultan because I poured my heart out to next and you know my brother when a car one way to be happy now and my brother had was and I believe the Bible study or something and it was a prayer meeting and he felt impressed to the Lord and Lord shone the Scriptures Psalms one forty three and what stopped him and said no that's not see you to get to your brother is a form at the rehab yet is little slip of paper he will size one forty three Mrs. Kimbrough gets also forty me but some may not pull that out until it's prime time at CU we need a good balance despair and is getting rough for you Psalms one forty three also know that whatever minutes put it in my wallet in my back pocket forgot all about along the way to rehab and on the way to rehab I get to his brothers in the car you know I'm just now feeling the Lord will not only their easing the card is a song going to Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus life and I'm asking a nightmare bro I don't know how you went to those withdrawals marathon you did it he says looking at me she says she she is currently a library or so we may get out of here right admit though he just got the rehab go to rehab and my mom gives me this lesson study Allen assured this right now today's January one fifteenth fourteenth last year January fourteenth I'll is in rehab St. Helena recovery Center Houston last year and he doesn't go to rehab the mother gives me this lesson study both the quarterly and was about human emotions of Tony God is on time until noon our church made lesson both in the limits I got I would have house my I looked at the table of contents on my first day in rehab and it says it was about addiction study as you know what women go to page eighty eight is this talk about addictions right now it's money to go on and read in some of the bad page eighty eight this could be my first lesson study and at this time I look at the Scripture blues John eight thirty six and he says if the son therefore shall make you free me him shall be free indeed I do not study number that the close of the book because moving to some church when you're broken your pride is crushed when you're wasted and stated and there is nobody to help you in your bondage mentally physically emotionally spiritually and darkness you're starving you what desperate when you read this Scripture like that it means everything to do everything all hope and desire is hinged on that Scripture if the son therefore shall make you free you shall be free indeed I do have to be home for but had to take a break at the because I was hoping that I could be free I was still on the drugs that they we happen to read I was still borrowed out was still in bondage disputants talking the Spirit is moving every day and be announced and house have been necessary and I say to my brother on the balcony in my bag in the hallway moments with the Savior it got to the point where you have class class sessions it would talk about the passion forgiveness whatever I would have that study me in the Lord before I went to the class to teach me about forgiveness and then I go to the class they're talking about forgiveness already gotten a stop it got to the point when I was in rehab I could put this down right here's all my heart in my heart open is soon on the ground and put it back together and put it back inside me this I would change my life started walking about this Bible was praying all the time I started to talk to the Lord people at the rehab began to notice this I had no idea people were like CLEC with his Bible tells us will come to me like I've never seen a guy so happy that his first week in rehab what are you going people come up to me can you teach me how to read the Bible was a lady my friend GCT how do I pray teaching how to pray them to both learn together Kazakhstan Melissa my heart given to invest what I did it got to the point Google to these Bible studies on Sabbath St. Helena is Adventist institution but the counselors is that at work there were not Adventist it would have difficulty coping its affairs a Sabbath morning so I would go to the Sabbath morning Sabbath school couple of people from my rehab will come with me by the time I finished rehab over half of the people fifteen seventy will coming downstairs with me people will start knocking on my door like T a I have to make an appointment with you bro back and I got to the point I'm telling you folks from Tony I had to go to my room and I said Lord Sweet hat I came here for myself I mean how will come in and about his people note the Lord told me he said by helping them you are helping yourself going in I K during my days in rehab the Lord gave me a big training Christianity he told me about the love and sharing that love and living the gospel and witnessing I don't think you ever see the effects about others' lives and seeing that power their lives the joy it brings to your life is also said Lord I wanted to witness us if you can revoke as I need a boost I want to go witnessed in doing your work because I needed the subtotal Miami a double blessing is not just for those people as you'll see in the Lord in action before your face and then I discovered my soul things in this class though keep in mind I'm on the mend I'm healing never part of my life and I never cried so much in that first week and we had got to the point I was in meeting felt tears come to my eyes nose marketing than a man still hurting no things don't happen overnight I didn't heal paying I was better at the fish ladder issues of my personal abuse I suffered when as a child in India sexual physical you name yes to team with a lot of issues and pain drugs might pry I played it all call Jesus love company and students from using this class and rehab had a great friend of mine seems Derek appointee and we got out of rehab session before we got a new diner late actually and we had to take notes they had two Bibles in the class so use the Bible to take our notes on into the class a public Bible the way and then we walked out of the class and asthma D Derek is his client is breaking down any of the withdrawal symptoms San Accent OxyContin detox and that his mental feels like a snake bite on the back of his head he's going to and I suppose was paying a Muslim brother mins to go take a walk is a special nature spot music we can stuff my minutes is going to be some fresh air men is somewhat white daisies is breaking out far enough down the pain to blonde men climbed on the path he sits down on this rock seven four nine he opens his hands as the Bible in his hands and his accuser shipping on these pages and I looked out of the Bible