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Parables in Marriage: The Honeymoon

Rob Norris



  • September 15, 2012
    7:00 AM
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Lord Russell 's father in heaven thank you so much for providing the holy and sacred Sabbath day of rest we can put away cares of this life and just bask in a relationship with you to spray now that you and eclipsed me that the words that come out might be worse than you'll used to draw others to you to see your kindness your mercy and grace in your glory and honor Jesus name and then so coming back to the thought again how did Jesus make the spiritual tangible to us today restoring the parables he spoke in parables 's focus stories so that all along the way of life 's journey when he was long gone people would be above the left back all I remember he said something about the sewer is based on the man on the field planting and they would recall that lesson so far this week we talked a little bit about the wedding service is made because of parallel or parable about his second coming so next time you go to a wedding party can be thinking about Hoppe 's coming it's coming and it soon we can tell because the activity levels have ramped up in the world around us we know that the event is almost here yesterday we talked about the wedding garments the only garment in our wedding today that have symbolism is the brides dress her garments this is the symbolism is in that we went to Matthew twenty two the parable of the wedding garment is an issue of character when we behold the upright walking down the aisle do we recognize in their responsibility for costs as the bride of Christ the putting on the white wedding dress it's our character that he is most concerned about and in that dress is a call for all of us to be putting thought you knew what we are bringing to Christ and not just sitting there expecting his him to shower us with blessings like you aware notion of Santa Claus just you know we've been good and so is can bring us present units to crazy thought and we also mentioned the bride 's veil this is representative of a very deep and significant relationship that we have with our God and it still gives you those moments that the character is developed by abiding in him how many parables did Jesus give that it was in that abiding the relationship is developed and you become more Christlike in character so today let's take that let's take a chronology just a little bit further we started at the wedding but but really does that does the relationship started the wedding now it started for a long time ago right and NC this is the beautiful thing God created in costs as may talent e-mail completely different ways of thinking and acting and behaving now has been corrupted by sin Ryan but it is in his best most positive context why didn't God create with in the male mind to be the initiator to initiate the relationship who are we to represent as men Christ Ryan and so we read in the Bible that before we even knew while we were yet in our sins Christ died for us he looked upon us before we even knew the existence is like there is something I want you again we can find that sentiment in the Ezekiel sixteen he throws a drive draws a picture for us walking down the road and here's this little child cast off into the into the gutter 's and I took you home in McLean July the ninth I raise you and you became a beautiful woman the time came for love God put it within our hearts we notice her across the campus or wherever this is like smooth and we start planning our weaker crosstown with this person I want to get to know it is a three-day he will lose us he draws us to him he puts himself in our path soon we can see his character that is trustworthy and intense the relationship of trust closer together the wedding the D announcement I introduced you Mister and Mrs. she belongs to him then we talked a little bit yesterday about the reception that's when the two companies the bride 's family and the groom 's family they need a intermingle that there together what's next the hunting of day now again like any terrible honey expos in assembly could just take this to the infant value and and and really giving strong off but that there are so many parallels that I think a beautiful this one of the things that the groom really has to think about in the preparation for the honeymoon is hideaway keep my heckling friends from following us I mean isn't that kind of something that we do in our society and less volatile middle and it also is vanity then a thought and while I know this is just the tiniest little thing that just hit me this weekend is the bystanders will not be following Christ and his bride home equity on so the honeymoon what's that all about does it have something to teach us today if you turn to Deuteronomy twenty four Deuteronomy twenty four verse five is when a man has taken a new wife he shall not go out to war neither shall he be charged with any business but he shall be free and home one year and shall cheer up his life which he has taken we learn from that I look at that word in the strongest cheer up shut your episode what is that word meant so I looked it up kidneys to brighten up to make the life because of one word Gleason to cheer up to me glad to make joyful to make Mary rejoice so put those words into this verse what is the reason network life much today was the Word like me I thrash myself last night if I can okay remind myself light enjoyable joyful merriment it also