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144,000: The Sealed of God

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse




  • October 13, 2012
    3:00 PM
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fallen heaven we are thankful for your word once again and may we strive to be a part of the special number hundred forty four thousand and many encourage us as we study a word with how you are at hand to inspire and to bless and pray in Jesus name all right so this hour specifically we're talking up the seal of God but let's do a little bit of review does go back to Revelation chapter seven Revelation chapter seven begin meeting in verse one Revelation chapter seven beginning in verse one after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth but the wind should not blow on the tree unknowable on the earth nor on the seed on any tree I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given her the earth and the sea saying her not the earth neither the sea nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God and therefore it last hour we talked about this description the servants of our God servant of God and we looked in Matthew twenty four Matthew twenty five damage up to three dangerous six and also Philippians chapter two at all these various examples of servant of God Jesus Christ is a certain God he would he gave his life fully to give glory to his master he lived and died in obedience to his will there was Daniel shattering Michigan Bendigo the den of lions in the fiery furnace servants of God they were delivered they went to the final crisis or similar experience at the final crisis will be went through a time of trouble there was a wise and faithful servant of the servants in the talent and the development of talents the development of the character this idea of perfection of character we also discussed a little bit about the complete and entire commitment to God forgiving God are all okay so this hour we'll move on to talk about the seal of God but we just read in the verse first four verses of Revelation chapter seven that there are four winds of these four winds of the four winds of strife I don't have time to develop this but testimony to minister page four four four John sees the elements of nature earthquake tempests and political strife represented as being held by four angels these wings are under control until God gives the word to let them go to the four winds of being held back strife is being held back instruction and and and persecution of political issues being held back and got us control of this drink there held back until something important happens enough called the ceiling ceiling process must be completed before the four winds a Lego this symbolizes those means of this is something important the sealing process is very important as it means that the rest of the last events aren't in occur until that process is done follow my drift and a something irreversible I think that's very important once before when the Lego they don't get rear don't get lassoed back that's it the final events so that's the context the sealing process is pretty pretty important so let's talk a little bit about the purpose of acetyl as we talk about get into this a little bit more religious some of the ones I come up with there might be more and more they overlap but a seal as you than the proof of identity or ownership seventeen or world leader as a seal on something it signified a bit letter came from the desk the presidential seal is an example proves his identity but also the mark of authenticity the related concept of authenticity means it's a genuine and not some Chinese knockoff I did the mark of approval or market market guarantees give a seal on something maybe it's the seal of warranty now I guarantee this product is free from workman defects for ninety days or lifetime warranty blown to seal on approval the guarantee and also ceiling taking a slight different approach in the side of completion right side of the letter a letter was written and envelope was close back in the day before they were self in a licking or self-adhesive envelopes to get the wax on Arabic that the imprint of the King or whoever the Lord seal it means only that letter finished and related about that last point so if the cloves the buying to prevent tampering now you go to the store and you have those little off jars right if the little pop the thing on the top is sticking out and you can present down as a dog it's been tampered with whatever the plastic seal around that we know canister sealed to prevent tampering because a process of pasteurization or something like that has been completed and is done it's closed up its finish and we've got to find this thing up and put a seal on it so that the weaknesses with tank and also your number one crime was laid in the tomb whether the governor put on the stone it was the hello I do so that people don't tamper the whole mess with this so I'm not how I mentioned earlier that I'm assuming that we are familiar with the basics of the big Bible prophecy basics of a prophecy as a one-week of the prophecy seminar and we talk about the seal of God when we say that it is exactly as we say that and I don't I'm not I don't disagree a seal you know we say to a seal contain the name right it must contain the name the title and the jurisdiction of the territory of the governing authority and the Sabbath commandment is the only one that contains all those things and we can we go through Exodus twenty and the Deuteronomy five and so forth a look at it but great controversy