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An Audience with God

Scott Moore


Scott Moore

Director of Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)




  • October 13, 2012
    2:00 PM
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so what we're going to do right now that the title of today's message this is part one of three the title of today's message is an audience with God just this morning I was laying in bed I had my handy dandy iPhone it's got this neat little app on their called pocket sort of you don't have that it's an incredible Bible study tool and I was reading my mind versus this morning and the reason that I was reading is because I challenge all of my students at life you have those T-shirts there I challenge all my students at life to read through the Bible in the four months of their that they are at our school had interrupted vital thing all the way through the meeting I'll wanted to say yes when people ask me but I couldn't save itself you know I did say you and I didn't read it straight from Genesis to Revelation but I've read the Bible I just didn't get it all in one you know in one direction to the editor action and so I was reading that this morning and as I was reading I said you know I just really want to hear your voice today I really want you to speak to me and you and all Arab I says God spoke to me either I just heard this voice I didn't than your voice but I was impressed just to keep reading mobile immigrant to talk about today when we read this book we sit in an audience room with God and so on the screen area and obviously reading the screen together it says every sheriffs should be a training school for Christian workers its members should be taught how to give Bible readings now that's the testimony of Jesus language that means Bible studies have you ever heard someone say Ellen White said he heard that the thank you positively negatively some I share with my family but also the testimony of Jesus says that every school would eliminate Bagwell value Minister Juergen have a different view of the writings of Ellen G White because it is actually the testimony of Jesus your receipt of the final by the way you ever heard that Adam and Eve wore a garment of light when they were created never heard that the oil that comes from that comes from the testimony of Jesus have you ever seen it out of this book never seen it out here so if you can see here you'd say well maybe the testimony of Jesus has some known on Australia that as well when you finish reading this and then I will show you that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy many people call her running spirit of prophecy and then I'll show you the garments of life right every church should be a training school for Christian workers its members should be taught how to give Bible readings of Bible studies how to conduct and teach classes how best to help important to care for the sick house to work again converted an ongoing aside that curtain that is a ministry of healing page one forty eight and one forty nine every church should be a training school for Christian workers have you ever gone to church and someone has made an appeal passionate appeal for you to go on outreach within that afternoon never been so never happened now and if you didn't go you felt was guilty I honestly in my heart of hearts do not believe that God wants you to witness out of guilt my wife name is Melanie where five children she's back at watch right now she's our chef so she's cooking for them and she said I am at peace staying here while you go up there my brother lives in this area so it's when I came appears just like a Mincey family known she wanted to be here my wife is a chef for life life for monthly evangelism school emphasis on the lay evangelism my wife shops at Sam's Club Sam's is about five minutes from where we hold our school and as she is shopping one day a young lady behind the counter are behind that little cash register said Mrs. Moore because the name shows up on the screen you hand in the car you know the Samson even in Sam's Club before and she says this is more can you tell me what life means because it popped up on the screen and ally said Willis stands for lay Institute for evangelism she said what is that all I said at the school she said what does your school do our school teaches you how to study the Bible with people how to gain decisions for Christ how to really enjoy being a witness for Jesus and his young lady named Sierra said all I would love to attend the school analyzed as well I think I could arrange that but would you like to have Bible studies to she says she'll last weekend I baptize TRA into the seventh Avenues church because my wife dared to be a friendly Christian at Sam's Club my friends witnessing is not something we do out of guilt it is something that we do because we love Jesus and another little cliché we love Jesus you would so we should do something for him but if you do it from any other motivation it's not a pure motivation it's not like to be continuing on here I thought I will show you so you can go to Revelation chapter twelve yet the Bible you know I am not forgiveness guaranteed on an essay on the lark yet trials on July the second when I say Delaware to see if a digital Bible did your mama you were using visual model can talk the age old practice of hand movements Revelation chapter twelve verse seventeen go there so revelation