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Dating That Works

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries




  • September 2, 2012
    3:00 PM
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for these in many people in a nutrition is disappointed in how the mapping relationships of turning out the song engineer that people just want something better whether at a loss of how to get it but there is something that is not something that is on and on manual polygons were waiting in a trailer you he knows what makes you happy when you very happy in the way to be happy in relationship is followed by the way I wish I knew what I know now and any film with the state and nominate you have made many mistakes it hurts itself you're been given to a lot of broken heart wounded souls even her by many people the head by one of the sisters even hurt by the children hurt by his friends even hurting relationships even hurt by your boyfriend you have a girlfriend I hear that you are a goal that many people who are hurting out there and a bodily one thing before you continue with this and this is a thought and angst is aligning easy enough I did last night because the abuse always becomes the abuser is genetic in those of interviews by CNN always become abuses of centaurs on annually break that cycle need to be healed the flat heating service that you can have good relationships unless even healed of your past to give expensive it is cannot we can expand expect to have a healthy marriage on healthy relationship and what can go through relationship unless you heal from the past I thought what you need to experience healing and then and you notice that when you become the views if you don't feel like that even become you doing the same thing MA and Avenue not exactly that even abuse but you thought of using other people and hurting them also and we need to experience making of God 's word what is a man and God love love is only power that can execute by his wounds across the love you boys in that second Genesis chapter six verse two and still that gone in on the lives and going to the fine lot of arts have always been looking for ministry father Lorne in his last relationship class where thinking me make it clear that the questions are in the minds may be answered Lord help me that hoping to make it simple and that you love me flow is Jesus me being cute and look at relationships I know after Lawler just a little bit as I reemphasize it in him focus on this one point Genesis chapter success to amino acid it wasn't even the law social of the winter Son of Man cometh right so we together a parallel between what happened is annoying also today but Genesis expressed through before we destroy the first time will people doing on the Bible says the status of the God saw that all the men that they were there and it took them wives of all with a life chosen with the cholo they made one decision is not going to guide its use the soulmate they thought that was definitely and as a result using the own thing was that happens the result of bad relationship choices back in and even the law what happen in it is a beautiful patient is that you can handle so now I think your pastors the following previous presentations this is a and is busily engaged in influencing goals for wholly unsuited to each other to unite their interests his awesomeness were full by yet another worth people get into bad relationships finally he can produce more misery and whole wall of the human family member exercising his skill in any other direction so I taken all enables along with Genesis office if you think you know this the saga my question upholds under a few compliments of homes that even hurt by your poems and use even gotten involved in my thinking older than he's been in the greatest matchmaker of all-time and he goes on each rising your relationship doesn't make your life miserable if you want to do he doesn't want to be happy the believer Lyle choosing your spouse what you want in your reason for my own feelings that make you happy and also happens next in breast like the seven as a direct result of young people choosing their own main form they wanted to choose the father says directly after that about them and God saw that the wickedness of man was great in your and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually that was the reason why man Berkeley evil continually was because the young people making bad decisions and the people whom the entity and then he goes on to say and it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth any reason that is hot what is the Beta wantonness of any God who even heard that he actually had made man in his new one thing that happens is nasty because they had chosen a spot in the nose of the homes that hurt so many people in so many other children in her analysis impressive in her life and I will destroy man whom I created a severe old man and beast of the creeping things in a positive year of epiphany that I have a down so the Bible says that God destroyed here the first time noticed how those who between the second coming of Christ on earth was destroyed again was all become the bad relationships of you is that you want to be in a bad relationship with CNN I even got pretty been in a bad relationship I thought that was not aggressive enough with him and you know all of this and just because people were making validating their decision and this is why seriously study the subject of dating are starting before beginning the handle here I was into liquid assistance from policy that this is also contemplating marriage would not have miserable unhappy reflection that there is the must make into something serious earnest reflection when now appraised value if you want to know about how to be the correct way and expect to see a map just people here and you heard awfully relaxed sessions that there were people who had been married right and it got ended wars and therefore anywhere is