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God's Power to Live the Health Message

Debbie Beihl




  • October 13, 2012
    2:00 PM
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I will walk on to life the way I hope so glad you guys are the afternoon before we begin then God would have you thought I just wanted thank you so minds for this lab was given room massively decrease in your spirit now to be with us as we study your word please instantly and helps the heads of the people here and help us to go away not just having a good message but with a changed life the power I think story today the man was waiting to work in Poland I got on the friendly face and he was wait for the train to come along and you know they made a train is coming at the meeting that as the train was on its way to me Ted found down onto the train track saw this terrible thing happened to come he will have got to go sui juris down between tracks rescued the stranger and forty one pink for all human story and then they were slightly different experience management why did you do this to my best music answer while he was the stranger looked like my brother he looked like my father my fun this man gave when it was school and then I will track which will come in and save this stranger what did I I'm on the way to work trying you know what you get what time Priyanka can track and can I get an I wouldn't get that extra money he is in all it was no more pain because keeping it for the long do you want to get more money because he wanted to strangers life to be in the complaint saying for the wrong reason to I could with doing the right thing for the wrong reason the question is could be moving the health message and doing laundry reason is the study were the health message is and why it's so important why we need to do it invite me what that means if there is no health message is not the theoretical hand knowledge of it but common in Canada but the impact the lives teaching job I believe that in the near so if you know what the right thing yes we have to know what the health message in the first Clinton six nineteen and twenty two May first twenty six nineteen and twenty we want know is not a Jew body is the temple of the ghost which is in you which is God and you're not the own first twenty for ye are bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which have got unless you want chapters first ten thirty one it says one hundred twenty one twenty one eleven do you all the way of God 's message is a call to personally to minimize simplifying the love I informally will looking like a self-denial same time you want that even though that's not my desire I'm now following you if you ingest how we give a body in the life of self-denial of surrender to Christ in God 's client is like that and lived to glorify him but one is not just put assignment and glorify God is looking like flight left if blending physical and spiritual ministry to audits is not just for healthcare providers this is what every judgment would come back over these next few seminars Matthew four twenty three Tyndale with me to Matthew four twenty three and we leave and she went about all Galilee she in the synagogue in the gospel of the kingdom instantly all kinds of sickness and all contingencies among the people G string which is preaching and healing the one preaching he is feeling and doing all she was instructed how to love both in their barn and in the spirit physical and spiritual and we don't glorify God not only did she live a life the combined teaching preaching and ceiling he instructed his disciples to do the same we stated in Matthew first one seven eight two chapters over Matthew ten versus one seven eight versus one step out and called his twelve disciples to have the gift of power over unclean spirits could now and heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease there's seven and as you go pre- stained hat in hand he said this week that patenting freely with me we began in danger disciples you can't complete the seven and you can't see you combine these two things one person doing all in Newman Street on the Internet like I twentieth climbs cyclists into the blend medical work and ministry and as you receive the password that you see in verse one Christ gives you power to do that and an invoice any you have received from place you can think of is something that we have to personally experience and then we are in our relationship with Christ out of what God is doing in our lives we gather because gone the message is a call can one find God in our body and it's a call to follow Christ in planning medical work and opinions about God is calling every judgment that's ministry so we know what to help you just had knowledge but the question is do I want about the way when designing an online how does that impact the life you can do the right thing for the wrong reason we know what we should get to see why we should be doing what I will want out Francisco from a theoretical knowledge to something impacting a high impacting of why couldn't you doing tonight but doing for the long ways going healthy my many long lives for ourselves for our personal benefit for selfish reasons couldn't we be sharing physical health with others which is a good thing but not sharing with the internal light what matters most why is the health message so important what does it mean in our minds once a motivation and how we give on why what we howling that in everything we do all we do establishment is do we want to exercise even do anything it's just that we feel good about ourselves we look and unless the only one to do it so we can have a closer relationship with Christ let's see what the Bible has to say first Corinthians thirteen three first Corinthians thirteen three two and with me there is still all good and the poor and not give my body to be bugged and have not charity the profit you nothing but if they knew and do the right thing I mean what can I mind is more noble than the real life of Christ giving everything that's what I think need to continue motivation is wrong to not do it out of love for God while for others it doesn't do any good succession question comes to I could be noting a help message but not patented because arguing for the wrong reason why does it so much while serving all the health message is still invented first eight to eleven preventative can first eight to eleven and spoke to Dan Payne drink wine or intoxicating drink neither signs with you when you go to club meeting last to die statute for average regulation the cutest thing was between holding