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Standing Up: Winsome and Rational Apologetics

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • September 13, 2012
    3:00 PM
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precious father Lord we ask that you grant us the perseverance and endurance to get through this day when we thank you that I really been with us to this track and has with the practical stuff today yes we're responsible to speak to our minds as well as a hearts rights to my magic the seminar is standing up when some and rational apologetics the word apologetics comes from the word apology which is means a defense and a lot of people misinterpret this to be a big game about arguments now it is possible to always win the argument but to win the argument you may lose the soul there is a story about a Christian doctor who is ministering the patient was a Muslim and Muslim lady said you know what I just I I don't think God my faith is and can help me meet some of the troublesome going through especially with my my sickness what and decrypt the Christian doctor had overheard a nurse who self-efficacy a Muslim that's because he the Muslim religion is incompetent if you guys believe in a God of this and that out of and Doug Christianity is far superior help you with some of these things and issuing the argument yet she she won the argument for sure what happened to the lady and she's she's doesn't have a very good case and also what I thought about winning the argument when he may result in losing the soul but apologetics help stop wrong ideologies can be spread to other individuals and a lot of people saying all politics it's all mine stuff on why get into that it's too confusing but it's not for everybody some people having an emotional barrier to Jesus what kind of barrier some people have yet to sit down with them and accept organized and in and talk to the emotions and remove the emotional barrier and help them see Jesus as yes there's always a physical barrier to Jesus you have an ailment or sickness whatnot that we need physicians or doctors and healthcare professionals and any remove the physical barrier and introduce Jesus to that there's a lot of us who have ideological barriers to Jesus because of what Jesus was resurrected but how can that be is not because they had no faith not because they are domiciled because they're not spiritual they just have sometimes a barrier up here you then you need people to organize what was because of this and another that he considers evidence of this in that abundant of the data of the engine room and introduce Jesus and also was a wonderful defensive neck and not estimate is made a defensive strategy in that sense is if everybody is not on the health Christians understand the faith developing confidence courage security initiative and the Christianity is an intellectual religion we have intellectual basis will be believe I I get again I get a cringe people say is all about faith is to have more faith and arguably most of our more faith that that doesn't mean a lot to people who are struggling it was her more frequent than me in the more practical stuff that they need throughout the fifteen strategies here on this lecture will look at fifteen practical suggestions on how to develop a Christian witness and standoff in a ungodly world atheists are finding strategic ways to implement enforced and propagate their ideas through a society without being completely obvious the especially difficulty is that Vanessa must do the same by impacting society and culture and every field and this one out there and I witnessed circular campus some University students were trying to university students to major in whatever field into the data very best in that field and impact society impact what everybody Society culture we should have Adventist fashion designers and should wear the most popular thing to wear is something designed by Cynthia was in the design is biblical not plunging in and knew most of what beautiful nice comfortable to wear and its public mission impact society that way and will be addressing hey why why why did you design this quick oats because the Lord Jesus values a woman's body and that on beauty and that it is a is an opportunity to explain the gospel payment we should harness with a number one skin and music good good good good music we have a PhD in in the compositional music he wrote an orchestra piece based on Revelation and schools and it goes interests off for parts and for parts are based on sentence the seven churches is the first overture seven Seals is the second overture seven trumpets is the third overture seven claims of the last overture and in between you have the street 's message in these three notes and season explain it is a weird piece it's okay please read explained that some people like one of these three notes means the result is Athena possible time three note of history a business one hundred three dozen messages will immediately above items than Revelation fourteen is happening in a PhD dissertation committee is talking to musicians about the freedom takes to find ways to get it doesn't mean it will be pastors of your pacifist awesome ha ha we should be like and I has Bible verses on the bottom of error there are other whatever things don't get a hamburger joint and put your policies on the bottom course on bottom mission conference has a project where the growing delegates much of his murder progressing but the growing VPN investable because of the Gannett 's next weave