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Where Am I Going?

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • October 13, 2012
    7:00 PM
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my wife my passive aggressive come join me on stage immediately take a few moments to look at some of the questions that are coming beneath after that I feel I'm doing well unreasoning Christians how is everybody arrival will begin by taking a look and want to text questions that have come in and out the question is does it matter what church we belong to him it teaches the love of Jesus well we would hope that every shirts I think someone might be wondering about the nomination that they'll talk about the love of Jesus but there's a lot more in the Bible than that simple principle if we really love Jesus he said if you love me opening and I think that the particulars of truth matter to God we learned our first presentation that would Jesus the truth is a priority and since Jesus is the truth to whatever extent we reject troops any particular truth theoretically we are rejecting a part of Jesus and socialist should be very precious and so I think it does matter you are the devil is trying to camouflage the true Church of God through all the counterfeits and confusion when you see in the world today I think we all know that you know if there are five hundred denominations just in North America at all claim to be Christian and I believe some cases wildly different things they can't all be true and so I think it does matter you want to follow the Lord and be part of a church that is a viable base price exalting church you know better than we did mention that I'll be a study guide from the amazing facts websites do nothing it's called the bride of Christ and you can meet an online just go to the amazing facts if I click on free resources and you can be the study guides a Nevada rules of the book holds sorry Josh and also available for you to read after three library within the next expression is coming in God knows the future why did he create Lucifer will test on a little bit in our prior presentation all and I'm sure it was a painful thing for the Lord even as he made Lucifer because he knew that he made a perfect meeting with every opportunity to be a great meaning keep in mind that if Lucifer was ahead of the Angels how long has God hath his ministering spirits angels are very old I mean here you got Gabriel appeared to Daniel five hundred years later Gabriel appears to Mary and it doesn't look like a bit blue Superman existed for a billion years before he just began to fall in love with himself and replace the love of God with self-love I can get it to show to demonstrate that he really does make all of his creatures free now be careful very important truth just because God knows what is going to happen because he knows everything we all agree is the Lord know whether or not you can be safe as he does that mean he's making the choice for you yet your choices just as real for you is it ever has been even though he knows the future Lucifer had that same freedom were offering the Lord knew what he would do but because he is a God of love yes someday you may break down and decide to have children and I can tell you right now you're not getting a counter written guarantee from the hospital that there always can be good kids did you know I don't break this to you but it is no insurance you can buy that will guarantee those kids are always weak ways and loving and obedient you don't know some of you think that risk and I love picturesque city know that you risk being hurt you love and God created all his creatures free hoping for their love but there's always a risk and especially the video mission him to say in how can we know for sure that were naked to him well I think that Christians should have an element of assurance I first thought he talks about having the assurance that we know him and that he's in the house up at the same time I think we don't want that assurance to be boasting as though we've lost their freedom to choose what you can count on is that God will never let go of you and as long as you come to him and you surrender your life to him you can have the confidence that he is begun a good work in you will perform it until that day that Jesus is the author and the finisher of our faith not an author is a whole other books I started that have been finished but I got a lot of books of the really nothing more than a great title thoughts a great title for a book that's as far as a God but God is not an author he is the author and finisher of our faith and if you continue to surrender your life to him he will unfold his will for your life and you can have confidence that he will finish that you can trust that he will transform you to daily surrender to him into the image of his son and you'll be annexing was christened you know we've been going around had a gloomy and worrying I'm joined right how else can you have the joy of the Lord unless you have some assurance that he's been a finish what he started in your life and especially from the expiration of his coming not have more than one will for my life well you know sometimes there is an option a but maybe you missed the turn on option a and then you go to take the next exit Festival one one after Ross and I were driving back from three ABN one time we did some taping we ran into snow storm that I mean there was no traffic on the road and it simply append this reunion from two different cities of intergovernmental cards this because he was coming from appointment I was coming from another as long following him to the airport is like two hours on a good day and humorist is a healthcare snowstorm remember that minimum and control for four hours and I have two wheel drive rental car truck for jackknifed off the road is long gone down understanding every little curly the following arrest on this freeway and his nose is coming down five hundred twentieth the airport we respect and I looked up in the road the turn off to St. Louis on the state but because I was stuck in these rats and he made the turn I miss I don't like eight miles of liberals like to find a pair of runs the fall off in her around and come back again I highly need of the state was not about how I think of the two designations in the city I don't know somewhere else in the wrong direction at the will and you will make little more to the story this was so incredible I stopped on the bridge on interstate seventy the crosses the Missouri River in the St. Louis there was nobody on the bridge actually parked my car one minute that this will never happen again anyway but you know we made it three the Lord here we are but we both Mister turns at some point along the way you may have missed in turn you know we weren't really rather he will then activate his best move for you from that point on and the next expiration of the men what can we do to desire gone more well it's a little salt in front of the horse and it increases his Thursday review expression