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How Did We Get Here?

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • October 12, 2012
    7:00 PM
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I might have to go back to prison an amazing facts enjoy me and saved me to take a few moments to look at some of the questions that it is any good evening that's about evening best raw eye friends in the media arrival let's begin with our questions this evening in the first one of the expiration of the home no God has not given up on me because of my packs now that's an important question of course if if all of us were to ask a question we all have reason to think God gave up on because all and send and come short of the glory of God meaning soon as you reach the age of accountability virtually everybody has send and know we all worry from a twelve years old long remember that he does for the individual locality forgiven I got this past and saying that someone facetiously because here I am fifty five years old and when I hear university students expressing concern that their burden of guilt from their past is going to separate them from God don't think that your better center in God as a savior that the reason Jesus came is the same as for our sins and if his sacrifice was effective enough to cover the sins of the entire world then I suspect he has enough for you to and so whenever you're willing to genuinely repent and come to God he's willing to receive and to forgive you on especially the video creation will take a look at that him and him is cancer is in works out and got a friend turned away no person has known the truth I turn away from the truth tells us in the first book of Peter that God let that people can sometimes be harder to reach that doesn't mean they're unreachable I mean you got examples in the Bible of people like Peter that at one point denying the Lord and then they were converted or Solomon who was led away from the Lord by his pagan wives but then he repented one profit was sent to him and us how you get the book of Ecclesiastes and so even after person drifts away there's only three things you can do somebody you love it is rejected Christianity and whether they've gone off into being involved in Wicca Wicca Serio a conversion of witchcraft if you lost your loss right I mean you don't need to be a nominal Christian it's almost even more dangerous for a person to be lost in church is again have just enough Christianity to deceive themselves the least the person often taken as a mentor getting themselves resign nothing to do with Christianity for this three things you can do to reach your friends pray for them and I'm not saying that visits some passé powerless thing prayer is very powerful be a good witness for them and if they're open trying to share information with them in a tactful loving winsome way singing on that something like your reader considered to talk to you about that I found a great study in the word of God I share that with you and you know how much a person is willing to listen or not to listen but if you can engage them if you can share information do that neither witness pray for them and according God 's hands that's really all you can do that all of us know people that maybe knew the truth that wandered away and that they need a little extra for expression is a especially came in last night she spoke about what is truth and this is a follow-up lamented and maybe more than one truth well we're right now not far from Chattanooga Tennessee and it is true I can get to California going east and it's also too active in California going with my liberty to California going north and south soon thinks of you want to you can create a complex answer out of that California hasn't moved the truth about the longitude and latitude California hasn't changed and so in that respect it is absolute sometimes people approach it differently but the truth doesn't move when you're flying from point a to point B when reusing as they point me there is a lot of different circuitous ways you get there but the truth doesn't change mouse might move rivers might relocate the truth doesn't change and often I'm the Lord I change not in Jesus is the truth and an expression is especially well how can I regain a level of God after my heart has been hard while it similar to that question about a friend who is wandered away and over the Bible talks about the new birth everybody that comes Lord really has a hard hard because the new covenant and the new birth the promise is to make a new covenant with you I'll take that heart of stone out of your flesh and I give you a heart of flesh and when we pray and ask God to give us his Spirit and help us to experience the new birth and this is something worth seeking after this is something worth asking for this is something worth knocking on heavens door it's something that's worth pursuing in alone once to be pursued I still among the persuasion the girls are different than boys I'm old-fashioned that way and I think that a girl and boy has taken an interest in her she will appreciate being reminded that he's interested this image is interested in him and even though Karen I've been married for many years she doesn't ever get tired of me showing interests and she may want to go for a walk with me but it means so much more to her I say would you like to go for a walk just about pursuing your legal wants to be pursued once to be wanted God is not force himself on you he wants to know you really want him whenever anyone asked Jesus to leave he didn't bother many more but whenever they asked him to come in he came into the hearts he came into the homes and came into their lives seek after God what do we work more than having gone in your life and he will soften your heart you know following up with them after the often we do the creation of wealth maybe I've committed the unpardonable sin my heart is just so hard that God can reach me and we do that creation on the radio program on Wednesday I think I committed the important sent now we know it someone even is wondering whether they committed the apartments and they haven't me the Holy Spirit is speaking to their hearts I wrote a book of tomorrow dealing with the subject about the importance of yet we get this question all the time it really concerns me especially when young people call our radio program we do live program on Sunday nights and they say testarossa as a bachelor on afraid that I'm gone too far God was talking about this problem in my life and I ignored them and ignored and ignored now I don't hear him talking to me anymore I think I may have read we the Holy Spirit is hope for me and usually very factor concerned about that is the finding on their heart and soul now the person wants to know more about that we swore that we don't want anyone to