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What Is Truth?

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • October 11, 2012
    7:00 PM
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everyone is welcome to ultimate purpose how we had glad you're here on the campus of Southern University and I'd like to welcome those all watching across the country around the world thanks for joining us this is a full plot series committed to exploring the most important questions in life within a come from out where my going out what is true so that you joining us tonight now this is going to be an interactive study of God 's word together and if you have a Bible related Christian we like to hear from you have for each program we can be setting aside a certain amount of time to take Bible Christians so if you have a Bible related recently send us a text input that number on the screen for you nine the one text up that's nine three one eight three nine eight eight seven fifty four by the person to send us that God 's image that number and we will try to answer as many questions as possible each evening our first question is an obvious beginning point and its one of these meetings all about you know you are minimizing on speaking to those who are in the college days that are viewing over here in the auditorium at the real crossroads of your life the aged between seventeen twenty five the most pivotal decisions in life are being made regarding everything from what your career is going to be your boyfriend or girlfriend that may end up being your spouse is often chosen during this phase in a person 's life and even more important where you're going to spend eternity mostly decisions that are made regarding what a person 's spiritual courses in the what their world he was in the that will be fine for they become this made during these very crucial years as I'll has had a real burden on my heart having kids that span from sixteen to thirty five and seeing how pivotal this time is and we just wanted to put together a series of amazing facts in three again and willing target as well as we humanly can with God 's help speaking to the hearts of the young people in these formative years are important pivotal years and so you know it all boils down to what is the ultimate purpose in life I only hear it on believing you can be happy unless you understand three very important basics where you came from what you doing here and where you're going and were going to be exploring those things in this research will definitely have a video Christmas come in and go take a look at him and I you and him and I is electrician is related to the Bible now is it relevant for I am today it was amazing that people will say will the Bible you know it's written two thousand years ago the Bible was right actually written over a period of one thousand five hundred years from start to finish and so it managed to stay relevant during all of that time and have asked yourself why is it still a best-seller around the world today and this is economically right now a new amazing facts Bible itself off as a study Bible is one of the first times I've used the Bible of the public meeting and I'm reading through it in every time you read it you find something new the principles that the Bible teaches are relevant because they speak to the heart of man and while technology might change and while there Sir role nuances that may change in essence the dilemma of man has not changed we are born with a terminal disease and as I've often said if you live long enough unit by if Jesus doesn't come first and we don't know what is the purpose of life Jesus addresses that it is very simple teachings we don't know what Jesus looked like I know there's a lot of artist portrayals we don't know exactly what color his clothes were those things never really played into his life and teachings of Jesus you read the sermon on the Mount and you can't be misunderstood it applies to the heart of man today and it really defines what the priority out of the seeking first God 's kingdom and his righteousness we also struggle with sin and temptation with the purpose of life is the Bible answers all those questions in another direction that is at expiration McCain himself particularly that of his time the question is should is so subjective isn't sincerity more important not necessarily matter with God we absolutely got down once as the sincere man looks on the outward appearance the Lord looks on the heart but sometimes sincerity is not good to do it I remember one time I was driving across North America making one of many trips in California to Texas and not sometimes families want to enjoy the trip in the father the man wants to conquer the trip and so I drove all night long when the family was sleeping I thought I can get some peaceful miles behind me started running low on fuel aloft one of those the areas live fill up with gas and Philippa gas got back on the on-ramp started speeding down the interstate again him ten or fifteen minutes I thought when they got most of its sheen of these gas stations and restaurants August saw one of those further back and as I went a little further simply this is just like a new image of the places I just passed and it occurred to me I'm looking at said instead of the main interstate forty East is an interstate forty West weather is no way in the world I was in gifted Texas going that direction even though I drove for half an hour absolutely sincere and I'm sure that the Lord smiled down upon me when I was doing that but I still was never going to Texas I was heading back to the Pacific Ocean the turnaround and so your sincerity matters but truth you will know what the truth is you want to have the right direction you want to reach your destination and so it's not just all not sincere in an accident on autopilot you are and understand that when flying especially in cloud gaming fog you need to keep in on your instruments because sometimes you can think that the nose of your plane is going up when in reality it's going down you can't just trust what you feel and that's probably true in life you can't trust how you feel in every situation you do not have a book the Bible to guide you and ask you with if you are flying across the Pacific on one of these jumbo jets and the pilot came over the loudspeaker he's a ladies and gentlemen if I can have your attention for just a moment I been talking with my copilot and he is absolutely convinced that this machine can also function as a submarine and the like to give it a try he really believes civil work now with his sincerity matter to you now but everybody seem sincere you know there are rules there are aviation law will you violate those laws you can get wet and in life sincerity is important but we need to know what the truth is working the fatal human and especially the video creation will take a look at that I was at my studies how you balance your spiritual life so how do you balance spending time studying God 's word and prayer with all of the homework assignments that have to be finished it on hoping my dear wife is watching right now but still probably think I'm the