you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink you make thirsty and Jesus and Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness I think you can ask the Lord to increase your hunger and to increase users I prayed many times more help me love you more help me be more willing to do your will sometimes let's face it you know what God 's will is and you don't want to write when we know what God 's commands are most of the time Mark Twain said it's not all the mysteries in the Bible to cause me sleepless nights of the good that I do understand and so usually our problem is not that we don't know who we do know we have to do is pray Lord help me be willing to do your will you can also pray Lord please increase my desire for you and so distracted with the things give me a service for you you know sometimes you know while a lot of Asian people like rice because they hereby forgive me if I was a generalization but I've been awfully sinister I is the rice you develop an appetite for what you do and if you leave the word the first two times you may not have as much appetite for the more you do it the more you'll develop a sword and your hunger for it will increase no one say right on especially the video creation Alaska Chris you leave the church when they get older how can we keep those youth and church well that's true that's part of the reason we're doing these meetings is because in my heart breaks that statistically and this is across the board with every Christian denomination seventy five percent of young people that are raising Christian homes they wander from the church at least temporarily between the ages of seventeen and twenty five seventy five percent that means they stop attending many come back many don't and it is a real concern breaks my heart and you know to answer you in a very reckless way and sale here's the just do this and this I think it's several things to contribute to that some of this have to do with the influence in their home from their parents parents need to do their best to represent Christ but even in good homes very few homes that are perfect then this influence they might have taken out many friends and could be under the influence of teachers it's a culture of the movies and transfer the Internet is all the blizzard of information coming into the minds of young people when you can never get away from ICU guys walking around is constantly you know you get the whole cosmos of information on your smart phone and it's not better fixing each other when you drive but what can make a difference I think that we need to pray for revival I think the gods spirits can have to come down into something extraordinary it may take a crisis it may take a crisis to get us to pray do we get a reply and I will mobilize a young Army to change the world but we're doing everything we can do and that's why we're here are my next question is a noted exhibition is using many of him meaning on this music is to pray quietly since they cannot read out well you can of course pray in your heart and on not only can the understand what you're thinking in your heart sometimes we get impressions from each other but is nothing wrong with praying out loud when Jesus says do not be as the hypocrites and pray out loud in the market street corners so that they can be seen of men in the praise of men Jesus was not condemning screen out loud their scores and scores of examples of God 's people praying out loud and the Bibles is nothing wrong with that the reason that you got the prayers of Jesus in John seventeen in other places is because he must've prayed out loud facility road again I think the double trembles when we pray out loud don't do it to the once aware of where you are going to adjust to being exhibits are to be demonstrative when you pray out loud you're talking to a friend but it's also capering your hearts don't worry about the devil eavesdropping on your prayers it makes you terrifies him to hear you talk to the Lord that effect we need to pray out loud then when the audience is your prayer your prayer is reported friendly body including the devil and his minions to hear them sing so you don't have anything to be afraid in a president and especially had is one of the legal part of it and usually get his wish and the beginning of the year when people start reading through their Bibles in a meeting in Genesis may come to particular verse and out of sleep especially understand if you request these are the sons of God who married the doors of man in Genesis chapter is to Angels yeah this is this is a versus trouble a lot of people tells us in Genesis the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were beautiful and took wives for themselves both may chose their even some paraphrase Bibles say alien married humans you are saying fallen Angels married humans and that they have these extraordinary children that were giants in has nothing to do that through simple after Cain killed his brother left out when you have another way means that he followed the Lord out of an even said that part of the family were true to God Cain took his wife and sister and they went and they started to plan the descendents of Cain they were called the sons of men the children of God when you look at the genealogy that it goes it was a son of Venus who was the son of Seth son of God Adam was the son of God sat in those that remain separate should award of the sons of God as long as they remain distinct and again it intermingled with Kane and his family that a castoff the Lord they were devoted they were true but King has some really pretty daughters and when the sons of Seth saw the daughters of Canaan they were fair they intermarried and yes they had some strong mighty children genetic vitality it's very observable in the world today has nothing to do with aliens or devils marrying humans by the way the Bible says in first John chapter three behold what manner of love the father has been stolen is that we should be called sons of God so you and I are sons and daughters of God that's all that was a immutable about something on all the sons of God and you can be read online the amazing facts again is amazing fact going on warranty I think a final question for this program is a video take a look at him to see that you have a question that I have this as a young bracing how can you say the Bible in a way that can make a difference in their lives when we study the Bible so that it's been really have an impact on our life one thing when you put my is not something you disagree it something you should look into recognizing this is a message from God Jesus of the words that I speak unto you they are spirit and they are life this is not just black ink on white paper or whether you're an artist digital pixels on a computer screen there's something supernatural about the word of God transforms us keep in my everything you see around you came into existence through the word of God and I understand now that believing in everything in the universe began with vibrations the college string theory and I think that's interesting I think