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Watch Out! He's Out To Get You!

Alden Ho


Alden Ho

Wheel Salt Ministry



  • September 23, 2012
    10:00 AM
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continental income this morning we think the Sabbath day we thank you for the opportunity you've given us to come in worship with you Lord I'm just an instrument one that you would call to give a message I pray that I will not get in the way of the message Lord special way that each heart may be open and be receptive to the message this morning maybe he'd the Council the reproofs may they be printed so that their conscience may draw closer to you Time is quickly passing we're losing the opportunities that we half so Lord awaken us help us understand that there is an adversary and he's doing all that he can unbeknownst to many of us to keep us from true godliness having a form is not good enough so open our eyes this morning we ask and pray in Jesus name amen in South Florida Bill Johnny wanted to go for swim the manual side the back door his mom was working right under the kitchen cutting things washing things out and as he ran out the back door he made his way down the backyard grass down to the big pond that was behind his back yard Johnny just made a beeline for that water kicked off his shirt here at issue is the sauce by the time he got the doc perfect for writing the link you started swimming but the moment Johnny hit the lake there was a reaction in the middle of that little Lake area and alligator was going the other way soon as he felt his water was being disturbed immediately the allegation turned around and they were on a head-on collision with each other Johnny's mother seeing what was going on from the kitchen window runs out screaming Johnny Johnny come turnaround Johnny here in his mind being obedient turns around and starts running his mom is running all she can not to the end and she is just screaming Johnny Harmony joint venture what's going on but he is getting it always got any swimming on the alligators noticing also that his lunch is getting away so he's going little faster as well just as Johnny reaches a dog is mine we just got and grabs hold of him simultaneously the alligator grabbed a hold of Johnny's legs and then begins the battle alligators do what I would use two breasts in the start tossing and turning Johnny screaming in pain my screen the neighbor here's what's going on comes out with a shotgun runs down there until the alligator Johnny's taken to the hospital the news reporters come in I don't know if you know much about news reporters but they asked the most stupidest questions Johnny can you tell me did it hurt if anyone I think the pictures of all of the scars on your lengths Saddam pulls back the sheets to reveal the alligators teeth marks on his legs didn't lose anything but they were sure gouges their victim pictures and anything Johnny Johnny wanted to thank you and we were glad you're alive it already leaving John's 's weight the turnaround what Johnny is is don't you want to see the scars in my arms the delegate above two links yes but the scars on my arms were from my mom 's nails which she wouldn't let go of me brothers and sisters the title of this message is watch out he's out to get you what you turn your Bibles revelation chapter twelve Revelation chapter twelve John lays out for us exactly what is happening these last days I am praying that you have not only your sword with you but you have the notebook for an iPad or an iPhone or an artist or whatever it may be to take some notes with these things in verse seven we find them warble down heaven Michael and his angels spot with the Dragon and the dragon and his angels spots it was a lovely scene there was fighting in heaven but it wasn't coming from God it was coming from one who wanted to be like God but they didn't prevail no was a place found for them in heaven any longer why because there is no war in heaven so the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who deceives half the world what must be getting old the whole world that includes Loma Linda I didn't hear any mention he was cast to the earth and his angels are cast out with them we usually stopped right there but you know this continues on then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now salvation is strength in the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ have come for the you are part three will is occurs to them before our God day and night has been cast down test down where the earth and they who are they the righteous the righteous overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives to the death but notice verse twelve therefore rejoice O heavens what would you rejoice because the guys with the pain in the neck is no longer there but woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea for the devil is come down to having what great great wrath because he knows his time is let's look at this for a moment he knows his time is short let's say in the span of this script actually really good we got three sections a whiteboard let's say that here we have creation okay then shortly after that they get out of the Garden of Eden then we come to this central point right here in the central point what would you think this part would be the flood right then after that we come to another section in time and over here would be what Jesus correct and overrun the site where do you think we are in this right now I'm a little late let's look at the image of Daniel in Daniel chapter two head of Gold silver brass iron iron and clay you understand that this is indicative of the time periods in which they live the Babylonian empire was rich in gold example of market affecting and a half tons of gold think about that for a moment that's two hundred thirty one million dollars of gold roughly that was two weeks ago now it's about two hundred ninety million dollars of gold when you get down with each empire and they lose value certain metals are introduced we are down into the feet of iron and