least qualified person to answer this question because I struggle all the time trying to strike that balance between work and study in family and rest and exercise as Russ lively little racquetball last night I really didn't enjoy I just knew I needed it is that Chrysler referees second two days at the end of the data do when you know you need to do now is a story I heard one time that I think applies here a fraught with hopping along whistling one day wasn't paying attention to where he was going and he hopped off into a very beautiful any half and half including get out and he was cooking for help and turtle slowly came ambling by crane his neck over the edge into what's from the fonts is a wasn't paying attention I was hopping along like talking the whole and I can get out will be to do so if you could go get a stick and drop off in your I could publicly about results see what I can find natural cookoff and honestly back she sees that same productivity sunning himself on a raw is what he doing here you are not holding the city now now that was until the snake the whole I had to get him in the moral of the story is to say I don't have time for my spiritual devotions but you get the lab report from the doctor and he tells you that you got some very serious disease all of a sudden you've got time and if you realize right now that your life is very short we are all terminal and most important thing is to prepare for the life that lasts forever you've got a schedule that ended every day just like you would a time to sleep and each Jesus said a man doesn't live by bread alone but by every word receives from the mouth of God and so and a few jokes as I've esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food was Jeremiah this I found your wordiness I give you to himself as an clerk to you as your physical photos that's a priority that the word of God and your spiritual life devotions need to have an end it's just that it helps also to plan sitdown discipline yourself and say what is a reasonable amount of time to study and getting ready for the series this week I never feel like I'm ready I don't know I never really thought I would like as soon as you trust that you're ready the world show you that you got blank ammunition is why always going to attend Lorne I don't feel like I'm ready when you get so busy studying I don't think clearly and have to say I identify to bring it out of his hotel room walk around it some fresh air and you've got a half thousand and just leave it to go but schedule that time with God one more thought mornings the best time sometimes people say well and intimate emotions in me and him and him and they are part of Earth 's him on leftovers when you do that give him your firstfruits children of Israel manna rained out anyone out first thing in the morning and they fed their souls you got gathered manna and feed your soul is so important your spiritual life a little time we have French expedition Sinatra final Christians ought if you would like to send integration we love you from human can send it via text on the number again is nine three one text offense nine three one six nine eight eight seven father in a special way now as we direct our attention to this very important principle what is truth and we open the blessed book the Bible we ask your presence to be here be with all those who may be watching and would speak to our hearts we thank you and we pray this in Jesus name and you may be seated if I consists inside the longest thing one verse of higher ground because ultimate purpose we figured it up or calling the step meetings and really that's what will one go the Lord will send from heaven with a shout the voice of the Archangel the trump of God and that in Christ we lies than we were alive and remain will be caught up a window what don't you and so Jesus is coming soon we want to live a life that brings glory to him and so the series is really about talking about the priorities in life now as we explore our subject tonight which is really dealing with what is truth this is I think one of the most important things that we could discuss and so I hope you'll be praying with and for me and also those of you were at home I like to make a very simple statement here we know the dear and we know we won't always be here this life when you're living right now in your body even if your line when Jesus comes this is not last forever it's temporary what really matters is a life that lasts for eternity your eternal destiny is what really matters now if that's true as I believe it is in the greatest treasure is truth we have a limited period of time to discover what is the truth and the greatest tragedy would be a waste of life and that's why think this is so important and I just like to speak your hearts now I don't want assume that everyone here knows me here knows my background or where I came from but very quickly let me summarize that first sixteen seventeen years of my life was a real mess I won't go in all the detail but one in California grew up in New York City Boston Miami part-time in Europe father was raised a Baptist that during World War II he became an atheist my mother was Jewish but she also is pretty much agnostic went to fourteen different schools and you get a pretty broad perspective of different people when you go to two different Catholic schools two different Jewish schools multiple public school military school and a free school with no rules in a school on a sailboat that goes around the Mediterranean and that was before I went to college and so all of my life being raised pretty much an atheist I don't think my petty purpose I I was taught your newborn new little while you die and you basically just migrate back in the fertilizer that was your life surfacing some meaningless to me and I can't discover any more than this and I really began to search a lot of people the world will tell you the happiness comes from success money the power that comes with that and I think the key is if you just have a lot of money multiples would not argue with someone wanted to give you a lot of money right you can get a good thing in itself is not evil Bible says that the love of money my father had millions and millions of dollars and when he passed away he started a foundation that's got over three hundred million dollars but all my life I remember my dad be very unhappy and he drank himself to sleep every night on the other side the mother she was in show business just all different kinds of show business she was songwriter since the right for the Elvis Presley I saw some of you on how many people in the college would remember Andy Williams and Williams died a couple of weeks ago I looked on the Internet news and I saw there was a picture of my mom on stage with Andy Williams I put my Facebook if any of your my friends at Facebook and and he was singing a song that she wrote he let her dance on the routine during his show but she was during that time she was writing songs and musicals and she was an actress and most of all she was a film critic in Hollywood she was the president of the LA film critics good morning America film critic and she know a lot