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Why Is There Evil?

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • October 13, 2012
    11:00 AM
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well this time I would like to give my passerby back to become fully enjoy me as we delve into some Bible Christians that are coming between the president of the multifaceted were only warning is in it now we have some viable question that's come in and out we can take a look at those the first is a text question and the question is what does the Bible say about re- baptism Baptist of course Jesus is pretty clear that the great commission we therefore teach all nations baptizing them again he said unless you're born of the water and the Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God he that believes and is baptized will be saved baptism is very important to Christian is much as a wedding is to a marriage baptism is to a Christian but some people were maybe baptized they wandered from the Lord and that they might be wondering is it ever appropriate or what would be the right circumstance for re- baptism there are three examples in the Bible where you might consider revamped one would be if you are not baptized biblically sometimes people are maybe baptized by sprinkling are the baptizes babies and while Jesus was dedicated as a baby he wasn't baptized until he was adult and thirty it something it was a conscious decision and so it gave not been baptized biblically by conversion then you might consider being rebaptized another example would be is if you wander from the Lord and basically divorce yourself it doesn't mean that if you center you make a mistake and got a running it rebaptized Jesus did something with the disciples called foot washing the sort of represents a mini baptism every now and then a boat means of articles scraped off just as we live in this world over to make mistakes and and that's what that's for but then there's another occasion you find in acts chapter nineteen were Paulist priest preaching and are twelve Ephesian man who come to Jesus they've heard about John the Baptist and they were baptized biblically by immersion but they had not heard about the ministry of Christ in the outpouring of the Spirit all said they should be rebaptized as they came into a whole new understanding and experience of what the truth was and they were rebaptized and filled with the Holy Spirit by the way I will so you need both baptisms unless you're born of the water in the spirit we often emphasize the water baptism but we need the Spirit baptism two men on excruciating lawsuit expiration on all of him or do we send them on our own well James tells us that they each one since when were drawn away by our own last what the devil does is he will capitalize on what he knows your weaknesses are but there's things that we often do to strengthen those weaknesses weekly doors open for the devil and he takes advantage of that will ultimately the double comes to tempt us in the exploits of the weaknesses there are things that maybe it is tremendous temptation for you there are people who just a innovative can't resist the temptation whether it's the chocolate or heroin same thing whatever the work for them I've got a friend he was on heroin for years and even after he got off just seen a hypodermic needle just seen a needle brought back all those memories and can send him off into the streets again and so for him I want to do that to me but then devil knows what the things are with me and with you and so he knows when you're special weaknesses are the areas where of your easily hook what debate might be for you he explains that exhibition is a video Grayson will take a look at him how would I university student I get over the pressure that's feeling that my grades in my my TPA is footage from the way that I can use me in the future while I don't want under state the importance of getting good grades you want to do your very best the study and to learn as well and to reach the goals that you have been assigned someone once said Saint successor Kristin is you weren't like it all depends on you and when you pray like it all depends on God 's study and do everything humanly you can do make sure you get your rest and that you balance your time and then pray the lobby will become very spiritual just before exams have you noticed that while prayer happening so you need both and it only do your best pain and God will bless and who continue to guide you in your life and especially the expression is coming in at first can we be perfect when Jesus says he therefore perfect Matthew chapter five even as your father in heaven is perfect and that people often think of a sterile stainless steel robots just that you know is perfectly flawless and you're just not there think would do her goal or say anything imperfect nonstop Christian perfection is about in it is a similar passage that you find in the Gospel of Luke Jesus uses that phrase in the visas be therefore merciful even as your father in heaven is merciful the Lord wants us to have a perfect alone in a perfect mercy for our fellow man if you love the Lord with a perfect heart if you love the Lord I think it's clear to everybody every commandment is the Lord with all your heart mind soul and strength if you love the Lord that way you will have Christian perfection it's talking about a whole love for God and if you love him that way you want to follow him no one will ban you want to share him with other people when you love somebody you want to tell everybody about that person and if we haven't had a love for God we want to do anything to grieve him I will tell everyone about the Lord we love that I think is the essence of Christian perfection perfect love and especially the expiration of the question is why doesn't God reveal himself as he did in the past well when you say as he did in the past you might be thinking how come we don't hear God speak audibly from the mountains somewhere such as when he gave the ten Commandments or as he spoke to Moses and Jacob and that Abraham face-to-face does the Lord still do that today all I think the Lord does manifest himself in miraculous ways seal your testimonies of people that maybe there convinced that the Angels appear to them some I think audibly still do hear God speak to them I would rule out that God is not going to do that again in the future I think God 's power is as great today as it ever has been the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever and so there are waves and spaces in history where you see the Lord manifesting himself or then at other times and usually is during times of great crisis the dog performs greater miracles