chapter twelve I was so frustrated myself one Afrin got my Bible when I went to worship time then and this is just me many are not likely but some I was so frustrated because I forgot my Bible and by the time I got to the right heart you know how it is you standing up I believe these are happy I buy the iPhone all I get stuck it we are relishing twelve seventeen says and enshrined in was wrong with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which do two things one is two things Revelation twelve seventeen talk to me whether savings they keep the commandments of God and and they have the testimony of Jesus on Jesus Christ so here are saying the testimony of Jesus says and you don't get so offended and Ryan are young and so put off about it some people don't get offended by saying Ellen G White says but it is a testimony of Jesus people like online unit three two versus open yet are you ready for this we read in Revelation twelve seventeen now we will look at Revelation nineteen ten Revelation nineteen ten the head of event always roses on iPhone okay okay Revelation nineteen can you worry this for me can you read this for me I'll stand by finally a few money and that outweigh the microphone will pick you up Revelation nineteen Jim says the friendship and I am for her and find it I not have the money and see that the Christian God has made you and also you hear people say all the time the spirit of prophecy says in the Bible just to listen to testimony of Jesus is alive spirit of prophecy so when I say testimony of Jesus I'm also saying what spirit prophecy but it's hard when you say LNG wind said to somebody is hard for some people to accept it but if you say the testimony of Jesus says that people like oh I can't reject the testimony of Jesus be a bad thing and so they just have to accept it it's very very fun to do this and the next thing I told Joseph to show you and the reason I'm showing you these legal demands before you into the meat of this is because quite often we become very tired of studying the Bible because the Bible is no longer interesting to us you know I believe that I can show you it would take me about forty five minutes I believe I can show you beyond a shadow of a doubt that God created twenty five world now you're interested write to us so often do things that we teach and some people like this man it's crazy but I can do it any new Xavier Malheur hit the floor you would start looking guys on the ground as it is these owners while some amazing stuff but when you study the Bible with people that have never heard the truth that you and I know you never heard of this Bible study in Daniel chapter two coming you can do it in your sleep making him a Bible study and energetically and say okay there was gold old silver bronze or brass younger version iron feet of iron and clay stone no hands smash his feet we all remember this right this is no truth this is old to us that when you share this with someone else that has never heard this before their enthusiasm is so contagious because they'll just say I like to get the word and helping like it when developers are going to go zones out in your thinking yourself why I've heard this all my life but other people have so never be shy not sharing the Bible because people who are hearing Scripture and I love hearing things new life right now we are doing something called faith and food so we seen the people it would be remiss for success were feeding the people tonight is the last time I like feeding the people anyway have a nutrition lecture and then there is no smooth transition into the faith card there is no okay now one hundred and is just like okay Scott your turn and I get up there and I just starts in the Bible we got were people in church they never been to a Seventh-day Adventist church service because we did a faith in something the Bible has our recount a little bit more about that so the second anthology about to share with you you have heard from the testimony of Jesus that Adam and Eve Laura Garman how many of them back very manual group that there will be heard never heard that the job that many were called with a garment of life never heard that opinion am to show you from the Bible where you can enforce certain show people that adamantly workload phenomenon this is exciting is his argument can envisage a is is exciting to us even while okay open your Bible Genesis chapter one were to do this into versus the less Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter one verse twenty six Genesis chapter one verse twenty six the Bible says Genesis one twenty six days of working out the satisfaction on your face and gone said Genesis one twenty six who led us make man in the house where one in our image on said let us make man in one hour and with the image after our likeness so whose image was man created in God and whose life enlisted man reflects God 's limit just finished the nurse and let him in man or mankind have dominion over the fish of the sea over the followed the era and over-the-counter number the earth and over every creeping thing agreed upon the so the Bible tells us that you are made in whose image God 's image you are made after whose likeness God 's so how does this I am in an evening of the garment of life Dennis Psalm one hundred and ten you are about to say it was so lame I just never saw it before if I leave with nothing else I can tell people at my dorm that anyone close the Department