that they are she had learned things that are living today and says that he said he does not think about this in common yet all of these classes on how to have Internet about his bidding on a class is a philosophy that you apply never ever using a life using on his classes in college and the one thing that is real that's if you look you like everything hey when you get married and got me on dating and does not last when I was in a class in the common scrutinizing dating one oh one have you I have about twenty one if not one of the CNET and it is funny to me that this is the one area they ultimately may be said that an idea yet meaning of the wanted class and taught in college this is from a biblical perspective right now worldly perspective another thing here goes on and says no one can slowly exiting a woman's happiness and usefulness and the life of heart sickening burden as non- using and she can marry whoever you want and you'd be the most happiest person in the world no matter who that person is in a DVD connection I seemed if you seen what I've seen if you're missing this Elizabeth at the anguish and the pain and suffering of marriages that I've seen gone bad and the heart wrenching cry from the heart crying out to God because they did such pain if you could only see a little bit of it you'd be giving chase away from active choosing who you want your following thoughtfully and alone has been I know one can do one hundred clock was created by my students showed a whole and aspirations of a man to paralyze his energies and growing influence and prospects as his own way make your decision go by emotions and feelings about a following with regard I want to father wanted on how much you are him and for the set that principle and is going to Genesis chapter two verse Genesis chapter two verse seventy minus get a feel the confusion of love and while we first stopped and started to resonate a look at boss for purposes in regards to relationships so Genesis chapter two seven who did not think that the Bible says the Lord God by man of the dust of the ground and breathing into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul we got free for it we got in the first five pages who Adam Bernstein so it was just as not having even on with beside Commonwealth of their God thought I was a out alone and who God that was the first he was the first one created that means that add-on must have spent time in molding on that day in a close relationship with him before he was even given you sold me to so I was little with number three how close was on Adam 's relationship Genesis two verse nineteen the Savior and on the ground the Lord God planted a beef of the field and every year and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them and whatsoever Adam called every living creature that was the name there he met me I'm right and sometimes on the animals the soldier looked I met with Donna NASA to name the animals so they must and then he created Eve after zone Pentagon on Minneapolis last time to name the animals and then he created down the road right so that will appear where you can you name the animals on the animals is out there and just five minutes right now the process of the time that happened so bond has separated the his only been coming to him because you want to spend time alone without assuming I want to spend time with you alone before he brings to use only anything that roughly one notices to rest like the Holocaust and the relationship now I said that I hung out and will and you know reread it we nominated his wife we reason that without a call every living creature in the name of it meaning that if he is often called the giraffe giraffe then not a coelacanth in the seed conjure up the kids and your well certain a different perspective legally whenever I have called any living creature that was the name of it going on in the name of it that were gone had traded on his evenings and I went that was so close assault type was watching out amazing name giraffe gondola was in any news out of an analyst giraffe goggles astray he's thinking just like me then counsel intimate in the relationship that began to think an ideal couple now I begin to think I like you finish the sentence of the people I got a vintage of each other sentences that someone like me think alike about how I begin to even look alike right I thought Adam was thought like they were thinking like they had a thought to Guatemala I thought thinking that God by his ones character behind the thoughts of God and every sinner so the first purpose of God in creating out of invoice relationship was for Adam to develop a relationship with God through our suggested anything a man okay secondly the Netherlands but visible so the second thing is this doing on thank you enough in his hubris fifteen after creating out of what the bobbing have you not allow as well it is last session for the Bible says that the Lord God took the man clearly that God is not eating to dress in and to what he sold to garden due to work the gardening and to note of the garden and maintain regarding now you can run doing all the things the one God doing rather than just creating outgoing and have any money animals and now he wants to have given a sign of his job assignment what are you doing naughty things the floor believing in the law she got the purpose in creating out there was a purpose in everything that you get from the same way that God wanted to give Adam a occupation a life calling a life work so the second thing is actually Tina is that I wanted to give discover one's life where necessary God wants you after you develop your relationship to God the second thing the guy wants you to develop is not seek to discover your life work what is your occupation and to be in it only makes sense because it honor will anybody and I need to have a life calling a life work it is a particular the God-given Genesis two fifteen a life client versus the second step in the