an unholy between clean and clean energy needs the children of Israel all the statutes as to what has spoken to them by the hand of Moses a compact one in first Peter tonight we need to ask you chosen generation a boiled priesthood a holy nation a peculiar people that she should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light I think you are a royal priesthood and I think that God gave the message behind these standards and methods for I won't avoid the priesthood are so innocent yet the Lord spoke to Aaron saying do you think why were intoxicating drink on me Karen a message of health for the people I met dozens of ten in Hong Kong specifically mentioned that that impact on Arizona about life temperance in all things by saying the way to flee a body of facts in mind affect your relationship with me to form intemperance we particularly personally struggle with alcohol because I access the food in everything I will him straight in both antibody and I'm calling an attempt of pain and client and glorified me in how you live your life the Lord spoke to Aaron when Leviticus ten eight eleven and what spoke him insane do not drink wine or intoxicating drink you notice signs with you this is a message for him he was called to personally but for now but I think the way we personally take care of our health impacts that abound impacts our friends and packs of family and I think this people currently watching your example the wagering web impacts those around you and your children and pack everyone seems than the blood spoke to an saying to think why one substituting drink you know you sounds with you when you go into the tabernacle of meeting is given to people going to meet with God people prefer to serve God people like them and they acted as a method specifically for our specifically for me then the Lord spoke to Aaron saying getting why or intoxicating drink you know your son is with you when you going to catch a cold meeting lest you die I say this is an attempt to you and how you give me a health how impact the people around you it's a matter of life and that is not insignificant what the hell happens like I think on the cake doctrine is the only if you feel like it's convenient then you will care for your body because they know it's a matter of life and that can have eternal life that I love you so much that I don't much it takes going into about and delete this message and a way to help you grow spiritually I'm giving you this message as a way that we can have a close relationship I'm giving you this message was then the Lord spoke to Aaron saying do not drink wine were intoxicating drink you know your signs with you when you go into the tabernacle of meeting lest you die it shall be a statute for the Dragon generation and she is still alleged between the and unholy between clean and unclean thing is that we put health benefits and the wife of internal importance of eternal life and that this is why it is not an optional part of a message essential to a scheduled vote on anything to be done is because it helps you distinguish between holy holy between clean and unclean is held by some long than you might think his life anyway I is all confused how we can know God 's will if you don't have a mind that clear to hear God 's boy on his calling to find the health message not for selfish reasons we feel better about ourselves in the book on his clinic will help message so we can have a closer relationship with Susan we can know is well winking away on hold whom I will enclose spiritually is going to actually it is my gift to you while you once spoke to Aaron saying do not drink wine or intoxicating drink you know his sons with you when you go into the cavern club meeting last to die it shall be a statute for ever twenty generations that you may distinguish between holy and unholy and intrigues and unclean energy needs the children of Israel all statutes was the one spoken to them by the hand of Moses not only is the health methods are essential to our close election not only is essential for us to be a consumer screenwriting von but I think once you personally experienced that you have inflicted impacts those about you you know right from wrong thingy life that I should see it the statues of God teach others the health lot of thought to the truth and the word of God I think this will also give you posted on how personal strength to go out and get back to the language commission to reach the wall by Aquinas was personally that the health methods so we can do it tonight involved was a negative impact on those around and then and only then set we can go against the wall we can teach them to the question back to what could we be doing the right thing for the wrong reason we will help message is what being very healthy from what long we got the search type this morning I want to do I do what I do not think of the pronounced message is not for yourself so that you can know God more so you can close garishly if so you can still go with other hats why a health message is because of why particularly as essential to schedule a some attacks of the present without it you just have health with others they can have a humongous Kevin Fox will issue without incident thinking I'm an enormous gift to the love of God is real galactic and then have a healthy and happy life about only one hundred the puzzle and clean manner foundation that God had for the people that would be tapped to eleven five and when the health message to send help message that people can know God have a closer relationship to have two goldfish would you like to follow Christ influencing the health savings your question is that now that we know what had no one cares what the theoretical the one for health methods and we know we may become an impact on why practically had an impact my life is the health message of my head to my heart is with not just in how we personally care for health just to why we therefore help system finally we share how fun is fighting everything that we can rise cooling to that question is how do we do that how do we have this new life the first time I like to suggest inventing the health message truly so we can close relationship with Christ it can realize I need to know that we can't just make what promises they cannot do that I'm thinking that I'm just going to try and that doesn't work and we have to realize it doesn't let as they got I can do that I either need I need you to Major Bowman seven first nineteen twenty four and twenty five Romans seven nineteen twenty four twenty five says for the good and I will continue I do not do that I will