of lightning and show it to them from the Bible we are in some one hundred four verse one hundred and fourth Psalm verse one blasts the Lord all my soul all Lord my God thou art the area great thou art clothed with honor and majesty who covers thyself within the light as we pay government whose image when Adam and Eve made in God 's image and what is God clothed with what is twelve seven so here you have it from the family itself was actually a one man Bible study should be shut through the attention of people whether we are apparently dismissed off forever or not I asked one of my mentors Louis Torres said passageways and usernames all times England and using rings out of undaunted in Tallahassee said seeing new mobile road again to meeting wonderful words of the facts should be our response to the word of God we haven't heard everything but we have heard a lot being raised in the sun vanished church or mean seven a.m. this is true while workers were seen in a family when the Bible open before him they present in the Lord Jesus Christ as a single partnering Savior Ernest was offered to God and hearts were softening some new delinquent before we start of his Democrat all listen we got right now please forgive me for not having frightfully open your word we ask that your Holy Spirit will inspire us so that we will not be ashamed to be timid will not be nervous or jilted into witnessing for you but that it would just be absolutely natural and fun we pray this in your name Jesus amen now continue here their hearts were soft and seventeen by the influence of the Spirit of God therefore Arizona were honored with freshness and power and the dog was explained I saw the software in the analyte illumined the Scriptures and I said softly the last into the highways and hedges income how to come in that my house may be filled this is from testimonies on the Weingarten volume nine page thirty five the testimony of Jesus and what were going to do is working to talk about one item of two things that you and I must do this is some testimonies for the church volume three page fifty three and it says patient fully in the world I'm holding off the screen we should believe in God and exempt for air games and then similarly seeking the Lord how are you silly and that we may walk that we may find him Schenley affiliated to in the morning the word of God and pray individually seeking the Lord earnestly that we knew what I was reading the screen notes or questions here that we may find him that's absolutely wrong what is the purpose of studying the Bible what's the price behind Jesus that's absolutely right since you grab the purpose of studying the Bible is to find Jesus we should flee into the water gone into prayer another harassing people at life that love to run how many like to exercise and running and I like running okay I tell that this has gotten when arriving I say what's in adjacent space another lesson what would compel me to run me what is promoting Mitterrand I'm not will run a something is Jason Muniz made of any right out of the not once arrive in the intelligence of man invented the wheel of a ride my horse to God 's intelligence unit of the horse we should sleep disorder got some kind of his fleeing is doing lots running game was you will not answer prayer meeting this morning the very first thing you thought you have to raise your hands sinews on this morning was aligning him him I won't bore you pray sometimes we talk about in all slides past the fourth alarm is on labor zealously my being as good a minority to become Jackson I'm still immediately hide in the closet new meaning of reasoning and analysis students of leadership flames in the word of God and prayer individually seeking the Lord earnestly that we may find him we should make miss Howard Aris business even we do not make this our first business and again when these questions in the razor handle how many of you struggle with the same vein day after day after day after day after month after year after team means the same thing and you pray like this old God help me to stop this we will remain not alone and it is again any justice of guilty you feel so unworthy you feel so not necessarily condemned but you're just honored by the way that you are treating goddesses are happening where my loneliness look at this Satan well knows that all of whom he can lead to neglect prayer and the searching of the Scriptures will be overcome by his attacks great controversy page five nineteen Satan knows that if he can keep us from studying the word of God and from praying that we are easy prey these that make you just enjoy the thought Satan being able to get you to do what he wants you to do things that are just excited I can't wait today to do something insane wants me to do of course it doesn't excite us but when we get up in the morning am not finding jobs helping us all to see the reality when we get up in the morning and we fully intend reckless because I got wife's family affiliates in class because we are not targeted and eventually they'll affect our grade and we forget about God we have become easy prey for say very easy in the Bible said the first graders at a five or six that Satan walks around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and you become intimate that is inhibiting the zoo and goes into any underlying Cajun and he was allowed in China the land warrior that is on the crazy trying to the line to react as if anyone