them of the new fat kids no longer organic but is the again you getting vetoed the plans begin fertilizing White House having a fifteen times a nutritional density in getting more fruit and longer what's happening is the upper class super upper class restaurants are report requesting beginning festivals is a taste better to crispier there were more nutritious but because it is a good place spirit of consequent on the box not unknowingly but a nice way aesthetically and I was proud to be a Seventh-day Adventist idea that it are selling at whole foods in Michigan is a whole foods you hope holds those to be run by having this and then when submitted little did you little like Noah Glennon eliminates shaft eleven is expanding like no evidence to help message that's that really need in pesticide are one hot impact society number one we should read the what K redescription of his elementary but this goes without saying this is Al found in night on the witnesses out CG five four three as counsel for the teachers she is a list here K Bible reading was number two critical examination of Bible subjects were three essays written upon topics which will improve the mind and bottle impart knowledge for study that what number five the precious lessons of who rise themes will have an influence to strengthen the lot mental powers and increase what spiritualities spirituality is not sitting in a in a Indian style on top of a rock and humming Internet from the sky I will do nothing for your spirituality knows me look weird to increase spirituality is number one read Scripture yes I know that's so elementary but is so fundamentally the same time but don't just read it but a critical examination of Bible subjects get into Bible issues look at look at both sides of whatever whatever the love the issues are on the ground variety of Bible subjects three read essays all of us here should have a subscription to add in his review magazine kidnapping paid by them I think the anise review is the only means down the stretch where we have want to communicate with each other take some articles are awesome some articles are not awesome day we need to help contribute to add a review and set a dialogue and get our community more deeply grounded in Scripture studying the prophecies we should all know Daniel revelation at the back of our hands at once no two seventy and nine eleven and now a thought but eleven but a good relationship understand sanctuary in the book of Revelation and a precious lessons of Christ Christ object lessons every time there is a red letter in your Bible that is just a little bit more special because the Lord Jesus is the more special I know all the Bible is inspired Jesus 's words out of the woodwork even they strengthen the mental powers and increased spirituality to the secret this is awesome skepticism can have no power over a soul that with what humility searches the web Scripture humility are scriptural and ten share the Scriptures that intellectual content I don't know what that means all the humility is when you knew when you approach sure with the same attitude case to get an offer plea rompers another quote only rights that even if you do not this one one time or she says do not study the Scriptures is amazing she says never said is true without praying for you to pray they don't study it she says the more you study it it will deepen your doubt of the Scriptures and efforts of Mike why now all but been waiting or gas are there a lot of secular people out there who read the Bible you don't they become more of the jury ought against Scripture as a result you are praying missing work all you humble yourself before I don't understand it but I want to understand what his Lord if you want to understand I'll understand if you don't that's okay I'll wait for two years until we do this to me as your humble finding this sounds as a secret having only community results in no progression with truth Socrates is also humble postmodernity the hold is not being humble towards truth having only scriptural knowledge results in spiritual pride and intellectualism this is what McGarry is the right problems they know everything postmodern 's even though their weird one thing that you have to give them credit for their humble humble yourself listen no one has chewed and it's ridiculously too much okay with great prayer for the Holy Spirit of the says this is the obstacle to talking up without the guidance of the Holy Spirit we shall continually lie a lie because a liable to rest the Scriptures or two while misinterpret that there is much reading of the Bible that is without profit and in many cases is a wild positive and during Tracy won a word of God is open without reverence and without prayer when the thoughts and affections are not based upon God or in harmony with his will the mind is clouded with doubt and in the very study of the Bible what strengthens skeptics in the very study Scripture restricts it stronger and stronger the enemy takes control of ops any suggest interpretations that are not correct five tesla seven K he decided how the Sabbath been universally kept men's thoughts and affections would have been led to the creator as the object of reverence and worship and they would have no number have been a dog and idolater and what an atheist Laura Kate considered all these boys will use we have if we had kept the Sabbath properly one call would've never existed pretty crazy it's working to satisfy just okay or so know the status waxing only against society and making a statement to