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The Power of Forgiveness

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries




  • September 1, 2012
    7:00 AM
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for this one a lot to talk about the Guinness because there a lot of debugging or studying forgiveness and I resent e-mail followed by Blecker in this Bible worker e-mailed me she got the relationship and in this she's just mean you want me that would make for successful relationship what you think it would be inordinately mnemonic too long and it is my mama before leaving Balaban and the word is that was forgiveness because you know the things longer to make mistakes but if the other person and you may look for this one thing your partner if you can find that ability for a person to forgive you that will make for success and when I met forgiveness of the Cuban government that's hurting people unforgiveness hardness of heart anger with that man whether it may be hurt is the root cause of many sins is going on assessing relationships such an attendant that she said this just a good question Seattle escorts and cystectomy will talk to you hockey game then how do you tell whether the person you than to be a one and Mary actually has forgiveness right at the above idea does a very good question how can you gauge how do you measure someone having forgiveness and thought about that as a you know it is not someone who knows about forgiveness is someone who has experienced forgiveness what is a man and original of the readers intellect you know I know I delusional I need to get somebody but from your nose about Afghanistan to chew a biblical way on how we are beginning so this morning as we open God 's word May God help us out open hearts to learn that shoot me a forgiveness that is for father we are grateful for you were as a developing help us to see what he means to experience forgiveness Lord this is not her Jesus name in synaptic chapter six verse fourteen fifteen the Bible says what did Jesus say about forgiveness for the Bible says here for if you forgive men their trespasses your heavenly father will also alight but give you buddy don't begin and their trespasses neither will your father forgive your life just after the cumulative effects so in other words a real off-again right were not experienced forgiveness so my question to you this one is doing is gone but give us because he forget I unanimously had to does God forgive us what you think the doctor just because he forget the other kind out there right you know re-examine a call to today and I believe ninety percent of the people I talk to thing I need to forget because the files again to what God is not going to like you have you ever heard of before okay now I want to go into this because the script must have a lot to say about this but that is not to statement that is a false statement dog is not to give us the cause and otherwise we don't do something first initiating dauntless mine as a reward for us doing something by works what is a event felt re-creating one I want to create a whole theology is one tax and is nestled among people and we know what we need to do before three have not experienced the power to do what we need to do but we can do it to God 's love and polythene bag that if this money was other what the weather gods in this very positive about the Guinness and when we are able to figure him barely able to reconcile with our relationship some blood of the sisters parents and children husbands and wives and I would do a miracle within his church what is a man so there's look at the next exit needs to Matthew chapter six verse logging and I was not due chapter six verse twelve same chapter hollow all we truly forgive know the Bible says here about says this is the prayer is in and forgive us our dad for the next words as we forgive our debtors not because but as we all canceled as as a forgiving people God forgives us as in the foster that were forgiving legacy does come to light of the Des Moines and further on now that in this quotation you handle those of us is here this is from price of the methods two fifty one his phrases says Leon not forgive men the cause we forget what he said I then visit again and maybe new it's a lot of you we are not again then because we forget another says but what as we forgive not as a reward but in the process we do it we retain the forgiveness that something that we are reexperiencing the next thing a little bit more can now turn away to the Ephesians chapter four for thirty two Holly to forgive others is even shopped there for ever thirty two Mister the Bible says these in chapter four verse thirty two hollow we could forget the Bible says Bible says be kind one to another test verify forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake has one for giving you so in other words we are to forgive and adds why only one God has led forget-me-nots in other words we cannot again unless we have birth experience of forgiveness from God persuades a man with a view to tell someone you need to forgive the person in the Christmas again I know I need to forgive I tried so hard and I failed on it which I can forgive anything out in your life Mary could be that Nemo we have a misunderstanding with Scriptures really saying anything that you cannot give that which you do not possess lazy men there was usually a fuel itself it works you can also get people but I think the all works you'll come and experience Oregon is a forgiveness I will do you cannot do anything then and the new covenant wants to write his law of love upon your heart and he would gain you are forgiven the noise is not intellectual in the fennel gone before give me all please forgive me and ignore nothing on but I need to forget people but it's not happening I talk to so many people I know it's not happening out there people and not being able to fake it why because they have not experienced the forgiveness from God that we all need the experience I want to wonder how much a man going to be real I wanted to be intellectual