and I believe they were going to see some amazing demonstrations of God 's power in the future and along with that and as part of our subject tonight I think intimacy increase demonstration of the devil 's power crisis that in the last phase the WB working with lying signs and wonders if it were possible so affected it would deceive even the very elect even going so far as making fire come down out of heaven and so when the demolition of the demonstrating that kind of power don't be surprised if the Lord doesn't roll up his sleeves and reveal himself in a very dramatic way also I find Christian for this morning is a video which is what you are what is the biggest need for an well known callings in different gifts but every believer should be involved in some form of ministry that doesn't mean that necessarily everybody should them go to the mission field I think a lot more ongoing are going and I think we need to keep our hearts open to God 's leading externalizing a wonderful education to take some time off and go serve the Lord some capacity and in the mission field but God has given everybody different gifts I think you should be praying the same word I want to know what my spiritual gifts are so I can focus on strengthening them serving you with what those gifts are some envious of teaching and administration summer preacher summer evangelists and there's all kinds of different gifts and I think the Lord wants you to consecrate yourself again Christian Council of your friends and saying what you see is my spiritual gift they'll have you ever met somebody that thought they had to get the music that you don't think they haven't really sat someone doesn't know what the spiritual gift is and I always thought I had the gift of my friends are saying that you need to cultivate a gift and followed under him and now not exactly but the NAS of the Christian household will be talking a little more in our next program this evening about how to know the will of God for your life is on hold back answering much more about that right now if you have a final related questions you can send it to us via text when given a number for that number is nine three one fax up three one six eight three nine eight eighty seven sinister takes finances many you can on-air tonight there will be a final program now willing to be told about the acetic acid I guess can I live for it that's the question and so we went out to me just ask people on the street can you live forever and here are the responses they came in or in the Phantom Menace reference everyone in some way I think people do crazy things I remember that they live in nobody lives forever those values are alive Jesus your loving father we thank you and we praise you for this opportunity we have now come together in your name the better-known Lord better seek your face to understand your will and to recognize that there is a battle going on between good and evil in this life I pray Lord that your presence will come into this place please you with each person open our hearts and help us to hear what the Spirit has to say please be with the one who is to share forgive his sins and ultimately Lord we pray it's fit your voice that we hear in your face it we see because we ask this in Jesus name and you may be seated our presentations and they in talking about the ultimate purpose of life is enough focus on a very important principle that while you may understand something about the priorities of seeking first God 's kingdom and wanting to do God 's will I think that we all recognize there are other forces at play trying to prevent you from doing God 's will there is a battle in life between good and evil a lot of people when they're thinking about God thinking about the love of God and goodness of God their troubled because they think they're God 's good identities love is all powerful then why is there evil and that is really the title for our presentation right now if God is good God is love and why is there evil in God make available white light of the .net commando in a statement I like to try for a quote sort of set the theme at the beginning of each presentation is what actually comes from Corrie ten boom as does the first step to victory is recognizing the enemy and one of the great things that needs to be achieved and are discovering God 's ultimate purpose for iLife is to understand that there is an enemy and identify him understand something of what he's up to no I like to begin by going to a story in the Bible would you find in Mark chapter five Mark chapter five talking about the ultimate purpose verse one that affect the stories found in Matthew Mark and Luke but I'm really just read a brief passage from Mark and Luke starting with Mark fibers one after Jesus performed a miracle he said multitudes with the bread then crossing the sea he nearly drowned there was a storm and he stood up and said PC still and calm the angry sea then he directed the disciples across the sea to the southeastern shore of Galilee a region known as Gadara outward accomplice and it says when they came to the other side of the seed of the country the gatherings behold when he came out of the boat immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit these unclean spirits were often spoken of as devils and demons who had his dwelling among the tombs living in this honeycomb of graves on the hillside and nobody could bind him not even with chains is so thoroughly demon possessed that take these rankings change because he had often been bound with shackles and chains and the chains had been pulled apart by him and the shackles broken in pieces neither could anyone tame him and all notice always night and day he was in the mountains and in the tombs crying out and cutting himself with stones cutting himself crying what must've been spooky living in the town near that cemetery to hear this very sad creature dragging this change crying out shrinking in the night little more insight is given by Doctor Luke turned into Luke chapter eight All-Star verse twenty six newspapers twenty six then they sailed to the country of the gatherings that is opposite Galilee and when he stepped out on the land there met him a certain man from the city who had demons devils a long time and he wore no clothes he mentions that Markley set out nor did he live in a house in the tones and when he saw Jesus he cried out and he fell down before him as Mark said he ran to worship and he fell down before him and with a loud voice he said what have I to do with you Jesus son of the most high God right away he knew Jesus was if there were some spirits in this man they knew Jesus from long before the world was created what am I to do with you Jesus son of the most