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I Just Wanna Be a Sheep

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • October 13, 2012
    2:00 PM
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father in heaven I want to thank you for the Sabbath day and thank you for the privilege we have coming to worship together into getting a clear understanding and calling for us to life I pray Lord that you bless our time as we open your word study along the lines of this ultimate purpose that you have recipe asking and praying in the name of Jesus and for his sake amen day how many viewers out of school this morning okay on the spring ha ha we talked about his status for the idea being a disciple of Christ we have lost the concept of data disciple is something everybody is called to be everybody you're not a follower of Christ if you're not a disciple of Christ and Christian documenting the same thing and that hauling includes giving the gospel to the world and I want to say that I hear this morning that statistically Christians in North America two percent of them share their faith in a regular basis that said and one of the main reasons people don't share their faith in a regular basis probably one of the top reasons that people give is the it's not my gift answer have you heard that a forum on ASP settings for it's not my data LIC and Bible studies I don't tell people about I just is not my bed while I want to clarify something for you number one therefore spiritual gifts listen the Bible for in every list it has to do with corporate church involved in writing that in other words individually were followers of Jesus Christ for I individually you have made a personal choice technologies is the Spirit is given in connection to the corporate church in other words God given gifts to help you work in the context of church I really insertional personal with a surprising this point witnessing is not any of the diskless software you know why I like to put standard equipment as standard equipment like when I bought my car there were options I think it power windows and power door locks and I can get in the built-in GPS MultiSync eighteen with steering wheel and tires right and is called standard equipment according to Scripture witnessing a standard written in something that the Lord expects that all of us and you know people say why don't I don't feel comfortable being in that situation of helping you know too many people and and and and give studies in the kind of thing and I I guess I could ask a question how many think how many what percentage of people do you think of comfortable in actually strengthen faith I redid it flew but that two percent that's it you know what you think there's only two percent of personnel and resources of their personal color upgrades and Christman out his whole life is about witnessing in your life is about only two percent of us how does that tell you how happens because people have assumed that he is gone one witness which is financially and he would vote comfortable with an attorney to something in the Bible here and I see in Matthew ten ten is a chapter where Jesus sends out his disciples what you look at Matthew ten Matthew chapter ten and were looking at verse twenty eight and again he has just sent out his disciples Matthew ten verse twenty eight the Bible says here and do not fear those what a Matthew ten twenty eight do not fear those who killed a lot of I but feared him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hellfire right now here's a question that we need to ask ourselves what person do not fear with another way of saying don't be afraid in what person do you say don't be afraid to a person his afraid I is you speaking to the disciples the sending them out to witness he's also not be afraid the disciples afraid of women I thought when you have to witness it was your gift it was just natural for you I thought there was no fear involving Jesus is very clear they were examined they were afraid but they went because Jesus called them to go so the idea of sharing our faith being a spiritual gift is not something that Scripture and I say that because as long as people keep falling back on that concept in the mindset of the witnessing Dean is here together they won't do it will say why they feel comfortable it's not my gift and out of your word is not that we have an abundance of counsel that tells us that if we don't engage in that work it's the only work that prepares us for having a participation with Christ in service is the only work that gives us a fitness or participation with him in his glory that's almost verbatim adequate education the only where it is in his words of Scripture Matthew eleven twenty eight universe where he says all all were weary and heavy laden and to me and I'll give you what rest and MIC 's essay take my take my yoke upon you and learn of me so Jesus is any rest tells me you need to take myself and learn of me how do we learn of him we take his young Latino any of you know what he'll appears anywhere around the Farm setting it happens on a farm who wears me out send your draft animals they were a video grandmother resting no other working now as many as you want rest take my don't always minute the animals already opened their resting where the real when they're working Jesus that he wants spiritual rest that work with me you will learn of me you've got to work with me what was he doing seeking his second loss so there's inexperienced that we gain as we go forward in labor with Christ and that's what I want to expand on today not just the idea of someone knocking on doors and talking about a life that is in essence a Christian life that carries in every aspect of the mission of Christ that issue price becomes will reevaluate everything by Anne God is looking to shape us to be leaders in his cause the title of the messages I just wanted if she commented me know the song is one because that is healthier than it is bad right out of your mouth into cute little song we teach students to legacy in that context what is she follows right I see all idea of being seen we can recently like the idea of green pastures and the still waters in August follow a healthy lead where you need to go and the responsibility lies with somebody else I can always