change meant five the best argument the life the words and the deportment toward his deportment the way you present yourself are the most forcible argument the most solemn appeal to the careless irreverent and skeptical but to let the life and character be the strong argument for Christianity then men will be compelled to knowledge of you that you have been with Jesus and have learned what are these two things one life to words three is three carriers and she say that it's about some kind of the cosmological argument you talk about entering the positional all the apologetics cautious on what he thinks this is the way who you are meant most powerful argument that exit on the left the context is for medical students who enter public universities elements toxic and its ministries sicknesses find three B&B with some smile sometimes they are smiling all the time scares people K smile once in a while I don't like to smile but I heard when I smile it lowers peoples defense mechanism operator smile the time the assessment is go back over why the smiling all the time a listen intently John three four Jesus had the wonderful ability to listen to people and what you do he'd he pick out threads what's behind the words through the worth of useless take this thing is the number one skill of local leaders and reload leadership books listening is ability to invest in people a lot of people just want to be heard watch your tone of the ladies were very very are very sensitive to tall men are not sensitive to tone this is this is proven by gender studies that will how you say something changes the meaning of it Bill Hagel will go well clean your room and suggested they go clean your room and see if it's a musical tone goal being your room if you do it without you go clean your room it's it's it's monotone is threatening right no emotions you can impose your own emotional confidence that statement if you increase the volume go clean your room it's a little bit more serious case of clean you're wrong anything is missing the point men have a hard time establishing tone this process another go this hearing room ladies I will tell you to say that I never sensitive to how you say it are there some man who are also in two yes water some women who have no clue what you're saying yes but in general algae that is the pray without ceasing first Thessalonians five seventeen when you're talking to an atheist and has happened to me when I talked about sexual lines came in-house training tire time somehow like white faces and piercings unlike black lipstick and then there were lots stem I pray Lord protect and be patient Jesus waited for Nicodemus to come around almost how many years if Jesus with these witnessing to somebody if it takes him three years to repent and should we be discouraged if it takes us three years or longer about some people just the ticket Audrey not be annoying odd misses him I find this to be I don't fit to be humorous I find a lot of subcabinet to be annoying the result would be the reason is because they're so earnest and ever met someone who is of new lead of faith and their so excited about the truth that they receive the first person that they need to like hey can I give your Bible study in the market the reason agent with investigative judgment Jesus and the Senate and a relational out of a in what happens is like if they do it in a nice way is it doable but what happens is if they don't ask that and they get angry that you rejected the truth of God then they get like violence and that's the year but every definition whenever we have to teach people on how to temper their passion and channel the energy in a proper Avenue and what happens he can be very annoying this is also great very common amongst health message people prophecy people on and we have all you have a lot of dietary competition going on right it is related Darien although mobile impenetrable although lack of vegetarian or Pesca vegetarianism is NAR realtors just as a over the lack of nonprocurement to turn your privilege of the dead you're a vegan raw the again Joe Robbie who on the food area there are fruitarians Whitewater Terry and what Terry's and I was pretty helping each pump your overtime CNN competition K balances of all things dietary changes should be gradual and salted individual let them do it I don't pace if you place to summon too fast you can ask the room and there are specific in your water and find it in your hearts to humble yourself and what you love this person down it sounds fluffy cheesy but it's it is true at the end of the day and we talked that he is now last seminar use questions artfully we talk about questions of Jesus used questions maintain a humble attitude always with neatness and fear and the fear component is at any moment this person can lose their salvation but at any moment you may lose your salvation but also with meekness that this person salvation is not ultimately up to you either it's alternate up to who to say the person the Lord Jesus but he's using who you and us all of us in the process is a balance between the two K tuition be witnessing just arrogantly or are or are carelessly but with this and fear questions should be asked with a proper tone a kind of an atheist or are agnostic or pedicure whatever where this this is where even the conservative that is wrote Linda Lavin is the questions that you ask can be like hey did you actually believe that that that creation was not possible you have to believe in evolution that that's one a rest do you really believe in evolution