said see the word less selfish I would overlie looked up the word blessed which means the highest degree of happiness can you see any of these words having anything to do with the honeymoon and so think down most of us can't take a year off for honeymoon and will get married unless you're independently wealthy I guess it was just kind of chase this a little bit if money was not an issue and if you had it to do over again where would you go if you are to plan a honeymoon United which felt tropical island okay I was thinking Hawaii the Hamas to you once Fiji Maldive you know when I ask people this question is almost overwhelming always overwhelmingly goes to somewhere warm and similar tropical more beautiful usually resonates in all that is in our myositis let's go somewhere like that so what if there was a place like that that unity are doing this planning your travel agent you look into the catalog in you find this place is beautiful tropical is warm and sunny Scout four-star accommodations but not in the form of this great big colossal hotel and you're just this little pigeonhole but it's four-star accommodations in this little cabin way out at the end of a very small road with your own private beach it's just a big enough to have a visit the grounds around this little cabin right on the beach are planted there groaned and it's just too rich with what is just a garden of color Delia Trout subversion client all these things markets and just how this staff just just bulging in the house all around this cabinet that the path out to the beach tropical birds are everywhere now tropical birds are mostly brown and just all one size being about tropical birds and their uniform color what colors do not find in tropical birds has shown that the same dollars that you do not find in the flowers every color of the rainbow is in the flowers in the tropical birds you can keep going tropical fish are mostly like brown trout right just long and brown no no not at all tropical fish in there in the store look like what you need on writing shining colors and so the little stream going in our play is a tropical patient with the snorkeling out there is just disputing this everywhere tropical butterflies are butterflies and what very nice around here but what are the ones on the net have that the metallic blue azure wireless butterflies that are just disgusting for incredibly brilliant metallic blue and Erika 's name is on but all this color all around you moving from and get in all this scenario I painted its hardly noticed why because you are there with the person all of this grandeur around you pay almost and just drops off into the background because you're with the person that you are it just becomes the frame around the picture of the relationship for Dawn and yourself stop before event sees me before you think I'm trying to cook up a romance novel here and you might be thinking well you know that sounds nice in the fun but you don't realize who I found out a narrative is it always like that for us today in a sometimes not Satan is doing his best to obliterate this picture in on a kind of makes me laugh because when Jeannie and I took our scores are cast we're doing counseling before we got nine five one three three interesting women in the July assist went like opposites that can than it can the Lord do things with us if we give ourselves to him again there is a God of miracles that can bring two parts together right and create is dynamic equilibrium that under his shadow can be marvelous it depends on one thing that you submit yourself to his healing in his repair so going back to our picture there is a tropical beach can you see that with a little more detail we could be describing the new earth in eternity with Christ why is it that was in our minds without even thinking about it either way I think each of us when it comes to the thought of a honeymoon in our minds are trying to re-create something in miniature network and have been experiencing in the future for faithful think about the new earth when God created this planet would think it looked like you think that there was much different in difference in the atmosphere of heaven and the earth as it came out of the creators and they were probably very close to the same place or thing and think not it out in the knees the first day of their honeymoon was Monday December the first full day when they got to spend with Christ the son will come back to top why did God create in us the capacity to love so deeply it makes us eight because again like I said earlier two days ago how does a God whose infinite in all aspects try to get a created being to understand his capacity of love for us the example I used was how I get Windows 7 to download into my little pocket calculator you just can't do it does not have the physical capacity to do it but what if what the calculator does have the physical capacity to do is to count very high meaning that they pocket calculator can do numbers really well right so I was playing with my my little calculator one day seeing how I can calculate the biggest number before it discovers an error and overload and the online if you push sixty nine and in the little factorial button the screen blanks out for about two seconds and then it comes on with a number that's like five two times ten to the sixty ninth power that is a really really big number and but that pales in eternity okay so God is he has to do the same thing in our minds how do I get these people they just created understand my connection