clay and iron clay is exactly what this building is made out of concrete and steel we are in the toenails right now since the very beginning Satan has had the art of mastering deception he studies us very carefully these studies is very very closely with somebody who's not really intimidated very much a guy who is not intended anybody would be willing to be clear it will good guy 's name rebooking rate stinks steroid read his good old Christian guy that just for this particular illustration just for this I'm the devil just for this when we've is studying to give a message the devil looks over his shoulder to see exactly what he's studying old righteousness by faith interesting so let's see who in this room is studying righteous because struggling with that point office make sure that they are so busy or maybe they're sick so that they don't come when else's redoing a home he studies the face him to at present intimidating or it may be funny but the double studies thesis when you pray I don't like to pray audibly I like to twitch like to move a facial muscle I don't want to build a house what I don't know any clue as to what I'm praying about this spiritual warfare genealogist timely shards and is doing everything they can and he's going to study us the very things that you are struggling with today he will dangle in front of you to understand what this means that means if you are struggling with one particular point guess what Saint Errol your name personally engraved on targeted right and it's based on that very issue number of what we talked about last night for the faithful remnant that were there food is to be an issue in the end times if you cannot say no to food if you cannot say no to most favorite meal you will never say no to Satan the devil knows his time is short he is doing everything that is ten Paul writes in Ephesians chapter six a well-known passage that all of us should be very familiar with for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this age against spiritual hosts of wickedness where in high places in the heaven places this is what we are wrestling with the devil is in a hurry he is doing everything that he can with all deception with all deceitfulness of unrighteousness couple years ago I was in Tanzania I was photographing with a friend on a project for the show of which is German for the creation photographing this project within we were in the Serengeti and we came across this little guy a leopard up at three the day before you just can't enhance loping he was just enjoying that new because no hyenas were around no jackals around nobody was around because he's a smart guy to take him upstairs nobody's coming up there no stairs no elevators that are coming up the next morning we came back and he is just enjoying his meal were little ways off because you can go off the road but the tree that he was in was right next to the road while we're there all of a sudden his demeanor of just lounging around changes he stands up he tenses any starts thankfully not me within two seconds it comes down at three note was not National Geographic this is Eldon Ho I'm also professional photographer it comes down that three any hops a few steps and within just a few seconds he got another one but I thought that they don't get another one until the hungry meat over he already had one of the tree we watched him he just took this one as what is he just dragged into the base of another tree and you know anything is left in their that's exactly what Satan does he doesn't care about his victims so long as you have not made a decision for Jesus that's all so long as you have a form of godliness but denying the power that's all that matters but true godliness is something it's something totally different since the Silver remains went for your adversary the devil roams around like a what seeking whom he made it hard he is not looking you look when we were there in the column party last year photographing that the cheetahs are not going after the strongest lines in the league he's going after the ones who are weakest in the back the ones who are not paying attention the West who do not have been barred on so Satan lays his traps within the traps as he lay with the holidays Easter first Holiday Inn really pops up Easter with these are about the resurrection of Jesus but what is Satan pulled about with the deception is about Easter bunnies little eggs and baskets colorful eggs due to what funds the way things let alone chocolate ones October thirty one hallows Eve the day before all Saints Day the most evil gruesome day of the year I would like to go in sum the stores during that time even now there are many in the Army you is there already in the stores you walk in there and you come to Christmas wonderful deception some people jolly guy who dresses in red and white who refuses my hooping reperfusion is my last name I take personal offense to that is not about Santa by the way of you redoubled those letters as a GAN SA and to sickness he works in the obvious but he also works in a deception with the second Thessalonians chapter two and second Thessalonians chapter to open a look at verse eight and nine for actually was look at nine will start at nine the coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan with how much all power signs and lying wonders and with all unrighteousness after among those who perished because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved notice and for this reason God will send them strong delusion 's that they should believe a lie that they may all be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in what unrighteousness and pleasure in unrighteousness you know I need to read you an article here review and Herald December sixteenth you are really good one write that down review and Herald December sixteen eighteen ninety paragraph nineteen listen to this if you indulge stubbornness of hearts into pride and self righteousness you do not confess your faults you'll be less subject to Satan 's temptations if when the Lord reveals your errors you