think God given up on me I should self-seeking him the devil wants you to think that is a new book titled the website is the book entitled beyond mercy and you can learn more by going to the amazing facts websites amazing facts .org and you can hyphenate beyond mercy and you can actually read it online at the liveliness of beyond mercy go to Mason faxed .org we have another video negative is not him some psychologists have proven that at Christian dedication got a section from the brain patternmaking the more intelligent than some psychologists have said that this is only psychological and that God is not an actual being this is if we had some relationship with a best friend how can we disprove this and how can we make God an actual being not some psychological and now if I were to summarize and simplify that body know that God is is not just something you're imagining in your dealing with reality it makes it easier for you to have faith in this here your being otherwise how can you cope with the uncertainties of life and so it works for you great is that they give you some kind of psychological comfort how do you know beyond that that God is real it's not lifting your hand well God does make a difference in your mind and your heart in your life but things happen around you because of the faith is in you that can't be explained any other way than the power of God how many of you experienced awesome miracle where you prayed in the something tangible happened as is as a result of your asking God I know if you never measure the story one time I was still a baby Christian was hitchhiking across the country hungry frame for food how middle the desert between LA and Phoenix and an orange truck went by in a month regardless bounce that now that is my positive thinking and I can tell you story after story of his miraculous things that happen when we praise him for his real and it's only because those prayers are ricocheting off a very real things are happening around us he's not just in our head through what's happening in our minds and hearts real and tangible things happen in the world through faith not Israel but against the four hour out questions of the accident begin would like to remind you if you have a related question you can send us a fax with that question in the number is nine three one six six nine three one six extra loving father we does thank you and praise you for the many blessings are you send that you speak to us through your spirit into your word and he will guide us if we seek you to know what the ultimate purpose of life this large reminder presence here in a very special way right now you promise that when we come together in your name and we come seeking you that he will be in that place we trust that you're here now for your spirit I prayed a lot only speak to every heart beat with me as I speak Lord and effort ultimately it's the truth that is heard as we pray this in Jesus name amen thank you very much thank you for musicians and once again I want to thank all of you who are accounting and for the privilege of being back with you here at Southern University and only for this program together because my heart really goes out to the most dynamic and genetically potential eggs in life is all coalesce right here you go all the ideas and energy in the youth and the wisdom and light on all the wisdom my father used to say youth is wasted on the one on the young because when you get old enough to figure out what it's all about you don't always have all the energy then to do it anymore and so I'd like to invite you to explore with me what the ultimate purpose of life is that we talking our last presentation about something very important what is truth in order for us to define where God wants us to go with our lives we need to know what is true and I shared that additionally really crucial questions that we need to answer if were going to be successful in life and that has to do with where they come from what am I doing here and where my going so we talked a little bit about what is truth tonight I like to talk to you about where did I come from and this is especially endearing near to my heart because I went to talk to you about evolution creation and I should tell you right up front I'm doing this with my personal perspective my doctorate is not biology and be sharing with you from personal experience guy I gave a little bit of my testimony last night and while I went to fourteen different schools before I ever got my GED and then went on to college many of those schools taught evolution I was a firm believer that we just evolved because I had heard it so many times but now in the back of my mind I found I had to torture my logic to accept it but I thought everybody believes it and your you look upon his foolish if you don't believe it and even though I had a hard time understanding how you can get all of these intricate organizations and systems and design and structure the random chance I figured well I'm not smart enough there must be things that the science is not explaining about how happens but I don't quite understand yet but the young and after I shared with you I went to the mountains they started reading the Bible I came to believe the Bible while there I tried to make the Bible Eastern religions with reincarnation and with evolution as if Jesus had a lot of very important things to say I think Islamic truth in what he said and that's why I try to just make it all fit but you know I couldn't make it we need to know it it changes everything to understand where you came from in order for you to know where you're going I've never hearing about family came home from church one day and had a seven -year-old boy that was not doing something mom was in the kitchen getting lunch ready in a boy called his mother in the kitchen from his bedroom as he was changing after church is an mall yes son I heard the preacher say today that we all came from dust that's right Johnny Blackner listening mom yes Johnny I heard the creature say when we die wrong going back to dust that's right are you asking money litigating here because I think there's someone under my bed not an author and are going so we need to find out whether we're coming and going to need to know something about where you came from in order to know where you can ago now I share with you I think that's important message tonight is of course how did we get here how did we get here was it just a series of biological accidents Adams why are molecules random way that is wrong when you see around you into existence if we begin with the premise let's assume that we are clear in other words I believe I exist I have some conscious self-awareness and I just there was a time when I was very young where I thought I was the only one that existed than everyone else was just part of my imagination but gotten