on this moving forward here to save time the light writes on page five fifty two of the controversy the seal of God 's law is found where the fourth commandment this only all the ten brings to view both the name and the title of the lawgiver declares him to be the creator of the heavens and the earth and dust shows his claim to reverence and worship above all others aside from this present there is nothing in the Decalogue to show by whose authority the log given agreed I hope this is old hat for us no one paychecks and profits three oh seven the fourth commandment is the only one of all the tent in which I found both the name and the title of the lawgiver it is the only one that showed by whose authority the laws given bus it can contain the seal of God affixed to his law as evidence of its authenticity and binding force so the fourth commandment if you remove it from the ten Commandments it could be anyone commence the devil could say thou shall have no other gods before me an additional four commandments you will know who's seeking right I could say you are not allowed to make a graven image and in the imbalance of them thou shall not take my name in vain I hope you don't do that anyway but the point is the law does not have the identifiable mark of the owner without the fourth commandment delivered that makes Sabbath keepers we usually say the Sabbath keepers are the ones who have the seal the seal of the living God is placed upon those who conscientiously keep the Sabbath of the Lord seven BC nine eighty those who have the seal of God and therefore heads must keep the Sabbath of the fourth amendment Bible commentary via seven page nine seventy this aware it's it's finger fitting together right it makes sense okay good but we got remember just like the seal of God it does contain a fourth commandment is just identifying the authority of who gave all ten the Sabbath keepers those who keep the Sabbath the Sabbath is simply the identifying mark that they keep all ten note we are that is we believe the remnants are those that keep the commandment of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ I keep the commands of God hath I have the faith of Jesus and what we preach it from the pulpit we say we don't just keep nine out of ten how many ten out of ten okay so Sabbath keepers keep all ten I think that's that goes without saying and him keeping the commandment fourth commandment identifies who we belong to it is enough for the seal identifies who the owner is but I want to make anew once distinction here and hopefully hopefully pique your interest so you pay attention but if you look at these two passages do they say that the Sabbath is the seal that is placed in the format we saw earlier that the Sabbath is the seal affixed to the law but through Sabbath keepers like if we go to church on Sabbath on Saturday and that signify the seal is that what it's saying if you're really looking carefully is said that the seal was placed on those who keep the Sabbath but the sound of itself is not necessarily the seal the catch that distinction here so what is saying is that the Sabbath is a necessary the seal but all who have the seal will be keeping the Sabbath the following keep them I would come back to that thought so I want to make a connecting link here second selected messages page one oh six it says Christ came to our world to represent the character of God as it is represented in his holy law for his law is a transcript of his life character so we talk about keeping the law of God keeping all ten Commandments of God answers were saying that we are just right are striving to be people with the character of God are we not that's fascinating because to go look at some of these passages this one is from also seven BC Bible commentary Boeing seven one seven page nine seventy two the seal of the living God will be placed upon those only who bear a likeness to Christ and what character okay the next one early writings page seventy one said those who receive the seal of the living God are protected in the time of trouble we talked about that earlier trouble they must reflect the image of Jesus only so let me make this statement here remember the talents we talked us the servant of God last hour the development of the talents in the developing of the character God gives you the talent of how the mind and knowledge of the truth you ability your circumstances the people within the coming conduit every single good gift that comes from above our talent given to us for the purpose of developing that character and we are here seeing that those who will finally receive the seal of God will reflect the image of Jesus for remember those talents Christ will work for us now also make this note that the fate of Christlike character is the seal what does it say that those who have the seal will also have Christ character you see the distinction pack so possessing possessing Christ character is more than simply keeping a checklist of rules and I want to make this point I made well little bit on this we as a people have long held the importance of the law we had and I think the law very important and I believe that by God 's grace and there is powered through the indwelling spirit we can keep the law and that we ought to keep the law but there is sometimes a little short circuit or a little known miss communication may be when we talk about the concept of developing Christ likeness being Christlike is not keeping the list of ten thou shall not perfectly alone if we are thinking about being like Jesus and the way to be like Jesus as I I make