do not repent or make confession his prominence is liable bringing over that ground again and again you'll be left to make mistakes of similar character you will continue to lack wisdom and you will call sin righteousness and righteousness sin and the multitudinous perceptions of prevailing the last days will encircle you and you will change leaders and not know you have done so you will change leaders and not know you've done so I ask you who are handling sacred things I asked the individual members of the church have you confess your sins if not begin now for your souls are in great peril if you die with your mistakes concealed unconfessed you die in dimensions that Jesus is God prepare for those who love him will be peopled by those who are free from sin but sins that are not confessed will never be forgiven the name of him who thus rejects the grace of God will be blotted out of the book of life Satan is preparing all kinds of deceptions was looking than this scheme of time creation to the flood we don't know a lot during that time but we know one thing they're pretty smart we don't know maybe that iPhones back there but back then if they want to go somewhere online how do they do it they walked if they wanted all while there was no significant was that from the flight until Jesus 's time if they wanted to go somewhere how do they do it on land they walked unless they took a chariot and if they want to go somewhere that was not led how to be doing that was the fastest means those are the only means that was taken from Jesus 's time until about eighteen fifty five they get across when they want to go there they walked or they took horse and carriage or they took train to betray or the one Bible only in the last hundred and sixty something years the last I mean look at this in proportion roughly here compared all the way over there right here things have changed Daniel twelve tells us and knowledge shall increase in mental run to and fro but not running to and fro because they have a Ford Taurus the running to and fro because knowledge has been unsealed by prophecy the running to and fro like a chicken with her head cuts off because they're trying to preach the message while we have time but were told here the Prince of the powers of darkness is playing the game of life for the soul he is working with every device that he can invent what type of stuff with all deceitfulness of unrighteousness to separate man from God the lust of the flesh the pride of life the vanities of the world had taken possession of possession of the soul Temple and there is no room left for Jesus he says behold I stand in the door knock if anyone opens the door I will come in what software then he would make you what the problem is there is no room in part because the world is John admonished us in first John chapter two verses in the along the world a lot of the things of the world because if you love the world of the fathers not which is why cannot you because the world is there the world is there through movies video games TV look at second Timothy second Timothy chapter two thirty second Timothy chapter three Paul is writing to Timothy his son in the face and he says these following words to him even though that was more than two thousand years ago roughly but know this that in the last days perilous times shall come our are we living in perilous times will write before the flood basically right now this urges their Jesus is about to come how do we know when the last days will he defines that verse two three and four he says a look at the list for men will become lovers of themselves lovers of money boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unfaithful on holy on loving unforgiving slanderous without self-control brutal despisers of good traders had strong hadith lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying its power and from such people turn away I don't know whether you go to movies don't answer but I want to just take a checklist of the things that you like to watch on TV and movies are any of these things in the movie I made a commitment I don't watch TV except for one show but I made a commitment another watch that show you know I love survivor because it's all about perception I love it for the human nature to see what the installable deception and every time I watch that show rolling in my head was that knock it says do you love me can you do this can you really watch this conviction no more immigrant on a mission trip we've been on mission trips is medical mission trips and then there's the working construction mission trips the working construction mission should always very interesting enough that before I get into that let me just say some people say when they watch these movies okay I'm just watching it doesn't do anything to meet the needs basically in one year out the other is not so mean physiology and goes through one year but a kind against cost somewhere in the middle and a filter and enables of that file somewhere beyond the back burner behind still anyone are sometimes now I often singles things but somehow you go on this mission triplicate and your your building you're getting ready to put up a start and you've got a sixteen penny nail their one -year-old nice big heavy hammer and you get a little any swing back and in your all lined up ready to go and you're in the swing and all of a sudden somebody calls your name and environment swing you kind of do one of these and I had somehow missed hockey leagues they hammer or the Hammonds calculates the even way it always finds another nail and I mean all of a sudden your finger your son is blistering hot it like three hundred degrees Fahrenheit and you are looking through the pages of your brain for response selling you go back and it was behind the stove and it finds a responding watch for a movie couple years ago and it comes out and all of a sudden out of nowhere you just say all and he comes up with a little bit more than anybody looks like that ever happened to anybody don't tell me it doesn't affect you don't tell me