knowledge I want to be experiencing a high president said in his starts and solidity hand on again the event quotation again politicized year and I found this on is pretty clear it says we are not forgiven because we forget but as we forgive then it says the ground of all yes baseball and any unmarried and what love of God 's love forgiveness and mobile connected my nuzzled his neck statement says here but by our attitude toward others we should all read that we had made that love how always the men that went if you didn't forget you know that review was that reveals that you have experience God 's love and forgiveness within your life firstly Stephen and you can up again unless you experience that forgiveness from God Christ will get a hog inside a hundred times you regal 's tax in the Bible is unique up again it doesn't not a hall stronger willpower is unless you have an experience of forgiveness from God UN never forget and I see that happen over and over and over again and people get discouraged and disheartened homes make up marriages fail parents and children don't talk to one another brothers and sisters England one another why because they are not experience on David had ninety C that she would biblical motto what to put in is all about and I want to see that in our homes because it holds the right is better than about last night the churches would be right what if a man listening to a story and meets you in Matthew chapter eighteen in your Bibles Matthew Chapter eighteen verse twenty three Matthew chapter eighteen verse twenty three pederasty is about forgiveness and then when you're asking about forgiveness what have all the Jews venture Matthew Chapter eighteen verse twenty three what about that either then therefore the kingdom of heaven likened unto a certain keen which way take a common disturbance and we had begun to reckon one of the bond to him was over him ten dollars in housing so here's a king and he had his service with the inspiration of his officers became a music you like a failure calls it on his his work as long as officer and as he was setting a Collins is one person they came forward his officer any old ten thousand comments no one comment was based upon weight with seventy five pounds and accrediting gold or silver but unless you need on it believe it was goal because a lot more and it was gone it came out to nineteen billion dollars not a lot of money I know you're cannot seek payback of debt of nineteen billion dollars ACN is I I cannot night I guess a lot of money and silicate decennial is less money and he old more than his life I morning on a poster and a whole lifetime of the diverse twenty five what happened the Bible says was much and he had not to pay his lord commanded him to be sold and his wife and children and all that he had an payment to be made now the law required that he couldn't then you have to sell your family your wife and children yourself at the pudendal knuckling his servant pay according to the Bible could pay you cannot pay right of the balances so he could not pay another was also what this was his officer on the heating of the think he was guilty if the antenna actually misplaced nineteen billion dollars evening the only right he was guilty and then I'm gone nineteen hundred dollars in the federal government and North Dakota downright when a hot and he was guilty of all he did another to happen next but a birth twenty six with an office of that the servant therefore fell down and worshiped him saying nor had pictures of me and I would pay you off so what was the last before he was asking for his failure to apprehend them communicating to watch have mercy upon the right patient upon me what do Mrs. forgive me for the night please forgive me but what do you say you said that at patient in the end and what I want pretty Curtis Sandoval says that before he could not paid off but then he believing a bit off the baby to bed off yesterday and it was truly say that he was self DC present at it he believed that he could pay less than half the effort you believe religion is fine in the same way do you think it's possible that we could be self deceived into thinking that we're a pretty good moral people and thus we are able to pay back our early days it applies in all foundations of what we do can that be possible using the same way all of that sin and when Deputy King of Kings Boston only not be brought to the changes that are constantly hinting at Boston and beyond deserved to die but some of us think that we can ask for forgiveness of the same time we can work on at least part of our debt and recognition that I done something to earn my salvation that was you want to take glory away from Alanna blonde woman across the soccer I wanted to thank Lori Barthel and balls and what we done enough we need to both in the language used by twenty female another oneself can do but when I got is with the migrated fate anonymous cells is the gift of God not aware that any amounts of both and some of the postings sometimes about you how high our standards are some of our boasting about how the intellectual knowledge we know a lot about to the top property is both about all the things that we do the Hubble gone in his work but below there is only one thing we need to both indicted across the county what is even without the power of the gospel in my life in your life that is not taking never do chat across the Calvary we think that you need to add or take some point in earning his salvation and I'm not appreciating the goodness of the cross and moments at the two reservoirs that is the goodness of God that needs you to what without the goodness of God 's love you never to leave we need us to repentance oh I see his good is this my way ZDNet so did you have another somewhere to notice it says when you have received the forgiveness of God in your life guess what we are able to forget wasting that but the opposite is also to rehab when we have not received a Guinness we are not able to forget it doesn't matter how much times you give her the truth is about how much you