sure I have my list of my commandments all the things I should be doing and think I should be doing everything check optic optic optic in the landlord 's heart like in factories I've done ninety days without incident no injuries for ninety days no mistake mistake free for ninety days and we think that that's how it become like Jesus I think we got our heads in the wrong place because being transformed into character is much more than simply fulfilling a list of duties and in no way am I saying that keeping the law is not important or that it's okay to send not my point is that it is my point if I if I can put them on my point in a very blunt way into keeping the law is looking to low we do looking at fulfilling the list of duties and we think that that's the sum of being like Jesus I think our target is extremely low let me make this point character is more than a checklist listing to look at Galatians Chapter five we know what it is fruit of the spirit Galatians Chapter five beginning in verse twenty two and the fruit of the Spirit really is the fruit of the character I is the fruits that we develop as we are growing into the image of Jesus that this is what Christ is my verse twenty two but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace long-suffering gentleness goodness faith meekness temperance against such there is no law how do we how do we develop these traits is there any way that we can create a sort of rubric or or in a measuring think that every day we cannot go down the list that they okay I need to be loving today I need to be joyful that anyhow peace today they were kidding ourselves if we think about something that we can manufacture I can be like Jesus if I just try and did all of these things and I just come over this one about you these special words to be like Jesus is more than just keeping the list of rules for example you'll sometimes we think about that the struggles I mentioned this briefly in the last hour no maybe we have been diagnosed with a severe disease or one of our loved ones were diagnosed with the difficult difficult disease what does that reveal what we go through that kind of suffering what is our review about a character and is there any way for us to be able to go into that situation and construct a a man-made series of of rules and duties and actions and behaviors so that we can prove this process demonstrate peace and gentleness and contentment that another attribute and elsewhere in Scripture those types of traits to have a genuine love I remember I had a roommate who would wake up at four o'clock in the morning we had a room and a bathroom and that he would wake up at four o'clock in the morning every day it would turn on the young exhaust fan for from the life exhaust tangos on that is connected to our room and the light was shone right into my eyes without laying in bed there was nothing I could do to conquer love for them broken my heart but you know I realized later he was having a devotion in the bathroom so he went turn on the light in the room to wake us up anyway I appreciate that guy besieges it is like that it helps us realize that character is far more than just the do 's and don'ts of the law and we got time against the law and large but even the Commandments themselves far exceed the simple do this don't do this there is also the spirit of the law and Christ came to magnify the line we can talk about that more but am trying to demonstrate this concept when we say that those who have the seal of God reflect the image of Jesus fully I just don't want us to think that this is something that is just a series of duties of actions thing that we can check off the list is that we don't if the new birth experience the new creature experience with the new heart experience as fun trying to say we can't manufacture I want to look at Ezekiel nine here and I do a little low Bible study within the Bible studies one of my favorite illustrations of this point because I had everything directly to do with the seal of God in Ezekiel chapter nine verses one through five Ezekiel was taken in vision he is is being shown all the abomination is taking place in Jerusalem and the Temple and the capital loss he sees elders standing in the sanctuary between the porch and altar facing the east worshiping the sun in the temple of the living God talk about absolute audacity so Chapter nine begins verse one he cried also in my years with a loud voice saying caused them that have charge over the city to draw near even every man with his throwing weapon in his hand and behold six men came from the way of a higher date with life for the north of every man a sly weapon in his hand and one man among them with clothing linen with a riders Inc. one biocides and they went in and stood beside a brazen altar in the glory of the Lord Israel the God of Israel was gone up from the chair whereupon he was to the threshold of the house he called the man clothed with linen which other writers in court by side the Lords it didn't go through the midst of the city through the midst of Jerusalem and set on Mark a markup on where on the warhead 's right to seal of God also goes in the four heads of the men that do something very strange was that what are they doing cyan I cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof into the others he said in my hearing go ye after him through the city and smite but not your eye spare neither have ye pity to see the correlation between Ezekiel nine one two five and also relishes seven one two four this destruction is about to come before the destruction happened