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144,000: Servants of the Living God

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse




  • October 13, 2012
    2:00 PM
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graciously father we thank you for your word for the truth that set us free this afternoon as we spend some time studying prophecy together may not something an intellectual exercise but may we see how it fits in our lives they receive a Redeemer Jesus through the prophecies of the Revelation of Jesus Christ and most informed me upon the impact our lives that we might become shaped into his image this is our prayer meters the art teacher and our guide this afternoon we ask in Jesus Christ couple words of introduction disclaimer that he will before we get into the study today we have three sessions three hours each or a little less little more depending on how the spirit meet let us I'm going to be assuming that we're familiar with the basics the basic the prophecy you know the Bible talks about the milk of the word you're the baby when you first come to Jesus and you need to gradually build up your repertoire of knowledge just like you don't jump into calculus right away gadolinium arithmetic and algebra and precalculus geometry and all the rest of I'm thinking of an assumption here that most of us are familiar with the basics of the prophecy seminar materials know that Revelation thirteen the beast the market of these the field God Sabbath and Heinz scenario last day events on Matthew twenty four the prophecies in those kind of things so I'm assuming that we have that foundation and because and as a result of that I'm going to be doing a couple things first I'm going to be skimming the surface on a lot of the topics I've I like to go deep but unfortunately you want to study the Bible the first thing he realizes he can never exhaust into digging and as more and more and more energy just been one time I'm saying one verse of one concept you we can drill three hours and not exhaust the text and so to give you the broad sweep to give you some of the theme of of the concepts of the hundred four thousand on underneath the skipping along and it just got understand that as we skip alongside I'm not saying that this is all there is to know I am not exhausting the subject in any way but I'm assuming that since you have some of the basics you know many of the basic Bible principles and and and stories and prophecies that you are able to fill in the blanks in your own personal study in your own review and etc. so is that a fair assumption of the guys know we don't want to know climb down on the spirit or in any way but some I just have to get that out front so people feel like a half commute is racing past that well I'm not letting you fill in the blanks on the next thing is unnatural to be using quite a bit of a spirit of prophecy Cretaceous writing about white I make no apologies for utilizing her writings have been aspires worse of instruction Ellen G White I believe was given the gift of prophecy and she wasn't given per se to all the heathen which is a gift given to the seven Devon 's movement so we should utilize and I'm also going to utilize her writings in a way that unfortunately hastens our study along a lot of things that we can dive in and improve from the Bible and I think we need to be able to do that for the second time on the seventh hole from her commentary of the Scripture to elucidate and just the point is why so and no way to tell my replace the Bible which is utilizing her ask the commentary to just help us get through also many concepts related to that also in this idea of the progression of truth this is these three parts under new link together the three distinct topics as you'll see from them from the Bible about a hundred four thousand but the related so I'm not trying to guilt you into staying here all three hour scans if you decide at a breaking wanted to check somehow thought your seventy no my friend and I still appreciate you guys but I'm just telling you you're getting this out some of the connecting linkages so you might be than Larry and I didn't fully understand what would you be building outright on make mention of some of those things I hate when we come back to this so keep that in mind thank you gentlemen Samson with the stack of chairs and with work working to be going through this study sort of hopefully in a blended manner where there's going to be some system level academic study okay I want there to be some solid Bible study but at the same time I want this to be a spiritual study spiritually enriching time of understanding the Scriptures prophecy is not just facts about history is not just interpreting symbols is not just knowing that this event happened than that event and then this happened after that and it's not just intellectual exercises okay prophecy is given to us with a spiritual purpose there is a Christ in the middle of the prophecies apocalyptic probably noticed that a lot of fighters Jesus in the middle that will actually hear yes so as we study the hundred and four foot down together one might goal is to be able to reveal Christ reveal Christ in the prophecy and also as someone that we can associate with through our own personal Christian experience setting up enough preamble organ and get started go ahead come on in then you guys are more than welcome so the first hour would be talking about the honey for two thousand the servants of the living God second hour would be talking about the seal of God on and forth without otherwise receive the seal of God and therefore had in the last hour would talk about the firstfruits 's concept of the firstfruits of our doing which is taking the re- qualities attributes of the hundred and forty four thousand and we discussed study those three so when I study all of the hundred thousand just three concepts are so let's get right into it and I hope my clicker works let me give you some context about the book of Revelation the book of Revelation is divided essentially can be divided into their twenty two chapters in the book of Revelation is not exactly divided in half but if you take the first fourteen chapters revelation one to fourteen or thirteen actually you make that as the first half and then for fifteen to the end twenty two that's like a second and if you look before Revelation fourteen you see a very interesting picture of the church with the seven churches the seven seals seven trumpets of a conference held together can see the