past that for years ago and I'm excited now that you're not just part of my little universe that you all have your own universe that I existing you exists so let's assume that we all agree where here when you become from what you believe about that will affect everything in your world view your belief about origins will define every other belief your worldview about where you came from is going to have a defining influence on every other belief let me give you just a couple examples here what you believe about death is given be affected by whether or not you believe in evolution creation of using we've all anything that has that and you just sort of be composed and that's it he ceased to exist what you believe about seven and holiness is to be greatly influenced my that what you believe about marriage I'll never forget I want to the school it was called a free school is very liberal school in Waterford Maine I has since closed and just almost anything went through my hippie school best definition and we were in the cafeteria one day and one of the faculty came in she was crying to try the height of his pregnancies crime I'd is overheard as some of the other girl students were talking to this future and say what's the problem and she said it broke down several husbands having the affair with another faculty that and she said is a science teacher anything you should not bother her because we're all animals and this is perfectly normal behavior and so I remember thinking to myself logically if I believe in evolution when he was arguing made sense there is no morality if there's no God your idea of rallies not worth a nickel more than mine if there's no God who defines what every country in every culture does make up rules but if there is a God and if he is the truth and there's absolute it'll define what you think about marriage when enough is a day of rest the inspiration of Scripture words of Jesus it'll affect everything from adultery homosexuality suicide knowing countries like Sweden and into China into Japan and into Russia and the Russians got three times the suicide rate for teenagers as the US will notice as you look into see all the statistics the writer online about the countries with the highest suicide rate in the notice something right away countries that are predominantly atheistic higher suicide rates why it's pretty obvious there's no purpose to life and if you're unhappy and if you can just pull the trigger jumper for monitoring and it's all over why not get it over with I'm willing to think that way I struggle with suicide for years because I thought we doesn't it die if him unhappy seems like life is unfair nobody seems to be happy when I get it over with all please don't ever think that way and if you ever think about suicide think about all the things you're missing he does hang around one more day one more day to live one day at a time among calling very discouraged forty three thought her life was over was indicted of me let's not think about suicide she wasn't Christian as a mom I think about it too but I'm so curious always found in the something small I can always postpone once you do you can go back she called relations again I really hope me and resorts never did it it will affect your views on racism what you believe about evolution creation of people talk about Darwin 's book origin of species may stop right there but that's not the whole title of the original book know the whole title the original is the origin of species by means of natural selection or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life when Darwin went to Australia he was convinced the aborigines there were somewhere on the continuum of the missing link that's where definitely but you know in the Bible we read something to you from ask chapter seventeen accept the seventeen and this is Paul is in Athens it was a center of learning back in his day and he's waiting for his friends while he's waiting and wondering around McAllen I just saw the rivals everywhere they have so many idols in international development and nobly was this one a make sure they didn't leave any gods out very pluralistic culture back there among the philosophers in Athens it says in verse actually twenty one for all the Athenians and the foreigners were there spent their time and nothing else but the teller to your something lots of philosophy you got your truth I got my truth is nothing absolute than Paul he stood in the midst of the earth August and he said men of Athens I perceive and all things that you're very religious right was passing through and I consider the objects of your worship I found an altar with this inscription to the unknown God therefore the one with you all-knowing Kim I proclaim to you I happen on that one you don't know originally about him God made the world and everything in it since he is the Lord of heaven and earth he doesn't dwell in temples made with hands nor does he worship with anything since he gives life to all and rest to all in notice and he has made from one one every nation of men to dwell on all the face of your and he is determined their pre- appointed times in their boundaries of their dwellings notice why so they should seek the Lord in the hope that they might grope for him and find him though he's not far from everyone of us is not far from everyone of us every one of us is not far when he says he created us were caught in his quandary of sin talk about that in our next presentation and he wants us to seek for him we need to understand what the ultimate purpose of life is in is a lot of confusion need to know where we came from Ballston God who made all things and he made all nations one blood it doesn't matter if your red or yellow lacquer white or pink or purple appear man who made in the image of God did not evolve you did not come into being over a long period of time you know I I told her I went through struggle one of the things that changed my thinking was when I moved up in the mountains and I was surrounded by the things that God made I just started thinking differently everybody is influenced by their environment when I grew up in New York City well I was born in LA Boston Miami most of my education was in Manhattan and you're in a city where I really can't look out the window and see the you don't believe they are and what you can see it and you can see it at the constant noise surrounded by buildings of men of flashing lights and everything was all the creation of man and one man says yes we've done all this and we are getting more and more godlike we have evolved and we rise the father be losing everybody's working guess it's true that anyone out into the wilderness I have absolutely no outside human influence and every day I woke up and every night I went to sleep I go days without seeing anybody but I look around at the things that