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Family Reunion

Andre Waller


Andre Waller
Co-Director, Tekoa Missions




  • September 3, 2012
    10:00 AM
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move to all who will merge the foremost in such a one who relates Geneva Nepal you offer him we have been disrespectful to altogether and we thank you for this time of rejuvenation for this time of healing for this time of the thankfulness a father I pray for the gift of your Holy Spirit which is the only effectual teacher of and I pray for this gift now and the name of Jesus amen a is will turn to this afternoon 's topic morning stopping all his family reunion let it rain family reunion let it ring you have your Bibles first Samuel chapter sixteen want to study this morning please play close attention first Samuel chapter sixteen beginning at verse number one notice year what the Bible says the Bible says no more said unto Samuel how long will thou mourn for Saul seeing I have rejected him from raining over Israel feels fine the horn with only and go I will soon need to assess the Bethlehem mines why have provided me a what only one president was in providing results again so will from items of looking God has of God told Samuel Samuel I want to the goal to Jessica 's house I want you to pick the key and select thinking that I already chosen and make sure you go with a horn that will only put him down the verse number six please the Bibles on to say Eddie came to pass when they were calm that you look on your idea and said surely dumb boys unknowing tape is before me but the Lord said to Samuel look not on his countenance or on the height of his stature because I have refused him what is God on I have refused them for the Lord city is not as man sees one man look at on the outward appearance but the Lord with the way on the hot man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the heart then Jesse caught up in a dad and made him pass before Samuel and said me that the Lord chosen this then Jesse may summon a passerby and he said neither of the Lord chosen this identity made seven of his sons the pass before Samuel Samuel said unto Jesse the Lord have not chosen the my mind as I read these stories I understand the thing that have been is that was what Shelby and that which is done establish has been done it is only new things under the sun is it possible then that God is looking in investigating out the city and are any tools in Queens that he could select as rulers always be today it is possible that he's come to this campground to these waiting to look and see is there anyone that you can use the initial work in these last days need at the lowest I wonder what it was not a life that God that God has said I cannot use your lives and work I wonder what it was that strong I had done that docs and I cannot use Schama I cannot use any of the sons of Jesse where is David mind you if you're looking at the story jump down the version which will notice you and the Bible says in verse numbers went and he sent and brought him in now he was ready and with all the beautiful countenance angrily to look to and the lowest in our eyes anointed him for this is he then Samuel Tsukamoto olio and anointed him in the midst of his brethren and the spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day what knowledge you would study together somebody needs you to thought that the Olympic based on what we read here what is it that preceded David receiving the outpouring of God 's Spirit what was it that he received while what happened he was anointed with lot she was anointed with oil and God said I can use David not if advantage the story where was David that he had to be called from within a call from the fields to get call from the city David was taking care she is a solitary place he had an experience a quiet experience with God and called from the field he comes and he says before his father any sense in the midst of his brethren and laborers they made in the midst of is brother on the David anointed so far this is one time is unranked but a second Samuel please second Samuel second Samuel the second chapter second Samuel the second chapter and were beginning of verse numbers to second Samuel the second chapter beginning at verse number to notice you what the Bible says so David went up thither and history lives also I had in a long digitizer like this and Abigail Nabel 's life and his men that were with him did David bring up and every man with his household every man with his left where they going to their going to biblical we think an e-mail it is also his voice over David here and there submitting themselves the whole household they even watch and they dwelt in the cities of hadron and the men of Judah came in there they are anointed saying been keen over the house of was anointing David here the medical the men of Judah the men of Judah with their families are now setting themselves under the rulership under the leadership under the anointing update eyeballing the idea resigns as they did not once by God via his servant the prophet Samuel and now by the brother and of Judah submitting themselves under database kingship but waits if the more notable the Bible says in second Samuel chapter five seconds Daniel chapter five please note here what the Bible says in second Samuel chapter five beginning at verse number one seconds Samuel fibers one the Bible says then came all the tries of Israel to David and to have brought and spake saying behold we are I own and I was so low when there's a new baby your family you are one of us you don't even be separate from us we are going to now submit ourselves under your anointing under your leadership knows what the Bible says also that sign says when Saul was king over us now with you that letters out and promising Israel and the lowest of the being that also need my people Israel and thou shall be a captain over Israel so all the elders of Israel came to the king of hadron and King David made a league with them and have brought before the Lord and they anointed David king over all County sizes David anointed now three times it has been anointed to refine his wants by Samuel the representative of God now by the people