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Parables in Marriage: The Wedding Garments

Rob Norris



  • September 14, 2012
    7:00 AM
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the kingdom of heaven his life and how many times does Jesus start his conversation like that quite often didn't this the kingdom of heaven is likened in he pointed to so many different things in general he speaks to us today to the thoughtfulness listener worked on the things of nature the things around us daily life so that we too can have a tangible connection to his kingdom now suits only the candidates like okay you got to remind people what I'm talking about with the parable of the whole wedding thing is is really a Western idea the traditional antenna just looking at that the traditional Western wedding and visits the whole picture there every cultures different it looks different it plays out different but you know what the key is to remember within every culture God has created the capacity to see his care so no matter where you go the details might want totally different but they still point to the same God same picture this morning if you want to you can turn to the Matthew twenty two first half the chapter Matthew twenty two verses one to fourteen describes the terrible the wedding garment no one take this thought and want to go back to yesterday 's theme of the wedding we would come expanded the picture archive and dissected the picture the wedding service has really come a parable or representation of Christ's second coming in within this event I just wanted cannot pick it apart just a little bit politely of course and can look at some of the details and maybe draw some more lessons for us in our wedding service today unlike what we see in Matthew the guests don't wear a wedding garment like they did in ancient times a garment that was supplied by the wedding party for the guests when the company come to the wedding feast we don't do the in our wedding service there's only one garment that has symbolic meaning in the whole building what is it the bribes stress that has symbolism the grooms whatever he were some unique and where the most expensive talks it means nothing right fortunately because it's usually one another for symbolism so the only thing that means something is what she's wearing now remember in context what were talking about in the Bible the woman representative the church was the church we are people men and women so each of us is bound that the concept of the bride asked the question he yesterday enclosing you want to be the bride for the bystander in this great letting of all times when Jesus comes if you want to get a good response and we want to be a brighter bystander to be the bride is good okay so if you want to be the bride and what are you doing about the wedding took you isn't worth the investment unit think this is where we can kind of refine the picture a little bed and where typically we've been a little bit careless the bride 's wedding dress we just said that it's symbolic right typically what colors it white why remain he talking okay typically gas has to do with moral purity which you hit it dead on it actually if you read the Bible and of following up the spirit of prophecy the wedding garment her dress declares an issue of character follow go to the spirit of prophecy that the garments of Christ's righteousness it's all about what only moral purity know it's it's a big picture is an insult and wanted to use this apart a little bit were not totally off when we make that generalization not even in our Western society today but what I wanted him to draw apart is its herb fail that is symbolic of her moral purity her innocence her virginity that will now look into God 's word and what I'm doing today is actually combining to separate presentations seven in a car have to scrunch a little bit about what's gone in about Christ object lessons history of starting on page three oh nine we hear this by the wedding garment in the parable is represented with your spotless character Christ true followers the character that they will possess to the churches given that she should be arrayed in fine linen clean and white not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing the fine linen says the Scriptures is the righteousness of the saints so where did the Saints get this garment is the righteousness of Christ his own unblemished character that through faith is imparted to all who received him as their personal savior this covering this robot of his role righteousness Christ will put upon every repenting and believing soul what's the issue there character which has to do with what I do you define character who you are when nobody's looking at gay thoughts and feelings yet if the column it's the combined whole of all your thoughts and feelings who you are just thoughts and feelings when nobody's looking and even if our people are looking at me with all that this turned internal dialogue going on right so we can be the public can still have these thoughts and feelings that might be pretty dark if people were to be seen dressed up an object lesson goes on is the man who came to the feast without the wedding garment represents the condition of many in our world today they profess to be Christians and I claim to the blessing and privileges of the gospel yet they feel no need of transformation of character you have never felt true repentance percent they do not realize their need of Christ nor of exercising faith in him and not overcome their inherited and cultivated tendencies to wrongdoing yet they think they are good enough in themselves as spiritual so the physical I brought up this idea yesterday that there's this inseparable union between what we do on the body and what we do in the spirit this is my talk a lot about on the subject of health what happens between the mind and the body is also an inseparable union if the body is ill and broken down and happened to the mine ill and broken down racing it's not to have the capacity to grasp the themes of the gospel right and that's what Christ when he came to heal the body so they could understand