my love for them all I can do is put within them the ability to see somebody else just now in the concept of love and the concept of relationship he says in a jump I have determined that it invokes steps to Christ page ten God has found our hearts to him with unnumbered tokens in heaven and earth through the things of nature and the deepest and tenderest earthly ties that human hearts can now he has sought to reveal himself to us why did he create in us love so deeply a why did he make us free moral agents with the capacity of choice those two go hand-in-hand because the capacity to love is in direct proportion to the top capacity to choose you can't you can't go worse you can't force love him so he has created us in a way that love becomes one is sanctified our passageway to understanding who is in character and what he wants for us the choice is ours to be the bride the bystander what you want to be hereby standard you don't go to don't go on honeymoon right gone in great controversy chapter forty two entitled the controversy ended pages six hundred and seventy seven we read a statement speaking of eternity in heaven there is the redeemed shall now even as also they are known the love the sympathies which God himself has planted in the soul shall bear find its truest and sweetest exercise the pure communion with holy beings the harmonious social life with the blessed angels and with the faithful ones of all ages who have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb the sacred ties that bind together the whole family in heaven the family of earth these help to constitute the happiness you see the connection the whole concept and purpose of the honeymoon is to get away from the job get away from the business get away from the stop and go back what indent text in Deuteronomy say you shall not go where outdoor or what you are engage in business to go out to war what if we've been experiencing in the last six thousand years we were in a war so this is a battlefield or in and so he says when you get married or not to go out to war in the newer and will be no war I wore a bulletin finished it's done in the concept here and should not be charged with any business just keep that cooking on the front burner here turn up the healing so immature why is relevant perfect honeymoon God is saying unity and peace and rest is coming Shira make the life hold on a little longer the physical should teach us about the spiritual in the physical as we see these events happening around us we get we going to watch our friends get married are we look back on our own experience are we anticipate in the future a relationship that we can have we anticipate the spiritual is in Christ becomes all the more real while as I connect here on this earth it reminds me all the time of that connection we can have it with we will have in eternity with Christ as his bride so now Deuteronomy shall not be charged with any business stay home the war of business rest where do we find that concept in the Bible are there any other places in the Bible and come right but it's more frequent the sound that you there's some common ingredients here okay you say silly example but you're sitting at the table in your immediate turnaround the box of whatever it is you're eating Pederson ingredients in this list that you have in this box of stuff over here and discusses some of the same stuff is talking about the honeymoon here it's got some common ingredients to the concept of the South state all last week I enjoy Sabbath was made for man Jesus said when the Pharisees trying to hedge it up with just a stiff formalism recent killings for you to enjoy your relationship with me Sabbath was meant to come together and to God to enjoy and to to draw together with him and with each other in patriarchs and prophets we read after resting upon the seventh day God sanctified it or set it apart as a day of rest for man following the example of our Creator man was to rest upon the sacred day that has he should look upon the heavens and the earth he might reflect upon upon God 's great work of creation that as he should behold the evidence of God 's wisdom and goodness his heart might befall of love and reverence for his leg and could question and he is an and is his name were in that is in the air he is as I and he and now there's a connection here and disparate mice we have another thing to an end where my add on time so I know is this censorship of this material is the two things that we have today they came out of the creation week or what marriage and the Sabbath what is being attacked more than those two things in our society today nothing is why because it's all about relationship in both of those concepts marriage and Sabbath is a revelation of God 's character and when we enter into that rest we behold God 's character as it were particularly alluded to yesterday 's piercing the veil is entering into a deeper relationship with God no think about the process of how this came to be still in the dark ages what was the development of Sabbath obliteration taking the chronology of events let's link Sunday a day of what feasting and joy it's a party day what was Sabbath you are commanded to fast on the Sabbath day to day of mourning and that was the very first step in the obliteration of the concept is sound make a day of mourning and noted the institution and these were the church people should have known the did the leaders of the church the spiritual guardians of the people today have any recommendations the finance