there is a feeling process is unlocking process there's a group of people that need to be identified by Martin therefore had to go to go through Mark Marquardt Mark mocked them and then will the wind can be let loose in this case the men with a flawed weapon are let loose but here in Ezekiel nine we are written we are shown the characteristics one of the qualities one of the attributes of these people who received the mark you receive the seal and they are doing this they are crying and sliding for Jerusalem for the abominations specifically that are done in Jerusalem now what does it mean to sigh and cry for Jerusalem why can tell you what I said and I know some people perhaps opened this way and that is signing in exasperation rolling our eyes and a login is do their thing while the latest study the Bible it so where my fellow wine makes us so abundantly clear that you should not be doing as a church Pentagon spying and crying maybe sarcastically for Jerusalem is not really what this is talking about because think with me think with me is there another illustration another incident in Scripture where someone cries over Jerusalem Jesus did you know the story right Jesus is writing in the triumphal entry is coming on the donkey 's colt and maligning a cane that's how kings were inaugurated in Israel is riding in writing and all the people are surrounding embassy hosanna to the son of David and laying down their clothes before the donkey there waving palm branches that the people that he did it he made to walk again deleting the highest those who previously worked on the cannot speak they were singing the loudest and Lazarus in the original dead with leading a donkey the twelve disciples they were euphoric crisis finally got to claim the throne and all the masses were gathered to remember the story of this scene is is is grand in August and is amazing and express that hill over Jerusalem the sun is dying in the West it hits the Temple of the of the city of David sparkling like gold the whole procession stops and everyone looks at Jesus and what does he do don't take my word for it let's see what Alloway have to say she saw this envision diabetes page five seventy five it sets Jesus gazes upon the scene and the vast most multitude hushed their shouts spellbound by the sudden the vision of beauty all eyes turned upon the Savior expecting to see in his countenance the admiration they themselves feel the best thing behold the cloud of sorrow they are surprised and disappointed to see his eyes fill with tears and his body rock to and roll like a tree before the tempest while a whale of anguish bursts from his quivering lips as if from the depths of a broken heart with pot right there is this how you imagine Jesus cry that day I written in my imagination I used to think that Jesus was sitting on his noble steed the wind was blowing his hair the sun is dying away goal then you don't like music playing the back on Angels are playing their harps and one lone tear trickles down the saviors chiseled face like the wild West right we think Jesus is this no macho man and men don't cry but that will receive how the Jesus Christ had ever tried so hard or seen someone try so hard gasping for breath convulsing his own loop as can't breathe because the crying soul heart that's how Jesus Christ his body was quivering she rocking like it sure even the wind in a wail of anguish were told like what someone had just died before his face that's how Jesus cry so though than Ezekiel chapter nine and those who would finally receive the seal of God and therefore had those about the character of Jesus Christ life in NASA's they must also cry like Jesus but is I just don't cry I is why is crime why does the crime let's continue reading it was not because of these reminders of his cruel death of the Redeemer weapon groaned in anguish of spirit his was no selfish sorrow the thought of his own acting me did not intimidate that noble soul Noblesville sacrificing soul it was the site of Jerusalem that pierce the heart of Jesus Jerusalem that have rejected the son of God is scorned his love that refuse to be convinced by the mighty miracles and was about to take his life she saw what she was in her guilt of rejecting her reading and what she might have been had she accepted him who alone can heal her wounds yet come to savor how could he give her a Jesus cried because he had done and three means he possibly could have for his beloved city and they yet still reject do you have this kind of love for lost souls do you have this kind of love for the people who malign you who slander you go you and Jesus case will pull out your beer in your face will walk you can view we like Jesus wept for the lost because guess what backs what it takes to have the character that is what it means to be Christ like and do you see why it's why am trying to make this point that having the character of Jesus you will never obtain it by keeping a checklist of following the commandments perfectly because how do you ever possess that kind of a heart the heart of Jesus it's a miracle of God only through the miracle of the indwelling Spirit indwelling Christ that's the only way so we talked as briefly and you don't this concept is so broad and will be studying this for all the ready about Christ and how to be more like an the fruit of the Spirit is a quality that is cannot be artificially manufactured how do you manufacture long-suffering next is that such a word in I can't I can't make it I can pretend but that's a flower talking about crying for Jerusalem having the heart of Jesus the