of people in Hollywood and we knew some of those people my brother and I were in his and Falcons my mom was but she was very unhappy and a lot of people that we knew in that wife were very unhappy and some who are successful and wealthy and good-looking and healthy intelligent losing with talent and good looks children's as a result while happiness doesn't come from money happiness doesn't come from the same as the purpose of life and I just began to search I was really hungry because I felt like until myself a something about suicidal time but I thought no suicide is once doing they only do it once if you don't write you only go once and I think it funny to do I don't like and down but I thought no I can postpone that and do my best to find out if there's any purpose it is like sure you get it wrong and so I just begin the search and I just tried everything I will going all the details but I mean I tried to the drugs and walks in while living in crime ultimately I was living on the boat and the Mediterranean to search a try I began to get into the Eastern religions I was going to try anything hallucinogenic 's mushrooms L is the unique status hungry to find out where his meaning what's the purpose of life and then I decided it was in nature is nature releasing real to me I was so fed up with New York City in the Hollywood singer I moved into the mountains outside of Palm Springs into a cave to be at one with nature and I went all out I wanted to suck my go all out and I mean I didn't wear any clothes and I just I try to live off the land from the while the nearly starve to death on the site is not much meat on a rattlesnake and a squirrel is take my word for some but I would panhandle in town I get my groceries and the short version of the story is someone and left the Bible in the cave before I forgot there was a good camping spot by Creek of mountains way back and I started reading about will you need only and the somewhere along the way I encountered the teachings of Jesus and I couldn't shake it I just knew that this was true which my mother being Jewish said in all Christians of the problem with the world and that they've always persecuted Jews and I was very vice but when I read the actual things and Jesus said I've never heard anyone talk like that know his enemy sent some guards once to arrest him and they came back without Jesus and they said where is a widening arrest him and they were dumbfounded they sent to the leaders never man spake like this me not like to direct your attention to a story in the New Testament go to the book of John in the Gospel of John chapter eighteen is an encounter between Jesus and Pilate you know I told him indigo does nothing sadder than a wasted life I remember doing an amazing fact about the man who is a self-imposed prisoner for twenty seven years I see if I can pronounce his name correctly show e.g. you you may be heard about him he was a Japanese soldier on the island while that when the when American forces came and basically liberated the island the war was over there about ten soldiers at first held out this if they didn't believe that the war was over on gradually seven of them migrated away from 3M and even though he saw leaflets is one sold just did not believe that the war was really over four years he and his three friends well Mendocino were rebels didn't accept that the war was over that was propaganda they separated because there wasn't enough food in this one area they were nearly starving and any found his two friends start to end up this gentleman spent twenty seven years basically living in a small and the hole in the ground being eaten alive by mosquitoes eating rats and frogs and cockroaches miserable finally a farmer found him and he was captured or surrendered and realizing the war had really been over all that time and he had spent the best years of his life from his twenties he was fifty seven years old when finally realized that he had been fighting a war that didn't exist he went back to Japan and is treated like a hero and he said I return greatly ashamed and he never did really recover our city and just felt like he had wasted his life because he did not know the truth and you know that to me is a store the service summarizes what's so important about this meeting you don't want to come to the end of your life and find out I believe the lie and so I wasted my life miserable imagine that twenty seven years being eaten alive by mosquitoes to me that was worsening in rats because you don't know the truth felt that I gave your first John chapter reaching Jesus is being tried by Pontius Pilate and in the exchange you know that mom is calling for his crucifixion pilot is intrigued because he's received a letter from his wife just as I suffered many things in a dream to him in the don't do anything without just man so his wife stolen that that's economic needs heard about Jesus and his great teacher in the visa worker of miracles and it is being told he's a rebel and he's causing an insurrection against Roman is not quite sure what to think and he can look at Jesus and CRC many criminals in this man is not a criminal site as a lingering usually once a private interview with Christ addiction aside and he's talking to Jesus the judgment of the Pretoria in verse thirty three John nineteen and he called he seas he said are you the King of the Jews Jesus answered I speaking for yourself about this or did others tell you this concerning me I would answer tonight to your own nation and the chief priests and the liberty to me what to be done Jesus answered and said my kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world my servants would fight so that I should not be delivered to the Jews but now my kingdom is not from here pilot and said to him are you a king then Jesus answered you rightly say that I'm a king for this cause I was born for this cause I come into the world that I should bear witness to the truth Jesus said that he came to bear witness to the truth he came to show us what the truth is everyone who is of the truth hears my voice pilot said to him what is truth case you think I made up the sermon title for this evening at dinner parties piloted what is the truth nothing is more important than truth there is no greater treasure than truth is no greater trial in a wasted life it was sad I wouldn't wait for the answer maybe the crowd was screaming well aside maybe there is cynicism in the way that he answered this one is interesting imagine being the governor intraday at that time with all these different religious factions are fighting and even within the Roman Empire is solely different religions integrate religion all the different Roman gods in all the different religions of Asia and any says what is truth everyone says and how can anyone know what the truth is I know I think right now young people especially in India college years are bombarded with a kaleidoscope of ideas and there's so many new creative bizarre ideas out there that you can become overwhelmed and all gets fuzzy and you start to think what is truth and how sad to be standing next to Jesus who is the embodiment of truth God the truth of God was