ever been as silly not smart as I have been okay and the only thing that's protecting me from that lion is that fourteen sixteen foot high fans that has electricity on the other side of it and not maybe some glass as well well knowing that evening I will I end out why he did you don't get me wrong true we should flee to the word of God into prayer individually seeking the Lord earnestly that we may find him we should make this our first business for Satan will knows that all whom he can lead to neglect prayer and a searching the Scriptures will be overcome by his attacks might bring you have in your hand whether it's a digital Bible whether you have an iPhone or a and four I hate the rendition that some people still use you have in your hand the very tool that Jesus used to defeat Satan in the wilderness the very tool by the way did you know that during the thousand year period during the millennium I can show you this in Scriptures well during the thousand year period that you will have to work on your hand Gina about makes it very claimed some one hundred forty nine verses four through nine that you will have this in your hand for the purpose of judging and executing judgment upon the heathen and upon the wicked a thousand years is not just the time to get your questions answered it's not just on the limited character of God God has a position for you in a position to understand this that position is to determine the link but the wicked will burn in the fire at the end of the thousand year period someone are forty numbers for Revelation chapter twenty whole chapter Hebrews four Hebrews four twelve Ephesians six seventeen all their new twelve toys and forty on doing this really for this recording is some people in recording and so you want to believe that but it's in Scripture and this is what grasps Adventists attention when you share with an Adventist something that they've always heard and you add greater detail from Scripture to that they have not heard they sit in their seats and make it just as excited as people that studied the Bible Jesus way we'll talk about that in our next hour together we're going to look at the Bible and we haven't seen how Scripture is our safeguard against Satan we look at the model for that purpose how does the Bible study safeguard also from the devil some interaction anybody how does Bible study safeguard us from Satan help me to boiling down okay and that's tutoring business discernment is out anything okay by the way I just its article paraphrasing the teacher life how to communicate in a despair for a start you will okay the more you study the more quantity become of what you study to give us a disarmament for what is right and what is wrong and what we study the more we are able to work more familiar with investment within depends on what you're focusing on if you're functional by the enemy less distracted by the things that when hearing okay so yes I'm a condition ammunition guys like those words is a good words for guys anything else armor yes by studying all of these answers are absolutely right Scripture gives us discernment chicken gives us ammunition Sergeant gives us armor Scripture gives us if we focus on that is our focus and so are not distracted by other things but my friends I want you to understand that most important of all all of these correct right and six is that this book puts you in the audience with God Hannah Church member of mine in Michigan in Sterling Heights Michigan he was not a church member this time he came to me and he said Pastor Scott this Sabbath I'm not immediately join the church by profession of faith my wife and I were just not be alluded this is on Thursday in a civil coming able to he said what my boss told me that if I do not show up for work this weekend he worked in a cemetery matter what he said my boss told me if I do not show up for work this weekend was Memorial Day weekend that I will lose my job and I said and they desperately have possibly decided that he surpasses can't lose my job I can't lose much of exotic and pray our Lord examination of our Lord the Devils get his guy help me help me help me today come over here to go here we know them all this know that we pray to him while we are praying us and nonhuman got to tell me where to go in this book to help day in this situation did not want Dave to begin keeping this in data was collected in the Sabbath is true then is one of the study one of our Bible workers Daniel John friends lock your church ever has the opportunity to hire this guy is incredible while more you absolutely convinced anyone bandaging friends off everything was thorough all the eyes were adopted in the tees were crossed at the terabytes data can sometimes adopt a teasing cross the eyes and that's just not the way the album it works and ascended when you pray some yell down to pray an unseen God you got to give me something and got same goal to Matthew Janet was an audible voice I just felt like okay Matthew Canas were on e-mails so he said a Manhasset brother the Lord wants us to go to Matthew chapter ten he said okay and so was still kneeling down his arteries look at me we can sell each other 's breath was so close you know we just in the front of the church we need to Matthew Chesterton and I said Lord where he was he said and in the wilderness their unimaginative no idea where I'm going in Matthew ten do you realize how crazy that field start skimming him to pending we ran verse