be met I don't need to know the directions somebody else is always meeting somebody as Jesus when we think about that song that's all good but you were kind of thing I just want to be a follower in a lot of ways and the question he asked his views about what God intends for us is the purpose of Christ for you and me could nearly be followers can help you to be followers revolted that I can decipher to what is that where it starts and in this one should open your Bibles and Mark chapter six Matthew Mark and Mark chapter six March after six and were to start in verse thirty five this is when Jesus fed the five thousand he was preaching the multitudes came he preached to the multitudes the Bible says in Mark six verse thirty five when the day was now far spent his disciples came to him and said what this is a all right exclamation gets along with me this is a deserted place of death hours later and many manipulative executive sin Sentinel I the people are very mass Jesus is breached to pay Napster his wife sent him away in the surrounding country by two for they have nothing to eat not persons of all is interesting to know that the disciples were doing what in reviewing they were telling Rachel Jesus and what were they doing there were telling Jesus what to do it think that the emasculation of these related to his later days I want to do that as interesting as always always like to tell you what to do and I'm speaking to you as followers in speaking to you as leaders followers the leaders what to do as if they wanted to leave only when it might be too long when people tell me it's too much responsibility that once you notice how Jesus responded to tell these people to go and send them to buy bread and in Jesus 's responsive notice what he says in verse thirty seven but he answered and said what do you think you you give them something to eat question is that speaking to the disciples the followers and who else are you decide yes or no if speaking to business to consumer theater design for the followers of Jesus they were supposed because of Jesus but yes even year that Jesus wants them to start seeing the I follow her as you want to see themselves as leaders Jesus is now using them something there's an experience here going to gain in giving them something to eat and of course the question comes back Shelley got two hundred and Mary worth and branding give them something to eat how are we going to do that is possible now they realized the impossibility but what happened they brought to Jesus through Jesus blessed any multiply right so ineffective disciples to give them something to eat by the power of Christ was impossible for them in and of themselves to give people something to eat is it possible for you and I have ourselves to give the people something the surety 's know-how to communicate to communicate the gospel truth to somebody for the saving of the soul under no way that coupled with the power of Christ even do everything yesterday so here we see Jesus is trying to communicate to them there for us of doing going beyond just being followers let's go to Johnson twenty one emergency this theme were going to John twenty one I really want to see in this not just the twelve or some of the twelve I want you to see in this that this is something Jesus is communicating or seeking to communicate to us today in these last days John twenty one and verse twelve I'm sorry John twenty one or verse fifteen of this is where Peter had denied Christ Jesus and his crucified and resurrected he sends message in the room and enough he sent going tell the disciples and Peter that I've written he wanted Peter 's and now they still considered him one of the one of the disciples ingenuity is so they had us encounter her this seems so when they breakfast Jesus said to Simon Peter Simon son of Jonah do you love me more than the other the other disciple Sarah Jesus says Peter do you love me more than these guys love my wife asked me that way but wasn't that Peter had said before the crucifixion Jesus Savior Albany when Anita said all Lord and we may reunite him you I love you Morrison Jesus asked the question back to him again appears much more humble this time in his response in Jesus as Lord I know you know that I love you what does Jesus say Lord you know that I love you he's setting in the my lands verse sixty seven the second time studying again a second time Simon son of Jonah do you love me any seventy yes Lord you know that I love you any sandlot ten MIC verse seventeen he studied in the third time Simon son of Jonah do you love me it was agreed because he said to him the third time do you love me and he said to him Lord you know all things you know that I love you said to him he my coming out evangelistic meetings and we like that on fourteen fifteen is that all don't work depending if you love me do my primary reason we like to tell people that that proves to us that the Commandments are still whining among Christians that says if you love Jesus you ought to be honoring him understand the next through but what does this tell us what else will you be doing in eleven seasons eating as she tending the land yes I know again Jesus is communicating here are some greater worker he envisions for his followers I would say that Christians all all meters with friends and everyone of us has an influence and every single one of us has an influence you may see yourself is nothing important you don't hold a position or store or or you don't know a lot about whatever it may be the fact of the matter is every one of us is a witness twenty four seven and regular good witness or event this iron never forget working with a guy whatever skin of the church there is a guy that I went to church with a villain rumor mill was talking about the this place anymore there was a guy can come into the work all the time come into the the account of any work that a customer again he would deal with the guy and one day he's a guy comes in is getting coming for years comes in and he said he still seven a.m. start to instill Sydney and suddenly it hit me all those years he was coming in in his mind he always knew no matter what he saw me doing that I was seven you think about that for many illnesses like I suddenly was his idea what I want to portray him every one