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The Last Man Out

Dean Dennis




  • October 13, 2012
    2:00 PM
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you are more enough mercy we have to have mercy on the floor you know on the importance of this material that you given for presentation we ask that you find the double wherever he is right now we ask that technology come into cooperation with what your wishes are Lord and that your name may be glorified just ask not whatever the matter is with me technology today cast aside so that your work may go forward to your people the essence of Jesus and links to some book that I want to share with you originally in the book of education I want you to understand the setting of this entire discussion that were going to over the next three hours or so it's an education page one ninety they reached the student should learn to view the world the word as a whole and to see the relation of its parts he should he should gain the knowledge of its grand and central theme of God 's original purpose for the world of the arise of the great controversy in the work of redemption he should understand the nature of the two principalities are contending for supremacy and should learn to trace their working through the records of history and prophecy to the great consummation he should see how this controversy enters into every phase of human experience how in every act of life he himself reveals the one or the other of the two antagonistic motives and how whether he will or not he is even the now deciding upon which side of the controversy he will be found what this is simply saying friends is that whether we know it or an not whether we like it or not we are surrounded by a great controversy that's raging all around that controversies between Christ and his angels and Satan and his angels how maybe did not notice how do you keep that at the top of your mind every day a man because that's something that should be paramount in our thinking as we go through our life from day to day that we are in the midst of a great controversy and what I want to share with you is a top of a series of topics called lessons in warfare and taking illustrations from real life battles and other conflicts that have taken place in history and in the Bible and drawing a spiritual parallel from the I do that's fine I cannot get you correctly to see my notes of the first times that are want to start with the quote says ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy that was by Martin Luther King I want to do another passage says only be careful and watch yourself closely so that you do not forget the things that your eyes have what scene or let them fade from your hearts as long as you live teach them to your children to bear children and their children after them and what that saying is that we should have an understanding of what's happened in the past and then we should know about things that happened in the past so that we can apply them things that may happen to us pleasantly and in the future so were talking about the last man out this is part one do you know and trust your command auditory was story about a man by the name of hero I know that he wrote with a Japanese soldier in the midst of World War II were talking of faithfulness loyalty dedication on December seventeenth nineteen forty four the Japanese Army Army sent a twenty three -year-old soldier by the name of hero note up to the Island of the Philippines he was sent with a team of other soldiers a small group that were to conduct guerrilla warfare in the jungles of the Philippines I know it was as he was departing his mission his commanding officer gave him some very specific instructions he said hero under no circumstances are you to take your own life he says never be one year five years ten years whatever the case may be to not give up do not take your own life do not give into the enemy if you know anything about the Japanese soldier it is commanding officer tells them do not take your own life that's a very significant statement because even in the very war World War II Japanese soldiers taking their own lives as causing violence so there was some honor tied up and losing your life in battle even at your own hand but he was told under no circumstances hero must you take your own life he says you are is yesterday 's in coconuts if you have to eat bananas eaten bananas green but do not give up we will come back to get you okay that's a very very significant point that you should run in the story by February nineteen forty five the allied forces they attacked the Island of the Philippines and quickly overtook the defense is there as they moved in land a node and its team of men they retreated back into the jungles of the Philippines and it consisted of himself and about four other men they survived rationing their rice supply and of course eating coconuts and green bananas like they were told to and every now and then they were killed one of the locals how in order to survive soon was one of the soldiers that he was working with found the note saying that the war ended in August of nineteen forty five says come down from the mountains so a note in the soldier they decided that it was a hoax that this was not true it was propaganda by the enemy set up the lower them out so they would give up their position but they were given instructions never to give up so they wanted and one year went by two years went by planes fly over the area dropping flyers out that they knew that the soldiers were there saying the war is over and eventually got letters and pictures of the loved ones of the soldiers dropping them saying the war is over come out but these soldiers would not give up their positions under any circumstance with a thought that this was a effort of the enemy to leeward them out and overtake them so unknown and his men lived in the jungle for years