it was sound that brought the universe into existence out of the Bible says in the beginning God said and so the leader 's creative power in God 's word a leper came to Jesus one time is of mortgage are willing you can make me clean and Jesus I am willing the clean and when Jesus it be clean something miraculous so when you read the Bible you would with trembling these are the words of God start getting overview of the story and then he can study five subject studied by book itself I recommend and this is in a commercial I really believe it amazing facts has a couple of really good Bible study series of free new online for the one is our historic amazing facts Bible study guide series goes through twenty seven study guides and interest it really gets you grounded in the word and then we develop another series that takes the Bible stories to teach the things of the gospel in their called historical historical Bible study lessons go through one of those with your Bible and it'll richly bless you a living exit from Christian for this evening I'm just a reminder we do have our companion you can follow the amazing facts websites and learn how you will your loving Lord we have gathered to better understand and recognize your ultimate purpose for our lives please be present in this meeting tonight we pray to your spirit will speak to every heart vocals here those who may be watching and helpless to live on that higher ground we pray in Jesus name amen you may be seated good evening thank you for coming again will welcome those who may be watching to the ultimate purpose series in which is dedicating this time to talking about the priorities of life seeking first God 's kingdom and his righteousness understanding his perfect will for us and we talk a little bit about what is truth we talked about where we came from we've talked about today understanding of God 's plan for us and will actually tonight were talking about the will of God and we found out where people came from earlier today and I'd like to so I wasn't really is dealing with the subject of where my going knowing what the will of God is for our lives we thought that would be appropriate because you we are talking to university and college students and you are at the crossroads of your lives we have one of the bachelor boys he's in college right now and he's this face with him on major decisions have to do a lot of training because just like missing an exit you can make the wrong choice and write a long way on that detour and so you want to make the right decisions how do you know what God 's will is for you I told you there's no greater treasure than truth and is no greater tragedy than a wasted life and I begin each program kind of talking about a little close I want to think about this one simply says the will of God will never lead you where the Grace of God cannot keep you if you have surrendered resign yourself to doing the will of God you don't have to fear because his will will never leave you where his grace will not keep and sustain you not like to begin by going to story in the Bible gets found in the first book of Kings of younger Bibles in the life is not the greatest out there for reading the first Kings chapter nineteen and it tells a story all will will read in verse eight a life you just have this incredible experience on Mount caramel where he has a showdown with the prophets avail he praises here comes down from heaven a freezing in a rain comes pouring down after years of famine and he must've had a long day low blood sugar because before the day was over Queen Jezebel threatened in any school after Donna Donald Mister deliver him from eight hundred rockets avail four hundred prophets in the Grove and eight hundred and fifty prophets of Asher it says that he has scared by the intimidation of this one woman's threats any company ran and he ends up Angel meets along the way gives them some encouragement he runs all the way to Mount Sinai and that's when we pick up our story is on neighbors nine and they are human into a cave I like the story of self-evident way many spent the night in that place and behold the word of the Lord came to him and said to him what you doing here Elijah never have the Lord can imagine through the Holy Spirit say all who told you to go there what you doing here election so he began to months reports are that very zealous for the Lord of host of the children of Israel have forsaken you can't afford on your alders and any goes on and on God says in verse eleven go out and stand on the mound before the Lord and behold the Lord passed by and a great strong win or into the mountains and Bro Barajas a new creature finds a later hurricane went through tornado for rocks and pieces before the Lord but the Lord was not in the hurricane near what was not in the win after the wind there was an earthquake but the Lord was not in the Uruguay and after the earthquake a fire but the Lord was not in the fire what I need to go through an earthquake mighty when the fire without the Lord and the frightening to know you're not what God wants you to be an almost automatic traumatic things are happening around you and then after all that is just someone was when Elijah heard eighty verse twelve after the earthquake a fire with award was not in the fire after the fire notice a still small voice so when Elijah heard that he wrapped his face in the mantle and went and stood at the entrance of the cave and suddenly the voice came to him and said what are you doing here like basically say I never told you to go here you're not in my well right now you listen to me this far and never failed off the frightening thing to suddenly discover you're not responsibly when things are falling apart maybe you've read the story in the Bible working a half gets clogged about and he has gotten into an alliance on searching Jehoshaphat gets into alliance with King Ahab and he nearly gets killed in the battle and afraid awards awards save me nearly by me later said to what you doing why are you so far away and then again you got the story in the Bible where you got profit to go make this prophecy into the then leave don't stop don't rest on you don't drink in the place for that profit got tired and hungry and you took a detour and God said to them what are you doing here before the day was over he was out of God well why don't you you don't want to be in the wrong place wrong time to be out of God 's will some recent one-time benefactor think it's in the book hiding place by Corrie ten boom the safest place in the world to be is in the middle of God 's will a few years ago when one of our boys surprises by saying he was joining the Marines during the Iraq war and people said aren't you worried as a normal worried about the war said if she is in God 's hands he is safer on the battlefield than anywhere because we had another way who lost his life in his front yard and so I just know that you you got to be watched out for Michael Moore and you never know how long your life and less I think it was Jordan Whitfield who said I am immortal into my