of us has an influence the Bible says our influence can be a savor of life on the life or death and God is calling every Christian to be a leader to lead people to Christ you may not leave somebody the same way somebody else that Scott is not asking you to use talents you don't have simply to use the talents that we do have an account may be very small in your estimation but it still to be used for God to me that John chapter four and look at an interesting story in John chapter four this is a story of the woman at the well at Jacob 's well the Samaritan woman and time to spare the time of the begin of the holy hunger when Jesus asks Jesus comes to the well and asks the woman perjuring animating in this dialogue and I want you to notice verse thirteen observers can the woman is a sound that Jesus is Mammon room over drinking and on-screen of Singapore versus is Jesus answered and said to her in yielding willing to God and Hilliard is says to you give me a dream you what you have asked him and he would have given you what living water have you ever been examined to share your faith with people I don't even ask that I I I I like to ask how many people have gone out door-to-door and how many people really like to do it there's always a couple real hard-core people and most people feel timid about that in all we don't want to be too offensive or to breach year that I think it's interesting to see Jesus message with this woman at the well where he asks her for the drink and end sheet is obviously in the dialogue a little put off or in all the contentious because there was contention between Houston's ran similar to how you means you ask me his room number drinks is usually kind of want to start scratching out okay and Jesus answers earnings as if you only knew what was who's asking you you'd be asking me and you know something that attitude is the attitude everyone of us should have has gone entrusted you with the precious message of truth yes and no is he the one you want to recognize when Jesus had did you see the value in in in him as a person at this point no and and and and great as a result he said he only knew your father you have a different attitude and I encourage our students when they go door-to-door to manuals did not want doors and you get some people slam the door regardless of what their attitude is I tell the students you just keep in mind if they only knew what you had me becoming you that's reality Jesus knew that regardless he added from the outside he knew that what he had precious analysis he said he would ask me in an and I would he would ask him see himself anyway then he living water will necessarily don't have anything to draw with LLC where is it where do you get that living water are you greater than our father Jacob Davis a wellness center said in a notice that Jesus answered verse thirteen whoever drinks of this water will live thirst again but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him realize though never thirst but the water that I sent in him will become in him while a spring of water or a fountain of water what is the water with the fountain of living water with equities the offering we offer his living mod through one is the water crisis water of salvation and so here is offering and Jesus says everyone who drinks this water and idea that water will become in that individual a fountain and drank and living longer he said that he says your Savior what is he saying that water becomes found a spring of water fountain water what do people deal with a while with a fountain of water when the woman will when she is talking about having in getting a drink but a fountain drink when Jesus is saying is everyone who drinks of this water should become a person that anyone else can come to get a drink of that are you following the principle here to listen again spirited testimony scarcity is in the corporate size of the church everybody has our client is urged that an individual Disciples of Christ one of us has a role in giving that he wanted somebody out this guy has here for any and in another way the ladies that whoever drinks of the water this world will thirst again as long as we are living in this world committing that a principal of this world will always be consumers will always be consuming with Erskine we want we want we want and it's all about getting what I mean when you become a when you drink the living water you become a fountain of the receiving producer and become a leader are you following than saying here and this is the principle that Jesus is trying to communicate is not only a time when a person when a Christian go from being a consumer to producer assuming a leader goes from being a person who is receiving to want to communicate with me to Matthew twenty four and were looking here now and twenty four in the context of the last day he am at the twenty fourth the signs of the coming of Christ Matthew twenty four will the start of verse forty five Matthew twenty four in verse forty five the Bible says here who then it just got done telling us to be like it was in the days of Noah when Jesus comes again first forty two says watch therefore are you not know what hour your Lord is coming to being ready and then he says in verse forty five who then he has a lot faithful and wise servant whom his master meanwhile ruler over his household answer this question why is my servant the master has made ruler over his household as the master here God is right and who was with with God 's household this world and God has put somebody over this world in a certain sense this is what is being communicated here the question is who who is the faithful servant of the master made ruler over the household to do what to give them food in due season are the proper time know what kind of food by the sermons of the master giving at this context of the end of time it is like the days of Noah who is in how I will or living the gospel must write to the word of God breaking the bread of life and it says here that the master of the house has set summative services rulers over the household for the purpose of giving them to at the right time food in due season the Bible survey telling us here that there will be people that's faithful at the end of time are going to be giving the bread of life Kate