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Mark Howard

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  • October 13, 2012
    3:00 PM
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okay I get started again here in the number one he said that hating leadership is not the only thing that I really rest of doing this the last session is done at the last session but I thought you can talk about being a leader and if people don't see themselves as leaders and I want to know the number one thing again I was a leader but I'm just tell you that this this idea of leadership on the compound after a prayer one worker to begin with so many lies have blessed you by father had ninety one thank you again for this Sabbath day and the opportunity we have to come together and study your Word and meditate on your call on our lives Lord bless us now in the name of Jesus we ask and pray amen I want to reiterate what I said last time in the last session that the inlet I said this morning that there's a lot of concern in the Christian community and this is beyond the asterisk community on the missing population of the eighteen to twenty nine -year-old crown and I really believe a lot of it has to do a lot of factors going to make a generalization here but I believe a lot of it has to do with the fact that he is dating humans word that the president of the market research group that is not taught young people have any week not educated in them in life after his group and the fact of the matter is that it is getting one of my church members right now I think any year on missionary service with the students in that one of our universities as a student one of our universities he came to me in his first year is that any pastor I I forget what I respond I've made some kind of emphasis are involved as a pastor I have to tell you is I just not really involved in service it will tell me what the problem is sitting at the University of University services big master I don't know what do I follow us at the smaller territory found some fact of the matter is many young people address young people that let you display this way we don't have a lot of mega- churches in the end Mister you know where you find them on university campuses is reality and so here come after the schism they go from home in a little country church with fifty members or less seventy five percent of them with blue hair and they get into it I'm not talking about guy who hair-like people do today I'm talking about you know that I save it lovely safe and gray the older generation has and SVP low temperatures may come in to a church setting where everything is entertainment driven gear has announced that they have a rock concert service we offer high the things to grab their attention only to go back I don't see anything out of the hymnal being a little bit the overgeneralizing here to tell you is not too far off the mark in the Galactica low-temperature NASA to go for a week if they go in and I stopped going altogether the total disconnect there seen it not only the college is a scene Academy age and I told him until my young church members and listeners the problem here you have you have been coddled and catered to everything at all the way through high school and what happens is the person got Pathfinders you can't reason everything else in attorney seniors only will ground Pathfinders and economic politics and there you are in your sleepy little country church in nothing is relevant anymore is a disconnect we talk about young people being the church of tomorrow whatever that is there is our era leaders of tomorrow and young people say well there were leaders of tomorrow I just will come back tomorrow the reality is the leaders of today your leaders of today you need to be leaders of today is not cultivated that why is segmented and this is not just any activist surfaces and Christianity in general besides the fact our culture is constantly competing your attention and our culture is very entertainment driven on the times when you have your bearings even entertain you all time and come into some little country church with fifty members just isn't all that interesting and we are sadly lacking missionary spirit rising missionary spirit but for some of our young people into camps missionary spirit as they are now anonymous let me just give you a news flash we need missionaries here in America we do you go around our little churches around when we meet we only need young adult missionaries are going to turn for their energy in a excitement and work to build on the work of God you go back to the early church a vaccine is a valve that has had an update on the mind and entertainment driven mega- church there in fact file system and they all started gathering together and asked after a dial-up persecution among the churches ran all over the place because it wasn't his design of the audit together to make it certainly does mail-order here we are worship and Sunday asbestos a pastor in all this talk about mission and everything else is just about worshiping God coming into this house and that means presence in worshiping him so when you entertain the thought was from I don't spot many parents in here I'm apparent that you have parents even relate your siblings brothers and sisters or maybe I'm younger brother systems became engineer younger brothers younger brother sister was kidnapped or let's not mistaken let's just say they are missing a resource school one day to come an initial thought is well you know I don't know what curfew rules are rules that is that Panamanian was a friends house and handed her the only things process with a one half day to day three still no word the floor on the net had heard from him you haven't heard from their friends haven't heard from how you feeling