Bible promises Jesus a God said and I will put a new heart and you will take away your stony heart and will give you a heart of flesh and I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and so it's far beyond simply keeping the law I just want to make this point abundantly clear what we are talking the old being God honestly honestly that is abandoned alone to be one which used to be to meet Christ and what we are baptized and where what we are nary to hand just like when I married my wife I say I forsake all others till death do us part for better or for worse in sickness or in health and for richer or poorer guess what when we are baptized when making a thin commitment to Jesus as the one we say we love him and Jesus said that you love me will keep my commandments keeping the law is the bare minimum people to be like Jesus we need to exceed that it only tells about education higher than the highest human thought can reach is not ideal for children godliness likeness is the objective to be reached and we mentioned earlier the rich richer ruler for generally come to Jesus Jesus is people are doing fine any set of all views are kept from my youth up but Jesus said if thou wilt be perfect one thing go sell all that you have figured across and follow me and is and is construed as you and I will share you as you can write down all that he will and you will you and pride writer and writer exactly is right and he will pray pray the Lord praise the Lord thank you thank you brother the point I'm trying to bring out is that there is nothing in which we can boast of ourselves to be like Jesus is all of Christ and none of us that's what I'm trying to say if we were saying that we can do it and that if I just don't have this special program to understand that ill spend ninety days and do this and that and and and and study in this way and that on the move be like Jesus Escher soundbite works anyway I want believe are the point that we need to move on here but now we've been discussing about this concept of the character okay we talked of the seventh seal those who have the seal of God keep the Sabbath there's a campus you'll got they also have the character of Jesus now within the transition will do more a few more concepts and noting typing to get are we striving K are we striving with all our God-given powers to reach the measure of the stature of men and women in Christ are we seeking for his fullness ever reaching higher and higher trying to attain the perfection of his character when God 's servants reached this point they will be sealed and therefore heads the recording angel of the clear it is done they will be complete in him who they are by creation and by redemption first select the messages page four twenty seven so what I'm not the type of professional little earlier in my thinking oh wait a minute you say that perfection you can have perfection in every phase of a Christian experience as of know if your baby cries and you doing all that God has given you and your faithful to the warning of fully consecrated their partner perfectly message and yes yes we do say that resolve an outline as well as you grow as you grow you continue to be faithful and to continue to follow what is this about this point when the servants reached this point of perfection of character that sounds an awful lot like there's like this measuring stick appears somewhere that if we need to meet a certain quote and once we reach that the meaning then we went when he tried to explain this to you a little bit we mentioned that it's not reaching a certain quota of good works or certain quota of days without thinning Norsk days without a mistake that's not the essence of it the essences have I given Christ my all right now today and my completely surrounded them right now but what we see here is that there is a point Elway here is pretty clear that the angel will say it is done there comes a point where if something is finished there is some point in completion there is that based on this passage and here's how I like to explain away all familiar with the concept of the unpardonable sin I think we ought right reading away the Holy Spirit unpardonable sin we use the term it is a point of no return we have hardened ourselves we have resisted we have resisted they resisted until the point we don't carry more and the spirit cannot penetrate our hardness of heart anymore what I believe that are talking about here at home wind is that there is a perfection of character or near the point of no return on the positive end of the spectrum meaning they are the points in which someone is so committed slowest sold out the jailer that got the key is beyond the point of no return it never to turn back on me if the phonograph but does that mean that after that point there's no more room for improvement not all because all throughout eternity will be studying the science of salvation or our brains are designed so that we can ever increase in ever learn I pray Lord that so this is what what were talking about here and to make this a little bit clear actually to me just make this point here there is a threshold of completion but it's not something identifiable by man and we talked about in development continues even in heaven so let's take a look at this passage here that I think ties this concert together is the last event page two nineteen just as soon as the people of God are sealed in therefore heads it is not any seal or mark that can be seen so now wacky talk about Mark this is where the talking of the sale now it's not just what the people who are sealed will