they're not just going to be sitting as consumers but they're going to become producers and leaders say they just comes up again and again I mean you can't escape is another Scripture that God has called we go to communicate the gospel to the world and we do that in a any in a leadership capacity and I wanted to interject here that were talking about the overarching principle of giving the gospel to the world and they tell you that France will aspect of this takes a place where the rubber meets the road is used in our daily lives and in the local church I fear this morning in the seminar that in Ms. Singh S population in the church today is the eighteenth twenty nine -year-old group and I'm going to tell you in a leave that we needed eighteen to twenty nine -year-olds who will step in and start being producers in the leaders instead of consumers the church is in desperate need of it you go back and look at this history and how this movement started out I would tell you look at the movement of the Adventist church where we started we formed with about thirty five hundred people are you aware of that eighteen sixty I was ecstatic than in Michigan Michigan was found in a great general conference taking sixty three Michigan conference in a I have that right about thirty five hundred people interesting how many people are interested in over seventeen million okay in our nice one of the biggest church in the world we just heard something else I think the Seventh-day Adventist church that started a little earlier than we did in the eighteen hundreds with thirty five hundred people unite members they have today fifty thousand now how do we have seventeen million and have fifty thousand minutes of inhabitants were Gaza movement last days the meanest reality only the Lord to move it how you do it to go back to the screen you see the will you know the whole concept that God was calling him to be out of darkness and into the life 's evening about that in a young adult age group is that he and your disease are there to accomplish so much more and I'm just telling you and your little learning you were here long enough I got Graceland down this rock sooner than later the longer your year you realize that the energy energy does not continue to increase in this life you start to get whole new start of this hair everywhere you want to game related but all other things sure last now and tell you what people get all in the energy coming as it is run and to do young people who say well you know understand some things in my life that I still wanted to acquire really commit to the Lord as in I got past first before I don't saddle myself to the church in the treasury for the rest my life is really not what the devil tells us that living in it in investing the cause of Christ is going to cost us all the joy in our life the reality is the matter when you come to Christ that always when he comes the military that you always wish he comes the Lord is calling us to be leaders in the church lords calling your generation to be leaders in his church and take an active part receive the food in due season let's go to the book of Hebrews I want to see something in the book of Hebrews here that might even seem a little bit more to the point of a look at self I suppose you could look at some of these things the ceremony was talking to he was talking to people who are pastors were going to be professional ministry or something like that for the book of Hebrews chapter five and I was in a notice verse twelve he risen five responses for the line this time you ought to be one teacher is you need someone to teach you again a while the first principles of the oracles of God and you have come to me militant not solid food everyone thinks only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness for he is in a salad who belongs to those who are of full age that is those who by reason of what the reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil does a few things I want to point out that this is not business as the after lunch thing that John Rosser bring this up at one time when he was in Michigan doing a seminar he had his theory that that the problem was when people ate lunch they ate so much and in and in all of this stretch the stomach out in the skin stretched and pulled down the skin over the islands he was being a little facetious I really believe that the point is right after lunch is hard instead listen to something exciting follow along in your Bibles and everything listen to me what the final say here is so crucial for us to understand it he was five foot while saying here is it with you telling me the readings and by the way as if speaking to hear that your seasons greetings as visitors as the congregation to come in on Saturday morning this is the laity anything you guys already is my now but still drinking milk what taxation on alcohol for the congregation that they always preceded that the Taoist followers know that they be teachers of the leaders of the communicators of the truth if the saving we've already seen in all the other different places the point is that the Lord is trying to communicate that he is entrusting us with responsibility Paul talks about how when he was a child lived like a County spoke as a child and it don't even ask you what's the difference between a child and adults science but see I see you're saying is that there is no error standards when he was six years old was bigger than me when I was in my forties some authorities but so size can be a part of it is not necessarily Mister Linda wisdom or when the transition when you when you move them times when God what really happened the difference in a prison cell while attorney seeing outright I know thirty five -year-olds did that are still children the reality is that is something that takes place in the transition what is it that makes it while experiencing game that I know people that have experience to select my children is the responsibility of the Internet reality article intended in a number of articles Time magazine had an article called tricksters I think something to that effect where they talk about the what is somewhere between the age of twenty and thirty five thirty five -year-olds day of people that were still living at home with their parents really were