incarnate in the person of Jesus to be standing so close what an interesting conversation that must of been one of the leaders in the Roman Empire to say that God incarnate what is truth and not wait for the answer but the turn and walk away how sad to be so close to the truth and not listen to what Jesus had to say no later Pontius Pilate was banished to Gaul tradition tells us that he committed suicide I read somewhere last week Marilyn Munro was asked about what is truth and she said I believe everything a little bit tragically she also killed herself so we got to know what is truth nor will everyone thinks it got their own idea of truth and it can be fatal not the Bible says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge especially the knowledge about the priority of life will be the thing we would want to ascertain but want to be appropriate to put definition upon the screen since we are here at a lace of learning truth is one that sure actual state of the matter to conformity with the fact or reality very free estate or character of being true now in our world today the big question is is there one truth or is there are there multiple truths you know nothing we heard one of the video questions and was a little while ago someone said well you know everyone got different truth and you get your trip I got my truth and nobody's truth might be the same in deal once the pilot on the airplane to say that before you take off in all the copilot and I can't exactly agree on aviation law today sorting away workers in a fly by the seat of our faiths and some people live their lives that way is there an absolute truth two years ago the market research group this study and asked Americans this question is they are absolute truth amazingly sixty six percent of adults responded that they believe that there is no such thing as an absolute truth that different people can define truth in different conflicting ways and still be correct the figure rises to seventy two percent notices when it comes to those between the ages of eighteen and twenty five those Americans between eighteen and twenty five up to seventy five sorry seventy two percent by the way this is an older study the newer study offender percentages gone up save it really is no absolute truth to give you an example of an absolute truth and absolute truth would be something cannot bring itself into existence as absolutely true something cannot bring itself into existence with something need to exist prior to bringing itself into existence dealt with me can we agree that it's an absolute truth but nothing cannot bring itself into existence is that when making sense to me so there are certain absolutes we depend on our soldiers every day but when it comes to the purpose of our lives for the thing well not sure you wind up as I did today and might have a different idea of Mali we need to find out what is it envy calibrating a sharper and sharper focus with our lives away zeroing in on what is the truth and ran in the own unique research and study and it may use the word revolving and running as we refine it as we study it becomes more focused on the outlines of ten ongoing what is the truth and we got to make sure were not being diluted by the world and the culture around us another study was done reported in the magazine the invisible generation seventy percent of young people believe that absolute truth does not exist in all truth is relative and personal I don't consider judging if you say to the person next to you you're wrong you're your idea of truth is wrong my idea of truth is right I think should be respectful of everybody's opinions but if you see a child the things they can jump off a building with a towel around their neck because they watch Superman are you to let them do it even if their sincere I was a kid I watched some of Superman growing up I thought I just believe you know if you mix your super sand Superman you're Peter Pan I think it is believed you can jump out a window I think if I had more faith like it is in this towel around my neck and sore him you saw to get ready to do that when he saw a woman if I don't want to insult his freedom that I need to respect his opinion he is sincere somewhere along the way and while we should be respectful of everybody that doesn't mean everybody's ideas of truth there is any truth in one of the favorite things our family likes to do I hope Karen and I Stephen Nathan even then when the Marines got our scuba license and update as close as you can get to heaven this side of heaven is if your scuba diving to be warm water just doesn't feel like a foot of your scuba diving and liking of the Caribbean and the chloro re- cc all the beautiful colors and the Uranus fish in the flowing around the Valley with fun when you swing through a school of fish with a promise but otherwise really need and you and you see all the different colors and pictures like you're flying but if you know something about the diving you know that as you go deeper in your breathing compressed air there is a very dangerous effects that can overtake you somewhere between nineteen hundred feet nitrogen mycosis and they call it arrived as of the date because what happens is it's almost like breathing nitrous oxide in the laughing gas it can give you a feeling of euphoria they also called the martini affect you probably understand why they figure that you know every fifty feet a new vote down beyond an hundred feet is like having a martini on an Islamic and sold unless you really know when you're starting to get that feeling of betrayal because he could focus of your underwater then they start at the Little League and you always bolted me with a diving buddy and the need to will the real cure itself to get up a little higher you go up but that person down there can be doesn't want to read while I think I can reason about my regulator I think I don't want to see your changes I bet I can lasso a shot and some paint on some of the dumbest things in the world because they're basically you're drunk and it can be fatal they don't know it's happening nothing happen in our culture today some people because of all the different messages were bombarded with we have in order to collect nitrogen mycosis being knocked aside has been marked there is a very disturbing video that I saw online in Egypt one diver went down with her camera and they basically videotape consulted and mean to but the videotape himself going deeper and deeper and they were under the influence they got dark they got caught up in the rapture of the deep and they decided to go deeper and deeper they couldn't figure out how to operate the regulator they were so drunk that they didn't know how to release their weights and basically even seen this person is no audio but you see this person basically drown because they were overcome with a sense of self-confidence they didn't realize of going out three hundred feet they might've a very sincere but that won't help you if you're self-destructing now someone might say well you know we all come from different backgrounds and so we all have different respect and send it just depends on what your perspective is an