believe this chooses to be true it doesn't matter how we find here in the sermon of reading a Bible if you have not experienced forgiveness to explore and not interesting though and I need to forgive and doctor gives me we have not experienced forgiveness that is the reason why you cannot forget any of you tried off I could you can then off again and have never spins begin enough enemies they many men arrested again because I know I become explained to people one-on-one it takes a while to get all the old way of thinking that if I need to do something and he got the Gizzi because I forget you can never forgive someone truly unless you experience the forgiveness of Johnny Hart what is the matter what happened I want to continue on in our study verse twenty seven was about this then the Lord will happen next the kingdom the lord of that servant was moved with compassion and it was him and forgave him the way he forgave himself okay now here's the survey he asked the king look Jimmy time and not even earn my way and I'm running game is forgiveness by my work grandmother paid all that was in spite of the service saying to is King saying I'm literary this way on the record run away like a king soliciting what he said to him I can give you all the wiki Canada earn your nineteen billion dollars you could never pay back the debt is impossible possible for you to earn anything is a free gift for me and he said that therefore I want to experience that the whole Daedalus conference the holding mounted on answers questions do you think not discerning it easier to worth your forgiving free vehicles worth being aware that you forgiven a hundred percent what do you think a thirty CNN messages in a sermon than a bona fides about being forgiven on effective year but when he went off any really believe it good morning Helene who can do something right now in the leaf affected his actions in the most happened next in the story but about seven verse twenty eight about this but the things have been went home and found one of his fellow services from officers with all him a hundred pants nine hundred and one Panthers one days weight I take out a United States of America the average person earns a hundred and fifty five dollars a day so I can become up to fifteen thousand five hundred dollars with a fifteen thousand dollars this is filled with some a minor is enough so I need fifty thousand dollars in our love to have fifteen thousand dogs follow my lap to think of other things I could do it as long as the money but is it compared to nineteen billion dollars I look at this repository page in your handout in your handout your notice that inspirations says ten thousand comments to one hundred and as you said is nearly a ratio of one million to one such other figure out how to be born I felt nineteen billion to fifteen thousand is very close to one million to one ratio so now the opposite by the nut officer and he goes on in a text and it says here healing hands him took him by the role saying pay me that you all see graphic ivory thrill if they continue with your me personally nicer than his fellow servant fell down at his feet and besought him saying high patients than me and I will pay the one that South America on a path out of all the right lady in the and he went away anything that I believe in your forgiveness to intellect to understand fully for dinner then I heard you say King that I have given all and yet the test is coming to reveal attempted to reveal whether you have actually received up but it is not an bar unit we do ask and it will reveal whether it's icy to Michelle whether you are retained at the Guinness all you have to reveal that you never had all along I seem to give us a bit anyway this one verse thirty the biosensor and he would not when the captain into prison that he should pay the debt he took the service them into prison the paid off with a happening thirty one to thirty five the battle says so in his fellow servants saw what was done they were very sorry and came and told unto their lord all that was done then is Lloyd after that he had called instead of to him or thou wicked servant I forgive you on that all that debt because you design should do not also have had compassion on your fellow servant what eBay live and I had what appeared on the dirt is again right that was what the king was saying to us that it was the only consented not because I'm asking you to do something that is right now he said but it is what you get seven because I had given you a note I'm only asking it to what I have already given to you there was unabashedly impossible I'm only asking each other give that which you do not have an ID me I gave you the forgiveness you had the forgiveness but you experience it I did have an experience in your hi busy being revealed right now what you doing to follow servant but I do see that what we have expressed a lot of stress is affecting how we relate one to another other was our relationship to God is not just based upon also give me every day but that's a dog to realize how much God is given at the knowledge that a right is my faith will affect all appreciation appreciation Bahamas we love God and we think the God of allotment we do a little way but I think that AI works on part of far nothing really appreciate that again is because I did something for if I get something for that forgiveness than hay the next personnel as we could be thousand dollars she needs to do something to fourth knowledge appease me awesome was on in the story are thirty four was angry box and deliver him to reply mentors that he should pay all that was doing to him so likewise shall my heavenly father do also unto you if you come your hearts forgive not every one his brother there trespasses you know Bob once they experience forgiveness journey to first on four verse twenty bye was first onto the floor if I was first twenty first John chapter four verse twenty what are we we say we love God but we hate our brothers and sisters of the bouncers here the Bible says if a man say I love God and hates his brother he is a lot