God made and I could not shake I could not shake the overwhelming evidence that I saw in the things of nature the incredible diversity of creatures even in the desert where I left everything from the beauty of flowers and I think that's beautiful flower that sunset is my CV is why when if I'd evolve while I recognize beauty and are just so many things are just told me that there was a God and the Lord arrange that that was a time in my life I found a wife it was perfect timing it wasn't too going to church or people preaching to me just the Lord spoke to me through the things he made to his word and I just I finally got said I can't like myself and what this could never happen by accident so I'd like to share with you again and you've got a lot of people here on campus that are a lot more sophisticated and I am the way I present these things but in layman 's terms I'd like to share with you what made sense to me and why I changed from believing in evolution for believing in a short age creation I believe the history of man in this world is about six thousand years by the way is no written history beyond that so I think that's interesting thing has been around a million years is amazing how we rise that we can achieve so much exponentially as a short period of time will never understand me as he and a lot of his wanderings of everything if man is the epitome of sophistication and evolution outcome is drunk and get up and walk within minutes after it is born and we can barely rollover after months or so sophisticated why do we only live three score and ten years earlier nineties your vegetarian but I totally know hundred and seventy five is something yummy uptight official pipe and lit up to two hundred years of course they had no personality at all when there reminds how to and on we could trade off a little bit of your wants for their lifespan right not much but already there are three major theories about how everything got here you've got wife was generated from nonliving matter abiogenesis you've got life was created as described in the first chapter of Genesis first and second chapters and in that wife was introduced from outer space and smarmy now will talk about the first to enlist the moment but that last one's kind of intriguing notes happen in recent years the overwhelming evidence for intelligent design as unfounded a lot of very loyal evolutionists and since I cannot show how life could spontaneously be created even with all the incredibly elaborate laboratories that we have now they have not yet created a single cell of life here on no improvement in life can be formed because the only dinner all they did was make some oxidation there was no life in it there was no structure there was no organization of DNA selecting it is a sin we have a problem we cannot demonstrate in this world a housewife spontaneously form so what's become a very popular theories is that because with unlimited knowledge in this world of other things that are out there there are other mediums in space other galaxies and other planets and got the right ingredients in the right combination of events where I managed to form spontaneously there is intelligent life Avon they are seen and Wednesday it's the Star Trek theory King implanted in our world very clever you know why how do you argue with that if you say aliens brought life here while in one sense I believe it if you want to call anyway no one say it's an outside intelligence why will the grievance galleries some teachers out there that brought life and I can't believe it it is said I doesn't make any sense to you what's at the heart of this sin answer everybody's got two options everything that you see going on in the world it's observable roundness it either happened by accident what happened my plan it happened by accident then there is no planner and then there's no meaning is no purpose but if I happen by design and an intelligent creator that would mean that there is a so free power that we are all accountable to some people really do shape for the idea there's an intelligent dog we must answer to zero thing and if they are are you they are absolutely committed to removing God from the equation because as soon as you say there is an intelligent God made everything then he becomes the ruler he is the one in charge and we have to answer to him and people don't want to be accountable with her licenses in in their lives they want to do their own thing and so on that's something I've observed well I like to explore some the reasons that I think that there is a God and that we should believe in human and trust our lives to him whether you look down over the lookout saw me personally when I consider your heavens the work of your fingers the moon and the stars that you ordain David said what is man that you are mindful of him and the son of man that you visit him for you made him a little lower than the angels noticed that there wasn't need a little love love the monkeys is a big difference between being made a little Obama monkey and e-mail below and then an angel God said we were made a little lower than the angels we are creating really to be the cause of this world man was given dominion of this war we are made in the image of God and you do something for your self-esteem can you I just remember when I is the thing I was I can raise them leave your animal and you know what I like and you are July was in and out of jail I was living like an animal stealing cursing your moral leaders I thought were August animals will evolution teaches survival of the fittest I thought that I find more clever than you are and if I can take something from you I was at the evolution survival of the fittest fight it out with you and I'm just superior by designers you are in the logic behind soon as I is a God in his right and wrong in any God watching over time and there are morals and their values well let me give you a few reasons that I believe that evolution is impossible unlocked determinable but among the reasons are the laws first and second laws of thermodynamics and entropy now I know many of you are studying these things now and I'll distribute a very simple definition for instance the first law of thermodynamics energy can be change from one form to another but it cannot be created or destroyed all heard that before law thermodynamics in other words there's only so much matter and energy in the universe in a convenient altar you can turn matter and energy energy and matter cannot eat new energy or matter what we seen a lot of energy and matter in the universe is the question where did it all come from every body evolutionist creationist is going to be stopped at this point and you've got two options you can leave that all of the life in the organization and structure that we see in the universe is the result of ever existing gas particles