same way we need to provide fourth-round before we get married not want to notice the difference just because you have a degree that doesn't mean that you can put likely that this person is a copy to you that the percentages in eighty percent of parents believe that you need degrees in having served from two thousand even early on but not since two thousand eight on the use of statistics fifty three percent of eighteen to twenty four -year-olds on the all we know the interviewing seniors in college eighty five eighty five adenosine is interview after they graduate they can be moving back home eighty five percent unique user account the cost it is the other thing that's causing his two hundred thousand dollars right and I know how close than on mine too if I was not alone and she can't even use that degree you can be sure that you are going to that the grievance and a producing income right and on top of that school to college does not really looking so much of the cause of the cause of much more inexpensive by a effectively talked about the divine blueprint to produce a blueprint where have you gone off of that where the original pioneers believe that he working fully to your tuition he worked to be twitching you can't get me I'm not as God divine blueprint for education and regret having gotten started to education school like Lisa and I now get in the handout here is his year while at school by the way you the reason you go to school on not talking about college money for training schools when his skills on whatever occupation you may be going to while at school need to focus upon the Shiite education for forty three hundred and because what happens and sometimes it again Bonnie relationships somebody drop out of the training and trade school whatever it may be appalling and then delete not be would to provide for the learner lived about the last time the Muslims versus safety says while at school tuition not allow their minds to become confused by thoughts of courtship funny how to promote meeting in reverse weekends and on other programs I is you are not alone in life become confused I thought the question there I think they are thinking business to work for God and this thought is ever to be uppermost with the iMac the north wing is meaningful and has known to have a good reason behind finishes the first comparison before you get involved in a serious relationship now it's illegal and what this was to be trained to work for God not to be I know some people will only want to get an online MRF history I doubt is a very expensive way to get there you and I got going Sony but another kind of negative analysis here there is also something if your school and your oldest student note is visible change with the situations in this verse is as an all-out meaning to the students this is the paragraph right out of the one I went to Asian character must be taken into account we cannot think beyond any old just like there are seven thousand with management of solid experience in good standing may be granted some privileges not given to younger students they aim the condition in a turn of them I must be taken into consideration his name had been annoyed that young children on the number people needed to young and maybe you need to order a acting immature in a symbolic consul before you jump into any relationship wait for the right time involving the right person and an even hard for me to hear that about him if you really want to be happy we must follow largely wasted I met now I went to school I take it without supporting background so it is good to have it dating policy and college that you shouldn't be dating when you're in college at all some of the school and I think your recent golf and have friendship I call on each other the fashion and ask my boyfriend and girlfriend will not be officially committed to there's enough people his mother felt along right but I cannot follow the choose billable interaction employer on the one that followed the letter of the law and liking it I want to live a little being on the outside so I did I did I miss college degrees and magically my and I did and I did indeed when you get the thing that very day of graduation went off and I got together with someone usually when you find the beloved Barbie needs a change of heart and your families behind so the second purpose for our flight was to receive his life work from docile number one assassination the God limits you discover one's life work right it's about to discover and the third thing is to Genesis chapter two verse twenty one Genesis chapter two verse twenty one of the bottle says about that and the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slapped a good one it is written the mess inside job and admit with a logon or think of a man made he a woman so I thought it was like what he did then have a his soul mate you see I was naming the animals he was naming he was seen attending the animals miss the lion mid-July Mister monkey Mrs. monkey is going to the name he reminded every single animal had a solving sentence up where I was lonely you want to have someone to share in then we can want me to share his thoughts and feelings with the Dalai Lama if only to come he was created amount in other words he was made just for right now in relationships because the thing about relationships and obviously get out and he was the only one man for man when he came in but she was the only one win but you are the only woman for enough I think your goal wasn't that all who is out of line he wouldn't you find out a claim is that one of our Savior Genesis chapter two verse twenty two who on who cofounded without anybody find out I think the word of God what happened on the line who thought what he do that net worth Donna the wine has been applying use only what is a man in the fire he knows what this picture you know the ones that come and meet your needs he's not the one that came forth from Alamo making the game clock around the