of the tall the words exactly the same of the told one and one is and is it an plasmid of sarcasm it was a little condescending and in the volume can either inconvenient to watch yourself sometime the cultures we come from that the Korean culture is very good in many ways blunt and straightforward in and in some cultures that are so formal black culture and informal culture coming together and a lot of misunderstandings have been class Americans it also blinds when it comes to on dialogue and even cultures the winter on Jesus understood the art of questions they should be should be used to help you understand what the person is saying and also help them understand what they are saying Kate Junot morning interrogate them were you born with your name you agree that wasn't unloaded of about the missing head I believe that God is a spiritual being that lives in trees all okay with someone else I want to understand your same that God do you believe that all the treatable countries countries alike but evergreen trees okay why I ever retrieves a list of the conversation there what happens is you try to elicit and clarify the discussion board also you want to elicit had to get them to think we wouldn't women's understand correctly using the EU believe that God is ensuring ease as he was busy living trees Owens would visit with everywhere of humans everywhere it is everywhere the waters over the trees and never thought about that before and we should think of a little more than five hundred visitors on the dialogue on easing some cheesy dialogue take an example or spam sites that sank with a certain other questions with your questions Jesus was always put in a situation where or something K visit Jesus will happen when the seven brothers get resurrected in the Alameda wife in heaven or all seven would be married to the one woman according to levirate law of marriage and Jesus Jesus I like the Wikipedia syndrome thirty one numbers to the unit member narrative you think about this because that question is irrelevant to the discussion to begin with he says you don't understand Scripture YouTube air are not the power of God Skilling wants we never rise entire Old Testament hobbies and other Scriptures assets of another dialogue Jesus knew the part of sidestepping questions questions also help you to listen listening is powerful yet Commissioner Traver in which he checked his to to listen on ask you to tilt to you for consequently this craziness am asking the pairs and asking to talk to each other for two minutes straight one person talks one person listens you be shocked how many people don't know how to listen it's very hard as we live in an eighty society right and what happens is something you can do to to to help you listen one is a half half Baja means I understand all hobbies continue on I'm processing then I find it interesting and other one is to maintain eye contact cake but it might can't maintain eye contact we don't want to spare the person now because what happens if a smiling for too long they become psychotic and the other thing is you also want to ask clarifying what with what you said and how to understand that what you mean he was intrigued at what you clarify what happens is your you're saying this what are the other person but also helps you to listen better because have you ever had a wheel talking to somebody maybe maybe today we are listening to someone when your mind is of other things these are wondering Symantec eyes nose and while one of kind of conditioning uses for his hair while you got a big head I'm on as a big pump on my mom 's birthday tomorrow call her tomorrow while my desk and as you might longer is an infinite hope as I got out of the ha ha ha ha yada yada man is a somewhat if you're your own world cake that is a very selfish place to be a man you want to get outside of yourself can be when a person is now in the present is overly talkative and annoying you have to find a way in my people have a hard time doing this so they don't Mars like I hate being here but I will listen to the end and finally to get out of conversation and that is just as legitimate a sorry I asked in a seminar coming up you want to live friends take I want to listen to this but I can't right now can we talk later any K or if you want something you want to see a later concise cargo start getting this phone call is my calling card when you guys kidding I'm kidding you yes he and Richard 's real face of questions of it was listening this powerful listening to stop at which point answer prayer if we question should be prayerfully answered for him for some maybe tangents don't underestimate the power of engines what's amazing is God speaks to tangents just as well you want to speak to a question answered question answer the question and answer your prayer to answer this to dear longing exhalation of income of the tangent sometimes attends more valuing your answer anyway a that doesn't justify tendons but be careful and don't be afraid to direct the dialogue in John chapter three the master of the Comecon conversation was Jesus he was in control on the conversation you guys know how you control the conversation he or she who asked the questions controls the conversation even on the other person may be talking more the person who asked the questions is who controls the conversation in their Jesus is controlling conversation very much and it's like to find someone this Johnson history is like a chess game of a boxing match lease is this Jesus Charest with this and she's asked question