does it somehow and I remember my brother told me about his supposed that the pace of social authority might now someone was returned Psalms one forty three if you want to turn their I knew that the Lord has helped enhance for both of us one hundred and eleven this holds things and I read it here my prayer O Lord give ear to my supplications in thy faithfulness and seventy and in high righteousness and enter not into judgment with thy servant for in thy sight shall no man living be justified for the enemy has persecuted my soul yet smitten my life down to the ground just made me to blood and darkness as those that have been long and therefore is my spirit overwhelmed within me my heart within these guys I remember the days of old I meditate on all thy works I news on the work of thy hands I stretch forth my hands and the soul first have to be is a thirsty man seemed really sweet of the old Northwest spirit hide not thy face from me lest I be like unto them that go down into the pit calls me to hear that lovingkindness in the morning for indeed my trust cause me to know the way wherein I should walk for them to stop my settlement from the own or combined techniques I see into the type me teach me to do thy will thou art my God thy spirit is good beat me into the land of uprightness clicking the old north of thy namesake for thy righteousness sake bring my soul out of trouble not by mercy cut off mine enemies and destroy all them that afflict myself I recognize that right now I need to door just as much now as I did I recognized without him I'm not doing things that I could not have imagined this by his grace that am standing here talking to you I know enough to be happy with my life back with a purpose to my life and had met the Savior and he touched my life to transform my life got back home job back comes the negative into some apartment that that car broke down didn't happen the last cycles forty pounds to gain them back him to walk up some stairs not one miles in this decedent 's happiness destroying the experienced the power of his word but I want to bring to you my church but people let's leave the part because they're in is the power of God I believe in the word to heads of Wagner as a close that maybe some of us in here not necessarily bound by Navy strong addictions such as drunks but you have addictions in your life maybe this character flaws of things the Holy Ghost is bringing to you that you know you have to deal with people knowing the fate is strategically and you don't like Paul who said he stood before Nero and he said that notice stood with him the strength and him and delivered him out of the mouth of the lion 's on us instead I stand with you there's things in your life that you want to give to the Lord in faith and the next day turn from it today you turn something is raising straight ahead with a knife or my next a member 's use of the passengers I was sitting on the couch go through withdrawals my body was heard in a legitimate channels and I saw Larry Chenoweth Jesus give it beautifully which has an Olympus significant other withdrawals thinking nobody can understand what I'm going to write nobody said in my pain I am all alone this past television and he was speaking as talked about the sufferings of Christ he said he had went to the hospital and his mother had lost her son able to comfort his mother and the mother said don't tell me anything about God what does he know about Lucinda said I sounded like she was disabled nor problems in the sign impulse signaling shaking so watching him being weight blood dripping from his flash point is stopping that is controlled in this pastor started to speak and he started to say every single pain that we felt the staff emotional pain being rejected bad the worst physical pain you could possibly imagine and he will know there's something very special about knowing that someone has been through a similar experience that you have him some connection that you have no impact someone knows what you're going through that you are not alone no matter what kind of pain you felt these about the Eason Jordan cut me the most is that I didn't feel alone no one is going to Ferguson felt a connection with God on a TV of what got me was that I did this to myself he definitely is here to tell what the Lord has done for my life and maybe some of you who have not made a stand for the Lord some of you in here with the spirit has been speaking to in your heart only you and God know if you have not given your life to the Lord you want to try Jesus right now please to space and razor hand if you have never given your life to the Lord you want to try cases based on Christ is there anyone else he tells us to overcome as he overcame and the beautiful thing about this is that no matter what he will not be alone as he was in the world 's razor hands and be the best thing you ever do for all rune is a father not unto us so Lord not unto us thy name give glory to thy mercy intellectual sink Lord I'm nothing I know it when I leave here not go back home to my apartment this is mean you are known and you know you are everything father Jesus is everything and more you can try to prove in touch of percent faithful all the time and only in deal with this happiness peace and power transformation father and Lord I can only tell what you've done for me ignore an unnoticed beach and father thankful for the funds will raise their hands and they have publicly shown that they have things the big knowledge that the spirit has told them thought and the one at the throw that on the altar to you today right now I pray Lord that your spirit continue to walk with them has the deepest place as he dismounted as we enter back into the real world that you will still stand with us her father that we will be pressed to stand with you father for those who raise their hands were never given their lives over to the Lord I pray the name of Jesus to Holy Spirit will work and what was in them such as they had never seen below their minds are give us all of our sins and when none of us are worthy down covers the blood of Jesus anointed before in this prayer I just want to say I am thankful for Jesus I'm thankful for his sacrifice I'm thankful that no matter what we go through down here as Christians we are merely following the path that you have already tried to go from here Lord Jesus the name might be rebuked Satan and his evil angels from those with confessed giving their hearts to at this moment thank you for the promise thank you Jesus I thank you Holy Ghost in Jesus name amen I will will a


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