menu for the illustration use before about this king this king wanted to find out how blind men would react when they saw an elephant seven C Nelson but when they were exposed to know as a redux of why anyone would want to the elephant but he lived in different parts of the elephant and one of the blind men you've heard this before one of my many different than the elephant 's trunk is designed to understand the elephant because it was men's an elephant is very much like a snake and the other one he got letter to only use all your all wrong about all I can think an elephant is actually very much like a tree no longer the home of the customers of hormonal elephant is like a stick I understand the elephant it is like a stick some and also led the bodies as you all along beside her now you can even see it that way and open to the mountain another one is led around by the tail is all unavoidable one gets a hold of the year is like a great bird they all had different parts of the elephant people of these illustrations I everybody comes a truth with different perspectives and just depends on what part of the truth you got a hold of and there really nobody knows for sure you're so sure because you got the Trenton you're so sure because you get here and no one can really know what the truth is we know that elephant got upset because all these people were groping an extra line but the king who could see through my but the rest of the story that elephant did not stop being an elephant just because some people have the wrong part of the elephant there is a truth and it is crucial that we understand what the most important truth is there different kinds of tradition represented by the truth about how proper way to operate your cell phone under the instructions in the truth about how to cook waffles and is all different kinds of truths it may not be a real priority but when it comes to why your heart is beating right now why your lungs are breathing why you're alive why your mind is speaking with thoughts right now why what is the purpose your union will be answered because your eternal destiny and what you do between now and whenever the end of your life comes or Jesus coming whichever comes first if you depend on what you understand truth of the and so I would never recommend that you make that a priority to seek first God 's kingdom and his righteousness I've got my choosing you've got your truth doesn't matter no not too long ago we were all just horrified by the news images that came through of somebody that spent way too much time watching videos and they dyed their hair red and they went into a movie theater and with the automatic weapons and just began to blaze away at people who come to watch the dark Knight now who knows what the world out of anyone knows yet what the world was going through that guys but he was living in and alter reality we all agree with that does it matter if he says that I was seeing was absolutely will there are some things that are right and there are some things that are wrong when we go to find out what the truth is are we forever to be this kind of guessing I'll submit you and you knew where I was going this the Bible is true God 's word is the truth that's what it says about itself John seventeen seventeen Jesus said sanctify them by your truth your word is truth in our history when you went into a courthouse in your arena testify somehow that you say he promised to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth when you think you need to know what that was does this relate to policy related to Jesus Stefano which was this with you what exactly is that I don't know what truth is who knows what the truth is he's getting ready to decide whether delivered by if God can determine your eternity you want him to know what the truth is do you need to know the truth Jesus said I have communicated humanity through a book to a sacred supernatural message my words have been preserved and his work the Scriptures are the truth of God not taken as a whole and not in reading the Bible for years and I understand there are some difficult passages and I don't claim to have all the answers but I like to suggest to you that you're better off believing too much of the Bible but not enough of it you're better off believing it is all true even thinking well you know I might take a little bit out here in a little bit here if you take the whole thing is the word of God your life will be a lot happier Jesus said thy word is truth and so you know maybe I need to illustrate this somehow I maybe I get a couple of volunteers I like to get one young man yeah that's dinner with it what you young man over here who wanted to come up you won't come apart I'd like a young lady let's go to my left ear he will come upon a place April two hundred and one upon the stage here in the around the back if you walk up the stairs a little more graceful on a passive losses to come out and what was your name and tell me talking with high Andrew Angelo case you don't microphone your and you and your a Dell okay what's anyone ask you thousands of the direction terrible him you are perfect for this illustration five five five how your house era my sister and I need a GPS to get my classes marital rape I guess Vatican North forming well you know what you might be pretty close you had about three hundred and sixty options to get a ride fellows find out here notices that his compass okay assuming there's no magnetic your interference you were only about ten or fifteen degrees off is not that but of course with a railroad track to know if your quarter of an inch off in about a mile your twenty feet off the train to derail see one of being a little close and that our enemies see if if we can help you hold this for America threatening the home informing allegedly home you don't work and address of Andrew Little bit okay this illustration so let's put some blindfolds on him we wanted to make sure that we were to make a fashion statement this okay not just in case you can see one for them the second and you get it so you don't take me out the via yell all the way down cover his eyes all you Lord methanol you can see you started associated refill you'll be all right is this a short period of time I want to come over here for second nod like you to all you need me okay spin irrelevant and cute cute on and keep spinning you have even started yet okay let's get to the point North him him better than you thought him and I and another volunteer wanted to get going with me you know if you write you get off now as to your religions either the gift thank you you are pretty close I'm really impressed but do you measure based on the incident around pointing or do you feel better when you look at something dependable much better by the compass all right they will renew the little gift the compass data needed him to the iPad will give you hang out with him again if you are able illustration didn't work very well that the the idea being you get the point you know we can respond in every direction following the role you like reasonable GPS like travel I think GPS with me even when she wants to mislead you I was driving across