work is done if you're a Christian and you know the hearing God 's will I like I am immortal until my work is valued here in God 's will there is nothing that the devil and all of his powers can do to harm you God will vacate heaven of all his angels to come to your aid before any income tax you that is not part of God 's will you are surrendered to the Lord you don't have to be afraid so how do you know what God 's willingness we know it's wonderful that you can hear the Lord speak to you in that still small voice you heard that still small voice and how did Abraham know when God was telling him take your son your only son bring them to the mountains we need a set of beliefs that you are but he knew the voice of God Karen called me we spend so much time together talking so she picks up the phones of high office that one word to letters I know who it is while I was reading my longest regarding use half sentences in our conversations and I know two things you know that I'm saying because you spend time with a person and kind of understand where they're coming from your pastor Ross and every friend you made it out of the lot we have funnily worked together we do these meetings together with a racquetball together were together every Sunday night when the radio program if any theory we can't tell which of each other is thinking not affect it it is so eerie I can actually tell what pastor wants to think I close my eyes and try to tell what he's thinking I know you find that hard to believe I demonstrate halfway restaurants where you got someone out here and in the list is illustrated I know it's can be a little embarrassing now maybe the way we should do this is it if I close my eyes dry blanket myself I turn away and I can't see anything he's doing and he holds up hand Disney Scripture whatever it is you think all that was all prearranged immediately have a volunteer from the audience and say pick the Scripture tell me to lift the number of fingers or anything like that I'll tell you what is this because it has to also looks at what they're saying anything is hard enough I'll be located up this is amazing that were disconnected so I think we got a volunteer nurse Mike out okay right after that will be to be doing is a person holding an object images if you didn't see anything are but only not a legitimate reaches with here that's a real blindfold is no way of life RI which is hanging like being a great one he is oriented to first under the focus on and make sure that you can see through the difference I narrated in you see anything either so it's a you just can't do you can affinity okay in the brain will phenomenally give this to pass the done and you can put that on and then while he puts that all women ask you to do is I need you to write down the Bible like this you begin to write and apply to life right now I want anything write it down nice and vague so that the audience can see it but don't say it don't say what is right you just give and give a chat in a book my something on here and it's anyone's see all right well hopefully that's big enough for everybody to see the normal time to write my something I locate I think that will work right so there is thing you'll see what that is no I don't send them out on rehab you to get a passive obedience are okay there is no more the unit do is I think you send this Bible verse of the past and without saying now I think this little building at Ali radiometer passerby okay you can see anything so many discounted think of it wait a minute to minute and see that without many of the send button team artist on the green fourteen axles that's pretty good I will ask for I crave well this is a link within Lucero that the young were calling and not impressed I will be getting the next event on the ahead you show the audience raise your hand doorstep one for us hold up a certain number of things it's the same thing I will try that again I'll see if I can stand has to die I show how you would have to get going to do something for giving activism is everything to the minute on a think about this all right okay I did a really good Whitey is all right evil but my fingers would you willing up nine fingers within that might hold down with the Mykonos I got one more one more fingers one would file my last one one would think the rescue is nothing too complicated I will arrive there it is okay to me thinks all right time to begin you will therefore paraphrase out all right I think I got a face on our library is in my family said my best member Don you know John I is redundant it was clear as he used to know I think it's the interference of old electronic equipment of the airmen and the other friends a lot I wonder the scene of the past is anything that you are a cellular thank you you probably figured this out was a little earpiece while I can hear the reason I demonstrated this for you is released to think if I can have Lord speak to me like I do when I do when Teleprompter he seen that when the DTV that people read at Teleprompter I don't do that because it's up to me not like this in on your either going back and forth so years ago we got this little earpiece on governance and around my neck right now him will read any script that I've got to be visiting to the long script is hard remember all the healthy visit my here and I played myself while talking to the camera and I close my eyes I can look around it's wonderful little schizophrenic as you hear yourself everything you say but I put this in before and I thought what can I get your frequency and would you like to have something like this where that still small voice would talk to you and tell you everything God wants you to do no dear don't go there it is don't do that say this don't say that what you like to have done reveal his will that way not happen that way not this life but there are things you can do to know what God 's will is not sobering look at in our time the remaining three quickly I will give you about fourteen points fourteen points on how do you know God 's will sorry ready some of you might want to take some notes of this real quick first of all how important is it to do God 's will even in the Lords prayer we pray five will be done it is crucial in our salvation to know the will of God and to do the will of God I think it was David Livingstone that said I'd rather be in the heart of Africa and the will of God than on the throne of England outside of this will and you live that out so how do you know God 's will for your life but he discover that well there are several things you can do the Lord is first of all not willing that any of us should perish not want everybody to be say even not everything that happens in life is God 's will is a lot of things in the long and what wasn't part of God 's original plan now you might be wondering what about you can I flip a coin to find God 's will once my living God once you make big decisions like flipping a coin you may get down to where it is only a couple of good choices left I mean you ruled out everything else and you get two good options and you