gray converse is summary from Revelation twelve fourteen and what we see here is a picture of a struggling church would benefit the perspective of looking God 's people in this period of church history or when the book of Revelation prophecy we see that the church is in a state of unrest of indecisiveness the church is struggling because the seven churches remember the church starts off as an out wonderful apostolic church and it goes down in the apostasy in compromising and finally the church ends with latest seat list is not a good picture of the church miserable poor blind and naked you think you have everything that you don't know the back what's most important so the seven churches show a church set up and down like this may take a look at the seven seals in the first four seals B the war horsemen of prophecy the White horse red horse black horse the pale horse and just those for seals we see the church is on the white horse is going forth conquering and to conquer and then the red horse are persecuted in blood bloodshed and then black this compromise and pale as death churches struggling seven trumpets we don't talk about that as much but similar story great controversy only war in heaven we talked about it this morning with Beth and Doug religion thirteen we see the beast the image of the beast the Mark of the beast six six six is the all these things in Revelation chapter thirteen and it concludes with the statement who is like unto the beast and who is able to make war with have mercy the difficult placed and dental revelation fourteen let's skip relation fourteen was the religion fifteen the second half of the book of Revelation for fifteen onward is make a statement the church is victorious I Revelation fifteen to sixteen the seven last plagues and guess what got people are not affected by the seven last plagues they are victorious and in the judgment on that one back the harlot drunken with the blood of the martyrs made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication all this stuff the white horse and chapter nineteen chapter twenty one twenty two that the favorite part right no linear the new Evans and you are the new Jerusalem God shall wipe away all tears in their eyes that where we wanted so in short revolution chapters one through thirteen the church is broadly struggling struggling relationship to fifteen of twenty two the church is victorious no more struck where does this whole scenario hinge Revelation chapter fourteen read Revelation chapter fourteen of the fulcrum if the hinge pivot points upon which the entire book of Revelation fits before fourteen the church is that of Turner after September fourteen the churches flying high and victorious so what's in Revelation chapter fourteen well first of all verses one to five with the hundred and forty four thousand were to talk about this these passages are more clearly later we also see the three Angels messages we caught up with a lot right soft range of fineness of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach and then the money of every nation kindred and people say with a loud voice fear God deployed in and then that one is fallen is fallen and if any man receive the market-based as you receive the judgment of the beast a case of three Angels messages and then the conclusion of Revelation fourteen we see the to harvest some of them talk about that later as well so revelation fourteen what is a show us the hundred and forty four thousand and the three Angels messages are God final answer okay got final answer against the challenge of the Dragon the beast and his image privilege and thirteen conclude who was able to make war with the beast would like to have one blonde says I can and initially my secret weapon I seek your weapon and relationship reporting the group of people called a hundred and forty four thousand and and the message that they bear on the three Angels messages and once the hundred and forty thousand standup once the three Angels messages are given all of a sudden the entire scenario the rest of the book of Revelation changes the churches goes on winning and winning and winning and winning an ingenious cuffs in the same and that some Revelation chapter fourteen is critical but let's take a look for quick in Revelation chapter fifteen to see the description that God gives about this group of people called the hundred and forty four thousand fifteen revelation fifteen versus two and three and I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire and then I had gotten the victory over the beast and over his image and over his mark in with a number of his name stand on the sea of glass having the harps of God these are they who have the victory over those people at the same who is able to make war with them but they'd have the victory we see verse three and they sing the song of Moses that what servant of God came with and come back to that thought just a minute and the song of the Lamb same great and marvelous are thy works Lord God Almighty just and true are thy ways now keen this seven hundred four thousand and one that the victory they're the ones Sing the song of Moses the servant of God and of the Lamb is seen the new sauna no one else can say okay so this is the little bit of introduction a little more deduction from Ella like this guy throw this out there right at the beginning because I know everyone all the all of you and now I cannot I say this all part not come back the next hour okay that's fine I did the essay this limit is no make my point it is not his plan this from the book offers like the messages page one seventy four by all-white it is not as planned that his people shall present something which they have to suppose which is not taught in the word it is not his will that they should get into controversy over questions which will not help and virtually such as such as who is to compose a hundred and forty four thousand this those are the elect of God will in a short time no without question that you might be thinking on its options the possible to suppose who is composed of them while yet I I I have no business saying you're not a part of hundred four thousand and you are as young things like where not to go around them and say you are and that you're not that that's not our authority the Bible does not reveal who they are but there's more to it than that back in the time of the light when she first cut of this first vision you can read about in the early writings she saw the hundred four thousand and there was an interesting