of Judah admitting themselves under David's leadership because they appreciate the unknown think that's what they third time now the people of Israel see the power and the leadership and the influence that David has an essay David police your Bolivar Ballinger family man we want you to be rule over us we want the benefits of your kinship iPhone the idea three times I just put on the screen so you can see it here Davis anointed three times first by Samuel second by the men of Judah and lastly by the people of Israel each one setting themselves under David's anointing to receive the benefits remember our repeating things on purpose to receive the benefits of David's rulership and his leadership was over further notice of this annual chapter seven now the second Samuel chapter seven God is speaking to David second Samuel chapter seven and were going to begin adverse limits were well second Samuel chapter seven beginning adverse number twelve please note here the Bible says in the Bible said when thy days be fulfilled and also sleep with our thoughts I will set up .ac right now where the board I will set up and I see I will set up thy seed after the Wii shall proceed out of thy bowels and I will establish his kingdom he shall build an house was what is he going to build so the seed is going to build an house he shall build an house for my name and I will establish the throne of these game down how long so the kingdom that's one of come from David's seed is going fast that would be established and going to last forever watch this now and I will be his father and he shall be my son if he commit iniquity out isn't it with the Rodman and with the stripes of the children of men but my mercy shall not the pot away from him at such a difference all my put away before the enzyme house and I team down shall be established Allah is worth following this principle seem to have been is that we shall be understand that this house this home is going to be established will never pass away I wonder what principles of once established his kingdom I wonder what seemed this is that will establish a house that will never go away verse sixteen again in my house and my kingdom shall be established forever before the five throne shall be established forever keep this in mind and I want you to forget anything section one this is what we does the waffle because it never in a six do you say to the north of three times they have to they have to be a recognition and cooperation with David's rulership and otherwise that the state we appreciate you winking or please whatever you decide to do whatever you decide that since took him and we will set ourselves under your ruler should not opt this is interesting below the poverty back in the day you know when they measured a flick it wasn't how we measure for debate blame is put back in a day it was based on how big the King 's book once a beneficiary with a measure they are then measured based on how we measure your today they measured based on how long the middle of it from the middle of the chastity and of them the king they measured or based on the measurements of the King himself a following idea that's why when they selected Saul as their leader Saul was the faultless he was the strongest iPhone the idea so when they are setting themselves under David's rulership there say whatever you say to do we submit our sales aren't you because there's benefits to being under your leadership wait there's more David's kingdom is the last forever now let's get our last point Revelation chapter three please but Revelation chapter three watch carefully what were going to do here relationship to three and beginning adverse number seven Revelation three and beginning at verse number seven please know here what the Bible says Revelation Bremer seven the Bible says and the angel of the church in Philadelphia right these things saith he that is holy he that is true he that hath the keelboat he had to be able to need at the key of David see that alternate of an old man shouted and seven and no man will now based on what we understand about this passage we know that this person who holds the keys of David is none other than no Jesus is the one I hold the key of David and Ms. T is a key that opens the door now again when I asked this basic question is only to emphasize the point but when you go to your house how many of you put your key in your foot to open the door honey to my doesn't rust I wanted to know my designs visiting with me so right now I'm going to make a safe assumption that the key is in his hand in Revelation chapter three hour limit a safe assumption I was able to Isaiah Isaiah the twenty second chapter Isaiah twenty two and were going to begin at verse twenty one Isaiah twenty two and beginning at verse twenty one please note here with a lot Bible says is safe and I will call them with my role and strengthening with that girdle and I will come next by governments into his life so lazily see here the government is in any an iPhone I will commit his government into his hand and he shall be filed their in the inhabitants of Jerusalem and in the house of Judah and they see of the house of David will I lay upon his lot with as yet are the key is on the Sheldon is that it were building something that she is on his shoulder so he shall open and none shall shut and he shall shut and none so what none shall open talking Stan Isaiah but I think that denying out Isaiah chapter nine looking at verse number six Isaiah nine verse six was he when the Bible says Isaiah nine five six the Bible says Ron Celeste a child is what unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his lot are so right now we have a government on the show was to think with a few minor but that was on his shoulder and knows us the Bible says and his name to be called wonderful Counselor the mighty God the everlasting one the Prince of thieves of the increase of his government and peace bid shall be no in up on the throne although they've been upon his kingdom to order it and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for what forever so right now we see that his kingdom that they mislead is going to process the kingdom is going to last forever is going to be a file that is going