though that the little panties and a fellow advantage of that now I think I is apparent here definitely a panic this is your child and you have heard nothing in it in an individual there may be here maybe your younger sibling is an eighteen so I say that ten -year-old now the eight -year-old to sell your company and where are they what happened to them you talk to the authorities nobody is at this point nobody's found and your friends hear about any of your friends come over to visit you at your house they know you're feeling down so they come in your house as well as when the coming year and tell you how much we love you and how you know you're just a at least once a year such a kind person a loving person and a generous person we just got with the other fertility that even came to sing some songs as we really love you nine the state of mind but even if think we do say to your friends if you really love me what I'm a child right when you think it means to God were to come in his house and talk about how great he is with his phrasing over to talk about radios and how much of how loving he is and how much we love him for letting us aware that I do a thing to help him find his lost children is an insult to God that is not worshiped you cannot worship my friends if you have a passion for lost you can worship a God 's whole existence is that and and and I'm afraid some people will things out there like Wallace 's worship God is like a man who is holding then we ought to go in and throw I don't draw supper for all your friends who can benefit from it those of us in the movie and then ahead and it was it I think that is okay I really and otherwise lesser conviction on e-mail he wasn't throwing a sucker for the people that blessing is easily spread by the enemy in my neighborhood is not enough he may really needs as well it really is your name but Suzanne is a conviction okay as he knew he wasn't doing his neighbors when she was doing to complete many of us we we we use excuses to not take hold of God 's promise to take Poland and I I just can't be plainer than to tell you that Christianity involves taking hold of the work of God and stepping up to being a part of it I want to talk about that this afternoon you are to be a leader is the first thing you got it do that in every leader no one really really has got to be clear on his way Mary's had one thing a leader has begun is where is going with John probably here on the John Maxwell says expert on leadership one of his famous saying his your you're leading people and nobody's following you you're just taking a while right middle ear is easy you're supposed to be something as was the following family of somebody you don't know where you going to make this clear you don't know where you're going in the local church of your article our conference president fig almonds just out in Australia is working with a group of gateway out there and some immediate window they were the gateway group working with campus age kids and doing Austell churches a small group ministry and one of the one of the guys from Gateway told that he was not commerce telling us that he said the guy asking in all her or told him our biggest challenge is when we leave the gate way we've got to go back to our home services we don't know what to do because it is easy relatively to start a group perhaps on a campus find some like-minded people it's a whole different ballgame getting into the local church and many of you maybe perhaps connect the student groups on campus but you might not know what to do in your local church some of you may but I'm telling you that our church corporately as for the local church is our aim we need young adults who are they are not getting off on it and giving the Scripture reading in the loan officer in the phenomena talked about the importance of being involved in the local church my same old was immediately involved if I cannot even hear reciting involved in the local church with me be involved digging to helping to further the mission has good to see you're doing something you think is doing something in your local church doesn't doing something necessarily mean you're Volvo let's put it this way many ask is like listening to be involved with a special someone does anybody here have somebody there involved with now that special guy or girl when is it me or does it mean as a great amount of attention given their manual inordinate attention when I was in college I met my wife my first year I tell people this was Shane Mister dear Holly University of Missouri a felony Missouri I went from a four hello and I never said that like my high school every physicalism about three five zero one oh grade point average as a straight he understand that anything you don't they'll give you the money back you can take all the class is over they don't give you the money does not passing grade in college and a lot of it has to do with my choices I blame Harris is not her fault but I was a little bit consumed with my relationship in the sentencing to be involved with somebody these are giving a great amount of attention there means that there are activities that you are standing together to the exclusion of other activities right there a lot of places I could get all this one place and going to go right where he's going to go in understanding women say how many you understand what I'm saying does anybody here is a linear relationship with your hand you know exactly what I'm talking about anybody who has been in a relationship you know what I'm talking about your here in fall and just spending it and I just spending time together the more time you spend together you might even start entertaining I like that in all it was person that comes in that setting up with that active involvement in church now we can say