middle rest of my people and I was rated her sleep on his own self was made by a bus in the main difference being the person who is made exactly for you and he's ripping into you and you have to depend upon God that he could bring that right soulmate TUV believe that happy the public in an now we see that nothing is seen as a means to realize that he needs to be content being single for before thought of being Sony say when you need to learn to be content with being single and a lot of work I was starting and I got I got married thirty four right and so here I am already I started my relation of God I had my life work for four years at least four years at the house ready for him in the octagon I'm ready I did like it wanted to a cable or something you have twenty and so we went and got been angry only one year enabling the person I think that's wanting to ultimately bring and then I went to years in Boston and be my soulmate let's internationally this argument that's delivering my soulmate in the form here and got still did not bring my soulmate also illustrated than by thinking we need to be content many firms and then when you contact Denis Beeson remained in an abusive sci-fi sexy as hell can't give all is in your hands you will renew filming nothing annoys event insurance now he met with evangelistic meeting the realtors that was to come as president to shut down so you defendant 's meetings Peter graders running a school without charts about time these this came up I always I came on we more working together that we more heartening connection in Denver China revises certain that I set it down and got invited to God worked miracles about people in and on two people were baptized with the DECtalk comedian from mom and event with RC is my wife she's when I got inhibiting I got Tyson and I really realized it was built in the initial attraction all was only after that I noticed early on the yearly I ran under the oppressive amount of interest on all centimeters and millimeters or twenty nine Madonna bringing your soulmate whatever was he doing anything to offer the common honor things right any not easy not by he can do it so I think any child on churches in Southern California I never found anyone out you see anyone anytime you need to do a miracle right he continues filming in you being right all things possible to those who believe God can achieve that we do not believe so the second thing was that the thing here is that this missive to handle the score there to the nationally soon easy-going there is all that I need it but not matched in other words you can be made it was someone you cannot be matched this is why when worn the young woman married for a to make haste slowly in the choice of a companion son is a way we have to make sure that we're not estimated with someone that were actually matched with that person now is look at the fourteen genesis of the fortresslike autonomy got married was not unexpected for them about their anatomy new 's wife in the thirteen C casino find soulmate right before the laughing event on an animal he was life and she conceived and barricaded that I bought been a man of Alonso everlasting God 's purpose in relationships that have what you have children right to be fruitful multiply the last purpose to you in regards to relationships now what is happening today the machine was happening life 's children not what is gone for a purpose for you and he bought two relationships no one will you do that you make your turn it upside down and nothing about this it makes sense because reading is a relationship to God 's will happen you to hear gods voice to unify no one thought might work for you right and it never relations you also will be able to discover your voice and discern what is assuming that God with us only God has for you and also unit with the support through your life where you sold me right in a sense it wasn't my daughter and it also before you have shown is that you have envisioned seeking raise godly children is also good that you are happily calling from God right so that you can actually support the child and your family is also good that you haven't gone on me that you can actually maze of Gonzales and men it only makes sense as found on Genesis and he was taken into future and outside source I went to visit young people and Hesiod and having sex and I just checked and the right to have children to having children out there without getting married right so that having these children and after having babies and baby daddies I have a minute please would together have a sanctuary together and are not happy because the kids are going crazy and screaming and in all and when chaotic and visiting England were already together have children together let's get one manner so now because everything children and wanted me the family and the skin Mary so now not trying to have children out of wedlock and nineteen the method that you screaming but now they married to a person on the home to Sony below and not a leg is even worse is Kinski Mitterrand her first anyway another morning of radii and a horrid things because they don't allow that person into becoming a more miserable and unhappy in the life and because they had children and other running on trading and that all my life you know they are found a person had been doing on loving the unhappy with not a realize what a minute I just drowning out what to do now I don't have to get it what job to make money so not upon the you know of any job any job as soon as possible so I can make money to support my friend is an unhappy with these children that they never plan to the two and then have this one evening a young guy who doesn't really want to be tied down because there's no funding was that when I go out and have some fun and unhappy and being together with the person who did it do not love and in the discover that better job with a cane the only reason if they had a job because this laid the running money to support