spiritual element in what I'm saying is the pictures and we got built destiny built the universe around us there's this inseparable union between what we do physically in the relationships between each other and how we view and relate to God himself and hopefully over the next few days you'll start seeing more and more that connection so with that let's can have Melanie Kevin encroach upon your toes little bit ladies you are humanity 's representatives can were you telling the truth the day walked up that I'll color of your line which a character like if you haven't made that that journey plan on doing with your character and again with you in that picture is all of us men and women right as men can ask the same question what are we bring is an issue of characters in the so easy it is to put the clothes on put on the nice smiling face and just stand like this happy soldier in August this happy Christian but inside what's going on these all comparable spiritual element of life this thing that we can't see and can't touch but nonetheless so much of who we are how we can play that out is your character important to you so with this element of character doesn't just happen is his character what were born with we anyone with a particular personality right and I think a lot of times we kind of just let it all who cooks together economists do it and we start thinking that might my personality is who I am innocent it's just the way I am in and we kind of start sucking in character with that and it's you know what is just landing is and we forget that again this is a spiritual picture and it's our character that has to be submitted to Christ well I'm just like that okay can we start thinking that we own our care in crisis now you bring your character and we use this word trance formation what does that word mean change what but it's bigger than that one form to another closest word cousin to it metamorphosis you're going from something that is warm like to something that is magnificent and beautiful completely different isn't that what Christ is calling for us so look at the bride she walks up that I'll is in this white wedding dress and ideally that white wedding dresses telling the watching world her character is ready for homely she's ready to be the bride she knows how to do manager her household she knows that she is an academic test one of the fundamental issues when you read through Proverbs thirty one is Proverbs thirty one about moral integrity not all has nothing to do its management is character that that's what Proverbs thirty one is all about is her character she does this she's this repair her children look to her for this her husband is known in the gates and has more the word credibility because of her at home and so if this is a spiritual picture what's the counterpart tasks is one we doing with our character it's going character just doesn't happen so this kind of brings up that you know I suppose we start have each flooring into the spiritual aspects of this this brings up the whole issue of submission the Mrs. and Mrs. a horrible word in our society today that an anti- pastors tell me that if I wouldn't touch this subject with a comfortable and unthinking demand and him just a backwoods kid what am I doing to bring in this one might totally crazy or just naïve but you know what is so true everything in the Bible has purpose and as meaning and forget then the politically correct notions this society minister 's crazier today and goes nowhere by spiritually ten today anything about this we do intensely sometimes bring up the sword about submission and you and you hear talk about in the church but you know what if you really cannot look at what people are saying submission today in the church means I will let him bless me think about that in a story that clinicians should remember the conversation now that's okay a ridiculous background that would be a close so I will let him bless I mean I am okay and so I will submit to the Lord 's giving me all these nice things because I did service go I do this I do that it aren't I just happy Christian and we get out the white paint English all of seat I'm I'm his bride but what's going on inside the big issues that Christ reviewed the most was that drinking and carousing in and just barbarity now is the issues of what in Hartnett 's pride arrogance belligerent and the selfishness self-righteousness I can do things fine thank you the Bible indicates as we look at the subject he just really reflect into that whole terrible of the wedding garment Matthew twenty two it is incumbent upon us its it's our duty to conform our character to what he wants the price is if we love him if we recognize what he has done for us was providing for us think whatever you want me to be forgotten that's what I want to present to you so think about this calendar pair work with you guys a little bit yell now we've got at least got a scale that we talk about occasionally scale of one to ten maybe guys do this more delays do this at all the rally okay no one to ten scale right okay so guys one being all she needs limit help and intend being okay that the date is the just coming gives you the shakes when the ten walks by the women ask you this to make this point guys into your life in in in maybe a closely developed friendship happens maybe fairly quickly comes a number forty three on the scale of one to ten and this is just an while you want to get the door and but she's thoroughly and mean keep betaine Strattera just cross okay that's my question I know this is half full party this is this is like four hundred and thirty percent of what you could ever hope is it good it will that negate character yet is not to be worth so is so you would not pop the question to her numeric yeah because in this world society what do we wonder we told over and over is is the value of individual pain on the outside it's what you see in what about if you she's not necessarily certainly in the order she's just in different about stubborn and number forty three just a little stubborn is that okay is that a dealbreaker I don't have to worry about so so what you're saying is