high God I think you do not torment me for seeing Jesus had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man paraded off and seized him and he was kept under guard bound with chains and shackles and he broke the bonds and he was driven by the demons into the wilderness Jesus asked him saying only time the Bible the price actually converses in an exchange with the devil Jesus asked insane what is your name is Legion because many demons many devils had entered him all right you have a picture in your mind Siebel to get out of the boat this creature comes running out of the two and it already had a rough night their nerves are frayed and they're probably pulling the boat up on the shore and trying to drive their year-round salt saturated from the storm but all of a sudden the year this week is barely daylight and from the shackles of one of these caves or tools in the hills this creature comes charging out running down the hill naked dragging chains that are manacled around his neck and his wrists in his ankles awful clatter covered with cots self-inflicted bruises smells like death than living with corpses what is that Bible you read on the story on the hillsides around him are swine case while my long dirty here foaming at the mouth is either glaring and charging down the hillside towards the disciples and the disciples are probably thinking great time to witness a wonderfully and attract available we can share with we wonder if we have any witnessing opportunities here in this remote region I suppose that when the sprinting towards the boat this man is filled with a legion of demons fouls against the six thousand soldiers in a Roman legion thousands of devils filled with me how does a person get the place were they are absolutely possessed and I respectfully disagree with someone that would say in our bed that's the terminology they use in Bible times but he probably actually just have a little bipolar disorder and some chemicals would straighten them out young there are people in that category I agree there are people that may just need some counseling the memories can be fine this is exhibit a of somebody who is absolutely totally thoroughly clean and possess and I have met people that I believe were demon possessed they heard voices and Mary Hansen one person I talked to go out at night get people killed in just many would double possess it are these other conversations going on how do you get to that place a note even more frightening it was obvious this person was the possessor they had legions of demons will make you wonder why do some people about one or two or three or four and they're able to conduct himself look normal and you might be sitting next to one right now and you never know what I very compose I've only got through reading the story mommy always like this so after a hundred know Jesus thoughts about one man that down this one devil was cast out but he doesn't replace it with anything good and so after that delegates tired of roaming through desolate places is going back to my old subject based business and he finds it his life is clean and swept with no replacement and embrace of another other devils the models of the last date of that man is worse than the first how does a person get the place where there possessed of this meeting was to find a picture in the Bible I challenge you on anybody who is more hopeless than this man I just wanted is living with a deadly surrounded by pigs covered by wounds and blood in the Jewish mind everything about this is unclean by the way surrounded with some Gentile cities to Coppola 's work and great cities established during the time of Alexander and for the Jews this picture is the epitome of someone who is unclean unclean unclean he looks like the most hopeless individual everything men continue to contract control never restrain him he's broken the chains it is a set of full-size and even then on young person why would God make them to torment us like that if God is a God of love you know the Bible doesn't tell us that God made a double got me a beautiful angel but there is an enemy out there there is the ultimate arch enemy here is the ultimate art the is very real and never is the devil happier than when people laugh it is existence if you believe in Jesus you need to believe in the devil is Jesus always said that he is a very real power of being we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities spirits and heavenly places as Ephesians chapter six chapter twenty six when Christ called Paul to do mission work this is what I call you for to open their eyes to turn them from darkness to light is darkness in this world is a prince of darkness and his wife Jesus is the light of the world to turn them from notice this is actually succeeding the power of Satan to God there is no neutral ground everybody Jesus said is either willfully or against me there is about arranging for the territory of your affections in your soul and you get to make the deciding vote everybody if you do not choose Jesus by default you are choosing the enemy that's right there's no neutral position as a battle and everybody needs to make a conscious choice like a hot Maccabean devil worshiper but I'm not quite ready to give my life to Jesus woman you just made your choice because if you see that house Pakistan has long wife if we don't have Christ in us is only one other alternative if you take away like what's left darkness and a feeling of the darkness out of the room when needed shovel over the social argue introduce light and it dispels the darkness if you want to get the darkness of the devil on your life you need to invite the light of God 's truth in your life and the truth will set you free and it is a real battle going on friends Jesus it is an enemy you know the parable of the wheat and the tears crisis is this type ten a battle going on and in that parable he said as Matthew thirteen twenty eight who was at that so the bad seeds the weeds the tears in the good field he said an enemy has done this God made a beautiful world and he created to beautiful creatures in his image and everything was perfect and it was paradise it was good and this is God 's plan for you but an enemy has come to our world our plan has been kidnapped by this villain Jesus and as an enemy and you got to be on your guard so why would God make it where did he will come from one of the Bible say about you read Isaiah fourteen the number of passive disorder give you a lot of clues and you put them together you get a pretty clear picture of what's going on Isaiah fourteen twelve how well are fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how you are cut down to the ground which did weaken the nations for you