anything at all in the local church leaders on doing something but is it possible to do something in the local church without being involved I give you scenario here I'm these are prayer meeting example now like Pat there are churches that are getting away from her meetings altogether you know why nobody comes they are a situation where you got your meaning and the pastors meeting out in schedule some of the elders of the church to lead out alternately so the past media this week in and out of this accident and another out of a gap in the past together they make a schedule so all the elders began to fill in those spots but it's altogether possible that when the calendar isn't on schedule he doesn't confirm I wish that wasn't the case but seen it happen I've been a pastor for a while when he asked his question is a elder who only comes when he's on the schedule involved in the church is even an elder know he's not involved in your relationship like that he only shot of the things you have to write CRC tells you you better be there or were great and I hope that lessons are written above I don't be a copy of Coachella if that is to go very far is not right it's possible to be involved but to be doing something rather without being involved I would suggest this to you attendance give you greater indication of involvement and work attendance can be a greater invitation and if you want to be a leader if you want to answer the call of God for your life and you can start showing up the things to reality can you imagine a leader doesn't intend in the area where he wants to exercise influence and suddenly anything imagine it has never shows up and also Monday Suzanne Vanier to follow where I'm going but we don't know where you're going man you don't know where were going to greater evidence of him and Dennis can be greater education and involvement in work and want to think about is that he was done with me Hebrews ten provider verse twenty five this is that great attendance tax given in the last days that he was ten verse twenty five dollars and reading and editing James version not forsaking the lot the assembling of ourselves together as is the manner some but exhorting one another so let's summarize you see the day approaching what is the day in the Lord there is a second comings are looking for Jesus second coming and the closer we get to the second coming what is it possible to overstate the assembling of yourselves together the question being asked is why what's the purpose of each of the assembling and he says we should get something together not less but more why should we be doing this with a diverse right prior to that verse twenty four he gives the reason he says and let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works not mistaking his jail honestly when it comes to attend this weekend about what we're going to get out of it and indicate everything on it well you know I think this is an worse I do know how it is here in campus I know other pastors in the city in Grand Rapids and we had lots of churches and we had more church conversation on any monastic church offer is the people who stay with the greatest entertainment value going on this is only a concept is certainly not at all he has the speaker room going over your number among the locals are designed about what I'm getting out of according to Scripture when we got in my sweetie joining him more and more considering one another we should be going not for as much what I'm getting out of what he is doing what I can put into it it's been several years ago now that I got ties and becomes an evangelistic series we did in Grand Rapids and and it is any of you really communicated this truth is if any of this importance of this this subject this man came on never forget his baptism when available I like to do them I don't visit during the church service I can help it because always rough images that is like okay well related to the service of your file so I like doing legislative Vesper service as we did in we have several thing we're baptizing all never forgetting that baptism I was sitting up front with typically will do will do the baptism first will have the will happen to the baptismal ballot fraud and it will have somebody else in some of the best Internet history will do the baptism baptism will have them share personal testimonies those you want to know Nelson in the front in all given the charge and after that I invite everybody to come to the baptism another particularly in greet and welcome into the synagogue right to herein as baptism and I'll never forget his guys evenly who came to the best wife his wife's mother in his wife's sister and has been sitting in the conversation that I still see the missing right there like this and I'm telling you they can smile the whole time I'm convinced they only came to let you know how displeased they were that he was being baptized eight nine one to be baptized and said that Mister so there they are on sitting on their scouring the whole time lest you think I'm making this up and when it immediately end the service I invite everybody lingering not a single one of his family I knew this guy this brother was having struggles in his home because the choice he made to follow Christ Newfoundland saying he had he was sacrificing something to follow Christ no one comes to prayer meetings in its original comes to prayer meetings without a without a hitch the people who are real regular prayer meeting is the new people above all the new people seek as they realized they needed the most and this man I'll never forget our meeting our prayer meetings were just like any prayer meetings attendances of March sparse but from the general attendance and sat and I remember seeing a man coming to the prayer meeting is sitting by himself in