theory back then called the shut door theory which means they're not there would be no more people coming into the believers among the believers to be saved and all this kind of stuff that I want and reteach that as a prophet but there was that misconception and so the people were wondering you say hundred and forty four thousand but we only have fifty thousand believers how can there possibly be that many are for four whole fouls unlike like three times as many of the fifty thousand now and now the people like FW symbolic number passport year two thousand and twelve and people like you for four thousand how can they be so few obvious and I like number you see the irony one how the Council of fly whether the symbolic number or not it's not revealed I mean do I have my personal opinion well yes but that's not what's been revealed and so just out front on to say in the seminar I'm not to be making any explanations or attempts to explain whether it can be a literal number of people literally a hundred and four four thousand and no more no less neither am I going to be trying to argue that it's a symbolic number be it more or less precious I feel that's just not the best use of our time together especially based on our counsel here so that's where the mediation amen so if you want to come up and talk to me about you know if you have your own ideas the hundred four thousand okay you know I think it's fine for us to go to think and use our brains but not the substance of the message because quite frankly I think sometimes what we think about how can there possibly be just a hundred four for thou then we had this idea I like may be it can be really really hard is here involved like the Time of troubles in the comments for the hundredfold without other special people they go through the time of trouble and and I need to be a part of the layout and it is only uninformed about how cannot possibly make you think that kind of fearful thinking is not helpful because true religion casts out all fear so put that the one side I hope that the studies of today will actually help give more clarity to you why this is actually important even despite the fact despite the fact that weird weird not be reached hold whether they're a symbolically little number so let's let's get to the hundredfold without let's introduce them and there the introduction of the hundred four thousand actually is not in revolution forty that's actually a second a second appearance of the specific group there introduced in Revelation chapter seven case of Revelation chapter seventy can turn your Bibles there were every the first few verses to start there and then later on will move on to chapter fourteen when I spent quite a bit of time chapter seven to get our minds around who they are let's read verses one through four together with their seven and after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth but the wind shall blow on the earth nor on the scene or on any tree I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given her the earth and the sea saying hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees till we have sealed through the servants of our God and therefore heads verse four and I heard the number of them which were sealed and there were sealed a hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel half introduction of this group I went inside of the four window type of the ceiling next hour today is the focus on the servants of God but I do want to mention one thing about this as it's a little personal is not really really personal but funny story once I was doing a presentation and I just made into how maybe want to strive in one hundred four thousand people in the greater had afterwards a man red in the face very angry came up to me said do you think the people here are jurors are you a Jew all you for helping us in the new five hundred four thousand I said I was not sure what to say and then he knew he got right on my face pulled his finger might just visit you are a false prophet so I had this one myself one type raised thank you thank you for this so persecuted the prophets I'm not a prophet nor the son of a prophet but I do think I have some fairly sound reasons why the hundred four thousand are not liberal Jews we just hold day on this but let me just mention two key aspects can visit the general prevailing view about the hundred four thousand and Christianity Protestantism saw just throw this out there if you look at the list of the tribes and the rest of chapter set their twelve thousand from each tribe of thousand and each of the twelve tribes if you read the list of the tribes and compare them with the list in the Old Testament you realize that they're not the same they're not the same there are some tribes missing in there some tribes that are added I'm not again all that but if you just think about this like there is a tribe of Joseph well back in the day Joseph was split into two tribes Ephraim and Manasseh and Ephraim is nonetheless in a dance nonetheless but he wasn't tried to start thinking through this is like so we can just say that liberal Jews regard identify what tribes there thereupon innocently trying they don't don't match the original tribes how can they be little try that's for you to study more on your own but more importantly the second point is that there was a transition there was a transition with God 's covenant people at the time of Christ after the time of Christ on earth the covenant was no longer upheld with Israel the comment was transferred to his church to the processes that in the past apply to the church after Christ came it's to the church now are rather before was that Israel now as the church and so and Galatians three twenty nine and explain your Christ's then ye are Abraham 's seed Kiesel if you look at the New Testament there are no prophecies know critical prophecy that specifically relate to Israel anymore the temples are the bailout of temple was rent into when Christ died Jesus cried it is finished of the stoning of Stephen Jesus stood up to the Rachel got all these things the end of the seventy weeks prophecy all of these things all client to this transition of God 's covenant with Israel now it's with the church so Israel I don't believe is in the visual hundred for without are neutral Israelites drank soda servant of God this is really a niece of what we want to discuss with our and not I'm I'm given you hurry a little bit so uninformed about and are described as dust servants of God but just think about