thirty two this is this is what God wants a serrated reverse verse thirty two I had in the Bible him he says any swing into his office and we want to hear God speak to us what I say we want to hear God speak to us and so I said read Matthew chapter and verse thirty two and he read out loud whosoever therefore shall confess me before men him will I confess also before my father which is in him and he's kneeling down the legitimate and I'm looking at him in these tears just begins streaming eyes Mister Davis scored on the segment the only thing I want is for Jesus to talk about me to go that's all I want today what does Jesus want you to do us harm and can lose my job is it okay where we can ability to manage and Eliza Gogol 's largest and first thirty three thousand and laissez-faire thirty three he says but whosoever shall deny me before men came up I also deny before my father which is in heaven and it gets a fascist racist pastor I know what I'm in a do you have no clue no clue what is in the Caceres this man been studying for about six months can enjoy the church by profession of faith is a garden baptized by immersion in in another denomination teaches at Miller Avenue in Milwaukee in and out he says I'm a staff on I will prepare Bible study for my boss and I'm going in there tomorrow morning and I am going to tell my boss that he needs this economy and we need to study the Bible because I have something funny to show him before you fire I will something that I can go somewhere and he says my son even talking this is Friday before Memorial Day Ryan so this is this is a very busy weekend for a cemetery that has a lot of veterans in it you understand is not so we can talk this morning but a lot of work to do it again if you understand have to talk Jesse Obama on preparing for this discussion the United have in his Boston we do not have time for discussion he said but I just want you to know that I'm not coming in to work tomorrow in Boston that is fine but right now you and I have to get to work his way redeeming meaning to tell me that that's just it I tell you to come to work to argue coming on the refinement of war-torn and up-to-date you tell me that he just doesn't matter we got a lot of work to do he's in luck I'm not a fire you I just needed you and me here I'm not an argument we got it working on his image and discussed apologizing about my mom is mild nutty for you it's good to see you my met him in a hug from their he's on Monday his Muslim living in the Bible say that they kept his job is a power in this book this is the Bible that my church members gave to me when I moved from Michigan down to Florida to run the school called life and David wrote on this page right here he said on never forget when you took me here I love you thirty two thirty three David Scott while power in the word of God we should flee to the word of God and prayer individually seeking the Lord earnestly just opened this book to study how they all know where our next session your visitors who will choose very what you are looking for Jesus had unreimbursed one of my current student finance name is now well I just protected the innocent who call him trim you know and family names and I have a trip unable to lunch with so I wasn't all so chin chimpanzees as you tell me that no matter where Albert Obama can find Jesus and not be some Indiana he grew up in the hood and he's just skillfully like you know what I'm saying coming he talks that way he's just all into things and when he does something he does it with all of his mighty just one those people it's an ecclesiastic and and just as itself had first in everything they do I think the community he said I I and I think it was the only communities out everywhere as an opening double he said okay and renew my season and he written in such a way Jesus is unlikely he is one of the Old Testament of an event and then any of me send them my friends if all you're looking for if all you're looking for when you study the Bible is proof to show your friends at work where you are right you are wrong that is all you will find and you will be the most miserable coworker that people have because all you want to do is argue Bible truth you and I flee to the word of God into prayer individually seeking the Lord earnestly that we may find because spending time in this book gives us an audience with the voice of God some of us have more Bibles in our house then we have toes on both of our fee and we don't know what's in here but we know that the seventh day is the Sabbath that's a good thing to know isn't it but why why should you not make somebody else work for you on the sound of the heart tell me is it just because the Commandments said you shouldn't or is it because God doesn't want you to interrupt his time within either right why do we own in December the way that we do some things in Scripture that we don't even stop to think about we just swallowed a climbing sinker nominated that is getting grandpa getting grounded in and that's why a lot of people in Christianity today are just doing what their parents do because that's when Illinois we have to study the Bible in order to find Jesus Charlie to first Peter chapter one verse twenty three sort trail however their first raise your hands we can wins first Peter chapter one verse twenty three okay we've got a winner back there what is your name winner Katie with her why aren't I at KSC KDI he took it where we going Kenny