the prayer meeting and thinking myself in leaving out things myself I wish there was at least one church member who cared enough to be here to sit next to that guy is given up his whole family for Christ novel we don't serve one another we consider ourselves with that prayer meeting out how to hurry before it's definitely on Morgan later on UNIX whatever is sometimes an insane amount of different reasons a person may have nothing and remain than just telling you that in the context of Hebrews the purpose for us it can gain the services of the chart is not just for what we according to Scriptures for what we can give and listen for yourself maybe never ministers reconfirming or any kind of spiritual meeting and is just a couple you come in there you are to other people with your initial thoughts was your initial reaction honestly this must not be that important right there must not be anything gone on worthwhile here right I do is anybody else hate to say that in reality is that what we tend to do it tends to discouragements balance and understanding every church function I had to be permeating his worst services evangelistic series other seminars every most of these functions right here every function success rises are all in some measure on in some measure another attendance attendance factors in and one of the greatest ministries that you can do for the church and bring yourself as a ministry I like to call attendance of the easiest things in the world to just show up you can be a blessing something you don't show up to you yes or no you certainly can be a leader in place for your never showing you can have any influence on people and place your present-day if you're going to be a leader in the cause these last days and you've got to learn the importance of attendance initially all I was startled what should I send it we look a little of life what should I have been with the livings we ought to be attending IR oh I heard a very quiet right on over here all in all to just go there and that the school all this will really high so early I will sell you something I am ashamed I may see to be an access time with our tenants and satisfies all a single something grand son believers are much more based on their ancestral sin we are digging on earth this will spark you know many in Salinas and how people tend to trickle into the atmosphere when the church service starts even as an asset on to start the service people will do the welcome and everything else and even as the welcome has been given and were used in the service of the offerings been taking a blood trickling into the church what is your day was a communicate your visitors one of us understands why some more leaders are we to be there while we dwell in status will there is nothing more powerful than Stanzel says that she has you how to connect and learn and interact I got the line that satisfies frustration the status will one of those frustrations being the VI the whole facilitator mentality party for seventy thousand three hundred thirty I might or might not be the speaking of you but if I can just hear me out when this is more pressing to me than anything is a passive person who gets up in front of the class system another teacher here is the facilitator we look at this last session the Bible says we ought to be teachers by now yes obvious change in the future but the Logos is a lot on how much subtlety gentlemen about myself about everybody is on the promise of a facilitator but think about it think about going twenty miles classy teachers like you know don't look to me to take you anything understand facilitator humor discuss share opinions anyway A- last right now I know you have assessed over the night as you are asked to teach the lesson tee the last and the name and on somebody anybody are regardless there is a lesson here out the behind the NSF 's goals is that that's where people should be able to leave the Sabbath school class knowing something more than when they came in Monday sharing opinions in all the book of Ecclesiastes talks about the sacrifice of fools says that people come into the temple of God to offer the sacrifice of fools have ever read that and he goes on in this chapter by their believers they disable is known by as many words many more sensible class all are doing is getting a sacrifice of fools Rollin Amherst Michelle opinions around for now I can see where there be some challenge this status will class and focus on the young people and have them talk to me sometimes that that answer item from the we don't ever go over anything we don't discuss and learn anything from Scripture so I tried to do different I mean the young adult class in my church when we have our young adults that are back from college but I decided to Andrews University student were about an hour north in the University and talking TV network in young adults are beginning in the be a student assuring how when school is not in session at Andrews Italy is in session and got all these kids all over the place and so they have these the human status rules this is like I said you through it's always it's totally different than any other status for the church thing figured out going and using a different song was probably three-part is everything a song service and many shouting opinions around them and it's not I am trying to be critical here but I'm simply saying it against him when we have entered into an essay although the local church examined on this thing this local church classes boring the standard students that you know in the schools that has out the students in the area and the Marion area that the ones who live there they just don't notice the status quo they just go to church they don't have a special Sabbath school class is going on a listen when talking that attendance