to the concept came in very early that the Mariners marriage relationship was carnal and you could not have that relationship any holy in a sacred relationship with God at the same time so so what if they do they put man in the monasteries so they can be very sacred and holy and set apart in it but the women over in the convent so they can be pure and sacred and holy and in their eyes this was this was put together and this was developed so that they can become more holy and wanted God say no in the concept of marriage and union and coming together that is where you gain the capacity to truly know to see how they taken the whole thing and completely turned it over okay so even today you run across the sentiment I heard people talk about these very careful what you do on the Sabbath day you can have met people that the wife would hardly let her husband Chester on the Sabbath because I mean they better be careful DC that's the scenes of the very same flaw that you can't have this and this at the same time because it will pull down my spirituality and practice you got it backwards it's in their loving relationship of the home is the Sabbath this sacred right the marriage is sacred right encoding and through a nest in the book not a blessings certain amount of blessings the term is thrown out as God created marriage and the Sabbath these are twin institutions well what does that word mean what is the twin for similar identical up at summer camp wife and I participate in and a summer camp teach classes there was a set of twins that came to summer camp and it's been a long time since I'd been around set of identical twins it was just fun to have them in my classroom is to watch them they dressed alike they took the same class as images in this orbiting together they were such fun kids and I think Sabbath marriage twin institutions when the twins of the continents is it just because they originated about the same time in the creation Isaac because on a spiritual level there's something very close to identity there right this down Adventist home page three forty three forty one Mrs. Wes talking about marriage and family and the Sabbath she says these are given to man as the law of highest blessing think about that highest health heart how much more can you go than highest the law of highest blessing was like God gave us marriage and the Sabbath LSL become a part for a wasted day don't let your relationship with your marriage your prospects of of redeeming the time is to become a drag God gave us this time to step away from the warfare of daily life to step away from the business but then someone comes at you with Isaiah fifty eight was every Isaiah fifty eight say about the Sabbath which is not your own finding our own pleasure see their data by have you heard this text used in the context to be careful what to do okay and so here I'm intrigued by this well you know maybe that's what it does me be careful so I looked at Sahara so I looked up the word in on him I get this backward or forward it on my computer and it went down but this is just a winging it here but look up the word pleasure in that text Isaiah fifty eight and I believe the word change shape at A something like that and looking in the Strong 's definition it has to do with doing your own thing doing your own business okay I could still apply and so I started looking at them around in my Bible where does this work pleasure show up all yeah the angel comes to Abram and Sarah and he says you can have a child and what are they due are you kidding me and Sarah says what me at this stage shall I have pleasure look at the word she's using it's not safe entertaining at its delight she is not talking about going out and on the large shoes using the word she's using has to do it go to the ten entire ties off she's talking about a relationship experience is to completely separate files so when you go to Isaiah fifty eight is not talking about a relationship that's talking about your day-to-day business which is used to make the money the startup don't believe me just go check it out read the reach of Bible records that find for yourself so you know as I started looking through my Bible is asserted thinking about this the Sabbath really started doing this right here in Internet off you've noticed that these flowers here the glasses when we started this conference there was hardly any color it was all down here right but yet as time goes on it expands and grows buds and blossoms God told us to behold these things and as we behold them our understanding of him would be like this now as I think it's more a more exciting as you see it as there is a connection that is a purpose there is a meaning to life and relationship and connection and in his principles established in one events is drawing our minds to turn to become the new earth while this is good and be like here in this earth we start a relationship it progresses we get to know each other better the relationship is getting ramped up France have ramped up we get married and childless way out but over time what happens most often starts coming down click it but yet any terrors become with our Creator were told every day is given via what in advancement of the previous every day the dial does not go from zero to a one hundred the child does not have numbers it just has clicks all the way around and every day is a click forward every day and so in a hundred and eighty six thousand two zillion years from now every day will again be a greater advancement in our capacity