got a make a decision and you don't know which way to go I'm a friend of David's trying to find out God 's will by flipping coins and he accidentally flipped a coin it was something importance in the better that way and explain rolled across the floor when up against Walton state of right everyone over if I got the same don't do that it's a way no Bible tells us don't base everything on dreams sleazy Asif chapter five verse three for a dream comes through the multitude of business in a lot of pain can contribute your dreams not every dream you have any I never know exactly how to act when something comes mean this is passive and about agreement like to tell you and people start sharing some very interesting things with me that I know I don't have a gift of Joseph one oh tell people what their dreams are a dream can come through the multitude of business and a drink and come to the multitude of pizza and so you don't want to base your decisions on dreams if God gives you a supernatural dream Juergen and know that there's something different about that white so here's the point those were actually just a couple preliminary points I wanted to touch on number one there anyone if the program and then you only get point number one your ninety percent there point number one in knowing God 's will be willing to do God 's will if you are willing to do whatever the Lord tells you to do then it becomes his responsibility to make is well known and he will reveal all reveal his will to wonderful things will happen John seven seventeen if anyone wants to do his will he will know concerning the doctrine whether it is from God or whether I speak I was born pray and ask God to give you a pliable heart and a willingness to do his will Isaiah forty five verse nine upon receipt of a playing lord I want to do this one is that a lot of you my question God 's leading in your life you surrender your heart and be willing to do his will and he will work things together for good that promise in Romans that all things work together for good isn't necessarily for everybody it says for those that love God that are called according to his purpose point number two when it comes to understanding the will of God and sold the word of God what is God 's word say about you those two points look for the revealed will of God and if you're willing to do his will finalize the Bible says now I don't recommend you read the Bible like your witching for water yet you know some people will sound work is not sure what to do to keep opening up while putting a finger down on the Bible put a finger down like that fellow you said you know Lord what he wanted to do any open is mildly put his finger down and said go hang yourself reduced amount on himself in on any flip his Bible somewhere else and he put his finger down to go thou and do likewise have some income up with some strange things you can almost make the Bible say anything and it doesn't mean God has never use that I actually know somebody there daughter told me the story this lady was prayed about marrying an evangelist she was a young woman and she really thought this was a big life decision and she tried to get all the criteria in all the Council you know Citibank up finally in desperation she prayed it she put her mind around she opened up a few claims that verse in the Bible where God said to Rebekah if he calls me go with him and she thought well she married and happy marriage but I don't recommend you said you will allow me because who knows what you remember place your finger to find out what the word of God says no first of all in the law of God we've got a great demonstration of the word of God Psalm forty mercy I don't like to do your will O God yes your long is within my heart the law of God is the most perfect expression of the will of God and so it is a Lord what is your will you know will of God what a wonderful ten Commandments right ten Commandments is not his will when you commit adultery not his will when you killed not his will you live and so say Lord I'm willing to do your will beginning with the basics as a home means you will be every now and then running somebody and will so passive that you know I I really been praying and I just think the gospel still leave my wife and and be with his other person and evaluating trade-off that is where you get the idea that Scott Malaga is really good feeling and seeing God as well I been talking to people we just want to fit for each other you'll be surprised how many times as a pastor I don't your people come to me any sort of manipulate circumstances that justify something that the ten Commandments is wrong and if it's in the ten Commandments you plan on what was your will about whether or not I should shoplift today you need a printout that she don't expect him to give you some supernatural message about his will if he's given you his will something as basic as his law member Proverbs fourteen twelve there is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is the way of death I was number two number three being faithful to his revealed will there are things that he's already shown in other words I want to talk about ten Commandments no job in guiding you other times in your life if you are following what he has been sharing with you up to that point then he'll show you more why would God want to reveal more of his will to you if you're not following the subsidies already given you progressively all that does is make you more culpable for denying the extra knowledge that is given you noticing I've had people come to evangelistic meetings are conducted and so how are you enjoying things around not sure in making Cynthiana the problem is making sense when you're talking about stuff I just don't want to I know it's true I wish I never came it is now responsible a miserable until I surrender my film I pray to God you the strength to surrender he knew his will and that they will continue to be miserable until they give you want to be happy going the wrong way the guy wasn't too much trust in the Lord Proverbs three five notice and this is a great one trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him another was in the ways that you are going now acknowledge God and he will direct your paths Yahoo promised to direct your paths if your ideology and in your other ways someone said one time you ask what is the will of God will here's the answer true the nearest thing that should be done that he can do through you know someone one time said the Francis of the city was how holding his peas one day in his garden and one of the young believers became very excited about the second coming and so he went to St. Francis music Lawrence tell me why you wasting your time out here holding fees you should be getting ready for the second coming for this I am getting ready for the second coming is a lot of you know that the world is coming to light but when you know that I finished towing my feeds and so that's something we should give the faithful to do what lies nearest you with all of your heart all in your mind for number four