the mountains as last year and taken a road not taken before very remote mountains in northern California it's an area called the Emerald triangle you know why it's called the emerald trying until you my GPS is taking down these long trails sixty miles to the next gas station and also GPS has turn left and if I gone when GPS was telling now involved with and on my way down and was recalculated him and and I got so lost back there I got the marijuana country at him and before the day was over I was being seized by somebody and I was going as fast as I could out run business big truck with the headlights across the rack and a gun rack unit study that she's been on in my pickup truck and I'm writing this is nothing to do with his arm and I sent him running and driving as fast as I cannot these roads in the sun has gone down now and assuming this is the water lines all across the marijuana country and then they turn on their policeman I was trying out run a policeman anyway I was really lost GPS misguided me so I spent the night in jail workout no not really let him in so if we want to know what the truth is the Bible is true it's like you know you punch in when you first turn on your route I fly my GPS the plaintiff a lot more dependable on more expensive to when you first started on it tells you how many satellites are getting because of the only one satellite became fixed in position you get to satellites you can't really fix her position you get three satellites and you can triangulate and get your position on the map but I don't know my elevation you need to get six or seven satellites before you can really get any more satellite of the satellite you register the more accurate you can pinpoint your position and so reading the Bible comparing Scripture with Scripture on them that's the next thing someone can say after that is in the Bible is true whose version of the Bible before I join my church I studied with Christians from all different backgrounds and I was so frustrated because everybody had a different idea I just had what I want to know what the truth is I believe Jesus is true I believe the Bible is true but now with all this disagreement among Christians so should I shrugged my shoulders like pilot say what is truth by the need to search so how do you find when you're reading the Bible what what is the truth of his a few things in particular you do one compare Scripture with Scripture let the Bible interpret itself pray for the spirit as you read the Bible God 's Spirit will lead you in the truth and consider Christian Council is a number of other things you can do but you can actually pinpoint with some precision what the truth is now if you're trying to fix something that's popular it may not be the truth because the Bible says straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life few there be that find it and if you define the truth is truth can hurt truth is the most valuable thing and it's a treasure doesn't necessarily mean it's in the be the most popular thing you got a search for it with all your heart Jesus said exactly Jeremiah chapter twenty nine verse thirteen you will search for me and you'll find me when you search me another incident with all of your heart know the Lord promises seeking no fine what would be more precious than finding the truth but it's something that needs to be sought after so you search in the search with all your heart for the truth for one thing God 's Spirit is truth John sixteen verse thirteen however when he the Spirit of truth has come he will guide you into all truth so as you're reading the word in your comparing Scripture with Scripture we pray for God 's Spirit and when I open the Bible and I begin to study I was praying for us in the morning flight of the Lord praise the Lord and I but then the normalized moment another verse John four twenty four God is spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth what I tell you why think this is so important is the day coming when everybody in the world according to the Bible is whining either missing the mark of the beast or have the seal of God and that's any boiling down to whether you worship the beast and his image where you worship God Jesus of the hour is coming when those who kill you will think they're serving God there is to be a major deception elastase juices that will be so powerful that he was a very away could be to see and so how important is it for us to really know what the truth is because in order for us to worship God the right way it says those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in short there is a truth you can't worship God the way that God is to be worshiped in less than some idea of what the truth is that's why the Lord condemns idolatry is when people around the world bless their hearts they kneel down in front of these four-footed critters in college on they might be sincere and the Lord looks on their hearts but that doesn't mean that God is a cow noticing it doesn't mean that God is a is a bloggers of the wind or the trees or any of the many things that people may worship not meaning to be disrespectful to what people believe God says that's idolatry he said it's more consistency and so God feels that strongly about our worshiping him in spirit and in truth we don't know who it is worshiping so were studying trying to find two most important things in life while talking about the ultimate purpose Jesus is seek first the kingdom know when God is love sharing God 's love across those two directions it is this love relationship and it's this love relationship loving the Lord with all of your heart mind soul and strength loving your neighbor that priority of life that really is the ultimate purpose of the knowing who is my daughter would love and how can I love my neighbor the way I should before you know God in you you have the spirit in your alterations very important decisions in your lives and it's important what the truth is John I'm sorry first John five six the apostle says this is Gina came by water and blood even Jesus Christ not by water alone but by water and blood and it is the Spirit bears witness because the spirit is true and again in second Peter one verse twenty knowing this first no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation for prophecy never came by the will of man but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit moved the people that wrote the Bible in a special way so that it presents truth to us now does God care if you believe the truth as long as your sincere is all that matters to him sincerity is important being on the last phase or any people who really really believe that they believe the truth and courtesy because they reject God 's Spirit in his holiness one more verse for you like a few more verses second Thessalonians two verse ten and with all unrighteous deception among those you perish one of the parish because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved I'm not done their ideal of the truth how are you saying you got a receive a love of the truth that is the most important thing you can seek after nowhere people I I appreciate the Internet that sort of treatment