this for a moment if you think about what it means to be a servant and the word is sometimes translated as slaves of the same original root word that gives you an instant connotation doesn't it of what these people are like their servants to a master and the master is God and his master 's servant relationship is really one of its ease of understanding this quality of the hundred and forty four thousand so keep that in mind and I want to go to Philippians chapter two to start off Philippians chapter two witness chapter two and when you look at Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is the quintessential Sir of God he is our example in all things but specifically this passage expounds upon one of me and what it means how Jesus demonstrated his servant hood to his father K this is a this passage is so rich in saturated in which we could spend more time but will just have to deal with a few key points are spot let this line being you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself and became obedience what on the death even the death of the cross and then verse nine says God had wherefore God is exalted him above and rename so here Christ humbled himself took upon him the form of a servant he was a servant of God so couple high points from here Philippians two he willingly humbles himself Christ willingly even though you would equal with God he humbled himself to be a servant and to be become a man he was of the end of the were to hear this one again the essence of a servant is that my life is not my own I serve a master and I must obey him regardless that what this is the next point and higher surrender to his father 's will Jesus demonstrated what it meant to be entirely completely one hundred percent surrender to his father 's will you remember the God of December he was praying and he was struggling until great drops of blood can not as poor worse always struggling father not my will if I went to be done even if that means I'm eternally separated from you I will pay Jesus was a servant of God and to put it another way he demonstrates what it means to live fully for the master when you live for the master you recognize I don't belong to myself I belong to us someone else NYC expects of me is more than what I expected myself so to give glory to God is more important with the carefully to give glory to God is more important than our own pursuits many give an example sometimes we get the situation but we are just blasted with some terrible calamity disaster games in a dangerous situation life-threatening disease whenever terrible circumstance when paying work work were struggling with a how can you don't you know how much money of the regular charger how much time a certain of the missionary how can you do this to me but that's revealing our own selfish heart isn't it were saying Lord I care about my own personal pursuits my pursuit of happiness that he will what right do you have the put me through something that I don't like but as a servant of God Jesus year he is saying his example as a servant he say it is more important for me to give glory to my father than it is for me to be happy to hear me it is a significant paradigm shifting frame of my when we are in pain is struggling and you can read the Bible about plenty of faithful men and women who struggle in pain and suffer righteously innocently their goal in mind was not how to escape this or try to figure out why with a loving God allow this their uppermost subjectivism may I give glory to my father even though I doubt that is what Jesus demonstrates as a servant of God he became obedient to death even the death of the cross and here's the kicker we are to have the same line let this mind be what in you and get where's the mind obviously prayer and the seal of God in five minute in the forehead interesting question here's a little bit I think we need to bring Christ into this picture because he shapes everything else but will be taking a look at some companion Scripture companion books chapters that also are related to the book of Revelation 's revelation is an apocalyptic book apocalyptic prophecies and the other apocalyptic books in the Bible as a before we jump into a concordance is a set and look at every single verse that says service service service and we don't create a viable state based on that we need to look more carefully at books that are core related correlated with revelation of course the book of Daniel and Revelation they like peas in a pot using carrots but also not to chapter twenty four and twenty five Christ is getting a discourse about the second coming the disciples ask you know about the Temple he said I tell you you know the Temple not one stone and left upon another disciples from the primary tell us the signs of you coming in the end of the world after twenty four number of the prophecies about wars and rumors of wars pestilence as famines in the fossil must go the whole world all that is Matthew twenty four to twenty five is a continuation is a continuation is a method one twenty five health of the book of Daniel to look at several stories we all like stories I know I think I know why God energy with stories is that agency gives us a word picture something we do remember in this case pictures were pictures of what servants of God are like within the context of an time last day events apocalyptic prophecy Ashley Arneson were going back to twenty four twenty five of the book of Daniel trying to identify the servants first parable of Jesus Matthew chapter twenty four I think this may not be as familiar Celeste turn their Matthew twenty four at the and of that chapter she gives this parable getting inverse forty five about two groups of servants Matthew twenty five in verse forty five incest who then is a faithful and wise servant whom his lord had made ruler over his household to give them meat in due season Blessed is that servant whom his lord when he comes shelf find so doing various thank you that he should make him ruler over all his goods but and if that evil servant shall say in his heart my lord the latest coming shall begin to smite his fellow servants and to eat and drink with the drunken the lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looks not for him and in an hour that he is not aware of and shall cut him asunder and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth with the two groups I both groups identify themselves as servants of God one is identified as wise and faithful servant the other one is the wicked or evil