and knowing the will of God obtain Christian Council says Proverbs eleven verse fourteen where there is no counsel the people fail but in the multitude of counselors there is safety now when you pick people that you're any good counsel from look at their lives and their example and you have may have some very sincere Christian friends but sometimes allies are concentrating wreck and yet ask yourself the best person to get counseling from you want to get counsel from people that look like they've had some success in the relationship of award and they got things together and you will be influenced by your friends pick your friends very carefully because you end up becoming like them first Corinthians fifteen thirty three do not be deceived evil company corrupts good habits again Psalm seventy three verse twenty four you will guide me with your counsel and afterward receive need to glory so in a multitude of counsel doesn't say just one counselor and factor that it would be other things that were talking about and that's great for it oh well readable when he became king I do make a very important decision regarding the will of God people came to him with a proposition at first he listened to Solomon 's counselors now Solomon have pretty good track record for success in a pretty good track record for being very smart but then he went to his buddies who were in on some of the kids grew up with in the palace it may have been a little bit spoiled they gave him some really bad counsel the reason I'm saying that as there is wisdom in getting counsel from elders you learn something when he lived while he been around the block a few times and so trust in your elders Rehoboam listened to the counsel of his young friends and he rejected the counsel Solomon 's elders and he lost a lot of kingdom because of that look for Providence point number five I see some of you taking notes and that's good look for providential leading from God and I love the story in the Bible of Ruth and how she comes back with Naomi in their destitute they don't know what to do in their deleting in the fields is only one person in all of Bethlehem is capable of redeeming their family and low on the Holy See by chance happens on the field of the lands was the only one who is capable to redeem their family leaning in that field I see by chance sarcastically because with God there are no chances really God if you surrender your life to the Lord and he directs doesn't mean that you're supposed to go there to the drugstore and agonizing prayer about whether or not you buy crest or Colgate know any a and I think you could pray about that I suppose you really thought it's a big decision but I just want to use your judgment and some of those things but there are weightier matters that we should pray for his guidance and is well on Providence sometimes tells you not to do something but God will allow you to push your way through shortly after I became a Christian I wasn't very dedicated Christian came down out of the mountains leaves the still drink alcohol I was panhandling begging for money I told myself if I get enough money for beer it must be God 's will for me to drink and sure enough after a while you working anything hard enough you'll get enough and I doesn't always God will bail him he went down the wrong road he wanted to get the reward is being offered by the king of Moab and even afternoon Angel Johnson don't know and then an angel blocked his path even his own he knew better God was trying to save into prominence he still bulldozed his way through and before his stories ovary he dies as a result of pushing for his will instead of recognizing God 's providence is telling them don't go their own traditional millionaire we all know stories and we could probably reverse of people who had several warnings providentially not to do something and when they don't listen things known and well at the same time we probably see where God open doors and we listen to the open doors of the Lord and it ends up being a great blessing on time to tell you all the different antidotes and stories about another great value that was on the list somewhere but it's very forth when you want to know God 's will pray it may not mean train one time it might mean Cheney lead in prayer it might even mean fasting and praying to know God 's will in first of all it says your first John fibers fourteen now this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us and we know that he hears us whatever we ask we know that we have the petitions we ask of him John fifteen fifteen Jesus said I no longer call you servants because a servant does not know what is now does not know his master 's business instead I have called you friends for everything that I've learned from my father father I made known to you God reveals his will to his friend 's perhaps you remember the story before the Lord was a little visit to Sodom and Gomorrah with judgment he stopped on the way and visited with Abraham Xavier my friend I want to hide from you what I ongoing gave Abraham an opportunity to intercede for his nephew Lot God is your friend talk to him and asking for guys using gone once you know his will we shall be enhanced even gone once you know his will but does he want you to seek it enormous one can be more important than the will Bible says in first John chapter two verse fifteen to seventeen love not the world neither the things are in the world preventing their loves the world the love of the father is not in thrall that's in the world less than the flash less than the eyes light of life is not of the father the world notice in the world is passing away and the lust thereof but he does will of God alas Karen you would live forever is his will were looking for if the ones that Google will not last forever and you may have taken a detour but don't be discouraged right sometimes I guess this would be six be subcategory fast and pray let's face it some issues are bigger than others one time a man came to Jesus with a son that was very serious condition the disciples try to cast the devil in the clinic in Jesus at this time doesn't come forth except by prayer and fasting Mark chapter nine there are some very serious issues when the king of Persia mental wall that all the Israelites were going to be annihilated Mordechai Nester said let's have the whole nation fast freight for three days no food or water the series that you don't even drink but not as serious as it gets when Paul realizing and killing Christians in Jesus and why do you persecute me you need a bring freedom recommending that had a fast hermeticism fasting is little lazy and vast but I pray over some of these important issues and audiences those prayers with your point number seven believe they if you're asking God for direction and trust that he's in a given direction if you are doing these are the things and you're willing to really willing for him to leave to then it's just a question of trusting him and waiting have faith in God Proverbs three verse five and six why are you rather trust the Lord will all of your