liar but he loves not his brother whom he has seen how can he love God whom he has not seeing as we say we love God but we hate others we are liars and even worse than that not nobody really not offended that reality reveals that we really don't love God and we can fail we walked on I love you reducing we loved on all you want but if by our actions when not to give me learned a lot in my own relationship with God and also my walk with God but it was much easier to change my diet then is to forgive someone that is hurt me it's much easier to change the way I dress minutes of forgets on me hates to me that the two cats enough but that's annoyed with members like to visitation that's unable to Arnie I reckon I'd like to hear the good things of how God changed the outside I praise God for that but I like to go to the high issues I want to otherwise see where you really policymakers in Israel you can fake it on the outside if you look good but I wanted on the inside only what's in your mind no I'm not really going on your heart will I see what's going on I get me to express a given community giving up the Guinness vice president really hard change while it is going to emotions than one pretend that room with spiritual we doing good for sharing your story of forgiveness for my dad before was converted I think about anyone else but myself and Peabody like me too bad I felt that I thought of a thought of this to include even care enough by fifty of this crazy assuming that any Kerry knows Madonna and I would go Paul know my dad was an alcoholic and we raised Christian and my daddies come home and on Jacob a very abusive emotionally mentally physically abusive but especially from older brothers sisters we do have a so bad and the guy was already changing when you are younger mommy got the culture Savant is look at his heart but I comes a point in adding all is good against my dad I hated my dad and was given here that are hurt also because of how your parents for you not your parents he is an effective literacy recently i.e. the old man came up to me I be appealing for heating the old genial man walked down the aisle and I pray with him after innocent Jimmy is said my dad divorced me when I was seven years King Arthur summoned eighty years old walking around it seen that wounding is hard for seventy three years the maximum going to church extremely active and yet unknown outside looking very good immune fighting the pain holding that bitterness unhurt for seventy three years of unforgiveness can you imagine Buffalo reporting my heart I saw that he knows her any house angry my dad I understand forgiveness then my blogging at work my found a martini to miracles but in my dad still usable the parties and drinking massively about cars and the unbelievable and I protected him the way he joined my brother sports car and he came with the Ariane one and driving home and he got into a car accident and is the most serious one if you want a car came under the car the car rocked him on the telephone pole in the blessed thing is that it happened when it's on at the hospital if any got them out and it wasn't on the unit I visited once in the emergency room am unlocking down he was upside down because it lost almost data get the blood and oxygen to his brains and windows in my brain cells and at that point he said is a God knows those moments agog in my life to you equate everything drinking smoking and I worked a miracle in his life he changed up baptizing on the senior high school I was good with the Mac as a working being a one hundred eighteen is seeing either the different lifestyle in an agency my dad got changed and still bitter by the time I left home eighteen when we do college and I fill cuddle and have my phone find nonacademic thinking so went away and then I would live my life for a few years they did my own thing and I got very worldly and then I have a life transforming experience and I change my heart regard to the high thoughts of the work in the human eye when Vaclav needed onto a mission ship economy to which we my college not come to pass that ministry is not the passive ministry I I felt on In re and experience of forgiveness and I wanted to express my heart and I want to experience that I want to share that my dad I know that I needed to come home in the miracle is that I came back I got higher than the same I then done apparently brings the medical CNN passing in my dad thought I went home and my home is on the case but if he was always not again have homes like that online and on the union of the need to go to sleep or whatever you had a food digestion whatever it is a failure if you design and after why not to turn off the TV if of the about PCF and within a few fossae to work and isolate at first it was you know something I noticed that when you're so used to watching TV and movies you don't have to see relationships you realize that you hold I realize I came home I had nothing coming my family I'm not the comment by the sisters and the thing calming my parents I thought I knew then we knew each other we want to make basketball whatever but I was very superefficient shop to sit down and talk in Hawaii car talk story this is only talking get to know each other we didn't know each other so I'm really deep heart issues so that he have to talk to my dad in a half the wine turned to the five minutes since you have to not vegan all were intended to ours my dad and I would also like to me for always statement is talking under this beautiful God is working in our relationship to God is teaching me about the beauty of reconciliation and one of these might not my data loss as they always say your say to me what does it profit a man if he gain the whole world but even visible data has been a minute is very much the education anyway posted another minister in the world generally look as ministers of the great big BRI but am I dousing to manually think to me that note as the minister was a prophet he gain the whole world would audit the season degrees popularity you have Christ's when dad and I reconcile and I taught