and somehow collided and begin to explode and through an infinite number of very convenient small explosions are one great big explosion followed by a lot of smaller explosions and things I really often to galaxies that all that you can see all the interworking perfect systems the earth the perfect distance from the sun so we don't know her freeze in the perfect cycle in the ecosystem between the plants and the animals in the symbiotic relationships between everything from answer take care of infants and in the reason flowers and mysteries out there evenly while that is a result of matter that collided and exploded when you don't know where the managing every evolutionist is a wealth something was always there right or you can say I don't know where God came from but I believe that there is this ultimate supreme intelligence that lives somehow in and outside of time and space that is from everlasting to everlasting and he is much bigger than I am his mate musing which and the Bible reveals who he is and he has feelings and emotion and thought and love you believe that you can worship gas particles those that you obsess well seeing all that I see around us every from gas particles I don't think that the laws of thermodynamics for the second law of thermodynamics is in all energy exchanges of no energy enters or leaves the system the potential energy of the state will always be less than it started with not only did he take out going to room and he sat down and couple boiling water on the table in the room you set a couple of ice water on the table in the room given time there on an equal outcome room temperature everything just sort of flat out why is the universe expanding and screening lines the sun still burning where is this energy coming from exceeds the molecules and atoms vibrating where it all began no garden left to itself those details right if you're walking across the desert and appoint your walk along the way you and I might have a discussion in my telepathic regular walk over millions of years wind in time and rain insisted there is sediment sludge in hardening the art will Montréal I see Firefox are neatly stacked one on top of another Mozilla so many familiar somebody did that what you probably agree with me it looks like somebody because given enough time those locks would not be stacked up like that something would've not been down right a garden by show you my beautiful manicured garden with all the rows in the minds trained in the weeds pulled you know when you look at a garden like that were all the flowers expected it's nice and uniform is an intelligence of all that are left to itself from the chaos entropy we see too much structure and organization in the world today in interworking systems you were the Zionists which were younger it tells you that there must be an energy that his injury in our world giving life in order are you would just have the whole world probably looked like the surface of the moon God came to this corner of the universe and he did something this planet and he's invested himself in it there's white here it tells us there's a God there and then think about the amazing complexity in this one so young years ago they usually don't talk about just before the time of Louis Pasteur they believe in spontaneous generation UMass evolution is fact and what might come from it's a great ancient theory that life is spontaneously grows out of things because they would see that carcass and while they notice the worms began to crawl out of it and then they fly often even realize that because other flights of weight eggs on the carcass actually thought there was a spontaneous generation other via strawberry lip in a room and also need see these little spores growing out the phone is going on with the strawberry in the consciousness generating life and Louis Pasteur these things in a vacuum and he said in a proceeding magazine our senior spores these are outside things that are coming in that are causing the growth in their life now we know that you know back then they didn't have microscopes and power that we have now when we look to the cell they saw something as they are released simple a simple cell right now when we looking deep into the amazing complexity of a cell I think I've got a picture of one bits up on the screen this is actually pancreatic cell a single pancreatic cell and there is more machinery in a single human cell then you would have Mercedes-Benz factory at peak production hours you think about all the computers in all the systems in all the interworking programs and motors that are going on in their chemicals in the workers one single cell of wife have sex astronomical complexity to it the idea that that would come into being through an explosion is really an insult logic in my opinion I know you may disagree with me on dispelling this is my opinion I like to illustrate everything I think about a volunteer somewhere here that likes cooking looking to my coming up for original equipment there were a lot of trying to illustrate that you like eighties you like eggs a cholesterol hundred forty okay we got Mike with your hubby ever like ripening before I won over year in your daily is okay all right so we've got something suitable they are then you might like cooking you get a chance once you go ahead and pick a name there is no trick there are all these are all just your average every day hummingbird eggs handles humming Murdoch they are very happy right now I am wanting to put that in let's cook an egg okay and the reason why a non- hard-boiled value got a bounce very carefully there might be I think we got a cat to a water bottle in there so that we could have been in their and I'm sure you are not a program like reports at that lovely doll just for fun let's put it on for two minutes those of you on the front row house your insurance difference are always going I wonder why that can just be introduced that it is a simple cell and him not getting it now you would help me the isolated as I let's see that it in a living room did we just increase the organization and design with a big bang create life him to fifth gear eighty five will give you one of our books on the very follow thank you very much it was never again okay with you take that away will this aid is good for your hair with a figurehead him a you might hear him and not only the simple illustration but I just never observe where explosions produce a lot of organization and order in design I also thought that would be very good for you your school if you've ever wondered if you could microwave and eight twenty five seconds but all you can again the complexity of a cell tells us that these things could never happen by accident you know everywhere we look around us we see this incredible organization design now suburban essay will pastor that I believe in a creator