not do that hyperactive man that I am who delivered me from the body of the staff gone through Jesus Christ our what we what do we got there and what we don't want to do we do I think we can all identify with that and got the end all solution in nineteen hope he will direct that women over and we can analyze the first step in many nine if you like you can do it on your will focus was sinful we need Christ I like to suggest that the next that yielding ourselves to Christ the next path in experiencing how pleasant one has to put for doing the right thing for the brightness and will I moved twenty two forty two says father as a well-paid away from me last night my well enjoys five experience is struggled to say anything funny I don't want to go through that not my will but yours be done five shows us how to overcome an exclusive when doing I welcome our transatlantic flight instrument of the well chance to she seemed to follow local communities and thinking about Joshua twenty four fifteen says she do this they could you will soon it is not the decision to do why can't they make this twice today is today then you might not feel distinguish between right and wrong tomorrow if you don't live up to the light shining today I think you today to follow me Matthew twenty six forty one crisis watch and play it's you into not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak we can't depend on our own flask we can depend on resolutions we had to depend on the word of God we have to watch and play like Christ tells us how we overcome we overcome to reach Christ discipline you know well and choosing to follow God God 's clinic the play insulin levels before temptation comes to the moment we don't just deal to how we feel are exclaimed the following as well she went possible of what places of inpatient and when it's not possible to cling to Christ in prayer Frank Marfan 's will this experience in Daniel one eight one one eight we meet the general-purpose in his heart that he would not defile out with a portion of the teams meet knowledge of the wine which he drank carefully requested your next fishing is not the file to show how they look good and wet situations and resentment grantors of how he felt he was in follicle and was gone straight down that made exactly the same way we overcome to players who falling blocks well regardless of what situations were faced into a quite street artist calling to have an experience in his power begins in a new light on his contract and will I donate Kingsville to have two slightly downhill and choosing to follow him and then claim the promises of God to make a second Peter one verses three and four second Peter one phases three and four a quarter of his divine power has given unto us all things that pertain to life caulking faces three whereby are given into a succeeding great prices on this but by the cementing potatoes of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is the want to thought this could imply that we become practices in the divine nature and we had a as to the pond I not only upon filling then a new Christian experience and we had to go for my hamster but that we not only to legislate but we do it for the right reason and we share Christ with others so they can have a closer walk two four four shows how closely claims the palms upon education he claimed it to cleaning the will of God he said it is when a man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of Christ overcame complaining the promises of God he had no effect and and when convincing came to Congress to do in an in world cinema would bear without the Bible he had in mind we can exclude and overcome the words and through prayer God is calling us to Matt to overcome my Chrysler and overcame that you find helpful the claim to so many I think I'm taking which I is sad but in first Corinthians ten thirteen and antispam no temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man but God is faithful who will allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but what was the temptation also make the way the state to medium another highlight is fun and four thirteen I can do all things through Christ the other versatile being glad to know a lot to the Wednesday attack we not only embed my family at the word of God and on my so we can defeat the enemy with Dracula I sent to hunt promises we can do it got power analyze and trail into the word of God to God God is calling to his conclusion power and why as we experience cleaning common sense to select doing well right knee causes and active conversion power setting and five the seventeenth tendency in second Corinthians five seventeen therefore if it can be in Christ he is a new creature all things are passed away behold all things are become new artificial way your past experience what ever contingency fund to what ever you struggle wet I have power for you to overcome I have strength as a new beginning for you I forget which takes Christ has power to do what ever we meet each of them wanted to why this is a glancing small in comparison to raising my power for every situation we need the house of the man lying for thirty eight years by the pool that has got the money to pay attention to what's many people heal and set to write from a and liner thirty eight years and thirty eight years old I can only imagine lying there for thirty two o'clock I blithely arranges lines where it had power back increasing your life in God can create new life in those around you client power to take salt and cinnamon Paul was the first week persecuting the people of God seemed like he was right I was actually why it continued like that he was doing as well be drink and sat on my in the family and on my way we have back I think you have been doing less white than a genuine night and it was actionable doing the right things and enjoying a long thing I have a new experience for you have new power life with you and God is calling you tonight and need not to yield to Christ the sibling doing a wealth could choose to follow him not just the claimant on the hostages can as we claim the promises as we experience God 's power in all my me and effect Colts twenty first seventeen twenty one twenty two section Chronicles twenty versus seventeen twenty one twenty two others like this story up to half very interesting since studying for seventeen shall not need to fight this battle yourself and still see the salvation of the blood with you on this one do not know this may tomorrow go out again from the world won't be with you and skipping down the first twenty one and consulted with the people keep