me my data via reconciliation and to understand so glad I bought reconciled us as my dad rest in peace waiting but I'd shall be dissolved I look far to being reunited him to be with Jesus forever what if a man God can work miracles in our lives of reconciliation forgiveness and Richard in the standard two way and expressed in the hearts semiconductor chocolate twenty five you Bibles Matthew chapter twenty five verse forty five Matthew twenty five euros forty five when he treated others wrong for the reality of retreating not the top twenty five is forty five notices necessary financing various sent to you inasmuch as you did not do one of the least of these you didn't not suitable the words holly cheat on his reviews hotly to graze and otherwise rather relocate others read BLS meadow belong like a ball through when I first began testing thirteen years ago I guess all of fire and I my method back in with more fire and brimstone not what God 's love is really not much into it and am I wish it is afternoon when my testimony one of the churches of that about church ideas I had to screech a hard and they now hitting me irritatingly begot and but I felt justified because I was right in the Bible 's verbosity site could give it to them right Mimi when I got a chance to lead upstart also excited sign-up at your begin often is the most valid opinion the law and that Doctor you have into your Google twenty back in a feature in the amount that you let a dog you know that now Buddhism because of the economy is a rare on-screen and ISI wants her to need to watch at the way up to judges that want to do a Balkan erotic gaming I think you back again .com you could get an assumption of this afternoon but the constant false they did not like what I was doing were doing a lot of things church is not a work we did ten meetings where it is freaking body done this in we want by workers and God the church arrived in a set on a church to come is president to shut it down God we find that church what would doing in spite of what I knew back to him God is merciful what is a man and he will work he and I worked miracles and then I had experiences in the comments present diversify the ministries are very supportive what I was doing back then and then the change came there was one incident which first one member she claimed that she was a prophetess of God Associates claim that she is writing these spiritual themes and memory started to believe I fall over this is an all-time member that was Debbie fighting Doctor and so were unable to write this is coming this needs to be we discern in the company to deal with this situation I need to stop the runaway soul I doubt this person and his people as a net issue on Audubon experiences and just supernatural voices come out of my would be missed and I know what that would not have voice so I'm viewing the situation so a weeklong meetings we had your different than any ricotta business just meeting them in a car to have a when you hit the longest of any more I is the possible discipline and then when you want to have the business meeting at I got a call from the conference president and he told me that I'm not that is as we call it a pass what will the reason that you want to construct is not what you want to stop me he would not give me reason to get me to stop it and not do it all is that what I have on the evidence in about OSI have the evidence I have a lot of paper the homeowner document I have voice mail messages recorded what he said I still have today Siddhartha Caddell on care not to have a business meeting I guess in my young fiery speech I said answer the habit of meeting Mister Landon comment on stop you proceed to me as fantasies we hung up yesterday Richard is for the comp is present administration did not like me at all vacating the Italian admitted me to try to move me is not a deciding who needs another church member one time when the commas where they came to church for a meeting in this season is out he sent me a time that will move past the gallon will him alternately and the originality for my chart but I know a lot of people in the whole island because of one reason that I bought a few of them on the other churches came out to venture the whole church is full and there are sign-up in defending and uptime actio is working to integrate me and had a scooter on working together and he always feel also say that every time you seem like Israel to close down gone with the miracle got even bigger a you are not even smaller he got even bigger and on what miracles Bassanio was then he is on exhibit in the end and was speaking foreign and bottom of the map one funny thing okay you all win Catholic yarmulkes they are the only luck to you and its ear not sure it's not like the miracle after miracle of America not the method outside his weight individuality nation doing auditing and winning is even policy they didn't want me to be looking naughty niche is a big thing to process the Saucier on site justify the most mistreated and I was hurt on spinner I was angry Omaha that felt the church was treating me as I found out on the want to do with the embodiment this is how they're cheating in anger resentment began to build up within me and I was then that the church that's without also to my relationships as it always does not work miracles he began to move one administrative way it ought to be a and then a new president came he saw those mistreated out of phone seven five seven alike opposite second committee that a person is actively saw that was being done was wrong he went to the new predators and twelve what had happened within a few months along the path elimination of writing five musical praise God announcing gone working miracles then fiery daughter moved everyone away except for one person and this person administrator was time the worst administrator had never experienced divorce I felt between the cop is present I never got Islam's hadith unable to work and to the boss that you like and you go to work it is he's always trends in his or her not about time experience on ice