possess this is a failed out in the field cannot be seen but what is it it is a settling into the truth both intellectually and spiritually so they cannot be moved just as soon as God 's people are sealed to prepare for the shaking it will come right here so they cannot be moved what is another way of putting that the point of no return these people are so faithful to God and so intertwined in God 's will I doesn't matter if the heavens fall they can be straight of the needle is in we heard the formidable grade is one of the world why looks like but I cannot people who are ready to be sealed the hundred four thousand in the greatest one of the world settling into the truth both intellectually and spiritually and this is the point in trying to make intellectually we absolutely know so much so much but that is it's also a settling spiritually and that's spiritual experience can only come through that relationship that daily consecration the surrender of our hearts even when it is exceedingly difficult to do so in both the knowledge of the facts and the knowledge of the truth and the knowledge of God 's word and the knowledge of the law put together with the spiritual experience of the indwelling Holy Spirit only those two things together can result in the ceiling and noticed the ceiling is invisible the seal is in visible no man knows what someone assailed only the heavenly intelligences do how are the seal of God 's market guarantee that these people that these people reach the point of return so I can look at someone and say you know I think your seal and you're not neither can we look in the mirror and realize a line sealed that means I can just laugh that I may do anything else now I there is no visible mark but it is a state a state of faith and experience so I want to talk about this point of no return a little bit more all true obedience comes from the heart were told that the desired ages ago EP six six eight it was hard to work with Christ and if we can set he will so identify himself but I thought the names so blend our hearts and minds into conformity with his will that when opening him we shall be but what they are reading how our own impulses you will refine and sanctified will find it highest delight in doing a service when we know God as it is our privilege our life will be a life of continual obedience to an appreciation of the character of Christ through communion with God sin will become hateful to us I want to get to the point in my life and my natural impulses my natural inclination is to do the right thing and what I see here is that it is possible to get there by the help of Christ and notice who is going to do it he will identify himself he will blend our hearts and minds and you know what this reminds me of the cover the new covenant I'm not very all those verses but you remember what they say right Jeremiah thirty one best words originally so that I'll make a new covenant within a day I will put my law in their hearts and in their mind I will write them writing is a way around but in the mind and on the heart I will write Christ's new covenant experience is to get us to this point of no return so that our hearts and minds be so utterly intertwined with God 's will for us we are thinking all I want to go do this I should say that we are but obeying God impairing out our impulses if I can put it this way this right here is the essence moral perfection to be so completely intertwined with Jesus Christ that our natural inclinations is to do what he would do and what we reach this point we reach the point of no return and got says fool he will not select hide these things together we talk about the sap seal of God those are the still got to keep within this that was another seal of God they have the fullness of Christ character and those of the steel got a necessity about is the settling into the truth both intellectually and spiritually so that they cannot be moved Sunday to tie these things together how do they relate K how do they relate now let's just think about this if God makes the claim that those who are sealed cannot be moved what do you suppose must happen to give you a hint in the title slide molesting a look at what the Bible has to say about this case remember Joe think of real quick look at the Joe Job one Chapter one Chapter two verse one there was a man in the land of 's his name was Job and that man was perfect and upper ride and one that feared God and that she was evil interesting interesting but that's all verse eight and the Lord that I do Satan have you considered my servant Job Job was called a servant of God does this sound familiar that there is none like him in the earth a perfect and upright man one that feared God and us you enable then Satan answered the Lord doth Job fear God for not and he goes on any tests Joe for this story right here Job is an illustration of what happens when God makes a claim that so-and-so is perfect he's upright he eschews evil in other words Joe is so settled into the truth intellectually and spiritually that I am making this claim that he cannot be moved there the Dell in the world leaving the village of imitate God 's word for it the devil the devil is made of entire career in trying to disprove God set the end of time God is saying there is a group of people I call than a hundred fourth without they have the seal of God and therefore had with me they are so subtle into the truth so committed to me that I am making placing my name on the line I think they will not fail me so that means Satan is going to have his time to prove to make God good to