heart number eight do the safe thing well I mean by that know sometimes you got to make a decision and you're getting ready to do something in there in the consequences of the wrong decision could be disastrous maybe you should choose the safer course sometimes I have a bit of my visit and ready to talk and say something and I've her little voice that said should I say that I should say that are not in the value-added voice of prudence will say do the same thing don't say something eleven churchmen preaching my wife saw the congregation thinking of sellout now I'm thinking I should say something healthy potency that I have even talking to people before thinking about saying something hundred order use a thing and so if there is no reason to take a risk and make the wise decision as we Christians never take risks but look for the courses can be via the safe thing to do when you're looking in the near you get ready to go out and dressing I wonder if this addresses a little too short it didn't address the Safeway number nine what have you doing do it to the glory of God the Bible says whatever you read whenever you drink you all the glory of God when you're praying about caring for decision ask yourself how is this decision going to influence God 's will for my life how is this decision going to influence what a expand his kingdom will bring other people to him and I think that's a very important principle Matthew six thirty three seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added you you ultimately want to pray that God is good it do not inure to make a decision that will bring souls into his kingdom that will bring glory to God in all I've often had to grapple with decisions before that's all I could finally come down to what is delivering the greatest glory to God by this decision number ten how will this decision affect others Romans seven fourteen seven note of those lives unto himself and no one dies to himself you know all of us affect each other in your decisions affect each other when God said to Jonathan John I want you to rise and go to Nineveh and talk to their fleet within not told him to get up and go East but it's not want to do the will of God and he got up and he went West now here's exhibit a of somebody that did not do the will of God how are things going for Jonah while the first of England right he went down there to the shipyard in lo and behold the weather was good must be God 's will and I go the wrong direction and whether and if there's a ship going the wrong we must be an indicator of the dog dismissing his will for me and I can go a long way sure enough there was another thing well if there's any room on this shift and it must be God 's will for me to go the wrong way sure enough anonymity among the eventful maybe I am enough of a failure if I've got enough to pay for the passage it must be God 's will for me to go the wrong way one you know we had just the right amount finally John obtained a fair winning this year found his bunk and he was so relaxed and running from God he was sleeping like a baby on his way to destruction you know just because the boat is not rocking right away doesn't mean you necessarily in God 's will God is a loving God remember Jesus said I send the sunshine on the just and on the unjust but while Jonah was running from the will of God in a storm King supernatural storm that he saw not only was his life in jeopardy but every other sailor was in danger of dying why because John was running from God so your decision to do God 's will or not do God 's will you might think well you know what my decision of my life I write accompanied all about me notes not when John was running to God other people around him were dying because he was running from Gaza when Jonah surrendered to God and he went to Nineveh hundreds and thousands were saved because he was doing God 's will and while on the subject and I'm on the campus of the University please forgive me if I remind you God needs more missionaries that will go to difficult places for him and while you're pondering what God 's will might be for your life you notice on my list it doesn't say what is in and make me the most popular one is in or in the most money I think when you're considering what God 's will is both really know what you should be thinking about is not really a factor how will outweigh out in eternity your popularity you your fame and fortune the real question is what will it bring glory to you is it your plan for me is a perfect plan for your life your ultimate and eternal happiness will depend on you are doing God 's plan for your life and so as you're pondering some of those big decisions that keep that in mind as well where was I oh I talked about the house can affect others Galatians five fourteen it tells us here for the law of God is fulfilled in one word you shall love your neighbor as yourself you know those the great Commandments love the Lord with all of your hard and love your neighbor as yourself eleven this is very important be patient and sometimes refrain from God 's will you want to know right now what got Willis we may not be wanting to tell you everything right now he may be revealing things to you little by little and what you think in the Lord 's prayer Jesus tells us the sake give us this day our daily bread because the Lord wants us to come to him and trust him on a daily basis he doesn't spread everything out for you for one thing you right now dog was to give you a manuscript that had your whole life mapped out for you probably terrify most of the closest person in the Bible I can think of that have that experience is when God came to King Hezekiah he thought he was good and I quickly got spoken the side of heard your prayer and giving you fifteen more years basically what that meant was your terminal you've only got fifteen years to live he was happy to see thought we shorten that but the Lord and Matt felt that he was always at least another fifteen years of even attempt to do anything foolish but to the people get the kind of assurance John laid out everything for your new every trial Juergen have to face of my terrifying some of you might think you've got eighty years ahead of you you might similarly no one in my life and he might be saying I see that six months when that's scary to know that right now I still trust the Lord that he's been given to you as you can handle it most people don't graduate from tricycle the race card one day as you grow as he matures spiritually God will unfold his will for your life as well you know I'm never one thing in my life personally I never ever would've dreamed if you would come to me growing up and going to school in New York City all the schools I went to visit another unit of the pastor I would choke on the left so hard because I analyze a different dream there was everything from an actor to paleontologist the pastor was never on the list anywhere and so I think that we got a remember that the is perfect will for us is to be revealed as we can handle it how patiently in the Zamora versus Ahmed James five