servant Celestine but the wise and faithful servant first what are some of his six understand point out a couple of them well please call the wise servant he possesses wisdom let him Daniel keep your finger here Matthew let's look at Daniel Craig Dana chapter twelve to see the significance of wisdom came with them in prophecy Daniel chapter twelve we can be looking inverse verse nine and ten Daniel twelve verses nine and ten Angel messenger says to Daniel go thy way Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed till the time in is a prophecy unit and closed up and sealed verse ten many shall be purified and made why can try but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand but a wise and what others say okay so the wise according to Daniel within the context of prophecy the wise are those who understand the prophecies specifically and Daniel but property that was sealed prophet Noah sealed was the point in phase the evening in the morning and all that and do a little advertising to a commercial break at no extra cost on audio verse .org is a sermon but I did recently called the wise shall understand entire sermon probing that those versus Daniel twelve nine and ten discussing what does it mean to be wise and so I'm in a spare you the lecture now but suffice it to say the wise and faithful servant Matthew twenty four they understand the prophecies that is it takes wisdom understand the prophecies and I goes right in line with other characteristic they did meet in due season is think about this for a moment all we are often told that God 's word is the bread of life I Paul says to his followers he were when you were babies I have the feed you with the milk of the word but when you grow strong you ought to be able to handle the meat of the word so this is these servants are giving the truth meet the message but as a means not just any means not just any food if reloading in due season the award is owed specific types of food for specific time Pacific meet for specific season what does that mean there are certain messages in the Bible that are uniquely designed for specific times an example is the method of no he had the truth for his time getting arc a flood is coming is that still true today but there was a flood and that people should on your yes but is that the specific most relevant and important truth for our time not exactly mean as in the days of Noah I know Jesus said that but the message that Noah preached specifically present troop when Elijah said before King Ahab and the people JD this day present time demanded a present truth bank that the term that we use present truth the truth uniquely needed for the present time no one actually has something to say about the very concept or the writings they sixty three there are many precious truth contained in the word of God that it is president truth that the flock needs now I have seen the danger of the messengers running off an important point the present truth to dwell upon said things that are not calculated united block and sanctify the soul Satan will here take every possible advantage into the cost but such subjects as you can explain such subjects as the sanctuary in connection with the twenty three hundred days commands of God and the faith of Jesus are perfectly calculated to explain the past advent movement and show what our current position is established the fate of the doubting and gets urging the glorious future needs I have frequently seen with the principal subjects on which the messengers should well present your and guess what those messages were uniquely given to the seventh day Adventist a wise and faithful servants they have an understanding writer wise that they understand the prophecies and all lo and behold the prophecy they understand twenty days sanctuary three Angels messages happen to be meet in due season the meat is needed in this season right now that's what were told so the wise servant they possess wisdom they understand the prophecies begin meat in due season they preach the present truth okay and then they are so doing when the Lord returns Jesus said to occupy till I come these people are fervently engaged in ministry in preaching in sharing and studying for themselves what until Jesus comes so there is also the wickets are not Islamic a few points on this he is a he claims to be a servant but he is called that evil servant he is a servant by name only but not at heart now is it possible to be a Seventh-day Adventist by name but not a heart now I think we know about that all too often and he says in his heart my lord delays is coming I feel a sermon phenomenon you have to hold my pants my Lord delays is coming to think of this person is saying that while being a church member Wolcott claim to be a servant of God heralding from his house top from his Facebook status is Twitter posts gave visiting to come anytime soon quite frankly the servant that said this says it in his heart that's what the Bible 's how do we in this room how are we sometimes guilty of saying the same landlord the latest coming perhaps we think that about our education the Lord is incoming for a while so I need to pursue this course of study and around my student loans and I'll pay it off by the time I retire and what was what all of a sudden it's like eternity has not even made the map like you were not even looking the same direction how often do we say Lord please don't come until I get married I've been married for two years and then I remember there was a time when I thought that very thing we think these thoughts and we make these choices and we do all these things and by the demonstration and our allies by the priorities we set in and what we choose to pursue we might be saying in our hearts smiling at my Lord delays is coming and for saying that guess what are we going to be a part of the service of God and receive the seal of God 's words somehow I don't think so he'd eat and drink for the drunken it's fine eating drink but he is more intense side when the affairs of this life who the side of heaven in a resisting her to preach the more I wanted to say that claiming to be a servant claiming to be a servant doesn't make us one that's the point selects transition out to the Matthew chapter twenty five the very next chapter Christ now talks about the parable of his servants and the palace after twenty five fourteen two thirty and I am running low on time so I'm going to assume that were familiar with the story I hope that's alright the master has three servants is about