sure they wanted to do with her life in the comparison times fast where only married in their own homes making a living at twenty two and what happened in this age group of this guilt is transitory I know where I'm going kind of mentality with the key difference is the difference is his responsibility person doesn't have the demand but any listen to it in ages past present fourteen years old and young man in a strike on his own get married and start building his own house it's when you move from freedom to responsibility one of my church members just graduated from Southwestern Saturday Gigi just had her first teaching job and guess what wireless last summer to discipline out an all-out this last summer going here in Trammell married everywhere else know why some of you have done it or thinking about it one evening she went down it all over the place this summer this is not to have a real job as a young man up front exactly right he knows that from now on it is no summer vacation music is your you know the one profession I got followed this case is left to deal with this reality is whatever subsisted on their taking on responsibility and listen to me carefully a child who never takes on responsibility doesn't ground how do they you guys remember the first time some of you remember the first time mom and dad left the house said okay now you're in charge write a media member that your brothers and sisters remember not say that you are the older one they remembered her into the world and these are then it was it was as the transitions of giving responsibility help you begin to grow our I so what happens in the church in only see that as well I even here in college your experience a lot of things and many of you for the first time accepting out adventuring out their new responsibilities and understandable we have has responsibilities they are things that begins in a café more mature and more and able to carry on the things we need to carry on but then we come to church and for too many people in church we never noted that responsibility area we just become the enemy said that what began as an beginning to us by the pastor my elders or somebody else we don't see ourselves as leaders and we have somebody who needs Bible studies well certainly this had somebody matured and studying with my friend or my coworker or whatever and Jesus would say to us know your something to eat right NME music but I don't know how I know how right until we do I don't know enough at governments and say that how much is enough never thought about that comment is enough this is enough before you say okay now I'm going up anything that time comes on the past past twelve years if I were more than anything else I don't know about either ways and now you share what you know about to share what we don't know and understand this to his talents as I said that we don't have but the Lord expects us and we see that hearing he was always expecting his is used laypeople to be rising to the occasion to become teachers and leaders a point where the transition to take responsibility lessons of this statement is from the pen of inspiration this is from the at two hundred and assess the following let ministers and church members on the minister and some remaining ministers and many of your church members and this is what I mean a dangerous drop in miscellaneous at ministers teachers members that in order to grow and spirituality they must carry the burden that the Lord has laid upon with another worker burn until conviction where I heard it somewhere responsibility I administer needs to teach the members that if they want to grow spiritually and I will know that any everyday life and works that way but the minister Jason Emerson if they want to run you must carry the burden that the Lord has laid upon them the burden of meeting soul into the true know that that is a responsibility that the Lord has given you my Lord told me right here that as a minister on supposed to communicate that the letter now that you've got burned that God is placed on your network is averred to be sold and the truth is I don't know enough then start trying to I mean most of your here college learning so you never knew before I is not true people learn foreign languages and was never so particularly give a study which it has to be carrying her in the Lord 's life and live in areas like that have a saying in the methods but it was last night and this morning it was conceivable Sabine have time for devotions but let them get at test result back to the doctor that says you got cancer and suddenly times brings up both the reality is a lot of irony priority prioritizing and realizing calling Don Loomis unfortunately he doesn't communicating this linear thinking without thinking that getting of the duties I also decided to allow and others this burden and responsibility in taking that you need to be thinking more of me understand more of the IP address John will not give you army any responsibility that wasn't something that humanize the sense of completion of the Oklahomans in an contentment that were looking for them I was running in so many different directions to find our real purpose in God is trying to say in this at all here's purpose here's like creating more senior to find yourself in some occupations pay the bills that wherever you go about your ambassador my dear witness for me I'm putting you in charge University report Jordan almonds and said that how you feel on the shoulders right now to see when you put in charge of something you want to say I needed help me out something that puts you in charge of nuclear weapons or something like that communicating to you from the teacher when the teaching is that responsibility what is is saying that he should see he is bringing you issues that you can do it as a communicator last one when the Lord saying hey listen I want to share me with others if we can get past fear and trepidation we stopped to realize alone when the Lord has the right blood has confidence in us and he sees what he can zoom in and through us we just get past some of the trepidation and in and in the timidity she goes on in his statement is those who are not fulfilling their responsibility should be visited praying with and labor for you knowing that a lot of people today