constantly occasionally engaging and carrying out acts of sabotage that they were still at war they ended up killing several residents of the Philippines they would sabotage their crops whenever they were I come into the jungle to try to find them a note in his men with fire on them as if they were enemy forces at a certain point a few good men snuck away and in the course of time between having skirmishes with local residents and local militia his men were killed and he was a noted himself with the last man standing by that time it was February of nineteen seventy four dollars twenty nine years after World War II ended in the way he was convinced to stop fighting without twenty nine -year-old college student from Japan heard about this case and said I'm not going on than five so he went into the jungles looking for the note of knowing about the soldier out there who will still fighting World War II he eventually found and how many of you will be able to approach this gentleman knowing that he was firing on people thinking that they were the enemy that's one thing we finally found and convinced him that the war was over but a notice that listen I will not surrender my position because I've been given instructions by my commanding officer never to give up and I have to hear from him that this war is over so what because student did was he went back to Japan two weeks later he found a notice commanding officer did become a bookseller in Japan it's easy to put on weight he was on no longer thinking about the military as much as he was when he gave notable orders and eight he came and got a note of but he didn't come without authorized paper from the government of Japan releasing a note up from his duties any web before noted in the jungles of the Philippines and of the table he gave them his discharge papers decommissioning him another look at them and says that he had a moment of silence anger he took office gun took up the bullets laid it on the table took office food on the table and he wept openly yet given twenty nine years of his life fighting a battle that had long been over between he and his soldiers during those years they killed over thirty civilians unnecessarily and wounded hundreds more passage in the Bible eighteen eight says when the Son of Man shall be fined what shall he find faith on the earth that's the question that supposed to us today that's the challenge we are living in the last days and when the son of man shall he find a on the part so today how committed are you spiritual darkness is everywhere in time is progress the main question the validity of God 's word we are in the year twenty twelve if you talk to our parents you would think that the Lord with Mikami when they were kids and they can't believe that the year twenty twelve the scum and many of us think that our generation that the Lord will be here before we have our first grader I'm telling you that we have to understand why we are a part of this little lesson in warfare of faithfulness to our commander in old paying and understanding the words of your commander that will get you through a difficult situation with very very few instructions else talk about someone who knew the voice of their commander and personable document Jesus Christ is our commander and who would know Jesus who Google has had an experience of Jesus that the question I ask myself who had experience of Jesus Christ knew him personally who saw him who heard him who knew him as a man in my mind immediately goes to John the disciple John is called the beloved is a disciple of Jesus love the most is distinguished above all the other apostles as the one who Jesus love he won the friendship of Christ as the personal friend of Jesus Christ is a special place to be he was one of the three permitted to see Jesus in its full glory on the mount of transfiguration and is inside agony in the garden disseminate and he was the one who Jesus gave the care of his mother to as he was dying on the cross to think that Jesus and John had a special relationship so do you think that John is a credible source to find out what the mind of Christ would be like as he gives instructions with the character of Christ would be like you think that John would be a credible source to understand the character of Christ I think so I think that John would have something to say that would benefit all of us we are told that John hello Jesus as a fine clings to a pillar that's an act of the above John clung to Jesus during his life as of fine clings to a pillow how many of us right now can say that we are that close to Jesus Christ the love and devotion that John displayed the Christ give me the character of that were told of untold value to the Christian church so John has a special place among the disciples of my want to pay attention to this he was a last man standing he was the last of the twelve disciples he was the last one living in their something special about John why I believe he was allowed to be the last of disciples in the decades following Christ's ascension the young church began to rapidly grow both Jewish and Roman authorities they desperately sought to destroy that young church one of the reasons the Christian church of that time continually grew and converts came into the church even as they were being killed without the testimony of this man John John Christ firstly in the face of withering apostasy as Christ had ready left John found himself as the last of the twelve apostles who exercise price in the flesh he had a high definition 3-D experience with Christ Jesus Christ but what allowed John to have this experience because it's something that were told that John and Judas had very similar personalities timing of this John and Judas it was ruled by a revelation to me when I when I came upon this that they as similar personalities John was efficient than a month unless sports fishermen I never met a commercial