his word and here we have what are we going to be tested on last events page two twenty it says the observance of the Lord Memorial the Sabbath instituted in Eden the seventh day Sabbath is the test of our loyalty to God the Lord has revealed everything we need to know the final crisis even told us what the test is going to be if I get going the final exam and the professor gives you the questions as well he certainly got it done his thing the Sabbath the Sabbath is going to be the pressure point that the stress test that is what the devil is going to target and it's not just a matter of whether you go to churches is not the point it's a revelation of the rest of the person is this person going to be faithful to God in every other area of their lives it is person entirely consecrated Jesus in every single other area of their lives just like Daniel in the lion 's den just like Shadegg Michigan Abednego it was simply a proof of the character that they have developed previous to that so I'm not summarize my my thoughts in this paragraph year that in the last day the Sabbath do the testing point to demonstrate the truthfulness of God 's claim that his people would obey him unto death it is a visible demonstration of the unswerving allegiance and complete surrender in every other area of their lives the reason they are able to do this and the reason why they would want to it they have become transformed into the likeness of Jesus solely for the glory of their father why can put it this way because they haven't reached that point of no return complete allegiance to Jesus Christ of course this entire process from start to finish is completed only through the merits and grace of Jesus I really hope we get that point because we try we will fail but we need to try with Jesus so on the conclude this section here I think I'm Ashley someone on time with the passage from early writings that I hope will stimulate our perspective a little bit alike envision I saw four angels were to work to do on the earth and were on their way to accomplish it Jesus was clothed with priestly garments engaged in pity on the remnants and raised his hand with the voice of the petty crime I fought my blood father my blood my blood my blood then I thought exceeding bright light come from God who sat upon the great white throne and worship all about Jesus when I saw an angel with a commission from Jesus swiftly flying to the four angels who had work to do on your and waving something up and down in his hand and crying with a loud voice hold hold hold hold until the servants of God are sealed and therefore heads I asked my company angel the meaning of what I heard and what the four angels were about to do he said to me that it was God that restrained the powers and that he gave his angels charge over things on the earth of the four angels of power from God to hold the four winds and they were on out to let them go but while the hands were listening in the four winds were about to blow the merciful IMG the gays on the remnant that were not single pay raises hands of the father and pleaded with him that he had spilled his blood for that then another angel was commissioned by swiftly to the four angels and did the whole until the servants of God were sealed with the seal of the living God and therefore has to catch the message that there will there was once a time that the winners could have been let go by Jesus in his mercy looking upon the remedies of already they're not ready father police hold the window will longer be here the concept of borrowed time we are living on borrowed time the picture that we saw in relationship for seven of the four winds about the lack of it could happen but Christ in his mercy he see that he knows our frame he knows that we are but dust and so he notes that if we get a little more time you need on one more person maybe if more people will be ready and when and what is he waiting for what is that thing that he is waiting for is waiting for us to give our all for us to become fleet leaves surrendered and completely committed to the point of no return and we read earlier today that there are yet even next convinced our day in May the Lord Jesus have mercy on me I might be among that number when you say let's close with prayer the session gracious family father we see the importance of the ceiling we have just scratched the surface of what the ceiling with the sealing process is all about all my father we long to have that faith experience with you that we be completely and entirely engulfed by Uris by her son by your spirit be so committed that by carrying out her own impulses we are obeying your will or us that we can reach that point of no return the no matter the heavens fall no matter what happens we will stand straight at the needles of the poll for the right for you war costs me bless his father to that end me you inspire us entrust to you even when the dark times and you are refining us for that day we thank you for your mercy for granting us in a little more time on probation that we might yet make that entire surrender they we not walk away like the rich young ruler grieved because of a great riches but may we surrender everything to Jesus that we might take up our cross and follow you today that we might be found worthy to be found the recall among that number will have the seal of the living God therefore it is guided to remain a person is mainly asking this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to free sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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