setting your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I'll also sit upon the mount of the congregation the sides of the north aisle sales send above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high there was this very powerful angel matter-of-fact he was the most powerful creation of God one of the first person God created was the principal steward of all his ministering spirits is in general his name was Lucifer he wasn't always a devil if you knew you back and you would like them some people like him now but he was good it was holy he was Jerry God do not make a devil he made a beautiful perfect angel little amazing fact back in eighteen twenty six there is a man named John Walker worked in an English apothecary and he was mixing a solution one they are listed and day you let the spin dry and then later you want to use a stick or something he went to scrape the stuff off the stick and cleaned it off and mystic caught on fire and he realized it had something to do with the farm phosphorus ball that in July and on the end of the stick I know this is pretty neat we started to go incoming gallery with his friends and theologies we take these things with a little phosphorus fire on the end Stryker you realize the commercial value but amending Samuel Jones came along and he said you don't know what you got there and so he started to mass produce these sticks with phosphorus tips on them that would ignite we know now as matches for these Nicole Lucifer 's not how they marketed matches up until that time people were rubbing sticks together and striking flint and steel to get a fire for Lucifer 's and has not much to do with service of that was his name was affirming life fairer and he was going back then but because he was so powerful and he was so beautiful and augments all the speech is free when Lucifer and solve the other angels worshiping Jesus worshiping God and adoring God did to us first what he began to think why not go why don't happen up here I'm always number three or number four after the father son and the Spirit within me why can't I create like God 's and just you know it's hard to describe where some new that Syria comes from this something you just can't figure it out there is industry of godliness in the Bible and is the mystery of iniquity how any universe with his all-powerful God is a God of love who makes no factory defects that a creature to go back you might be thinking almost done something wrong and got a free program was averted a safe and I love you got a love you got never question it I could have but then God would never really have one can you really force law if you are forcing someone to love you is in love if God reprogrammed all his creatures like robots without any intelligent thought and process to choose the love you because of this wonderful miracle of the divine we will that we if we get it how do we ability to say I choose to love you that it's not love and in order to prove to the universe that God didn't make these intelligent creatures free he even made the ones you have freedom not to see how important that is you can have real love and looking unless you have real choice and God made his intelligent creatures like his angels and people with oatmeal Schwartz and Lucifer prove it he chose not to love God he chose the lungs everybody in the world falls into one of two categories you're either motivated by love for God are you motivated developers Jesus Islam he is a lovely kids away from self the devil is the polar opposite of that he is self loan everything about the devil is me me me is that I want to be higher I want to exalt my throne I want to be I want to be the most and so it's supposed to understand that you might be thinking okay once he went bandwagon and August pages regarding the end they rise the devil could the Lord and on that is not more powerful is the creator more powerful than the creation well you know what this point the devil has been circulating among the other angels and here then campaigning and Yahoo so powerful that he had somehow diluted in solving the thinking that he could somehow overthrow God seizes power which may sound like an absurd thought that's what you and he began to circulate among the Angels and eleven regardless of running is a powerful glorious beautiful being I think too much about him and overstated the most people understate his power and they don't recognize what they're dealing with and don't understand her enemy and these other engines love Lucifer and he began to confuse and deceive and save if we had more freedom why does Donna come along we don't need God 's law we can just be guided by her own judgment and you know if I was gone I think we have greater happiness we should all be able to share in the worship of God thinks for himself is not fair that here he's only one percent of the universe and ninety nine percent of Muslims worship him we all share the worship felt like a political campaign of murder who knows what he said on the make it out of wood and Wayne whatever he said it was very persuasive and very clever and he persuaded one third of the angels to follow him until it finally turned into an open revolt so what do just that all right Lucifer enough is enough I'm in a destroyed and hearing Ari started to spread distrust phenomenon among the other ranges of God had done that Lucifer I mean you don't hear anything a walk around with Hussein who was Lucifer is saying God is not really fair you know God is arbitrary these cruel and while you seen it all is visitors get my life in any still smoldering ashes on the ground near the uttering of watching if you looks like we've is right pretty severe the other creatures would never love and trust God again I mean you want your children to obey you there's even a vegan into a pulp if they don't follow normal and children of those who are going someone don't talk about you want to make is what you're asking is reasonable because they trust your love to have faith in you you don't want to always be fear of torture some of the time so confident in the Lord how to allow Lucifer did demonstrate what the fruit of his rebellion was going to be sold in this problem with my loving and trusting God would never rise up again and you and I are white now living in the crosshairs of this rebellion in the expanse of time we are living at the moment where this is being demonstrated were our world is a spectacle to the universe and Angels and fallen creatures are watching what's happening down here because this world is a stage of an incredible battle between good and evil between Lucifer and Christ's between selfishness and loan it's all been demonstrated among these creatures made in God 's image but you