to have a house in this house will have peace in the following idea I was carefully the key in my humble opinion is a key to a government Mister Jesus in the hand of David is a key tool of government or tea to a kingdom is going to last forever your ever heard of the keys to the city is often about the revelation that no one is open and none shall shut that door that he's opening that we are supposed to enter into is an everlasting kingdom is a house that's supposedly established forever in fact the goal of further your understanding idea but a Daniel the seventh chapter please bang the seventh chapter looking at verse thirteen Daniel seven November thirteen notes you would the Bible says in Daniel seven beginning at verse thirteen notice what the Bible says the Bible says I saw in the night visions and behold wine like the Son of Man was the Son of Man Jesus and by degrees everyone agrees this is season one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven and came to the ancient of days and they brought him near before him I wonder what he's doing I wonder what Jesus is about to do and there was given him filming it and glory and a kingdom or severally that all people nations and languages should serve him his domain Ian is what kind of dominion everlasting dominion which shall not pass away and his kingdom that we show not be what so this key is akin to looking down it gives you access to left column or house that has been never be destroyed it is an ever lasting kingdom think about this because now I know when we studied annually there a thirteen game reporting onto two thousand and three hundred days then shall the saints would be what when I asked admin people what is that mean they tell me what it means that his left-wing secular or what that means going to think what the preface of the question of the St. George was he doing in that idea what is the reason for the reasons likely think there's a reason for purging is a reason for the removal of sand from God 's house which is more so the simple idea that is section one what will the second two hours ago Deuteronomy eleven is one up here when were talking about a completely separate topic but is not different at all Deuteronomy chapter eleven I want to begin in verse eleven Deuteronomy eleven in verse eleven notice you what the Bible says the Bible says Wonderland where do you go to possess it in the land of heels and balance and drink of water although rain of heaven a land with the Lord thy God camera for the either the lanai not always appointed for the beginning of the year even into the Inn of the initial come to pass in TCL heart in diligently unto my commandments which I command you this day to love the Lord your God and serve him with all your heart and with all your soul that I will give you the rain of your land in his question what is the condition for the reception of the rain in its new season with the condition washing it says if you will hearken diligently in our nominee express without work diligently needs my father I love you to death one day winds of the kitchen I guess that is washing the dishes and it's time to partake of a meal so we had gone into the drawer and pulled out a fork we pulled up his fork he began to examine any saw that he could not eat food off of this particular book or somehow someway in my haste to finish washing the dishes I have not diligently cleaned this particular book to me as a my dad gone into the kitchen and put twenty minutes explain how my life would be a complete wreck he explained that if I didn't learn how wash his sport that my home would be a mess employment is a Muslim menace by this crazy and then he proceeded to say that laundry just so you understand what I wanted now I want to thank every dish out of the cabinet I would take everything so similar out of the door and I want to watch everything over again guess it won't but say what from that point on when I was vicious I hearken diligently identification I did not miss one detail I may show I feel that glass of the light knows lots of my glass I made sure that enough vote it was no more crustacean everything was dry everything was clear I like him diligently I listened to announcing the condition for the alkaline of the rain was the hearken diligently unto the commandments then I will send rain changes to season I following the idea of an further notice what the Bible says Bibles on the same version fourteen that will give you the rain of your landing as the season the first rain and the and the latter rain about me is gathering that corn and buy wine and nine oil and I was informed back to my feels like cattle that always needs and people take see to yourself that your heart be not deceived and you turn aside and serve other gods and worship them and why was he telling us that the first of a seventeen and then the Lord 's wrath weekend of against you and he shut up that have been that they are being no rain and another man healed not her what embassy there is quickly from the land lord thy God giveth not watch again were studying I was a leave your thinking chemistry grow it there is no see so northward through the brother must be first they must be what the varsity Muslim first must be seen so rain falls on the ground however like the essay needs Ralph never assume comes up no rain no suit I finally I did normally start no life I remember I'm talking about random and ultimately the Hosea six please Hosea six chapter and limited-edition please remember the condition that lay before you Hosea six beginning at verse three please note here what the Bible says Hosea six in verse three it is vanishing he know if you follow on to know the Lord his going forth is prepared as the morning and he shall come unto us as the lot of the month was at the ring those who come in to us as the rain he shall come unto us as a rain as the laughter and Walmart rain unto the air watch it now if you hearken diligently unto the commandments he will send rain if you don't hearken diligently there is no rain Jesus now saying God is saying rain is going to come and I'm going to come as if I were myself the rain I following idea he held a chambers well Hosea ten in verse twelve must carefully Hosea ten verse twelve