the lead on a long journey and he gives in each varying amounts of talents when he gets five the other gives to the other one gives one the one with five talent goes out he invested in the market he works hard he gained five more the one that two talents he works hard he gains to more than one out of one talent for the native he buried it the Lord came back he know he honored the first two but the one that hit his talent the Lord condemned it we understand a story and we remember delicious and a couple of the highlights I think this is sort of the note the review of our primary Sabbath school lessons faithful servants are those of them prove their talents non- linear and he has afraid a high order moreover the lesson right when you read the parable of the talents don't hide your talents God has given you something precious use it to improve upon that's what faithful servants do it another point is not the amount of talent you begin that is what you do with what you have so faithful servants are faithful in even the little things the small duty silt suppose of that servant who only had one town anyway investment we came back and had one more time at the one hundred percent rate of return and that's exactly the same rate of return and the other two guys that even though he only had to at the end of the story that you think Jesus would still honor ten enough the point of the story is faithful in that which is least because even as faithful movies will also be faithful in much so I wanted to bill a little deeper on this story is here would it be on earth and one of those key themes and ideas that can run all the way through all three hours to spend together to keep occupants has up I thought it wasn't between five is a chapter called the talents and why actually expounds upon the entire parable and it's a its power packed if you read that that story and Ellen White's commentary on its incredible the depth of what Christ was communicating but to set the context a little bit she actually explains to us something important this is your Christ on the mount of olives this course optimizes this three twenty five a mount of olives has spoken to disciples of the second and into the world to specify certain signs that were to show when his coming was near and had it in his disciples watch and be ready again he repeated the warning watch therefore for you know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man comes then he showed what it means to watch for his coming the time is to be spent not an idle waiting but in diligent work this lesson he taught in the parable of the what the touts the one trying to say is that the parable of the talents Christ original intent his or her original intent not an external expectation grafted on its original intent for this story is is to show what an need to wait for Jessica okay so it will we talk about the talent everything okay on the wonderful piano player I need to improve this talent I'm a good artist or under the singer when they did and time application and that's what we want to talk about someday share a few other passages off from this tap often this chapter of Ellen White and this is him this is where things get a little interesting she writes page three twenty nine Christ object lesson she said the talents however if you are to be put use the question the most concerns us is not how much have I received it what am I doing with that which I have at the pivotal operative question what am I doing with what I have and the development of what the next work all I think the highlight of their all our powers is the first duty we owe to God into a filament no one who is not growing daily in capability and usefulness is fulfilling the purpose in life in making a profession of faith in Christ we pledge ourselves to become what that word again all that is possible for us to be as workers for the master and we should cultivate every faculty to the highest degree of what perfect Shannon that we may do the greatest amount of good of which we are capable so that this is this is full of goodness on Nokia dealer wrangle all of it together but couple key points it's not how much we can get the talents of you read the story of the talents and if you study the Bible the talent is not just one they that if every good gift that God has given qualified as talents and the question is not how much I been given we look at creatures like after the bachelor Mark Finley or other people we think I've been given maybe one one hundredth of a talent and he got ten I'm nowhere near as worthy or as eligible of God as man that's not the point the point is what are you doing with what you have and the key word here that I think throws us off a little bit without the word perfection as we go through our study were going to see this word again is the right of the on onset year I want to throw this out there as we discussed perfection because it can come back I don't want to get into a whole theological you know back and forth on intricacies of perfection what it is when it's not but I do feel like the sake of not leaving too many questions are minded to go through I think I need to address the somewhat first of all is that I believe that when we do with the subject of perfection we need to tread with extreme humility because we are treading on the edge of what has not been clearly revealed remember the quote early on Elm I said don't discuss or don't suppose or in the controversy over things is not clearly reveal I think perfection is one of thing in his reason why we are in perfect and we all agree with and so forth for us who have been imperfect and have never been perfect to look at perfection and to make a judgment upon I think we need to be careful because I'm not so sure what fully capable of doing just like asking a young child to evaluate what true maturity is if the similar concept how can you have someone who is not mature to tell you what is mature the similar content but yet nevertheless I do want to say that from the Bible and from the spirit of prophecy the perfection is is all over it there is discussed as of this plenty that is revealed we just need to be mindful not to ask not expounded to to to be dogmatic in a way as though we know it all because we as finite beings we simply cannot fully comprehend the infinite so that's my will disclaimer about perfection let's look at this passage the perfection that were talking about here is not reached or not attaining a certain quota a certain number of pallets okay because this very passage