and she could see she dodged the question incomes over this job cheeses avoid bedtime asked this question and cancer hardens like on his respondent this evening and keeps on going gets unlikely that guys like I gave up and into about one thousand one hundred two Jesus is awesome conversation course wrong ideas to the ultimate conclusion that is a logical livable and is the street was it for me questions to ask if something is right we did Julie God is in a tree in it I cut the street on his feet dies and then God is that is that logical on you I never thought about that way if God 's industry what how does that impact immediately how does that make God more practical and real in my life it doesn't which is credited a Christmas tree in her living room in only yellow that is practical only question is this teachable cannot go out in society and teach that God is in the street knowledge and sound ridiculous watch several influences on this super small font is a story about David Hume this is a straight equity goes before it is sent to shoot a skeptic skeptic was in early life a conscientious believe of the word of God being connected with a debating society is appointed to present darkness in favor her of infidelity is not believing God we started with RSS and perseverance and is seen an active mind became imbued with the sophistry of skepticism Erlangen he came to believe it's elusive teachings and his whole afterlife or the darkened rest of fidelity on certain guys Voltaire when Voltaire was five years old he committed to memory and infidel home and a dangerous pernicious influence was never a face from his mind he became one of Satan 's most successful agents to lead men away from God thousands will rise up in the judgment charge the ruin of the salt upon infidel who all because of the Paul memorized how old five years old to watch the small little influences that is a strong five ninety six by the thoughts and feelings cherished in the early years every young person every use is determining his own life history correct virtuous manly habits formed in use will be part of the character and will usually mark the course of an individual through life that views may become vicious and or virtuous as they choose they may as well as be distinguished for true and noble deeds as for the great crime and wickedness take small things totally matter meant engage society God is the author of science scientific research opens the to the mind vast fields of thought information enabling us to see God in his great works ignorance may try to support skepticism by the science but instead of upholding skepticism true science contributes fresh evidence as to the wisdom and power of God rightly understood science and the region word of greeting and each sheds light on the other together they lead us to God by teaching us something of the wise and beneficent laws to which he works me to engage some I tell I'll ever called us into this we need young people who are the best in the sciences and it should be number one PhD 's in biology biochemistry chemistry physics and every scientific field and promoting cremation in these modes of acting and we should not be afraid of science too often we get the agenda to the other side the infidel cited no one calls it and they allowed to be taken to dictate what happens in the church today the whole creation of which happening at the last year and you before it's because we've been kind of hesitant then and were aware that there is that we've lost our courage and him and our inner faith China appealed to me that the evolution doesn't one side accretion and was now the guys would come up with a happy median theistic evolution we should not be afraid to see that rightly understood science and the Bible what are the new video greeting at the speed of the ball and find out how that happens avoid common mistakes don't condemn and then threw looked on expression or word which we condemn people to look to condemn people with a certain turn of the chain and another that is new and two tall expressions or word question facial expression can cause up being very caustic do not claim absolute knowledge outside of the fundamentals off Rick propose it sometimes a you know what this is what is true and you better believe in and because I know what it is and in that maybe true and in and in and you no absolute truth rather than deep down forcing it down someone proposes and what could it be that but maybe God is an industry could be that maybe God created the tree 's visit image of you train the Caribbean and in Mister the universe is actually smart transcendent of all that allows a little bit of moral play what happens is it's not a denial faith with you so hard this is a natural reaction is to make sure that they did it to react against it but you offer gently don't be all the more gently to take up not denying cannot deny that you know absolute knowledge beef but be firm with what you believe do not be afraid to think avoid fideism fideism means all is to pray more is it marketing K separate and join us in this spread out of duplicate it later that's that's that's a bad waves are if you do not know that saying you do not want as Beyoncé you know what I don't know if Gaza triage all the while look into it also the vilest symmetries in an argument in today's do not speak Russian language to those who are on non-Christians if you toss him on your repentance and they never heard the word repent before to hate I returned to repent did you getting away talking about a I talked