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A Stern Warning

Dean Dennis




  • October 13, 2012
    3:00 PM
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him presentation whenever I given this particular one I I really struggle with this one because it uses a really sad event as the basis of illustration of active war that I feel many people feel was an atrocity and those atrocities sadly that our country had something to do it try to make a political statement here I'm not trying to do there there is a spiritual troop that want you to understand as I am share this information with you and him I I want to get it on record I don't condone this action I don't glorify this I don't glorify war but Christ is very very clear and giving us the understanding that we are in the midst of spiritual battle and there are certain understandings that we can come to if we put ourselves in the mindset of a warrior because a war the limits of the battle if you're not in the mindset of warrior guilt so warriors belong on the battlefield and we are in the midst of the spiritual war we've have the spiritual mindset of lawyers felt statement from darkness before dawn that comes as to what makes she says that Satan delights in war for it excites the worst passions of the soul and then sweeps into eternity if victims sleep in vise and blood it is his object in sight of the nations to war against one another for he can bus diver the minds of the people from the work of preparation to stand in the day of God that's how things one hundred for WordPress when people into a state of being lost so this presentation is called a stern warning a stern warning and then final judgment comes stern warnings to him above always precede revival coordinator and arrogance are stern warning from above always precedes revival soon after revival final judgment follows wanted use this illustration still a World War II World War II lasted from nineteen thirty nine nineteen forty five must spend a couple minutes talking to you about World War II it set apart from all other wars by significant events that involve the mass that is set apart from any other war because of events that involve the mass deaths of non- combatants events like Holocaust and other atrocities set World War II about this horrific war resulted in a reported seventy five million World War II we think about it in terms of this the of something happening a long time ago when the world was in some state of barbarism World War II my friends took place in this modern era when man was civilized when mankind was educated the automobile existed the airplane existed modern medicine the way we understand it today existed the United Nations illegal nations existed higher institutions of higher education existed and yet the entire globe was at war to the point where in a matter of less than ten years seventy five million people lost their lives I like to share an account with you of one of the greatest atrocities of the second world war perhaps it will be instructive in your understanding of deeper spiritual and a relevant word by August nineteen forty five world that by the time of the state of total war for nine years this has been going on in the incessant slaughter and bloodshed have taken a serious toll on the nations of the over victory had just been secured by the Allies in Europe and the United States at that time turned its full attention to the second front in the battle which was where Japan the US was now determined to bring the bloody war to an end because they're looking at the situation and they realize that we can lose more men in Japan and we lost in all of your pain let's set the record straight when you compare the losses the human losses of America to most of the other nations that were major players in World War II artist is the drop in the bucket and then we lost hundreds of thousands of men guy I want you to understand how to wrap your mind around this we lost in America hundreds of thousands of men our losses nothing compared to rush Germany Great Britain France though it up when we got home Monday the casualties of World War II so we're looking at this situation with Japan and to invade Japan it would've cost hundreds of thousands of lives if not millions so for the six months prior to August of nineteen forty five United States decided to intensely firebombed sixty seven Japanese cities cities and asked them to surrender unconditionally the tragically the Japanese government ignored the salt of ultimatum in president Harry Truman signed an executive order in this executive order was unlike any other that had ever been signed it authorized the use of the secret weapon on the nation of Japan this weapon would prove to be a game changer this is a very fearsome weapon it's one that would wreak devastation on a scale never seen by human eyes before or since but before this weapon was deployed the government attempted to warn both the people and the government of Japan what was approached they didn't want to just unleashed a slap that want to warn so fearsome was about to happen so what happened is I told the American Air Force to fly over all of Japan and rain down millions of leaflets from about and I want to understand it in its full picture was about that was shortly before the secret weapon was good to be unleashed the United States sent we could call a forerunner with a stern warning with the hopes of her Bible in the form of junk Japan surrendered itself you've got a leaflet being dropped which of the four runner carried a warning and what they wanted to do what with half the Japanese government commented themselves and understand what was about to happen to do we understand the concept going forward all right so the US blanketed Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and thirty three other potential targets would be millions of leaflets and this is what the leaflets that read this carefully as it may save your life or the life of a relative or friend in the next few days some or all of the cities named on the reverse side will be destroyed by and by American bombs we are determined to destroy all the tools of the military but unfortunately bonds have what no lives the American Air Force now gives you warning to evacuate the city 's name can save your lives he is warning and evacuate the city 's immediately sadly the leaflet went largely unheeded and on the morning of August six forty five the B-29 super fortress by the name of the Enola Gay carried a secret weapon it was called little boy at about eight sixteen a.m. bill boy was dropped on the city of Rosewood Little boy with the first atomic bomb that would ever be used in history of what it destroyed everything within a one two mile radius of temperature upon the ground reach unimaginable ten thousand eight hundred and thirty two degrees everyone within a two five mile radius was incinerated a tremendous wind traveling at the speed of two seven miles per second February colleagues meant buildings collapsed and broken glass to fly up to ten miles away the radiation from the bomb was unbelievably strong causing those exposed to it to lose all finally