essay is not the whole question is not how many talents you have it what are you doing with what you have so it is perfection is not like I need a hundred talents and I'm down here and that person in the own ninety five percent away there is a limited number I just figure this out now I just need improve this area in that area now get to be perfect now perfection is not about the number of good works or if the number of mistake free day that we've had no perfection has to do with the quality of one's experience it's talking about what you have what are you doing with what serious about word all okay the development of all our powers did the first duty the profession has to do with the idea all eight reviews leave this term sometimes about them the light that we had the light that we been given or the knowledge of the truth or information what have you although their talents that God has entrusted to answer the question is not do you know what all the question is what he doing with what you do now if you are living up to the fullness of what God has revealed to you if you are entirely surrendered in all your ways add to the best of your knowledge as far as God has led just what in that phase of the experience you're perfect in the eyes of God let's take a look at a passage here and here is the essence of perfection is the keyword all okay all were entire complete that is the essence of a perfectionist but get Matthew nineteen twenty one week I think we're still in that Matthew chapter nineteen is a store the rich young ruler you know the story rich young ruler comes running to Jesus good master what must I do to be saved and Jesus says what keep the connect Jesus Jesus explains you know what the commands are first twenty and the young man says and all these things have I kept from my youth up what lack I yet as of this person here is saying I have kept the law perfectly well that Jesus says there's twenty one if thou wilt be what perfect go and sell that thou hast and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven balmy eighteen verse twenty two that same the same story and she was actually explains he says one thing a lack of skill sell all that you have the essence is I don't have all of you so in terms of your behavior young man falling that's good you're honoring your parents in outlawing us do not join good that the meaning of perfect and I don't have all of you the issue is all I think is a question I'm sorry I'm really short on time we can talk a little later on I don't need to shut you show you out but I am running low on time so let's continue here the talents same chapter three three one a noble all round character is not inherited it does not come to us by accident me we all understand how that works it's not by accident a noble characters earned by individual effort through the merits and grace of Jesus comes from Jesus God gives the Taliban Taliban line meat form the character that's the word character is formed by hard stern battles with self conflict after conflict must be waged against the hereditary tendency we have to criticize those closely while not one unfavorable trait to maintain to remain uncorrected so we have talents we work with Jesus and he helps us form the character K another one also from the same chapter the ambitious for the masses glory to cultivate every grace of character and notice in every phase of a character building you are to please God there are phases to in every phase are you living up to what God has revealed to you and in that phase your pleasing to God as he reveals more are you now still obeying and falling for the all the likely have you can please God in that phase and the said this you may do fourteen please fourteen please send in a degenerate age and there aren't enough in this our day there are the next in this our day when I think about that it's always remarkable to me because UNIX walked with God and he was not it was taken was translated and it seems as though there are people today that in the eyes of God elect me wow wow that's pretty amazing continuing the heavenly intelligences will work with a human agent who seeks with determined the back perfection of character perfection of character that the theme is then come back again I complete surrender to Jesus which will reach out to perfection action everyone engaged in this work crisis I am at your right hand to help you there you have it the promise the promise that Christ does not leave us to attain this ourselves he offers his hand to help us okay let's continue real briefly talents are pursuing excellence in the story of the talents it is about pursuing excellence in the whole life giving the master are all about the summary of the towns and service of God they pursue excellence in character and they don't quit neither do they think that they arrive the guys that were the ten talents he doesn't think that he attained some higher status continues to do so is a passage year course of the lessons the character formed according to the divine likeness is the only treasure that we can take from this world to the next and in heaven we are continuing to improve how important than in the development of character in this life for the development of character this is a theme within a comeback to LAC year it continues and have continue this does not stop when Jesus comes there's continual growth is about half the questions of how important is it here if it's going to be continued their so review Matthew twenty four and twenty five service of God they understand the prosecutor there why servants they preach the present truth they worked faithfully until Jesus comes they occupied to a convent are preoccupied with the affairs of this life they do not say in their heart my lord delays is coming and they are faithful and even the little things even if it's just one talent that they been given and they are actively pursuing excellence in all the aspects of life no intent of stopping now on to ask your question we can take a break now and then I'll have to finish the last few slides of this presentation the next hour or I can continue on and finish in lab the later is there a preference should I continue or should I stop continue to finish I don't want if you need to if you need to move onto the next one go ahead and go all I don't want to keep you from missing the next one and if that's what you want to do the Bears were going to take a slight transition here to the book of Daniel and discussed finish the last two slides before we go on to the next