got a very real in every way there are battles of our eyes to be open right now we would see that in this room around us not only is the presence of God here demonstrated through his Spirit in on fallen Angels I'm quite sure that the devil and his representative Devils probably busier with other things that you can be sure his level and if it wasn't for the Angels of God for protecting and preventing the thing that this is very good Angels reverie one third bad angels my stuff up as it is right but Israel battles going on and it's not just in your imagination is very real the devil throughout this section is amazing especially dangerous you can read in Revelation twelve Ursuline and the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan the deceives the whole world he was cast out to the era and his angels were cast that women in the seas how much the whole world most of the world is perceived about what the ultimate purpose is most of the world is seeing about what to worship and who to worship in who he is and how to worship most of the world is deluded and God has come down and use given us a book of truth and he said if you would like to be delivered from both deceptions if you want to know what's really going on and it's coming through the word of God came from Christ and the holding member spoke moved by the Holy Spirit written the sacred book God has given us understanding of what the doubles up to second Thessalonians two verse eight nine it tells us then that wicked one will be revealed to the Lord will consume with the spirit of his mouth and destroy with the brightness of his coming even handle whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders the devil can do wonderful things in their deceptive wonders this verse also tells us that he's can happen in in fact it's very important for us to remember that Jesus said that the lake of fire prepared for the devil and his angels and ultimately all that follow the devil and his angels his only two choices in life price of their two roads is a road to life strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it you prioritize looking for that road to eternal life broad is the way the wind is the gate that leads to destruction and it's made anyone going down the road because the Lord is trying to hide it but very few are searching for and were just too busy with other things the devil is trying to create a distraction for some of the names of the use of the devil in the Bible well critical the devil and that means I tried these are false accuser Auslander is pulsing is talking about an opponent and archenemy and adversary is called Holly and a destroyer about the straining your heels in love that's the God of Phil VLDL worthless one is called the wicked one Jesus calls and the prince of this world but he is the epitome of evil and selfishness and it went really boils down to the devil hates Jesus he wanted to be gone he wanted Christ physician he wanted to have his power he wanted his worship and when Jesus came into the world of you have any doubt about how the devil felt that the wording of the babies in Bethlehem he wanted to destroy Christ I think the devil thought the Messiah was coming when Moses was born always been the boys were thrown into the river to the crocodiles that was trying to stop the Messiah 's coming maybe you've read about green apple and pear in second Kings she killed all of the seed of David trying to stop the Messiah from coming this one Joanne and Messiah came through the line of David and a look at look at what the devil that Jesus didn't seem tempting Christ in the wilderness and look what happened across the devil hates Jesus but now Jesus has ascended up to heaven these out of the Devils reached and so the devil in his fury on Christ by hurting the object of Jesus love you what hurt somebody find out what they love we had an incident at our church couple years ago this man was enraged at his wife she was a believer he was not any news on a new car she really enjoyed her car so he went to the parking lot and heater this took a key in a house that is regards hard to get that out just it was just a terrible act of vandalism but he thought all find something that she cares about your lowly Devil knows how much Jesus loves you and he wants to start your soul and he knows a when you send it hurts Jesus and he wants to destroy your lines because he wants to for Jesus and he knows that Jesus was the devil of an understanding of Donald a while but he knows that God loves you and that's why he's come down with great wrath to hurt us is that they and your company be good in the world so bad how can we be positive I heard about this man that is atheist but he worked in an office setting with a lady who is the most dedicated Christian you can imagine and this is one of these people who just exudes Jesus and she was always positive and she was always cheerful and she was always kind at this man really was annoyed by her because he thought no she makes me think Christianity must be real she is just so good for religion desolate for her and was trying to get her to say something that he never could any sale is when it's a no-brainer for links and she fell on the flowers are wonderful in the spring is a fundamental scandal in the news and she just always find some positives of everything the one that you thought I gather is a Christian I went to work when they see is that when you think about that own them you certainly are busy always looking on the bright side any as busy he is working with a frenzy right now because he knows his time is short is a power struggle going on in this world and that struggles for your hearts between good and evil Matthew for mercy to ten you can see in the temptation of Christ the read/write areas where the devil tempts people to lust of the flesh lust of the eyes the pride of life St. Louis areas where Avenue fell Matthew for mercy again the devil took him up on an exceeding high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory and said to him all these things I will give you if you will fall down and worship me by the way the devil still offers that the people especially those that have great promise and talent to serve God the devil says to them and immunoassay directly he may not say it audibly but in their hearts and in their minds you will present them all the allurements of the world all the riches in the kingdoms of the world in all their glory and so you can have the world by its tail you can have whatever he wants you can live large follow me some people are ready to postpone price returned from Christ and not the way that the devil doesn't like the rich young ruler Jesus of you have treasure in heaven follow me