functions in their cells to undergo a punk process which is a form of cellular suicide between the blast itself the resulting fire throughout the city and the radiation burns some estimate that two hundred thousand citizens of her Oshima lost their lives including ninety percent of the city 's doctors and nurses afterwards United States Air Force again dropped millions of leaflets warning the government of Japan and the people of Japan urging them to surrender and warning of a second and that secondly that read like this says America ask that you take immediate heat of what we say we are in possession of the most destructive explosive device ever devised equivalent in power to what two thousand of our giant B-29s can carry on a single mission this awful fact is one for you to ponder solemnly a short it is grimly accurate if you still have any doubts make inquiry as to what happened in your ocean that Lisa falls in your front yard and you have the knowledge with a separate retaken it seriously the ninth of August nineteen forty five Japan would not surrender this three days after the Hiroshima tragedy on the morning of August be twenty nine called boxcar carried a bomb cult that men interrupted on the city of Nagasaki total depth and Nagasaki reach well over a depth is estimated that over a half million civilians perished in these two unprecedented attacks stern warning in the midst of a battle well warning is issued we are faced with the decision of whether or not working to keep that one how were going to reconcile our actions with that warning the book of Malachi chapter four verse one it's a warning that we've been given that is much more grave and grim than any previous it says surely the day is coming it will burn like a furnace all the aggregate and very and every evil doer will be what and the day that is coming will set them on fire says who you think is more credible than the width of not a root or a branch will be left if we go diversified and six C I will send who the prophet Elijah to you before that landlord comes he will turn the hearts of the parents to their children in the hearts of the children to their parents or else I will come and strike the land total destruction friends the words revival in Reformation they become the buzzwords and Adventists have you been hearing a lot about revival in Reformation were talking outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the former rain the latter rain revival of affirmation that this seems to be the top topic of the day they're very good things revival is a very good thing we're told me no specify heart revivalism of what should guide movements amongst this is what the greatest version of all our needs to seek this should be what we know this between ever do we ever read the rest of that statement or she goes on to say our heavenly father is more willing to give his Holy Spirit to them that ask him then our earthly parents are to give good gifts to their children that she says that it is what by the same together confession humiliation repentance and earnest prayer filled the conditions upon which God has promised to grant us his blessing a revival need be expected only in answer to what one victory simple points reasonable points point number one always take the messenger of God series I told it from beginning I struggle whenever I for what you're fulfilling we like to hear things that make us feel good where we are sometimes the word of the Lord cuts and makes you feel uncomfortable sometimes you got to move out your seat what better position John the Baptist appeared aware of Christ Christ was the one who promised survival and warring Israel and its coming judgment John the Baptist had a role given by God as the forerunner of Christ in Malachi three one in Isaiah forty verse three realtor more detailed they both refer to the one who would prepare the way these two texts for itself of John the Baptist and work Malachi three one thick looking for is that I will son who my messenger who will prepare the way before me then what suddenly a war I want to remember that words suddenly the Lord you are seeking will what to his temple the messenger of the company and you desire will come saith who is a credible force when he signed his name the Lord Almighty you think that that's a credible endorsement you think you should take that segment serves he didn't really have to say sample portal might we knew who was talking he won to remind us that sending a messenger and messengers carry what messages were the message even follow what I I therefore reverse the missiles among the closely associated with the John the Baptist said the voice of one calling in the wilderness prepare the way for the Lord make straight in the desert a highway for our God the Bible speaks of the nature of John's mission and look one seventeen victory right down the steps I want to be able to go back and verify the Luke one seventeen John you would practice referred to as being to cite the nature of John Forbes referred to me to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just to make ready what a people prepared for the Lord John's ministry call for repentance and a true sinful people towards God this is true revival here that on the repeated John's ministry call for repentance into sinful people towards God when sinful people are drawn towards God that is true revival is not a feeling it's not a bunch of great music and great feeling and cooperation it's when the sinful heart is turned towards the God of heaven MN John was followed by Jesus who also warned Israel's dire judgment predicting the destruction of Jerusalem it was only after Christ many stern indirect warnings were issued a revival in the Reformation could come afterwards where where did revival and Reformation come at Pentecost that's when revival will overall a lot of warnings that were given but I want I don't want to miss this revival in Russia the Reformation to come at Pentecost but judgment was not state it was not put on hold judgment came forty years later Richard when Jerusalem was destroyed and I don't have time to go into the details of the construction of roof but it was one of the most horrible events if you ever get a chance to study the destruction of Jerusalem study because of the white salve that the events leading up to the will be repeated in the end so we do pay attention to the sequence of warnings Israel leading up to the destruction of Jerusalem and it will be a mirror image of that in the time via point number two we Seventh-day Adventist are modern-day forerunners you realize that that's why we exist the leaflet that was dropped from the airplane what do they carry on a message of warning we as Seventh-day Adventists we have been given a message and a warning from for the world and the modern-day application of the role of John the Baptist on us today in the remnant church advances now call for revival and Reformation and warned mankind of Christ's second coming whether you recognize that participants participate in it or agree with them or not Christ message is warning to the world is going forward no matter what you think the Adventist