we got a lot of voices are telling us that this is what we have to do to get the latter rain volunteer we got a resetting ordination to maneuver this before the latter rains hitting we now understand that twenty five twenty prophecy before laddering is to ball we got corporate repentance in the church before the latter rain John W graininess is a dozen other things out there that people will say this is what we got there before the Holy Spirit can come in lettering found in church and at grade everybody has a philosophy that none of those things available or spirit of prophecy made but there is something that is Rossi Baisden this is when Alex is about the labyrinth she says when the church when the majority of the church become laborers together with Christ then he says God will recognize the fact it pouring out his Spirit on the church enlargement so on but it's tragic that we don't hear the one that is given to us this is what needs to happen we need to become laborers together with Christ when you start becoming teachers made a mistake on the responsibility got been an Holy Spirit will come and latter rain power to give us the D claiming that Mimi Alloway says those more compelling this responsibility visited Great Britain later forward to visiting and administrative they were too busy to be faithful ministers the follow-up to communicate and train the members to know just exactly what this needs to the Lord is calling us to be leaders and I wanted to start with this because I follow-up to stop talking about leadership a lot of people today and the vast majority of his first day on me I guess this is for people who are elders other person ministry leaders or something all this is for you friends until we get this clear that God is calling us to leave and languishing in this world or else somebody certainly hold it to be like Jesus and the church in his day many of them come from the East and West and sit down at the right-hand and left-hand of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and the children the sons of the kingdom are going to cast out into outer darkness the citydwellers is no way for us to the fact of the matter is this work is to go forward I want to see each one of us be a part of that work I want to give just a few more this visit his idea of leadership and talk to race without some of the qualities of a leader some of the qualities needed because throughout our leaders need to know the qualities of a leader number one quality leader needs to have his conviction is a vast lack conviction identify the source seminars on this weekend in fact of the matter is I talked this morning and says that Christian culture we got our churches that confused about what we believe anymore I want to clarify something for you the S&M research is a worldwide search for you where that we have world voting policies we have world voting doctrines when irritated I know this is being a minister being a leader in my conference that you can go around the world incidentally my conferences is a conservative conference 's image as a conservative conference focused the whole conservative and liberal thing is is is a smokescreen it's a smokescreen all done is create an option it's not there believe in creation it happened in six literal days on the liver I know you're not an analyst for Chris you're not biblical and easy terminology simply put out there are are not are nonexistent in Scripture mean the fact of the matter is you believe the Bible you don't believe it is a seven atmospheres we have fully believes that he is assured to come together on and it doesn't matter what the local practice is I go different places and people read things and indicated that cultural mindset I went on to praise God that I think the leadership in the surface domain Jane was legally the same things we believe from our inception contrary to some popular opinion where people will say what we can use to believe in the Holy Spirit now we do know you've followed along and you'll see the world church and works do that and I would take upwards the organization the church today same as he did nearly church but this isn't a study on the church organization order we go into that the problem is when you don't have when you don't really know what you believe how much conviction as their non- failure somewhere somebody somewhere you're not sure where you're going organizer you want only we can limit searches I don't understand what it charges in moving forward housing to move forward when the people are supposed to be moving in our connected or not regularly do our youngest and same because God has called us all the leaders you've got to settle in your mind what you believe I'm a young seven banners they doesn't address wow I don't know I guess I'm just elated I don't answer later know what you are correct and does not need to be a leader find out invest yourself in finding out what I believe what you believe right clear up the Dallas unit in response the seller when you know where you're standing your conviction can help drive forward the work of God never get behind somebody that doesn't know whether going you're driving along and they were in the race so and they start going again in the city and a slowdown in the blinkers on going right nonetheless lingers on in a slowdown again has ever happened anybody are so frustrating that's what it's like falling people interested in the conviction is possibly doesn't this be not this woman down they don't know the left or right and the fundamentals of education Christian education page two fifty four elements as this uses many seem to think that all that was essential that the work we do with the point here that all was essential in Santa 's coworker was to organize the school and Israel the scholars students so that they were in harmony with a set of ceremonies and forms an and versus the security features the status quo would run itself teachers are often security cannot lead souls to Christ because they do not know what it is to find him precious to their own is no conviction but all who do not know the value I'm sorry all those who do not value lists all so that they will work as a Chrysler van that will scatter away from Christ to you that she says Mark these words gather it not with me scattered abroad