to somebody and am not exaggerating on this person was hard for what they had rain in Louisiana ought to have autism it was a partisan ass person from a disaster mission with a particular before they took everything literally is high functioning aspirations are an estrogen like level yet except that of Jesus in our hearts and put them in our hearts and the result is the same enemy economies this like horrid expression in his face like I'm just having a hard time might okay what why Jesus in your heart rate I been told that I don't understand things will you telling me that I need to open up my chest and have a cardiac surgeon Jesus in my heart that he was likely not renew Syria's some people have a hard time understanding his Christian language they understand I went when I first came to church the preacher said behold the Lamb of God behold when work was the wind of God behold look where why would you think that was an even beholden of God 's abstract good to help define these things get your heart surrender when you surrender is the most robotic Audi surrender surrender together okay I surrender to know what lower and nicer and I want to stop fighting didn't know what that meant look to Jesus sinfulness lassies do not dumbing yourself to non-Christians either you want to just want talk down to them in an and and oversimplify things think of a strategy all one strategy is this one establish Christianity 's sister city is a lot of books by Jesus resurrection the claims Jesus resurrection was not some miracle that was undocumented and do some weird event in history there on many documents menu eyewitnesses that we have the cleanness of second after you do this you establish the Bible 's inspiration NEDs prophecy or archaeology probably prophecy is the route that London on a school project in chapter two or three is related is talking to a personal life number four give your personal testimony and you always want to go at the end with your personal customer on this is one route that we use at at the university setting sometimes this route is not good but depending on who you're interacting with strategy fibrinogen meetings other strategies are you offer arguments for the existence of God are many arguments the other cosmological teleology rheological miracles mind Trinitarian moralist thanks Prince of Haskell 's wager sometimes his work sometimes these all be one off from them together to connect at such a God would have to communicate using the Bible and three established the Bible 's authority inspiration established the historical biblical Christ is one in the same relate to other doctrines to the personal life and give both Manny and personal past cake now if you're on the train and you meet an old grandmother doing uses route ten Mister Simpson asked one of share with you the cosmological argument because a large garden is that it is an an an an an an an an an an about know but if you're talking with your professor of philosophy and this is when we go again with a graduate student in postmodern anthropological philosophy is the one we go around so I see where your audience is and the main point is think of a strategy into the strategy is nothing wrong and prayerfully think of a strategy bring into meetings and fourteen read K that we need six X expand our minds and exercise that what what we read this is with the assumption that you're reading the Bible and spare props to the other stuff we'd CS Lewis Peter Craig Francis Schaeffer 's apologetics readings Randy Zacharias we link rag taking more length album planting the bombing Clyde Geisler and always a controversy is a wonderful apologetics work this guy out implanting up is a Dutch guy before he became a philosophy professor one hundred percent of philosophy departments in North America were all atheist a percentage one hundred percent if you edited philosophy you cannot automatically see us or this guy becomes about a comes up with this idea of the Lord the service can be philosophy there should be a way to reach these guys and in his dissertation he comes up something with called proper functioning of the mind and I wanted too much into it but basically says if you assume God exists that is the most proper way to mind functions and if you don't believe in God you have a philosophical ideological disease of the intent husband and the ardent Islamicist and Abbott is just this is like a punch is indirectly indivisible philosophers because of this guy is brilliant to you that University of Notre Dame today in two thousand twelve one third of all the philosophical loss of a department 's North America or the stick and the continuing his work Kate is using his mind is combating the arguments not everyone is called to this event but we need to be familiar with the works there fifteen years of politics carefully again apologize is not used when an argument is not a guarantee that all people come to the Lord through argumentation but some people have intellectual barriers we talked about just that some have a full emotional or physical warning there's some people who are big tree all it future all it is a worthy means acidic K and no matter how much you love them how much you portfolio argue with them how much evidence you give them how many lollipops you give them how many hugs you give them they will not and they refuse to accept anything that has to do with a certain poignancy Lord case closed this is your project I can't take nothing hopeless on the person you hope it got rather Tom address other and sometimes the other