fisherman who fishes for delivering a little rough individual back someone who's not on endowed with many social graces not a one felt up and at any fisherman here with fishing is hard work and John Denton naturally have the excellence of character that he's known for we think of Jonathan 's soft and gentle person you see pictures of them laying his head on the shoulder of Jesus not that wasn't John John was born with serious character issues he was proud he was self assertive he was ambitious for honors he was impulsive he was strong and he was resentful when a friend stumble alleges that jigsaw we're told that they had very similar personality types there is with their something separated John juice if you remember John and his brother James recalled what that sons of thunder that's all I can nice get along guys I don't think so send the plundered the city had a able temper yet the desire for revenge yet the spirit of criticism these traits and more for all packed into the disciple which we are told that Jesus love give us some hope will not fuzzy and flattering characteristics friends the Lord says he persists the proud but were told that he loved John and John had these personality traits yes you have a serious character issues and I wanted this and show you two examples of the character issue that our good friend John that and could I I I I this one really really blows my mind it was when John and disciples walking amongst the Americans most Americans did something or friend Jesus and John got upset okay felt that Jesus had been slighted he felt that they disrespected Jesus and John was the John F Jesus for permission to call down fire from heaven and consume those people that sound like something that a guide who Christ love that I found Mike something that he should be saying is another situation John and his brother James they went to their mom okay and got there mom to come to Jesus and say can one of my sons sit on your left bank and the other one sit on your right when you establish your kingdom now about how do I go get my mom to come and ask someone could give me a more lesser job promotion come on but what happened was Jesus said you do not even realize what you're asking is can can you bear the cross that I'm been a bear can you die the death that I'm going to die Elizabeth was a response they said yes I said yes we can in ignorance but you know something that was almost perfect because John and name within the baptize with a similar Baptist that Christ is the something about John I want to pay attention to very closely John wanted to be like Jesus Christ beneath his rough exterior Jesus saw a devoted sincere and loving heart the depth and Barbara of John's love for Jesus Christ that was not the cause of Christ's love for him but that was the effect of that love John wanted to be like Jesus and under the transforming influence of the love of Christ he did become me can only praise the Lord for that because of the transforming love that Christ displayed for John John's character was changed to the Johnny was the man so much so wet that it transformed his personality John took time to be closely associate associated with Jesus Christ above all the other disciple did know him and to observe him I wanted directly to first John one one into in this passage is very very clear evidence of how John observed his commanders that that which was from the beginning which we have what what sense is that what sense no one are not sent what sense hearing which we have seen which senses that which our eyes which we have looked at and our hands have what sense this we proclaim concerning the Word of life the life appeared we have seen it and testify to it and we proclaim to you that eternal life which was with the father and has appeared to us what we're looking at right there is someone who had a experience with someone with multidimensional he saw the card he touched and he believed he had tangible evidence that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that tangible evidence my friends is something that transform John from being a rough fisherman into the disciple that Jesus Christ love and do you think that that's something that we can experience today of course it is because I don't get anything in this session I want to Jesus Christ and John one one regular impinge on one in the Gospel of John equates himself as with the word the world and Jesus are on the same level okay here you following so far Christ and his word are equal John observed Christ in the flesh and we can equally observe Christ's through his written word the Bible we can equally observe the character and nature of our Commander Christ by observing him and his actions in his word and we can be transformed just like John was a man about a challenge for you today to seek out a deep personal experience with Jesus Christ let him transforming and then share your testimony I want to point out a couple things audible dimension of what the John here what did Johnny care Christ say that this is the very simple exercise of this power in observing the man Christ Jesus he heard these words come out of price for not decently still and elements will be what manner of man is this but even the way and the sea obey us to be here Christ say arise take up your bed and walk and a man who had been laying for thirty eight years had no choice she had to get up and open beta voice of his creator I want to talk about the words of Christ and I will access something in the letter for nineteen oh two she says we need to understand these words and the words that she's talking about a writer says the flesh profited nothing the words that I speak unto you they are what spirit and they are life she does need to understand the words of Christ when he says his words are spirit and life she said all who study the word armor are represented at what eating the word feeding on Christ even if the bodily