he said but you got to liquidate if you want to follow me to the cost of everything the following and he walked away sad for he had great possessions he thought to himself and I'm not today I liquidate to the markets down and await a little bit market comes up for you know I think about this is very interesting thank you Jesus for inviting me to follow you but give me some time to ponder that and you never hear from him again because he waited at rich young ruler 's Bible tells us that he went away green for he had great possessions the top you mean the whole world and lose your soul so the devil held off a temptation to Jesus if you worship me and Jesus said we would be safer is written you should worship the Lord your God and him only shall use are you living to serve God in us or somebody everybody is in a serve somebody you are the slave to the one you will may the reason our planet has been kidnapped by the devil is because the devil persuaded our first parents not to listen to God often do not eat for dinner from and all will be well the Devils at all you're missing out you listen to me your dynamics and is understanding and experience you'll enter nowhere always does it really matter to choose between trusting the word of God that said don't heal by when were the annual Christmas story because they found in the word of God and they listened to the suggestions of the devil whoever you will made out to serve and you are this planet has been enslaved by the devil and Jesus recognizes that Jesus called the devil the prince of this world so it is a struggle going on what are some of the tactics of the devil what are some of the things specifically to the devil does to try to spin to try to deceive us in our member during one time about the greatest serial arsonist in North America his name was John Moore and John or was guilty of setting about two thousand flyers between nineteen eighty four in nineteen ninety one died in the fires that John or set and so on these are some of the tactics of the devil John the war was a fireman John war was not only a farm he was an arson investigator I hear you got that individual who is supposed to be putting the fires out on his identifiers the demo will attempt you to do something and then he will turn you in for doing it he is a great deceiver leaving your first year in Genesis eight forty four is that you are of your father the devil and the lusts of your devil your you will do he was a murderer from the beginning and hippo not in the truth because there is no truth in him and please have your attention when he speaks a lie he speaks his own for he is a liar and the father on and because I tell you the truth you believe me not notice the great emphasis of the devil puts on distracting from the truth neither can simply someone once that confusion is the dust that is raised by the feet of the devil thank you very much coding you at the Nobel for guy you probably guess I asked him to do that you have a hard time paying attention to me I had a hard time paying attention to me to going off Northpoint this is one of the most successful things the devil loves to keep us from hearing the word of God distracts unnecessarily some terrible sin he can even get you losing with good thing crisis speaking of the second coming beware lest your hearts be overcharged with the eating and drinking in the cares of this life so that they overtake you as a thief nothing wrong with eating and got a do it I plan really into their new things you can drink their appropriate and we all have shares in his life when your hearts be overcharged with these may need to become distracted by the double for the devil 's most successful tricks we get so busy we don't have time for the minor we get so busy we don't have time to pray we get so busy we don't have time for church was a loser with our work so busy with our interests and visit with our friends we don't have time for our best friend and all of a sudden you look back we find that your life is over and the devil distractedly through the whole thing you thought your limited life but God was not part you know there are varying degrees of possession and sometimes all it takes is one or two doubles and just keep us busy with the things of the world so that we don't hear what God is saying all past and I read my Bible that's good did you know the devil reads the Bible to said was that Sir Walter Scott to set a sort of creeping comes over my skin when I get the double quote Scripture Matthew chapter four of part of the three temptations and came to Jesus and the devil took him up into the holy city and he sat him on the pinnacle of the Temple anything if you're the son of God cast himself down years ago sent for it is written noted his angels charge over thee and aware of their very up in your hands lest you dash your foot against the stout English the Scriptures we didn't finish it and left the wrong impression that means you need to know your Bible because the Devil knows your but he knows the Bible following nice to think one of the Bible something like a good luck charm and I watch way too many dumb TV programs growing up and I used to watch these programs about vampires you know protection against the vampires and hold up across garlic around your neck some people think the Bibles like you knows internal holy garlic it is an old one if you got it bearing your nightstand like a Gideon Bible in the hotel room somehow your protected like my friend once get picked up by when I was hitchhiking on across hanging from his nearness are you Christian synonymous and that's just in case I'm drinking while driving it keeps me safe and some people think that when the devil in outcomes he does hold up the Bible is a way to straighten the walk up to take it on your hands according to did not annul your Bible because this bit of the great deception in the last days what it literally quoting Jesus the Dublin 's oldest living person a Christ how will you know the difference unless you know the word but we need to hasten along here so he's a great deceiver how do we overcome the devil first Peter five receipt nine the sober noise drugs that clear enough don't drink at the worst of all take my word for and I use them all be sober be vigilant Junior guard because you're at the Siri the devil is going around as a roaring lion seeking whom he might devour whom you resist resist the devil steadfast in the faith through your faith and on you can resist the devil knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren there in the world others are done it you can do it yesterday that same Jesus who help me quit smoking help me quit cursing to help me quit stealing and drinking drugs as end-users can help you