but I also believe in evolution I think that God created through evolution and he heard that before I know I don't want to insult anybody here I've got your friends that believe that but I would respectfully disagree with them I don't think you can reconcile that you some people struggle with the first eleven chapters of the Bible and they say up until you get to Abraham God spoke to us through next and those things are to be taken literally they're just there symbols or stories there is not science but you're not a problem the rest of the Bible if you don't believe in a literal six-day creation of a just give you a few verses that explain why first of all if you believe in Jesus if you believe anything that Jesus says if you say I'm Christian I believe in God but I still believe in evolution the really believe in Jesus was and what he says John five forty six and forty seven for if you believed Moses you would believe me for he wrote about me but if you do not believe his writings how would you believe my words without meaning or playing so I love the sermon on the Mount that I don't believe your most Moses were not exaggerated her he can only take those first eleven chapters he was stretching the truth all really the guy gave us the ten Commandments implacably stretching the truth when he wrote the first eleven chapters it doesn't work you can do that you want my opinion again sixteen thirty one Jesus is speaking if they don't hear Moses and the prophets neither will they be persuaded though one one should rise from the dead you probably have problems believing the resurrection through it you'll believe that God can speak things into existence in one of the reasons that I think people struggle with evolution it's than eighty minutes to give them such a hard time on his more verses before I get to that exactly Paul is red fallen act but here's another one Romans five fourteen nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses even over them that is not sin after the symmetry that Adam 's transgression was a figure of him who was to come Jesus Paul speaks about Jesus is really out of Israel and said certainly Dan Rather if you think that there were millions of years of animals killing each other and that the mutation and bloodshed and violence and and carnivores and then along comes out on any sans the Bible tells us that sin began with me you begin millions of years before man and you don't no disrespect by using the campus will you know the Catholic Church for some time now he said that evolution is an option for a dedicated Catholics and there is a lot some point along the way injected a soul into man and design feature that day when man went from being a guerrilla to being a human and noises are you out there driving in circles as for far fewer sucker mouth and onto his right now your man in universal until then you are just an organism in our system that doesn't really do much for my self-esteem for one thing and it just doesn't seem very noble and it contradicts the Bible problem believing that God can speak these into existence I think that God made man fully formed and that like you buy a computer from the factory there are a lot of programs are preinstalled in running idle at the perfect age wasn't but I believe that when God spoke Danny was able to communicate Jesus told the man to get up and walk good long while and thirty eight years and he got a job he told Amanda C were not seen in his entire life all of a sudden you could see because you haven't seen miracles in the short time that we did just that doesn't mean there aren't miracles industry even in the Bible there were hundreds of years of no miracles what vital writers are saying where all the miracles we heard about and then miracles came again God can go outside his own laws and he can do wonderful things we can explain I believe you can speed things into existence honesty but the meeting we've got millions of years in the dignity now yelling I really hesitate to say this because I am not a conspiracy theorist where I think you where there's a conspiracy and error some people smoking cigars and some dark film room with me phonics symbols are running the world somewhere and I'm not one of those people but if there was a conspiracy in our world today what I think a conspiracy is people who are manipulating the dating of the effort I have seen the most outrageous things being done that it's the distortion in the twisting of evidence that is a very small elite group that claimed they got all the facts and they are telling everybody the same thing over and over again it's like lending is the Savior tell people alive long enough it becomes the truth and it's like there's this older universe that a lot of people are living in is El Paso that we know how long it takes like to travel and ferocity seen the light is coming from those solar systems and it happened again on its journey millions of years ago how can God save the stars came into existence and in the light already seen my out an innovative millions of years like to reach out and are billions of years people forget the belly button factor when God made Adam didn't have the when God made the first trees and they come with rings already installed the rings so I see the same yell at me look at really quick a few examples wiping the dating dilemma is something that we need to consider we are told Frances that that dinosaurs did not live contemporaneous with man and they live millions and millions of years going a lot of million years is to never comprehend how things can change in a million years what was happening alliance is what happened to the environment in our time millions of years and they say that these are dinosaurs lived sixty five million years ago well back in nineteen ninety in the United States they found they were actually dissecting the thighbone of Karen Soares Rex and they found what appears to be soft tissue and blood cells in a just cause had an implosion in the paleontology community because there is nothing in their scheme that would explain how you can get a Tyrannosaurus iPhone that is sixty million years old and matter thirty sixteen hundred and that's the soft tissue when it in error beginning to wonder if they can get some sampling from those blood cells and they started talking like Jurassic Park you know it all over again by the way we read this to you this is from National Geographic hardly a creationist magazine Atreides was Rex fossil has yielded what appears to be the only preserved soft tissue ever recovered from a dinosaur taken from a seventy million -year-old iPhone the structures look like blood vessel cells proteins involved in bone formation National Geographic this folks will say what we know how old the planet is because we we take the ice cores in Greenland anarchy and Arctic and we can look at the