presentation are thank you guys for sticking with us all right so we look at Matthew chapter twenty four and twenty five I just want to take a few moments look at Daniel three Daniel six okay and what is I go through this very quickly because I think we know the story in Daniel chapter three we had ancient Babylon in the desert he builds the gold and Anders alleges please send given to the people to bow down and worship the image I think the story can be coming back right is a union of church and state powers of the church in this state they working together to coerce this worship and there is a death decree if you don't bow down in worship we got this really nice cozy fiery furnace we can house you and and then the fatal Hebrews actually spend time in the fire because they won't bow and vendor delivered so let's think about this for a moment is evidently a bad one at the end of time the book of Revelation yes the roads either going to be an image at the end of time the initial BCS is it on the legislation about worship yes there is a big of a union of churches say he has there is willing into the creative don't worship yes there is will the faithful people of God have to spend time in the fire they go through the time of troubles owning but will they be deliver trays God we know the end of the story they will be delivered so just like the three he was in danger Chapter three were going to see the same events happened and the timeless look at Daniel three verse twenty six and twenty two twenty eight said the King answered and said oh one wrong wrong chapter sorry chapter three verse twenty six then Nebuchadnezzar came near to the mouth of the fiery furnace and spake of the Shadrach music Abednego you what whether the problem servants of the most high God come forth and come hither and Shadegg Michigan Bendigo came forth in the midst of the fire and you know the rest the story is going to smell like smoke the ropes are burned off no harm is called pond and there delivered but they were willing to die in that fire will be that just like Jesus was as though this is a story and illustration with sermons of God will look like at the end of time the hundred and forty four thousand will go through a similar experience in dance chapter six we know the story gang in alliance and a decree goes forth no man my worship anyone except the king thirty days Daniel doesn't care the plotting by his enemies to try to trap him and they decided the only way entrapment is by the law is God and is very interesting the law was urged by the people it was at the King it was the people the final market of these the image of the beast and all that final crisis to be the broker controversy very clear it is coming from the people the people demand it from there elected officials so I always get a smile when I hear the president of the United States is having a secret behind closed doors meeting with the secret societies of the world and the Pope and all of this and he's going to enact a Sunday law next week so don't go to Walmart that's not how it works according to prophecy the people clamor for it being expected from their elected officials and because elected officials want to give the position vacate that the leasing of a great conference anyway I'm not begin to all that right now but there is a union of church and state Daniel chapter six story of dandelion standards legislation again regarding worship to the death decree and is also specific date of execution we see that that's also repeated into the great controversy does a specific date of execution and Dan actually have to spend time among the lions but at the end he was delivered to less flip over to Daniel chapter six unless take a look at chapter six in verse nineteen then the king arose very early in the morning and went in haste into the day I'm lying then when he came to the Danny crime of lamentable voice and the Daniel McCain spoke of in the Daniel O Daniel whether the column here servant of the living God is my God whom thou service continually able to deliver the from the lines and we know the story yes though King live forever the Lord has delivered me Daniel was obedient unto death now quick question how did Daniel and the three friends get to the point of being able to morally epic war of there being say I would rather die in the first five fries or be eaten by lions rather than disobey God how do they get to that point in their experience let me just explained to you very quickly they developed their talents they were given talents just like in Daniel chapter one Daniel was given the talent of his health and he improved upon it by thing I will not eat of the Kings need a drink of the wine at his table I will be faithful to what is helpful to my body and by doing that he develop more talent so that when he gets it came to the point of life and death he would rather die than disobey his master servant of God and Daniel chapter three in chapter six end time scenario so let's do a quick review these stories are prophetic of very similar vessel transpire in the last days the service of God would rather die than disobey God Kate they refuse the market a beast and they do not bow to the image of the beast and they go through the time of trouble but they are preserved and they are delivered by God 's revelation chapter seven verse three we say that these are the servant of God and to summarize what we discussed today so far the servant of God have the mind of Christ that's oblivious to the server got to give meat in due season until Jesus returns they understand and they preach the present truth the servant God improve their talented all other characters regularly the sermons of God they would rather go into the fiery furnace and bow before the image they would rather be thrown to the lions rather than worship man and of course serve the God of those who receive sealed of God and that takes us for next hour so let's bow our heads were quick prayer that will take a break gracious Henry father we thank you for your word and not as we have skimmed the surface on several stories me how to get a glimpse of what it means to be servants of the living God to be faithful and their to be willing to live for Masters glory despite our own personal pursuits and Venus bringing a visiting artist that is a media was wrong audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more and you would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in the www. audio verse .org


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