church is distributing the word of God there may be a lot of other badges in our church but the message is going out in the world is being worn and us as instruments in the church are we eating that worn are we hearing some of the things that we say sometimes even what we share our faith with someone else our hearts and condition to be participants in the mercy of the Lord must extend to humanity in order to be saved look at Malachi I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord the great and dreadful day Lord what does that mean was and it's also called the great day of his wrath and revelation six seventeen they both refer to Christ's second coming so God promises that just before his return he will send messengers who will preach with the power that Elijah did you ever lied to her but I got used when he was standing before a half before the prophets of Bam he set a clear distinction between God and Satan and where to preach with that same power and conviction in this day just before the Lord comes off the seventh Mister McGibbon a message to preach with the power and conviction of a larger deals not only brought about unprecedented unprecedented revival through his ministry but his work was followed by terrible judgments is an three final judgment is come on the way make no mistake about the day of God and if I say these words from I am on silver when I see what mankind to one another in war and God describes the destruction of the wicked for as something much more intense than what we could week out on one another's evil being so that Malachi three one shortly the day is coming will burn my conference all the arrogant and every evil to evil door will be stop and that they that is coming them on fire sale the Lord Almighty not a root nor what branch will be left of some site now today confronted with this understanding that the God who loves us but God who saved us and gave everything for us he plans on finishing completing this work of salvation and a part of the completion of the work of salvation this is an interesting problem we like to think about this is all flowery and nice and love one another and that's true there's a beauty and a loveliness to the act of Christ is also the strange thing that the Bible talks about the strangely one sin has to be dealt those who are impending the former leaflets were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki giving the government a chance to surround the citizens adjustably in most instances the leaflets were ignored it is estimated over half million people perished like I mentioned earlier just as the American leaflet stated that their bombs had no eyes and could not distinguish between military targets civilian targets when God 's wrath finally falls difference it's a job at that time will not his rap is a consuming fire which will destroy sin and those who cling to the process of separating send from sinners is to happen when now is the time while Christ is standing heavenly sanctuary as our high Priest pleading pleading on our behalf before his father when surfing good news with you in that same attack when the atomic bomb was dropped spite of the advance warnings given to the Japanese people to evacuate our God is merciful in which it there are protected with a small group of people who remain behind in the doomed city of Hiroshima the special group of twenty Seventh-day Adventists they were left in the city to accomplish our special assignment in the midst of devastation not one member seven-day Adventist church was killed injured or scratched even the ones living within a half-mile of ground amid all the terrible possibilities on that day not one of God 's people perish with you does not protect those who are his busy upholding shape in the six in the days and weeks following the attack the members of that Seventh-day Adventist congregation served as medical missionaries to local hospital they witnessed the many dying souls but for nearly every other rest of that city it was too late to respond to the warning before are we ready notice share something with you to stay mostly at some differences are fulfilling the prophecy of legacy just as predicted were lukewarm and worldly God like this he was out of his mouth he is now today though even in the midst of their lives the infant condition is now using mace spirit led men women and you just like you guys just like you to be forerunners the revivalist church worn this last generation of Christ second one is using you is using me to be that leaflet to warn this world of what's to come with us sapping understanding and knowledge of what's coming how should we conduct ourselves when it comes to spreading this message across the world is it something that we should be completely passionate about and consumed with when we look in the face of our neighbors of our friends don't know this message and we know what's coming supposed today that Christ should appear in the clouds that will be ready to meet them what preparation have we made for the judgment let alone the people out there in the world of you made your peace with God have they had a chance to make groupies something that is written the site says I was pointed to the remnant on earth the angel said to them will he shunned the seven last flags if so you must die that you may live get ready get ready get ready humans have a greater preparation and you sacrificed all to God lay upon his altar itself property and all as a living sacrifice it will take all into glory Christ is coming power and great glory friends he soon is my firm Christ will come very soon sooner than most of us imagine were told that his coming will come forth as a whole overwhelming surprise and today are we right with God are we a piece with our relationship we know and as John probably observed and studied how we allow his perfect example transform our care and I'll tell you know I've met many of you here I know and the characters not as rough horses terrible job is not how I mentioned that list but yet John allowed Christ to transform his rough exterior you think that if he can help John he can help you do you think that if John's character could recount the lovely that you can be helped that I can be helped how we made our desire in our determination to look just like Jesus Christ the leaflets are falling from the skies all around his friends and they read get ready get ready get ready by God 's grace was get ready before or to high this one is director mindful back to sacrifice that Christ made on the cost and I ask that we observe his motivation and study his motivation coming in doing what he did and accept that wonderful sacrifice in the newness of spirit get up go out and worn our fellow men not out of a sense of obligation because we don't want the blood on our hands because of because of law because of low or lithic break before we go into this final session and this final presentation will be called for his call special forces and a a this media was brought audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like this is more certain and www. audio tours .org


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