the Bible says soldier your sales in righteousness reap and mercy break up the follow for it is time we just want what is time to seek the Lord to become an rain righteousness upon you so now what's happening again and write this on the board on the side rain has been equated to God coming as the rain and now rain has been equated to righteousness watch carefully now would like to go to the book of Zechariah Zechariah ten in verse one Zechariah ten in verse one notice you what the Bible says Zechariah ten verse one it says as he although Lord Arena in the lot in the time of the latter rain so the Lord shall make my trials and give them showers of rain to everyone grass in the field so he tells us as for rain in the time of it so it could be possible to listen to be carefully it can be possible that it's time for a terrain but it not rain why will it not rain because we are not talking what diligently into the command is still as possible for terrain or the tribe were to be supposed to rain but not ready because we are being in rebellion in fact go to Jeremiah chapter three Jeremiah chapter three again witnesses still the same topic Jeremiah three begin adverse number two vertebra to Jeremiah three beginning at verse number two please note it with the Bible says the Bible says lived up on eyes of the high places and see where thou hast not been lined with in the ways has now set with them at the Arabian in the wilderness and thou hast polluted the land that with five four dollars and with thy wickedness I was a result of this therefore the showers have been with Haldane and there have been no luck there have been no rain I wonder why and I'll has a new lawyers for handing and web users in the meanwhile think about it letting your mind with his word Satan was at work first come up in Scripture the dominated the man and woman united together naked but not a sane naked and not ashamed there was nothing in the relationship that caused a disunion evidently the people of Israel are married to God but they have began to commit more dumb therefore the family is separated I was listening and win in their separation they refuse to be ashamed of the way that they are behaving given anybody like that I went call for Emma call quarter from thirty years on the conference itself thirteen at that one one cinnamon out the canvas doing the work together listening Illinois together knocking on doors ministering the soul we canceled it he discovered that the house I was within the state do not limit our sees a beautiful woman this is see is a beautiful one woman comes out they began to talk or the other because that is not draining grown landfill unit roaming on drama not want to store them I wanted the context is the goal by seller contact okay to call back okay the problem becomes to me later on when we are about to leave his that I pick up my wife a single brother with what you mean you found your way up in the found was a limited actual couple of questions does she believe in the spirit of prophecy well she know she's a Christian she's a nice lady and I asked in a manner of sickness even as the Rossi won no as the brothers red flag walk away what but he revenues to listen fast for three months later the laundry not listening to the laundry messed up I slept with his network you nondairy for three months pleading with them the problem inefficiencies and I don't want to be alone I want to be alone I am all was I want me I want to be alone listen friends listen to me you're not alone Jesus is with you you're not alone the visa was needed that act of the hour-long Wednesdays then I housed within the man who abuses and leaves you analyze the youngest don't think the people of Israel are comfortable in their saying they were used to be ashamed they are not they are not we know your they are lower and we know we set aside by giving you everything in America's got a chicken you see here in nice cars nice houses good education fashion is a slave makes us labeled the most of us in this place I can tell just by the way we dress and the like in this way fashion is something America but the same time I was serving fashion and were serving our jobs and were sorry our education was still out of our mouths and we love Jesus it's a lot window views of the same therefore there is not A not separated from her husband is a letter none was indefinite so we must hearken diligently unto the commandments it is going to be Reynaldo Joel chapter two please need to move quickly Joel chapter two I wanted to begin reading the first twenty three Joe Chapter two and began at verse twenty three the well chapter two and began verse twenty three note through the Bible says it says being flat then you choose no sign and rejoice in the Lord your God for he hath given you about for more rain how moderately and he will cause the comedown you the rain the former rain and the latter rain how in the first month now if you have a study Bible there should be a little little letter this makes the formal ring that little letter there gives you and your margin of appraiser says teacher of righteousness former rankings of righteousness there's another little number their next award moderately enough margin that were not really means according to righteousness and with that understanding is read the possible more time it is the lack easier to design and rejoice in the Lord your God for he hath given you the teacher of righteousness according to righteousness and he will call to come down to the rain and a performer in a latter rain in the first month so according to this verse is going to be a teacher of righteousness according to righteousness under what is up with them listen listen carefully so he and the passages highlighting at the time what is our righteousness according to righteousness the list of the new section to read quickly stepped in to watch rain comes based on the condition was the condition hearken now RIF condition rain house things grow and work with these the world water must come down and give it its nutrients in the vitality number three there is a time for rain would approve this point right near the moment the Holy Spirit is the teacher of righteousness according to write him approve that in a moment