the founded in one and now because the lives of social desktop because then has to run out of wedlock that such a young age because I have living with this person within married to whom they do not love and in Manhattan where it another job David Tony Hayden Abbas taken them this will minimize the full marathon that define a turn to God and anyone ever seen is ever happen and see which way the wonderful is not operated that way I mean think about it just common sense which waiting me say the winning a lot of the way home I can imagine this phonologically so they look at intensity twenty okay Genesis twenty nine visits at the twenty ninth of July Clark you know people talk about courtship and dating again if in Genesis chapter twenty nine through speaking Genesis at the twenty ninth eighteen twenty two twenty two about seven Jacob loved Rachel and Finn I would serve the seven years for Rachel your younger daughter saw who did Jake love and who was he going to serve leaving for Rachel right how many women what twenty and genocide seven years for the noted that no Rachel anything to him but a few days for the love you have to her and Jacobson Helena gimme my wife might be the popular than they go in on terror and with the purpose of the unintentional dating a courtship between being in question is the difference and what people do today is that the deal with the ASCII Veronica playing with different people and cause infection cannot hear what he says if anything it will show a preference for young ladies and cause infections in other words Masonic cause I expect you to know that is nominally from there you smile you they make you laugh they tried calling effective so that you actually end up liking so the Israelites you and it is an island on the way and forget all about the word that spoken in there that I knew they subtract and repeat the same words he bought another in the same attention so maybe Sarah when the night what can I prevent away the night Jennifer through the night by the rest on Friday night I falling it was unintentional meeting in other words not the purpose of dating is not involving half-life is not affiliated most will need that you feel you have the wrong dating was intense and being a client that you only focus on one person at a time and you don't like to determine a neglected to determine if this is the person on bonds call me tonight I'm not like that but you need to make a clear incentive present the purpose why we're going out because I want to see if you're the one that guy wants me to matter that is recessed in the beginning because otherwise it was Mister Osborne he likely to Alana Davis in a hurry like him he must love me off right and you and myself everything is she wants to marry but Johnny Yong and of the one hundred and want to have fun singles on into the night with someone else right and there is no understanding of what a commitment in the relationship and a lot of heartache and heartbreak right out there and maybe express doubts of the gone way up the attention immediately unifying on the question is this a person and God has called you to marry invested in history many men on top of this writing was having didn't even know you want commitment today people are not inclined to the blessing of growth in any longer in other words on a clinic that caught each other friend on his and my friend before what is my special friend I've even heard people say the legs were heard was his life this is my friend is friends with benefits that comment I will happily on the very people no one in the myth you want to have what I want to do it today is that you want any stream that have to not only want affect Windows hosting the past they want to have the most of the need fulfilled without being tied down not realizing that emotional hurt and pain are more likely to happen within the boundaries of commitment no baby according to the data can be dating Corey but you know like I fit in one of the questions and answers that I know people who say that authority right but they dated like the devil by the people who are theater dating but that's the dating of biblical principles principles the question so as I see it actions the findings from the internals of the partner 's insight is what you really do so intentionally behaving according to the language we use today but remember that the goal is to be off from the present the beginning what you want to do right whenever the breakup it definitely hurts and that's why you may think that you and I was looking for a partner life and nothing didn't work out and you and the bottom one thing what God is you may find out that my job was actually God 's plan for your life in a fire that I think God knows in a house dating this girl for three years and she cheated on in college right and with this one this one man and will make a friend and was serious enough sexually cheating and so it was so painful it wasn't as cheating also but with the line that came with it of the worst thing actually believing that you can understand my interview my pain I know no he's a miracle though the very thing that turned me to go to all the evil driving out good ways amen twenty years later I need this guide in person to build over twenty years if I get to meet them again yesterday for the first time in twenty years he came up to the rest of NYC yesterday his family and I talked to him him so I like talking forgiveness yesterday morning him to reveal the money if you need and ninety one issue selecting a message to him about something what happened he never talked about everything and instead electing in my ex-girlfriend and you and me within us about the greatest blessing never happened I know that the evil to happen about some is good often only be here today that it has been sent of God is so good and so when you think your heart is breaking you're hurting my eye I'm so glad and he married a girl my life would be like this mess I'm so glad that God gave me a second