to know and understand the love of God is the only way you can get Windows 7 and the little pocket calculator a piece at a time for eternity similarly we can do our brain does not have the physical capacity to hold the butt given enough time then we call that eternity we arrive closer and closer and closer and deeper and deeper and deeper with a connection with him anyway I like to look at it is God borrowed from eternity and brought us some time and gives us a piece of it every seven days he says here is a sample enjoy eternity right now stop with or put away the business spend your time with me and each other since out of his own inherited this is what always is they will try don't let it become a burden don't let it become hedged in by the formalism in the Old Testament you see so many tax and go home stay home and rest in the New Testament is the Jesus example was to go to the synagogue to go to the Temple meet with other like-minded believers and share your contagion your excitement your jaw is the Sala and ended still on this together and praise and extol the Almighty God for what he did in the gong you see the example word you look Jesus shows up in the synagogue he shows up in the hall and many stories and reading in the setting is it's the Sabbath day he's in somebody's home missionary at other times you read in the narrative and he's out in the field is the nature and walking through the fetal naysaying look here look there this is me since the kingdom of while suing a sanctuary we spent time praising him in the home we spent time praising him and the relationship with each other and in the field the world of nature as we walk around this place tuneup your senses and look at what you're seeing and let it do this to your imagination blossom and grow twin institutions Reform there's an indemnity that they share it's the law of highest blessing don't waste the Sabbath every week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday we look forward in anticipation to the Sabbath we prepare for the Sabbath and every week that is a dry run for preparing for eternity ask yourself how do you prepare for the sound is it Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday hour now it's coming as Sabbath and is sadly you know how we got into this rugby for it becomes Friday and it's a race to the finish line and we make this flying only in a slow-motion pictures of that of the baseball game the flying link the guys in the air in the hand his home base I am just before they leave the guy how he always takes the ball down there has been say selling the Sabbath is all about all you know what do that too many times in unity you can find out that's how you're preparing the second coming as well put it off you know Rudolph character development okay again put this in a wedding context it's two o'clock is time for the wedding to begin the bright pops out the back door and just way and you can she doesn't have shoes are socks on his legislative minute with that shock you she's not ready that would be horribly embarrassing now she's ready for that event she's ready on time she's ready long before she's just waiting that a lesson for us don't put it off every week we get a trial run get ready get ready for the South anticipated stability finally comes you just bounced off the walls it's here I'm trying to be careful trying to be subdued second I just get up and stand on the podium here because it is exciting it is awesome and we have every right to it because this is not planned for us in this link tells us in his word is the spiritual world out there tell us this now the spiritual world on in the world around us is Sunday go to church door to clock for clock out go home on the lawn work on the car instead Sabbath will take it back to the honeymoon with the honeymoon at the beginning of the relationship what happens with the intimacy of the honeymoon at the beginning of the relationship and what happens to the rest of the relationship crashes as a lot of order is no anticipation there's no continue to enjoy it fizzles happens every time but you put it in its proper order the Sabbath comes at the end of the week after the war after the business after the picture and then it gets better and better its purpose in our hearts today to make this connection to enjoy the Sabbath day was really commit ourselves to not let Satan steal our blessing his work so hard and damaging our relationships with each other so that out of pain out of damage we lose the capacity to trust and so we just give up a close relationship not really for me can we effectively let Satan steal our present RDF the greatest gift that God has gifted as it has given us and to sail well which one could end down take a blessing back this is a gift from God allegedly stealing from the spray Lord most holy father on the sacred Sabbath hours they are mines he truly freed from the war and the burden of life we experience every day now hearts the intuitive and Hartstein unfettered and free to see your glory your beauty of character in their hearts a free to pursue that lead us to this end show us the way the truth and the life to them while are here on the surfboard we might truly find the joy of each other in a closer walk and in that seat that you you are longing for the same thing with us and enjoy a relationship is closer to a Jesus a media with broad audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is much more so than the www. audio tours .org


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