starts on Thursday one twenty three wanted to just leave that while the people that are listening to this recording can get there by an elaborate first Peter one twenty three as well yes ma'am you can stop right there Katie McCain and ninety the Bible says being born I can not with corruptible seed but other incorruptible how by the word of God some issue very simple question what is your name Carly were the KSC EE one unfailing today I spell things phonetically and anyway it works for me currently under amount on a figure Carly according to first Peter one twenty three what is it that people are born again by the word of God why would the word of God create this born again experience in someone's life if all were were bunch of facts it wouldn't do the reason that it changes people 's lives because it introduces people to Jesus healing Jesus out of the Bible says that you give and you create intelligent people that are well-versed in arguing scriptural topics with others you put Jesus in the center of your study and people will just share with everybody I know because they are so in love with Jesus they changed their lives we are born again by the word of God can you see now why it is so important we do all its talismans only Jesus can you see what is so important why we should flee toward a bottom prayer individually seeking the Lord earnestly we should make this very first work do you see here are its one thing to see it's another thing to do discipline ourselves our national reference in Galatians chapter three verse eight let's go to Galatians the third chapter you're turning to the left from first Peter Galatians versus and Corinthians and you have Galatians a want you can notice that what I am doing I have absolutely no idea how much you have or have not studied the Bible in your life so when I teach Scripture to someone else I always given landmarks whereby they can find the references that we're going to just like in life right now there's several dear ladies are coming to this health and faith and food seminars their Catholic I believe the people of the Bible they just don't spend much time in it and these ladies are studying the Bible and us and they can't find something in us it was on military models of you guys and I want to find asset no problem where you and I don't know where they were a significant and left of the writing activity section you gone too far if you're in Corinthians two Galactic gone too far you need a baccalaureate Samson between the two you have to give people and actually study the Bible uses make sense otherwise it just feels stupid I don't get this evil thing because I'm never studied it before I always had a lot more done relationship with reverse a grades and the Scripture foreseeing that God would justify the heat in truth they preached before the gospel to Abraham saying and we shall all nations be blessed it doesn't matter where you go in this book you will find the gospel if you are looking for it is there you are born again by the word of God which Liz and abides for how long forever when the puppet show is gone out of your church the Bible will still be there when the evangelist and people always leave the church after evangelism in Germantown is one of the most frustrating things for strategic evangelism is to always hear that people leave the church after an evangelistic meeting so why baptize them in way that is frustrating to this is why people leave because they come to meetings on Sunday night Monday night Tuesday night and Wednesday could you let him go back to their church before snatching away from from the Church of England to Rochester points are not negative remaining economic person Friday night Saturday night and because it's a second Sonny really delimits deciles ISN inside also so pugilistic the second something that is available to Sunday night service and you want you to want to make as people think it's even money not to deny skip Wednesday Thursday Friday system networks normally reference five nights a week people have been eating the pew are unadulterated word of God and if the unit at evangelistic meeting it goes down to the four people that come to prayer meeting if you are lucky on Wednesday evening a Sabbath school on Sabbath morning that isn't very well conducted let's face it a sermon some churches have a meal after that but at that young your own until next Wednesday this is why people leave the word of God and continue to be studied and studied and studied in time and invested than his people the same as it was during that first month not one of his people would leave the church I guarantee guarantee hope there's lots of ways to keep people will think I'm going to small groups and all that good stuff Timmy John chapter three John chapter three verses three and five Jesus in John chapter three is talking to what Pharisee what's his name NMFS F Gelinas and Jesus are meeting at what time in the day no time and then all their meeting right so Jesus is immediately needed municipality to notice this there's some people that will only get model studies from six o'clock in the evening to seven o'clock and it's really kind them available Jesus made himself available all the time so if somebody works second shift and can't study the Bible you with a woman study the Bible with you on third shift said Yep no study with him go back sleeping arms and Jesus is studying the nicknames it John chapter three and Jesus says to Nicodemus