and he can help me finish the areas I still need help I believe that God can help you resist temptation world tempted everyday that's right this is a battle going on when you need to recognize that to achieve your ultimate purpose another Bruce James 's promises James one seven therefore submit to God resist the devil and he will flee from you draw near to God and he will draw near to you so one of the best ways resist the devil is as you are submitting to God and drawing near to God in prayer surrendering your life in everyday in a time to send me know God for next year I told her I smoked my dad told me you'd better never smoke even though he spoke he knew he was addicted he finally quit after fifty years is not better never get useful I did start smoking but somehow I was always able to resist the temptation when my dad was there I know that people come to my church every week in Sacramento the smoke as I shake hands with Metro-North but I've never seen light up in church somehow in the presence of God a little easier the whole law and if you live in the presence of God you find it's easier to live a different kind of life same as first John four four you are of God little children and you've overcome them because few who is in you is greater than he that is in the world of Christ is in you greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world and again first on create for this purpose the son of God was manifested noticed this that he might destroy the works of the devil Christ in your life destroys the work of the devil in your life know I probably got him back to my story I started with your member the demoniac that man filled with legions of devils tells us several things about him for one thing where did he live with and zooms right who typically lives in the terms and that the why would lower your answer is people live in the past but not nearly been able to read and hopefully 911 living there I just read last week about some dear lady and Argentina 's husband died two years ago to build the business mildly amused at the two and she brings her man in a little cookstove jiggles the sabertooth readings and she wants to be close to and to talk with him and hoping are one-sided conversations she even has an Internet connection Portugal's of the bigger displays musical the city of the dead was that represent in the Bible tells us that if you don't have a son you don't have life onetime Ensign Laura were falling in the first and got a very my father Jesus said let the dead bury the dead so this man is like is like the souls that are spiritually dead was clothing represent and what well out of me when the devil got done with them what happened with a naked also this man is naked after a devil a demon possessed man who got seven boys in the book of acts they fled naked the devil strips us of our dignity in any righteousness when that man fell among thieves in the story of the good Samaritan Ottoman please leave him they stripped like the devil the devil wants to humiliate problems some of us are stupid we don't care we know now that we are poor and wretched and miserable and blind and naked I once lived in the hills where there were any clothes I got so used to it the one that walked in the Palm Springs I forgot to put my clothes on you think it's a whole other story you can get to the place for yourself is to be naked in this embodiment you long for the role of Christ's righteousness the other thing this man is wearing was what are you a symbol of King broke any restraint he didn't want any controller needs a symbol of sin tells us that he was cutting himself and I was surprised a few years ago when I heard about this trend self-mutilation cutting that it's even in our modern culture people learn trouble with that chances are statistically there is some here on campus it's more common among girls and boys but if not God wants you to hurt yourself you look at the pagan religions of the world when the profits of bail one of your pecans never know their God they left on the altar and make themselves until they bled a part and parcel of many pagan religions as self-mutilation your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit the double wanting to do things to hurt and mutilate your body Jesus wants to save you and give you health and abundant life tells us this man was always in the mountains crying certainly wasn't happy tormented there is no peace for the wicked the Bible says if you want peace Jesus was come unto me I will give you rest I will give you peace surrounded by Kings death cemetery unclean but you know what the wonderful thing is in the story the man when he saw Jesus land on the shore as messed up as he was with legions of Devils whatever was left in a man inside the Navy or the devil talking with Jesus and God delusion because I thought that's my only hope and whatever you have left you decided to run the Jesus and I had the strangest dream when I woke up this morning and I'm another's integrate meaning to it but it'll illustrate my twenty drivers walking on the street somewhere in an couple of thugs attacked me and one held me down and the other one was kind derivative my head I don't think there's any spiritual meaning but the point is that I didn't want to do it as I was struggling to get by Eiffel powerless I thought so we struggled and struggled and finally for I believe everything in the struggle health level government at home is a dream that they will have limited your eye got available bit of a panic on the leader versus Medina he almost have to wake up and come to Jesus sounds like you're in the injury and that man is not my only hope and whatever was left of him inside he rarely uses the Bible says he felt the worst of it Neil is not the same Lord save me but when he opened his mouth the doubletalk you could even do afraid but in the wonderful thing about the story is a man came to Jesus just like you once just like he wasn't Jesus accepted now think about this good person possibly be further from God which is managing he's living with and then covered with Cheney 's is just an absolute mess while crazy filthy destroyed his life nobody wants to be or his antisocial the Bible says he was exceedingly fierce I left that out couldn't control his temper always flying off in the range you don't struggle with your temperature you know they say when you lose your temper the devil finds people often do things that are semi- demon possessed when they lose their tempers exceedingly fierce but you know it's all of you sending this problem came to Jesus like he wants to know what Jesus did because all the devils out Bible says that though the Lord came out of a man probably look like some nano vortex of demons and