different layers in the ice cores and each of those layers represents one year analyses and then and so we find that there is anywhere between eighty thousand in a hundred and thirty thousand layers and we know that the polar constant grade when his vendor four hundred and thirty thousand years how can you believe that's the craziest manipulation of evidence I've ever seen let me give you couple of examples what I've lived in vertical places I seen one snowstorm on top of the car lots of different layers because the snow came down hold and any got a little more money came down with and then he throws during the night there was only earned more snow came down to using it before long layer where you try to perpetrate all these later from the whole year now that's easy for me to say that I want to give you little evidence any of you ever heard about the lost squadron nineteen forty two sixty thirty eight were coming from the United States going to the war effort were were through your over Greenland went to B-29s rain claims they got lost in bad weather over Greenland they finally realize rather than crash landing circle data two emergency landings will submit a weather bureau one that is geared on his lip but they will find twenty five crewmembers they were all rescued for the war was going on they were all immediately they left all those planes up during Greenland on the middle of nowhere with a remarkable longitude latitude well they got covered quickly by snow by the time the war was over and they weren't easy to locate years later some aviation enthusiasts went looking for the lost squadron physical they were brand-new from the factory you can find and recover than unrestored and maybe worth a fortune while they spend a fortune finding they finally got this ground penetrating radar name went back and forth they found nothing the rift in a mile from where they landed his account was moving in a born down with his mole was a big thing with hot water going through it it is would bore right down into the ice now people 's planes were two hundred and sixty feet deep in exactly fifteen years in two hundred and sixty feet there were holes in the thousands of light years in the ice that evolutionists would say both planes are about fifty thousand years old well they were about fifty thousand years old they actually went down the development came around one of them they took it all apart politically great expense reassembled it is the only perfectly restored the thirty eight and if so the call right now the glacier girl I think there's a picture of it up on the screen is all you've got and then they you never talk about the ice cores and then you got these animals that they claim are saying liked this coelacanth reset of this fish live between three hundred million years ago and became extinct sixty five million years ago and they said it was one of the missing links in the evolutionary process because of having little or no legs and it would try to walk on the beach is on the land and that this whole scenario written about the coelacanth fossils that they found in dogs think now until they were fishing off the South Africa in nineteen thirty eight and you know what happened they dug up a coelacanth in full of all I want since then they found many more annual the amazing thing was it was exactly like the fossils that are supposed to be sixty five million years ago cause I know they're still live in the world today I remember when I lived on the East Coast would see the horseshoe crabs come up out of the ocean and University worship Chris you know that the horseshoe crabs they really need our prayer because all Sunderland was three hundred million years and they have not been able to get anymore advance why do some things to stop and is only as they are you think if they want to go at least a little higher but they haven't saved living fossils naturally oxymoron is just an illusion of a amazing what we can date rocks and weeds potassium Aragon a number of other methods the big rocks and but you don't here confess that they will make these volcanoes and say this is no this many million years old and as someone who challenged these geologists were testing process it will be a brand-new rock formation here in New Zealand were in Greenland let's is that and they go to test a new formation Air New Zealand and actually can they have is one formation that was surrounding trees that they need the trees had been there for a thousand years volcanic slope the truth that thou were a thousand years old and the volcanic rock team up and down four hundred and sixty five thousand years old according to their Jesse Martin on eighty nine the other right I understand very sophisticated methods these are dating it think it is lastly different measurements identified with evolution is working the dating lab and one of the questions people ask when they submit some artifact is basically how long he wanted to be you know how they tell how old the different layers are in this trial based on the fossils are found there you not only tell how old the fossils are based in the layers where they find a title like circular reasoning of I go on and on the offense I think this is so much evidence I think as evidenced by group in your city languages surrounded by con artists I will become unwell waste my life believing in a God that doesn't exist but I can't dispute the evidence and I became absolutely convinced that God is real not only because of the evidence I see in the world around me but because of what he was doing in my life answered prayers 's providence and if there is a God and he hasn't ultimate purpose for you I think it's interesting that you can't find the history of man going back beyond what the Bible says oldest trees in the world got there in the White Mountains of California Rye with the Bristlecone Pines as a picture of the Methuselah Pine and actually have one over the kind of my accident so they can measure the three rings visit loops that was older now this one supposedly nobody knows where it is because they're afraid of people will I tag and all kinds of things what is interesting that all these trees seem to go back to the time of this agreement flow that was one of the things are really pressing when I lived up in the mountains I read the Bible about this flood and I thought you I live in the easy New Mexico on the Indian reservation at eight thousand feet in the middle of North America and overseas shells everywhere frenzy so you can find seashells on Mount Everest of the police six thousand foot level there are plans at all my best volumes their clothes which means ignite suddenly will rest all around the world from the Grand Canyon to so many other things a UC the coalfields in the oil is evident that there is than on massive global flood and health for years on exhaustive