that what you do doesn't affect your mind tell us a single knows that which is why he entices you watch these things relating on above all these things what about video games now a little knowledge and I see some the guys look at notes very nice of being trained on video games right now anything of a real weapon in their shooting with the same accuracy as in the videogame I really think so I was to fly in and chat me the same commercial pilots to fly on simulators in all you don't just put a beginning pilot on a flight and then to go in over five hundred people and hoops are made a mistake there's no room for that what you watch affects you Timothy gives Apollo business list there's another listen when to look at its founding relationship to five this one lays it out just a little bit more and he says here in verse sixteen I say walk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flash for the flesh lusts against the spirit and the Spirit against the flesh and these are what contrary to one another so that you do not do the things that you wish I love Paul because he is so blatantly honest in making all of these are not the most intuitive things I do anything that I shouldn't do it it things that I mean the things that I should like to put the things I shouldn't it's human if you are led by the spirit you're not under the law now the works of the flesh are evident which are a adultery nothing about this is able to this list think about the last movie you watched was the last TV show or the last video game you play now the works of the flesh are evident which are adultery fornication uncleanliness lewdness idolatry sorcery hatred contentious this jealousies outbursts of wrath selfish ambition dissensions very CNB murders drunkenness rivalries and the like of which I told you before hand as I told in time past that go to those who what practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of heaven you might say but I don't practice them I just watched I just play them playing and watching our different than practicing hold that thought this would verse twenty two but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace long-suffering kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control you realize that it requires all of the fruit of the spirit in order to get into the kingdom of heaven if you are lacking in one it like small just one Paul gives even a third list found in Romans chapter one in Romans chapter one he lays out this list even more so for our generation now Cheney 's got a lot of weird stuff on it and a lot more of it has become very questionable now I may look young but I'm not because I'm trying in a few weeks from now underneath forty eight when I grow up I remember it was very innocent it was just a lady out there that went like this with her nose he now all these people that are nodding their heads don't do that because I know how old you are that's my generation bewitched Elizabeth Montgomery just a little but they were warlocks and it was with street it was sorcery but it was innocent so we thought but we find here that all these things are very much what we see now even more so in the movies in theaters on the screen verse twenty four now therefore God gave them up to uncleanliness in the lusts of their hearts to dishonor their bodies among themselves who exchanged the truth of God for life and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator who is blessed forever amen for this reason God gave them up to vile passions for even their women exchanged natural use of what is against nature likewise also men leaving the natural use of a woman burned in their lust for one another men with men committing what is shameful and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due and even they did not like to retain God in their knowledge God gave them over to a debased mind to do those things which are not fitting which are being filled with all unrighteousness sexual immorality wickedness covetousness maliciousness for love envy murder strife deceit evil mindedness they are whisperers backbiters haters of God violent proud boasters inventors of evil things disobedient to parents undiscerning untrustworthy unloving unforgiving unmerciful that they now let's go back for a second for those of you say I just watch it I play it but I don't do it I saved the best for last verse thirty two who I like that just who who are the these guys who say I'm not affected by who knowing the righteous judgments of God that those who practice such things are deserving of death not only do the same but also approve those who practice them you since they are as a spectator you are just as guilty as the person who is involved with it is similar in a theater and I think if you rent a DVD you watch it on YouTube you are just as guilty Satan is working he's doing everything they can so he likes it wasn't all what movies can a lot march of the Penguins you know there's a long list of the that thou shalt not but as a very short list of the valve cells for those of you want to know it's found in Philippians chapter four verse eight Paul writes this one and he says very simply to us what we can watch finally this again finally brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are noble whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things are good report if there is any virtue if there is anything praiseworthy you can watch those that these are not held in Hall's words isn't God 's words one of the weekend I mean where already here it means me over here that means why almost all don't believe that this afternoon forum and share my testimony the point I am supposed to be dead I love when I fly because I Iowa's talk to people especially when we can turbulence young people are sitting there like knuckles what I do not know I was already in a plane crash I don't think it can happen twice as I sit in the exit window in the series comes vice is okay you able and willing to assist in case of emergency yet that went before him do it again while I share my testimony with them going