characters born for right that's what you've got a live way so what is Christ after we get married and it's only a lifetime that we have to we get to have a relationship sometimes we can put up with lots of character for lack and really get used to each other right we do we integrate we mash and him we learn to live with each other will be uneven with these little that might pop up every now and then that Christ is inviting a bride home that he assistant how long and is it important to him to establish in his word who he's bringing home to see them saying this is not just until death do us part it's worked out for him ever and ever so it behooves him to be very very careful this does he want the white show does he just want to happy pain on the outside the profession in the Christian high how are you on the Christian wire uses even know he wants character he wants in depth and meaning destiny is about that in the book the state was God the statement is made over why doesn't the church of Christ arise and put on her beautiful garments care why doesn't she shine the great reason for such feeble Christianity is that those who claim to believe the truth have so little knowledge of Christ is so low an estimate of what he fees to them and what they may be to him we have the most solemn weighty truths ever committed to mortals today are we hiding mission embarrassed there are many who are closed in beautiful outward garments yet know nothing of the inward adorning of that which is in the side of God great price define closing covers a heart that is sinful and diseased full of vanity and pride it's easy to do is just put on this thing on the outside to get by but let's look at it maybe this way how many of you married or unmarried made a list and how many of you made a list on paper okay which is good on the computer you are okay and what was on that list what was it what was the list all about what you what you are wanting when it characteristics that you want what you are looking for in a spouse right ahead and start addressing someone ask how many of you made a list of what you wanted to be forgot another person that's the heart of the matter is what he wanted me for that other person that's that's completely different thinking is totally nurse a whole different level of thinking is it okay never mind what I'm don't look for what it was one of before this person is what I am for this person actually has a lot to do at the track and what comes back to you so jump back to this the spiritual aspect of this when he wanted before Christ do we just consent to let him bless us he just consists of all these blessings and what would that look like in the physical the bride stays home bring me the paycheck bring me bring the staff at the artisan Santa Claus is a little but so many times Christianity does that it just kind of we want them to be Santa Claus and bring it back in and bring a stuff nice things blessings make me happy and that's a real corruption of the whole thing is go on the back to this veil idea mentioned earlier that bound up within them Brianna she comes down the aisle are two totally different concepts if you read in your Bible in an interview this don't look in Matthew twenty two and just read it and really get into this parable of the wedding garment and wanted him to indicate go to the spirit of prophecy and can just look up this terrible and look at the expansion of the issues of character and then a few done that go back to your Bible and this is where the computer really held but look up all the references in your Bible on the veil and you'll come away with a study that reveals a completely different train of thought in the garment is a representation of our responsibility to God to address the issue of our character and this is the most solemn time to be doing right right right conclusion of time before characters are not submitted in transformed it doesn't matter if we want to be the bride character that determines them non- wishes the mail as you studied through the Bible and basically there's three concepts they are three different kinds of references I guess in the Bible where the veil comes up number one anybody have an idea the sanctuary is one that's actually the most prevalent in the error what's the word on the most the most common reference of the word veil is with the sanctuary and you also have the veil of Moses Warner has mentioned several times through the Bible Army back in third reference that you see show up quite often is the woman's pale KC got the woman's failure got Moses veil and that's a whole another study look into that why Moses had to wear a veil it's it's just it punctuates this point marvelously but then the most common reference all through the Bible is the veil of the temple what is the veil all about what's it therefore in the end this is kind of another reason I wanted police to a part of wedding are the wedding veil as you said earlier when I ask about it or hate it what is all this white symbolizes and basically moral purity it lets political art because there's some issues here let me ask you this can emerge in have an immoral and corrupt character totally Jesus said in Matthew five thirty eight whosoever locusts upon it woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart in her his heart it is this text-only talking to the men now goes both ways doesn't it so having this moral purity is not the only thing that matters right go back to my forty three example if she is just that the abs not that you never imagine on a scale of one to ten and she has kept herself sure does let's go back and rethink the deal is that a class totally what is back in a compensate for this awful character she's got now this is not as which is a yeah they can here make that gamble day with one the flipside can somebody have an honest and chaste character not be a virgin see the two separate issues yes there are times when we can make mistakes and realize after the mistake is made while I just gave away the most precious gift on November committed to innocence and we can repent and we can think about it and really learn and go on from that day forward and