but just keep this section you my deepest point here minus legal twenty now there are three offices in the Bible on the offices very opposite offices in the Bible that received anointing the first one is the office of a profit knows what the Bible says in Luke the third chapter now you I give you the other the reference they are in first in chapter nineteen verse sixteen just to let you see biblically that the prophet is one of the persons that are anointed but I want to show you how Jesus has fulfilled every one of these three roles watch carefully look to reverse forty one the Bible says now when all the people were baptized it came to pass the disease is also being baptized and praying that Heather was open and the Holy Ghost is stranded in a bodily shape like a dove upon him and a voice came from heaven which said about art my beloved son in the Iowa did this happen before Jesus began his ministry or after he began his ministry before so before he begins his public ministry he is anointed for the job listen to me carefully how was that a lot of people that's all deals anointed over the vote for people of a small group numinous on the north business model is a global smile broke Wednesday was annoyed how many sounds they been anointed now when he was not the first time with allies who always wants his brother small-group watch carefully must carefully Jesus was anointed I wonder what he's anointed for a letter supporting in here I was introduced is not only avoid that is obviously formal you will anywhere in class right now allegedly Genesis chapter three very quickly please let back into his history I want to seasonably introduce another thought into this paradigm I have not done this before when I presented this topic so you just want to make sure you follow me please Genesis three verse fifteen watch carefully what the Bible says and the Lord sent to him demonstrate three fifteen açai and I will put enmity between the Andalon so the thinnest fastest is the servant and the one between thy seed and her seed he shall bruise thy head and also bruise his heel so the survey has a theme and the one Lynn have a seat I listened to the assessment has a C and a woman has a seat now remember Jesus is anointed one is the anointed for his anointed to begin a ministerial work in fact I went a little farther go to John please John John the fiftieth check for Jesus beginning is currently ministry even going to begin his prophetic work now but John John chapter fifteen look at verse fourteen to fourteen recipients are down forty or fifty now you bid the students thus far no luck asleep yet I want to read this one verse when I read this one first to understand something else is supposed to transpire right after remember if you hearken diligently unto the Lamb is possible to happen rain watch if you love me see my wife the next things to read about his ring and I will pray the father and he shall give you another one sounds like rain the main that he may abide with you how long forever how long disgusting about the less so this is rain that comes after someone has said they will hearken and keep God 's commandments to watch carefully now for the bothering you do not commit anyone about with you forever even the Spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because atheism not neither know what Pam but you know him noticing for he dwells with you and Shelby was or shall be indicate that threaten future so you'd love with you presently as Shelby future tense and you is my question I think we can talk about how to raise children without a husband and wife development dispatches one question is the spirit of God within you or easy and you visited links yellow life God spared me around this and moving us in holiness and encouraging whether the difference between the spirit around you at invoicing you and escaping into the question when you go home you want your with you we tested the White House they found that even though normatively inert candle is English right now we just came to me what is the whale when you sit was a new because what he will come out of the Los Angeles one of the mouth your kindness is not often appear you need that kind is within is not going to magically all they could be happy at home now so now are just happy to spirit must be in in the last moments on the spirit with you or to spirit in on a given visit I'm not alleging leave you guessing whether or not the spirit of God is in you all around you you want to know one way or the other by the end of this are met whether or not the spirit of God within you I'll deck land of Lincoln indication whether or not someone has got spirit within little apartment I want to highlight this one for the weather look at this verse watch this Jesus is talking gone twelve three watch this and Jesus answered them saying the hour is come that the son of man should be glorify on without me personally for very very I sent to you except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and what is by this alone but if it dies it range of four much what so the seed bears fruits after it I visited living the city bears fruit after it dies but the fruit doesn't come to fruition and so it rained I was a little further there's another anointing that Jesus has to go through Khatami 's affidavit anointed the two other noises that we dedicate to be logical knows what the Bible says the Bible says in acts accepted to accept the ones that accept one began verse four Democrats at the funerals of the Bible says and be innocent together with them commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem but wait for the promise of the father which he saith ye have heard of me for John truly baptized with water but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days what I may need some nanometers hence when they were therefore come together they asked him say Lord wilt thou now restore the kingdom of Israel exited them it is not for you to know the times or the seasons with the father had put in his own power but you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and is in the uttermost parts of the survey gathered together that makes a promise I promise I will be getting this make sure you stay in this house until the