here that story it's an incredible story I'm sure that for them and go right into a another message called the five generations which is why believe were right there's no time you realize now you might think you're young you got like ahead of you that you can learn in twenty years if I should last but you realize that the the worlds food sources all these things are running a house it's like the world 's expiration date is coming to a close list of the trumpets loudly to me Jesus is coming again we have no time we must be about our father 's business now and because of that we are in such deep state of denial of apostasy I defend that was over this weekend when I was staying with Jonathan and I like the response he gave were talking about you know when people ask you are you are you liberal or conservative and then hope you collecting shirt a lot I like the response he says an biblical as the means I guess you can say what you are biblical that means I on biblical you can look at it that way we also collect a plastic there is only one truth Ephesians four tells us there is one God one truth when Faith will benefit one who's had a church in we are at the end now I need to question how many any is there anybody here willing to say I'm I'm really football and football with your name Luis with your favorite team 49ers okay I'm not into football or anything like that I mean I like the place I love to play sports not competitively until the guy just just because I like to keep my heart going let's say you are the owner of the 49ers who played in the last Super Bowl Giants and lots features let's say let's say coming up in a few months you're going to the Super Bowl and you're playing the rival team whoever that may be now I just happen to be walking along somewhere and lo and behold I found an iPAQ and it was loaded with the three other teams the other team 's game plan every move every little sneaky fingered than any due to your team is on the side I mean I would settle for six hundred dollars for the iPad but if the contents that were in it that were much more would that be valuable to you Luis I wouldn't be living sorry I'm a little wine I know you will like this when I got here some honorable stuff yes are you wanting this movie sounds like French Spanish okay you want this talk to me bro Sirs okay money talks more probably raise the stakes a little bit for this little invaluable little device ten million guarantees you the Super Bowl far more would you would you be interested from what I understand the 49ers is like a Ms. guarantees you the Super Bowl man your name is getting beyond headlines ten ten million I mean come on the part of a secret society and we can get more money but everyone only a few would dish out the ten million other people like what's football on the give you the ten million for Satan 's game plan some and you've never heard this before and your eyes open a bug gulp because you can see were sent from how it might hurt Satan instead this is what he's going to do in the last days when the last space I will influence popular ministers to turn the attention of their hearers in the Commandments of God that which the Scriptures declare to be a perfect law of liberty shall be represented as a yoke of bondage that people accept their ministers explanations the Scriptures and they do not investigate for themselves therefore by working to the ministers we can control the people according to my will but our primary concern is to silence this set of Sabbath keepers we must excite popular indignation against them we must enlist great men and worldly Wiseman on our sites to induce those in authority to carry out our purposes than the Sabbath which I have set up shall be enforced by laws the most severe and exacting those who disregard them shall be driven out of the cities and villages and made to suffer hunger and preservation when once we have the power we will show what we can do with those who will not swerve from their allegiance to God we let the Romanesque church to inflict imprisonment torture and death upon those who refused to yield to her decreased and now that we are bringing the Protestant churches and the world into harmony with his right arm of our strengths we will finally have a lot to exterminate all who will not submit to our authority when death shall be made the penalty of violating our Sabbath than many who are now ranked with commandment keepers will come over to our side but before proceeding to these extreme measures we must exert all our wisdom and subtlety to deceive ensnare those who honor the true Sabbath which is separate many from God by willingness lost and cry to the meeting and so save because they believe the truth but indulgence of appetite will lower their actions which will cause confusion and destroy discrimination and will cause the fall goal will make the possessors of lands and money drunk with the cares of this life present the world before them in the most attractive like that they may later factions here upon earth we must do all our utmost to prevent those who labor in God 's cause from obtaining means to use against us keep the money in our own ranks the morning as they obtain the more they will enjoy our kingdom by taking from us our subjects meet and hear more from uneventfully upbuilding of price kingdoms and this production is that we hate and we need not fear the influence for we know that every selfish conscious person will fall in our power and will finally be separated from God to those who have a form of godliness but do not know the power we can gain many would otherwise do us harm lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God we are most effective helpers those of this classwork and intelligent serve as decoys to draw others into our snare many will not fear the influence because they profess the same thing we will thus lead them to conclude that the requirements of Christ are less strict than they once believed in it by conforming to the world they would exert a greater influence with rulings thus they will separate