ministry why wouldn't Kristen go to Sam's class I'm talking young and old why don't you go get search everything on it is also only been asleep innocently ask a question on this is a typical conversation giving you let me ask a question when you go to work in the morning I got an error five thirty so it really moving house at four thirty South my attorney you can sleep in for three hours and still make it on time on telling you about its priority on answer other peoples CSS classes that people are giving what else I think that we should be attending in hand happenings of the local church prayer meeting his best terrorism the song a little more needing to and also serious anxiety that boring meetings most churches let me say something most churches have open boards and you can go and find out what's discussed in the business of the church and no it's not entertaining at times it is working for you anybody soundboard is not generally entertaining but the thing is that their work is being plan what else no more meaning than the open board and some boards are more generous help of orbits means you consider most of the discussion and participate in what your church is planning but beyond that is something that is open to everyone for business meetings business meetings I remember there's anything in common summary campaigning about his daughter a result last twelve hours got baptized on the result is immediately a business meeting is claiming that all young lady when you think you're going to use an appetizer member the church in Uganda the business meeting now she wasn't jumping up and down about it but I'm telling you something in the book education the lifework chapter talked about earlier only says that one of the first things young people need to know is the importance of church relation when they come into the church one of the obligations that they need to be taught is to be part of the local church is not busy only the majority of people don't come to the business meetings of the church remember here I think to myself as part of church and person Y will reverse it into his busy life if you're not interested in what the church is doing you once I guess you are not interested in using your influence in the work of that local church in the mission territory that local church when that otherwise would be there right and understand some of you here and thought that I have taken similar to this upbringing and in just a moment but I'm actually bringing things in life for example just because it's such a phenomenal check I really do one encourage you to read that chapter the lifework in the book education and one of the things only talks about them there is young people and how college the college experience unfinished many of our young people for life in an earlier where that is not supposed it doesn't have to don't get me wrong again not in college that she makes the point that some will they become so focused on their starting and ending on taking responsibility in anything else and when those things are into business meetings and of course is the church services and on amazing how many actresses right offer service community may count most of the time when it's a winner on all non- disability on birdwatching this weekend I made sure I was vacationing as indications of English are really funny when I'm on vacation where the atmosphere is a bunt a lot different surface some of them really really praising the lesson I go with that analysis is an holy convocation in the gallery gathering the people of God because I'm invested in the work on young people you need to be invested in the work of God to many young people just they haven't made the transition to see that all your money betting on me I'm the person now is taking control of my life choosing to be a leader in God 's work in one of the things that is a key factor in being an effective leader is being there attendance ministry to ministry every one of you can do another thing that should be attended his communion service I am surprised how many people skip out on a finance convenience if somebody invited you over to the house for dinner and made a special meal what would you say to tell you what you do you would go and do we need is and why because this thing all afternoon went to all that trouble to go and not even would be a slap in the face when but every communion status thereafter this is Slashdot in the face because he's software for the next special software for them and if you are being examined I wonder what else is going on since his solo flight on women say something else Jesus makes a statement where he says Robert Fraser in half remember that he says there were your treasure is there your heart will be also how would you think about that and he knows what he didn't say he didn't say where your heart is that's where your treasure is this is where your treasure is unless significant that does anybody have valuables here missing a lot something valuable to you that you would store and we have a bank account that shows your bank account it is you did write some individuals are going to count how many cells vertically addressed this is any carefully you choose where to put your treasuring Jesus as your heart will follow wherever you put your treasure and a huge shows that you're not invest yourself in the local church just let your hearts be there either your heart is where you choose to invest himself that he is a you know what underdeveloped the business meeting I'm going to go to the Grammys undergoes a board meeting on the results of a man who wasn't examined over the services of the church the more you find yourself there you'll find your heart follows here Wednesday imagine you were the one plan something and actually plan in the future I think a social event we wanted