a finger and select an action for the beauty of holiness they went out before the Army and to say what Christmas is enjoyed for after I miss them really interesting the second was twenty two I went in Kansas City and the traits that will set ambushes against the children of Ammon Moab announced year which would come up against Judah and he was and since we were both Afghan they began to sing in praise of the end effector when the phase that mindset ambushes against the children of Ammon Moab not stay open to come out against them and he was not sleeping thing that thing and praise God for the vicarage was to gather before the victory with bowling clear lines when we claim the promise of God we experience the difference for the past two percent for the victory gave given but he has given us in the future I think the fleet being gone down seeking had even seen the victory the key to living on before we actually experience it clean and realizing it is by the victory is ours I always clean the guy for what he is doing and what you do and I'll go on her goal was to realize I need to Christ as swindling a well choosing to follow him through the promises of God to thinking our experience has conversion power I think the way to the gaming experience you can even use life and you can have had knowledge of the health message Falluja but the way that you can do the breaking for the right reason the way you can then I knew I moved nine twenty three cents if one desires to come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me I decline a daily to have this experience will itself become to swindle a wealthy crisis clinic conveniently to have a deep devotional life that extent of his back that isn't even the word of God be prepared to give us the victory to victory pharmacist who can not ourselves on his clinic to a depot devotional life and activity habits daily experience I think I enjoy tea and purpose that you will have a new life there is no question and don't want about going to bed facility in Jordan Epstein and the purpose is to you will hardly as you follow me you guys looking for that to me to Isaiah fifty five face twelve Isaiah fifty five first twelve some go out with joy and forth with peace the mountains and missing out jump right forth before you into singing and all the trees of the field shall clap him him glancing you will go out enjoy you will be led forth with peace commissions that life can be a piece of cake our friendly they can eat me out if anyone does not work on faith I think you would still have child's but you will know that no matter what they watch a summary of the isolated tribes and your destiny is with me that you don't have anything to fear and classes and gives us natural light analyze moment eight first twenty eight two and with me the Romans eight twenty eight the familiar vice but it is good for them we know that all things work together for grant to the left thought to be but it all according to his purpose and focus on the part of off-season work together for good but is also slated and Karen had an perfect for you and develop appropriate for your life everything will fall into place we understand from the situations because the guards they has you follow me even though life may not be easy you now have joy peace as you are for me God is clamoring to do the right thing for the right I meant to help message the South Knox and we just feel healthy younger level can we do not claim to know the health message to the weekend and who I can distinguish between white and want to do with knowledge food and live and we can know what I missed you I think carefully why so you can have a clear learning no land well to humans what I think and play in everything you do so that we can a closer relationship this is my gift to you when you think that spiritual is not just an optional doctrine optional truth I think of the potential here both spiritually I think this is not just with you personally to be healthy this is for you to share with others so they can have a closer relationship with Christ this is so I can hear God 's voice they can know quite well and Accupril is certainly less bad in your life we saw how it impacts the lounge impact your family and pastor friend to see how you read the questions and the Stevenson and Jesus as your personal and mental health methods and taxes around your family and friends and I've had go and how to teach others my way to spend what the Bible exists in the way of salvation system house I hope in life that glorifies on Karina Humana health and life that glorifies him so we do have a closer walk with decline in to live a healthy life but to do it for the right thing to do is to weaken I will escrow this year the health message with those all on Sunday and a closer walk with Christ everyone kept here when they had this morning with an gospel and that he's calling to personally left a help message is two intentionally careful our body to honor him as he is to respond this one thing God I would like to honor you and how I keep take care of my body I would like to take a help message seriously amplifies you and everything you do including howitzer from health chief innovation hands answers second garnish his children that don't be to be healthy this was never closer relationship with he's calling to care for buyers not to live for myself my family feel better about ourselves but since we have a closer relationship with clients to the others have a close relationship with Christ and this morning you would like to say God I want to give myself for my body not for my own self but so that I can have a closer walk with you if that's your desire is and last we saw that we cannot do this to our own strength we can't do it by ourselves we need God 's power in by to have a new experience policy zero slides from my tip on the client and how we can provide this morning you would like to bring this afternoon you like to be dedicated of life to Christ and experience his power to live a new life I can try to make your facts let's pay five as this one thank you so much for your words that gives us in some life into four decisions that were made this afternoon please seal to strengthen to you well to overcome yet how well I ourselves please strengthen to live healthy and live there with him as a shed out in his business when you are in a this media was provided audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reason and audio and much more really would like to know more about our universe is more assertive in www. audio tours .org


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