agronomy see I went to sleep a Sakura and the pieces of follow innocent thing about the last days we weeping and gnashing of teeth but my experience was so intensive that time that it is going on it here's one addition of finding God what a miracle it is administrative this is what happened he did not leave I pray daily but not assembly that is my point in my flesh I thought I need to be contending document content and when I got contentment I began to work is on our nation finds examination a conn S R before his committee use their an appendectomy by removing the needy not the communion committee meeting he followed me outside anything OSM sorry and I realized that I misjudge your concerns another big enough our relationship God is working reconciliation of those five years ago and our relationship began to grow all and to control integral and then three years ago he came to be that the unit feel and they were talking about these little trees and was a breadfruit tree in Hawaii very popular but very hard to find into the North Sea it had to be from baby shoots and samples one of the notice stream he said shall identify no retreat alibi for I said I thought he was joking us okay sure yet today think I got a call from the nursery if that they had it would achieve for me waiting for me and I realize that to a little before that time I had put a nonrefundable retreat from year-to-year than a fun economy when it was I think okay with a communist said you know how assisted the forty dollars within monitoring cell five hundred if there is sure before nothing on since I see fit are you sure it's against your exhibit to the last one in three acts on the women administrators say goodbye for me to fill the candidate from outside of Conemaugh anything up I have thought about your guilt economics by itself I went ahead and bought it I'm leaving of the money to the cop 's presidency meeting gaming the check also exciting then a week later he called economy is on my worst enemy because I think llama I want to comment when attempting to eat not a cop is optimism that I can always design a meeting next week Lisa fly over to the next exit is to dissolve my hiding and he has attended meeting in Hilo hit the junta I know it's a little too long to all a lot of his way to come to my property and dependency behind it be nice anytime on again the past and administrator can't be halted like the audit meeting faith comes in the house that the document if you wanted to do it and I not make a father and a white method up at the Fuji 's right of a lot of work select one of the duplicate what I get a shovel and I shopped for the whole ground please click everything in government is all I have to do is they symbolically put it in founded together I got the above of a non- make him work they came in I'm lucky enough of the fascinating changes in gene anything in genes work together we dug a hole three feet from the raw compost doted on and we put panic together I think anyone who is in Hawaii in a Hawaii words have meaning and order means an Hawaiian and was not as it looming scroll is admitted to be the symbol of both offense files working with forgiveness and high for the business I have .org amount I like my life of him and God continues to work miracles in my life and God is good enough I want to teach me this lesson the politic to give and heal relationships this is less than the godly teasing you over and over and over again only to get a handle to have regular and holding the strip opposite and designed a just page five oh five raise the final five this person says photo spear be manifest on our brother and declare what is on spirit to our dog with the men and one Spirit we had torn off one of the sister that review was one of a spirit that we have Taliban nut words if we pay all barbarous as does the love and that reveals that we take off and we can put it all we want we can look on the part only want certainly want you can read a Bible all you want when you had the spirit of anger resentment and bitterness addicted mother and sister and your own spa in your own home you own mother your father yawned widely hard and if you have any resentment assigning treatment angers within that means that you are angry and bitter and hateful and God wants to take them and I'll honestly heated and others through religion below what is the I want to heal you but yet the realize their need on Jesus Christ it doesn't matter how much we put that love God another matter how much this article presents you another matter how much we understand the doctrines of prophecy live up to the high standards if you do not have that not one not a gain God 's have not experienced to religion you a lot and I want to connect this weekend focusing on the family I came to the conclusion my ministry that the family the root cause of the problems in the church as a child in the tapping on around it if I found this right the church is interview right everything stands back in the whole but even a whole depends upon you this morning and on your ability to forgive the ability to release the bitterness and anger that her becoming fully be possible the pain of the father was never there for you the wounds of the mother was criticize you that is true religion we hear from those what is a myth to be healing to all of our disobedience how much does he desire in you with me for per a father you want this love of Jesus in the heart we don't just want to mere intellectual assent the one next to experience for the pray that whatever he sure this whole weekend the words were grip heart and only have a full surrender and experience with you and Lauren Mimi experience of forgiveness that we may give this forgiveness to others nor change on views on forgiveness and the more helpless experiences forgiveness maybe take away the bitterness the unforgiveness the anger and resentment the remaining view the love of God who loves us and that the character Christ may be perfectly reproduced within us but this is not praying Jesus name amen


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