days before field don't go anywhere when you receive the power I want to start in your homeland is a descent started Jerusalem and Judea analysis accepted to accept the two began verse one notice you what the Bible says SNL in the day of Pentecost was fully come they were all with one accord in one place Junior they will all with one accord in one place I wonder what and suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and if you feel all the house where they were sitting and they appeared unto them so lack of the fire and sat upon each of them and they were all the raw what will remember that Jesus said he's with you and shall be in you but now this Shelby is what is reality they are now we'll I wonder what it was I wonder what it was that allow the witness to transpire but with some one thirty three and watched his friends until he is asleep this is suites it says behold how good and how pleasant it is for who will graduate in the select family is Iraq how good and how pleasant it is Brandon said well together how I wonder what it's like it is like the precious ointment upon the head that ran down the beard even areas appeared that went down to the start of his garments tell me something tell me something when David was anointed what was the anointed with now here and was air in the high briefs is the second officer has anointed you have a profit that's annoyed that they have a high priest is anointed as the high priest is is symbolized as one as it views as brother and dwell together in unity it is like audio sunless olio that it poses on the basis of the clothes you want to know when the Holy Spirit upon you home when there's no arguing I would always be on a plane that's ceiling fan and the mothers and the fathers all united in one man one is like for you watching us up there I love him about the Bible book of Psalms is so beautiful because the change of the oil and entrance was in the water what this verse he says as the duel of Murnane and after do that discern upon the mountains of what Zion was Zionism Zion the Bible is what the drills under drills and representation of the church to listen live here as Aaron is anointed with oil so as Aaron 's anointed the church also receives an annoyed none of his resume so and accepted to when you see the brother and all together in one place and one core is a direct connection with the work that Jesus of the gods in heaven as he anointed discharge below is anointed remember the men of Judah came to David said David we recognize it was noisy means the ruler over us we want the benefits of your teams get what you hear me when we're going somewhere right now go back to the book of acts police back to the book of acts lessee whether or not whether or not of the apostle whose preaching and I love this because this is one of the few sermons that you know the Holy Ghost is on the preacher meet freedom Peter now watch the West Wing ludicrous when I watch this Internet all of a sudden what we says man and brethren the please be concealed up and dragged David that he is both dead and buried and is suffered a cut is with us unto this day therefore being a prophet and knowing that God is one with an oath to him that although fruits of his loneliness was the fruit of his loins that the city right here to see that of the fruit of his lonely according to the flesh he would raise up Christ to sit on his throne he seen this before spake of the resurrection of Christ but his soul is not left in hell neither his flesh is a corruption business he says have God raised up whereof we are all witnesses therefore being by the right hand of God was carefully exalted and having received of the father the promise of the Holy Ghost he has shared for this with you now see and what so he's saying this movie are saying what you think in this letter right now is not a fitness what you see right now is a direct correlation between Jesus taking his rightful place in heaven and his people connected with that anointing the latter rain then as the early rain is connected with what Christ is doing and if the church does not submit itself under the kingship of Christ they will never receive the letter the church the family all of the household night Asia output list of the most holy place Jesus is in the process of finishing a war and I want to be there when he formed out that way I think they did the only way that will happen is that my family is united in one easy as my families United one then I recognize the fact that out one of my spirit as long as the families are disconnected and not united as long as I'm adding antagonistic that not one reconcile one look at the racial incident would work as my baby was a good life miserable did you know did you know the Bible book of Robert says a man and at five ago life find the favor of the Lord is not the watched the same thought in the book of Roberts says a man that goes before the king and receives favor it is like the relaxer ring my wife to me as we join together has now been able to give me what we call the latter rain she is a lettering to me this is union that they are wise little heaven on earth how can two people have went along it all my life come from your testimony to the policy out there Chicago and belittle how little and is void one of you I'll have to look completely different evidently one how is it that a church and listen to me I don't normally say this properly but how is it that a church they believe in Jesus can have a black conference and a white and I like you not your being at school I remember some officials from our black conference is coming to me as saying not just unable to hold onto but what if we let the brethren the white brethren be in charge of us we won't get any they will want that you thought our difference is whether they be black white Chinese Korean Asian and is much more than run we put it aside we put one with it but as we would've been Wednesday but I maintain that causes separation is seen as an rock is saying that cause a separation defendant brings carnage into the home is selfishness and pride that causes pain in the family strengths these last days there must be unity or there will be no lettering we falling all around the Bible know that is falling but