live differently I there are many who realize later in life that moral freedom is never free and so with a heavy heart unburdened conscience turned back to straight and narrow way that God calls us to live by does it change who we are it really does profoundly and forever her changes who we are so coming back to this concept okay so what is available about what's the lesson and that was the parable he said earlier you get these three different concepts in your Bible woman's veil Temple veil of Moses Vail read all those references and what keeps coming back is sanctity privacy modesty these ideas keep coming back in these references sanctity privacy and modesty about this two words the veil is a call to a deeper relationship to thing with males they're not meant to be permanent she walks up the aisle and if that veil made of fine delicate material that just you can see that radiant smile in her game right and she comes up they say their vows that and then the minister says you may now drive fail comes off and tell that veil comes off there's no freedom right second Corinthians three last half of chapter talks about this in context of the veil of Moses work and that that veil that Moses war is still on the hearts of the people of the Corinthian time because they refused to accept Christ the veil is still over their hearts and he says when you accept Christ they'll will be taken away and there will be liberty and of liberty to engage in closer relationship to follow this this just blew me away when it wanted when it struck at the wedding veil says I'm bringing my innocence to you soon avail represents the physical mail every woman is born God did not think without purpose and meaning pages followers in and just think about it the spiritual parable in parallel parable is that God is calling us to a deeper and closer walk with him the groom stands appear watching the bright come forward what avail is he more concerned about the outward show that she's wearing or who she's been in private and aren't saying why is it that when the Bible talks about virginity is always referring to a one and a man because it's a woman's issue two we have to do we have to worry about God 's yes it is because bound up in the woman is what humanity altogether I do we have to do we have to doubt God 's character is what I'm saying is no the issue is for us the onus is on us what are we to do how we can relate to God the veil hides a closer and more intimate relationship was a Gaza plan to have the veil in the Temple known he wanted to walk and talk with us in the cool of the day in in close contact him in physical I can see you you can see us and we can walk and talk it's only because of God 's holiness and the sacred character that he could not consider he could not what's the word exposed us as fallen being his glory to hand available to protect us and that fail imagine the bride comes up they get married and then they'll does not come off okay so that they go home is this can be a happy home is again in the enrolling family know she says in Isaiah for verse one in that day seven women will take hold of one man and what is it and is ago one we would eat our own bread and where our own apparel just let us be called by your name to take away our reproach we will do what we wanted to just give us your credit card and said that foul but how much do we see that happening in Christianity today just give us your name but when it do what we want to do and so we never let Christ within the veil we never expose ourselves to him and consequently it had myself but consequently the church never grows Alaskan move on and talk about Sunday morning in Revelation fourteen four the concept of the Virgin is brought up in association with the hundred and forty four thousand and look at the parable parallels why why are they a special group of people in Revelation fourteen I believe this then the issue being addressed there is an issue of character it's a spiritual issue these people are amongst them hiding themselves off in some cloistered monastery somewhere right there they're human beings never given themselves over to an adulterous relationship with another God have kept themselves for the one holding God created the creator of the universe in the midst of a of a life that has had proposition after proposition believe this we believe this way think this think that he isn't this concept really neat let's go now we haven't chased here and there behold is in the secret chambers behold these in the desert we haven't its people that have maintained their focus I will remain for him for him only and we see in Revelation this is a special group of people of God there is a depth of relationship with them that can't be matched and so they follow the Lamb wherever he goes this marvel of can you see the connection the physical spiritual and psychic telling the same story and you can jump back and forth between the details and maintain the stories integrity all the way through it like you said I'm taking to completely separate studies and can emotional together here's only been out a lot but everything in the relationship that God has made has a specific purpose and meaning and you can just is like a fractal you can just keep going deeper and deeper and deeper into it and in the beauty and intensity in the complexity just maintains itself all the way through it's like while the deeper you go just the bigger it gets tossed soda can boil this down in the wedding garment would see a call to us to set our characters in order to really put a lot of thought in easy one for me I'm one of the women want to be what he wants me to be which is just like his character I want to keep myself wholly for him no she could see this in a fun play on words here and get them were howling twice W H O L L Y keep ourselves holding a all of us my taste buds my sense of sight what I'm listening to what I'm reading what I'm focused on you noticing every every sense that I have wanted to vote and in and keeping myself that jumps to the concept of the sale keeping myself wholly for him holy W H O L L Y excellent character keeping myself wholly or in my character