address other issues you have debaters and have doubles rabbits sometimes when you're witnessing for someone they don't want to know more about God when they're losing as much a different topic and try to win you there and if you're not careful followed them and you get a second trap any win the argument a feeling you wanted it you thought you lost entire conversation there some people were debaters is not what you're talking about though this debate the absolute opposite aware of your same in any way mean when he is a well how about that whole Elmo winds saying it on you well what about those sanctuary things in the never never conclude anywhere is moving from human think through the never-ending conversation and let you watch for the morning and you're tired devils rabbits on if you guys are of the Cole Porter and world doubles rabbits are coordinating on the door and the guy opens door and there interested in everything that you have but they don't buy anything at the end and cancers condos run after just wasting what time and these people really lonely like plasma centimeters on talk talk talk talk talk there developed doing sets across page one one one disguise as it made the real cause of doubt and skepticism in most cases is the one what else that's crazy so that often they say like hey it's my intellectual conclusion this is not an intellectual conclusion it's more they have some sin that the church in their hiding they want this to be preserved the teachings and restrictions of God 's word are not welcome to the prowess and loving heart those who are unwilling to obey its requirements already doubt it's a our team I think that's the level plus plus conclusion your are sacred is after ten for the only walk in the flesh we do not war after the one okay so if if sister is an atheist number on him I give I'm not fighting at her missing beyond her for the weapons of our war are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down strongholds a cast down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ in the great controversies like this is the war of ideas in the war of spiritual things of knowledge to be very careful as reporter fighting this war at the end of the good you do today might my prayers this is his each of these things practical things on after presented these things a lot of people say pastor what practical and profitable private American philosophy and that it studying Scripture room number one best way the second way is to think of ways to be socially strategic not not not calculating the blanket with a certain agenda in the case I want about this talk about this and he goes into this I don't want to talk about this make sure that you don't get lost in some of the deep compassion and a flow in talking with the atheists or agnostics were or what the ultimate goal in the end is to introduce this person to one person who is this person is the Lord to this request what prayer like the human inclination is a long-awaited sorry but that's not your depressed I want to introduce the sky cheese and they lose the argument I want to show Jesus as the best argument against cement is less than the human values a little bit the practical to implement I hope something 's organism these are not that good but using a wisdom and you know how works out and questions from today went through a lot we read a lot Damon you get absolutely absolutely melts we do some of the key conclusions we reach I'm involving campus ministries and there are many atheists on campus have a higher percentage of interest on campus than in regular society and a lot of them are a lot of panties and the swell hand we found that at least the University it's a highly intelligence pressured environment your new pressure to perform and show off your intelligence what happens intelligence to close your pride right and just like you know ego and a boxing match easiest with guys like just the final blowups and always goes like that's also in the university setting advice people if they give the one argument that so eloquent this is how moles and his bullies that person down to the ground just just wiles of the carnage we find that Jesus never gone to those kind of argument even those opponents trying to get him into those are and we go to safeguard ourselves on a strategic ways like work I wanted Christlike Lord I want to back down and I don't want to be stupid to show for the kingdom of heaven has some on intellectual floppy no teddy bear hallmark religion we have the Scriptures and all the evidence of revolution on our side we scrum you willing to be focused about that right so my prayers and I hope that as you leave this place and you engage with people of different worldviews let's use these Christlike techniques and do not use the charge amen do not take out of your back pocket like recording at your willingness that is one way where you will not be a short-term could respond we spent four hours in the stock of worldviews Lord may I be as bold to request father Granta 's experiences that we may use this to be more like Jesus results and that at the end of it can we not glorify ourselves our works are thinking our strategies were fully learned to really see how wonderful God you are and how you work father specially I help that you souls that we have in our minds may be entrapped in whatever ideology out there and when we present ourselves as discernible as a loan of this media was brought audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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