necessities must be supplied daily how many of you plan on meeting today I'm if you plan on eating tomorrow I made you plan on eating more than one meal tomorrow and how many plant taking more than fifteen minutes to eat those meals were told that the neglect of the word means what starvation we are altered based upon the word of God just like you would feast on your next meal and we take all kinds of time at first care involving all kinds of emotions to be our meals but we think the kind of care needs and digests the word of God how many of you took your personal Bible study today as seriously as you just at lunch I've seen men and women literally fight over their next meal in America where food is riding on the shelf but neglects the word of God she says the word to the believer is of vital matter study the work in practice the word for it is what it is your life even more so than the food that you put in your mouth was soft let the importance of words Sunday October thirtieth nineteen thirty eight millions of radio listeners were shocked when the radio news alert announced the arrival of Martians people panic when they heard that the Martians were attacking America America cities in a ferocious and unstoppable attack on this one many people ran out of their homes screaming there was widespread bedlam there were women who were going into labor they were people who were having heart attacks and dying people were putting on gas masks walking in the street and going to bomb shelters because our radio program said that we are under attack people fled their homes loaded up their cars and took this very seriously people want to churches to pray women were having miscarriages people working this area I thought that the end was near what was happening was radio listeners were actually listening to a portion of a well-known book Cold War world and the power of words who listeners we need to heed the words of Christ the same high definition experience with Christ's words that John had is available to us today study of Scripture and I want I want to leave that that we need to understand that although Christ may not be here in the flesh 's work with him from the work that he's given such spirited like most top of the visit visible dimensions John saw some things he saw Christ walk on water and I don't know if you have ever seen something this transform your thought pattern in and realign reoriented how you think about something I've never seen a man flying or a man walking on water but do you think that if you saw this you think you altered the way you thought about that person was doing the event I think so if I saw one of viewing your walk on water I'm a tell you right now I'm the think differently about and think that there's something else going on this is the one I really really strikes me the Transfiguration when you think about what happened on that mountain when Peter James and John were allowed Christ transfigured what they saw was Christ 's friends for back from his human state into his godly state that's something that you can observe and be the same cannot remain the same after seeing Christ like that after beholding something like that be by beholding what happens if you think that that would change the scene got face-to-face with the wicked John touch and feel that it changed you think the end of boys lunch multiplied he saw the five loaves and fishes that can be also help collect the twelve baskets with fragments at the end you thinking a casual evidence that Jesus Christ was the son of God into Lazarus levels a friend of his he saw Lazarus that he saw Jesus Christ use words to raise him back to life that make a difference to you and then of course he saw the crucifixion he saw the man who did all of those things that we just describe voluntarily lay down his life as a lamb to the slaughter do you think that made an impression on John when someone we had affirmed firm tangible evidence was the son of God when he saw him hanging on the cross you think that made an impression because he realized he didn't have to do it one that it was a total act of love volunteered himself to the butt he also saw him rise he's had evidence that Christ rose from the grave he saw that the wounds in his hands this is that John was one of the first people of the two said that he even out ran Peter to get to the tomb when when Christ when news of his resurrection took place when you leave you with this he told them that they will be persecuted and distressed they will find relief in referring to their experience remembering the words he had spoken to them he told them that they could overcome as he had overcome that their lives could not be taken from them until their mission be not what you think about the soap word that Christ left with is the site saying that their lives could not be taken from them until their mission would be accomplished I was filled to a notice his commander and not leaving words like yet he remained faithful in battle for twenty nine years what if our commanding officer decided that we would be the ones who would be the last man and women stand on the field that do you know Christ well enough adjusted do you know Christ well enough no word in your mission in life cannot be taken until your mission is accomplished and I'm telling you right now that's very likely that in this room there are men and women who will be the last man standing do you know him well enough you know your commander all enough to trust something to think about the stick a break right now and him will come back with part two part two enemy titles stern warning by the individual enjoys a a this media was brought as a audio choice a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to release an audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like a certain more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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