from Christ then they will have no strength to resist our power and your long they will be ready to ridicule their former zeal and devotion until the great decisive blow shall be struck our efforts against Commandment keepers must be on time we must be present at all their gatherings in their large meetings especially our cause will suffer like we must exercise great this is what all are seductive arts to prevent souls from hearing the truth and becoming impressed by I will have upon the ground as my agents men holding false doctrines mingled with just enough just to deceive souls I will also have unbelieving ones present school expressed doubts in regards to the Lord 's messages and warnings was church should the people read and believe these admissions we would have little hope of overcoming but if we can divert their attention from these warnings they will remain ignorant of our power and cunning and we shall secure than in our ranks at last God will not permit his words to be slighted with impunity if we can keep souls deceived for a time God 's mercy will be withdrawn he will give them up to our full control we must cause distraction and division women's ordination we must destroy their anxiety for their own souls and lead them to criticize to judge to accuse and condemn one another for these sins God banished us from his presence and all who follow our example will meet a similar fate testimonies to ministers for seventy two p.m. four seventy two brothers sisters that is a game plan that is what Satan has been doing is doing and will continue to do until probation closes every wind of doctrine will be flying around if your feet are not properly grounded you will be let away from your foundation you may pass every exam within a you may gradually with a four oh but if you don't have a four oh in the understanding of present truth it doesn't it doesn't matter you can buy the biggest house you can drive the most expensive car you can wear the nicest clothing it doesn't matter God is not a respecter of people she knows who his people are in very soon it will be very distinctly clear who was on costs since eighteen forty four the earthquake within the Adventist church has been growling and now the intensity and ferocity have increased the division is becoming more and more apparent the decision became very clear when I photograph Ted Wilson July third two thousand ten that message for not backwards split the entire church in half you're either on this site audio on the other side three weeks later I was in Munich preaching church leader came up to me and says you shouldn't use a much northern Germany the place that first approved women's ordination of the hundred and thirty five pastors only five believe and preach from the spirit of prophecy by out of a hundred and thirty five we are near the end we are near the end our job is not just to know the Scriptures this is a difficult task it is more than just knowing the Scriptures it's about also living the Scriptures edits about sharing the Scriptures you can have all that information intellectual at here but when you come to someone you want to share the gospel of intellectual knowledge and experience knowledge are two different things you need to review phase sings out to get you he's doing everything that he can so how are you going to stand if you will stand under the bloodstained banner of Prince Emmanuel faithfully doing his service you need never yield to temptation for one stands by your side who was able to keep you from falling every use is granted a probation in which to form a character for the future immortal life precious golden moments these will be to you if you improve them according to the light God is permitting to shine upon you for his throne while every grain of knowledge which parents and teachers are giving you should be carefully cherish you are to bear in mind that there is a deeper teaching than any that human beings can give Christ is the greatest teacher the world has ever known he must dwell in the heart are living faith then his spirit will be through you in vitalizing power youth instructor August three in eighteen ninety nine paragraph four wherein the just because you come to hope doesn't mean you can be standing on the sea of glass many will say Lord Lord deny I don't know who you want I've shield to your brothers and sisters if you are so hooked in by media by video games and by TV cut them loose that is because your salvation is on the life you may think you're young and you got twenty years down the road I'll tell you if you died tonight you die with your sins confessed there is no time two years ago G Y C theme the time is now now now to make the change now to cut out anything that offends God if you don't do it now when I'm on borrowed time twice over three times over were all on borrowed time you don't know when your life will just stop a media willing to say to make a commitment there are things in the TV and the media in the games the magazines in the online that I need to stop doing and I want help and I'm willing to stand and say I'm taking a stance right now no more of that stand there are some of you here they're saying I've already made that commitment I want to stand as well when you stay there some here that are struggling since you know I I I like the TV I like all these things will continue to pray for you Jesus is coming we got work to do first first within them from father in heaven we realize the shortness of time we know that Satan is doing everything that he can in these last days to separate us from you oh Lord we want to stand under this banner the bloodstained banner of Prince Emmanuel we need the working of the Holy Spirit within us now we need the Holy Spirit to reprove us to correct us on the things that we are so attached to in this world O Lord give us the victory over these things call us to higher ground prepare us to stand for you be with each one standing be with each one city give us strength for you ask and pray in Jesus name


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