wait a associative three you anoint his Iraq allergy to announce the book of Daniel as you close the book of Daniel is look right on the screen is asked if also thirty six and thirty seven I listed ten things that the apostles did to put aside a put away differences the boys at the home of their hearts into repentance they confessed their unbelief they call to remembrance the words of Christ's they repeated the words of Christ to each other reproach themselves for not understanding metadata on the pure holy life of Christ and desire to be like him they accepted Christ forgiveness and purpose in their hearts let's hold for their unbelief by preaching the gospel they pray for that is the meat main and lead them to Christ they put away all differences and all desire for what supremacy they came close together in Christian fellowship and there was the heart searching I think what if we follow this recipe it when we voted on this at the conference was an wireless will have the confidence if we don't then he learned I didn't allow personal agendas are a political statement window nothing is sure and going the second coming of Jesus was president and unity we must present getting unity around the true friends around the truth now and again eight thirty one vintage Jesus says that when he goes to heaven is anointed as ivories in Golden as an alternate to get his leprosy work and his work produces three thousand souls in one day one day great also they must not brag another either as a church listen to me let's not get up and lie to ourselves as if we have eighteen million members in the world and then we say it were baptizing three thousand people every day that doesn't exist France this is the sickness business this is power what were going right now is simply mathematical number even to listen this it's only me or not finishing the work by doing more work the work that we must do with all of our hearts all of our minds and all of us old is said to Satan out of our lives but anyway this work is done properly God says I will be in the manpower to stand on a mountaintop and freeze the Gospel and have a body in the vicinity of flap out of the mouth would live in a year that name for each no need many people against these one doesn't need many destinies one the holy consecrate themselves the the Molson from the live allowing sees us and upon the gospel to make a difference in the past this was little bow with me now to game seven police about the wrap this up in Daniel seven the Bible tells us we read it already I want to take note of it Daniel seven universe thirteen ohms of the Bible says and I saw in in the night visions and the old one like the Son of Man came the clouds of heaven and came to the ancient of days and they brought him near before him and it was given him dominion and glory and a kingdom that all people nations and languages should serve him his dominion is an ever lasting to me please keep your finger here but Revelation fourteen with the police and before you can foretell with the revelation twelve for seventeenth verse plus carefully what we want to build a wrap this up and brought up in this family reunion Revelation twelve seventeen status and the Dragon was raw with the what to forgive we talked about her and the dragon was wrong with the woman and Winston made more with the lot now again it didn't say that the scene was the remnant identified is said in ultimatum war with the remnant of her normalcy seems Jesus went wobbly now friends eight goals in a war with the remnant of her see whenever Mercy seat itself it seems that the remnant are the owner before go there would of course John Cleese the synteny wash this first John chapter three first John chapter three watch carefully first one since the old amount of love the father has bestowed upon us that we should be called a lot the sons of God into them die sound like family to me therefore the world is not because it knew him not beloved now we the sons of God and it does not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when we shall see him when he shall appear we shall be what we shall be one like them now there's a law in the book of Genesis another reader what the seed is supposed a beer after it's kind so I can't plant at apricot tree and get a strawberry fruit is the strawberry country exactly I can pineapple drink again on street if I plant an apple seed and I figure out for so long planting a seed the seed being low if Jesus is the seed and the seed dies that no fruits of the afternoon I visited the so the Dragon goes in a war with the remnant of her seed not understood this morn more as a amount by gods grace the Lord has blessed us with a master gardener on outside in class in the second Innsbruck book of inspiration and I vowed to myself not to miss the book anymore amen so now they are not class and I'm talking to my my instructor then amassing questions these enemy answers and I and I told him about these the city 's goal heirloom seeds on orbital intervals these are the not Monsanto sees their heirloom seeds so I got these heirloom seeds and you know I understand that when you plant and heirloom seniors will be open to see from the terrible disease with limit is mostly in the produced see any of Lavinia 's estate again we find in our thought here are no known to be about gardening a maximum domestic gardener what it was supposed that exist to me about Andre you know but not a lot my brings in seven Andre so I has to happiness and what were we talking ravings of a booking at the time these babies also need a air with a powerful diseases is what has happened the green beam when you plug it met the leave it out visit you believe it out it has to dry up and die in the Lord 's only something you sit on for you know why dries up it becomes hard know why because our because it protects what the insides contain this is only when she just came on this are feeling in and suddenly private life he died DC on what the character of the sons of God will look like the issue so many guys any calls into the ground wasn't also see after it below what the Québec Québec Québec Persia the Gaelic again first first line of advertising is one of the hall what manner of love the