knowledge fairytale fiber does never been a global flood of the evidence after him and all the fossils are things not rapidly to finally visit that wasn't Noah is naturally for the asteroid to the flood that's exactly what the human cellular landed near the Gulf in the Mexico of you are the next so once you get past the conspiracy then the whole house of cards falls from being a laughing one of the most incredible things is you have to do to get sappy a butterfly I mean just think you've heard it before the monarch butterfly to me how you can have this little a friendly opinion under the belief of butterfly knows that it's only on my plant it can later take you to know that who teaches it that of the thousands of plants in the woods it knows it's a locally as our moms provided with more rightward means everything it needs it is voraciously and wireless eating voraciously they after day if she is gaining a lot like this to get bigger and bigger and bigger and it's going so fast it grows out of its own skin and a Olson sheds its skin several times in a person 's outskirts of and as it comes out of its skin is the bigger caterpillar is a writer Caterpillar and it's getting bigger and bigger we're than one minutes Monday triggers and it says all right this next move is to be different and enlarges itself underneath the leaf and turns into a chrysalis and begins to harden and you know what happens at that point it recently disassembles itself and it turns into a soup of cells and angles from loss at the Caterpillar have inside my Lamborghini because milk with poisonous agreement protects itself quite eating what eats the finale thrives on it cleverly took fifty million years let them know outside the city some of the return channel just see that part so that I saw no reason and anonymous phone call before seven this looks familiar some a little my sarcastic statement in the gone until it gets the information and it recently decomposes into this virtual soup and also the restructuring reorganize me come back together as a matter of a few days and I'll listen now you have these little stubby little rubbery legs and skimpy these elegant long legs and elegant wings and antenna and beautiful coloring on the wings of her business and it's the him reading goals for Sweden if I guess the system is different I consider different brain is different it completely reinforces itself and it emerges knowing how to fly and it ever gets Hindle teaches is young off-line data flying lessons emerges going out of final flameless and aerodynamic design the action but when there's more if your credit card will double in the monarch once it are one in the Northeast they are born with the ability to migrate two thousand miles all the way to Mexico and have never been there before their parents and never been there before because the generations to come back from Mexico double generation 's happen along the way back to their ultimate destination in the north they don't know any other butterfly for the government of Mexico they don't know how to go online and book a trip to Mexico and somehow they find their way back to this place in these remote mountain woods in Mexico with a spend the winter it's called the super generation they somehow survive and how could that ever happened by accident and governing metamorphosis is such a miracle I got been taking something that is a recently warm and turn it into this beautiful elegant creature and what he does for a butterfly he can do free twenty I know it sounds very simplistic but the mere I can't explain it acceptable I know that in six days the Lord made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all that is in them I believe that you know what works for me my whole worldview makes sense based on the minor that there is a creator and I believe that he's got a special plan for each one of you he's got a purpose for your life now you might be thinking how you know I'd like to be little different than I am I like to make some changes if the Lord cares that much about birds and dogs and cats and butterflies and worms we care about you who are made in his image if you have a plan for your life especially when you consider all these other beautiful creatures and things that you see in the world you know why you made them so beautiful you know why he made this wonderful world the pinnacle of his creation was man his children are meeting us because he loves you have much if you ever want to know what God 's plan is for you you look back in the beginning in Genesis God made a beautiful perfect world and the Bible says everything was good good very good and he wants to take you to another world like that but you know you and I can live in that world the way we are now need to be re-created Jesus can re-create this all things that were made were made by him and he said behold we can become new creatures waited for the butterfly to be free to give would you like me to review like I have a new life the new creature he says he can give you a new heart and he's got a plan to get a purpose for you it is a guiding person addition butterflies you got to O'Neill little faith the I know I don't have all the answers and there's some things I would argue forming argue with me on these issues and I and I don't have all the answers at some point everybody everybody evolution and creationism everybody's in exercise faith where you want to put your faith in an intelligent God who is from everlasting to everlasting loves you so much he came in this world to show you what his plan is me what his purpose is for you where you put your flight your faith in exploding cheekiness really over two choices he likely Lord I think I can trust my life in your hands my purpose in your hands and I like to be re-created would you like to ask him tonight let's stand together as the new heart that the creative power in our lives and our life 's loving father in heaven Lord we do believe you're a God of love we see it when we look up we see it through a telescope to see it through the microscope and even in spite of the trials that we might have in our life is still enough evidence are not alone when you're gone infinite wisdom and there's some things we can understand what you revealed so much to help us to believe your word Lord freely with each one of these young people were on your spirit on this campus on all who are watching it in our hearts make us new creatures just like you in your image we pray in price payment Douglas of friends thank you for joining us and look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning when Sabbath school year certainly in our final meeting hill will be tomorrow night is a what a media was brought audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that the visit www. .com universe .org


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