needle but you know what I mean it's just mind-boggling to me we can go to our cabin way back up in the hills and now we have phone reception they are not a smart phone like many of you and I read when I lived in a cave I know radio and television and no telephone no communication I saw no people and he was really while isolated living now go to the cabin we met up in the woods and I can search the Internet you go to Google or Yahoo and you can search this exponentially exploding database of information that is constantly growing for just about every little nuance you could possibly want to know or not want to know and there's something written about it and I often wonder how many people are searching for truth selection knowledge there for the night of knowledge none of wisdom and everybody is in the last days of his knowledge will increase Daniel chapter twelve why were living in a time people run to and fro going back and forth between Google and Yahoo knowledge increases but that doesn't mean that wisdom increases salon as everyone searching for soon as you turn on your computer you go to the bottom of the screen to search any website search not only search for website and you would like to search the website everybody's searching but wonder how many are searching for truth what is the purpose of life what could possibly be more important Jesus said those that love the truth will not perish if those that do not oh they will perish and illegals on the same he did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved for this reason because they won't receive a love of the truth God will send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie that they all might be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness of the truth is expensive with you like the Lord to show you the truth we would like to really know the truth are you sure have you ever had someone ask that question would you like to know the truth anything not sure we can say because the truth can hurt when God says do you want to know the truth he can say to you really want to know the truth in a white because when you know the truth then your accountable your more accountable to follow troops pilots and what is to think that he really wanted no he said what is truth and then he walked away from Jesus if Jesus were to ask you tonight do you want to know the truth you want to know what God were safe I love you and I want to save you from yourself you come to me just like you are all forgive your sins I give you a new heart I want to deliver I want to make some changes in the second Lord Creek I want to know the truth curious but under Alzheimer's disease that's interesting but as soon as the Lord says the truth is that ask for your heart in your life you really want to retrieve and what I got plans and when you showed me the truth it may get in the way of my plans note the Bible says we just read that if we do not receive the love of the truth of God will send them strong delusion that they should believe alive while people out there have a curiosity about the truth and when not will you want when God shows you some truth he wants you to walk in the truth and if he will give you more it's like a light signals brighter and brighter until that day dawns in your heart if you walk in the light as he is in the light the light is brighter but if God shows you like and he shines a light in your heart and you say you know that's interesting Lord thank you very much for sharing but it conflicts maybe with something in your life and you turn away to be very dangerous Linda was in the synagogue of loving God is patient but you don't want to gamble eternity so God reveals some duty to God reveals some truth you it's not just the interchange of you gives you the truth so that you can want in the truth and it will give you more know I ponder these things years ago when I was young I tried so many things find the truth and when I began to discover the truth in the Bible is at all what humans working on you mean you want me to do this you want to do that you want me to stop doing this and that and I realize what the consequences would be turning away from the truth I made a decision I like to recommend I think it really didn't help change my life listen plates if you know Idaho world yourself when God convicted me of something that needed changing watching the Jesus is God all accepted just like you are we got a decent redecorating so I like them I've got plans Lord is what it's all immunity like Jesus went around the circle washing the disciples feet he said to Peter Gunn Washington Peterson on you not to do that not you not my feet as if I don't wash your feet I have no part in your department explored not only my feet on my hands and my money on my mind is alert you I heard us upon doing some wrong if I'm not following you and what honestly confess Lord I'm struggling with this right now but I know it should you are missing don't ever lie to yourself if you discover something God 's word be careful about going on the road when you numb your own soul you might find yourself with a martini effect you might find yourself knocked you might find that your developed with the raptures of the deep and you can think everything is okey-dokey anything he's thinking the quote Lucille Ball I don't want to deceive yourself because if you don't receive a love of the truth that you might be saying than when it is true the way what is left of the God synonymous and delusions that deceive you it's when you take away to the only thing that comes out of this darkness we need to receive a love of the truth in a way another reason to the software should liberate its truth will set you free horses John eight thirty two you will know the truth and the truth will make you free you can never be free until you really know what the truth is Psalm ninety one verse four will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will trust this truth will be your shield and your buckler half-truth is a dangerous thing especially if you get a hold of all half-truths I remember reading a story one time about the warning billing friend at school game the slingshot it wasn't so sure mom and dad would approve presumable farm but he really wanted to try it so took out a slingshot and he went out to create any shots and leaves he could even hit the tree I learned out the slingshot the barn door barely hit the side of a barn and he has thought is so inaccurate as he was as you never need stones when you turn right left and even nice brownstone anyone back in the house that is all the family ducks waddle across the lawn and you know everybody this is something sinister innocent little birds to give a BB gun video shoot anything and video hold back any fires and conducts the levels next after the square and again the Lord and even if the quest home no and he turns to come back and healthy look in mirror his sister Sally was staring out the kitchen window and he came in the house use white as a sheet he said you won't tell about the author of the failure you went and dug a hole will quickly bury the deck and hope they want to notice her only nine ducks instead