father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God therefore the world will does not because in one nine beloved now are we the sons of God it does not appear what we shall meanwhile I was like damn bullies of CMS years and every man hath this hope in him himself that he is the on hold whoever commits sin transgress also the law for sale is a transgression of what you know that he was manifested to take away our sins and in him he is no sin whoever bought it in him again whoever buys enhancement is not cool so abhors Senate have not seen him neither known him a listen mental children react no man deceive you see that what righteousness is righteous but definitively my little children that no man deceive you in that seat is in you you will do with that seatbelts either commit a sin is of the devil for the devil said from the beginning for this harvest the son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil was the first nine holes celebrities born on time not commit sin why boy he is seen in for his seed were made of and him and he cannot sin because he is born of who the Dragon ultimate war with the remnant of her seed so what was excited to present it Lorraine to see if it rains on the city that acetaminophen pills and is one of the jazz like Jesus Jesus in this last face anyone sintering the enemy this was during my post on Sega story Exodus story and respect my parents my mom and dad good people I want to know there are no good people in the only safe before going to mom and dad doing a Google search and we like the Cosby family everybody thought we were people know what I just knew that my mom and dad argue no one knew that they were constantly yet is no a that the region the Montenegrins no one knew from memorabilia school my little sister colonies in our entrée you know mom say set up house in not never had before sought I try to call around and along this I'm here on the phone and making his own design that's my mom mom is going on is that your dad is your dad does your dad is your dentist in your decadent whose EMI I hear you a set of values doing the wrong models in a heartwarming as much as it him not by the family of etiquette which will not bring the family and civil sign no problem I will suck all around the woman that was an abandoned missile assaults I was unable to understand that MS degree in divinity a given mass communication in the best degree in legal in the masses the meaning is that he talked to my dad and my dad alone is that your mom this euro Montecito mom dressing room on this and your mom this input editing renewing and accident the mailing opinion which allowed not really mailing again he says some your mom they sing among this past eleven I just asked you if God brought the family back to the widow of the arena management is out only about wrongful and that nine I cried myself to sleep a video made me cry myself to sleep in a new position out of the next day I went to church leaders visiting in charge stress analysis we took passive call for special brick will how many I don't understand how was not a preacher wasn't namely many winding to a printing the money 's not interesting I'm there I might need and crying uncontrollably I can't try the tears won't stop because he coming and coming and coming and I can't stop crying so money will let more love either you want to think you that bring my napping together when you give me with the Bible says that will have some brain of rats sure is it was as if a hand came from and touch myself against my shoulder and right behind it appears on my face were not drive any human miss this piece tell you this is not again last evening in the spirit in you ought to get around him there was this team and has all the I was at peace in the middle of the greatest online I was at the seventeen unit and became nearly a identify my knees before the you said everything will mean one who I know what everything meant I knew that Adam will and might then my mom and dad together at that I will not justify the racing seventies of the Daniel Julie Danielson I will not because when my family was about them this will not always completely in a van not a university was then a maneuver that an weekend with friends family when you only knew what to do for your man was wearing and without a seizure and Jesus is not as Jesus Son of Man of the Pentagon it's the most holy place the serene way his family is Jesus the son of man and not have gone into the most holy place and all you have to know the deal was that mean for rain money is the remains of voracious when you actually don't have me do I endlessly sung the role I give you attend art I can give you patients I can give you long-suffering wine because he did it himself these villages and then in the next meeting you as the concentrations of is my view in you one Jesus is to be king over your home is come to the front will bring only do this I want to understand just like the men of Judah fall in-flight amenities room coming aboard they are saying on David Leon King the relevant outline is beautiful in our homes and headed out advertisements in the quietness of this moment surrender your story to the authority of Jesus in the own through a new home is a you yeah you will try to the heart back to you surrendering our writings from the ongoing Israeli children do you surrendering us out surrendering all homes you are saying Muslim savers the enemy is encroaching and all homes save as long as a leaf when we say what our children safe from which her heart is producing with an largest beer with his bus as husbands to be the menu designs to be tedious as young men to be the print you define this to be teachers of mothers minimum me to all teachers as young ladies and women that was being her teaches us children to be opening in front again we have not done will or we have been an example startled homeowner save up and your healing is a thank you for hearing operators and answering them in the name of Jesus amen a code actually place the rush of the wee while the threshold of the door concentrate your home you are in your mind emasculating you wisdom that is beyond your years to do right by your man he was doing when Douglas


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