chance not regarding a second chance again at their jobs and a fourth term benefits and I made some mistakes in relationship and County voters are located in our series the I don't want to go to the pain and suffering that I can't save him I must see you present both of his intellect and knowledge I'm telling you from experience that these prism of this happening out in the world and even in a church it does not work and even being allowed you can follow a living is going on in the church a copy would be followed by the way you want to be happy by what is begun feeling good so when and if the UK no you don't understand what you know that he's taking this relationship of away because he has something better for you what is a man that you believe and trust in God he can do it that is voluntary you sink rate is six fourteen fifty minute deficit was fourteen last year the Reddy is on its general the Bible says being not unequally you'll together with unbelievers for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness what community has light with documenting what do not marry right someone who does not read up on the other hand only what it says the faith I have sacrificed tries and had been in consequence unmarried unconverted persons hundreds and early electricians but the placed first in heaven because they are married unconverted people who was sent earlier yesterday on converting even within the church right many people do not headed by married Levi has seen us come to as many my friends are married off the fate that the church in blending your currently with someone was not anything making you to bring it all break it off in the meeting beatings and it was not a Christian you need to break it off on thinking in a chain that person you need to break it off and when they went in teaching then get back together seeking by the Council but it is not right on doing have you seen any file around women is not hopefully committed to Christ then don't do it leaning been she had a boyfriend who was interested students and insight and send you forth to the Christian and the evidence cheating on her with another girl she whistled there is an integral agency said hi I'm never ever been again so whenever I get it right before Elizabeth it will want to put unblinded and funny she went to she joined the newspaper the college newspaper group that I should need a college newspaper and in the group of her and four other men and a working closely together on the college newspaper I was able to get on his college newspaper there's one guy they seem to always pick on her and her religion and all you submit final and mock Christianity as you said anything if they even tried to Wigginton northing guy was brilliant to witness to on this young man's meeting on the Christiana committee maintains such dishonor to respond to him about the why she's making fun of her mocking religion without the while just like to ask the instructor to does not thought of pursuing an accident while and she started liking it finds she decided to start dating this guy to find a way out without the glow is realize this is not to fall more in love with this man you know he's there was a mock Christianity I disregard what I want her start as mercenaries lost his raise a Christian someone buy wine and began to drop the standard what believes you never do I want I want to get the job assignments lower and lower and lower justifying the end that some think it is reached that a man when he's at I can change any he can become a Christian before the Sydney cat dating is not finally he dropped the standards jig on further leaving her in her physical boundaries and what you want to lower the Lord with your last justifying it within itself and us yes John one wishes Johnny home and it was this on the solvent is raining so hard and late at night and she is driving a car in his bundles is so strong of a wizard of the fastest speed that is you cannot see it was pitch black there is no moon is shining she actually couldn't see anymore since she is born to poor love on açai I thought the car turn the engine Nancy says this in a quarter stare out the windshield of the darkness and confusion I realized that I didn't know where I was over what was any longer I began to cry uncontrollably as I realized that I was an economy everything I never wanted to be the most devastating mean that dark scary moment with the fact that I show my dad am I want to love Jesus Christ I then night to never giggle down that the goal of disobedience I never spoke to dad again even in this is when they need to do we do see that while they doing compromising on breaking the heart of the one hello this is entirely fitting that game it was a mad dog why was he not only committed not to guess why is a man who asked he had looking not in there and I thought I will not talk many times but does speak in a relationship where you keep on going on your moment is obedient and hurting God when he laws anyone since they don't understand what your happiness he loves you letting me have a month or have you bothered because unless you are you completely satisfied with his monthly they don't want them involving all the wrong places do you have a son in a relationship with God and you can incessantly reengineer your soulmate I want another relationship how much and what I think that and he loves you the following will you will be happy and I want to be happy about that and upon you father thank you for learning freedom and a king 's word as he known there right in front of her think you are enhancing apparently listening to her as they are not in combination I'm using is to update if I can't have love through the preaching and teaching them than other listings in this generation for more information on our Macy's and the resources we provide please go to our website at www. not allowed to call not going that's www. Tylenol and their call not mine and


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