on the surrender of data submitted to let them change so that the day of the wedding when she is back in that secret chamber she's in seclusion splitting on the wedding garment that characters being molded and transformed from the inside out that she puts on that veil I have kept myself each oh hell why holy for you Nelson intimacy is sacred and it should be treated as such many brought up yesterday why are we getting this unrivaled assault on marriage and purity today because this is one of the most powerful vehicles to show us the character of God what he wants with us for us this is Satan is doing his best to take intimacy put it on TV and on the Internet print on the magazines put it on the Billboard and just saturate us with intimacy said that it becomes nothing more than what animals do out in the pasture I am a think about it if all you've got a life is no God he came from worms life has no meaning or purpose what you live for power and sensuality the senses stimulate the senses because you know there's nothing left and you and him yet were swimming in the society how can it not affect us we have to color cells back to this because intimacy reveals behind that veil is a sacred holy relationship with God once with us when we come to him it's easy to just have this prayer that just goes so far please say no give me and I can't remember how I said your fears your joys in the annoyances the little things in your life the things that really mean and when I is when it really struck me anything there was a point in time when I started praying to God about things that were coming I wasn't saying them audibly it was you know just praying to God in my mind but it was still embarrassing I didn't want admitted to myself talking to him about things that you I just wanted to keep hidden down and sent hi think about what happened in seventy A.D. when the Temple when Jerusalem was finally conquered the Romans marched down and I know I'm mixing my stories totally start back away at the crucifixion the Jews had this whole system of a religion right of spirituality are and what things work came to mean for them it was just all this pain on the outside wasn't was a pretension it was a show to gain the glory and that recognition from fellow human beings wasn't it that they had this pretension of having this close relationship with God but when Christ died in that veil of the temple was open would it reveal the veil in the Temple was torn open there's nothing in there four hundred years ago that are secreted by presenting an empty room with them they'll represent represent Christ which is a whole other story she could just dive into the site while through him we pierce the veil and there is freedom spiritually veils were meant to stay the veil upfront comes off in the physical relationship commences tomorrow morning were talking about behind the and just let your mind go the other veil goes away and there's a deeper and deeper relationship that's commenced and that's what God is calling us to at least tacitly wanting for us as the spiritual so the physical as the physical social spiritual there's just this intimate connection and study it out commit yourself to a deeper relationship with God give him everything to be worth it does make sense as anything that I left you hanging with the one hundredth is he talking about so what you're saying or how I can does this yes there is an element and affect energy but is there an element and the veil was torn open to reveal nothing but yet Christ is still in the Temple of there is this element the yes our relationship that we have with Christ now is missing one thing presents physical presence and in the second coming will be there to be real when he'll be right here up close and personal system is broken and so and in Jesus kept trying to get it to these people the kingdom of heaven is hair is within your locks among you the sale of the heart so this veil one quick little thing here think about this Moses talked with God many many many times right you never had to wear a veil right the talkshow so many times but yet one time he has got show me your glory we've been talking all these times show me you are and God he condescended to that this is okay tomorrow this conversation happened in the temple this is tomorrow come to come up to the mountain stand on this rock and I'm good hygiene in the cleft of the rock commander put my hand over your face of your eyes you can't see my my front because you do you cease to exist but all walked past and I'll take away my hand and then you will be able to see my backside and live and proclaim my character now ask yourself this how close do I have to be to somebody to put my hand over their eyes and you'll realize this wasn't this galactic hand the size of this room that he just reached out hundred yards when this was Christ physically right coming this close to Moses the relationship that they had there was way more than what they had talking in the Temple 's was this was something substantive in real what happened to Moses when he went beyond the veil what happened to you good luck and they were afraid of him right what we see that concept in Genesis we heard your voice and we were afraid this morning the natural response of the content is so to have that closeness to have the people at the very end of time fully represent his character and that is so contrary to the lie into the accusation in this courtroom of the universe you can't do it Satan says incidents have read on our time is up tailing right really well with this study the veil and just go home and study the veil is in the next thing study the secret study the word secret hidden manna Stephanie just go so deep with Lord most holy father the Lord help us understand life as we've been living in is is so superficial and we just ask you to show us the gaps of meaning that you put within that is right here that we can be experiencing now between each other to see what you want for us show us a room is will a writer for media was brought audio nurse in the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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