of ten this is a solvable thing he came back in Houston she is a solid season she said well we'll see if we can have an understanding pencil that night after after dinner monster down really think it's your turn wash machine Sally of his return to wash the dishes and so is not doing I have an understanding issue its ability is limited up for his washing the dishes and then the next morning to visit on your time you got to go out milk the goats and the notes and a couple days went by and she has made him a slave and finally he went he told mom and dad I don't know those Muslims which will argue that their critical environment variables Lori and in the mom nodded and smiled she said as Sally wasn't the only one that saw that we solve it to him suite is wondered how long you were in the letter makes you once we finally know what the truth was free now we've all got these things we think are hidden from everybody and we need a layout before the Lord the truth will set you free well I told you God 's Spirit is truth truth liberates truth purify us first Peter one twenty two since you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the spirit in sincere love of the brother purified your souls not knowing truth the devil knows some truth is it's obeying the truth John seventeen nine and for their sakes I sanctify myself that they might be sanctified or purified by the truth these are the words of Jesus the truth will sure if I know the Bible tells us blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God don't you want to see him in peace someday it's the truth that purifies it's what power brings the compass of your soul again first John three three everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself even as he is pure no you shine the light on a swamp and it sterilizes its like if I don't find the disease of breeding in the small but in the desert things are purified and then finally that's certainly not least Jesus is the truth John one verse fourteen the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory is the glory of the only begotten only begotten of the father full of grace and truth Jesus said in John fourteen six I am the way I am the truth I am the life the ultimate purpose in life is in crime this is nothing more important if you want in life then you must accept truth and the embodiment of the truth of God is Jesus down Jesus we may not see his fine here on the planet begin on the closest thing reading it to him being here is his word don't know what he looked like we know what he said and what he said is change the world 's word is truth the word became flesh and dwelt among us you have a chance to know the truth in his words Christ is the word he said I am the way I am the truth and I am the life if you want a wife really talking this weekend about plans for your life on when God 's plans are if you specifically but there are ways you can discover his plan for your life you might have questions about where you came from and what you doing here and where you're going but it all begins when where neither the answers to those questions Jesus is the truth he is the way he is the life and the truth will set you free and I heard years ago about the town that was struggling with bankruptcy on what you're hearing the news here in Tennessee but California estate is almost folding and we got whole cities that are declaring bankruptcy and that it's gotten pretty serious of years ago in the Northeast there was a resort town that was struggling with bankruptcy and leaders in the community had an emergency meeting and they all gathered in this public building to see if they could come up with some ideas and about twenty of them in the room these leaders and want to find out how could they resolve this financial crisis they were facing and while they were in there in the meeting the door was open it was a summer afternoon old Man coyote wandered in and sat down and you look like a stranger to everybody there may possibly be bought with church service he is nowhere it was debated on one of sorry this letter is apparent and they were offering the suggestion that suggesting they were just desperate to find answers honestly this community financially and the only raised his hand and said I might make a suggestion and figure some of them but we know who you are this community when you know and once or twice he sent you and David was interrupted and they wouldn't recognize him during the meeting and finally he codeveloped me straighten himself he walked out the door a few minutes later someone came running in the meeting they said what he says someone who say the man is what you say thirty insane evening was a human who wants John D Rockefeller 's yachts in the harbor he heard we were struggling he wanted to help the community became to offer help there they were looking for financial solutions the richest man in the world came in the often help and it in no way once you know you wonder how often that happens in this life people are wondering where to turn maybe you're facing some of those issues and some of those decisions my major should be what I do with my life whom I spoke to spend my life with should I take some kind of a career and you are you calling me to the mission field Lord what is your plan for me and here were struggling to find answers to what God 's will is for us what the ultimate purpose of life might be in Jesus as a prayer away he is the truth you can turn to in his word there are answers for everyone else how we might say what all this person know that opinion this prisoner that opinion I feel this nonsense the error problems working also serve a way that seems right to a man of the end thereof are the ways that you know this is a life or death questions were talking about knowing what the truth 's can make all the difference in the world for your life making of the supreme pursuit and I'd like to invite you tonight to consider the one who's come to Jesus 's year is that when we gather his name is Chris and he has a plan for your life is a good plan the plan is I know the thoughts that I have lots of peace and hope to give you a future God cares about you but he won't force and someone he wants to pursue him he wants you to seek and he wants you to deal with all your heart what would be more important than the truth you think of anything that I would like to say as we close Lord by your grace with your help I want to treasure the truth I want to know the truth and if you're willing to come to Jesus Lord I believe in addition what is your plan for my life and asked him withstanding do that right now loving father was so thankful that he loved us so much that he sent -year-old son into this world that you came to demonstrate what the truth is through his life that he not only show us who you are he showed us how to love each other and then ultimately night for us what I prayed in the first year except that Zach Weisman thank you crazy gas this is a this media was brought audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through audio must want to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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