if you're if you're solid and your conviction of what's true your scattering abroad to say that she's emphasized during this thing is don't burn the leaves all teams as they were growing different of the truth they will become careless any atmosphere with which they surround their salt will work scattering away from Christ everybody has every one of us is meeting somebody somewhere where meeting male friends Jesus is calling you lead people to him you see conviction in the early church is even Disciples of Christ I first came to him and he said we have found the Messiah and use electronic conviction turned into a motivation to spread the gospel to the world we need a renewed sense of conviction that will motivate us to action a leader does not wait for something to happen a leader makes things happen I'll send you some examples around the paralytic spore grant of four friends or friends pardoning for friends and let them down to the roof I mean think about here here here with those guys are wonderful aren't you coming you bring your branding to Jesus and you come to the house and it's packed in UK what do you do say what a lot of people would do now I guess we can get and there's no way and I guess we just got it all is nobody here to let us in this over your lead us in a leader with conviction makes it way and when we see them there they find a way to get into the roof and let them down through the roof right you may resort and let paralytic down through the roof and the Bible says Jesus saw their faith to faith constant prompts action we see it in the woman with a long line of precedent proudly serve as sexy as it climbed up to three right these are people who went away for everybody is paying away for them they opened the way they put forth effort to see things happen I wanted to say that the Lord allows those things Lord doesn't let it happen easy for you and me because he wants to develop the leadership potential and finish up with statement from the gospel workers this is one of my favorite singers I honestly would encourage you read the thinking I'm reading a good bit you don't have to be a lot of it out but the section is called God disciplines his workers and this should resonate with you if you have been seeking to follow Christ where he's meeting you workers to sixty nine to seventy says the Lord disciplines his workers that seemingly prepared to fill the places of LinkedIn event just before press is not always workers at somebody else now you know it's talking about you I Lord disciplines his workers that they may be prepared to fill the place appointed and perhaps the places before the duties that they would not to guide them in any of you if they are willing to be guided by him he will give them grace and strength to perform these duties in the spirit of submission and help song trains by bringing to them disappointment and apparent failure time brings disappointments and apparent failure sure he does why was it is his purpose that they shall learn to master difficulties apparent failures listen my friends again out of God you can't fail it when you're not doing his work you can e-mail with the at the scene here that is why everything is about how humans develop in us the leadership on the press forward and open pathways to open doors of the Lord is at his purpose is a seller 's math difficulties he inspires them with a determination to prove every apparent failure success often and pray and week because of the perplexities and obstacles that confront them but if they will hope the beginning of a confidence steadfast unto the end God will make their way here success will come as they struggle against apparently insurmountable difficulties apparently but that gospel workers to sixty nine of this is apparently insurmountable while this is no man I help you and guide people who believe that strongly enough to get in and labor within the state I held to be leaders in his thoughts because understanding is not the places before human beings service that will be a matter sense of their disease my CCC delete them to put aside selfish preference with you I just qualify them for the work he has been and if they accept and perform this service their minds of the cure if they refuse and they'll be left striped with themselves and others sometimes got healthy thing and if we would just go where you these even though it's something that we're little nervous about it we develop in eyes as qualities of leadership and he says cure our minds of the trouble and perplexity but when we say all it's too hard you must sacrifice and we don't go that way and only trace more trouble in our lives Manfred God is calling us to be in these last days God is calling all of us to take hold of his work I qualify everyone here to play an active part God doesn't just one has to be seen that John wants us to be more than cheap sure to follow Jesus and following Jesus he wants to teach us how to my simple appeal to you is how many of you in considering what you heard today one essay with me Lord I don't even know where all your meeting I don't know what the future holds but I want to be used by you as a leader in this church in these last days to move the gospel message and hasten the data coming is that your desires today is your hand at Springfield father in heaven father throughout the Scripture we seen evidence that you're calling us to step and be movers and shakers in the work of leaders that make things happen not because of all of our astounding abilities but in spite of the lack of them Lord to calling us to trust in you and to step forward and they had lead the people in our body and our own sphere of influence with whatever talents we may have and know you to embrace you to become a part of your work father as we continue to explore the subject I just pray that he'll take the willing heart clear to your list us in your service that you bring about how mighty revival in Reformation that's been promised the Holy Spirit report out and latter rain power we see the danger coming in this generation and this media was used by bodybuilders a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through audio must want a knife you would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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