asks Jesus a very interesting question how many of you are doctors physicians nurses you are and sometimes on the medical field anyone in here that way maybe your CMA putting us we all have one car is okay to three people three people that are medically inclined right now if your physician you're more than inclined but don't take offense that you can't answer this question Kerry 's so those of you that have a medical background cannot answer this question Nicodemus a ruler of the Jews a Pharisee Nicodemus as the entire Old Testament memorize the whole thing in his brain he circled Kathy S Nicodemus Nicodemus got smart guy says to Jesus in verse two the same came to Jesus by night and saddened him Rabbi we know that thou art a teacher come from God for no man can do these miracles that thou do is to except God be with him the Nicodemus was evidently pretty good flattery Jesus paid no attention Jesus looks at Nicodemus and Jesus Cecily giving us very very same thing on talking and convincing but Jesus didn't speak this way verily verily I say unto the last son man is born I need he cannot see how it says see he cannot see the kingdom of God so my friends Nicodemus flatters Jesus Jesus looks at Nicodemus greatest need which was the need of a conversion experience and he said Nicodemus only tell you something you can take to the bank you can cash when I'm about to tell you put it on this blank check on Hannity and go get your money unless your born-again you cannot see the kingdom of God Nicodemus Smart man asks Jesus one of the most absolute absurd questions that I've ever seen in Scripture so you medical people do not answer to ask the rest of us that are not medically inclined to begin our best guess Nicodemus as how can a man be born these old Jenny into the second time into his mother 's love and be born okay all of you that actually inclined people don't answer is it possible all for giving us to get back into his mother 's home and to be born again you must be in the medical field so she my different professional perspective which we respect we love our mothers don't get us wrong the answer is an obvious now Nicodemus and begun to go through this process called conviction and conversion how do you respond when a man who is never him before maybe they had met before Nicodemus certainly had heard of Jesus are one of solicited this meeting on this vanity never had a personal one-on-one conversation with greens your heart and speaks to you distinctly as if you've been a fly on your wall from the baby to a boy who says Nicodemus you should know an awesome man is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God Nicodemus does not want to be attached to my sin Nicodemus tries to change the subject somehow and still relate to what Jesus is saying so yes the ridiculous question and Jesus only hacks for Nicodemus what it means to be born again exposing that Heather King James version if you look over in verse thirty one verse thirty one in John three says he cometh from above is above all does the records that are translated from about the very same words that are translated again so Jesus tells Nicodemus and in John chapter three verse three so from above is the same Greek words as idea is that unless a man is born again unless a man is born from above he cannot see taking the no nicotine 's there is no need to go back to mama he says in verse five the Nicodemus let me tell you something you getting this very seriously except a man be born of water and of the spirit he cannot in turn into the kingdom of God what two requirements to Jesus put their in John chapter three when Jesus unpacks the phrase born from above born again what show ingredients Jesse iPAQ that phrase into an verse five talking to be one of the water and and to be more in the spirit ineligible to John chapter six is our next First Lady Maria John chapter six John chapter six read all those nurses at their human John chapter six and we are going to read verse sixty three some a reader from a John chapter six verse sixty three anyone fast it is a spirit that quicken our events and so Nelson the flesh profits nothing no words that I speak unto you that what spirits hand they are Nicodemus the words that I am speaking unto you are spirit and they are life what kind of life music is eternal life but the only kind of life that comes from Jesus eternal life this is certain the Bible has just told us that unless we are born in Vienna we cannot see the kingdom of God was way more in the water and unless there is we cannot enter into the kingdom of God Gearhart can you now understand why it is so very important for us to sit in an audience chamber was not great day some people think you are doing this in the morning my friends for me as a pastor I really don't care what time use of the day you stop by as just my own personal preference I know we can go to Exodus we can see that the metal was gone the bread from heaven was gone when him who was well weakened our when the sun came up right we can go there we can go to Isaiah and see where Jesus got up every morning it was woken up by God to spend time with him so that he didn't know what to say to people who are in desperate need of words from God my very closest person in my life usually stays up until about two o'clock in the morning she studies the Bible from about one to two a.m. now would you consider that any morning someone considered demeaning but I will consider three