landed on the herd of swine on the Ellen Dale went berserk and then there was his avalanche for chops in the San Miguel I ended up ocean they all drowned because figured that unclean spirit unclean pigs they go together and he and his also let us know here's more about people than case you're not only worth more than many sparrows many sheep you're worth more than takes more than two thousand of some and either work and the Lord say that man I believe Jesus took him down the water wash tomorrow and what type of baptism might say I think when Jesus told the demons the chains fell off just like this a lot Peter when the angel came to him in prison I think the Bible tells us that the people from the town came to see what happened to her about all the things were lost they saw the man sitting at the feet of Jesus clothed and in his right mind don't you want to be in your right mind will I think Jesus took off his robe covered the slightly covers you with his own righteousness this is just such a wonderful story in a wine you cannot find an example in the story of a person who is outwardly more hopeless than this man maybe he wasted his youth he does gain and every temptation he thought life was a party and you whenever you listen to the tablet and that whatever you practice if you practice resisting temptation you get good at it if you practice giving in to temptation you will well those habits and become good at that little by little this man practicing giving in to the devil he got to the place where he could not no every day when making decisions who were minister friends wanting a notice on the shore that they there are two alternate purposes you see yourself in the story you are somewhere in the story God came into the world in the form of a man his name is Jesus to show us God 's plan for you if you want to know what the devil 's plan is for you that man is exhibit a of what the devil does when he fills me on the shorthair by the beach of Galilee were two individuals that man came to Jesus and there was Jesus a disciple ran away there they are facing off their other to open the destiny be like Christ son of the Christian BMI God 's son Jesus Robert or be like for them yet the picture Christ loving noble dignified self-possessed powerful what is raving lunatic that's the devil 's plan for you and we get to choose which plan we want for our lives Christ's purpose for you is to be like him and it is a good news no matter how far from done you may want to keep income just like you are you are worse off than this man and Jesus will except you give me that this acting like he was the Christ so you've gone too far if Christ would heal and forgive insane this man can he save you identify with the story as I was something like that memory came to Jesus and I will thought was a mix and afford to do it for me he can do it for you if Jesus crossed an ocean to say that one manual the only thing he did on a trip with you say that one man and he left if Christ across an ocean to say that one man I need a price across the universe to save you that night he had called and angry see and then when he got to the shore the all Marin sold that managing the psyche once you surrender your life to Jesus have you completely surrendering your life to Jesus why not now you know when you came in you should ever seen an appeal court decision like you this makes a difference this is how works desalinate decision on the register that decision and I went through the intestinal of which he named down on the card and the question is awesome for those who may be watching if you believe that the Bible is God 's truth and you want to follow its teachings please indicate that decision if you believe that salvation comes only by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and you wish to accept free grace why not tell now if not now then when you might have a friend when you can and I we nothing maybe even have some volunteers and make them available to next question perhaps he wants accepted Jesus but you drifted in your relationship for we can make your life to Jesus would you please indicate that now you can make a decision right now and the next I love Jesus and I desire to be baptized or rebaptized in the near future you like to talk to someone about them let people that were contacted and evolving but if you have an interest we want to help follow-up and that helps you in your decisions and that's the last part if you like to have someone visit you about your decision please fill that part out after were dismissed the following are prayer it will be our first when the doors between your hardware then maybe have a special prayer requests you like down there part of UIC team will look over this part will be praying for you but really the essence of what were talking about friends is life-and-death Jesus came to give you life the devil came to steal and destroy is a liar he's a deceiver he wants to ruin your life the Lord is for you Satan is against you and you get to make the choice it doesn't matter how you send the past doesn't matter if you are surrounded by tens and things that you destroy your life you feel like you're just playing my temptation the devil you come to Jesus just like you are a in UB 's price when you can do for you you can set you free Ezekiel hazard that I can before I fell back or maybe nothing really happened I didn't feel it coming in and him now I believe installing them I like praying for us before we do know where a public setting displacement if there are some here now and the Lord speaking your heart and you want to say and what I hear you calling anomaly by your grace to choose the folly now stand in his presence I will have a special prayer for you is not a plan view a good plan to be like a and the devil has a plan and you get to choose the one hall asking now dear Lord I believe you're in this place and I pray that you will reveal yourself each one of these people who are here standing before you others who may be watching show them that you are living the a very real something significant in their lives today I pray that you'll help us to do what we can humanly do my seeking you through your word prayer to being willing to share what you're doing in our lives within the on the Lord we are helpless unless you do something for us in our hearts we pray to you release your power forgive our sins help us by faith to know that we can come just like we are like that manual cleanups you'll break the chains you cover all our sin and annual census work all that will this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse of his life was more so than please visit www. audio person .org


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