eleven indeed we count those blessed who endured and you heard about the patience of Job NEC in the end that the Lord is very patient he's compassionate and merciful Jesus said the twenty one nineteen by patients possess your souls when Paul was converted on the road to Damascus the Lord appeared to him I said Lord will be limited to verify what all on you to send somebody reconfigured by the hand or deleted account you wait for me I'll send someone else when I think you can handle it they'll tell you what to do Paul didn't get everything all mapped out all at one time in your patient's possessors and sometimes you know part of knowing God 's will is spent Bill when the children of Israel came up to the Red Sea there were seeking to understand what there is also new with this dilemma ocean before then angry Egyptians behind the mountains and each side and they were panicking God said he still here and see the salvation of the Lord same thing happened in the days of Jehoshaphat to be still God will be something wonderful for you to wait on the Lord and trust in the Lord of the patient don't make a major decision prematurely you don't have to cross a bridge if it's an important decision to soon also don't procrastinate like a little general ceased to say when they use via the flintlock rifles with a gunpowder he only got a load with a fire once or twice before the enemy was upon you and so they would say don't fire until you see the whites of your eyes sometimes people get the flashing lights some people get anxious and then they make a hasty decision and it causes up it causes a problem and any other thing you can do is add up the evidence of everything they were talking about now this is number twelve inventory know I know it doesn't sound at all romantic I were dating we were thinking about marriage even before I propose we thought well we got the pros and cons and one of the things you said is not never married pastor she made up her mind upon all early in her life about that so well she had put down with that there were some told me on such a lovable guy executive summary thinking that as a stimulus we pray you will find seeking your willingness religion of the Scripture and trying to add everything up and looking for your providential meeting but God wants you to use your head sometimes you just got a take inventory so when you list the play if you God was in evidence on this I think this looks like it's God 's will but there's some risk over here when you get pretty good evidence and in this one would bring out things on my list sometimes you might want to begin to take a few steps of the Lord I'm not sure this is your will but I understand wanting this direction you blocked the door if it's not your will I member one day family had a truck we were on our way to California office would God want us to truck was loaded ready to driveway I got a phone call got a phone call from my elders -year-old Miller who was one of the founders of amazing facts and he was a conference president in Texas later union president and I discovered last night that he passed away when the founders of amazing facts Sylvia Elder Miller called me isn't going to find you like to be a pastor in Texas and I've never been an official capacity for and I said I'll pray as we get gas the project we knew it was gods will he just dramatically showed us the province and at the last minute sometimes there is a God reveals his will at the last minute no one keeps you trusting dozen you got a healthy and it was your hearts desire you may not and is expected to be on the list but part of the way that you discover God 's will for your life is the Lord will put a yearning a passion in your heart because you will always knew very well the things you're excited about we interview people at amazing facts with a question that is what you enjoy the most doesn't matter what is on the resume that you and them doing what they enjoy no Bible you're happy to hear that there's inscriptions on them by the number thirteen first Chronicle seventeen Judy Nathan said to David do all that is your heart for God is with you you have had to build up the Temple of God in the same dollars life for that Psalm thirty seven verse for the white yourself in the Lord he will give you the desires of your hearts fill placed desires in your heart and finally pray for the guidance of God 's Spirit the Holy Spirit will speak to you I know we were teasing a little bit earlier about that inner voice but you really will hear of still small voice that will say this is the way walk ye in it so my peel your friends Romans twelve to do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you might prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God the Lord wants us to test what what is your will you know the biggest battle the Jesus face and he did it as an example for you and me was in the Garden of Gethsemane when he knew he was about to go to the cross he knew what that meant that he would be separated from the father for the first time and eternity that for the first time and eternity is pure soul would be sustained and burdened with the sins of the world your sins and mine and it was agonizing to him he just needed to know that before this happened that it was indeed the father 's will and he prayed three times his father this is your wealth it is anyway this captain pass away from me please but not my will by will be done by Deborah struggling with a preference not my will Lord I will be done if you're sincere that's really where we started with point number one and you're willing really willing to say Lord you got my heart I trust to trust my own judgment whatever your will is that's what I wanted to not my will God has a perfect ultimate purpose for you friends he wants you to be within the kingdom he wants to live forever he's got a different unique plan for you that different from his plan for anybody else he made you legally need person but you need to surrender your hearts for him to say Lord I'm willing to do your will whatever it is that you desire when your life is over what will your legacy be twenty one leave behind you know the most important thing you can leave behind is it you did not like his close his last meeting my asked me that question the Holy Spirit is speaking you are in your life the best thing for you is a will of God and you want them to have his way in your life would you like to stand right now and asking as we pray father in heaven Lord make us willing to follow your will have your own way in our lives every day when we see Jesus on Calvary 's hill we want to be willing with your spirit filling willing to follow your will Lord is our prayer that we might listen to your voice and if there are any here were listening to those were watching then running from Jesus I pray right now surrender in turn and say Lord your I am not my will I will be done Ukraine's a a a a media was not a seasoned iPod is as him as God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more than a night he 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