mornings ago because you know it's after midnight but anyways Lawrence dark even right and so when an individual wakes up in the morning they don't study the Bible say they had one of the most incredible relationships with the Lord anyone God wants to be with you your mission is gone wants to be with you it was then pastor whose church member went into the hospital and while he was there things begin to go from bad to worse and so the pastor gets a call from this and this church members daughter please come over the hospital my dad is not doing well in each a visit with him he still coherent right now can you please come over passing those over there and there here's the bad you know you walk into a typical hospital room many of us in a hospital room before there's a better narrative you're lucky you have a private suite if you are more than lucky you have cemented a witness to if you're in the hospital with them so a Samsung front room and the passing is in the pastor goes to sit down on the right side of that table and finances passively sense of Kenny said on the other side of Sebastian walks to the other side of Afghanistan and he sits down and he just had a nice chat with this man and it's a good chat how is your relationship with Jesus El Paso relationship reloaded strong working to hospital you come over to my house at least once every three weeks and and you know my relationship with Jesus as good as anything you need me cry before Jesus let you go to signal strivings and assess the legality penetrated and he got me suddenly and we walked past a journeyman catcher and now he estimate about the check and send all you nuts that's just what Jesus said to my Jesus is described is always with me he's always there for Jesus it's best to left you know he's got little choked up about that is wanting to sit on Jesus and I say it's a frantic phone call sobbing daughter 's gone he's gone dad was just trying to get help and they wouldn't help and please come down the hospital he's gone and so the pastor goes down the hospital and there's a lady there and then in the in the room dad 's I gone out of the room and he goes into the hospital room where his this young lady has he says you know what what have she said you know the nurse came in and that was out of there anyway he had his arms wrapped around the chair beside the bed he was gone he just got so how couldn't get help the pastor had the privilege of sharing the young lady that her dad didn't get up for he got up so that he could wrap his arms around Jesus when you got my friends Jesus longs to have a special place in each one of our hearts spending time in this book puts you in touch with a man named Jesus Madison man across the man that in the very moment Peter cuts off the ear of now decide preservice Jesus says Sheila Peter thanks a million assortments you put that way I can get a legion of Angels right now if I wanted that snowman that we spend time with when we read this book on every page and in every verse you will find something about God in their turn with me in your Bibles to back to first Peter Womack to first Peter and we are going to look at first Peter actually second Peter chapter one verse four second Peter chapter one verse four the Bible says in second Peter chapter one verse four whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that IVs would someone please refer to promises whereby are given to us exceeding great and precious promises that my knees promises the main partakers of the mind nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world for Alaska Gearhart bought has given us in this book so that when we thought we will prayer is in the manual seeking the Lord earnestly so that we may find them Satan will be defeated in our lives sinking out that all he has to do is keep you from studying this and then you get to cook with him Satan now that you spend time in this book searching for the man Jesus that he will know be able to overcome the Bible says a righteous man falls seven times and gets up for that sum we involved need to the provincial settings and just as soon as involved and don't get discouraged in your Christian walk with Jesus it's not a Christian script it's not a Christian broad jump it's not a Christian high jump and is a Christian walk with Jesus people tell me I can never know as much about the Bible as you know I said yes okay you'll have to know what I know you just need to know who one often people tell me know Pasadena such as such etc. such a conference as I can get a job there can you call them and talk to them about me Sharon I'll call Doctor Matthew salvation work the same way my friends it's not about what you know it's about who you know set I realize some people may take issue with which you can know the one and not noticing and go to hell you can not know what and you can know the feeling you you want to spend time with God God to speak to you you want to hear God 's voice talk open the Bible and read it out loud in your here is he's used the word made flesh Jesus we want to be more like you even even if it's not our all our true goal to be like you somewhere inside of us we know that we need to be like you please help us to find you Jesus in every verse a city will convene on reprint or means is a a this media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse is much more so than please visit www. audio person or


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