to hurt herself for something okay husband about anything I cannot fire or whether at home I will fire a day is a planning is the harvest that was something you have to think so when you do your planning and what would you do plan to limit yourself as a leader from the what is the sum of a genetic okay you find some people to put in charge of different things right location and time okay so you got a location what is involved in the interior house or what some meals housekeeping arraigned later another person who has committed a single painting is my house about are my house is a you getting your people involved in the OKC can arrange a time to time place put in the bulletin advertise a different make some flyers in a compliance we develop features that have a copy machine antecedent that anything goes in some instead of runtime run wires on Friday so there's a lot of things going on here right we are excited about hearing a happy mom by farming out dishonestly get together he working on it got different people and to arrange the place during his time in announcing from the front of the jersey got an inability eliminated my thinking is tantamount everybody shall there nobody you know pretty well now I feel pretty and so you know that's what happens all the time and certainly nobody even thinks about not just the social map is an annual self-assessment when you got a lesson saying education was regarding a panic and I wanted all this hours of preparation the naturist is right him we needed to be part of the work got him I will thought how he threw into about selecting his greatest suffering inviting eight one when the imitation would happen with the people it all began to make excuses humor with descriptions that the master the house was angry with those people who didn't go you can relate that will give anything to that scenario taking gone all this trouble is God is going to all this trouble to do to organize his church on the earth of using different things in our church are for the furtherance that is where the latest on the Sabbath services as being invested in the work of God is the beginning all in the church we need a generation of young people involved in the church in a series of statement seriously as we close this out this from the book Council on education page twenty eight as many students speaking to the students yet many students have named their study the first great object neglect prayer and absent themselves from the saddest one for me and from the neglect of religious duties they have returned to their homes that went from God giving him to a Christian school and school when I noticed there is no because you want to maintain your Christianity right everything is verified with this writer and schooling you distance and with the reviews here since your cell from Sanus full 's prayer meetings and religious duties and returned home by accident a most important part of the him what that was why the foundation of all to knowledge should not have been made a secondary consideration our spiritual life spiritual activities practical spiritual activities are put on the back burner to go someone eleven percent of your Lord is the beginning of wisdom in Matthew six thirty three C versus the kingdom of God and his righteousness this must not be made last but occurs I got another call your mother read about how relationships do the same thing and young people and God is calling to be leaders allow themselves to be distracted from the work he has entrusted them with young people I want to tell you something our church is in desperate need of young adults who will seriously take over the responsibilities in the local church and is telling you right now it's not easy it's hard work to get into a local church where the fact the matter is a culture in our local churches is not a young peoples most of the people they just don't want to get involved in things which means you have to do double work but it's the call of God upon our lives it's the thing that God has given you immediately by strong spiritually and ultimately by faith in him it's going to finish the work and enjoy safe the work is finished with us or without us we can be a part of we can choose not to be a part on appealing to you to choose to be a part of the work of God even now I would encourage you to be thinking about how you can be more involved in it you'd give you and your settled into a church here on campus so I said sure I know there are number of churches in the area involving scarcity can be involved in and start taking an active part for your own soul saying and for the sake of those others were coming so you can be a blessing staff the call of God to be a leader to be first and foremost the Ministry of NSM and anything that sounds in senior hands of star has father in heaven father you know the needs we have not just of the young Lord we are in a society is so noncommittal that the work your work your your your mission is languishing in this world and father we should be years ahead of where we are that you are raising a generation of young people to be leaders to take those responsibilities and it starts to work with us just selling up and being invested and involved in your work but our heart may be bound up with your work I pray Lord for those who are here today I pray for the hands and raise in more than for those who didn't raise their hands I pray that you would strive with them impress them with the busy with the utter and vital need not just the need to your cause happens but that their very soul has been a part of his work bless the Lord Dennis and acid rain and this media was brought to you by Nautilus a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in the visit www. audio verse .org


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